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Apple iPhone 4S 64 GB

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    5 Reviews
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      24.09.2013 18:49
      Not Helpful
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      A great phone, worth the price in my opinion

      The iPhone 4s is an excellent phone. The retina display is great, I have owned other phones and none have a screen with such great display; a high resolution and the colours are vibrant and bright. The touchscreen is very good, even the lightest touch is registered, and the phone is very easy to use without any instruction. There really is an app for everything in the app store, and it is especially good for anyone with young children due to the number of apps for kids, it is great for keeping them entertained. It is sturdily built; I have dropped it more times than I can count and it still works perfectly and has not scratched. The camera is also very good, after owning the phone for over a year it does seem fuzzier than it did when I first got the phone but it is still perfect for everyday use. The phone also works great if you are someone who wants to use it to listen to music, as the iPod function is great.


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        15.12.2012 19:46
        Not Helpful



        great phone lasts you well

        After using the iphone 4s for over a year I am extremely impressed with this phone. even after one year its speed is excellent and has not differed from the start. Having the 64Gb spec makes it easy to have as many apps as I like which are great fun and many are really handy.
        The sound qualit on the iphone 4s isnt excellent however i raley use it without head phone or in my docking station so is not really an issue. The glass front and back screen look great but can smash easily as i found out so i would advise always have a good case on it. The camera on the phone is excellent aswell!
        overall i would say its the best phone ive ever used and will be keeping it after my contract runs out as dont see any benifit of the iphone 5 over the 4s.


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        07.04.2012 13:28
        Very helpful
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        If you can afford it, get one! Don't skimp on storage if you're into video/games!

        I have had this phone for a couple of months or so now, and it's testament to its greatness that I haven't looked at another smartphone since. Having sold my iPhone 4 last year and playing with versions other handsets for a few months to satisfy my hunger for the latest tech and not wanting to miss out on the newest and best phones, I was unsure on whether to get the 4S or not.
        I decided in the end, being such a keen photographer, that the iPhone 4S was my only option. I ruled out any android phone because I just cannot get on with the OS, it feels horrible and I can't type things fast on it at all! I am writing this review using my iPhone 4S and it feels so natural and fast, barely having to make any corrections along the way. It just works, and it feels great. That's the iPhone 4S as a whole - fast, slick, smooth, reliable and beautiful.

        As I mentioned, the 4S camera is superb. I am not disappointed at all, and I have taken many wonderful shots with it so far, filling my Flickr account with shots that have been invited to join various iPhone-ography groups and even having one of my shots featured in an iPhone photography app! :)

        Gaming is great on the 4S, as it is on the 4, but the extra power of the S makes it slightly more pleasant.

        Siri is genuinely useful at times, and although not a feature I thought I would make much use of, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. I can speak to it in a regular natural voice and it understands me most of the time, which feels great and makes things like setting Reminders quick and simple.

        Battery life is very good on this handset. I can get a full day from 7am-9pm of heavy use, or 2 days of light to medium use, which I'm very happy with, especially when using the camera regularly, having wifi on and sending/receiving lots of texts and emails.

        With regards to storage space - don't forget iPhone is not able to expand for extra space! If you're at all into photography and want to take more than just a few video clips, or a heavy gamer who likes the best iphone games, get the 32gb, if not the 64gb version. I'm glad I went for the 64gb model - I've only had the phone a couple of months but already a 16gb model would have been full, and the 32gb model would be full soon enough from now.. The 64gb gives me plenty of life in the phone - the storage space will last me for a year or more, without having to worry about deleting videos/games to free up space for new things!

        I love the iPhone 4S, it's a superb phone. I'd say if you aren't too bothered about photography or Siri, stick with the iPhone 4 (if you have it already, but don't get the 8gb model, it's pointless!!) but if like me, you're looking for the best camera phone, which also has the best photography apps, games and HD video recording with image stabilisation, you won't regret spending the extra cash on a shiny new 4S ;)


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          05.04.2012 01:56
          Very helpful



          Apple iPhone 4S...64GB

          @Title - Just kidding.


          After using my iPhone 3GS for 2 years and getting hooked to the Apps that the iTunes App store has to offer, I naturally wanted my next mobile phone to be an iPhone! (No wonder Apple is so successful) I held out and did not buy an iPhone 4, eagerly awaiting the release of the rumoured iPhone 5.

          Unfortunately, that didn't happen and they came out with the iPhone 4S instead, which looks the same as a iPhone 4 (but it's what's on the inside that counts). I couldn't wait any longer as my aging 3GS felt slow after several software updates and new Apps being installed over the years. The camera also wasn't great in terms of quality and there was no flash light, so I went and bought an iPhone 4S (64GB) direct from the Apple website for £699 (plus £59 for Apple Care). You can also get the phone on phone contracts at varying prices. The phone also comes in 16GB (£499) and 32GB (£599) versions.


          The phone is much faster than the iPhone 3GS. Once you've transitioned from a 3GS, you definitely feel it. Not so much if you had an iPhone 4 but the 4S is supposedly a bit faster than the iPhone 4 as well. The phone is generally very zippy, however every so often, I find that some Apps do lag for a moment when I'm opening or running it so it's not perfect. May be to do with the App itself being a bit resource hungry but in general, the phone's performance is marvellous. It's easy to use as all you have to do to operate it is to swipe left, right, pinch and press the button and icons on screen, give or take a few hardware buttons.

          On a smart phone, the keyboard for writing messages text messages and emails, etc should be easy to use and the iPhone's software keyboard doesn't disappoint. However, the auto-correct is very awkward to use and often inserts the wrong word when correcting you. I've actually turned the feature off as a result. Foreign keyboards can also be added and so you can write Chinese or whatever as with earlier generations of the iPhone.

          All the 4S TV adverts go on about Siri. This is the voice recognition feature, which is built into the phone. You turn the feature on, hold the Home button and then speak to the phone to perform tasks and it will answer you.

          Like so:

          ME: "Send Text message to [name of person]"
          SIRI: "What do you want to say to [name of person]?
          ME: "Hello [name of person], how are you? blah, blah, blah"
          SIRI: "I updated your message, ready to send it?"
          ME: "Confirm"

          He also has a sense of humour. Ask Siri "What is the meaning life?" his response is "I don't know. But I think there's an app for that."

          ME: "Talk dirty to me"
          SIRI "Humus, Compost, Pumice, Silt, Gravel"
          ME: "Talk dirty to me"
          SIRI "The Carpet needs vacuuming"


          The voice recognition is actually pretty good but not perfect as there are certain words I find impossible to input by voice. You can compose whole messages using your voice most of the time. People with accents may have trouble getting Siri to recognise everything.

          Siri is a great feature but it relies on you having an Internet connection for Siri to send your message to Apple to translate into text. I have found that even when I have a signal, sometimes Siri is pretty useless and just tells me it can't do it because there's a problem. No idea why. Also, it currently, still cannot find places (i.e. shops, addresses) in the UK as this function only works in the US. Bit stupid really as it's been out for 5 months in this country now.

          The quality of the camera is excellent and it has image stabilisers, which isn't perfect but at least they added it. The camera can also record video. It has a flashlight, which works as a camera flash but I find that night shots and images in the dark end up with over exposure so it's not great. Taking pictures without good lighting work better without the flash. However, it works great as a torch! I had to find an App in the App Store to turn the light on and off. There are plenty of free ones but I would have thought that Apple would have included one as standard.

          The ability to install Apps means that it pretty much has an unlimited number of features but it has the usual call, text, email, web browser, maps, built in. You can download EBooks, audios, music, videos, etc onto the phone. The web browser, image viewers etc let you zoom in and out by pinching the screen. Although Android phones also let you do this, I find this feature on iOS devices to be smoother so I feel Apple have hit the spot with this. One downside for me is the inability to view Flash websites and Flash streaming videos on the iOS (Apple don't trust Adobe Flash and refuse to include it), which is mainly why I've avoided buying an iPad. Not such a bit issue on an iPhone but I generally like more functionality.

          The phone also allows you to use the phone as a Wireless Hotspot. This also depends on your network as some networks (i.e. O2) don't allow 'tethering' so the function can't be enabled. T-Mobile and Orange works even if the providers may say you're not supposed to. Just be careful not to overdo it otherwise you could get a big data bill. Using it for emails and news is fine.

          One thing I don't particularly like is how you have to use iTunes to transfer files to and from the phone. Sometimes I'd rather be a able to drag and drop items to and from the device but the only thing I can do that with is with pictures and videos captured with the iPHone and only copying them off the phone.

          Overall, the phone is easy to use and simple in design. It only has 4 physical buttons and a sliding switch (for silent mode). Being a smartphone, battery life can be a bit short. No matter what they quote, some Apps and features like Location Services (lets Apps know your location) and Alerts can drain the battery, along with WiFi and Bluetooth. All of which, you can switch off if you don't use them. I find my phone lasts me about 3 quarters of the day with regular but light usage. If you find yourself playing lots of graphics intensive games, then expect it to be much shorter.

          VOICE & DATA

          Making calls is easy enough to do. Call clarity and signal (reception) varies depending on network coverage of your provider but I find that calls are pretty clear. I've had calls drop out but that's when my signal dropped to nothing but other times it was the person on the other end's problem. I find my T-Mobile signal is hit and miss depending on where I am in terms of data so the phone may not be to blame.

          I would have liked if Apple could improve signal but stuffing more antennas in the phone or something but I'll bet they'll do something like this in future incarnations of the iPhone as Apple like to add features one at a time to make you buy their next product! The phone also has a conference call feature which is neat, BUT I'm unable to use this because it turns out you need to be on an iPhone mobile tariff. I have a SIM only deal so I get to miss out on that function. No biggie for me and most people will be getting the phone on contract anyway due to the high cost of the phone.


          The iPhone 4S, despite Apple claiming to have used military grade materials (it does feel very sturdy), is very susceptible to cracked screens should it be dropped. I've seen it many times but this is fixable at phone shops for around £70 even though they'll probably use generic parts. My tip would be to buy a case of some sort for extra protection. I've dropped my iPhones many times but the cases have always saved the day.


          Despite it being a premium phone with exceptional build quality, things can still go wrong. That is why I also bought Apple Care to extend my warranty to 3 years (plus gives me Apple technical support up till it expires should I need it). After three months of using my 4S, something funny was happening. The volume icon would show up on the screen and sometimes stay there. Sometimes when increase the volume by pressing the button on the side, it keeps going up even though I've let go.

          Turns out that was getting stuck. I booked an appointment with the Apple Store in Bluewater. Went there, waited 45 minutes just to be seen (they were running late), had it fixed (for free, under warranty), only to find the same symptom happen 3 hours later in the day. I went straight back just before closing time and they replaced my phone. That's pretty good service!



          - Loads of Apps to choose from
          - Runs smoothly
          - Good build quality
          - Easy to use
          - Fast/smooth performance
          - Easy navigation and viewing of web pages
          - Includes flashlight
          - 3 different capacities
          - Voice recognition works well.
          - Good customer support


          - Siri is hit and miss
          - Add / removing files has to be done through iTunes which is restrictive
          - Battery life could still be better
          - Screen can crack if dropped
          - Camera not great in dark conditions
          - Battery not user replaceable
          - Voice recognition requires Internet access to function
          - No 4G support (next version of 3G Internet)
          - No memory card slots (but at least there's lots of storage choices)
          - Uses micro SIM
          - Expensive


          Despite the niggles, I still rather like my iPhone due to the possibilities with the massive selection of free and paid for Apps, as well as the build, customer support and performance. One little thing that annoys me is tha it uses a micro SIM that's half the size as normal mobile SIMs. I had to cut my SIM and it means if I ever want to pop the SIM into a different phone, I'd need an adapter. It's an expensive phone (£499, £599, £699 (mine)) but I use it all the time so I feel like I'm getting my money's worth. Most things have to be done via iTunes, which I used to refuse to use before owning an iPhone but I soon got used to it (again, no wonder Apple are so successful). Recommended? Yes. Will I go for the iPhone 5? Probably.

          Thanks for reading!

          P.S. Also available in white.


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            15.12.2011 06:27
            Very helpful



            Apple's new smartphone

            iPhone 4S 64GB

            As a self-confessed technophobe, I have forever found myself at the back end of any technological development, lagging some way behind the rest of the world, in the same way that I liked 70s music in the 90s, 90s Music in the 2000s, etc. The last computer console I owned was a Sega Master System; my car doesn't even have air-con, I still buy CDs. So, it came as somewhat of a surprise even to myself to suddenly find myself the envy of all my friends with my lovely new iPhone 4S.

            I live in Japan, so apologies if they aren't even out in the UK yet. I don't know, and to be honest, I don't care. A week or so ago, my friend dropped his old iPhone and broke the screen. He went into the phone shop and was offered a free upgrade to an iPhone 4S, because apparently they're running a campaign. My service provider do pretty good campaigns - a friend got a free 42 inch TV for signing up for a iPhone family plan, although the best I ever did was a talking dog). Usually I only get a new phone when the old one breaks, but seeing a chance to jump on the bandwagon, I decided to try my luck.

            My service provider is called Softbank (formerly owned by Vodafone). Trading in my junk old phone that was rubbish even when I got it new, I was given a brand new iPhone 4S free with a new two year contract. My contract works out at about 50 quid a month (6,400yen) which includes all free internet, free mails, and free calls to all other Softbank phones (except from 9pm to 1am - those are charged at 42yen a minute). It sounds quite a lot, but I was actually paying more for my old phone. The 16 or 32GB versions were a bit cheaper, but I decided to just go all out and get the best one.

            It's quite frankly the most impressive piece of technology I've ever owned. It does all the things that my wife's iPhone 4 does (she's so jealous..) but it does them faster. The camera is 8.2MP which is more than my regular camera, and the video is clearer too. It uploads to youtube faster than my Toshiba computer and that's not even using wi-fi. It's incredibly user friendly. I've managed to get the hang of it even without reading a manual and I'm notoriously useless with anything involving electricity.

            It's not all perfect. The new feature, Siri, the voice activation system, is really fun to mess around with, asking strange questions and the like, but it's often more hassle than its worth. It's fine for making a call but writing messages can be frustrating as it will often mishear what you said, meaning you have to do it all over again. Also, unless you have wi-fi or go somewhere that has it, it won't download anything over 20MB. I wanted to use Skype to ring the UK, but I don't have wi-fi and so am still waiting to download it. It might be different in the UK, but in Japan Softbank's actual network is not powerful enough to handle large files.

            In general though, I think it's wonderful. At first I found it difficult to use the keypad, but with a bit of practice even my stubby fingers can type without too many mistakes. It's good for reading the internet but its time consuming for other things. For example, I tried to write a review on Dooyoo on my iPhone and it took forever because I can't transfer my touch typing skills to such a small keypad. And another time, when I tried to play chess online I found it difficult to move the correct pieces.

            These are petty gripes though. Really, this is an incredible piece of technology as and as well as feeling immensely proud to own one before most of my friends (for a change) it really is a handly little tool to have around, doubling up as it does as a camera, mini-computer, i-pod, etc. The battery seems to last for about three days of moderate usage, which is more than my previous phone.

            Very recommended, particularly if you get one for free, like I did.


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