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1 Review
  • good handle action
  • Nice design
  • knife sharpener blunted knives
  • failed me after a while
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    1 Review
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      31.01.2015 20:57
      Very helpful


      • "good handle action"
      • "Nice design"


      • "knife sharpener blunted knives"
      • "failed me after a while"

      A tin opener and knife sharpener that can neither open tins or sharpen knives ....!!

      It stand taller than your average tin of beans, which is useful as if it were smaller then you'd struggle getting the can under if this was sat on your worktop. With the magnet and 'blade' being on the underside of the top section that protrudes out from the main tower. This section is designed to lift up slightly in order for the can to attached onto and, when brought into position, with the can resting against the a small plastic piece that sticks out of the tower, it is a matter of letting the machine open the can as if by magic.
      Turn it around and you'll see a more rounded area that houses the motor. On the rear that are two slots near the top bit which are designed to help sharpen your kitchen knives. Although I hate sharpening knives in this way as they tend to cause more damage to the blade. I stick to a 'steel' as this does no real damage to the blade of the knife.
      There's also a slot for sharpening scissors, but i've not really tried that.
      Then, right on the bottom of the rear, there is a gap that houses the cable and the plug. This means that storing this away is nice and easy, without the hassle of wrapping the cable around it.

      It came in pieces, not broken due to the incompetence of the delivery service, it just needed to be assembled at home. But putting it together was simple, and you get a diagram on how to do it.

      To use it you simple plug it in, then turn the handle upwards so it stands up tall. Then you get your can and place it on the edge of the guide area, between the cog and the cutter. Then you simple bring down the handle and away you go.

      This is not a bad can opener but, after a while, it did start to struggle when it came to cutting through the standard tin of beans. Then, it started to stagger its cutting and turning, jumping across sections of the tin lid, leaving them still half attached to the sides. With me turning the to the old fashioned butterfly hand tin opener that I can always rely on.

      This electric can opener sells for about £20 - £25, which is a bit too much for something that is designed to open cans and sharpen knives, considering that it fails to do both with complete satisfaction.


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  • Product Details

    Do you struggle when opening cans? Or do you just hate the fiddly and usually not very nifty manual can openers? If so then the Russell Hobbs Can Opener is for you / With hands free operation and an integrated knife sharpener this handy little appliance will take away the frustrations of opening a can of beans / With a magnetic lid holder and easy piercing action this can opener will make your life easy / It also comes with tidy cord storage to ensure your work surfaces are neat and tidy.

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