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Prestige Electric Carving Knife

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Brand: Prestige / Type: Electric Knife / Dual Safety on/off switch

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    5 Reviews
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      15.07.2013 11:01
      Very helpful



      A lazy persons way of cutting a joint of meat....

      Anyone that knows me, or even people who have been kind enough to read some of my reviews, know that I spend a bit of time in the kitchen, cooking what ever I can with what ever is on the cupboards. But one thing I do like to do, once a week at least, is a full 'roast dinner' as it is one of the times that my family actually comes together and sits down to eat.
      Everyone loves a roast dinner, well, almost everyone, with the centre piece being the roast meat that is, hopefully, cooked to perfection, be that beef, chicken, turkey, pork or even swan if the queen doesn't mind of course.
      I actually enjoy cooking it, from scratch, as they say, covering the meat with some lovely sauces in order to get that perfect taste and texture, spooning over the hot fat that has dribbled from the meat into the tray so that the meat continues to cook in its own juices. Then there's the roast potatoes, treating them in a similar way, covering them with spoonfuls of melted meat fat in order to get the moisture inside to stop them drying up and going crumbly.

      But it's not the food itself that I should be talking about. I am just wetting ones appetite, talking about a lovely roast meal for the family to enjoy.
      It is actually something that I have used on the end product that I am wanting to talk about. That being something that is actually used to slice up that roasted chunk of meat that everyone around the table is staring at.
      The thing I want to tell you about is on fact what, in the trade, is called an electric carving knife, with the one that I have being the Prestige carving knife.

      * So what is an electric carving knife..?
      Really, it's a mini electric hedge trimmer that you use to cut through joints of meat instead of the bushes around you house. Or, in other words, it's a lazy persons carving knife.

      * And what about this particular knife then..?
      This one is about your average size when it comes to electric carving knives, being about 300mm in length, from tip to toe, so to speak, with the blade itself being about 170mm, so the handle is about...? Answers on a postcard please, addressed to "simplemathematicsmadeeasy.com"
      It has a good 120 watts of power which, unless you've well over cooked you meat, there should be no trouble in carving through that perfectly roasted Joint of pork
      It has what is called 'twin stainless steel blades', which really means that it has two slim blades that rub along each other in order for the serrated blade to cut through the meat.
      As for the actual look of this knife, well, it is half handle and half blade, sort of, with the handle being a bit of an over sized plastic thing for easier gripping.
      It has a safety feature which consists of a two button 'switch on' function, meaning that you have to press both buttons at the same time in order to get the blades going, if you let go of either button then the motor stops and you can end up with the knife wedged in that joint of beef you've been hacking through.
      The buttons themselves lie on the handle, one on the top, which can be pressed by the thumb, the other underneath, which can be pressed with the finger.
      Both buttons are in just the right position to be squeezed without over stretching your phalanges.
      On the side, again near the front of the handle, there is the quick release button which, when pressed, releases the blades for easier cleaning.

      The blades enter the handle with a nice sounding click or solidness, being he held firmly in place until you press the release buttons, which will 'un-click' the blades so that you can wash them properly without having to drop the entire unit into the soapy water filled bowl.

      Plus, for that bit of 'extra-ness', It also has a little 'ring' type hoop gadget on the end so that it can be hung up in the kitchen out of harms way.

      And that's the knife in a nutshell, so to speak...

      * So what about cleaning then..?
      You can't soak the main body in a bowl of hot soapy water as this will no doubt in validate the warranty and possibly blow your electric up next time you plug this in. so the main body just needs a quick wipe down with a very damp cloth.
      As for the blades, the actual section that does get 'dirty', these just need 'popping' into the that bowl of soapy water and rubbing over slightly, being careful not to get your fingers caught on the serrated edge as they will still cut through your skin if you're not careful. To do this, pop the blades out not slice your fingers, you simply push the blade release buttons, which is near where the blades go into the handle, and, as if like magic, the blades should just pop out... Make sure you have switch the unit off just in case of a sudden electrical impulse whilst you're holding the blades.
      The blades themselves are made of stainless steel and shouldn't rust at all, plus, they are easily cleaned not matter how much pork gets trapped in the little gaps.

      * What do I think then...?
      Many people like to use the old fashioned 'normal' carving knife, rubbing it up and down a sharpening steel in order to get the edge needed to cut through the meat, so that it doesn't hack through it and send lots of pieces onto the floor for the pet dog to scamper over to and devour quicker that a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
      Some people may find it to much hassle to cut meat that way so they may go for
      An electric carving knife isn't a flat blade, it has teeth, which are designed to slowly cut through the meat without ripping it apart.
      Me, I prefer the first on this short list, using what I like to call a 'normal' carving knife that I sharpen with a steel.

      But I still find these electric knives to be good at what they are designed for, even this one, although it does have a few things about it that annoy me.
      Allow me to explain a little about why I don't like this knife...
      My main annoyance, or pet hate, is the way that I have to press two button in order to get the thing going, this is more than annoying and does not make this knife any safer than other that may use the normal 'one button' system. I mean, the main danger of this knife, and any others of its kind, are the shifting blades themselves not the way that they are turned on.
      I suppose that it does help those accidental switch on when you may have you fingers in the way but as long as you move your finger away from the trigger when you've finished cutting the meat then you're laughing.
      This two button switch on can be a bit on the awkward side as I prefer the be able to grip round the handle instead of having to have my thumb on the top.

      My other 'dislike' of this knife is the fact that it can struggle a little bit through 'tougher' meats, such as beef, which forces the blades to become a little sluggish, making me have to revert to the old sawing motion in order to get the blades to move again, which defeats the entire purpose of an electric carving knife.

      But apart from those annoyances this one is a nice strong carver that feels good in the hand whilst it's cutting through the joint and isn't one of those that make you feel like you've just finished using a pneumatic drill on the latest M6 resurfacing project.
      It handles quite well through softer meats, chicken, soft pork and the like, but there's going to be trouble if you try and go through the crackling of that pork as you could end up with more on the floor than on your plates.

      * So how much for this carving knife then..?
      This is the best part of this knife as it sells for no more than £20, which is very little money for such a sturdy item, although there are others on the market for less which maybe just as good... maybe?

      * Would I recommend this one...?
      Personally, as I prefer the old fashioned carving method, using a normal knife and a bit of elbow grease, (which can be bought from any good health food store), I don't tend to use my carving knife that much. But, as I wanted to remind myself why I prefer not to use this, I tried this again, refreshing my memory as to why it is stuck in the cupboard and out of sight, and it was soon clear why I prefer brute force to electric.
      This does tend to hack at the meat a bit too much for my liking and, the main reason I don't use it is that you need to be in the close vicinity of a plug socket in order to get the power needed to get the blades going. Not many dining tables have a plug socket attached to them, (although I can see Ikea coming up with that idea very soon... maybe). So this means that you have to cut the meat up on the side and then bring the sliced/hacked bits to the table to serve. Which can be quite tricky if the dog's got the scent of the meat juices and is trying his best to trip you up as you go about what should be a simple journey that has now turned into the obstacle course from Hell.

      So, the answer to the question, "what is the meaning of life...?" hang on, wrong question... no, the answer to the question "would I recommend this..?" has to be yes and no...
      Yes, if you don't like using a normal knife and are happy with hacked pieces of meat, and No, if you prefer presentation on a plate and can handle slicing your meat with a sharp blade.
      As for the answer to the question "what is the meaning of life...?" well, that all depends on what you want from life doesn't it?

      ©Blissman70 2013


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        09.10.2012 20:49
        Very helpful



        a half decent knife

        ==Prestige Electric Carving Knife==

        I do love a roast dinner and we have a variety of meats although obviously because of the cost of a nice bit of lamb or beef we tend to have chicken far more than I would like. However that said we are still lucky enough to be able to afford lamb, pork or beef at least once a month.

        The trouble with me cooking the roast dinner is I could never carve the meat well enough and most of the time we would all end up having to hack through great chunks of meat at the dinner table with our less than sharp dinner knives. So with this in mind I decided to buy an electric carving knife. I had already sussed out mums electric one which was used a lot when I was growing up but it seemed she was reluctant to let it go and therefore I had to invest in one of my own!

        The Prestige Electric Carving Knife seems quite a popular one as it is widely available online even though I purchased it from a local store for a little bit more than I could have got it had I purchased it off the internet. The average price of the knife seems to be around the £20 price bracket but I did pay closer to £30 for my knife.

        The knife comes in a nice neat box and there are two thin blades which slot together neatly and although they feel rather flimsy when on their own, when placed together they work together at being a lot firmer. These then these need to be inserted into the main body of the knife. The knife body has a plug attachment and the cord that comes from this is of a good length to comfortably plug it in and reach your joint of meat.

        The blades of the knife are around 30 cm in length and are extremely sharp. They can be removed easily for cleaning by pushing in a little release button. The power button needs to be pushed in constantly when using the knife and as soon as you let this go the power will go and the knife will stop working. These buttons are made of plastic and if you have meat juices on your hands they can be a little slippy which I don't feel is especially safe but I can't say it has been a massive problem.

        The knife itself is fairly easy to use though I would say I find it quite noisy when it is powered up and cutting the meat. The 120w power that the knife boasts doesn't seem like an overly powerful item but this does give the knife enough energy to cut through even the toughest piece of meat and it has even cut through a bit of bones in the lamb (although I can't say that this is recommended). It did take me a little more time to get used to using the knife but now I am fully competent in using it I find the meat that we are having on Sundays is far thinner and much nicer to eat.

        The knife comes with a manufacturers 2 year guarantee so I have made sure I have stapled my receipt to this and kept it somewhere safe but hopefully it won't go wrong as on the whole it does seem like a fairly good piece of kitchen equipment.

        I think this is quite a decent electric knife and for that reason a score of 3 out of 5 is what I will award it. The two minus marks have got to be because I think I probably could have got a better one (although I am sure I would have had to pay out more for this). But the noise of the machine working is a little off putting and the buttons would be better if they were made of a more rubbery type of material to give better grip. I would recommend it but I don't think it is worth more than £17 really.

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        14.08.2011 10:54
        Very helpful



        Prestige electric carving knife

        When it comes to carving the Sunday roast that is generally my husbands role. I don't know why it is, I can cook the whole meal but I tend to leave the serving and carving to him. In order for him to do this he uses an electric carving knife.

        He finds this gets a better cut of meat more accurately and that you can get some really thin slices as well as thick slices easily without nearly chopping off your hand. The Prestige electric carving knife is a really simple tool without too many bells and whistles but one that does the job well enough. I find with tools like this you do not need fancy additions to make it work well.

        The knife basically consists of a handle with the motor in and the knife at the end. The cord comes out of the end of the handle. What I like about this knife is that it feels very safe. Although my husband mostly uses it I have used it from time to time and I always feel quite safe using it, in fact I probably feel more safe using this electric knife than I do with a big manual carving knife.

        The blade has serated edges so when you use it and it starts to move it cuts through the meat very well with little power needed from you. This I find is the big difference between an electric knife and a manual knife, the electric seems to do it all for you which is nice. I find I never need to push down and put much pressure on the knife, it just works well itself and cuts without you having to really slice at the meat. The motor in this knife goes up to 160w so it does move quite fast but safely.

        In order to clean this knife it is very simple. There is a blade release button on the handle which is easy to press and then the knife comes clean from the motor so you can easily clean it and then pop it back in. I paid in the region of £15 for this knife from John Lewis and have been impressed with its performance.


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        10.08.2011 16:44
        Very helpful




        We bought this electronic carving knife before Christmas this year. We had never had an electronic one before and I thought it was time we bought one to see if they really are as good as people say and if it would help my husband and I with carving meat now that we are getting older. There seemed to be several to choose from but we opted for this one because it was on offer down from £48 to a much more affordable £22. I do believe that Amazon are still selling it for around this price so I think that is a complete bargain.

        The knife seemed to me a more moulded shape than the others that we looked at and this made me think that it would be quite comfortable to hold which is really the aim of us buying this- we want something which is easier and more comfortable now we are getting older. When holding this knife your hand does wrap around it's handle well and it is a very good shape. It is meant to 'sculpt' to how you hold it although how it can do that when it's made from a dense, rigid material I am unsure but it does definitely fit into the hand easily.

        It comes with two different blades both of which are stainless steel so they are easy to clean and are very tough which makes them extremely safe. There is a safety feature built in which makes it possible to remove the blades only when this is turned off and it would shut down if a blade came loose (Although this has never happened so I don't think it is something you need to be worrying about but it is nice to have that reassurance that there is a safety feature built in just in case).

        I find it very easy to hold and turn on and off with the switch which is just beneath the handle at a good position for your finger to reach without needing to get your other hand involved which could be quite dangerous. My husband thinks the switch is a bit stiff but I have never had a problem with it myself.
        The knife carves very well, you have to make sure you hold this tightly to ensure you are carving properly but it does do the job well and my husband agrees.

        The cable is fairly long about the length of the knife so you should have enough leverage to use it properly and it doesn't take up that much room in the cupboard like it would if it was any longer.

        The only criticism with this knife is that it is very long- 30cm so it took a bit of getting used to at first supporting it's length and the fact that it is quite heavy. Aside from this though I haven't had any complaints with it. I think at £48 it would have been fairly pricey but at it's reduced cost at half the price it was a bargain and it's still on offer on Amazon now so I do recommend it to you.


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        18.04.2011 14:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great carving knife taht does what it should

        When we got married we needed practically everything for our kitchen, since we were both coming from our parent's homes. One thing however that we forgot at the time was an electric carving knife, and it was only when I started cooking some roasts, that I realised this. At the time I needed a carving knife quickly, and picked up this Prestige Electric Carving Knife, which currently retails at around £25 on amazon, although mine was slightly cheaper when I bought it several years ago.

        The Prestige brand claims to offer 'quality and innovation for more than 50 years' although I have had no experience of any other prestige products before this or since. This product has some key features:
        A 160w motor
        Twin stainless Steel Blades
        Blade Release button
        Dual safety on/off switch

        When I bought this I was simply looking for a reliable electric carving knife, that would effectively carve roast beef when I make it for Sunday lunch. THe twin stainless steel blades come with a plastic cover for safe and easy storage which is useful, and the blades are very easy to insert into the handle and feel secure when in correctly. The knives are also easily removed when you are finished with the blade release button at either side of the knife insert and are easily washed for another use.

        As I previously stated there is a dual safety on/off switch, which to be honest I found I little difficult to get the hang on at first and in fact, everytime I use it, I have to fiddle with the buttons to remember how to use it, although once you get the hang of it, it really is very simply and safe to use. You need to ensure that both buttons are pressed in at the same time to either switch the product on or off, so I suppose it does protect from little hands to a degree, but I wouldn't like to leave it lying around for a young child to get its hands on to really try out this saftey mechanism!!

        Although my only experience of using this electric carving knife has been when carving meat, it can be of use when cutting bread into slices or other meat. I have found the electric knife to be extremely effective in carving my roast beef, which I love to carve very thinly, rather than in thick slices, and this is easily acheived with this knife. The motor is powerful, and will cut well without you having to exert any downward pressure using the knife, and you certainly don't feel as if you have to recut to make sure you have thoroughly cut through your particular food item.

        I would happily recommend this carving knife. I cannot compare it to other models as I have never owned any other carving knife, but I am very happy with this item and feels that it does exactly what I want it to do, at a reasonable price.


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