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Brand: Tefal / Type: Food Slicer

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    8 Reviews
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      31.10.2013 09:35
      Very helpful



      A good little lazy gadget.

      I saw this on TV last years and instantly thought I love it! I'm not sure if this is because I like the colours or actually what it does but as I'm a but rubbish at chopping and my veg ends up all mismatch I thought I'd give it a go.
      At the time I think this was about £50 which to me was a bit much for such a small item but as it was near Christmas Curry's had a bargain deal on the item for £25 which I could not resist and I bought it there and then.
      The Tefal Fresh express can also be purchased in a bigger model now with a few more options but I bought the smaller first model.
      The item is described as a multi purpose appliance for shredding, grating and slicing an array of food items from vegetables to cheeses.
      The fresh express came in a cube shaped box being a little heavier than I expected for a small item but that may suggest quality to some. The box was Tefal standard red with a white background displaying pictures of the item on the outside packaging. There is also the obligatory smiling faced family who clearly are overjoyed at receiving this wonderful new item and cannot believe their eyes at the wonders happening before them. I wondered if I should get this excited and then I remembered these people get paid to look like this.
      I opened the box cautiously as a display of Christmas excitement often leads to damage (or so we are warned - never use a knife as you will always damage something). I was then greeted by a load of polystyrene and plastic, maybe less bumpf would mean a smaller box and less waste? Once past the recycling bin fodder you will find a booklet, a 12 month guarantee and then the main item and its 5 interchangeable slicing and grating drums.
      The Tefal fresh express is nice and compact fitting on my kitchen corner shelf with ease. The measurements are height 20cm x width 15cm x depth 16cm.
      The base unit is a shimmery red in colour at the back with a white front, it has a cord which can be pushed into the unit for storage meaning less kitchen tangling and little feet for stability. The shape is similar to a pyramid. There are also 5 colourful little drums which I do like as I am a colour fan but instead of 2 greens I think one could have been blue, a bit of originality maybe but I'm just fussy.
      The dark green drum is for coarse slicing so useful for slicing potatoes and courgettes more thickly.
      The light green drum is for thin slicing so useful for carrots, peppers and cheeses.
      The red drum is for a coarse grate such as carrots and harder cheeses.
      The orange drum for a finer grate for chocolate and coconut.
      The yellow drum is for extra fine grating ideal for parmesan.
      The fresh express comes with a instruction booklet which has more ideas and suggestions, plus you can just put a lot of different foods into it and have an experiment.
      The base unit has a 150W motor and provides plenty of power to slice and grate even harder items.
      There is the big red on/off button which must be held down in order to use the unit, I suppose this is a safety feature as I guess you would let go before slicing your finger off.
      There is a feeder spout to put the food item into and a piece of plastic like a food blender has to push the item into, but do this gently as the fresh express will slow down and stop if you are harsh with it. Once sliced or grated it will either fall onto your work top or into a pre placed bowl (the latter I suggest).
      Apparently the pieces are all dishwasher safe but I'm old fashioned and use a bowl with soapy water which it has survived just fine (just don't submerge the base unit).
      So far I have shoved carrots, cheese, potatoes and god knows how many other vegetables into this and it has grated and sliced like a pro. However, the machine is a little noisy and as previously stated there is a need to be gentle with it! It can be a bit fussy where it throws the food and it often misses the bowl and ends up on the work surface but if you clean down first it is fine.
      A great item in general for lazy folk like me who cant be bothered with grating or if your are useless at chopping.


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      24.08.2013 12:42
      Very helpful



      More compact than a mini food processor, Tefal cuts down time for shredding & slicing.

      Now that the summer has fallen by the wayside, I am returning to my diet and require lots of good and natural foods to see me through. Due to the constant threats of rain, the temperature has turned that little bit colder in my home now and apart from having to apply more skin lotions than necessary, the staple food stuff that I bask and thrive on is a lot of soups, stews, curries and casseroles. The gadget of choice is therefore a slow cooker and with my large capacity Morphy Richards Flavour Savour induction plate slow cooker to help me prepare, I usually start my "mid Autumn" soup routine and decided to make chicken soup with a combination of favourite vegetables such as celery, carrots and anything else that I could find in my fridge as well as thumbing the basics from my one of my trusty Nigella Lawson recipe books. I love Nigella's cook books as they seem to have been written with the likes of a guy like me who doesn't have the time to shop around for specific types of beans etc! At this point I decided to slice carrots, celery and onion all in my trusty old Kenwood FP110 food processor purchased in 2007. Oh I know the rather cathartic feeling of slicing up vegetables by hand feels like you're putting all your effort into one basket and how it is supposed to feel "more homemade," but really, I'd rather vacuum instead! After all, if I want small chunks of veggies in soup, there's a gadget I have called a "hand blender" that can do it whilst the soup cooks!

      So satisfied at the speed, in which the Kenwood managed to blend, slice and shred everything in less than a minute without getting cuts on my fingers as I usually get when using knives, I hastily made my way over to my slow cook with the food processor jug and lid and emptied all the prep into the pan. On the way back however I tripped over one of the fabric bags I have in the kitchen for collecting paper in. Not only did I go flying, the jug fell out of my hand, smashed to the floor including the top lid and the feeder tube. To say I that I was little miffed was just an understatement of the words expressed when the jug got smashed! The Kenwood was "my baby" - a machine of necessity for me and would be required again for the week after when further meals. In these hard times of recession, every piece of food cannot get wasted! Yet, due to recession the prices for replacement parts aren't as cheap to buy as they once were, either with Kenwood UK charging £50 in all for the replacement parts I required to keep my old machine ticking over for usage. For that price I know I could buy a new machine or given the fact that I had already bought my late mother a Kenwood Chef many years back, the possibility of the slicer/shredder attachment for our Chef kitchen mixer. With leading promotional videos and other reviews about this attachment alone, that would cost me £62-00 and despite the good performance on show what put me off largely with that attachment is the amount of no less than 7 parts to it. But then from the multitude of kitchen gadgets I already own and use such as a hand mixer, a separate hand blender and of course the liquidiser on our Kenwood Chef - what I really required was just a basic slicer & shredder for the veg prep when making stews or soups. I've had the Brabantia mechanical turn hand types but they don't seem to last. Reading reviews online, one machine seems to stand out from a lot of other brands - the Tefal Fast Express mains power slicer & shredder. What appeals to me more about this machine outwith its total £40 asking price is the size - it is half the size of my mini Kenwood Food processor, but has a higher height, similar to my Krups GXV2 Coffee Grinder. It also has only 4 pieces to assemble and through use seems to be a great machine that is faster than the nonsense of the "more traditional" food processor when it comes to the job of slicing and shredding, alone.

      Nar2's Quick Skip Product Spec

      * Brand & Model: Tefal Food Express MB754
      * 150 watts maximum power with one speed control.
      * Comes with safety food pusher & colour-coded attachments (4).
      * User manual and colour coded card supplied for attachment types.
      * 4 cut/shreds supplied; fine grating, fine slicing, coarse grating, and coarse slicing.
      * Dishwasher safe parts & cord storage tidy.
      * 1.4kg weight with general size of 28cm by 16cm by 28cm.
      * My Price £39-99 from Hydro Shop, £39-99 from Currys, 2 year guarantee.

      General Impressions & Design

      As the Tefal Fresh Express is not a food processor per se, it eliminates the nonsense of time I had to waste looking for all the parts to my £26 Kenwood FP110/101. This involved rummaging around drawers for the attachment holder spindle since this machine and even Kenwood's current budget model lacks a storage container; rummage again for the red clasp that has to be bolted and locked onto the end, rummage around for the shredder/slicer plate and lock and push into the spindle plate and then store the dangerously sharp blade attachment propped down in a drawer so as not to cut fingers when looking for other attachments. The blade attachment itself is bulky and high and impossible to store unless you have deep capacity kitchen drawers to begin with. Then before use, open the jug, taking the lid off, slide the spindle holder with the red catch at the bottom and slicer plate in to lock down, make sure the jug has been locked in and replace the lid before using. Then you add the food prep slowly and watch it being shredded or sliced to smithereens and then bits get clogged or stuck. Surely there has to be a simpler way - well there is if you look at Tefal's design and need uniform shredding or slicing in a jiffy!

      Where the design of this machine is concerned, there is no storage required elsewhere since everything is "on board." Tefal have looked to the past and present here. You get a thickly made curvy, glossy plastic gadget here in a rather shiny silvery red bordered white clothed motor on two plastic feet with a slit at the back of the machine (rather like a tail) where the maximum length power cord of approximately 84cm sprouts from and like Kenwood's electric can openers, excess power cord can be pushed back into the machine as way of storage. Not only that, but the general plastics on this gadget feel well made for the price! Back in the 1990s I owned a Tefal liquidiser where the design had an ingenious storage drawer that held a different blade for ice crushing as well as spare washers. Tefal have reintroduced this rather nifty design aspect on their current UK market food processor and carries over the design of "on board storage," with a storage tray on board the machine. Why no one has ever thought of that before is beyond me!

      The Tefal Fresh Express offers the same storage process but in a simpler fashion where it has an ingenious plastic cup holder that clips onto the front of the slicer/shredder motor that holds all the spare shredder/slicer cones. This enables me instant access to the different slicer/shredder "cones" of my choice and Tefal have also helpfully colour coded all the different shredder and slicer plates individually and they all have a lock hole at the back that meets the single corresponding quad-lock at the back of the main motor, itself locked in by hexagonal lock to the built in motor. Being cone shaped means they fit inside one another for maximising storage looking like different coloured building blocks. The storage cup unclips easily to gain access and after picking the shredder/slicer cone of choice, simply push to lock into the main motor and away you go. No rummaging around since everything is kept ON the machine. Now that's handy!

      Another design aspect that I appreciate is that each shredder/slicer cone has handy ribs set into the design where logically fingers go to grab the attachment of choice to lock into the main motor. There is no hope in being able to cut a finger as Tefal have added permanent ribbed sections on each cone in the same place, even if the attachments on the metal parts of the cone are all very sharp. To the right hand side of the machine, Tefal have helpfully put a symbol menu to show the user what cone can be used for each food prep but you also get a tiny card hidden inside the machine at the main food chute to keep as a handy reminder.

      General Performance & Downsides

      To activate the Tefal, there is a single red button on top of the machine that has to have my finger pressed on it to keep the motor running. Yes, it would be easier to have a button that stays on, but then I wouldn't be able to control the amount of food prep I require, in one go and it is far safer generally.

      With only 150 watts of power at its helm, the Tefal Fresh Express takes things slowly to a medium fast speed for what appears to be more precise cutting and the beauty of its open cone design is that it directs food out of the main blades into any sized bowl I wish to use, provided that it has a height of 6 to 8cm in general as anything higher than this won't allow the food to slide off into the bowl. I can use ramekins to collect food prep or just simple average breakfast bowls or even a Pyrex glass measuring jug as the collecting receptacle; anything really that acts as collecting vessel in general, can be used to plop in front of the main round mouth of the Tefal Fresh Express.

      The last time I experienced "continuous food" flow on the go from a shredder/slicer was in the 1980s from a mini-Haden food processor with a side chute. The result was a noisy, messy experience because the motor on board couldn't cope and the design of the discs often meant food got stuck. Whereas the Haden was noisy, I find the Tefal to have a much quieter noise than my Krups coffee grinder! But of course as the Tefal motor has a slow to medium spin rate, a compromise is naturally made with the speed in which the food is produced, allowing me to take a little of the food prep at a time in an open bowl compared to shredding everything in one take through a food processor, only to mess up more worktop space with bits clinging to the lid when it is taken off the main jug. Certainly for the process of just shredding up food for future use in the week, the Tefal is a stable and steady, reliable gadget to have just for shredding and slicing foods on the go, alone. A plastic food feeder tube is provided and measuring approximately 9.5m means no inquisitive fingers can hope to meet the blade at the bottom of the food chute.

      However much the Tefal Fresh Express finely slices through vegetables and fruits such as cucumber or apples with precision cuts, the main round chute channel has a downward flow angle that at times chucks out the shreddings or slicings to the side that misses the bowl or collecting vessel in front. I immediately got a better idea of placing a food bag over the entire flow channel to ensure no food prep is wasted as well as ensuring nothing flies out to the sides!

      Here there's virtually no mess with the Tefal until the main plastic holder and all in one channel that also holds the slice/shred cone tool is twisted clockwise to pull out of the machine. However, as much as all this is handy to have, the cones themselves could be easier to pull out of the main chute instead of complete removal, say if you want to shred and slice in one application. Though initial use provided some difficulty, through time and use it is just easy to push a finger into the cone in the machine and prise the cone out with a thumb. Because the sharp parts sit on the outer layer of the metal, I won't ever sustain a cut, but Tefal could make it easier here to have a piece of plastic bonded onto the outer cone sleeve double perimeter to make removal easier for continuous use of different cones.

      Generally some shreddings are then revealed as the whole assembly comes apart but using the same bag with the collected food means I can shake the cone and assembly gently within the bag to get the last of the shavings, before dipping the assembly and cone tool into a sink of hot water and dishwashing liquid for hand washing. The cones are dishwasher safe though but the main cover with the motor cover attachment teeth is not. A quick hand wash though gets the general parts very clean and thanks to the clear acrylic nature, it is easy to see where the dirt hides!

      There is however much more to what this medium sized gadget can do other than offer up basic shred or slice plates. Slicing onions don't present much of a chore with little tears and the Tefal manages just about all kinds of foods you put through it. Of the standard two cones received, colour coded in green and orange, you also get a further two coarse grinding and shred cones, marked out in yellow and red. A rasping shredder is dead handy for shredding hard, raw potatoes as well has harder fruits or vegetables and I rather love the fact that Tefal have also included a hard shredder plate ideal for chocolate, nuts or parmesan cheese - the cheese of choice on my diet - and where I usually have to do it by hand with a manual shredder - and end up either with cuts or scrapes on my hands and that little block left over, which inevitably lands in my mouth "mysteriously." - the same applies to a food processor when doing cheddar cheese but with the Tefal there is a far lesser degree of wasted cheese left over thanks to its more open design and closeness of the blade with lesser food wastage.

      Other Sorts & Final Thoughts

      Tefal produce three other different types of the Fresh Food Express slicer with average prices such as:

      * Tefal Fresh Express Plus (claims to be faster). £54-95 from John Lewis.
      * Tefal Fresh Express Max. (As above & extra dicing shredder) £80-00 from Debenhams.
      * Tefal Mince & Shred Express.

      Generally I'm very happy with the Tefal Fresh Food Express MB754 all-in-one slicer shredder. It is a good alternative if you require something simple to operate that is far more convenient and compact than having to go through the process of assembling a food processor for the same effort of food being sliced or shredded, or at the most if you're anything like me, the mere handling of a sharp knife or manual shredder/slicer produces a cut! Tefal's far more compact design of the Fresh Express virtually eliminates the dread of using a food processor as well as washing it down, afterwards.

      Quick to task and very space efficient too, The Tefal Food Express MB754 won't necessarily replace a food processor, but at least it is faster and more convenient of getting food prepared straight from production to a bowl for consumption or further cooking preparation! The fact that it leaves very little wastage of food at the very least means it is very fit for purpose! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2013.



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        27.05.2013 16:56
        Very helpful
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        would recommend

        I recently purchased a Tefal fresh express slicer and chopper off Ebay ,I think I paid around £30 for it
        I bought it to save my fingers when slicing,I have osteoarthritis and my hands dont work like they should nowadays.

        The Tefal Fresh Express enables you to carry out 4 different food preparation tasks in your kitchen. A red and white, retro styled food preparation tool, this plastic, 150W food processor features 4 steel drums, designed to carry out separate tasks.

        The drums can be inserted into the see through plastic feeder, and include thin slice, thick slice, thin shred, thick shred and grate. This food processor includes pulse control.
        and is easily controlled with the large red button on top .

        I use it to slice carrots ,its great for slicing potatoes for layering in pies ,cornedbeef with leek and potatoes is my favourite.
        I have tried slicing leeks with it but they jam the slicer up ,woops

        I find this Tefal slicer and chopper really helps me in the kitchen,and it has lots of use since I bought it

        The cutters are easily cleaned ,by running some hot water over them ,and are easy to store ,in their own container which clips on the unit,so you never lose the accesories

        I highly reccomend this kitchen appliance ,good value for money ,and its one item that I actually use regularly,so its been a great buy for me.

        Thanks for reading this review I hope it was of help to you


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          31.03.2013 20:50
          Very helpful



          Your choice but think again

          Since the tefal fresh express came out I had wondered about buying one. I then found a special offer on the tefal and thought I would go for it. It comes with 5 attachments and you get a little booklet which explains which attachment is best for the food you are chopping. The attachments are also different colours making it easy to know which one to use.

          I now come to using the machine. I thought I would make coleslaw to try it out for the first time. I placed my bowl underneath the spout outlet and started chopping by pressing the big red button on the top of the machine. I used the attachments that were recommended but the vegetables did not want to chop. I tried to place cabbage inside of the machine but the tefal really struggled with this. I then placed carrot inside and after trying a few different attachments it finally started to chop but I then realised that the tefal was flinging more of the carrot on the floor and bench than it was in the bowl. By this time I started to become frustrated with the tefal but thought I would persevere because of the price that I had paid. I then came to the onion and instead of coming out of the spout it began to stick inside of the machine giving me onion juice in the bowl instead. The motor then became slower and I was wondering if the tefal was going to pack up all together. All this to make some coleslaw?

          I have since used the tefal to see if it will grate cheese, which it does, but it is then difficult to clean as the cheese sticks to the inside of the machine. Really, all I am left with is an expensive electrical cheese grater.

          To be honest, if I knew what the tefal was really like I would not have bought it. If you are also looking for an expensive cheese grater then this is the way to go.

          If you like to have fresh food but not all of the hassle then there must be a better alternative out there, maybe just a normal hand grater? Cheaper and it works.


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          19.03.2013 15:50
          Very helpful



          I wouldn't buy it, but a nice present. Pretty unused though!

          When you move house and have a lovely, big new kitchen to play in, what better way to compliment it than with a new kitchen gadget. Over the last year I've started cooking more, and the husband, picking up on this, got me a Fresh Express for Christmas. They currently retail at around £30.00.

          I've never had a kitchen gadget like this before. I was pretty excited to use it when I got it, so off we went to the supermarket to get food for a week with most of the meals involving some sort of sliced or shredded veg. Lucky husband.

          So, 5 attachments that all claim to produce five different results. A plethora of veg ready, and here we go.

          It's cute. It's small. The stack and store attachments are pretty. They are colour coded for ease of use, but I think it's a bit unnecessary, unless you're going to memorise which colour does what. But it does make it aesthetically pleasing.

          Light Green - Thin Slicing

          Lets start with something a bit different. A Potato! Thin sliced potato to make home made crisps. Only problem is you can't fit a whole potato into the chute. So a quartered potato went in. What came out was more mush than thin slices. No home made crisps for us then. Lets try a cucumber. Much better. Thin slices of cucumber worked.

          Orange - Fine Shredding

          Home made coleslaw. So we need fine shredded carrot and cabbage. In they went, out came mush.

          Red - Coarse Shredding

          Lets give the coleslaw another bash. It was better. Less mush. I'm nor sure you're meant to put cabbage in it but it did work (Just call me a rebel). Also grated some cathedral city. 10 points for the cheese. Was good stuff.

          Dark Green - Thick Slicing

          For this we tried an onion first. Not many slices, quite a lot of mush. Next was peppers. Not many slices, lots of mush. Mushrooms? Lovely. Mushrooms worked well.

          Yellow - Fine Grating

          Parmesan shavings worked a treat.

          How it all comes together

          It's only got a small opening for you to put food in. So you can't have big slices of anything. The blades are sharp, and when you find something that works with a particular attachment, it works well. Not everything works. We ended up with a lot of, you guessed it, mush. We also ended up with a lot of washing up. Is it worth the money? Honestly? I don't think it is. It takes longer to set it up, use it and clean it that it would to get a knife and chopping board out, cut and was up. It is a nice present for someone who enjoys a kitchen gadget, but if it wasn't a present, I'd have spent my money on some kitchen knives instead. So although it's fun to play with and does produce some good results, it's not something that I think is a must have for your kitchen.


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          28.09.2012 16:44



          good for shredding a variety of stuff

          The Tefal MB750G36 Fresh express food slicer is an innovative product that shreds, slices and grates in seconds, with its 5 drums giving you 5 very different usages.

          I first saw this on the argos catologue and found it quite interesting, I was thinking yes no more chopping!

          I gave this as a present to my mother in law as she has lots of pain in her hands after an accident and as she lives with me this meant I could use it too. I bought the express plus which is supposed to be faster and have a slightly bigger chute. In my opinion it was average speed not as fast I personally would of liked it and the chute was small I'm really not sure how the normal one would be if this is how the express plus is! The whole idea is pretty cool it has different shredders in different colours so that useful however you can't really chop anything big like an onion which kind of disappointing if the chute was bigger it would of been much more useful but I'm guessing that would only ruin the cute compact style of the gadget.

          One of the good thing is that because its small it doesn't take up too much space and its easy to clean. Its useful if you have any medical problems with your hands because you will need to chop up less things however you can't totally give up using a knife sadly. Another downer is that it does make things mushy and things can get stuck in one of the graters so you have to really push down to attempt it to shred.

          Overall this was a bit useless to buy because my mother in law has no interest in it and I don't see a point of using any more myself maybe when I need to chop up a seriously load of stuff I may attempt again to use it.


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            23.08.2012 10:01
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Great product, not so great price tag.

            A quirky kitchen gadget that chops, grates, slices and dices all in a compact little red and white heart shaped appliance. The product comes with five different cones, each slot in easily to fufill their different purpose. The idea behind this is to make the process simpler, meaning there's no need to chop again.

            First things first, there is a need to chop. Due to the small size of the actual processer, you need to cut food into smaller pieces to feed it through the machine. The instruction leaflet offers a great deal of guidance on what cones are suited to what produce, meaning the Fresh Express is suitable in effect, from anything from carrots to walnuts.

            I can't deny there is something oddly fun about this gadget, all you have to do is hold down the button and feed through whatever you fancy, and in virtually lightening speed it's crunched and sliced away. Absolutely ideal for use in baking and salads and grating cheese. The only mildly irritating feature of this product is the price tag, and the fact you have to hold the button throughout the entire process, which is quite bothersome when you're trying to prepare whatever you're next going to feed through it.

            While it's fantastic, I can't help but feel it is very overpriced for what it is. While it is quick, the same sort of effect can be achieved with a mandolin, small electrical cheese grater, and many other products.

            Would recommend, but strongly suggest shopping around. Have spotted various copycat products for less than £20.


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              29.05.2012 15:49
              Very helpful



              A quick and easy way to slice and grate, with some flaws. I'd still recommend it. :)

              There's been a lot of hype but several poor reviews for this little chopper; I decided to take a gamble and purchase it anyway.

              ~~~What is it?~~~

              The Tefal Fresh Express is a multi-purpose appliance for shredding, grating and slicing many different foods including vegetables and cheese.

              ~~~Where can I get it?~~~

              I've seen this available in many online and offline retailers including Amazon, Argos, Lakeland, Robert Dyas and John Lewis.

              The Fresh express retails for between around £45-50. It's well worth keeping a close eye on Amazon though because one morning I spotted it for £37 and snapped it up - by the afternoon it was back up to £44.

              ~~~Packaging and Unboxing~~~

              The first thing I noticed was just how small the Fresh Express box is. To give you some idea, I can't imagine you would be able to fit a toaster or a kettle into this box. I had heard some of the marketing implying that the unit was very slight in size, but it wasn't until I saw the packaging that I really believed it.

              The box is pretty standard - a red and white affair with a small image of the Fresh Express itself, a photo of a family enthralled by their fresh vegetables and a couple of pictures of various sliced foods. Something on the front did take me by surprise though; there's a large British Heart Foundation heart printed here and it tells you you can support the BHF by buying a Fresh Express. Apparently Tefal donate £1 per unit, with a minimum donation of £35,000 which I think is a wonderful touch.

              Sliding the box open you'll be met by polystyrene and protective wrappings. A quick rummage and you will uncover the Fresh Express, 5 drums, a spout, a drum storage facility and something that pushes the food into the spout (that's a technical term, I assure you). Underneath these you'll find a scarily thick instruction booklet and a guarantee slip. Tefal give this product a 12 month warranty. My own Fresh Express is still within its warranty and has shown no signs of breaking so far (touch wood!) so I can't comment on their warranty service.

              ~~~How does it measure up?~~~

              It's tiny!

              Approximate measurements are:

              Height - 20cm

              Width - 15cm

              Depth - 16cm.

              Please bear in mind that these measurements are brought to you by me and my wonky tape measure rather than from Tefal themselves, so they're a rough estimate.

              The Fresh Express is a quirky red and white affair. It has the vague appearance of an upside down heart with a vertical spout (or something ruder if you have a filthy mindset...) I will say that this unit is cute and quirky rather than being sleek. Every part of this is bright and colourful, so it has a fresh feel to it and I don't think it would look out of place in any kitchen, but if you're expecting sleek stainless steel you'll be disappointed.

              ~~~Here come the drums~~~

              Fresh Express comes with five colourful cone shaped drums to be inserted into the appliance to achieve your desired result, whether slicing or grating.

              The dark green drum is for course slicing. Light green gives you fine slicing. Meanwhile red is for course grating, orange brings fine grating to the table and the yellow drum rounds things up nicely with extra fine grating.

              The instruction manual gives us a handy chart to show us which drums are best for which result. They are as follows:

              The red cone is suitable for course grating carrots, courgettes, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, Gruyère cheese, chocolate and more.

              The orange cone is most suited to fine grating carrots, courgettes,potatoes, Gruyère, chocolate, coconuts and more.

              The dark green cone can be used for thick slicing carrots, courgettes, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, beetroot, cabbage, apples, Gruyère and more.

              The light green cone is best suited to fine slicing carrots, courgettes, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, beetroot, cabbage, apples, Gruyère and more.

              Lastly, the yellow cone is for Parmesan cheese, chocolate, dry bread/biscuits, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, coconuts and more.

              As you can see, the Fresh Express is advertised as being able to cope with many different varieties of food.

              ~~~What snazzy features does it have?~~~

              Well, I'm glad you asked that actually.

              First off, this sports a 150W motor. I'll be honest, that one doesn't mean a lot to me but I find the Fresh Express more than powerful enough.

              The unit itself has cord storage, so there are no irritating trailing wires. All you have to do is gently pull the plug at the base of the appliance to release the cord, and push it back in to hide it away when you're done.

              The on/off button has to be held down in order to operate the Fresh Express; the minute you release the switch it will stop. Some people have complained that it's awkward to have to hold the button down rather than just leaving it running, but personally I feel this is great safety, particularly if you have little ones in your house that may be inclined to touch the unit. There's also a momentary delay once you've pressed the on switch, for added protection.

              The spout is also there to protect your hands from touching the moving blade, so the Fresh Express is clearly designed with safety in mind.

              All the drums can be stored in the appliance when not in use, to keep storage space to a minimum.

              Each attachment is also dishwasher safe. I can't vouch for this as we don't use a dishwasher, but I can say that washing this up is an absolute doddle - much easier than a food processor, which was one of the reasons our household wanted one.

              Finally Tefal advertise the Fresh Express as having a 'direct serve spout'. Basically they mean that you can slice your cucumber straight into your salad bowl, eliminating endless washing up and preparation.

              ~~~What's it actually like?~~~

              It grates cheese like nobody's business. One of the main reasons I bought this was due to the fact that the people in our house all have some degree of dexterity problems - I myself am disabled, and my mother suffers carpal tunnel syndrome, which means that when it comes to grating and slicing it can be a tedious, painful task. Grating cheese is particularly an issue, but thanks to the Fresh Express, this is no more. All you have to do is pop a good lump of cheese into the spout, push gently while holding the on button and voilà - perfect grated cheese in seconds.

              It's a very noisy operation, I would compare the whirring as being of similar noise level to a food processor.

              We've tried many different foods in our Fresh Express, with varying degrees of success.

              Slicing onions is great, they come out well sliced and perfect for a salad. (A regular sized onion fits whole in the spout, but if using a larger onion this will usually need to be cut in half first.) However when grating, the result is mushy onion in different shaped pieces. A similar result occurred when grating potatoes, but again they're perfect when using the slicing drum.

              Trying to make breadcrumbs was a complete failure, and definitely not something that we've ever tried to repeat. That one is best left to a food processor, I think.

              We've found that courgettes and cucumbers fit well without needing to be cut first, and regardless of which drum we use, they work very well.

              Carrots and apples are also a great success, with no problems whatsoever. I cannot say how successful nuts or chocolate would be as we haven't used ours for this before.

              There has been some mild issues with bits of food getting stuck between the drum and the unit, but it doesn't create too much hassle as far as I'm concerned.

              One of the main flaws is that the Fresh Express will act like a picky child at meal times, and throw your food everywhere. You'll definitely need a big bowl for this! It's not resulted in carnage in the kitchen, but if you're not careful you'll end up with cheese/onion/carrot all over your kitchen floor. I know Tefal are releasing the Fresh Express Plus with a longer spout to fix that issue, but to me that feels like a bit of a cop out - the original Fresh Express is still quite a new product, and it makes you feel a bit like the loyal fan who bought a CD the minute it hit the shelves, only to see a bonus edition released a month later. Not impressed, Tefal, not impressed at all.


              The price for this is very high for a glorified electric cheese grater, and I think that's why it's been getting some poor reviews online. However, if you're willing to experiment a bit you'll find that it does have many more uses. Some foods just don't work, but what the Fresh Express can do, it does well.

              This would be wonderful for anyone with dexterity problems, those that are a little clumsy with a knife or just hate preparing veggies.

              Ours is used for cheese, salads and some vegetable preparation mostly while we avoid things like grating potatoes and making breadcrumbs with it. In my opinion, if you're expecting this to replace your trusty food processor, you'll find this a poor substitute. But if you're looking for something that doesn't take up much space on your worktop, takes seconds to operate, a few more seconds to wash up and creates good results with cheese, salads and veg - this could well be for you.

              Thanks for reading :)


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