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Indulgence Popcorn Maker

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Brand: Indulgence / Type: Popcorn maker

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    1 Review
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      05.02.2011 11:00
      Very helpful



      A product that works for us

      I bought the indulgence Popcorn maker from Argos in there clearance Sale .It was previously £26.99 but was reduced to £9.99.

      Both my son and I love popcorn and homemade popcorn is free food on the slimming world diet which I am currently following. Obviously any toppings you add are not.

      The Popcorn maker came ready assembled in a cardboard box. The canister is silver with purple trim which does make it appear quite modern. To set up all you need to do is rinse the top cover and measuring cup. It is 30 tall, 14.8 wide and has a diameter of 13.1cm. It uses 850w. The cord is long enough to fit into any kitchen.

      How to make popcorn

      To make the Popcorn you simply pour a cupful of the popcorn Kernels into the measuring cup which is approximately 30g of Kernels. I picked up a pack of popcorn kernels from my local health food store. The kernels are poured into through the top of the top cover and the measuring cup is replaced. The Kernels settle in a silver dish. Place a heat resistant bowl underneath the chute. To start turn on at the plug then simply switch on .The silver dish will rotate and you very quickly see a scorching red light that is clearly hot. After about one and a half minutes the kernels will start to pop. The kernels will continue to pop for about another two minutes and at some speed chute out the popcorn outlet.

      This process can be completed twice before it needs to be left to cool for 20 minutes. It is also important to note that the top covers do get hot so must not be touched until it has had time to cool.

      Our Experience

      I decided to actually try the popcorn maker while my son was in bed so I had an idea how it would work as he is the kind of child who wants to help with everything I do. The instructions are simple to follow. What I did find that initially I was trying to catch the popcorn and it was getting quite messy popping all over the place. However I did discover after a few uses that if you simply place the dish on the work surface directly under the chute it is far more effective than trying to catch them. The machine itself is very noisy and in fact so noisy on the first occasion I used it woke my son up. There are some unpopped kernels that do make it into the bowl s and my four year old understands that he shouldn't eat them but you should be careful with younger children. It makes approximately a Childs dish full of popcorn.

      It is important that you don't put any toppings in the popcorn machine. I often eat them without any toppings which are a little bland but still tasty. For my son I simply melt a little butter in the microwave but can just as easily be done on the stove and simply mix in the cooked popcorn. You can add sugar, icing sugar or salt. I tend to use Icing sugar as I do watch his salt intake and the icing sugar seems to work better than the standard sugar. I have also tried adding a little honey to the butter and added icing sugar and this has worked well.

      You could also make a toffee sauce to pour over the top, add food colouring to make the popcorn of your choice. The instruction booklet has a recipe for strawberry popcorn pops and popcorn and marshmallow caramel cups.


      I have found that it take very little cleaning the top cover and measuring cup can be washed in warm soapy water but are not dishwasher proof however it doesn't really need any harsh cleaning anyway.


      I am very pleased with the popcorn maker. It seems to make a reasonable amount which means I don't sit and eat a huge bag. It can be as healthy as you want. The negatives are that for a large family it may not make enough popcorn and how noisy it is however for the price I paid and for the fact there are only two of us in our house it works well for us.


      It is now sold out on Argos but I have found it online at EBay fro £20 brand new.


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