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Brand: Rio / Type: Air Purifier

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    5 Reviews
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      05.03.2012 20:38
      Very helpful



      Works great and looks great

      Rio Pyramid Ioniser Review

      I'm not one for unconventional methods, but I am guilty as charged when it comes to loving all things gadgety and if they look cool too all the better.

      This Rio Pyramid Ioniser falls into all those categories. But first what's an ioniser? I asked the same question when I first saw this. Well with this there are said to be internal metal needles that charge up and realise negative ions in to the air and this is meant to give that clean crisp air that you feel when you stand near a waterfall, not moist air, just  that thunderstorm electrically charged, live feel. It's very hard to describe, but if anyone has ever been to Niagara Falls you will know exactly what I mean.

      I have mentioned before in some of my reviews that I am asthmatic but luckily I don't suffer too badly with it. It is mostly triggers that can set me off. Baby powder for example is like anthrax to me, aerosols in particular hate me. But of course like all asthmatics dust and model are the most common reason for my attacks (luckily I'm not affected whatsoever by pet hair, but even if I was I would never give up my pets, I'd just wear a space suite while holding them).

      This futuristic device claims to relieve the air of such things as cigarette smoke (I don't smoke and anyone in my family that does always smokes outside) pollen, dust and mold therefore helping asthmatics, allergy sufferers and everyone else to breath more easily and live healthier lives. This little pyramid does this by using highly charged voltage to ionise, or electrically charge, the molecules in the air and in turn replace positive ions with healthy negative ions. This sounded confusing to me, I thought positive was always good, and negative was always bad? Not in this case. Negative ions are what I was trying to describe earlier, that wonderful clean, crisp, feeling.

      The ioniser is great looking, instead of looking like some medical devise or just another household contraption it actually looks super modern. It's entire body is matt black with five small openings in the front these are called the high output ionisation streams and the Very tip of the pyramid has a vivid tiny light that glows ionic blue when running. There is also a White version available and some models feature an orange light at the tip. This is powered by plugging it into the mains and is not battery powered. The cord is reasonably long at around 40cm. The cord is thankfully black as any other colour would have spoiled the over all look of the devise. The pyramid itself is relay quite small measuring under 9cm in height and only 11 x 11cm at it's square base.

      I have mine in my bedroom and use it while I sleep as I find I sometimes wake up wheezing. I placed it on my chest of drawers just at the foot of my bed as they recommend that it be placed on a secure, flat surface. I direct the openings towards my bed as recommended. And it has a 5 meter range so that's plenty as I don't have a huge bedroom. After running for a few minutes you do feel the air change. It is completely different to the feeling of a fan for example, it doesn't cool the air, it just makes it much easier to breath, cleaner feeling, and just nicer overall.

      Technical Information:

      "Weight: 245g

      Power Usage: 0.3w

      Mains powered


      For me this is not only a boys toy like a lot of my gadgets. It actually DOES make the air in my bedroom easier to breath because I don't use my inhaler half as much as I did before purchasing this and that's all the proof i needed.

      It's small, it's quiet, it's not expensive (£20) and looks great too. So for me this gets five stars and if I could give it more I would. 

      Thanks for reading :0) 2night.

      This can be purchased online at :
      For £19.95 with free UK delivery.


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        03.08.2010 00:22
        Very helpful



        This Is A Wicked Way To Make The Air Fresher!

        I had a temporary job over Xmas and ended up covering for an extra week into the New Year, it was good wages and I enjoyed the job big time so when I come to leave I was mega chuffed that they put on a bit of a party for me and had a collection to buy me a few gifts. One of the things they got me was a Rio Pyramid Ioniser, mine is the white version but the black one Dooyoo have got the phone of is nice too..... it's actually a lot better looking in white and goes a lot better in my bedroom because it looks crisper and stands out cleanly.

        You plug the Ioniser in and it will help to purify the air, my work colleagues brought it for me because I've got mental hayfever sometimes that does my head in. One of the girls at work is into cleaning and purification so she told me to try it because it might work to remove some of the pollen that makes it's way into my room.... I was supposed to be moving into a shared house at the time but that fell through so I decided to plug it in in my bedroom at home instead.

        The machine looks nice, the only weird thing is that this white Ioniser has got a black power cable and I think a white one would have looked better. I've got used to it now but a white cable would have helped the Ioniser to blend in a bit. The power cable is 42cm long and I think it could be a bit longer, you're kind of restricted to putting the Pyramid near to the plug socket and it's such a good looking thing that it would be nice to have a longer cable so you can choose exactly where it looks best. I've had to but mine on top of the scanner because the only other plug sockets in the room would mean it would have to go on the floor.

        When you plug the Ioniser in you get a glow coming off the top of the Pyramid, this isn't intrusive and looks good against the white of the Pyramid. I reckon it would look cool on the black Pyramid too. This Ioniser says it has the latest needle technology and also a 4 way high output ionisation stream.... yeah, it's all foreign to me as well but it's the needles that purify the air and sends the clean stuff back out. It must all work with filters and stuff because you can tell it's working even though you're not 100% sure how it's happening.... even with an explanation from Rio!!!

        This is one of them things that you can never tell for definite if it's working or not! How can you TELL if the air is being purified??? I think in a way you can. It's got a 5 metre range so I've put mine on my PC desk which is within the 5 metres of my bed, bean bag and this is the part of my large bedroom that I sit or get busy in the most. I've had it since January and think the air smells a bit cleaner and is a bit more fresh. Last month my dad and his mate did a bit of renovating in my bedroom, it was a pretty big job that went on for 2 days and the dirty buggers ended up smoking IN MY BEDROOM!!! I went MENTAL I can tell you but at the same time I did notice that the rank stink wasn't as strong as it should have been and I definitely put that down to the Ioniser because I remember last time someone smoked in my bedroom I couldn't go in there let alone SLEEP in there for days!

        I haven't noticed a difference in my hayfever, one thing I have noticed though is that when the Ioniser is plugged in I get little piles of dust next to the machine. It's weird, I've never thought my bedroom was dusty but having a gadget like this just proves the dust you can miss even though you think you've done a good job of the cleaning! It does make cleaning a bit easy though because most of the dust is on the scanner next to the Pyramid and is easier to wipe up than when it's spread all over the room!

        Recommended.... mine was a pressie but worth the £20.00 price tag from Amazon!


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          19.07.2010 17:50
          Very helpful



          this is a good unit if you feel you need one, it delivers what it says

          I was given this as a present from one of my family members who said that if I use this Ioniser while I'm on my computer working it would help with the pollen count in the house which should in effect help with my hay fever that I do suffer from quite a bit, I use local honey to help combat the hay fever but some years it is worse than others and whether I have a hay fever tablet or not my eyes are still streaming, nose is still running and my throat is still inching, I figured it's worth a try, it can't get any worse can it.

          The Rio Pyramid Ioniser is a solid black in colour in the shape of a pyramid, the measurements are about: 3 inches in height, 4.5 inches for each side on the base.
          It is made from a very strong plastic making it a strong and stable piece of equipment, it comes with a pre-fitted power cable (black) that is a sufficient length of 16 inches, this Is a small device, meaning that I can particularly put this any where and a light device which means this can move with me to whichever room I happen to be occupying or if I'm wanting to travel away then I can just wrap it up and take it with me, and is pretty much perfect for every room in my house (don't think I will try it in the bathroom though).

          In the manuals it states that for best results with this ioniser to have this device positioned on a flat table or any flat surface area towards the busiest part of the room, because the range for this little thing is only 5 meters it can just about perform in any room of the house, and obviously not for outdoors, not just because it's a bigger area but because it would practically do nothing because it's all open air, its like me taking a hay fever tablet and then diving into a pile of freshly cut grass, not effective at all.

          When you plug in this device you will notice a small orange light turns on at the top to signal that there is power being fed into the ioniser, after a short while if you reach for the ioniser to move it you will feel like a static effect on the unit, it wont shock you its just like a sensation that's all.

          The ioniser is a little device that basically cleans and purifies the air from dust and pollen and all the stuff you don't want to be breathing in, by releasing a stream of negative ions, they are released from the inside of the units mechanisms by a "Needles". They say that after a bad storm or other such things, these cause bad particles in the air which this ioniser starts to clean up and purify as if the storm never occurred. So while the air is being purified you see dust and other such debris start to build up on surface tops such as TV's or tables, computers...etc.

          I have to say that having it on in the summer does help a little with the hay fever, and it is amazing at how much dust you suddenly discover, especially around the ioniser itself, it makes you wonder at how if you never had this you would be breathing all that in.

          You can buy this from Amazon for around £22.95

          Final Thought

          It is interesting to see how much dust and debris falls out of the air especially after some kind of dramatic change in weather, that is what you would have been breathing in, this unit does help people who have allergies with dust because my mum noticed the difference with hers, but with me not much of a difference, I just wasn't as bad but still enough that I really need to find something to really combat this hay fever craziness.
          Like I said I never paid for it so I don't know how much mine was but as good as it is, I probably wouldn't buy it, but it is impressive.

          Just because I wouldn't buy it doesn't mean it's a bad product, I just don't think it is something I would personally go out and buy because I don't need it, but I still give it 5 out of 5 stars, it does what it says.


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          26.06.2010 13:20
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Open a window instead.

          Now, I have to admit that I would never have considered buying an ioniser because.....well, I didn't know what an ioniser was!! However, strangely and without explanation, my uncle bought me the Rio Pyramid Ioniser for Christmas - and it holds pride of place as probably the strangest present I have ever recieved! What do you say when someone gives you an ioniser....especially when you don't have a clue what it is!!??

          ***So, what does it look like?***
          The Rio Pyramid Ioniser looks like a black, plastic pyramid. Its dimensions are 11 cms x 11 cms x 7.5 cms, with it obviously being wider at the base and tapering into a sharp peak. There are five vents along one side of the pyramid, and a small blue crystal-looking jewel that sits on top of the pyramid. Its bottom is flat so it sits well on any flat surface - but mine sat on my kitchen work top surface. There is a black electric cable which comes out of the back and so it obviously needs to be placed close to a power source.

          I can guarantee you that everyone who comes into the room will pick it up and ask you what it is!

          ***What is it supposed to do?***
          I'm not a scientist and so I can't really explain how it works and why - but basically the theory is that the ioniser helps to keep the air around you fresh and so if its put in an area, like the kitchen, it will purify the air and effectively remove smells and keep it clear. In theory it also removes unhealthy particles and allergens from the air - like dust and cigarette smoke - thereby useful for those with respiratory and allergenic conditions.

          ***Using it***
          The ioniser is supposed to affect the air within 5m of the device so I opted to place the ioniser somewhere central within my kitchen so that it had the maximum benefit to the whole room. There obviously is some limit to this because it does need to be close to a power source (the cable is about 0.3 m long). I do think this would be one device that would benefit from having the option of being battery operated because it doesn't use much energy I hate having cables trailing everywhere!

          So to operate it, you simply plug it in (complex, huh!?) and if the power source is working the small blue jewel-like crystal will light up and there will be the faintest humming sound if you put your ear down to the pyramid. When its working, you can put your hand near the five holes in the front of the device and you will feel a strange sensation whereby you feel like your hand is being repelled and attracted at the same time. Once its plugged in, you can leave it plugged in unless you're cleaning it (it tends to need dusting rather than cleaning though).

          ***Does it work?***
          Ummmmm I'm not sure! If it does work its effect wasn't particularly noticable to me anyway - although I live in a non-smoking household and no one suffers from and respiratory or allergenic conditions. I certainly didn't notice that the aroma from cooking was any less by having the ioniser in the room. I didn't feel any healthier or find my concentration any greater (claims its made). I did notice that around the pyramid there was also a thin layer of dust and so clearly the device does something...but whether this something is meaningful remains unclear to me. I have to admit that after a couple of months the ioniser went in the cupboard - and there its stayed.

          ***Would I recommend it?***
          Not really. Maybe if I was someone that suffered from respiratory or allegenic conditions then it would be worth trying it out. I would recommend keeping the air fresh by opening a window instead!


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            24.01.2010 19:52
            Very helpful



            Pyramid Shaped Air Purification Device

            "Imagine the sensation of mountain fresh air"

            As I spend a lot of time in my office sat in front of the computer, I decided to try and make my working environment a little bit healthier, and apart from a few bits of greenery in the form of pot-plants, I purchased an air ioniser. 'What on earth is an ioniser?' I hear you say - well, i'll do my best to explain...

            The Science Behind Fresher Air
            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            An ioniser is a device which attempts to purify the air by emitting a stream of negative ions. These ions are released from a series of internal metal prongs which are often referred to as 'needles'. Pure air often contains lots of negative ions (for example just after a thunderstorm), and so the ioniser tries to replicate this natural phenomena. Negatively charged air particles are heavier, and so the air-borne bits of dust and debris fall to the ground, thus not entering your lungs. Because of this, air ionisers have been shown to treat symptoms of asthma and hay fever. They have even been linked to the reduction of depression and SAD (Seasonal Affectation Disorder) symptoms in some individuals.

            Still with me?

            Do Ionisers Actually Work?
            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            Although most scientists agree that ionisers are effective, there is some debate about the science behind how they actually operate. If you look up reviews of ionisers on the net, the majority are generally positive, suggesting that many people are happy with the service which their ionisers are providing. That said, some advanced minds are skeptic about the ioniser's ability to 'freshen' a room, and this always leaves a slight doubt in the mind of the consumer as to whether an ioniser is a worthwhile purchase.

            What about the Rio Pyramid Ioniser?
            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            The Rio Pyramid Ioniser is a neat looking device which is shaped like a pyramid. Its height is around 8cm, and its base measures 11 x 11 cms. The ioniser feels sturdy, and is well made from high grade plastic. The ioniser comes complete with a power cable which has a length of around 40 cms. To be honest, I chose this particular device mostly because of its looks and the fact that it is quite small - also, as it weighs so little, it can sit on top of appliances (in the case of my one, it's perched on my printer). As well as the black version (as shown in the picture), a white one is also available, although this still has a black power cable coming out of the reverse which isn't too aesthetically pleasing.

            Positioning your Ioniser
            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            The Pyramid Ioniser's instructions suggest that the device is 'Ideal for any room in the home' - although it's probably best not to put it in the bathroom, or other steamy areas. The ioniser needs to be placed on a flat surface, and directed toward the part of the room which is normally occupied. The effective range is five meters, which is more than enough for most small offices. It's a good idea to place the unit on something which can easily be cleaned, as the very nature of the device means that it will collect dust particles directly around its location.

            So how do you know the Pyramid Ioniser is working?
            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            Well, firstly it has a small orange light at the top, which glows and shows the power is switched on. Secondly, if you run the back of your hand close to the five metal prongs (needles) at the front of the device, you'll feel a cool and slightly tingly charged sensation. Finally, you should notice an increase of dust on the ground around your ioniser.

            The ioniser doesn't need much maintenance, and to clean the device you only need to switch it off and blow across the needles in order to dislodge any dust that may have built up there. In my experience, dust hasn't really settled on the device, but merely around it, meaning it's not something that requires constant cleaning.

            How Much Does it Cost?
            - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            The Rio Pyramid Ioniser can currently be purchased for £19.95 from amazon.co.uk. The ioniser comes with a one year guarantee from the date of purchase. I feel that this price is reasonably due to the general build quality, although there are cheaper ionisers currently on the market.

            Final Word
            - - - - - - -
            It's difficult to know the extent of which the Rio Pyramid Ioniser has effected the quality of air in my office - although that said, I have noticed that the damp smell which used to occur has been slightly reduced. Also, there seems to be a fresher feeling in the environment - although this may be down to the placebo effect which any device of this nature could potentially create. From my general experience however, I can only give this tidy looking device a high recommendation, and i'm extremely pleased with my purchase.

            Summary of Features
            - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            Make: Rio
            Current Cost: £19.95 (Amazon)
            Effective Range: 5M (good for a small office)
            Colour: Black or White (both have black power cables)
            Dimensions: 8 x 11 x 11 cms
            Guarantee: One year from date of purchase


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