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Max TV Old Fashioned Popcorn Maker

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Brand: Max TV / Height: 40cm

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2008 13:57
      Very helpful
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      A great popcorn maker for a great price

      I have been really pleased with this Popcorn maker.
      I bought it from the shopping channel Max TV Sky channel 675 and their website is www.max.tv

      I had been looking for a good quality popcorn maker for a while and i was scrolling through the channels when i came across this product being shown on Max TV. The popcorn maker cost £19.99 plus P&P of £2.85 which i thought was brilliant, both the price and the postage cost, as it came in quite a big box.

      I ordered from their website. They take just about every debit and credit card including Solo which i use so i filled in all my details and about 2 or 3 days later a large box arrived with MAX.TV on it so i knew what it was. I was really pleased with the delivery time as on their site it says delivery is usually 5-7 days.

      Another thing which i was extremely pleased with was the fact you also get a large tub of popcorn kernels and 5 cinema style tubs to put the popcorn in so you can get started straight away. Most other popcorn makers i looked at do not come with popcorn kernels or tubs, or some come with small tub of kernels which would not last long.

      OK so i took the popcorn maker out of its box. Inside the box was the popcorn maker itself. I really love the design. Its in the style of the old fashioned cinema popcorn makers. This popcorn maker only uses hot air to pop the corn so it is healthy to eat.
      The machine stands at around 40cm tall. At the bottom is the hot air generator. This blows the hot air into the tub just above it where you put the kernels. To put the kernels in you use the little measuring cap (which is also the lid). You fill this cap up with kernels then pour them through the funnel at the top. This directs the kernels into the tub. When you have done this, put the measuring cap back into the top hole then press the power button on the back to start the heater.
      It does take several minutes for the kernels to pop, but once the air gets up to the right heat the kernels soon start to pop.
      As the popcorn pops it feeds out the spout on the front so make sure you have a bowl underneith. Sometimes, as a lot of the kernels are all popping at once, then popcorn can fly out further than where the bowl is but this doesn't happen often.
      Also not every single kernel will pop but most do.
      The heater is on a timer and after a while it will turn off. Most of the popcorn will have popped by this time, but if there are still some kernels left, if you leave the machine on, the heater will start up again until you turn the switch off at the back.

      Because the maker only uses hot air, it is very easy to clean. The top part of the machine (the clear windows and the roof) lift off from the bottom part so you can easily get to the bottom tub to wipe it clean if needed.

      The smell produced is just lovely and the taste is great too. Another thing you get with the machine is an instruction book and recipe ideas. There are only a few recipes but they can give you an idea of flavourings if you want to add more taste to your popcorn.

      If you are looking for a popcorn maker, i can't really recommend this one enough. The price is great, you get a big tub of popcorn kernels and tubs, and the machine looks great. And as the popcorn is popping you can watch it fly everywhere which is always a good laugh.
      This is great for parties or movie nights, or when you have friends round, for the price its more than worth it as i have seen some that are not nearly as good but they are more expensive.
      If you want to know more check out the website www.max.tv and type in popcorn maker in the search bar.


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      Recipes for alternative popcorn flavours included.

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