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Polti Cinderella Versatile Steam Broom

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Versatile Steam broom, ideal for all types of hard floor. Light and easy to use, only 5kg. The only Steam broom that can be used upside down.

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2006 17:51
      Very helpful



      Small, light Steam Cleaner that will tackle most tasks

      I have wanted a steam cleaner for ages but they were always too expensive - although anything to improve the chore of cleaning the house (or anything else) has got to be worth buying in my opinion. When I found the Polti Cinderella at a reasonable price rather than the usual expensive type of steam cleaner, I felt it was worth trying.

      The “Cinderella” is described as a steam broom which is really quite accurate and, coming with the name Polti – an acknowledged company, expert in the world of steam cleaners – is a welcome addition to their extensive range.

      The length of the Cinderella is approximately 120cm – so, in that respect, much the same size as a broom. The water tank is situated in this length (the approximate measurements are 80cm long and 6cm wide and deep) and surprisingly holds 1.4 litres which lasts a very long time when converted to steam. The water tank is filled easily at the top where there is a small screw cap and there is a water level indicator on the side. Once plugged in it is ready to use in about thirty seconds and there is a small indicator light which goes out when the steam is ready. This is at the top of the handle near the switch so easy to see when in use.

      One thing I really appreciate is the length of the power cable. This is approximately six metres long so you don’t have to keep unplugging and changing position to carry on with the job you are doing. Another thing is that it has been made so that it can be used at any angle – meaning that you can clean walls, ceilings, windows etc. as well as floors, carpets and furniture. This is no great chore as it only weighs about five kilos and there is a handle halfway down to help with this.

      The accessories included are: a large brush head (similar to that on a vacuum cleaner), a cotton cover for this (similar to a face flannel), a squeegee and a concentrator tool with a small brush and steam nozzle. These are for the more difficult areas that the larger tools will not get into.

      When cleaning the cotton cloth is clipped to the large brush head – there are clips on the head which make this easy. The cloth is to collect the dirt that is lifted by the steam. Polti say that any cloth will work but the more absorbent it is the better it will work. I have to say that the first time you remove the cloth it comes as rather a shock to see just how dirty it can be! It can be boiled however, so no problems to wash. It is possibly a good idea to have more than one – I have half a dozen at least. If you just want to freshen up carpets, curtains, etc you can use the brush head uncovered, doing this also makes the rooms smell nicer. It can also be used to freshen clothes although care should be taken regarding the type of fabric of which they are made as you can get a water mark on some things if you get too close. Also, the steam is very hot so not a good idea to get too close to delicate fabrics. It handles cleaning Venetian blinds too which is useful – and, providing you don’t get closer than about 50cm you can also steam your house plants!

      For more difficult areas – corners, round toilets and under the rim – the small brush is ideal as this has a small nozzle therefore the steam is concentrated. It certainly takes the hard work out of some very unpleasant chores! For instance you can also defrost the fridge and freezer in a matter of about half an hour – and, if you have the need, strip wallpaper too.

      I should probably mention that when steaming upholstery and carpets (having checked the fabric first of course) the Cinderella doesn’t leave it dripping wet – or even very damp. Any dampness felt will be gone in a matter of minutes. A great improvement on the old fashioned way of cleaning carpets when they took hours to dry!

      Am I pleased with my buy? Oh yes, definitely! I have tackled all sorts – walls, ceilings, carpets, upholstery – this list seems endless – bathroom, shower, windows. It has certainly cut down cleaning time and without taking up a large amount of space as it can easily be hung behind a door (there is a loop ready for hanging on the top of the handle). This means that it is virtually ready when you want to use it – no big setting up operation – just fill the tank and get going!

      The recommended retail price of the Cinderella is £79.99 but I have seen it for sale on-line as low as £49.99 so it is worth shopping around.

      I hope you will find this of help and I thank you for reading.


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