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Kenwood Blender/Mill

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    6 Reviews
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      18.05.2011 15:25
      Very helpful



      All in all, a good quality product with just a few niggles to it.

      My husband bought me this blender two years ago purely for the purpose of making smoothies at home. We have moved house two or three times since owning this appliance but it doesn't have a scratch on it- it is made of very durable plastic. It also has four suckers under the base, so that it stays in one place on the work surface in the kitchen. There are two different speeds of blending, and an additional button that super speeds or 'pulses' whatever you have put into the blender. The wire is quite long but we simply leave the middle of it coiled up. It has a spout for pouring out the mixture afterwards but this doesn't always help as sometimes it all just gushes down the side of the blender!

      The parts of the blender are easy to dismantle, clean and reassemble. The blender slots into the base with a clicking sound, and the blender won't actually work until all the parts have been properly clicked into place. This is easy enough to do due to the sucker feet and strong handle. The blender has a small lid which can be removed during blending to add additional ingredients or liquids if the mixture isn't blending very well. The blade of the blender is sharp but easy to clean and has not shown any sign of rusting or bluntness after two years of light use.

      My husband paid £20 for this blender, which we both think is a good price as it is still going strong and a very handy appliance to have in the kitchen. It is very easy to use, and it has lasted a good amount of time so far. I don't use it heavily, perhaps once or twice a week, but it whips up a smoothie rapidly! Harder or drier items take longer to blend, as they don't always get to feel the blade's full wrath even if they are in a liquid mixture in the blender.

      I think this Kenwood blender has a couple of disadvantages- one, that it is super loud, though that is partially offset by the fact that you don't have to use it for long periods of time. Two, it emits a strange plastic smell after a couple of minutes of use, which I first thought was to do with the newness of the item but two years later it is still going strong. I have learned to ignore it, but heavy users may not be so kind!

      All in all, a good quality product with just a few niggles to it.


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      22.04.2006 19:06
      Very helpful



      Great for making quick meals and drinks

      I'm sure everbody has watched programmes on healthy living and how we should be eating 5 portions of fruit and veg per day. Well as a family, i would say we are quite healthy, we don't east fast food and tend to have the recommended daily intake of fruit and veg.
      My daughter for some time has been pestering me for a blender as she wanted to make smoothies which she said was a more fun way of having your 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. So I started looking in the shops, in catalogues and on the internet to find a well made, good brand blender, but i didn't want to pay over the odds for it.

      As i think most of you would agree, Kenwood is a respectable, well known brand which has been going for a while now. So i started shopping around for a Kenwood blender. Although my daughter wanted the blender mostly for smoothies, i didn't want to buy one of those smoothie makers as i like to experiment with different ingredients and therefore i could make other things in it while my daughter made her smoothies.

      I was flicking through the Argos catalogue to see what they had on offer, i found this blender and it was advertised for £24.99, i thought that was a reasonable price to pay, so off i popped down to Argos to purchase it, only to find that it had now been reduced to £19.99, you can imagine that cheered me up as i love a good bargain.

      ***The Packaging***

      I got the Kenwood blender home and opened the box. The blender was well packaged, there were protective bags and cardboard. I took it all out of the packaging and gave it the once over, the blender wasn't damaged. In the box was the blender, the mill attatchment and some information leaflets.

      ***THE APPLIANCE***

      BLENDER (BASE UNIT) - The blender is white and made of really strong, hard wearing plastic. It has four sucker feet, which grip onto the work top like a dream. There is a knob, which is turned for the different speeds of blending you require. The knob is also made of strong hardwearing plastic and when you turn it there is a clicking sound, which you can tell is good quality. Also on the base unit there is a pulsing button, it is a lilac colour and has a 'P' on it, you press this button down whenever you want to pulse something. The base dismantles from the actual blender jug for easy cleaning. At the back of the base unit there is the plug and wire, the wire is around 4 feet long, ideal for plug sockets that are not directly on the work top. The cable wire can be easily stored into the back of the base unit, either when it isn't in use or when you do not need alot of cable.

      BLENDER (GOBLET, BLADES AND LID) - The lid of the blender is white and made of strong plastic. The lid has a thumb tab and also has a removeable cap for the oil drip feed, which is used for making mayonnase, dips etc. The lid locks into position with a mere twist.
      The goblet is made of strong clear acrylic and has the measurements printed both sides for left and right handed use. The goblet is 1.5L. The goblet has a profiled pouring spout for clean pouring. The goblet screws into the blade unit.
      The blade unit is made of strong white plastic and has a sealing ring at the bottom (which can be removed for cleaning) and 4 blades (2 pointing upwards and 2 downwards) which are all stainless steel.
      The handle is also made of a white plastic, it is an ergonomic handle which provides a comfortable grip whilst pouring.

      THE MILL ATTATCHEMNT - The attatchment is made of the same strong clear acrylic as the goblet. It also has another blade unit (which can be used for the goblet aswell).
      The attatchment has a storage lid and sprikle cap (ideal for sprinking nuts).

      ***TO USE THE BLENDER***

      Using this blender could'nt be easier.

      Screw the jug onto the blade unit
      Put your ingredients into the goblet
      Place the lid on and turn to lock the lid in place
      Place the blender onto the base unit and turn to lock (SAFETY FEATURE - the blender does not operate unless the goblet and blades are correctly positoned and locked in)
      Switch it on

      ***THE SPEEDS***

      There are 2 speeds or the option to pulse.

      Speed 1 is used for lighter blending like batters, milkshakes and scrambled eggs.

      Speed 2 is used for soups, sauces , pates and mayonnaise.

      The pulse control button is used to operate the motor in start/ stop action. The pulse control operates the motor and keeps it running for as long as the lever in held down - this will allow you to control the texture of various foods eg. pates.

      ***TO USE YOUR MILL***

      Put your ingredients into the jar
      Turn the blade unit upside down
      Screw the blade unit onto the jar
      Place the mill onto the base unit and turn to lock
      Switch it on
      Optional: you can then use the sprinkler lid to sprinkle out your ingredients


      It is best not to put dry ingredients into the blender before switching it on, as these tend to get caught under the blades and therefore the blender doesn't do it's job.

      The machine won't work if the blender or mill is fitted incorrectly - very clever, important safety feature which really does come in handy when your feeling a bit lackadaisical.


      Use dry ingredients only.


      CAUTION: Blending very hot liquids may result in hot liquid and steam being forced suddenly past the lid or filler cap. Allow the liquid to coll or reduce the quantity. Protect your hands with a cloth or oven gloves when handling the hot goblet and lid.

      Switch off and unplug before removing parts, after use and before cleaning.

      Keep your hands away from moving parts.

      Don't let children or infirm people use the blender.


      POWER UNIT - wipe with a damp cloth, then dry.

      BLADE UNIT - Remove and wash the sealing ring.
      Brush the blades clean using hot soapy water, then rinse thoroughly under the tap. Don't immerse the blade unit in water.

      OTHER PARTS - Wash by hands, then dry.



      Biscuit Crumbs
      Bread Crumbs
      Salad Dressings
      Crushing Ice - (add 1 tablespoon on water to the ice and operate the blender in short bursts)
      Chopping nuts


      Size -19 x 23 x 39 cm

      1.5L Easy-clean goblet - completely dismantles for easy cleaning

      Stainless steel blades - for smooth, consistent results

      Pouring spout - for easy handling

      Removeable filler cap with oil drip feed - ieal for mayonnaise and dips

      Cord stuffer box - to avoild traling flex

      Interlock system - for your safety

      Two speed control - with pulse for convenience

      Powerful 500W motor


      So far i have made lots of smoothies, i enjoy making these as they only take around 2 minutes to prepare and you can experiment with different flavours and recipes (there are quite a few nice recipes on the internet), they are also a good way of getting you 5 portions a day and as summer is coming up they will be lovely.

      I have also made a few juices (purees) these are also ideal for summer and healthy.

      My daughter made her own leek and potato soup the other day, it didn't take long and it was delicious.

      I also used it for making biscuit crumbs as i was making my daughters favourite cake, and i can honestly say this beats the rolling pin and a bag method, i was shocked how quick and easy it crushed the biscuits.

      We practically have used the blender everyday since we got it, so in my opinion for us it was well worth the money. If you look in catalogues and on the internet you will find that for the same price of £19.99 it will be hard to find as good a blender as this (500W, 1.5L etc), and with a name like Kenwood then you can't go wrong.

      So if you are on the look out for a blender that does the job but has a cheap price then the Kenwood BL 440 is for you.


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        28.09.2005 16:11
        Very helpful



        A compact, easy to use blender that is a space saver.

        I have had to purchase a liquidising blender, for my cat, yes my cat.
        He had been missing for 5 days after going on one of his usual hunts on the nearby golf course.

        I was getting very worried he'd been killed, as he is not normaly away for that long, and hadn't returned for his meals.

        He eventually came in one night during a heavy rain storm, and was completely drenched, very thin and obviously in a bad way, his left eye was full of blood, and it was apparent that he could not close his mouth properly.

        Being 12.30 at night I was in a panic as to where I was going to take him, after a few phone calls, I got him to a 24 hour vet.

        After 1 week in the vets and a staggering £490 vets bill, I was able to take him home, but there was a problem, he could'nt eat solid food anymore, dispite the fact he had his lower canines filed down in order for him to close his mouth.

        The vets offered to sell me this liquid food, but at the price it was and the fact I would have to buy it daily, I thought about a cheaper alternative, and that is where the blender comes in.


        This Silver and glass Kenwood caught my eye on the shelf out of a list of 30 products on show, it was exactly what I was looking for, a small easy to fit on my already crowded kitchen worktop, easy to use and importantly just the right price ( it was on offer at £35.99 from £59.99).

        As soon as I got it home, I put it straight to use, it really is very easy, even for a man like me (well I'm no Gordon Ramsey), just plug it in, put the contents to be blended in (in this case a tin of Whiskas Tuna) and away you go.

        Now I've never used one of these before so I was a bit confused as to why it wasn't moving so well in the glass bowl, the blades where wizzing around inside but not really doing their job so well.

        So I put in some cat milk (don't give your cat cows milk, its not good for them), and hey presto it was churning away ten to the dozen, with it having variable speeds I found this to be a great help, it certainly makes it frothier, and the pulse button helps to get any lumpy food from the bottom of the bowl up into the blades and makes the whole thing a lot smoother when you pour it out.

        The appearance of the blender for those of you who are colour co-ordinated in the kitchen, these days its silver (stainless steel), so it will easily blend in (excuse the pun), I'm slightly behind in my kitchen, half silver half green (Products not the decor).

        It is a very fast blender to use, at 550 watts, which is in the mid range for blenders, and fast enough for most everyday useage, as a result of its speed it does vibrate a bit and create a bit of noise, but a least it does'nt dance across your kitchen worktop, as the solid rubber feet underneath help keep it in place.

        There are no other attachments for the blender, what is in it is what you get, which helps when you have to clean it out, nothing fiddley, just twist the glass bowl off the blender, and wash.

        The blenders capacity is 1500ml, which is more than enough for someone making a few milkshakes for the family, I can get 2 full tins of cat food in and two small bottles of cat milk and there is still room for more.

        Another handy feature, for those of you who get up in the night for a snack or drink is, it has lights at the back of the buttons, saves fumbling round in the dark.

        In all this is a very handy little space saver, and does the same job a much larger and bulkier machine would do, and has certainly saved my cat from a quick exit, (he's back to full health now, thanks to my Kenwood).

        There are many different uses for this machine, I have only listed why I use it, but I'm sure the chef in you will be able to get the most out of it, and it is this that I recommend this product over the many that are out there.


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          21.06.2005 13:20
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Here's a darling little blender that I just had to tell you all about. Its a standing blender - you know, like the kind you use for making milkshakes and stuff like that. But it also has a coffee grinder as well.

          Some time ago, when I was in my local Home Center (our local competition to Ace Hardware) when I saw that if I bought NIS 99 (about BPS 14.30) worth of products, I could add another NIS 99 and get this Kenwood Blender with Coffee Mill. Since the full sticker price for this was NIS 207 (just under BPS 30), I figured, why not? My old Moulinex blender, while not yet dead, had a broken bottom to the beaker and the coffee/nut grinder - which was never all that good - had gotten one of its blades bent badly out of shape on the last batch of hazelnuts I tried to grind. So I needed a new blender, and I really wanted one with a coffee or nut mill as well, so this one looked like it fit the bill. After a couple of minutes routing around the shop, I came up with a small basketful of items that totaled just over the required minimum for the special, grabbed the blender, paid up and went home ecstatic with my bargain-hunting savvy.

          This is a very sweet looking item that has a gently rounded design to it. Much like the Kenwood basic blenders, the tops have a cute top handle that looks much like the end of a pomegranate. For the blender attachment, the white, soft plastic top fits snugly inside the beaker, and it has a removable center section so you can add ingredients while the machine is working, while minimizing any splashing. The blender attachment, goes onto the base which has a simple safety locking system that keeps the machine off unless the beaker is properly in place. This is very important because the coffee mill part of the machine is actually built into the base of this machine. This means that the blender - which has its blades built into the beaker - is actually placed onto the base, over the coffee mill blades. There is a separate, clear, hard plastic top for using the base as a coffee mill.

          One of the things that is easily noticeable about the blender is that the blades are set very widely apart, vertically. This means that there are two blades that are very close to the bottom of the beaker, and another two blades that reach easily a whole two inches above this. For a beaker that holds just less than a liter, this means that almost a whole third of the bottom of the beaker will be included in the blending action. My old Moulinex (cleverly called a "Blender 1") held 1.5 liters but the blade seemed to only effect the bottom 10-15% of the beaker. I recall clearly that with the Moulinex I would end up with partially blended food, and have to mix it up manually and set it to work again to get the rest pureed. This little Kenwood was already a *visibly* better blender. I threw out my old Moulinex blender, but this sweetie has a full 250 watts of power (it also says it is 50-60 Hz, but I'm not sure what that means in blending power).

          The coffee mill in the base has a normal sized well - about the same as most of the coffee mills you would purchase separately, and almost the same as my old Moulinex coffee mill attachment. The one problem here is that since it is built into the base of the machine, you have to clean it out using a damp cloth because you certainly can't put it an electrical appliance under running water, can you! This means that your fingers will be in danger of getting cut on the mill's blades. Not the best design feature I've ever seen. However, this is where the safety locking device comes in handy. As I mentioned before, unless the top of the mill is on properly, the machine won't go on. So, if you are a lazy git like me, and want to clean this out without unplugging it first, you have only to be careful of pushing your fingers onto the blade and you don't have to worry that the thing will accidentally start whirring and chop off your fingers. Other than this, all the other parts are dishwasher safe, so all the other parts are very easy to clean.

          The other small drawback on this machine is the on/off mechanism. My old Moulinex had an ugly, grey, rectangular button that when you pressed on the bottom of it, it went on and when you pressed on the top, it went off. This Kenwood has a very attractive white oval button that you press on to start the machine, but when you take your finger off the button, the machine stops. Now this isn't the worst thing in the world, having to hold a button down the whole time you're blending or grinding something, but its not the most convenient thing either. I mean, if it doesn't stay on without you holding the button down, why did they bother with the little hole in the top of the cover? I can hardly see myself holding a button down with one hand while pouring something into the top of the beaker with the other. I guess I'll just have to learn to put everything in at once with this machine - which is what I usually do with a blender anyway!

          But with something as simple as this to use, there was practically no need for a user's manual. What I got was basic safety instructions, a list of the parts and what they were for and how to put it together. About average for a manual, I'd say.

          Of course, I couldn't write this review without giving it a try, right. So upon getting it home, first things first, I decided I had to bake a cake with both ground hazelnuts and ground cooking chocolate - my ultimate test. You should know that the coffee mill does NOT do a good job of grinding chocolate. However, the blender part, on the other hand, does an amazing job of grinding chocolate. You should also know that the coffee mill does only a fair job of grinding hazelnuts. However, the blender part does a perfect job of grinding nuts! Now I never was able to do that with my old Moulinex - not with chocolate and not with any nuts. This blender beaker is really marvelous. Furthermore, making a milkshake in this blender was surprisingly fast, with everything whipped up evenly, smoothly, quickly and with a wonderful froth to it. And the final test? Ice, on its own, no liquid, just for crushed ice. Oh, yes, this grinds up ice cubes truly beautifully and I may become addicted to making slush for my kids in the summers.

          So, now I'm thinking "why did I need the coffee mill part of this machine?" Well, I guess I really didn't. But you know what? Now I can buy my coffee as beans again and not only make freshly brewed coffee, but make freshly brewed coffee from freshly ground coffee beans! A dream come true for a coffee lover like myself.

          In conclusion, while this blender isn't totally perfect, it was a real deal and it performed wonderfully through all my tests. It looks very nice as well, so I can leave it on my kitchen counter. I hope that anyone looking for a simple, but powerful blender can find this model in their shops, since I can recommend it to anyone who wants just a small basic blender - and they'll get a lovely coffee mill thrown in at no extra cost. That's a winner in my book.

          (Or at least it was, until one day - almost three years after using it regularly - it just stopped working. No matter, that happened just after I got my brand new Braun K3000 which can do all the blending and grinding anyway!)

          Thanks for reading.

          Kenwood has a UK website at www.kenwood.co.uk/ but I haven't seen this particular model on that site.

          The address for Kenwood UNITED KINGDOM is New Lane, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 2NH, England, Tel: +44 (0) 23 9247 6000, Fax: +44 (0) 23 9239 2400


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            07.02.2001 19:41
            1 Comment



            We were given a Kenwood CH100 mini blender when we were about to start feeding solid food to my daughter. Its designed for blending small amounts of stuff which is good if your baby is only going to eat a few teaspoonfuls of food. Other than that its a pretty standard design and it works well enough. There is a screw on lid and the blade lifts out. Its all fairly easy to clean by hand. The bowl and lid can go in a dishwasher, but the blade cannot. It says this in the instructions. My wife ignored this and before long the plastic around the blade had started to crack. You can get a new blade, lid and bowl for about £8.50 including postage from Kenwood (tel 0870 2413653). They were out of stock at the time, so I decided to buy another. Some places sell the CH100 for £20, but the cheapest I could find on the High Street or on the Internet is £15.95 from Comet. They tried to sell me a 3 year guarantee for £9.95!


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              26.09.2000 01:53
              Very helpful



              It was my daughters first birthday on 24th Sept and I was determined to get out the old cake book and make her a special cake myself. My husband had bought me this processor a while back but I hadn’t had the chance to do very much with it except blend up the odd meal for my daughter. So when I started making the cake I thought we’d get it out, clean it and see what it could do. WOW what a difference that little machine made to the time it took to mix the cake ingredients, leaving me with more time to prepare for the next days celebration and party. So what’s so good about it? You get two bowls one for processing and one for mixing and the attachments you will need for both. With the mixing bowl you get a whisk, a stirrer (which I used to mix the cake ingredients) and two dough kneaders for making bread. With the processor you get a knife blade, 2 slicer/shredder plates and one chipper plate. There is also a liquidiser that attaches easily on top of the processor (there is a cap that covers the top of the machine when the liquidiser isn’t attached). It has 4 numbered speeds but there are numerous other speeds by moving the switch in-between them and the instructions advise you on which speed is suitable for which activity (very useful for us novices!). What can you use it for? It would be far quicker to ask what you couldn’t use it for. Here is a small list of the things that you can do with it although I’m sure there are literally 100’s more things the manual doesn’t advise. - Cakes, breads, pastry and meringues - Soups, drink, pate, mayonnaise and breadcrumbs - Chop raw and cooks meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts - Slice/shred vegetables, fruit and cheese or use the chipper How easy is it to use? The one word answer is very. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and extremely cleaner friendly with no awkward nooks and crannies. Unfo
              rtunately none of it is dishwasher safe and I recommend reading the cleaning instructions at least once. The processor attachment has a feeding tube and two pushers the larger of which has it’s own feeding tube for smaller amounts, great for keeping fingers safe and they are easy to use and clean. It also comes with some recipes for each of the attachments so you can get used to how everything works. Is it worth it? I’ve yet to really put this processor to the test but compared to the many others I’ve used in my life this one is far superior in that it’s easy to use and clean. This is one of the more expensive non-professional processors but the quality of it is superb and there is no messing around. It does come with some starter recipes that you can use to practice with each of the different attachments. I would only buy this if you’re going to make good use of it, if you just want to chop and mix then I’d advise going for a smaller, cheaper option. To be honest personally I look forward to baking more with my little kitchen help, and for me to say something like that it has to be good!


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