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Gordon Ramsay CGRPWM001 Waffle Maker

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Brand: Gordon Ramsay / Small kitchen electro type: Waffle Maker

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    3 Reviews
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      03.09.2012 16:58
      Very helpful



      Buy if you want great tasting fresh waffles, it'll pay for itself after about 30 uses.

      Yet another impulse purchase that I mulled over for a year or two. I think it's just about paid for itself as we do make quite a large amount of waffles and the kids love them for breakfast. Gotta be good right? Because it's got Gordons name on the box?

      The waffle maker came well packaged and was more than easy to setup. It's a good idea to read the instructions first so that you can get the quantity of batter correct or otherwise you'll be in a right old mess.

      I choose a basic batter from quite a few that were listed and heated the appliance up for 10 minutes. I then sprayed the plates with a low cal sunflower oil spray THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you don't spray the appliance then the waffles will stick and you'll have wasted your efforts. Use sunflower spray because it tends to cook/fry foods at a higher temperature. I thought the waffle maker looked nice and stylish in the chrome silver casing but it was rapidly let down by the black plastic frame/cradle that it sits in. There is also a plastic removable drip tray beneath the waffle maker, although if you're careful when pouring in the batter it doesn't get that dirty.

      As soon as you have poured all the required amount of batter in the plates (less than you actually think) you must flip it over with the 180 degree rotation feature. I stick the dial onto hard way round so that it allows the waffles to come out golden brown. But you'll become accustomed to this after a good few attempts. They then need to cook for 7 minutes and NO LESS or you'll get in a mess! The cooking plates are non-stick and the removal of the 4 waffles are easy once cooked. One batch of batter makes approximately 15 - 18 waffles. Any waffles that aren't consumed can be covered over and refridgerated, but ensure that you consume them within a few days.

      This is the best part - devouring the freshly made waffles. They are warm and lush best consumed with melted chocolate, whipped double cream and a few strawberries to even it all out. Or maybe simply drizzle some treacal over them. You can make the experience as healthy or unhealthy as you like. If this review hasn't made your mouth water then nothing will!

      Purchased from Comet for £34.99


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        16.04.2012 15:46



        makes tastey waffles at a cheap product price

        after travelling to Bruge and enjoying their very tastey waffles from the christmas market i decided to purchase a waffle maker to make my own. after reading a lot of reviews on different waffles makers in varying prices i decided to settle for this one. i didnt want to spend too much as i felt i could not justify spending over £100 on a machine that only makes waffles! i decided on the Gordon Ramsay waffle maker which i purchased from Argos at £35. this was an absolute bargain compared to some of the machines i was looking at. although it does appear to look slightly cheap the silver metal shell makes up for the plastic handle and dial. it is packaged very well and comes with a gordon ramsay recipe book to make different styles of waffles, which did include belgian waffles. This recipe was brilliant just right, however does use alot of uncommon ingrediants and takes along time to prepare due to having to wait for the yeast to react for around 1 hour. i also tried the traditional waffles which is a really easy resipe mix using normal everyday ingrediants , flour egg and milk. using the waffle maker is also very easy although i have found that if you turn it on as it states and wait for the light to switch off this happens very quickly the first time and if you put your batter in then they do not come out right, usually too burnt but not cooked int he middle. i have found that if you let it do a full circuit and wait until the light has come back on and gone off for the second time this creates perfect waffles (i left the waffle in for two cycles as i found the waffle was not cooked enough for me on one round, too soggy in the middle still. there is also a recipe for chocolate chips which has different ingrediants that you may not have in your cupboard, i tried just adding choc chips to the normal waffle mix and this works brilliantly. they are very delicious done like this i highly recommend you try this. the waffle maker when using it you have to turn 180 degrees to start cooking which i love and is a great added extra on this as it makes it feel more authentic. cooking time is around 5 minutes depending on how long you leave your waffles for. you do have to watch the green light to check when the waffle is done. they also come out of the maker very easily once cooked as long as you have remembered to spray the inside with oil first before placing the mixture in, otherwise it will get very stuck to the waffle maker and all fall apart as you pull it out. overall this is a great little kitchen accessory for the price and makes tastey waffles, just make sure you follow the instructions and stray a little fromt he timings to find your perfect waffle.


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          26.01.2012 09:59
          Very helpful



          Easy to use waffle maker - does require a level of trial and error for the perfect waffle however

          I've travelled extensively through the US over the years. At first I rarely stayed in hotels which laid on breakfast but once we had discovered the delights of chains such as the Comfort Inn and La Quinta which are happy to feed you first thing in the morning, I discovered the delight that is the waffle maker.

          American waffle makers and simplicity itself to use - you pore your batter in, close the plates and turn them 180 degrees and wait for the waffle to cook. I can rarely walk past them at hotel breakfasts, with my favourite one being located in a hotel in Houston with the waffle coming out of the machine in the shape of the state of Texas.

          After being reacquainted with them during my stay at the Ramada in Las Vegas last month I decided that on my return I was going to buy a waffle maker so I could enjoy this great delight at home. Unfortunately they are not the sort of thing that's easy to find offline and the only one I could easily locate without having to resort to the internet was the Gordon Ramsay Waffle Maker.

          I must admit at this juncture that I really don't care much for Gordon Ramsay so I hesitated at buying something that had his name on it but generally the reviews I read for the waffle maker were favourable and unlike some other machines it worked on the same principle as the machines I have used in American hotels so I decided to pay the £34.99 Argos wanted for it.

          ~~What's In the Box~~

          The waffle maker is well packaged in polystyrene inside the large box and you get the waffle making machine, a crumb/drip try and a clear plastic measuring scoop.

          There is also a small instruction booklet and a warranty card.

          ~~Using the Waffle Maker~~

          The machine is easy to use although I do think the instruction booklet could be a little clearer. Before you use it for the first time you should use a damp cloth to wipe the non-stick heating plates to remove any residue from the manufacturing process and leave to dry properly. Once the plates are dry you should condition them by wiping them with some vegetable oil using either a kitchen towel or a brush.

          The waffle maker has a dial on the top heating plate which enables you to choose how brown you would like your waffles to be. The higher the setting you choose, the darker and crispier your waffles will be. Beside this dial is the red power light and the green "ready" light. There is a "ready" light on the bottom plate too.

          Making waffles is very easy. You should spray a little oil on the heating plates before closing them over and plugging the machine in to pre-heat for about 3 minutes or so. Once that time has elapsed you pour in the waffle batter using the measuring scoop provided, close the plates and turn them round 180 degrees and wait for them to cook. Cooking time is around 5 minutes and you can tell the waffle is ready by keeping an eye on the green "ready" light which will go off as the waffle cooks and then come on again once it's ready.

          To remove the waffle from the machine once it's ready simply turn the plates around again, lift the lid and remove the waffle from the plates.

          ~~My Thoughts on the Waffle Maker~~

          ***Making Waffles***

          I've been using this pretty regularly for over two weeks now as my daughter and I have discovered we rather enjoy waffles for breakfast. Generally I do like the results but it's taken me until now to realise that using this machine does require a level of trial and error before you will find the perfect waffle.

          I don't have a lot of time in the morning to be making waffle batter from scratch so I will be quite open here and admit that I cheat. When I first used this machine I used a waffle mix I picked up in Lidl which comes packaged in a plastic bottle you add milk to and then shake. This mix unfortunately didn't result in thick fluffy waffles - instead resulting in waffles which were crispy on the outside and contained very little in the middle.

          I did a little research on Google and discovered that Costco sell an American pancake mix called Krusteaz which is also good for making waffles. I had a trip to Costco planned so I picked up a 4.53 kilo bag of Krusteaz mix for just over £6.50, hoping this would be better - and I wasn't disappointed. The Krusteaz mix only needs water added to it which makes it far more cost effective than the Lidl mix too.

          When I made my first waffles using the Lidl mix I felt the measuring scoop was far too small and I frequently found myself adding more batter to make a better waffle. Using the Krusteaz mix, the measuring scoop delivers the perfect amount required to make the perfect waffle.

          Having found the perfect batter the drawbacks of this machine have become a little more evident. Firstly, you really can't go away and leave this when the waffles are cooking as there's no beep to tell you the waffle is ready - only the green "ready" light coming back on. Secondly, the machine can only make one waffle at a time and isn't particularly quick in doing it either. I suppose you can split the waffle into sections as the plates produce waffles which can easily be separated into quarters which is obviously good for the waistline but in our house we like a waffle each.

          The instructions do state you can reheat waffles using the plates for a couple of minutes but once again you can only reheat one at a time. It may be better to consider making them in bulk, freezing them and then giving them a quick reheat in the oven if you have a lot of people to cater for.

          There are only two of us in the house however and generally it works fine for us in the morning as I get my daughter's waffle made first and have mine cooking as I yell at her to come for breakfast and even when I factor in having to weigh out the Krusteaz mix, measure the water and mix the batter I can easily have breakfast for two ready in 15 minutes, which is pretty good going. The waffles can be eaten hot or cold but I really do think they work best warm. We tend not to bother with toppings of any sort apart from a little bit of banana.

          You do have to switch the waffle maker on before you do anything so the plates are heating as you prepare the batter. You also have to be pretty quick in getting the batter into the waffle machine, closing it and then turning it to cook. The machine emits a lot of steam during the cooking process but apart from the odd hiss it's a pretty quiet thing.

          None of our waffles have stuck to the plates and I've been delighted at how easily they come out of the machine. The trick is to ensure you spray a little oil on the plates every time you use the machine just before you preheat.

          ***Cleaning the Machine***

          If you've ever had a toasted sandwich maker you will know how important it is to clean it after every use and the waffle maker is no different. I find the machine takes about 25 minutes or so to cool down after use so I leave the plates open as it cools and then return to wipe it down thoroughly with a damp cloth. I usually use kitchen roll and then leave it a little longer to enable the plates to dry before closing the lid and storing the waffle maker.

          The machine has a folding handle which helps save space. I tend to be very careful when using this handle however as several reviews I have read on the machine state the handle has broken. I have had no problems with my machine and hope there has been a redesign since these reviews were written (most date from late 2010 and early 2011) but I prefer to err on the side of caution.

          The drip tray can easily be washed using warm soapy water, as can the measuring scoop.

          ~~Bottom Line~~

          I am generally happy with this waffle maker and it's nice to be able to have something a bit different for breakfast in the morning. It can also be used to make desserts of course - but that's not something we have tried yet.

          There is no denying however that you probably will have to try out different batters until you find the best one for you. The instruction booklet does contain some batter recipes if you fancy making your waffles from scratch - if not I recommend the Krusteaz mix. The measuring scoop can be misleading too - so bear that in mind when you first use the machine.

          I was rather disappointed by my first efforts but a little adjusting of the browning knob downwards and a change of batter did the trick and I now feel I've got the knack of this gadget. It's easy to use and easy to clean, although there's no denying it does take up rather a lot of space, measuring 29 cm x 12 cm x 17 cm. It weights 2 kilos too. The handle does fold over for storage too.

          The build quality seems pretty good and the silver plating on the machine is easy to keep clean. My only real concern is the lettering featuring Ramsay's name was wearing away on the bottom plate from when I opened the box but as I didn't buy this for the name I wasn't too bothered but I did wonder how it passed quality control.

          The machine is currently available on Amazon for £54.99 but I don't honestly think it's worth that - the price I paid in Argos is far more reasonable for what the machine can do.


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          Short name: Gordon Ramsay CGRPWM001

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