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Prima Hot Dog Roller Grill

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Prima / Hot Dog Maker

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    3 Reviews
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      26.02.2011 21:28
      Very helpful



      A great little gadget

      I am always on the look out for 'something a bit different' for my grandchildren. When I saw this Hot Dog Roller advertised in a magazine, I decided that it was something I just had to purchase.

      It came in a large box with all the different parts individually wrapped. I found it very easy to assemble. I loved the red and white stripped canopy at the top of the machine. There are two black switches on the front. One turns the machine on and one regulates the heat.

      Although it is not very big in size, when it is assembled it does hold, and roll eight hotdogs at the same time. If you lift the red and white canopy at the top there is a space where you can store the rolls while the hotdogs are cooking. The heat from the rollers warms the rolls.

      The first time I used my hot dog roller I used a tin of hot dog sausages. Although my grandchildren were delighted with my latest purchase, they preferred to watch the hot dogs rolling on the machine, rather than eating them. We decided that the next time we used it, we would cook 'real' sausages.

      On the instructions it told me that hot dog sausages should be ready to eat in ten minutes. I thought I would give the 'real' sausages about twenty minutes to cook. Unfortunately the roller only seemed to heat the sausages and did not cook them. They were still quite raw.

      So third time lucky.This is where the cheating comes in. Now when I use the machine, I pre cook the sausages and then use the roller to reheat them. A lot more bother, but it is worth it to see the look on my granchildren's faces. They absolutely love it.

      It is very easy to clean as the rollers come out easily, and there is also a drip tray.

      This cheery little machine cost me £29.99 and because my grandchildren love it, so do I. It brightens up a dull, rainy, day, when they can not get out into the garden to play.


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        21.07.2010 02:01
        Very helpful



        A Rubbish Kitchen Gadget

        My aunt brought this Prima Hot Dog Roller for my mum a couple of years ago for Xmas and it's hardly been used. It's been such a rubbish waste of money, I think it cost about £30.00 new but didn't sell last month on Ebay and tomorrow my sister is taking it into school for their class school at the summer fayre! She might get 2 quid for it!

        I've used it 3 times and the last time was yesterday as a last test to find out for definite whether to give it away or not.... like I said it's my mums and she wanted rid but I love the old fashioned hot dog cart design of it. It's plastic and when it was new it come in pieces and had to be put together, I don't know who put it together but it's dead sturdy now and looks wicked.

        The Roller Grill is easy to work, one knob turns it on and off and the other one is for the temperature. You let the rollers warm up first before adding the sausages and it's mesmerising watching them going round and feeling the heat coming off them.

        You can fit 8 thick sausages on or about 10 frankfurters..... or half that if you're using them mega long frankfurters. If you're using proper pork sausages they will start sizzling quick but they don't go very brown and take AGGGGGES to cook. I usually cook my sausages under the grill or in the George Foreman and honest you get a better result quicker than using this!

        Frankfurters are smoother on the rollers because they are perfectly round but the fresh sausages I used kept bumping into each other and some of them wouldn't roll round properly. That got better when they started cooking through but it was big time irritating, I think the frankfurters are better to use with this Roller Grill because they don't take all that much cooking anyway.

        The fresh sausage still looked a bit raw after 30 mins and I reckon even if I had cooked them for an hour they still wouldn't have looked good. In the end I left them for about 45 mins and they still looked like they could have done with longer but I could tell they was going to go hard if I had left them on the rollers any longer.

        This is deffo going to the fayre tomorrow because it's taking up loads of room in the cupboard and isn't going to get used. You might as well use the grill and this is such a MAD gimmick that I can't believe people actually buy it..... and I deffo DON'T believe that people actually use it!

        Not recommended.... a waste of money and has only been used a max of 4 times in 2 years!!!


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          05.09.2008 16:27
          Very helpful



          If you like frankfurters or pretty hot dog ornaments get it.

          I bought this from one of those silly magazines that you find inside Sunday Newspapers etc. or get through the post if you have ever been daft enough to buy from the like of iwoot.com or bigboystoys, which I have quite often, did I mention I'm a closet male after being brought up with four big brothers.

          Anyway I fell in love with this the minute I saw it, I mean look at it, how cute and gorgeous and pretty is it. Like having your own mini hot dog stand, and look at the red and white stripe canopy that houses the bun warming compartment, how could anyone resist this.

          I told hubby I wanted this for Christmas and in all seriousness he asked how it would fit in the kitchen as I have just about every kitchen appliance going and never use them, but he agreed to get it as it saved him any bother with shopping, just a few clicks of the mouse and it was his.

          I imagined this would be great in the lovely British weather as cooking can rarely be done outdoors but watching the sausages rolling over on the silver bars still makes you feel you are still getting something of an unusual and outdoorsy feel. We used to have this on a large scale in a Restaurant in the local shopping Mall and I could never resist when I watched the large crispy brown sausages rolling over, looking all hot and juicy.

          After unwrapping it, I found there were five pieces to put together. I'm not much good at this sort of thing but managed after reading the instructions to get something very similar to the picture. I switched it on just to test and the rollers turned merrily and it began to heat. I was obviously extremely proud of myself at this moment and for a second considered myself capable of taking a degree in electrical engineering. I would say it was one of the easiest pieces of kit I've ever had to put together.

          The unit comprised of a red and white metal canopy a plastic base with two control knobs, one for off\on the other for temperature, with silver rollers in the middle - all clean and shiny and ready to go after a quick rub.

          Now for the real test, cooking the sausages. Obviously I wasn't particularly happy about getting my new toy\ornament dirty but it had to be done. Instructions checked (I'm not a man), machine turned on, heat turned up, rollers rolling, wait three minutes - out came the packet of pork sausages. I chose Dennys thickish 6" long pork sausages to allow me to get the full 12 on and began placing them between the rollers.

          Problem No. 1 - Some of the sausages weren't round enough and refused to turn, I had to take them off and roll them around the cutting board to try and get a more rounded feel to them, easily enough done, then I put them back on and they began to turn.

          Problem No. 2 - Some of the sausages got knocked towards the edge by other sausages turning and had to be replaced by me.

          Each of these problems subsided after the sausages began to cook a little more.

          It was so cool watching the sausages turning round and round starting to lose their pinkness, we all stood like fools watching. After the 10 minutes suggested cooking time though the sausages did not look at all appetizing they had lost their pinkness but were still a very pale beige.

          I gave them an extra 10 minutes while they kept turning and spitting, they still looked pale beige. After 40 minutes of cooking I was starving and they had a tinge of brown in places so I removed them and fair enough they were cooked and tasted lovely.

          Unfortunately you eat with your eyes and I like to see my sausages, darkish brown and crispy so they didn't taste as nice as normal to me.

          Clean up was easy. Remove and wash the rollers and drip tray or put in dishwasher at your own discretion. The machine came up like new.

          Next time I decided to add butter to the rollers to see if that would help to brown the sausages. There was a slight improvement but I still had to wait 40 minutes to get them to the desired browness.

          I think this machine is aimed more at those frankfurter type hotdogs which you normally get in tins, they would certainly be ready to eat in 10 minutes and would look cool and roll more easily but unfortunately I don't like them at all, the smell, the look, the sliminess, the texture (need I go on). You can turn the heating down from cook to keep hot which means you can leave the machine rotating with new hotdogs while you slobber over your first one

          I cannot and will not eat frankfurters which means my beautiful hot dog roller machine will remain an ornament until somebody brings out some sort of cooked sausages which taste like real ones and just require heating then I can use it to look good when the kids have friends over. M & S do lovely ready cooked cocktail sausages why can't they do ready cooked big ones.


          Easy clean
          Healthier than frying
          No need to put the oven on
          Frankfurters ready in 10 minutes
          Easy assembly
          Can I say pretty again

          Only works with frankfurters or precooked sausages in my opinion

          This was around £35.00


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        • Product Details

          Cooks up to 8 hot dogs or 12 breakfast sausages in minutes / 5 non-stick rollers rotate continuously for even cooking / Built-in bun warmer / Removable rollers and dip tray for easy cleaning / Adjustable heat controls.

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