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Health Grill

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2009 22:16
      Very helpful



      A great basic health grill that does exactly what it is meant to!

      When we got married, we needed practically everything for our new home, and so, like many couples do nowadays drew up a wedding list, of of which was through Argos. We knew we wanted to include a health grill, and our first, and most obvious choice was a george foreman, one reason being that my mother has one that she raves about.

      Anyhow, for some bizarre reason, when we received some of the items from the wedding, we found that we had received this Russell Hobbs Health Grill, rather than our listed George Foreman. Being too polite to ask the buyer or cause a fuss at Argos, we just put it down to the original being unavaiable, and the russell hobbs being the closest alternative.

      With all the fuss of moving in, and sorting out our new house, this appliance however, got pushed to the back of a dark cupboard, and it was recently that we managed to get it out and actually start using it. I am now kicking myself that we weren't using it sooner.

      As you will see from the above picture, this russell hobbs health grill is quite large, and all white on the outside. Inside it is large enough to fit three bacon rashers and 2 sausages, so big enough to fit food for a couple of people. It is currently unavailable at Amazon, but after a quick scan on the internet, I noticed that you can pick one up for just over £13, which it extremely reasonable for this efficient grill.

      On the (heavy) lid of the grill, is an indicator light, which, after plugging in, and allowing to heat up, will go out to show that the appliance is ready. It will then flash on and off at varying intervals, as the thermostat works to maintain an appropriate temperature. On my first use of this appliance, I spent time looking for a control panel, only to see from the instruction booklet, that there wasn't any, which at first I found rather strange, but I have got used to it. It does however mean that you need to be careful to remember to turn it off at the plug when finished cooking. To use this machine, you simply plug in, and use the on/off on the plug socket to heat up the machine.

      An accompanying drip dish is also included, and this slides easily into the space at the front, allowing the fat to run out, and for you to see that the juices are clear.

      As I said, the lid itself is actually quite heavy to lift, and I have found that you must have it standing perfectly upright, and back as far as it can go, or it easily falls forward with an almighty bang (you can tell I have had experience of this). Inside the appliance, are the ridged non stick (non detachable) grill plates, one of the inside of the lid, and one of the top of the base, thus allowing 'double sided cooking' and making grilling must faster and easy, grilling both sides of the food at the same time. No having to turn the sausages or bacon rashers over half way through...great!!

      The instruction manual, explains in detail, how to 'condition' your grill before use, namely by cleaning the non stick plates with a warm moist soapy cloth, and then dries. Plates are then to be brushed with a little cooking oil, and the grill is to be put on to heat up. Before operating temperature is reached (quite tricky when you have never used this appliance) you then unplug the grill, let it cool, then wipe off with cloth. The grill is then ready for use.

      Using the grill is very easy. I usually put a little bit of cooking oil onto some kitchen roll then wipe lightly over the upper and lower grill plates. The grill takes approximately 3/4 minutes to heat up, indicated by the red operating light, and you can then place your food onto the grill, hearing it sizzle when you put it on. You then gently lower the lid, and let the appliance do all the work.

      Inside the instruction manual are some guidelines on timings for popular items such as burgers (6 mins), sausages (10-12mins) etc etc, though the manual does make it clear that food should always be checked to ensure it is properly cooked before serving. The manual also recommends that food to be grilled, should be sliced less than 1 inch thick. If food contains set liquids, the food should be wrapped in aluminium foil.

      Cleaning is also extremely easy, and so much better than having to clean out a dirty grill pan. The drip dish can be emptied and washed. The instruction manual states that plates should be cooled down fully before cleaning, however, it is much easier to wipe clean when it is still relatively warm. A clean damp cloth is all that is required to clean the plates, and you can using a little oil to clean off any stubborn stains, though rarely have I had to do this.

      Overall, I am so glad that we added a health grill on our wedding list. I cannot say whether it is just as good as the well known george foreman, though it has a much mroe reasonable price tag. We have an all in one grill/oven (it came already in the house but never again), and getting the temperature right to grill food it diffiicult, to the point, that I usually resorted to frying or roasting food rather than opting for the healtier grilling technique. Now, any grilling I do, is done on this machine, and seeing the fat that runs out of certain foods, is enough to make me never want to fry food again.

      So if you are looking for a reasonably priced health grill, that is easy to use, easy to clean, and cooks food quickly, easily and above all healthily, this is a great option. It may not have many fancy extras, but sometimes that's what causes the most problems with machines, in my experience!


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    • Product Details

      Sloping ridged grilling plates channel fat into separate tray / Cooks food on both sides at once / Non-stick coated grill plates / Short name: Russell Hobbs 12710

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