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Apple iPhone 5C 16 GB

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21 Reviews

A slightly more budget alternative to the iPhone 5S, the 5C looks sleek, is available in a range of colours and includes almost all of the features of the 5S. Battery life the only real downfall.

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    21 Reviews
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      19.05.2015 16:19
      Very helpful


      • "Most affordable for an iPhone"
      • "Worldwide LTE support "
      • "Delightful hues and craftsmanship "
      • "Ravishing outline "


      Most affordable for an iPhone

      Here's something I consider numerous you will be glad to listen: In my experience, the iPhone 5c improved battery life than the iPhone 5 amid general use. All things considered, I got around a day and a 50% of standby, with somewhere around 6 and 15 hours of real use contingent upon my movement blend (more HD feature spilling towards the lower end).

      On my just took the ribbon off new iPhone 5 equipment, I'd been getting not as much as that under comparable conditions. Apple is publicizing slight additions to battery execution with the iPhone 5c versus the iPhone 5, yet regarding lived experience the 5c without a doubt appears like a stage up, and the enhancements to the standby force administration calculation in iOS 7 truly appear to be reducing unmoving force draw.

      Apple's iPhone 5c started a great deal of civil argument preceding its dispatch, provoking sees to ponder what it may mean for Apple to manufacture a "modest" iPhone or focus on another business sector fragment. What Apple has conveyed is a long way from a "shoddy" gadget, as far as both nature of experience and equipment, and regarding cost. The 5c is presumably more extensively engaging than the iPhone 5s just by ideals of its lower expense of section, yet its still premium equipment and is likely better considered as a simple to the iPhone 4S with respect to the iPhone 5 back when that gadget propelled.

      The iPhone 5c is a change, regardless of the fact that slight, to the cell phone despite everything i'd call the best accessible if Apple hadn't additionally discharged the iPhone 5s. I'll say that with the proviso that I accept the iPhone is still the best cell phone accessible for the biggest number of cell phone purchasers, as far as both ease of use and outline, even with the emotional changes created by iOS 7. Given the decision, I'd pick an iPhone 5c more than an iPhone 5, in light of outline alone, and overlooking its different advantages. As it were, in case you're in the business sector for another cell phone, Apple's iPhone 5c ought to be right close to the highest priority on your rundown.


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      15.03.2015 20:00
      Very helpful


      • display
      • camera
      • battery


      • "limited memory"
      • "plastic body"

      I suggest my friends to purchase this rockstar

      I Purchased this iPhone 5C 16GB in the month of december 2013. After getting positive feedback about the phone I thought to give it a try.

      About Apple:
      It is well known for its innovation and every one remembers steve jobs name when ever they hear about Apple. This company became popular in such a way that the whole world is waiting for its products to launch.

      iPhone 5C:
      when ever apple launches its product its gains a massive response and even the negative talk comes out during that time so it took me 2 months to decide whether to purchase or not.

      Dimensions 124.4 x 59.2 x 9 mm (4.90 x 2.33 x 0.35 in)
      Weight 132 g (4.66 oz)
      SIM Nano-SIM
      OS iOS 7, upgradable to iOS 7.1.2, upgradable to iOS 8.2
      Chipset Apple A6
      CPU Dual-core 1.3 GHz Swift
      Camera 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
      Battery Non-removable Li-Po 1510 mAh battery (5.73 Wh)
      Stand-by Up to 250 h (2G) / Up to 250 h (3G)
      Talk time Up to 10 h (3G)
      Music play Up to 40 h

      What I like:
      New Design
      Good Camera
      Battery Life
      Support Global LTE Bands
      I got it Cheap on a contract
      Good Performance

      What I dislike:
      Limited Storage
      Made of Plastic
      Fingerprint sensor which is available in 5S is missing

      Why I suggest:
      I used this mobile for over an year its has been the best I got from Apple. Its far better than Android devices because though Android devices have more RAM, games used to struck. But its totally different in iPhone though RAM is less it works smoothly.


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      16.02.2015 20:41
      Very helpful


      • Cheap
      • " Plastic"
      • " Thinner"
      • Color


      • "Battery Life"
      • Fading

      Bang for your Buck

      IPhone 5C

      Brand: Apple

      Price: $$$

      Color(s): Variety (Blue, Pink, Yellow, White)

      I have had my 5c a little over a year now. It is very similar to the 5, the only noticeable difference is the variety of colors and it is thinner, plastic, and has rounder edges. The 5c is very different from the 5S, since the 5c does not have the updates such as the finger print lock. Even without these updates the 5C is a great phone unless your after the newest, futurist phone. The 5c is a great value and is without a doubt a bang for your buck. I have not had any true problems with my phone. Although there are several disadvantages that I discovered. The color of my phone(pink) has begin to fade, I always keep a case on it, and it doesn't sit in the sun. But the color is not as bright and vibrant. Also the battery life has began to get shorter and shorter. At first my phone could last for days( 3 to 4) on one charge, but now I have to charge about every other day. I charge my phone the correct way always waiting until it is completely dead, then charging all day or night until completely charged. These things are not truly harmful in your everyday use of your phone. Although for someone who needs a phone with a battery life dependent for more than a day, this may not be the phone for you. Other than that I would highly encourage any one to get a 5c, since I have not had any problems with the phone functions itself.


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      02.02.2015 16:59
      Very helpful


      • "Good camera"


      • "Short battery life"

      Very stylish with good functions

      I've had the white iPhone 5c for over a year and have had no technical problems whatsoever so far. They come in a range of bright colours. The main difference between this and the more highly rated iPhone 5S is that the 5c doesn't have the fingerprint access option. Personally this has never been an issue for me and certainly didn't stop me from getting the 5c.
      At first, the battery life seemed to be fairly long and I'd only need to charge it once a day. With time, however, the battery life seems to have shortened and I sometimes need to charge it more than once a day now. Thankfully the 5c is very quick to charge, particularly in comparison to my iPad mini.
      The camera is excellent so the quality of photos is, in turn, excellent. Overall it's extremely easy to use with useful functions such as the Passbook (which allows you to store cards etc to use in stores) and iMessage. iMessage is a free messaging service you can use with other Apple iMessage users, as opposed to texting which costs money. I use this function every day.
      I dropped my phone down concrete steps last year and naturally assumed the worst. However there is merely a scratch on the screen. The plastic covering of the phone seems to be good for protection haha! Some people may be discouraged by the plastic covering but I actually like it - it contributes to the sleek look of the iPhone 5c. Contracts are generally quite cheap, especially in comparison to the latest iPhones.


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      25.01.2015 23:50
      Very helpful


      • "easy to use "
      • "slim and sleek"
      • "great vibrant colour "


      • "technical blips "
      • "battery life "
      • "poor memory "

      Great stylish and chic phone for everyday use

      This is my first apple product, and probably not the last. I got it as a Christmas present from my father in pink and the colour is so vibrant and chic!
      Being young, I'm supposed to know all about the latest gadgets, but in reality I haven't a clue!
      This is such an easy to use device and I can add all the latest apps without any blips like my last phone.
      However, probably due to the low storage space, this doesn't have a lot of memory for my photos and videos, but its so easy to just plug it in to my laptop and transfer it on there.
      The battery life isn't appalling but it could be better, as the battery goes low in a few hours of some average day to day use.
      Also once an application is opened, it stays open without it being manually closed which is a bit of a pain.
      All in all, this a great modern phone which can fulfil any day to day needs.


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      05.10.2014 06:51
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Ease of use"
      • "Amazing features"
      • "Good looking"


      • None

      Amazing functionality and great features

      Getting set up

      Apple do not lump you with a box full of cables and pamphlets which prompts the “oh where do I begin” sigh. Along with the phone, you get the charger-come-data cable as well as the standard white Apple headphones.
      The on-screen prompts are simple and guide you through the whole process. The only thing you’ll really need to fill in will be a sign in/sign up for Apple ID.


      The 5c has a standard plastic case and is available in the choice of 5 colours. The plastic case is good quality, and the phone has more of a curved shape than the 5S. However, the finish of the plastic is that dreaded slippery feel, so you may be a little tetchy when you’re handling it. The standard minimalist Apple approach to buttons still features on this phone, so you’re still treated to that slick iPhone look and feel.


      The screen size measures 4”, the same as the iPhone 5S and half an inch bigger than the 4S. The front of the phone is jet black and when the screen is off it makes the phone look very sleek indeed. The screen has a coating which means it’s fingerprint resistant and the 5c’s retina display is incredibly sharp and impressive, and you get very little in the way of glare from the screen, even in brighter outdoor conditions.

      Calling and messaging

      If you want to call someone, you just press the name and it sets up the call. From here you can call, text and FaceTime (video call) with that contact.
      Text messaging is easy, and the improved spell check/predictive text isn’t as much of a hindrance as it has been on previous iPhones.

      FaceTime is a long running feature of Apple’s, and gives you the option to talk to anyone (who has an Apple device too) face to face.


      The iPhone 5c has a whopping 8 mega pixel camera - As well as the impressive pixel count, the camera sensor is great, letting in more light for better quality images. The built-in features are seamless, and the camera works very hard but seems effortless. Things like auto face detection helps when taking photos of groups of people. The flash is also really intelligent, as it can judge itself when and how to be applied.
      For me, the Panorama mode really stands out as an outstanding feature. Basically, you press the shutter button and move the camera from left to right and it records all the image data along the line, meaning you have a near-seamless panoramic picture.

      The camera is capable of capturing video in full HD, 1080p resolution, while the front facing camera can shoot at 720p.


      The 5c is hands-down the best phone I’ve owned, in terms of functionality and ease of use its brilliant. Its software is set up in a way which makes using the phone’s many features almost simultaneously, an absolute doddle.

      *Un-edited version originally published on Ciao.co.uk


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      • More +
        01.09.2014 16:31
        Very helpful


        • valuable
        • handy
        • slick


        • "no instructions"
        • "can't delete apps that come with it"

        Very desirable

        A great product and value for money. A lot of people think that the C in 5C stands for cheap, but in fact it actually stands for colour. And my-oh-my does this product pay off. It may be made out of plastic, but I find that I enjoy that element more. It doesn’t feel cheap and unlike the models with the metal casing, doesn’t hurt in your hands with the sharp corners because it has rounded corners. The buttons on the side of the phone also do not feel flimsy.

        Back in March I bought this phone out of my 21st birthday money. It was my first smart phone and I didn’t have much else I could compare it to. Before this phone I had a Blackberry as you can probably imagine there is a significant difference in the two. One of the most impressive things about this phone is that is also comes in minimal packaging and I mean minimal. It comes in a box as big as the phone itself, which is shocking. The phone itself comes with a wire and a pair of headphones. This next part may be slightly embarrassing, but I have never had an IPhone before and as it didn’t come with instructions I had to google how to turn it on and how to screen shot and several other things.

        The product itself fits in the hand comfortably, even though the widescreen feature is new to this model. It is not too heavy and still looks very attractive. For those who are curious I will add the size and weight below.

        Height: 124.4 mm
        Width: 59.2 mm
        Depth: 8.97 mm
        Weight: 132 grams

        I don’t know much about what each spec means so I will just talk about the one’s that I do know. My model was a 16GB and I find that this space is sufficient enough for everything I want on there. I have a lot of contacts, documents, ebooks and photos on there, as well as 400+ songs that take up around 3GB. However, I do find that applications tend to take up a lot of memory space on this phone. The other day I deleted majority of my applications apart from 3 social networking apps and 4 games that I play a lot. The one’s that I play not so much I deleted and there was still 5GB worth of data gone on applications and I found that it was because you cannot delete the apps that come with the phone. This I find extremely annoying. Not because I they’re standard but because I never even use this applications so by rights I feel like I should be able to delete them.


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      • More +
        19.06.2014 15:19
        Very helpful


        • "Easy to operate"
        • "like a mini games console"


        • "Quite expensive"

        Iphone not essential but very deirable

        The iphone 5c is my new phone, this is my first iphone and after only a very short period of time I have become a huge iphone fan. My motives for getting a iphone were that my ipod at the time decided to break, I wanted to have access to my email all the time and I wanted a more intuitive phone for use in general. So I chose to obtain the iphone 5c on a 24 month contract for 33 pounds a month, in that I received 1000 free texts, 500 MB internet and unlimited calls. So far only the internet allowance has been anywhere near exhausted. I chose blue as my iphone colour. The phone arrived and I had considerable trouble getting the tiny iphone sim card into the back of the card, I think its actually a lot easier than I made it but was confused about waiting for my existing phone number to transfer over. Anyway once everything was set-up I could use the phone, the phone comes with a swipe across access and a 4 digit pin number. Once entering the phone there is a bottom bar which contains phone, mail, safari and music and is separate from the rest of the functions. The first page of the functions contains weather, clock, messaging, date, camera, photos, game center and App store. Upon uploading an app, you need to set-up a password and the app downloads and is updated automatically. I think the main advantage of the phone is the multiple combinations of use, so music can be playing, google earth directing and you can still text and play a game. Overall, from a standing start of not believing the hype behind Iphone''s I have become an instant lover of the technology, easy to use, easy to install things and an ability to stay in touch wherever you are are essential for modern living.


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      • More +
        19.05.2014 13:47
        Very helpful


        • faster
        • Colourful!
        • Lightweight
        • Stylish


        • Expensive
        • "Battery could be better"

        An excellent phone which I would recommend


        I have recently parted with my IPhone 4, and upgraded to the Iphone 5c in Blue. The reason for updating was because my old phone was starting to slow down. I have had the 5c in blue for about 3 months now, so I thought it was time to write a review and get my opinion out there


        They are a little pricey, you are looking at well over 400 pounds, yet if you purchase the Phone with a contract like I have, you can get the phone for free. Have a look at the best deals out there and compare prices. Overall I would say that they are expensive for what they are, but you have to pay these prices for technology and there is no escaping that fact. They are also very expensive to repair, so I would recommend taking out insurance on your new phone

        Worth the Upgrade?:

        The phone works very well, it runs quickly and apps will open instantly. The overall quality of the screen is much improved and is very clear. I love that the screen is bigger, it makes browsing the web and viewing videos a much more enjoyable experience. The colours are fantastic and brighten up the usual dull colours and appearence of an IPhone. The back feels smooth and light to hold.


        The phone is ''plastic'' but I do not feel it detracts from the quality, I feel like it is a breath of fresh air from Apple and I like to brightness of the colours. It is cheaper than the 5s so I feel the quality may not be as good, but if you want a reliable phone with almost all the features of the top model, then I would recommend this.


        All the usual Iphone features, yet a few facelifts. The camera is excellent and the sound quality from the inbuilt speaker is great. The use of ''siri'' feels much easier. The phone also feels much more responsive when typing and selecting apps

        Would I recommend?:

        I would recommend this Phone to anyone looking to upgrade, or get an Iphone for the first time. They are good quality and work very fast. They have a good battery life if you use the phone all day, although I would prefer the battery to last longer it is much better than previous models. The colours on offer, such as white, red, blue, pink etc and very vibrant and there is one to suit most personalities. I recommend looking around for a good deal, many contracts will offer this phone for free if you pay a certain amount each month (I currently pay 27 and I got the phone free on a 24 month contract)

        Thanks for reading!


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      • More +
        28.02.2014 20:40
        Not Helpful



        Overall great phone

        Although this phone has 16gb memory storage capacity which sounds quite minute compared to the the other options of 32gb and 64gb but the amount of data is promising as long as you don't keep movies or hour long videos etc on your phone else it will not last very long and unlike some other smart phone the memory card can not be removed and inserted etc. It runs through apples smooth IOS system which allows different featured to iOS 6 because iOS 7 comes with the phone there is no hassle updating. The phone is quite small compared to the constant growing sizes off other smart phones that are on the market, I am mainly hinting at htc and samsung. It is good to have a small phone because they are very convenient. Comes with a fabulous 8mp camera which is not to be under estimated. The weight is low so it's not a struggle to type etc.


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          25.02.2014 21:59
          Very helpful



          Perfect phone to add a little colour to your life

          I have always been an Apple fan, and have pretty much had an iPhone since they came out (apart from a brief mistake with a Samsung!) The iPhone 5C does not disappoint. I previously had an iPhone S, but found that the bills were getting quite high, so when it cam to upgrading, I really wanted to save myself a bit of money, and the 5C was the perfect way to do this.

          The colours seem to put some people off, but for me, I found it quite appealing. Yellow is my favourite colour, so I like my phone being that colour, it adds a bit of sunshine to my day! I also find that all the features all comparable to my last iPhone, without the hefty price tag.

          - the camera is still great. I can also upload pictures straight to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/etc, which is a great feature for people who like to use social media on the go.
          - the tough poly-carbonate exterior makes it much more resistant to bumps and knocks (I drop my phone a lot, and - touch wood - all good so far)
          - the processor is fast, so you don't need to wait around for things loading, etc

          - the battery life. This is always a problem with iPhones, so nothing out of the ordinary, but still fairly annoying to have to charge your phone every night.

          Overall, I believe the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to the 5C. It will definitely last me a long time, and I don't think I'll get bored of it anytime soon.


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          19.02.2014 15:25
          Very helpful



          I would recommend!

          When my iphone 4 came to the end of its contract, I decided, rather than to immediately upgrade - I'd use a sim only deal whilst my phone was in good working order. This worked fine until about 6 months later when software updates via Apple rendered my phone almost useless. The new software made my phone glitch, and the apps/camera poor and painfully slow.

          I trawled most phone dealerships and reviews of all the phones I could go for. In the end the simplicity of the iphone won and I decided to go for a sparkling new iphone 5c. Included in the box was my (green) iphone, charger (which is also the USB lead) and earphones (which seem to be too big for my ears!). The price of the contract was very reasonable at £27 a month on orange/EE and also claimed back £63 via topcashback which tracked and paid out very quickly!

          Here are the technical specs if you are interested -

          Display - 4-inch (diagonal)
          Multi-Touch Retina display - Resolution 1136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi
          Storage - 16GB, 32GB1
          Cellular - UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA (850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz); GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 13, 17, 19, 20, 25)2
          Wireless data - 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz and 5GHz)
          Bluetooth - 4.0 wireless technology
          GPS - Assisted GPS and GLONASS
          Camera - 8-megapixel camera for photos and 1080p HD video recording
          FaceTime HD camera for video calls
          Battery - Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery3
          Talk Time - Up to 10 hours on 3G3
          Standby Time - Up to 250 hours3
          Internet Use - Up to 8 hours on 3G, up to 10 hours on LTE and 10 hours on Wi-Fi3
          Video Playback - Up to 10 hours3
          Audio Playback - Up to 40 hours3
          Dimensions - 124.4 mm x 59.2 mm x 8.97 mm4
          Weight - 132 grams4
          Input and output - Lightning connector, 3.5-mm stereo headphone minijack, built-in speaker, built-in microphone, SIM card tray

          What it looks like -

          Getting it out of the box, I was quite surprised at how thin and long it was compared to my old iphone 4. I was also slightly worried about the plastic look of it; however the more I've used it the more I've fallen in love. The shape is much more reminiscent of the old iphone 3, and feels much nicer in the hand with its smoothed down edges and it feels light, but sturdy. The colour is pleasing to the eye, but a little bit more neon than I was expecting. The screen is roughly 1 inch bigger than my iphone 4, which seemed huge to begin with, but after a little use I struggled to even read my old screen as it seemed super small in comparison!

          In use -

          I always give my phones an overnight charge (if possible) before using them, just so I can have a proper play without having the charger stuck out the bottom. I noticed with the charger that it is much smaller than my old IPhone 4 charger, and also can be inserted both ways which is ideal. It looks less flimsy than the older style and also seems to charge the phone much quicker which is always a bonus. The only downside I have found with this new charger is the fact it has a different shape to it, this means my old docking station now doesn't work with my new phone. I've heard you can buy adapters to change the slot but I've not yet looked into this.

          Calling on the iphone is pretty self explanatory, as is messaging - there are self contained 'app' buttons which contain your contacts and/or messages. Both of which are quick and easy to navigate, especially if you are used to ios platforms. There is now also an option to video call, which means if your other caller has a front camera on their phone they can have a 'face to face' call with you, also there is an option for instant messaging from iphone to iphone. This seems to work well when you are in a wifi/3g area.
          Apps are easy enough to find on the itunes store, and also if you are previous iphone user, you can just re-download your apps straight to your new phone. I thought this was a great idea, as it saves you paying again or losing them completely. My favourite apps are ebay, instagram, facebook, paypal, and my Lloyds banking app. All of which are super fast to use, there is no glitchiness or delay when opening them!

          The camera so far has been fantastic and my favourite function on this phone. It's very easily accessible, from the lock screen you simply swipe upward. Also seeing as its 8 megapixels I've caught some amazing pictures. Also it seems to be great at picking up a picture in the dark, as opposed to the blurred mess the old iphone would pick up. It seems to be good at picking up pictures of fast moving objects (my children) with ease. There are options to change the filter of the lens too, which is fantastic if you don't want to use an editing app such as instagram with each photo.

          Battery time has been better than the iphone 4, however I feel it leaves a lot to be desired. Apps such as youtube literally drain the battery in front of your eyes, and despite not over huge usage these phones still need charging once a day.

          Conclusion -

          I really struggled to come to a decision over which phone to choose. There seems to be a huge market in this genre of smart phones. There are maybe 2-3 phones which are of equal or better spec than the latest iphones. I do however know that once you've used an iphone it's very hard to give up on them. They are extremely easy to navigate (my 3 and 4 year old use them with ease - think deleted apps and hundreds of funny faces in my albums!) I'm very happy with my decision so far; however I'm worried about future software upgrades rendering this phone as useless as my old one. I would say, if you are looking to go from an older iphone you will be pleased, the overall speed at which the phone operates at is much quicker.


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          06.02.2014 17:19
          Not Helpful



          Brilliant phone, however battery life doesn't last very long

          I recently upgraded from a 4s to a 5c and absolutely love it!
          Seems much quicker than the 4s, the screen is bigger which allows more to be seen at a time and the camera is also quicker at taking photos - no more blurred images!
          Storage is good, have alot of apps and photos on mine and still have room for more! Whereas on my 4s it would say i had 5gb left but still make me delete things before i could update my software!
          Only issue im finding is the battery life isn't all that great - however this could simply be due to the fact its better and i use it more? Possibly. I just find I'm charging this model more often than i did the 4s, but again that could be down to usage rather than a technical fault.
          Overall i am happy with the phone and couldn't imagine being without it!


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          20.01.2014 17:17
          Very helpful



          a gorgeous and easy to use phone; i won't look further than apple for technology again!

          iPhone 5C technical specifications:
          Available in: white, pink, green, yellow or blue
          Software: iOS 7

          Height: 124.4 mm (4.90 inches)
          Width: 59.2 mm (2.33 inches)
          Depth: 8.97 mm (0.35 inches)
          Weight: 132 grams (4.65 ounces)

          Retina display
          4-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi‑Touch display
          1136x640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi

          8 megapixels with hybrid IR filter, autofocus, tap to focus, face detection, panorama and photo geotagging
          1080p HD video recording

          Uses a lightning adapter

          Full specification available at http://www.apple.com/uk/iphone-5c/specs/

          I've been through a lot of phones in the last few years and have long insisted that Blackberry were the best. With my purchase of a Blackberry Bold 9790 I soon began to realise that Blackberry were not the be all and end all of phones. I've never really considered having a full touch screen phone and always insisted that buttons were completely necessary; that's why my u-turn into buying an iPhone was pretty shocking for everyone I know.

          I was lured into buying the phone through the fact that my friends were always telling me to get certain apps, which were not available on Blackberry. I never used to be bothered with apps and used to only use my phone as a device for texting, but this soon got frustrating when I went to uni. I felt out of the loop by not having all of the apps my friends had, and felt I couldn't adequately keep in touch. So, I caved and cancelled my Blackberry contract, finding a very good deal on Carphone Warehouse for a 5c. I paid £30 upfront for the phone and have a contract on T Mobile at £28 a month for 200 mins, and unlimited texting and internet.

          I would definitely recommend unlimited internet with a phone such as this due to the magnitude of apps available, and also due to the larger screen than older iPhones. I wouldn't say that I am using internet on it 24/7 but it is good to know that I don't have to keep an eye on it and be stringent with my internet usage. I can't adequately compare it to any other iPhones since I haven't had one before, but my family all have iPhone 4S' and so a limited comparison can be made in places.

          ~The actual phone~

          The software~
          The phone comes with iOS 7, which looks and works better on its larger screen than it does on older models. I would say that new design that comes with iOS 7 suits the overall aesthetic of the phone. Since I have not used an iPhone before, I will review the general software also. I love the fact that I can easily sync music to my phone, something that is incredibly hard to do with other models, using iTunes. There is ample space to do this due to the fact that the phone comes with 16GB/32GB of space. I have the 16GB phone and have not felt like this has hindered me in any way: I have over 1000 songs on my phone and plenty of apps and it is not full yet.

          The fact that the phone can sync to my iTunes wirelessly is also brilliant; I am so forgetful when it comes to syncing my devices and keeping my music up to date and so for the phone to do it for me effortlessly is a godsend! It is also easy to decide what to sync to the phone, if you're like me and have much more music on iTunes that can fit.

          As I mentioned before, the main reason I got this phone was for the apps to keep in touch with my friends. I never realised just how many apps were available on the app store - there literally is an app for everything. And a considerable number of them are free also.

          The camera is of a spec that puts any of my old phones to shame. It is amazingly easy to use, and has adequate photo editing features. I love the addition of the panorama mode. I would definitely say that since I got this phone, I've barely used my actual camera; the quality on the phone is so close to my digital camera that it would seem superfluous to take both around with me all of the time. Of course, for more professional photos, you would want to use an actual camera, but for the average day out it is perfect. There are also lots of easy to use ways to share your photos with family and friends using various apps.

          The design~
          I was wary about having a larger screen than with an older iPhone, which I considered, as I thought it would be too big. I couldn't be more wrong; I think the screen is a perfect size and in no way unmanageable. It is not actually much larger than the iPhone 4 screen but easily manages to fit in an extra row of apps, meaning that you will have less pages to scroll through, and can have more important apps on the first page than you used to be able to.

          With the larger screen, it can be said that apps look a lot more impressive, and that iOS 7 works and looks better. The software in general has been given more space to work with, and therefore does not look in any way overwhelming. The swipe up menu available through iOS does not reach the top of the screen, as I have noticed it does on the 4S, which I find preferable since you can still see the time and the top row of apps.

          At 8.97mm it is slightly thinner than the 4S, which means that it also feels a bit lighter to hold in your hand. Also, it is noteworthy that the phone with no case on feels sturdier than the likes of a 4S: this is possibly due to the fact that the back of the phone is made using plastic. I would say that this is beneficial due to the tendency people have to drop iPhones: the plastic back feels more durable and less slippy.

          The phone is available in 5 pastel-like colours. I chose the white one as I am not a huge fan of the shades of the other phones: I feel like the white one has a more classic feel to it. There is criticism to say that the phone, due to the pastel shades it is available in, it more aimed at women, but I would say that the white one in particular doesn't have any sort of 'feminine' feel to it - the like pink one does. The coloured backs of the phones is far removed from Apple's tendency to go for more classic colours such as black, white and grey - and possibly due to the fact that many phones on the market have gone for more colourful designs.

          As previously mentioned, the phone uses a lightning charger, which is familiar to people who are owners of iPads. I remember this annoyed people when the phone came out due to the fact that every previous iPhone used the same charger but since I haven't had that annoyance I can review this without bias. I think the smaller charger socket on the phone looks neater, and it also allows for the headphone socket to fit on the bottom of the phone. This makes the top of the phone look sleeker and less cluttered in my opinion. Also, the charger can be inserted into the phone either way, which many chargers cannot.

          I would say that the design of the phone is a considerable departure from the classic iPhone design that we have grown accustomed to: it is not for everyone as there is criticism to say it looks cheap and tacky. I would not agree, as especially in the white colour, it looks classy and refreshingly different to the old design. It feels durable, light and I trust the build of the phone more than I have with previous phones. People have also said that the 5C is basically the cheap version of the 5S, and I really don't see that that is a bad thing! A 5S on contract is hugely expensive per month, and I really don't see that it has enough extra features above the 5C to justify the price tag.

          I basically have fallen in love with this phone and with Apple in general. I doubt I'll look further than Apple in the future when my contract for this phone expires!


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            14.01.2014 20:12
            Very helpful



            An amazing phone in a bright and beautiful colour.

            Apple iPhone 5c
            Price:-approximately £415.00 (amazon price) but contracts are available, my phone is on a contract.
            This review is not comparing it to other iPhone models as I haven't upgraded this is a new phone and my first iPhone.

            My first review of a phone, comments may be needed to improve this.
            After two years of having a blackberry I decided I needed to join the iPhone craze, I went for an iPhone 5c in blue and I love it. I already have an iPod touch and an iPad so I have a pretty good understanding of how to use the phone already. I find that the look of the phone is smart it's light and can fit in a trouser pocket and my hand comfortably unlike my old blackberry which I felt was so big and bulky. There are many different colours to chose from blue, green, pink, yellow or white. With such a good colour choice I think that the phone will appeal to a lot of people. The back is made of plastic but In my opinion it doesn't look like it is, it is quite slippery though, so a case is definitely recommended.

            Some good points of this phone
            - I find the camera to be perfect, I now no longer feel like I need to take a camera out I think the photos are very good quality and you can upload them straight to an email or Facebook.
            - The layout of this phone is great, The icons are clear and you can see everything that you need to see, I also like the idea of being able to create folders to keep things organised just like a computer.
            - There is an app for everything.

            Low points
            -Battery life, it's not bad but it's not great either, I have to charge my phone every day without fail, maybe it's me using it too much but I definitely think the battery on smart phones in general not just iPhones need improving.
            - The price is quite high but you pay for what you get, pay a lot you get a quality phone in a pretty colour. Price plans and contracts are available as well.

            Would I recommend this phone?
            Yes I would I love my phone so much and wouldn't change it for anything, it's bright, it's beautiful and it's perfect I can do everything on move. If you are considering buying an iPhone I would say go for this one it's amazing and possibly the best product I own.
            I'm still giving this phone 5 star rating because even with the battery needing charging every day that's not much of an inconvenience to me.


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