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Zyliss Electric Multipeeler

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Type: Peelers

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    2 Reviews
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      30.12.2013 18:40
      Very helpful



      Another kitchen gadget for the charity shop

      Zyliss Electric Multipeeler

      I have never had a problem using potato peeler and my husband always uses a knife to peel veggies. I was given this gadget by someone I visit for Christmas as I had commented on the one she was using. I said that I'd never seen one before, she loves hers and uses it daily to peel a mountain of vegetables. She has five children with good appetites and she cooks from scratch.

      I was not convinced that this was going to do anything very much that a manual one couldn't do just as easily and I have to say I think I am correct.

      Step son used it or at least tried it to peel some potatoes and gave up after one potato and changed to use the old manual one instead. He said it was quicker and easier and less cumbersome to use the manual one.

      My daughter used it to peel a cucumber and then again to keep using it to get thin strips for a salad. It did the job but she found it fiddly and the gadget itself is quite cumbersome. She also said she was not that impressed and that it would have been just as easy with one of those manual ones that swivel so lefties and righties can use the same one.

      I have seen these on Amazon site for around £7.00 but I happen to know my giver got it from my local bargain shop as we had discussed it before and she paid around £1.50 which in my view is about the right amount.

      This gadget is about 10 inches long takes 4 AA batteries which is a lot but it needs it to make the motor go. It could cost a small fortune in batteries if you used it daily. My giver did tell me she has only changed her batteries once and she dies use it daily so maybe they last better than you might imagine.

      It is a rounded shape and has a clear cover to protect the blades when not in use. There is a button on the handle part to make the blades vibrate and help with the peeling. To me it is quite a heavy gadget and after a while it made my hand ache holding it, pressing down and holding the button. Personally I think this is a novelty and I would far prefer to use my manual swivel headed one which is light and efficient and easy to clean.

      Once you press the button on top to start the electric motor the blurb on the instructions say that the motor rotates at 8,000rpm which then cause the 70 little teeth to vibrate and therefore help with the peeling action.

      I then tried it with some cooking apples to make a Waldorf salad. I too gave up after half an apple and used a knife instead as it was quicker and easier.

      The only advatange I can see is that others are intrigued and want a turn so you get a bit of help but that doesn't last long as they soon say 'Oh yes , I see how it works'; then move off again.

      So all in all I found it slower than using a manual peeler. The gadget is heavier and therefore weighs down on my hands more and in reality it does not do that great a job anyway.

      It worked a bit better with carrots but I rarely peel those anyway, I usually give them a good wash and then top and tail them.

      I tried it with cheese but it was rubbish and the old fashioned cheese slice does a far superior job.

      This may be useful to someone with arthritis although the gadget itself is quite weighty and cumbersome. Personally I think it will be going to a charity shop when I next go as I find it a total waste of time.

      It was a nice thought but it is not for me. My giver loves hers so it might just be me but I would not have paid £1.50 for it never mind any more.

      To wash it you just rinse the blade part under the tap and then leave to dry before putting back the clear cover for storage. It also takes up a lot more room in the drawer and I would suggest that if you have very young children that it needs to be kept away from them as the blades are sharp and they may press the button and cut themselves as the cover is not hard to get off.

      Personally I found this a waste of time, just stick with the old fashioned way.

      This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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        03.12.2008 20:13
        Very helpful



        What can I say its a gadget and I love it

        I have always hated peeling potatoes, veg etc. and have bought many different peelers and knives which were thrown out after one use because they didn't make the job any easier. I decided I would just stick with one of the small knives out of my knife block. This makes quite a good job of peeling but peels off a very thick layer of skin and I press so hard that I have an indent in my finger and its quite painful when I have finished.

        I was having a look around the Amazon site and probably due to my penchant for buying kitchen gadgets, a zyliss electronic peeler showed up, asking myself "how can they electrify a peeler" I couldn't resist clicking on it. Being me, once I had seen the little video I was sold, the price of £7.00 seemed reasonable and I noticed the same peeler in a local Department Store a few days later for £17.99.

        The peeler is about 10 inches long and seems to be ergonomically designed to fit well inside your palm. You simply press down on the button on top to start the electric motor which claims to rotate at 8,000rpm moving the 70 little teeth, I didn't count them just took their word for it.

        The first test came with potatoes, not reading the instructions, I pressed the on button and kept my finger firmly pressed on it, I found that I got used to the pressure and angle required to get the most skin of at once easy to adjust to, but found constantly holding down the on button was hurting my hand.

        Hubby came in to see what the strange noise was and immediately wanted a go. He pressed the on button once and began peeling only then did I realize that you didn't have to keep the darn thing pressed in. Hubby peeled a couple of potatoes then decided it was easier just to use a knife, I was quite happy to continue using my new gadget.

        Example of results

        Potatoes - Possibly slower than using a knife\manual peeler
        but less painful

        Carrots - Due to their consistent shape, a little faster than
        using a knife\peeler

        Plums - The softness of the fruit didn't seem to cause any
        problems, I was able to take off a very fine layer of
        skin and almost managed to do it all in one go.

        Chocolate - Small shavings were possible but it was awkward

        Cheese - It did take off shavings but was quite difficult to
        angle correctly

        You don't need to apply much pressure although starting at a slight angle definitely leads to a longer strip of peel being removed.

        The best bit about this peeler is that my two sons are still fighting over using it. They actually came to an agreement on Sunday that if one peeled the potatoes then the other one should be allowed to peel the carrots. It's worth paying £7.00 for this little gadget just to get a little help in the kitchen.

        With everything I tried the electric peeler on I definitely was left with more of the produce than I would have been with a knife and I would imagine it would be easier for anyone with arthritis etc. in their hands to use this as you are more guiding the peeler than using your strength.

        My son to prove a point that it wasn't dangerous ran the peeler over his hand and it didn't leave a mark or cut the skin.

        After use, simply rinse the water resistant head under running water.

        The peeler does not come with batteries so you need to have 4 AA sized batteries on hand as you will be dying to try it out. This peeler is available in grey, red, blue and green.

        Worth buying if you have difficulty with peeling due to arthritis etc. or if you want your kids to do a bit in the kitchen


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      • Product Details

        A mulit-functional battery-operated peeler ideal for peeling hard vegetables, soft fruit, and even slicing chocolate and parmesan!

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