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Kenwood CL428 Frothie

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Makes hot and cold frothy drinks. Size: 34H x 18.5W x 22D cm.

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    5 Reviews
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      21.09.2012 09:59
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      Frothie choccy all round!

      Frothie Choccy!

      When it comes to gadgets I have to admit I am addicted, the proof lies in my mums kitchen cupboards in the form of ice cream makers, pop corn machines and even a candy floss machine which was only used once! By far my favourite in the kitchen is my Kenwood Frothie Maker. I was given this fantastic gadget as a Christmas present back in 2005 and used it quite regularly up until I moved out of my mums house. The Frothie Maker still resides at her house and it is still in use now, although it is more by my little brother than myself, hence the reason I couldn't take it with me as he loves it so much!

      Kenwood Frothie Maker CL428

      So, what is it?
      The Kenwood Frothie Maker CL428 is a drinks machine with the ability to make most drinks with that lovely frothy topping. The machine is capable of making both hot and cold drinks depending on your preference. It comes with a recipe booklet to give you some ideas to start you off although in our house this got lost a long time ago! The machine also comes with a decent quality black brush to help with cleaning.

      The Frothie Maker is quite large and rather bulky if you compare it to some of the drinks machines available these days. It has a large chunky silver coloured base with 3 buttons and a large translucent mixing and measuring jug which sits on top of the base. The back of the jug has a nice chunky handle which makes it easy to get a good grip on and there is a pouring tap on the front of the jug for dispensing your drinks. The jug also has a black lid which can be removed completely while adding your ingredients. The base of the machine is shaped so that you can easily place a cup underneath the pouring tap and underneath the base is a space where you can wind the power cable out of the way for tidy storage.

      The machine has 3 buttons which make operating very simple. There is an "off" button which is simply as it sounds, a "Heat & Mix" button which is used for making hot drinks and a "Frothie Mix" button for making cold drinks.

      Have a Frothie!
      For those of you who don't know, I am a hot chocolate and chocolate milkshake addict so my use for the frothie maker has mainly been these two drinks. Making the drinks is a nice and easy, but very noisy process!

      The machine does come with a recipe booklet, however as I mentioned earlier this was lost a long time ago and in all honesty I don't think I ever used it. I remember having a quick flick through and it contained quite a few ideas for flavoured coffees as well as milkshakes made using ice cream instead of milk. There is also a printed instruction booklet included with the machine which contains various safety information as well as instructions for cleaning. It is advised that you clean the machine before your first use, but me being me I think I remember being too excited for that and simply getting stuck in!

      First and foremost before you make any drink in the Frothie Maker you must make sure that the pouring tap is set to the closed position as if it isn't you will soon find all of your ingredients all over your work surfaces!

      To make a hot chocolate drink, or indeed any drink made from a powder the instructions recommend that you put the powder in the machine first and then the milk or water in afterwards. The first few times I used the machine I followed these instructions but found that although the drink tasted fine it was a pain to clean inside the machine as there were lumps of powder stuck around the edges of the jug so as a result of this I found my own method which worked much better for me and continues to work for my little brother now. We find that rather than putting the powder into the jug first if we put about a quarter of the amount of milk in the jug and then add the powder it will float on the top of the milk, we then pour in the remainder of the milk up to the required measurement marked on the side of the jug. Making our drinks this way helps prevent the powder from sticking to the bottom of the jug, obviously it is not perfect and we do get the occasional clumps but in general it is much better and easier to clean afterwards.

      Once the required ingredients are in the jug make sure the lid is securely in place and simply press the "Heat & Mix" button. If your kitchen is anywhere near your living room at this point you will now need to turn the volume up on the TV as the noise from this machine is shocking! The first time I used the machine I thought I had done something wrong because it was so loud, much louder than a kettle and a completely different noise, more like a loud vibrating noise than a boiling noise! This noise continues for the whole heating and mixing process which will last anything up to around 8 or 9 minutes depending on how much you are mixing. Once the machine has reached its desired temperature it will switch itself off and the liquid will settle. You are now ready to pour your drink.

      If you want your drink to be frothie, which I presume you would otherwise I'm sure you would have used the much quicker kettle to make your drink! You need to press the "Frothie Mix" button, the instructions say that you should press the button and let it froth before pouring the drinks, however we find that you get a much better result if you leave the froth button switched on while you are pouring. The pouring process is rather slow, but this is actually a good thing as it adds to the amount of froth and also minimises splashing as the drink comes out. When there is not a lot of the drink left inside the machine we usually turn the froth off as the remaining liquid is usually frothed enough. To get this last bit out of the machine it is best to remove the lid and pour it out through the spout rather than the pouring tap and this makes for the frothiest drink of them all!

      I find it is handy to place a piece of kitchen roll beneath the mug as the pouring tap does have a tendency to drip a couple of times after pouring a drink.

      Ingredient Quantities
      Up until now I haven't actually mentioned quantities for the ingredients you will be using. This is because it will vary depending on what you are making and how much you are making. In total the Frothie Makers' jug can hold 1.2 litres of liquids but there is a warning in the instructions about how liquids can expand when they are heated so you should be careful not to put too much in before heating. In general myself and my brother tend to use the instructions on the hot chocolate or milkshake packaging as a guide to how much powder and milk we should use and we usually reduce the amount of powder slightly as the machines mixing skills are much better than when we stir a drink with a spoon and therefore the powder goes a long way. For the two of us to have a hot chocolate each and maybe a little left over we usually add 3 cups of milk and around 5 and a half to 6 teaspoons of powder. This mixture makes our drinks lovely and chocolately without being too sickly. On the rare occasion we have needed to make more drinks if we have had guests or James's friends round, I think the most we have needed was 5 cups of hot chocolate and the machine managed this with ease and there was still room to spare for more ingredients. We always use milk when mixing our drinks as this froths much better. If you are making milkshakes then it is best to use really cold milk fresh from the fridge as this gets extra frothy.

      As I have only used this machine for making hot chocolate and milkshakes I can only advise on these drinks, but other drinks including coffees and flavoured syrup drinks can also be made and there are instructions for these drinks included with the machine.

      On one occasion we did try to make chocolate milkshake using ice cream and some Crusha chocolate syrup mixed with milk but unfortunately we didn't succeed and ended up with a cold and slightly sticky mess to clean up which put us off trying again. I did try a bit of the mix when I was cleaning the jug though and it tasted quite nice but not nice enough to risk the mess again!

      Easy Cleaning?
      The Frothie Maker is relatively easy to clean depending on what you have made. I find that with our hot chocolate and milkshake mixes it is best to put the jug into soak as soon as it is empty, after soaking I always pour the water away and refill it with hot water which I then drain out through the pouring tap, while this is draining I use the little brush which came with the machine to loosen any clumps of powder which may be stuck and then simply rinse it out a few more times before leaving to dry on the draining board.

      On the occasion we used syrup in the machine I found the cleaning process to be a bit of a pain as the syrup was quite sticky and awkward to clean from the pouring tap. I'm not sure if this is because our attempt went a little wrong or if this is a common thing but in the end I had to leave the jug in soak in hot water and washing up liquid overnight to be able to give it a proper clean.

      The base of the machine rarely needs more than a wipe with a damp cloth to remove any splash stains.

      Can I Have a Frothie?
      If you can find a Frothie Maker then you can have one. I say this because the machine has been discontinued by Kenwood so availability will start to fall. At the moment a quick online search shows me it is out of stock on Amazon but can be purchased from a company called Hizanherz for £29.89.

      Overall the Kenwood Frothie Maker is a fun gadget which is great for making frothie drinks, however it really is more of a gadget than a practical kitchen item and a noisy gadget at that! In recent years I found that we were continuing to use the Frothie Maker but it was mainly for my little brother and if he wasn't having a drink then I would revert back to using the kettle to make my drinks.

      The machine is easy to use and while my brother isn't allowed to use it alone for hot drinks as he is only 9, he does find it easy to make milkshakes and can do this with ease himself. He thinks he is unsupervised and grown up but really there is always me or my mum casually keeping an eye on him for safety's sake.

      I would recommend this gadget for the gadget lovers out there, it is fun and it is great if you need to make a larger quantity of drinks if you have guests and after owning ours for almost 7 years I would say this product lasts very well!

      4 out of 5 stars from me and James.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        06.08.2010 13:49
        Very helpful




        I love hot drinks and had been after a Kenwood Frothie machine for a while but never got around to getting one because they always seemed quite expensive. I think they were £29.99 at the time (about a year and a half ago). Imagine how thrilled I was when I found one on sale in Wilkinsons for the lovely chocolately sum of £7.07! I don't know how they came to that price as it was brand new, in its sealed up box but I wasn't going to complain.

        The Kenwood Frothie maker is for both hot and cold drinks and it is supposed to make them nice and frothy. So when I got it home, I got it out of the packaging like a kid at Christmas.

        It was well packed in the packaging. It is silver (the silver looks like brushed silver) and black with a clear jug which stands on the the bottom. It has little rubber feet on the bottom so that it doesn't slip about on surfaces and there is a little pouring spout for you to pour your drink from when it is ready. It does come with instructions to tell you how to use it and a little receipe book of different drinks you can make.

        It is really easy to clean but you cannot submerge the jug or the base in the water. You just have to fill the jug up with water and rinse out that way. If you submerge it in water, it can stop working.

        This is a great little kitchen appliance and I would recommend it to anyone, especially with the winter coming up.

        Once I had it all out and ready to go, my daughter (who wanted to be helper) and I tipped in some milk and one of the Options Toffee sachets. I didn't know how well it would work at this point and I was quite excited. I switched on the heat and mix setting and my daughter and I watched as it swirled around in the jug, mixing. I lightly touched the base and it didn't seem to be getting hot so my hopes were not high for this being a success. We left it going for 5 minutes and it automatically shut off after this. I think this must be how long you are supposed to leave it going. I put a mug underneath the little pour spout and opened the spout using its little lever. The mixture poured out nice and quickly and to my absolute surprise, it was really hot. I don't mean boiling hot as it would be if it came out of a kettle but a nice tolerable hot which you could drink straight away.

        My favourite part was how frothy it all was! It was frothy right down to the very bottom of the cup which was nice. Plus, it had mixed the powdered Options Toffee really well with the milk. I couldn't find a trace of the powder left anywhere. There was still a fair bit of mix in the jug and it would have been a waste to throw it away so I let my daughter have a little cup and then I switched the "Keep Warm" button on which was on the base. It did keep the drink very warm and it still tasted nice about an hour later.

        My daughter loves to have milkshakes made in this. You don't have to always use the heat function. She loves putting her Nesquick in and watching it all mix together. I think her favourite part is pouring and she loves it looking all frothy in the proper milkshake glasses we have. She always adds a straw too!


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          01.10.2008 15:45
          Very helpful



          If this is something you think you would use, buy it, its great!

          I remember seeing this a while ago and thinking that it was quite gimmicky and so was obviously going to be pretty naff, yet I still kind of wanted it, I admit it, I am a hot chocolate addict, it's nothing to be ashamed of and I have come to terms with it.

          Now that its coming into winter I've bought myself an insulated cup to have a hot choccie on the way to work, but whilst shopping at Morrisons today I saw they had the Kenwood Frothie Maker reduced to £16. After a little ummm-ing and ahhh-ing I bought it, for £16, if it doesn't do hot chocolate well then at least the kids can use it for milkshakes.

          As soon as I got it home I plugged it in, threw the milk and chocolate powder in and set it off on the "heat and mix" setting whist I put the shopping away. After about 6 minutes it shut itself off and was surprisingly hot, a lot hotter than I expected. The best thing was my goodness does it live up to its name, my hot choc stayed frothie till I emptied my cup.

          The unit itself seems very well built, I thought it was going to be quite flimsy but seems like it will cope with my 2 kids well enough and their demands of milk shake. Its going to be perfect for me in the mornings, set it off while I am getting ready and then will be ready for me to have a cup not long after, I can see the "keep warm" function coming in handy as well.

          As for cleaning, everything comes apart so it can be thrown in the sink and given a clean nice and easily.

          I'm really glad I bought this. I'm looking forward to doing some of the cocktails in it as well.


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          21.03.2006 17:33
          Very helpful



          easy to use and great results

          The kenwood frothie maker.

          At first glance it just looks like another instalment of the kitchen gadgetry fad. WRONG!!! This is new and innovative idea from kenwood set to revolutionise the way we make hot and cold fun drinks. Lets start with its appearance.


          The frothie maker consists of a semi transparent (frosted) plastic jug with black handle at the rear a and pouring tap up front. It is a similar size to that of any other kitchen blender possibly about 20mm extra in diameter. The jug sits on a modern looking silver (metallic) plastic base with black features. The base contains three buttons heat mix, frothie and stop more about these later. I feel that this machine will look good in any modern day kitchen. I my self have a beech kitchen with retro appliances. the frothie machine manages to not look out of place but if kenwood where to make this machine in alternative colour’s I would possible consider changing.


          Lets start with hot drinks. So far I have used the frothie maker mainly create delicious thick and frothie hot chockie’s so hears how. Its really quite simple just pour in your milk (up to 8 cups/4 mugs) then add your chocolate powder, I also add a few shakes of cinnamon or ginger this ads a burst of extra flavour. Once you have added all your ingredients you press the heat and mix button. At this point the jugs heating element (located in the base of the jug) starts to warm as the internal mixing blades start to whisk your mixture. After about five minuets (based on a two mug mix) your drink should be ready you will know this as the jugs thermostat will stop the machine. Now to press the frothie button to start the mixing blades again, at this point place your mug under the pouring tap and depress the lever. Now your mug will fill with possibly the thickest creamiest hot chockie you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The maker comes with a well set out recipe book full of pictures and great drink ideas (hot and cold) to try, Such as cappuccinos numerous delicious hot chocolate flavours. If it’s a cold drink you desire then follow the same methode as for hot drinks but this time start with the frothie butten rather than the heat mix. I have not yet tried a cold drink so cant comment although im sure they will be great.


          The frothie maker is quick and simple to clean and comes with its very own long reach cleaning brush. Simply take the jug of its base and rinse thoroughly under warm water the heating element is sealed and non stick so a quick brush and its clean. As for the pouring tap this unscrews from the jug and is fully dismantleable. although simple and straight forward this is fully documented with pictures in the instruction manual.


          there are only two minor disadvantages that spring to mind.
          1 there is no choice of colour schemes although this dose not really affect me it may hinder some prospective buyers

          2 noise it can be quite loud as specially at night as you would expect from a mixer I suppose. Still with this in mind I would certainly (swiftly) purchase a replacement if anything where to happen to my current machine

          so that’s all I hope this review has been of some help to you all and if you do decide to make a purchased I hope you enjoy.


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            12.02.2006 12:31
            Very helpful



            A truly scrummy hot frothy drink!

            Purchasing Decision

            Last summer (June 2005) I received a Kenwood New York Smoothie Maker, which was chosen to enable me to create and mix my own smoothies and cocktails. Following on from this, I recently spotted the Kenwood Frothie Maker being advertised which although able to mix cold drinks, was also able to heat and mix the perfect frothy drinks. Being a sucker for a new marketing gadget for the kitchen I quickly persuaded someone to purchase this for me for Christmas (December 2005).

            Kenwood Frothie

            The Kenwood Frothie Maker is a unique machine designed to create hot and frothy drinks by mixing your chosen ingredients and heating them at the same time. Uniquely it is also designed to mix cold frothy drinks.

            It has been designed with a specific "Frothy Mix" button that is pressed before serving, ensures your drink is dispensed perfectly whilst maintaining a level of froth. This is also ideal when mixing cold drinks such as milkshakes or specific cocktails.

            The Frothie Maker is ideally packaged in polystyrene in a neat little box coloured similar to that of a cappuccino, whilst retaining a design of the product and several produced drinks on the exterior.

            Alongside the product are a recipe booklet, and an instruction guide…as well as a quick cappuccino reference recipe.

            Product and Design

            The Frothie Maker is basically a large mixing/measuring goblet secured onto a power unit. Included also are the lid, a dispensing facility and a brush to aid cleaning the inside of the goblet. This brush I find indispensable especially when cleaning the goblet after making hot chocolate, as I often find pieces of dried chocolate clinging to the base of the unit, and the brush enables me to easily clean them off.

            On the power unit are 3 buttons:

            Off switch
            Heat & Mix switch
            Frothy Mix


            Within the instruction guide are important details on safety, instructions before first usage, how to use the appliance, cleaning guidelines and service and customer care guidelines.


            Before using the Frothy maker it's recommended by Kenwood that the instruction booklet is read carefully and retain for future reference. Key safety points include:

            1. Never immerse the Goblet or allow the underside to get wet, and ensure the goblets thoroughly dry before use.
            2. Never let the power unit, cord or plug get wet
            3. Never leave the appliance unattended especially if young persons are around
            4. Beware, the appliance does become very hot during application
            5. Only use the appliance for its intended use

            First usage

            Before using the appliance for the first time it is recommended that it is cleaned thoroughly. This I found to be true as the product had become slightly dusty whilst in transit and before purchase.

            Using the Frothy Maker

            Now for the fun part! To use your Frothy maker, ensure everything is assembled correctly and check the dispensing lever is in the off position. This is a wise move, as unlike me you don't want to spill milk all over your kitchen counter!

            Place the liquid ingredients inside the goblet first, this I found prevents the dried ingredients from clinging to the sides of the goblet and aids the cleaning process.

            Secondly add the dried ingredients, such as cocoa powder and sugar. Ingredients such as cinnamon sticks or vanilla pods can also be added but purely to retain flavour. The Frothy maker isn't a blender so doesn't chop solid ingredients, and they would become stuck in the dispenser.

            Cover the goblet with the lid, and secure tightly.

            Press the heat & Mix button, and the mixing and heating operation will commence. The appliance will automatically stop once the optimum temperature has been reached. Although I haven't yet timed this exactly I have found that this takes approximately the same time as a kettle takes to boil.

            When the heat and mix program is ended, place a cup/mug underneath the dispensing tap, press the frothy mix button and lift the lever to dispense the drink. This is slightly noisy than the heat and mix program (which incidentally is louder than a kettle, but quieter than the Kenwood New York Smoothie maker) but the end result is a delicious frothy drink. Once the drink has been dispensed you just need to press the off button to end the frothy cycle.

            Kenwood recommend a few hints when sing the Frothie Maker to ensure you achieve the optimum results from your product.

            These include:
            - Consume the drink straight away as this is when its at its richest and frothiest
            - For added richness include a dollop of cream - this increases the thickness of your drink, and I find goes really well when make a deluxe hot chocolate.
            - The maximum capacity of the goblet is 1.2litres, but remember some ingredients increase in size when heated so be careful not to overfill

            When mixing cold drinks you obviously don't need to press the heat and mix button. I tend to pour some milk into the goblet, add a large dollop of ice-cream and a few spoonfuls of strawberry syrup press the frothy mix button for approximately 1 to 2 minutes to ensure the ingredients are mixed together and then dispense into a tall glass. This results in one instant strawberry milkshake!


            Unfortunately after the fun part of making and mixing the frothy drinks comes the cleaning part. The Kenwood Frothy maker must be cleaned after each use (unless your making the same drink consecutively) to ensure that food doesn't become dried to the goblet and the product remains fresh.

            Remember the underside of the goblet and the power unit must not become wet, as this could damage the product. Instead use the brush provided to clean the inside of the product and fill with warm water, allowing it to slowly dispense through the tap. The unit should be wiped carefully with a damp cleaning cloth.

            As I mentioned above food does become stuck to the goblet, but if you find the brush doesn't remove it easily, fill the goblet with water and run the heat and mix cycle, as this generally loosens the dried on food particles.

            Service and customer care.

            Found inside of the instruction booklet and details on the service and customer care of the Frothy Maker. These include a phone number to ring for customer care, and an alternative number for spares and attachments.

            The guarantee offered by Kenwood is one year, although this doesn't cover neglect, misuse or modifications. You will also need your receipt to as proof of purchase.


            Okay after the sensible instructions, safety, usage and cleaning guidelines, you really need to know some recipes in order to make the most of the Frothy Maker.

            Included with the product is a comprehensive recipe booklet including such recipes as:

            Vanilla and Cream Coffee
            Gourmet Hot Chocolate
            Chilli Chocolate
            Apple Lemon Punch
            Chocolate Milkshake
            Pineapple Spice Tea

            Although there are many other recipes included, you are also encouraged to adapt and change recipes to suit your personal tastes.

            The Cappuccino recipe is the one I have used the most often as this is extremely simple:

            1. Ingredients - 400ml (1/2 pint) milk
            2. 1 tbsp instant coffee granules
            3. 1 tbsp sugar
            4. Cocoa powder to serve

            And the instructions are as follows:

            1. Put all the ingredients (liquid first) into the goblet
            2. Press heat and mix
            3. At the end of the cycle, press frothy button and dispense into two cups

            And Voila! You have the perfect cappuccino.

            It doesn't matter which brand of coffee you use, that's all a matter of personal taste, although I would recommend using full-fat milk for some of the creamy recipes to guarantee that level of richness and taste.


            Since receiving the Kenwood Frothy Maker for Christmas (December 2005) I have used the appliance on a regular basis, generally making hot chocolates and cappuccinos for myself and friends. The drinks have always been well received, and we were inclined to agree that the quality and taste (again dependant on your ingredients) far surpassed the coffee we were drinking at work.

            Although I received mine as a gift it can be purchased from most good kitchen outlets including Argos where it retails for GBP 39.99 (January 2006)

            I do find the actual usage of the appliance very simple and although I tend to keep the recipe booklet to hand, find I don't actually use it very often now, unless I wish to try a new recipe out.

            Cleaning hasn't been too much of a problem, although after making several hot chocolates in a row, I did find I needed to use the cleaning brush more than normal.

            One observation I have made though, is that when switching between drink types you need to leave the machine for around 15 minutes to cool down. This I think is a safety mechanism within the product, and would also be applicable if you were making hot then cold drinks. However as we all tend to drink the same drink (which takes longer than 15 minutes) we haven't found this has been a problem.

            Unfortunately I do think that has relegated by New York Smoothie Maker to the back of the cupboard for a while, especially while the cold weather is still with us. By the time the summer comes I'll be stuck for choice as to which appliance to use.

            Overall this is definitely a product a recommend, as it produces quick, easy and satisfyingly brilliant drinks.


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