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James Martin Wahl ZX773

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Brand: Wahl / Type: Electric Carving Knife

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    2 Reviews
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      04.07.2012 11:02
      Very helpful



      labour saving

      I quite look forward to our family get togethers with each other at the end of the week, so I like to cook a sunday roast as the family come round and we all sit around the table together and catch up with each other at the end of the week and I like to have a home style carvery offer for us at dinner time.

      I work in the kitchens sometimes in the care home that I work at when I'm not doing care work and they have a James Martin Wahl ZX773 electric carving knife to use on the meat there, I hadn't used one before I took my turn in the kitchens, but once I had got used to the gadget at work I really had to go out and buy one as they make carving so simple and quick.

      I bought mine from an electrical store in Hereford town centre, but you can get them on Amazon if you want to order one and I paid £25.00 for mine but they are cheaper on Amazon at around £19, but I was happy to pay what I did as I could have it there and then and take it home without waiting for it to be delivered to my house.

      It's quite a solid gadget and comes with two blades, one for the meat and one for carving bread, both fresh bread and frozen, the handle is quite chunky but not too heavy and it plugs into the mains, so you have to use it near a plug socket , but thats not too bad as I have a few plug sockets in my kitchen above the work surfaces.
      The caseing is plastic and it comes in white with a black plastic part where the on/off button is, to turn it on you just press the button on the top and the same to turn it off.
      The blades have a plastic piece at the back where they slot into the groves of the handle and this helps to holds them into place.

      Be carfeful when fitting the blades or when your changing them, remember to turn off the carver at the mains or change the blades when it's unplugged as if you touch the on/off button the blades move straight away and this also has to be kept out of reach of children as the blades are very sharp.
      Once the blades are fitted into the handle you can turn it on and just have to place the blades onto the joint of meat or loaf of bread you want to slice, so that the movement of the blades cut the meat or bread, you don't have to press down hard , just move the blade slowly down for an even cut.

      This makes carving meat and bread very easy and frozen bread can be cut too. I like this gadget as it saves me making a mess when slicing bread, as I can never get the uncut bread sliced evenly with a bread knife and this does it great for me.

      I'm happy to recomend this to you as a labour saving device that is useful and works really well.


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      05.03.2012 12:16
      Very helpful



      chop chop.... the lazy, i mean easy way

      If you've ever had to carve a joint of roast meat, or even had to try and slice a loaf of bread, then you'll know that sometimes it's not as easy as it sounds, or looks in fact.
      You have to make sure the knife you are using is sharp enough for the job, or it has a nice serrated edge to get through that loaf. Then you have to try and get it through the thing you want to slice without taking a chunk or two out of your own fingers.
      It's not that easy and can lead to some nasty accidents if one's not too careful, or confident with sharp blades.

      Anyway, there are things on the market that have arisen to help people who want to make their kitchen experience more pleasurably, and in this case that invention is the electric carving knife, which there are many different types out there to choose from.
      Personally I have owned many different electric carving knives as I do find them to be time savers when carving such things as meat and bread, even though I do like to use 'real' knives when chopping and prepping.
      Sadly though some of the electric knives I have used have not been that good, in fact, it would have been easier cutting things with a butter knife.
      Luckily though I have recently been using a rather fine electric carving knife that does exactly what it is supposed to do, carve things and not hack away at it, throwing bits of food all over the kitchen.

      This particular electric carving knife is from well known company called Wahl, (who I instantly think of hair cutting devices), with this electrical carving knife being called the Wahl ZX773 with a chefs name given to it as well, that chef being someone called James Martin, who ever he is? (didn't he used to write about cars?)

      So what does it look like then..?
      This carving knife is styled very well indeed and has a great feel about it with the slight curves on the handle so that you can grip it without any real effort at all.
      The on/off button is under the main body and is easily touched by your finger so there's no troubles with having the try and stretch your finger into some rather strange positions.
      It's not massive, being about 460mm by 55mm 60mm and is pretty lightweight, being about half a kg, so it's easy to hold in one hand.
      The main body is white but, to give it that bit of 'style', it has a few dashes of black on it, such as the trigger, the safety/lock switches, surrounding the top button and even the blades have a bit of black moulded plastic on them.
      And as it is called and Electric carving knife it runs off the mains so you will have to be near a plug socket when you want to use it but the lead is a good metre long so this does give you a bit of freedom

      Is it safe to use..?
      Very, unless you're a complete idiot with absolutely no common sense at all, or drunk. There is a 'double action' safety lock so that if you accidentally press the 'trigger' the blades won't start as you need to push the safety switches at the same time to get it going.
      This may sound a bit complicated but once you've done it you'll realise just how simple it is and with the easy positioning of the button needed to get the blades moving you don't have to move your fingers too much to get it going.

      What about cleaning it..?
      This is as easy as cleaning a 'real' knife really, although I do strongly advice you to detach the blade from the main body itself as the blades are the only things that can be immersed in water. If you do get the main unit wet then there is a severe risk of damage to it or electrocution to you.
      Anyway, once you detach the blade you just then clean it as you would any other knife or kitchen utensil in fact. Just either give it a bit of a wash if you've just cut bread or give it a good soak and scrub if you've been slicing through nice juicy joints of meat.
      Either way the blades won't go rusty as they are made of stainless steal and are designed to last quite some time

      Does it come with anything else..?
      The knife comes with two stainless steal blades, both blades having serrated edges, with one of the blades looking like something Freddie Krugger would be happy having at his side.
      The first serrated blade is for the likes of your Sunday roast and the like whilst the second Kruger special is for frozen things, such as bread and even meats asit seem to chomp through the icicles without stopping.
      Changing the blades is done by pressing the black button, sliding the blade out, sliding the other blade in as far as it will go. You know it's in position when there is comforting 'click' as the blade locks into the catches.
      Then you're ready to begin cutting.

      My opinion...
      This is by far one of, of not the best electric carving knives I have used, and believe me I have used many different types in both my own kitchen and in 'working' kitchens when I was 'cheffing' for a living.
      This is lightweight and so comfortable in the hand that I don't get any sign of cramp or the dreaded shakes after a few minutes of use, unlike some types I have used.
      It looks nice too with just enough black etched onto the main body to give it that nice stylish look, which will fit into most kitchens without looking out of place.

      The blades themselves are brilliant and tackle anything that I want to cut through, with the 'bread' blade slicing through the loaf without any squashing or battering of the bread itself. And there's no trouble when carving through meat either, so there's no meat thrown around the room for the dog to jump on before it hit's the floor.

      What about the price then..?
      Well, this great little electric carving knife sells for around £20 to £25.00, which is great value for money considering the quality of this knife, including the blades.
      So for those people who feel more confident with that little bit of assistance with carving then this is certainly worth looking into as you won't be disappointed at all.


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      Short name: James Martin ZX773

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