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Apple iPhone 5S 32 GB

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11 Reviews
  • Nice Camera
  • Fast
  • Not Very Durable
  • Charging Port Is Not Great
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    11 Reviews
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      31.08.2015 22:58
      Very helpful


      • Fast
      • "Nice Camera"
      • "Great Memory"


      • "Charging Port Is Not Great"
      • "Not Very Durable"

      A slick i-Phone with plenty of memory.

      I have had an i-phone for as long as I can remember now. Over the years I think I have had four different versions. My latest i-phone and the one I currently use is the i-phone 5s with 32GB of memory. I've been using this phone for over a year now so I thought I would give it a review.

      First of all it looks very slick. Not as wide as my previous version but slightly longer. The screen is very clear and the buttons are all very nicely tucked away. As with all i-phones the large touch screen is very good and very reliable.

      This is without a doubt the fastest i-phone I have ever used. Plus with a whopping 32GB of memory it stores lots of music, pictures and apps which is abviously a good thing. The camera is also very good with some nice features such as slow mo, time lapse and panoramas.

      On the down side however there are a few issues with this phone. For the first time i have managed to crack my screen. It's not a big crack but it is a crack. My old phones used to stand up to some pretty rough treatment but this one, even with a case on seems a little less durable.

      Another recent issue is that I have been having problems charging the phone. The port is smaller than previous versions but it is very prone to getting block up with dust and lint. This is what has happened with mine, I've tried cleaning it but it still does not work properly. To charge the phone I have to really ram the charger into the socket to get it to connect.

      Other than those few issues though I do like this i-phone. There is plenty going for it and over the year that I have had it it has worked very well for me.


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    • More +
      27.04.2015 09:03
      Very helpful


      • Siri
      • Lightweight
      • "High Performance"


      • "No Memory Card Slot"
      • "Prone to signal errors"
      • Fragile

      This is a perfect device for anyone wanting a stylish high performance mobile device.

      The Apple iPhone 5s is a stylish, lightweight, high performance smartphone. This device is capable of handling most things you throw at it with the exception of actually throwing something at it! Capable of taking stunning photos and videos. Has more than enough room for all your albums via iTunes and has smooth clear sound while you listen. Quick access to all your favourite apps all can be downloaded via the apple app store. The devices can be extremely fragile one drop on the floor could result in a broken screen and sometimes loss of signal so it is essential if you purchase this device that you buy a protective case. Great device for anyone on the move and anyone who loves to socialise. You can access anything on your device with the help of your own personal assistant (Siri) enabling you to search the web, make calls and even type emails and messages all hands free. Has an exceptional quality camera on the front and back for all your photos and selfies. Speak to anyone of your iPhone friends anytime face to face via video chat on the iPhones facetime app. Want to learn something new you can with itunes u app avaliable on the iPhone device quick access whenever you like your choice. Like to game? The device has plenty capability for all your games be it 3d boxing to angry birds smooth running real time games. Or maybe you like to stream the device has very quick loading times so no waiting for buffering. Further more this device has something for everyone be it music, videos or games.


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      09.04.2015 18:41
      Not Helpful


      • "Nice look"
      • "Good touch screen "


      • "A little bit over priced"
      • "The build in app took up so much space"

      In conclusion you should buy it, not when it just came out, the price is

      I think the phone worth around 400 pound, it is very useful especially the Siri. It is also light just the right size for teenagers. The camera is very good and the appearance is very good. The Fingerprint lock is very useful, it prevents from other people looking at your password, it is also good for traveling for example you wants to find a restaurant you can just ask Siri.


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    • More +
      28.03.2015 11:08
      Not Helpful


      • Slim
      • Touch
      • weight
      • speed
      • performence
      • features
      • camera
      • body
      • design
      • Display


      • Price

      Most Advanced and More Powerful Than You Think

      IPhone 5s by Apple Inc. It is the best smartphone yet available designed by Apple. It is Beautiful, Luxurious, Stylish, Blazingly fast high end phone which is designed by advanced technology .
      iPhone 5s was released on September 20, 2013 in an event held by Apple along with another mid-range iPhone 5c, But unfortunately, iPhone 5c couldn't get much attention because of its build quality, and iPhone 5s showed positive response from the iPhone lovers and sold 9 million units on its first weekend of release along with 5c. This was the best-selling phone in September 2013 and also broke Apple's sales record. iPhone 5s is a high end smartphone in its series and has many improvements and new architecture, new hardware and a lot of new features which aren’t available in previous iPhone 5.
      In this review, I will discuss the new features, and specifications of iPhone 5s.
      The iPhone 5s is designed beautifully. Its slim, sleek n stylish, light, and easy to hold in hands. Apple once again did a good job by providing the best protection with Corning Gorilla Glass, and Oleophobic coating.

      Dimensions are:
      Width: 2.31 inches (58.6 mm
      Height: 4.87 inches (123.8 mm)
      Depth: 0.30 inch (7.6 mm)
      Weight: 3.95 ounces (112 grams)

      The new features in iPhone 5s are The New A7 Chip, which is fast enough and made iPhone 5s the first 64-bit Smartphone in the world
      New iSight Camera gets even more better with Dual Led Flash enables to capture more realistic and colourful images even in low light. The camcoder is also capable of making 120fps 720p video in slow motion. Other camera features are video stabilization, HDR, Burst Mode, facetime and panaroma.
      One of the impressive feature in the new iPhone 5s is its fingerprint sensor in its home button which makes the user feel more secure.


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    • More +
      13.03.2015 16:00


      • battery
      • "nice screen"
      • Small


      • "not durable "
      • "screen can break"

      Great phone!

      A number of high profile news stories emerged soon after the iPhone 5c's release. These ranged from the metallic back and side chipping and revealing the aluminium beneath to issues with battery life and the Apple Maps fiasco. We go into more detail about the maps app further on.
      The most complained about aspect of the iPhone 5 is battery life. More than 2,500 owners gave the iPhone 5c an average of 6.8/10 for battery life. The Galaxy S3 and S4 score 7.3 and 7.6 out of 10 respectively. The next aspect of the iPhone 5c that most irks owners is its value for money. iPhone owners have known for a long time that Apple demands a premium for its phones. The cost of extra storage on an iPhone makes it particularly costly to go for a 32GB or 64GB model, whereas Galaxy owners are able to add extra storage on the cheap via the microSD card.
      However, it’s not all bad news for iPhone owners in terms of value. The iPhone 5 retains its value better than any other smartphone. This means you can get back a lot of the original outlay by selling when you upgrade. Even better news is that the 2,500 owners who provided feedback scored the iPhone 5 with 9.2 for ease of use, 9.1 for features and 9.1 for design, clearly showing that it also has a lot going for it. ALl in all its a great phones with a great screen. I tell people all the time to get this phone. its great and cheap now! (2015)


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    • More +
      23.02.2015 18:08
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Camera
      • "Large choice of apps "
      • "Easy to use "
      • "Fingerprint ID sensor"
      • Stylish


      • "Short battery life "

      iPhone Greatness!

      I am a huge fan of Apple products and have been an iphone user for around 3 years now. Just over a year ago I upgraded my old iphone 4 for the iphone 5s 32GB in space grey and have been very impressed with it.

      My iphone 5s came as part of a contract but it is possible to purchase this phone currently priced at £499 from www.apple.co.uk.

      It came securely packaged in a box with power adapter, lightening to USB cable and Apple earpods. Although there is no instruction booklet you are able to find any help you require on the Apple support website.

      This phone like any apple product is very stylish being made from glass with a metal casing. It was very easy to set up with step by step on screen instructions but you will need to ensure that you are connected to wifi to do this. As I had had an Apple phone previously I was able to restore all of my apps and settings from the icloud which was a easy and quick process.

      I find this phone very easy to use. It is a great size with large and great quality touch screen display. The only buttons on the phone is the home button on the front, the on/off button on the top and volume control buttons on the left hand side. It was the first iphone to come with the finger print ID sensor allowing you to unlock your phone with just the touch of your finger on the home button which I find a brilliant feature. There is also an 8 megapixel camera incorporated into the phone allowing you to take pictures whenever required or to take screen shots of your screen display.

      You can install apps from the Apple app store with a huge variety being available. The apps are displayed as tiles on your phone’s homepage and can be grouped into folders if required. I have around 100 apps on my phone and around 4000 photographs but I still have around 10GB of storage available.

      I totally love my iphone 5s it looks stylish, is fast and efficient. I can send messages, make calls, check my emails, my diary, play games and browse the internet all on the move. I think the only negative I would have is that the battery life could be better. I do find myself charging my phone twice per day as I do use it quite heavily so I am hoping that my next upgrade has an improved battery. Other than this for me it meets all of my needs and I would certainly recommend this iphone 5s from Apple.


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      • More +
        10.11.2014 21:36
        Very helpful


        • "Slim line "
        • Light
        • "Touch sensor"
        • "Looks good "
        • "Great feel"


        • "Overpriced "
        • "Silly contracts "
        • "Expensive "

        Best so far!


        I have recently upgraded to an iPhone 5s gold as I felt it was time for a new phone. I got it on a contract from 3 mobile to avoid paying the extortionate cost of buying a new phone. It is still very expensive to have even on a contract.


        I am paying £38 a month. However you can buy the phone for over £500 new. There are many differnt prices on the market, however places such as eBay offer the best value, although some seller can't be trusted so tread carefully.

        Any good?:

        I really like the phone, it's good looking and feels great to hold. It is fast and the upgraded features such as the camera make it much better than previous models. The processor speed on the 5s is much better than my older iPhones. Although the iphone 6 has come out, I would still recommend this phone as it has very good features and is cheaper.


        It's very expensive to own, there are no cheap ways to own and iphone 5. You just have to shop around and find the best deal at that moment in time.


        I really like this phone and I find it to be the best option at the moment for quality and price. Although it's not the newest model, it's worth a try. The feel and look are stylish compared to the previous iphone 4 etc. I would pick this phone out of all the current phones on the market. I give this four stars, missing a star due to the cost and the over pricing which Apple implements on it's phones


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      • More +
        11.09.2014 22:21
        Very helpful


        • "Great camera"
        • Lightweight
        • Innovative
        • "Great phone"


        • "Battery life"

        Overall a great phone and a must have

        So ive had my IPhone 5S for just over a year now, and I live by it. Having been a Android phone user for the last two years I felt a need for a change in phones and jumped on the IPhone bandwagon. This review is my experience of the IPhone 5S, being a new user of the phone and Apple.

        Step 1: Choosing the Phone size and Tariff:
        First things first, picking the appropriate size and tariff that suits me. This can be a very difficult thing; do you know how much space you will need on your phone? What tariff best suits you? These are questions that I always ask myself. Prior to buying this phone I was with T-Mobile and once my contract came to an end I started looking for a cheaper deal. Im a sucker for deals so I looked through the internet to get a good deal on the phone as well as reading reviews on different phone networks.
        In the end I decided to go with O2. (It’s worth looking at Cashback sites as I signed up to O2 through mytopcashback, and got about £80.00 in Cashback).
        Having looked around on the apple website you have the options of buying the handset along; and current prices are as follows;

        16GB - £459.00
        32GB - £499.00

        I signed up to a monthly contract with O2 and prices vary depending on the network you choose. I signed up for a 24 month contract for £32 per month for the 32GB, which also came with unlimited text messages, 2GB worth of data, and 1000 minutes. What I also liked about O2 was the flexibility of adding bolt on’s to my monthly bill, god forbid I use all my interest I can get a one off 500mb of data for only £6.00. If I can give one piece of advice it would be to pick your tariff carefully. If you know you are going to use Internet more often go for more 3G allowance, and vice versa if you are going to use more minutes.

        Step 2: Once you get the Phone:

        The exciting part, its like being a kid on Christmas day opening up the package and seeing what present you have got! My recommendation always charge up your phone to 100% when you first get it. The phone also comes with a NanoSIM, this was a surprise for me as im so use to seeing bigger chips for phone. This is placed on the side of the phone, which has a little whole in it. The trick is to get a safety pin to open it.

        Instructions are then made available for you to set up your IPhone; this will include language, location, setting a PIN for your phone etc. You will be asked to enter or set up an Apple ID. This ID is essentially your passport to the Apple Gateway, giving you access to apps, setting up I-cloud, registering your phone and so forth.

        Step 3: Using the Phone:

        This is probably the fun part of the review for me, giving detail on the main features of the phone which I use, and how people can get the most out of their IPhone 5S.


        An obvious part of the phone is its call feature, which allows the user to intercept incoming calls as well as making outgoing calls. When you click on the phone option on the menu, you will be taken to a menu which will consist of five sub categories:
        • Favourites
        • Recent
        • Contacts
        • Keypad
        • Voicemail

        The favourites tab is a useful function it allows you to add favourite contacts or as I like to call them the people you speak to and contact on a regular basis. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to look for the contact through the address contact section or dial their number in manually. The quicker the better.

        Another favourite option of mine is the recent tab, this will give you a breakdown of the recent calls you have made as well as received. Again it’s good to use this section if your looking for someone’s number quickly.


        An innovative feature on the IPhone 5S, and all of Apple’s IPhones is the Facetime (video call) function. This allows you to see and speak to anyone who also has an apple device. There are so many benefits to this; it takes away the need for a Skype Account but also the ability to see the person. Having family abroad this has been a feature which I use on a regular basis, it cuts my international phone bill, however it’s worth nothing that the person receiving the Facetime also needs an Apple product.

        Text Messaging:

        Again another standard feature which is found on most phones. The difference about the messaging functioning on the IPhone 5S is that if you message another Apple phone you have the ability of delivering an I –message, which is free, doesn’t bite into any messaging allowance you may have and acts like an instant messenger.

        The Camera:

        The iPhone 5 comes with an 8 megapixel, Autofocus camera. I love taking pictures, in particular selfies and have phone the apple camera brilliant. I don’t expect the camera to be on the same level as a professional camera that you see experience photographers using, but it does what I need, which is have a high res camera in my pocket.

        When you click on the camera feature on the phone, you have a variety of options that you can choose from, varies from the type of photo you want to take (normal, square, or panoramic). The panoramic function on the phone is great and with the easy swipe feature and directions you can take superb photos in the matter of seconds. The phone comes with a two faced camera, meaning you can face the camera towards you (great for the selfies).

        Detailed Features include:
        • 8 megapixels with 1.5µ pixels
        • ƒ/2.2 aperture
        • Sapphire crystal lens cover
        • True Tone flash
        • Backside illumination sensor
        • Five-element lens
        • Hybrid IR filter
        • Autofocus
        • Tap to focus
        • Exposure control
        • Auto HDR for photos
        • Face detection
        • Panorama
        • Auto image stabilisation
        • Burst mode
        • Photo geotagging


        What phone would be complete without the ability to use 3G / Wi-Fi on your phone. The internet browser (safari) is very easy to use and what I like is the ability to have multiple browsers open at the same time so you can flick back and forth. You also have the standard features of viewing your history, bookmarking pages, creating a homepage and so on. Here are also a few tips to remember when using the internet on the phone:

        1.If you have a Wi-Fi connection at home make sure you have set your browser to pick it up. It saves you using your 3G data. Always remember to have a strong password on your Wi-Fi!

        2.When travelling abroad, disable your 3G through the setting tab, you don’t want to be charged.


        With a 2 hour commute to work everyday I always need music to keep me going, keeps me awake and sane in the morning. Apple has always been known for revolutionizing music on hand held devices with their iPods. The IPhone is even more. Music is easy to upload onto your phone through an i-tunes account which is easy and free to set up. It’s worth noting that music can take up a lot of space on your phone, as well as draining your battery. I always phone the headphones apply supply to be basic, my ears never seem to fit them or adjust to them, but even if you brought a basic set of headphones the music quality is brilliant.

        For people that love music, another tip would be to download the Spotify account. They charge a monthly premium of about £10 per month, but you have unlimited access to all the latest music which you can listen to offline.


        This is one thing I again love about this phone. I have access to millions of apps, both of which are paid and free. There are apps which are free which really enhance your phone even further such as music apps, Photography apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and so on. Its worth noting that each time you download an app, you will be asked to provide your apple ID password as a security measure. If you are looking to buy apps, it might be worth either registering a I-tunes gift card or adding card details to your account. I always purchase gift cards as I don’t want to share my card details.

        Battery Life Spec:
        •Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
        •Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter
        •Talk time: up to 10 hours on 3G
        •Standby time: up to 250 hours
        •Internet use: up to 10 hours on 3G, up to 10 hours on LTE, up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi
        •Video playback: up to 10 hours
        •Audio playback: up to 40 hours
        The one negative aspect I always find is the battery life on my phone. I don’t leave my house without the spare charger as I know that my battery would be dead from the usage throughout the day. If like me you use a lot of apps, play games and listen to music you know that your phone will loose battery very quickly. A useful tip would be to “kill” any applications that might be running in the background that you may not be award of. You can do this my double clicking the middle button on your phone, a screen will appear showing what’s running in the background. Simply swipe each screen up or down to kill the app.

        Overall it’s a great phone which allows me to keep in touch with the world around me. Its offers everything I need and more.

        For all the official specifications from Apple, head over the link below.


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      • More +
        25.06.2014 06:52


        • "Fingerprint scanner"


        • "No major changes form Iphone 4"
        • Expensive

        Good phone but not anything new

        With the main differences being a fingerprint scanner, a slightly modified camera flash and an increased processing speed, unless you''re an avid tech fan, you aren''t going to notice much of a difference between this and the 5C. Apple once again have stuck with the 8mp camera, but just added some extra editing features. The 4 inch retina display is a luxury however, offering seamless browsing with clarity and definition. This phone is great as a novelty. Apple is a fantastic brand with a worldwide status, but comparing this phones technical aspects to it''s price tag, they''re really pushing the boundaries. If you''re not too bothered about the Apple brand, a good alternative would be the Samsung Galaxy S4 or even the Google Nexus 5. These phones offer a higher spec camera, longer battery life, and a cheaper repair if broken, not to mention saving yourself a couple of hundred pounds, the S4 is a great alternative app based phone. Or, if you''re looking to stick with Apple, grab an iphone 5C to save yourself some cash. Therefore, I rate the Apple Iphone 5S a 3 out of 5 because there have been no groundbreaking improvements that were made and honestly if you already own an Iphone it just isn''t worth it. Although, if you dont already have an Iphone and you are definitely looking to get one then that is when Id say this may be the right choice for you. Even still, you can save some money and bump down to the 5c. Yes, you wouldnt have a fingerprint scanner with the 5c(which is very cool I admit) but at least its not a necessity.


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      • More +
        23.04.2014 15:05
        Very helpful


        • "easy to set up"
        • "Easy ICloud Sync"
        • "Biometric scanner"


        • Expenisve

        Easy set up and technologically advanced Iphone, amazing!

        After owning an iPhone 3GS and a samsung galaxy that i have now swapped for this Iphone 5s. I was impressed with the look of the iphone 5 last year, but not so much with the specification. This year the release of iphone 5s had my interest for a number of reasons, namely that it looked like the 5, but more importantly it was the shift to ios 7 and the improved 64 bit machine within it that really got me to think seriously about making the change back. Announcements like the biometric fingerprint scanner wasn''t really of any interest to me, that''s just gimmicky right?
        The experience out of the box is as I have come to expect from Apple. The phone and all it''s components just feel so well crafted that it''s just a cut above everything else out there even though i liked my samsung galaxy s3 up until now and thought it was a lot better than the Iphone. As i have an iPad mini the set up was seamless. I just entered my ICloud ID and away I went. Speaking of the set up process, the iCloud has really made this simple, all of my apps transferred straight over, as did my purchased music. Then i set up the fingerprint scanner. As stated above, I thought this was rather pointless but in actuality It was very simple to set up, and most importantly it really does work. My right thumb now let''s me immediately into my phone (rather than a pass key - which can be used as a fail safe) and in almost a week of constant use it has never not worked for me first time. Even more impressive than this is that I have set up the print scan to purchase apps and music from the Istore. I''ve really been taken in by this feature after being initially skeptical so it seems Apple are onto a winner here. This Iphone is the most technically advanced from all the Iphones invented so far and even though i thought i''d never change my mind about my previously owned Samsung galaxy i would recommend this now above other phones.


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      • More +
        17.11.2013 13:19



        Wonderful, but expensive.

        After having an IPhone 4 for the past two years, I recently came to the end of my contract and faced having to decide what my upgrade would be. There were plenty of smartphones out there and some really good deals, but I knew straight away that I wanted to stay with Apple. My choice was whether to make the slight upgrade to a 4S at no extra charge, or to take out a completely new contract and take the plunge on a 5S. I had just been paid and was feeling rather flush, so I made the choice of a 5S. How glad I was that I did.

        The first thing that strikes you is how aesthetically pleasing it is. Its much lighter and thinner than the 4, but equally feels a lot stronger and more solidly built; the metal back gets a lot of thanks for this. Its definitely designed with ergonomics in mind, as it feels almost instinctive to use. The thumb recognition security is fantastic and feels like something out of 'Back to the Future.'

        In terms of size, I've gone for a 32GB processor as opposed to the 16GB of my IPhone 4. What a difference it has made! The graphics are incredible, and the new IOS7 software looks smooth, sleek and is lightning fast. The camera feels like such an upgrade, and delivers pictures that are just as sharp and clear as any I take on my specialised camera.

        Hardware wise, the new, updated earphones are such a step up from the normal bog standard ones you got with the IPhone 4. They're not quite on par with my specialist headphones, but they do the trick when I'm running and stay in place much better.

        Price wise, there are so many different deals it can be a little confusing. I shopped around a bit, and it seemed like O2 offered the best deal, albeit with so many variables. After I had decided on the make, model, colour and processor size, I was left with a choice of payment plans. The first was whether to go for a usage limit of 1GB, 2GB or 4GB. I think the total price difference between 1 and 4GB was £10 per month, with 2GB somewhere in the middle. I'm never sure how much internet I'm using, but as I'm on my phone pretty often with work I went for 4GB to be on the safe side. I'm told that unless I'm refreshing Facebook every 1.5 seconds, there is no chance of me exceeding that. Reassuring I know, but I do wonder how they test these things! The total price for this was £27.00 per month.
        The second choice was the payment plan for the phone. There were varying options, which involved certain amounts being paid up front with the rest being paid on a monthly basis. The more you could afford to pay up front, the less you would be paying for the phone in the long run. I think the package started with around an £80 downpayment, with a monthly contract of £25 per month, all the way through to paying £700 in cash and walking away with no monthly bill. As much as that sounded nice on the face of it, I couldn't afford to pay so much outright, so settled on a programme that was somewhere in the middle. £259.00 up front, and a monthly payment of £15.00.

        When you add up the total cost of the contract, it really is a very expensive toy. Despite all the great new features on the phone, paying £259.00 up front and then a total of £42.00 per month over 2 years, means that O2 will be getting over £1200 out of me before the end of 2015. It's a lot of money, and is what makes a potentially 5 star review a 4 star one.


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