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Manufacturer: RIM / Type: Smartphone / Digital Camera: No

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    5 Reviews
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      07.01.2010 01:08



      A really attractive phone but in honesty a big let down!

      When i first got my Blackberry it worked amazingly. Fast internet access, and was really east to type with. However after a couple of weeks the internet stopped working on it and i was only able to get on facebook via the application. The camera on it is pretty poor too, i have a basic samsung mobile phone that used to be my main phone and the camera on that is much better. I also found that the keys are hard to be accurate with as there so small and close together.

      The design of the Blackberry however is fantastic, sleak chrome edging and black leather back plate. A true boys toy! The cursor ball gave it that differant edge too, even if it is quite complicated to use!

      I wouldnt advise anyone to buy a Blackberry Bold after my experience, i was left disapointed and as it malfunctioned after the 2 week returns period 02 offer, i cant send it back.


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      25.05.2009 01:37
      Very helpful



      A useful phone for basic needs however, it is lacking some features.

      Before I upgraded this was my primary business phone for over a year. I found it to be very easy to use and delivered all that I wanted from a phone.

      The battery life is excellent which is ideal for a phone like this however I found that the fact it didn't have a speakerphone was really quite frustrating. The built in keypad is an excellent feature and is easy-to-use, when it is dark it lights up so that it is easy to use.

      The screen size is very big and is colourful making it really nice to use when sending messages. When reading lengthy messages it is possible to see the full text which is a very good feature.

      I also really like the password lock feature which allows you to store all of your passwords in one place. This stops you from having to remember it and so is a really good application. I also really like the Memo pad app which is great for writing down reminders etc. There is also a calendar application which is useful when planning your week. You can password protect your phone which is another excellent security feature about this phone.

      I don't think that it looks particularly aesthetically pleasing and I think that it lacks some features such as a camera. The internet was also very slow on it however, for a phone where texting is a priority this is a great phone and I would recommend it.

      I hope this review was helpful and thank you for reading!


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      09.05.2007 11:08
      Very helpful



      Give it a chance, and you may find it invaluable.

      Issued a blackberry as a replacement for my work mobile phone, and first impressions were that I didn't like it. I think this is just that I saw it as a very bulky mobile phone. Admittedly, this was a very short sighted view of the Blackberry, my opinion has changed now to appreciate how useful it is.

      The blackberry devices are still one of the few devices which has true push email. That is to say, when an email is received by the server at HQ, it is automatically pushed to my blackberry, no need to connect or login to the email server to download the email. The same applies to sending emails, you write your email, click send and away it goes. It still surprises people every now and then that I can respond so quickly to an email.

      There is a QWERTY keyboard for writing messages, and notes, although not large enough to use as a computer keyboard, familiarity with where letters are on the keyboard speed up the process.

      As a phone, I still have my reservations, it is not the most comfortable thing to hold against your face, and you need to have the earpiece in just the right place. You get a small wired headset with the unit, which allows you to pickup calls when on the move, although I tend not to use it, the wire gets in the way of what you are doing. The address book is quite good though, it can store multiple phone numbers and full details for a contact.

      The unit has GPRS functionality for data services such as WAP, and the WAP browser is much better than most I've seen. You can actually call up proper websites, and java is integrated too. Also, if the webpage has a telephone number on it, you can highlight it, and place a call. Handy when searching for contact details for a location you are about to attend.

      There is a calendar, with day by day, and time-slots throughout the day to add events and meetings. There is a task list application for creating to-do lists, with due dates and a reminder function.

      There is a memo-pad for creating notes, the keyboard comes in handy here when there is no pen and paper around. There is an alarm clock function, although I haven't used this, I can see where it may come in handy, not all hotels provide a clock. There is also a calculator, and a brickbreaker game.

      Ringtones are few, midi files can be downloaded from the internet, but the limited vocal range means that finding one that will work well is very much trial and error.

      Battery life is good, at about 4 or 5 days if used lightly, and you can set the blackberry up to automatically switch on and off at particular times to preserve battery life further. I wish my personal phone had this feature.

      Don't rely on initial impressions with your blackberry, give it a chance, you may indeed come to see it as invaluable.


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        02.01.2006 11:57
        Very helpful



        A great little device that keeps you connected to work, friends and family at all times.

        When I was first informed by my boss that I would be getting a Blackberry on loan from work, I was actually very unhappy about it. The last thing I wanted was a PDA, a device that would be attached to me, go everywhere I went and make me feel like I was permanently at work. The first weekend that I had the PDA, I was stressed out. Did I need to check this device every second to make sure I did not miss an important email that would tell me to come into work? Or could I leave it in my bag and ignore it until Monday morning?

        ***What is a Blackberry?***

        A Blackberry is one type of PDA in a range of different devices on the market that provides consumers wireless access to work, friends and family. It is essentially a mobile office - allowing you to access email (including attachments), telephone and the internet while you are on the move and away from your normal work station. In addition to these normal features, the Blackberry also offers you many functions that Microsoft Outlook would offer to you - for instance an address book and calendar which show you exactly which appointments you might need rush off to next.

        The Blackberry 7230 is just a little bigger than a deck of cards in size, almost square and round along the edges. It is designed to perfectly fit into the palm of your hand. Although it only weighs about 150g (or 4.9 ounces), the Blackberry feels quite heavy and is in fact very sturdy, however, when you are not using it, you should always ensure that you put it in its hard plastic case in order to protect the LCD screen. One of my colleagues dropped his Blackberry on the floor - and it cracked the LCD screen. This is an accident that was not covered by the warranty, even though it was a brandnew Blackberry.

        The Blackberry 7230 also has a convenient light switch at the bottom right hand corner ensuring that the user can also access information when traveling in a dark taxi at night or sitting in surroundings which are not well lit. The information is displayed in high resolution on a display measuring 240x160 and it supports over 65,000 colours.

        In addition to phone, email, SMS, browser and organizer applications, the Blackberry 7230 enables its user to fully synchronise the Blackberry with their desktop PC. The tri-band device operates on 900/1900/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS wireless networks - in other words, the user will be able to use it internationally in North America, Europe and Asia. It has 16 MB worth flash memory and 2 MB SRAM

        The Blackberry 7230 comes with a handset, travel charger, USB cable, battery, holster, hands-free headset, SIM card, BlackBerry Desktop software.

        ***My experience***

        I found the Blackberry quite difficult to get used to. It essentially has a small keyboard underneath the LCD display, which lists letters, numbers and symbols. On the right side of the Blackberry is a track wheel, which acts as a mouse - you can scroll with the track wheel by moving it upwards and downwards and then select the option you want by pressing onto the wheel once. Below the track wheel is another button which enables you to go back if you accidentally clicked on the wrong thing.

        Once you log into your Blackberry, you are presented with a screen with several symbols. Scrolling with the track wheel from symbol to symbol will display the function at the bottom of the screen. In the first line you have the most important features - such as access to your inbox, your calendar and the internet. The second line has a few useful functions such as the "compose email" button and a filing system. Most users will rarely venture beyond these couple of lines of functions.

        Clicking on the first symbol will take you straight to your inbox - which will contain exactly the emails that you would receive at work. From here you can read the email, respond to it, forward it to someone else or simply file it away.

        I found the Blackberry very useful for checking my email, but I sincerely did struggle with using the keyboard at first. It is in fact very fiddly. The buttons ate about the size of half a tic tac, which makes it difficult to press them downwards. If you want to use a capital letter, you have to use a special "cap" button located at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. This makes typing painfully slow - and most of the time I opted to just respond to emails short and sweet in lower case. The real pain with the typing is when you need to use a number - you will need to hold down the button on the third row on the far left of your device at the same time as pressing the button with your number - which means that you really need two hands for that and cannot have the Blackberry lie in your hand comfortably.

        There is, however, one great advantage to having a Blackberry to access email - and this became very apparent when I was away from the office for three days and kept checking my emails for important news. Usually when you return to your office after a longer absence, you find yourself having to sort through emails for absolutely ages. If you have your Blackberry - you can either file emails away or even delete the ones you do not need - either from the Blackberry alone or from both your Blackberry and desktop PC at the same time.

        Another convenient thing about the Blackberry is the way it alerts you about emails. There is the option of having it ring or setting it to vibrate - but that is kind of irritating. Nonetheless, if you set it to silent - you will see a red light flashing at the top of the device whenever a new email comes in. This lasts a good while - but if you do not look at your Blackberry for a substantial amount of time, you are better off checking the screen itself rather than relying on the red flashing light.

        The Blackberry will also enable you to open certain attachments. These currently are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat, Text files and WordPerfect. If an email does contain an attachment, this will be displayed at the top of the email. You need to click the track wheel and then select "Open attachment". Then you need to select "Full content" followed by "retrieve" to access the attachment. This generally takes quite a long time - and if the attachment is very large, it is really better to leave it for later reading - as it is not the easy to decipher long documents from the small LCD screen.

        A couple of times I did try to access the internet. I found the process rather painstakingly slow. It takes a long time for webpages to load up. When they do load up, they do not appear the same way as they would on your PC - in fact, the sites are really unrecognizable. In addtion, when you are trying to access websites that require you to log in, it becomes very fiddly with jumping from box to box and pressing the correct buttons. It requires a high level of concentration. I have succeeded to log in to my Hotmail account and send a small message to a friend - but it really was not worth the effort. And for those of you who think they might want one of these to rate Ciao reviews on the way to work - forget it. It simply takes way too long and becomes way too frustrating.

        ***The cost***

        The cost of the Blackberry 7230 fluctuates much as the cost of a mobile - it depends upon which provider you choose to go with. Personally, I do not have to pay the bills. I have seen the device on its own minus service contract priced around £80.

        ***My verdict***

        I have to admit, I quite like this device. It comes in very handy to file emails and to ensure you are not missing anything important at the office. It also allows you to keep in touch with your friends and pass boredom on trains and buses. Once I got used to the presence of the Blackberry, it did not stress me out anymore either - I have learned to avoid checking it on weekends unless instructed to do so by my boss. I am very reluctant to return this device to my employer in a few weeks time, as I found it quite convenient - despite some downsides like difficulty with typing and inability to access the internet properly. However, as much as I have grown addicted to my little pal, I doubt that I would ever get one if I had to shell out my own money for it.

        ***Further information***



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          31.08.2005 16:26
          Very helpful



          A handy PDA with a wealth of features for the business user

          Advances in gadgets and the endless roll out of new mobile technology continues at break neck pace and after taking on my new job I was presented with the RIM Blackberry 7230 Enterprise device to double up as both a mobile phone, PDA and wireless e-mail device to enable me to communicate with Assembly Members during Committee Meetings, check my e-mails while out of the office and ensure that I kept any appointments in my diary and I'm happy to say I was and still am impressed with my new piece of kit.

          The Blackberry is a handheld portable unit weighing in at 136g and it fits snugly into the palm of my hand measuring 11.3 cm in length, 7.5cm in width and being rather slender at only 2cm in depth. Black is the standard colour of the Blackberry but it is possible to purchase models in different colours. The screen itself is quite small and sits above QWERTY keyboard as shown in the picture above. Various screen options are available, the older versions being black and white however the newer version includes the high-resolution 240 X 160 colour display with backlight that glows a rather strange blue colour at night! If I had any complaint with the actual look and feel of the device it would have to be that the actual material it is made from looks rather lacklustre and the colour screen isn't particularly colourful! In my opinion, if you saw this in a shop you simply would not give it a second thought.

          Despite it's nasty looks the Blackberry is very robust and mine has taken a damn good kicking over time and is yet to give up the ghost. It stratches but it doesn't break, Thankfully!!

          As stated earlier, these devices are standard equipment where I work and I was therefore lucky enough not to have to pay for it. A Blackberry can be picked up on contract free of charge, but if you did want to buy this baby you could expect to pay anything up to £100-£150.

          The Blackberry operates using GPRS technology and as long as you can get a signal you can make mobile calls along with sending and receiving text messages and e-mails. Navigation through the menu is a breeze using the trackwheel located on the right hand side of the device. Selections are made by pressing the trackwheel and hey presto your application opens up.

          Rather than going into to how you actually synchronise your Blackberry to your PC I'll simply explain what this means. If you add or remove an address or contact from your address book, delete am e-mail or make changes to your diary using the Blackberry, after installing the software the changes will automatically be updated to your PC. I always find that the synchronisation is a little slow and at times some changes to my address book do not update until I actually plug the Blackberry into my PC using the USB cable provided.

          What uses does the Blackberry have?


          The first icon in the menu is your inbox. By selecting the envelope you enter the inbox showing all e-mails that still await your attention broken down into daily sections. This is handy when you know what date the e-mail you were looking for was sent on. Again using the trackwheel you can read or respond to messages, delete them or file them into the appropriate folder.

          This is the option I rely on when using the Blackberry and for me is the most important feature. It allows me keep in touch and do work whilst on my way to and from meetings.

          Mobile Phone

          Telephone numbers can be input straight into the Blackberry to dial, or if you have an up to date address book numbers can be dialled by accessing names. If more than one telephone number exists the Blackberry will give you the option of dialling Mobile, Home, Work or send SMS. If SMS is selected a blank page will appear and the message can be typed using the QWERTY keyboard. Any text messages you send are then shown in your e-mail inbox (although they are not visible on your PC). Rather than delivery messages a simple tick or a cross appears at the side of the entry in the inbox.

          Call reception I have always found to be crystal clear and unlike most other mobile phones I have used I have no problem hearing what people on the other end are saying, The volume control again is the trackwheel which makes adjusting the volume levels during a conversation very easy indeed.

          Address Book

          The address book has the ability to store in excess of 1000 entries in alphabetical order. The data stored includes title, name, address, telephone/fax numbers, e-mail address and web pages.

          Searching the address book is instantaneous, so if I wanted to locate everyone in my address book called Rachel, by the time I had typed in Rach everyone with a name containing that text would be listed.

          Entries are easy to add and delete and as stated easier making finding and calling telephone numbers fool proof.


          The diary is a must have for me at the moment. It stores birthdays, meetings and functions I have to attend and the reminder option gives me that little nudge just to ensure that I don't forget.

          As with the address book, entries are added and removed easily and a text box will alert you to the fact that you may be doubled booked. This feature lets me look easily at when I'm free and enables me to organise myself as much as possible for the working week.


          Any projects or research I have undertaken are entered into the Tasks menu. This will remind me of things that I have to chase a few months down the line or point out that a deadline is approaching. Using the QWERTY keyboard makes entries and deletions very easy but this is a function I very rarely use due to the nature of my job.

          The MemoPad in my opinion is a useless feature. Due to the size of the keyboard and keys it is virtually impossible to type at any great speed making the job of entering notes directly a nightmare. A piece of paper and a pen is much easier.


          As with most mobile devices the Blackberry has an alarm clock that can be set to go off at the same time every working day. It can be programmed easily not to go off at weekends and the alarm levels are loud enough to make the dead. Combined with the furious vibrating you cannot fail to be woken.


          The Blackberry comes with very limited selection of ringtones that are exceptionally dull. These can be changed in the profiles setting. There are several standard settings, Loud, Quiet, Discreet and these can all be personalised.


          Now we are onto the interesting stuff!! I have a very serious brick breaker addiction, the only game currently on my Blackberry. It is a wonderful game and reminds me of a version I owned for the Spectrum…..

          Further games can be downloaded using the USB cable from various websites.


          The Internet can be accessed using the WAP technology and I have always found the web pages to load very quickly. The only problem being that as the colour screen cannot support many pictures you will find that sites appear simply as a list of links and text. It's useful for settling arguments down the pub by accessing Google but apart from that this isn't something I personally use regularly.

          Battery Life

          The Blackberry website states that the battery has a 5 hour talk time life and should remain charged for 10 days when on standby. The reality is that I find myself charging the device every 4-5 days even when I haven't used the mobile phone.

          To charge the Blackberry can either be charged using a portable charger or by connecting it to your PC, meaning that it can be charged whilst it transfers data.

          All in all I am mightily impressed with the Blackberry, it is very functional and has everything I need for when I'm away from the office. The battery life is exceptional and it charges quicker than any mobile phone I have ever owned. As a business users device I would highly recommend but for those who are looking for a new mobile phone I would have to say try something else as this probably has too much that you won't need. Yes it looks tacky with its plastic body and yes the keyboard buttons will be too small to press if you have chubby fingers but it is well worth it.


          Thanks for taking the time to read and rate.

          Steve :o)


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