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Apple iPhone 4 16 GB

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179 Reviews
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  • Lock button problem
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    179 Reviews
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      23.05.2015 16:40
      Very helpful



      A compact, slim phone which is brilliant.

      I love this phone. My uncle bought it for me in May 2013 after I had a mini Sony Ericsson Xperia for a couple of years. My parents have recently moved towards using the iPhone 5s and 6s, and they've even offered to buy me an iPhone 6 if I hand in this iPhone, but I refuse to do so.

      First of all, it's extremely reliable: not once has it crashed or stopped working for no apparent reason. With new IOS updates it lags a little for the first few minutes but it's really easy to get used to the new layout. I love that you can group apps together - I am currently at university and have a lot of apps related to 'work' and 'education' so going to the relevant apps in one place is really convenient. I like the amount of detail you can add to your contacts (different numbers which either belong to their home or mobile etc, their address and notes). The notes app is one of my favourites and the one I utilise the most: it's like the neolithic version of Microsoft word but is easy to use. I have written most of my essays on this (including my personal statement for university!).
      The iTunes and App Store are very easy to use, and they're always linked to the apps and music you download - for example, if you have already downloaded a song from iTunes, you can click on 'open' and it takes you to the music store.
      There are drop down and slide up options which make everything easier when your phone is locked. For example, the drop down option shows your notifications and reminders, whilst the slide up option lets you alter the brightness and switch on/off the bluetooth, wifi, orientation and do not disturb mode.

      The very few cons would be that it does not have Siri, the lock button can get jammed and thus stop working, and it's not exactly accommodated for anymore - e.g., the iPhone cases are geared towards iPhone 4s (which still fits this phone) and the later models.


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      01.05.2015 04:29
      Very helpful


      • Compact
      • "Great camera"
      • "Relatively low cost"
      • "Smartphone capabilities"


      • "Sometimes has connectivity issues"
      • "Lacks newer iPhone capabilities"

      The iPhone 4 is dependable, cheap, and perfect-sized.

      The iPhone 4 is overall great! It has all the capabilities of the other iPhones except for features such as siri, iOS8, and upgraded resolutions. However, for the available price, the iPhone 4 is easily one of the most cost-efficient smartphones on the market. I have experiences some trouble with connectivity and receiving iMessages late, but much of that could be due to network issues. In addition to having great features, the iPhone 4 has surprisingly large storage capabilities. I have approximately 250 songs, 100 pictures, and 25 apps, and I still have plenty of storage space to go. The iPhone 4 is also incredibly durable. All I have to protect it is a simple back-cover case. However, I have still dropped it numerous times on surfaces varying from concrete to tile to hardwood. Even at the highest of falls on the hardest of surfaces, the most my iPhone 4 has ever come away with is a scratch or a minor, unnoticeable crack. I received my most recent iPhone 4 about 7 months ago and it has worked great since then. Previously I had a non-smartphone and the upgrade is phenomenal. The internet capabilities and touch screen interaction of a smartphone are great improvements. I would highly recommend it. In addition, the iPhone 4 is a great smartphone, with all of the features one would want in a smartphone, with an affordable price because new iPhones have been released. All in all, I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a cost-effective, super-reliable smartphone.


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      12.03.2015 16:22
      Very helpful


      • "affordable (in 2015) "
      • Small


      • laggy
      • "small screen"
      • "not durable"
      • "can be slow with updates"

      Iphone 4 Review 5/10

      Reviewers agree the iPhone 4 is the best yet, with huge upgrades to the iPhone 3GS (*Est. $100 with contract). Though its prowess remains undisputed, few critics are willing to peg it the absolute best out there, however. With a level playing field, many critics feel that choosing the right smartphone boils down to a matter of personal preference. "iPhone is no longer the only worthy contender," says David Pogue of The New York Times. The iPhone 4 is available in 16 GB (*Est. $200) and 32 GB (*Est. $300) configurations. We review the newest model, the Apple iPhone 4 (Verizon) (Free with contract for 8 GB) as well.
      feature most talked about this time around is FaceTime video calling, which allows you to make face-to-face calls using the VGA camera on the front of the iPhone 4 or the 5-megapixel shooter on back. The technology isn't new, but experts say Apple gets it right. "It's the first phone to make good video calls reliably, with no sign-up or set up, with a single tap," Pogue says, while other critics report it's easier than Android's Fring or Qik apps. However, FaceTime works only on Wi-Fi, and both callers must have an iPhone 4 or higher if its 2015. Improved iOS4 software and faster processor overshadowed by antenna issues
      The iPhone 4 rips past the iPhone 3GS with new iOS4 software (which includes over a 100 new features) and a faster processor. Multitasking is "one of the prime movers here," says Joshua Topolsky at Engadget.com, with fast app switching and home screen app folders. However, only seven apps can run at a time, while the Android competition has no such limit. Segan wishes Apple would follow HTC's lead with integrated social networking, and Topolsky wonders why Apple still doesn't have widgets (programs that run in the background, such as weather or news) and clings to its "broken" notification system -- feats mastered by devices like the HTC Incredible (*Est. $150 with contract).
      Who places it ahead of the Motorola Droid X. The iPhone 4 is 25 percent thinner (0.37 inches as opposed to 0.48 inches) with fortified glass plates trimmed by a stainless-steel band that doubles as an antenna. Square corners make room for a gyroscope and a stockier battery that lasts at least a day. Critics rave about the new Retina display, which has four times the pixels and an 800-to-1 contrast ratio, perhaps outdone only by the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S with its super AMOLED screen, says Segan. Likewise, the 5-megapixel camera -- which shoots HD video that can be edited in the phone with iMovie -- rates as top in its class, with better photos than the HTC EVO 4G (*Est. $190 with contract), However, Apple has been pelted with complaints about the antenna. Dubbed the "death grip" by critics, signal strength cuts out when a user's fingers cover the stainless-steel band. Apple says careful handling (avoid touching the lower left-hand corner of the phone) or a phone case (*Est. $29) solves the problem, but that hasn't satisfied many frustrated owners. "You mean I have to hold the phone a certain way to make the reception work !?" says a user at CNET. Despite the volume boost from noise-canceling dual microphones, call quality, reception and AT&T remain "sticking points," says German. Apple has acknowledged the antenna issue and will issue free Bumper cases to iPhone 4 users through September.
      Fazit: Great phone! Worth buying if you have 80$ kicking around!


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      21.09.2014 22:06
      Very helpful


      • Style
      • "Net surfing"
      • Smart
      • Reliable
      • Applictaions
      • "Easy to navigate"


      • "Lock button problem"
      • "Home button problem"
      • "Battery timing"

      Apple i phone even have many disadvantages like battery consumption but i camt stop my

      I am using apple i-phone 4 16 gb from 2013 to . Its really smart and use friendly. Its easy to operate , stylish, frequent in net surfing. Themaim problem i faced or still facing is frequent battrey consumig but still i love.it show my personality. The design of apple is very beautifull its appearance is the mirror of my personality.apple is always attract others eyes. theost noteable thing right now its low priced.apple is real innoative the app store is always developing apps which are more beneficial to users of maccintosh.
      Its home button is stucked very early within 2 months when i started to use it. But thanks again to apple there is senitive touch home button which is always at my phone screen to operate it. Battery problem is neede to overcome while surfing internet its conume too much battery. But i cant switch my self to any ither phone from apple i phone.


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      18.07.2014 09:57
      Very helpful


      • fast
      • reliable
      • lightweight


      • "expensive repais"
      • "easy to break"

      Perfect for everyday users, fast, smart and reliable

      The apple Iphone 4 has been my favorite buy. I have had mine now for six months and it is by far the best phone i have owned. It is lightweight, very reliable and is a lot more than just a phone.

      The phone offers a wide range of built in apps for your needs, such as a note pad, maps which also acts like a sat nav and alarm clocks. Access to the internet on this phone is amazing, it is fast and you can open multiple pages to complete your daily activities.

      The phone also offers the app store where you can find a range of useful apps such as games, cooking recipes and helpful tools.

      The phone itself is lightweight with two cameras, one front facing and one on the back which is 5 megapixels which is similar to some digital cameras.

      The phone is available in both black and white, which suits many peoples desires and has a vast range of covers to choose from. I personally recommend buying a shock proof cover for this, as the front screen is easily damaged. I have a shock proof cover and have dropped it a few times but never damaged my phone.

      The call quality on this phone is excellent. I never have owned a phone that sounds as crisp and clear as this. My favorite aspect of the calls is the volume, most phone sound fairly quite to me, as I am a little hard of hearing, but this phone turns up so i can hear everything very clearly so for me that is a huge upside!

      As this phone is 16g, it holds a lot of information and apps, which is incredibly useful for people who like their games, because it means more games and hours more fun.

      There are a huge range of accessories compatible with this phone to, such as a docking station so you can play your music, earphones which also serve as a hands free kit and a number of other gadgets design to be used with this phone which is very helpful. I own a number of extras which i use on a daily bases.

      All in all, i love this phone and believe the Iphone is growing ever more popular. I have tried many other phones, but none serve me better than this one. This phone quite literally makes my life easier, i use it as a notepad, a tool to access the internet and even do business on this. If your looking for a new and reliable phone, this is it!


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    • More +
      28.02.2014 00:54



      Perfect Smart Phone

      This product was the first iPhone I purchased and I was absolutely in awe from the word go. As I had owned Ipod Nanos before, I was aware of Apple's unique style and modern twist on technology. I was completely amazed by the iPhone 4's design and functionality.

      The phone itself is so modern with a white front section and back section with a silver edge surrounding the entire phone. It is so smooth and stylish, it is unlike any other phone I had owned before. It fits perfectly in your hand and has a manageable weight to it (the new iPhone 5 is much lighter in comparison). The entire front section of the phone is covered by a glass screen, as this stretches from edge to edge, it further enhances the flawless, modern design. The circular 'home' button on the front of the phone creates a simple layout however, this phone is far from a simple mobile phone.

      It is a mini computer system in a mobile phone structure. It encompasses a vast array of functions and technicalities that completely re-define the 'smart phone' generation. You can literally use this phone for most of your technological processes for example; email, internet browsing, online purchasing, reading books, checking weather report, sat nav, compass, calculator, online banking, playing games, taking photographs, making recordings, video calling...oh did I mention phoning and texting? This phone has so many features, it is sometimes difficult to remember that this product is actually a phone.

      The only downside to this product is the battery life as it does run quite low after about 6 or 7 hours of use however, the positives absolutely out weigh the negatives.

      I would recommend this product to everyone, especially those who have not owned a smart phone before as the easy to use interface and operating system is a perfect introduction to the smart phone world.


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      26.01.2014 23:18



      Great phone from the apple range... Great update from the 3GS in design

      What a great phone.

      Now I've had an apple iphone I don't think I will be able to go back to using any other type of phone.
      It is extremely easy to use and very straight foreword if you are not used to using an apple product. If you are not familiar with some of the tricks you can use with your phone there are tutorials online or on the apple website which are extremely helpful and help you to get the best out of your phone.

      The most important thing to me about this phone is the improved picture quality... It is incredibly simple to snap photos very quickly.

      The vast amount of applications that you can download open up such entrainment, help, social, tutorials, games, news the list is endless.

      I understand that people hold negativity for apple products but they are always releasing new updates to improve the phone and make things easier for yourself.
      I like how convenient having an iphone is, simplicity is key for me. It's useful if you have other apple products as you can sync all of your products together so that's if you downloads a song or application it will download on all of your apple products if you select that you want it to do this.

      The style of the phone is great... It's not too big or thick or heavy it is very easy to slip into your pocket with its slimline design. I would recommend purchasing a decent case to protect your phone from scratches or dents... And also invest in screen protectors for the front and back again to protect from scratches... It is surprising how scratched your screen can get from being in your bag or pocket. You can pick up screen protectors fairly cheaply online on amazon or eBay for a couple of pounds for a pack of 5 or 10.

      All in all I really like the iphone 4 I would definitely go for a 16gb size or above because if you want to take advantage of the applications this would be recommended.


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      05.01.2014 19:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great for personal or business or can even combine the two. iLove this SMARTphone.

      The iPhone 4 was one of the most popular smartphones created by Apple and was released in June 2010.

      Apple is a very well known brand mainly for their Mac computers, iPhones, iPods, iPads, even Apple TV.
      All of their devices you connect to an Apple ID, this is so that you can connect all your devices (if you wish to) and be able to buy, songs, books, games, apps and tones from their app store but you need a password so there is no accidental purchases.

      I came to own the iPhone 4, as my previous phone didn't have the current apps and games I would have liked. I am currently on a cheap contract and believe that you end up paying for the phone eventually anyway, so I was in search for an iPhone 4 or above, secondhand.

      I purchased an iPhone 4 in mint condition, boxed with all the contents for around £120 and collection was nearby (Early 2013) which I thought was a great deal compared to others I had found around £140-£200. Brand new at the moment you can purchase them through Amazon at £299.99 (Jan 2014)
      You can also get them with contracts but these are fading out due to the launch of the later iPhones.
      (Safe and legal of course, make sure you check with any secondhand cheap goods)

      Colours: White or Black
      Measurements: 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm (4.54 x 2.31 x 0.37 in)
      Screen/Display: 640 x 960 pixels, 3.5 inches (~330 ppi pixel density) LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
      Sound: Loudspeaker, Alert tones, Silent, Vibrate, 3.5mm Jack.
      Weight: 137 g (4.83 oz)
      Internal memory: 8/16/32 GB storage available, 512 MB RAM (reviewing the 16 GB)
      Operating System: was released with iOS 4, now using iOS6 can be upgraded to iOS7
      Camera: 5 MP, 2592 x 1936 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
      Video: Yes, 720p@30fps
      Messaging: iMessage, SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email
      Additional features:
      - Scratch-resistant glass back panel
      - Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic
      - iCloud cloud service
      - Twitter and Facebook integration
      - Maps
      - Audio/video player/editor
      - Image viewer/editor
      - Voice memo
      - TV-out
      - Document viewer
      - Predictive text input
      - Video Calling
      - GPS
      - Password lock available
      - Planner/birthdays/diary/schedule/alarms
      - Built in Flash Light

      Black or white backing with the Apple logo, camera with flash light and iPhone text. With the silver around the outside containing your charger socket on the bottom, with 2 speakers either side. Headphone socket and the lock button on the top of the rim and down the left hand side you have the silent/vibrate on and off switch and the + and - for changing the volume. On the front of the phone you have a small front facing camera and the main speaker on the top with the screen in the centre and the main button at the bottom of your screen to go back and to close any open apps.

      I find my phone can last 2-3 days if I don't touch it much, but using my phone all the time means I charge it once a day, it takes an hour or two to fully charge and tells you the percentage of charge.

      Because Apple is a popular product, you can link with many other people, friends or others, to play against them via games and link with them (internet enabled)
      So many different apps on the app store, from recipe guides, fitness, social networking and media, news, editing software and much more, these are generally very safe as people have to pay to be able to create, design and upload to there app to the store and is checked before release. You can pay for some apps and app contents but there are thousands of free apps too. Most apps have been rated by other users and you can rate them too, this can help you decide whether you would like to purchase beforehand and there are screenshots to show you about the app as well.
      Generally quite a fast, easy phone.

      I love the sleek design of the iPhone 4 and always have a screen protector and flip case to protect my device, he fits onto my Panda docking station beautifully, which enables me to play my music throughout the house (lots of different docking stations available)
      The display colour and quality is beautiful, along with the sounds quality.

      I also love the fact that there are so many different types of covers out on the market for them, probably the most you can get than any phone at the moment, including designing your case/cover, which means you can make it your own too whilst protecting your phone from scratches and damage.

      Once I got use to the touchscreen and one button design, I loved it. You can even take screenshots of your screen to (By pressing down the lock button and main button together at the same time)
      It is very useful to be able to have more than one tab open on the internet browser (Safari) as well as having many apps open on your phone at one time, the built in flash light always comes in useful.

      Without knowing about the newer models and before they were released there isn't much I would have disliked about this model except there is no way of added additional memory via a card slot and the camera quality for the price you pay. The signal can cut out sometimes but a rare occasion (the phone not the network)

      After knowing about the newer models - the fact it is missing the popular new features such as Siri (the man built in man who can answer your question if you verbally communicate with him) not that this is necessary at all, is a little disappointing and the new operating systems can slow the phone or drain the battery, I wouldn't say by much more though.

      Yes and No. I would highly recommend the iPhone 4s and above although this iPhone 4 is also fairly good, just a bit slower and more outdated to the current designs, but I wouldn't go for a 3s or below.
      If you were on a budget or wanted to try an iPhone 4 first beings as it is a lot cheaper, than I would strongly suggest purchasing one of these.


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        11.11.2013 16:48



        Worth considering when buying second hand, otherwise wait for the next new version available.

        After being thoroughly disappointed with Blackberry, I decided to move onto Apple iPhones and see how well they would work. I bought the phone second hand from eBay and got a sim only contract, to try and save some money. The phone was in great condition, and offers a wide range of applications for almost anything! the phone's sleek design and light weight makes it the perfect phone to keep.

        Unfortunately, i ended up buying a sim only deal with o2, only offering me 1gb of internet data. I didn't have wifi at the time so 1gb for me was useless. The data would finish in a week and I would struggle for the rest of the 3 weeks. After phoning o2, they said that even though i had closed the apps, but because they were downloaded onto the home screen they still took up data usage. This is a problem with all Apple iPhones, supposedly.

        I would recommend getting a deal that is either not with o2 (as they did nothing to help!), or have a package that has more than 1gb of data. I got bored of the phone quickly due to the data problem but otherwise a good phone!


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        16.09.2013 10:27



        All in all its a basic iPhone, easy to use.

        iPhone 4

        I bought this phone second hand off a friend as my other phone had broke, phone was in great condition so thought I'd give apple a go as had recently been using a blackberry.

        The best thing I think about my iPhone would be the App Store and iTunes as you get such a broad choice of apps that you can use for anything, for example, games, weather, news. iTunes also have any album or song basically ever made for you to choose, also can download videos and films to watch on the go.

        Another great feature I think of the iPhones is the ability to FaceTime and iMessage any of your friends who have an iPhone so doesn't cost you anything when connected to wifi and its great to be able to see your friend on a call instead of basic calling them.

        One definitely downfall for this phone and generally iPhones is the battery life, my battery has never lasted so great on my iPhone 4 or 5, seems to be quite a common issue and I have even had an iPhone replaced at apple store and still continuing fault, I do not leave apps running in background but still lucky if the battery lasts 6 hours.

        Speakers on phone are also not the loudest, not that they really need to be but if watching a film or programme on my iPhone I feel I have to put my earphones in to listen better to it.

        Great tough phone,been dropped a couple of times and still surviving, would recommend this phone to anyone looking for the basic iPhone but as many newer models out now wouldn't suggest for anyone looking for up to date software and functions.


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        16.08.2013 23:56
        Very helpful



        An excellent phone with many functions, now at a reasonable price

        The iPhone has been going for a long time now, and I got my hands on one of these almost two years ago in replacement of a rather rubbish phone compared. In my opinion, the iPhone 4 is still an excellent phone, and it should be considered for purchase versus the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 along with other popular smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. Although it may not carry the same speeds and functions and screen size, it is an incredibly useful phone for the current price.


        The iPhone 4 features a 3.5 inch wide-screen multi-touch function retina display. It is of great quality and enables you to view photos and media with superb clarity and vivid colours. The home button sits at the bottom of the phone below the screen, which brings you to the home screen where you can view all your applications. The other buttons lie along the upper left side of the phone - volume control and a switch to turn the phone on/off silent mode. On top of the phone is the power button, which can be clicked to lock the phone and held to bring up the power off option. That's it for the buttons - all the functions are cleverly integrated into the multi-touch screen.

        The iPhone 4 weighs just 137 grams, which is not bad at all. It is 58.6mm wide by 115.2mm long by just 9.3mm in depth. At under 1cm thick, it easily fits into a pocket quite discretely. Obviously this can be compared to even thinner modern versions and other phones, but it's still a great size.

        The phone is made of excellent quality materials meaning it is pretty solid and will not have pieces falling off, unless you drop it! The design is very simple and slick, available in either white or black finishes. I have the white 16 GB version, which is great as it does not stain with dirt like most white clothes or other accessories do.


        The iPhone 4 has tons of features as a modern smartphone. It has two cameras - one on the front, one on the back. The back camera is a 5 megapixel camera capable of 5x digital zoom with a flash function too. The front camera is not as powerful, but used for things such as facetime and taking pictures whilst the phone is facing you with ease.

        The App store and iTunes score enable you to purchase/get 'apps' and music/videos respectively from a massive choice - many of which are free. Apps can help you in your day-to-day tasks - many of which feature functions that are not built into the phone. Other apps include games that you can play in your spare time and so much more. As they say, there literally is an app for everything! Even measuring your own heartbeat (admittedly you have to feel your own pulse whilst tapping the beat into the phone, so you may as well just feel it and count with a timer but anyhow...)

        The phone has all the usual features that have been around for a while, except brilliantly displayed on this touch screen display - calculator, stopwatch, alarms, email, internet browser, calendar, address book, voice recorder, GPS and more. Youtube used to be a default phone application, but you now have to download a separate youtube application from the App store.

        Obviously the phone has calling and texting abilities with MMS capabilities too. The Newsstand app enables you to read magazines and newspapers from the App store.

        The touch screen works really well. You are easily able to scroll through web pages, photos and messages. You can pinch the screen to zoom in and out and hold your finger down to give access to more options so that you can manage text easily - copying, pasting etc. The phone has capacity for storing many photos, which can be internal or external along with videos, music and all the applications. The 16GB version has been plenty for all of my music (minus a few old songs) as well as a small number of games and other applications.

        The phone also has a built in accelerometer, which is used to tell which way the phone is standing. This means you can easily change the phone display by tilting the phone. It becomes natural after a while and works really well. This also enables you to optimise web page and photo viewing.


        This phone is incredibly easy to use. You don't really need instructions! You simply press with your finger where you want to go and what you want to do and it happens! You can scroll by sliding your fingers, zoom by pinching and even rotate by moving two fingers in a rotatory fashion.

        The quality of phone calls is excellent - the speaker provides sound of good quality and people on the other end can always be heard (unless there is a signal problem). You can adjust the volume of the ear speaker to your liking too, depending on the environment you are in. It is very easy to type on this phone. I found it a little difficult at slow and was slow to start due to the small-ish size of the on-screen keyboard. However I quickly gained speed and now type at about one-third the speed that I can on a computer, which is pretty good going! The phone has a built in dictionary to make typing easier too, although this annoyingly replaces normal words with obscure ones sometimes and does not always work very well.

        The phone comes with a charger, which can be plugged into a USB port (on any laptop/computer). This enables your phone to be charged and you can also sync data from your computer with the phone. Songs sync within seconds and movies sync surprisingly fast too within a few minutes depending on size. The battery is something that many people have had a problem with this phone. There are many ways to reduce battery usage such as quitting applications that aren't in use (as they stay open in the background) and switching off settings such as bluetooth/wifi/automatic location tracking. With plenty of use and knowing these tricks, the phone can easily last over a day before it needs a full recharge.

        *Price & Availability*

        This phone costs around £360 new but can be found for as low as £270 in black and white. It is not retailed by Apple anymore, who only sell the 8 GB version of the iPhone 4 at the moment. You can purchase it online through many other sellers and even on eBay where I originally bought mine. It is best to be very cautious when buying such an item on eBay however. I would try and see the phone in person before purchasing and also request a serial number to check on the Apple website that the product is legit (serial number can be found inside sim card tray). For under £300, this is actually a great price for a very functional phone and I would highly recommend it.

        *Final Remarks*

        In summary the iPhone 4 is an excellent phone with many features that now is available at a reasonable price. It has a lovely display and is extremely easy to use, making life a lot easier with so many features usable whilst on the go! With the iOS 7 update coming out this September and compatible with this phone, it will soon be undergoing a revamp in terms of the design and function of the operating system. I would get your hands on one (or better - iPhone 4s/5) so you don't miss out!


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        30.07.2013 21:43



        A phone that has the reputation of being outstanding, but has some technical issues.

        As a brand, Apple has secured a status of excellence and value. Customers ache for an Apple product, as the reputation of the company instills the belief that you are investing in a product that is a cut above the rest. The structure of the phone, along with its thousands of applications, make the Apple iPhone one like no other. People can now access information online, play games, listen to music and track their calorie intake through a number of amazing apps.

        However, I have been having numerous issues with my iPhone 4. After around 10 months of buying the iPhone, problems with connecting to the internet via 3G started to occur. I took my iPhone to three separate O2 branches, all who stated that it was a quickly solvable problem. After 'solving' the problem for me by changing the settings, I would be shocked to find that the internet would still not work. Not only this, my iPhone was incapable of sending or receiving picture messages. After trying a number of different ways to solve these issues, such as simply turning the handset off and on again, or restoring the handset, the issues still occurred.

        The main issue (and most annoying) is that when make or receive a call, the person on the other end of the phone could not hear me, and a crackling noise would most often occur on the other persons phone. When buying a phone, you expect to be able to make phone calls. Here I had a phone which would not let me contact others, as they could not hear me.

        I have recently bought a new iPhone 4, thinking that the old handset was no good. However, on bringing the new handset home, the same issue is occurring.

        If you are interested in buying an iPhone, I suggest that you trial the handset you are going to bring home in the shop, so that any issues can be ironed out at the store immediately, without having the hassle of taking time to take your phone back to the store.


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        21.06.2013 23:20
        Very helpful



        A fun phone which is definitely worth if you are one for apps!

        I've been an iPhone user on and off ever since the iPhone 3GS. I've owned the 3GS, the 4 and the 4s. I am currently using the iPhone 4 after selling my android phone (galaxy nexus). The reason I like iPhones so much is because of the simplicity of them and also the amazing build quality. Let's start off with the build.

        -- Build & Design --

        So the iPhone 4 comes in a choice of two colours, black or white. The black one I feel is more business like whilst the white one takes a more 'fun' approach. I've owned both and I have to say I do prefer the white one, the colours on the retina screen seem to just pop and stand out a lot more! They also seem to be more exclusive, you see a lot more black ones around compared to white. Maybe because the black ones have been around longer though. All in all colour is a personal preference though so go with whichever you prefer.

        The phone itself is a candy bar shape with an aluminium type finish around the side of the device giving it a classy look. The weight of the phone is also really nice, it feels solid and because it's glass it actually feels premium (watch out though, any little drop and your iPhone will most probably shatter). I'd recommend getting a case for it straight away & also a screen protector to keep it in good condition!

        The famous home button is located at the bottom of the device and I must say I love the simplicity of this, not having a crowded phone with 1000s of buttons on the front is such an advantage, looks wise and usability wise.

        -- Software --

        The iPhone 4 ships with the famous iOS software. iOS 6 if you're buying a brand new one. iOS is a fluid operating system and really responsive and fast making everything work just the way it's supposed to. All of the icons are designed beautifully and they are really colourful making your iPhone really stand out. The software comes preloaded with the usual Apple apps such as Weather, Notes, Reminders, Maps, Passbook etc. You're not going to have much fun with just those so this is where the Apple App store comes in.

        With hundreds of thousands of apps to download you're spoilt for choice, and the best thing loads of the apps are free and the ones that aren't free aren't too badly priced! I find them to be quite reasonable. You will need an apple ID to be able to download and purchase applications so making one in advance may save you a headache, I'd also recommend you create one on your computer as it can be quite awkward trying to make one on your iPhone.

        Once you have access to the app store the world is your oyster, there are apps for just about anything you can think of. I personally don't use too many apps but the ones I do use are really useful, I mainly use Spotify (music streaming service which allows you to stream unlimited music, saves you downloading and paying for music via iTunes. A premium subscription of 9.99 a month is required for Spotify though). I also use the usual apps such as Facebook and Twitter which have a beautiful design too.

        iOS overall is a breeze, anybody could figure it out within a matter of minutes, it really doesn't take a massive tech genius. My grandmother in fact has owned every iPhone since it's release can you believe it!

        -- My first impressions --


        So when I first got the phone, I had to put in my sim card which can be a little tricky if you've never had an iPhone before. You need to use the sim ejection tool to poke out the simcard tray in the right hand side of the phone. A little pressure is needed, don't be scared it's not going to break.

        FIRST BOOT

        Upon turning on the phone you're greeted with the initial setup. Don't worry if you do anything wrong, this can easily be corrected in the settings at a later stage. The setup takes you through the process of setting up your wifi network, enabling location services for GPS, agreeing to apple terms and conditions and also signing into your Apple ID account. Once setup has completed you can start using your iPhone straight away.

        SET UP

        You'll probably want to set up a few things including your email. To set up your email is really easy, just tap the email icon at the bottom and you'll be guided through the steps on how to set up your email. It's really simple and only takes a few minutes. Once your email is set up you can access your email anywhere you want assuming you have an internet connection.

        You may also want to download some apps to get you going. I'd recommend apps such as facebook, temple run, jetpack joyride, tube map (if you live in London), amazon shopping app. They are just a few apps which can get you going :)

        -- CAMERA --

        The camera is a 5megapixel camera with a front facing 1.3megapixel camera, they're okay for casual shots and even better when used with instagram (a photo app which lets you use cool effects with your pictures and share them). Obviously the camera isn't going to be the best but it does just fine for those quick snaps and I've never had a problem with it myself. There is also an LED flash on the front of the device which is handy for when you're lost in the dark!

        -- MUSIC --

        Depending on what size you bought, the 8gb, 16gb or 32gb determines how much music you're going to be able to fit on the device. I have the 16gb device and I haven't yet filled it and I have a fair amount of pictures, apps and music. However if you have a massive library of music the 32gb version may be best suited to you.

        -- BATTERY LIFE --

        Battery life is the only thing that lets this phone down, I have to charge it every day but lets face it... Most smart phones these days need charging every day. It's no big deal for me. You can always invest in a battery pack accessory for it too!


        I love my iPhone and wouldn't change it for the world. Yes there are better phones out there with better specs but I like the fact iPhones are simple and easy to use. Every iPhone is the same and there is never any 'relearning' needed. You know what you're getting with an iPhone and there are no surprises. iPhones also maintain their value through the years so even after having one for 3-4 years, you can still sell it for a reasonable price assuming it's in good condition!


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        30.05.2013 18:16



        I had my iPhone 4 from november 2012 until May 2013 and I was very impressed with the phone. It was fairly fast, maybe the 3G was a bit slow but I mainly used it on Wi-Fi, it sometimes lagged. The 5MP camera was a big step up from the 2MP camera on the 3GS which sucked real bad. The front facing camera was also a big step from the 3GS, now you can 'FaceTime' your friends with the app Apple brought out for the iPhone 4 onwards. The shape of the iPhone 4 is more squared and easier to hold than the previous models of iPhone, it's new shape makes it easier to use with one hand. It also has a new much faster chip so it loads much faster.


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        15.05.2013 18:56
        Very helpful



        4 stars

        Upgrading my phone in February I wasn't too bothered about having the latest iPhone, the 4S, and was happy with the deal I could get for an iPhone 4. I had been hanging off writing a review until I knew the phone inside out, then disaster struck....! Around 6-7 weeks ago, while happily drinking a cup of tea, my phone decided to take a swim.... I could have cried. Miracles (husbands) do work though and 2 weeks later I had my phone working again. I've now decided to write the review, and include our experiences of how to fix this problem (which after searching on the internet is actually more common than you would think!).

        Receiving the phone and setting it up:
        In the box you will expect to receive most obviously the iPhone 4, Apple earphones with remote and mic, USB power adapter, dock connector to USB cable and the documents / guidance. The phone is relatively easy to set up although takes slightly longer than any other phone I've had before. It requires that you sync with iTunes although this is handy as you are then able to transfer your music straight over to your phone. We also had to update our version of iTunes at this point as it wasn't compatible with the phone (requires version 10.7 or later).

        Size, Weight and styling:

        Height: 115.2 mm (4.5 inches)

        Width: 58.6 mm (2.31 inches)

        Depth: 9.3 mm (0.37 inches)

        Weight: 137 grams (4.8 ounces)

        I really like the feel and look of this particular version of the iPhone, especially when you think back to what the first one was like. I had the first iPhone and I hated it! This in comparison is sleek and well styled, particularly with the silver edging around the entire depth. In comparison to the iPhone 5 however, the 4 is smaller in height, thicker in depth and weightier, but for me the styling on the 4 is perfect.

        Coming from a Blackberry with a rubbish camera (which in all fairness was a lot more robust than this phone), the camera is outstanding. The 5 megapixel camera is middle of the road, however it does take cracking pictures. In comparison to the newly released Samsung Galaxy S4's impressive 13 megapixel it is pants! Even the iPhone 4S and 5 have 8 megapixel's so it's definitely lagging behind somewhat, however, for me as a camera on my phone to shoot drunken pictures of my friends dancing on tables it's fine! The tap to focus is handy, I sometimes struggle to get it to focus on the correct part of the picture, but if you double tap what it is you are taking a photo of it will focus on that rather than the surroundings. The LED flash is good although sometimes I find this can make the photos look quite grainy. The front facing camera is a nice little feature although not of the same quality as the rear camera (and there is a lack of flash on the front too), but this does allow that if you take a photo of yourself for example with a friend, you can see the photo in the screen as you are taking it.

        Battery life:
        I find that if I charge my phone overnight that it will be okay for the full day. It does occasionally die on me, but that's only if I forget to charge it overnight. I luckily have a USB connector in my car so I always leave a cable in the glove box and I can charge it if I am away from the home and it runs out of battery. If your phone is on 3G you should expect 7 hours talk time and 6 hours browsing time, as opposed to 10 hours of browsing time on wi-fi. This is still all behind the iPhone 5 and 4S, however the standby time of 300 hours beats the 5s 225 hours standby time.

        The fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating is a nice little touch in principle, however I don't think the effect is lasting as I have already noticed a reduction in the amount this works. The oleophobic coating is basically an oil resistant coating which works to protect the phone from the inevitable greasiness from the natural oil contained in your fingertips or from the face when you make a call. It works to reduce the fingerprints and smudges from the cheek to keep the screen smudge and oil free. As I mentioned though, I have noticed a reduction in this over time.

        The retina display is probably one of the things in Apples technology that makes the iPhones so impressive. The pixel density within the screen is so high that the human eye is not able to notice pixilation. I believe this was first introduced with the iPhone 4 so it will only improve with time.

        I'm not going to go into lots of detail as we all know there are millions of apps out there to suit every taste. What I will say is that on the iPhone you have the ability to group the apps together in folders. This is really handy for me as I have several for the girls on my phone for when we are out and about and boredom sets in. I am then able to group them together in folders and save them with headings such as 'girls books', 'girls games', 'girls educational'.... You get the picture that 99% of my apps are for the 'girls'!

        I usually avoid the internet on phones as I find it just too fiddly, and most shops etc have apps now which are easier to browse, however there has been the odd time when I need to use the internet on my phone and it is a noticeable improvement in comparison to other phones. The ability to flip the screen to horizontal means the viewing page is larger, and the stretching of the screen with the fingertips means it is really easy to use the internet.

        Water damage!:
        As I mentioned, I did drop my phone in a very large cup of tea. I had to laugh about it at the time as I'd only had my phone a matter of weeks and with a 2 year contract ahead of me, it wasn't the greatest move. Also with no phone insurance I was looking at a large outlay to buy a new one. In the 10 years myself and my husband have had mobile phones, we haven't ever needed phone insurance so we figure the monthly outlay is a bit daft. I still do. However when looking at the outlay of the phone, and the mixed reports on the internet about whether or not people had got their phones working or not, I was a little apprehensive. We immediately (and I mean within seconds), had the phone covered with rice in a sealed bag (something I remember from when my daughter dropped my step mums phone in the bath some years ago), and after a quick look on the internet realised the phone needed to stay like this for 4 days. The wait was tense and after 4 days the phone still didn't work. At this point we bought an iPhone screwdriver kit from Amazon for a few pounds. It took around a week to come so again, another long wait. My husband took the phone apart which took hours due to the tiny screws, and then much to my horror he cleaned the inside of my phone with nail varnish remover and a toothbrush. He watched a tutorial on youtube and followed each step. After two weeks, my phone switched on, and six weeks later is still working. I know this isn't necessarily a review of the phone, however we had to find out all of this information from various different sources online, and only a few people actually wrote whether or not their attempts had worked, so no doubt this will be of use to a few unfortunate and clumsy souls (like me!)!

        The iPhone 4 comes in either white or black. I have white, my husband has black, and I must say I do prefer the white!

        The iPhone, while once the best phone on the market, is losing its appeal somewhat for me as other manufacturers are quickly catching up with the market leaders. For me the biggest downfall of the phone is just how delicate it is. The slippy feel of the glass type material means it's always slipping out of my hand, so I've had to put a big bulky cover on the back which takes away from how sleek the phone is. I do love this phone but I'm always on tenterhooks at when I'm next going to drop it. Recommended, if you're careful! The ability to sync to your iTunes account is a massive pull for me as I have thousands of songs on it, however if you're not tied to iTunes and you want a decent smart phone, I would suggest maybe taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 and compare that to the iPhone.


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