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BlackBerry Bold 9790

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    3 Reviews
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      07.06.2013 13:54
      Very helpful



      Mid range smartphone

      The phone is quite slim, streamlined and looks extremely classy. The screen is bright and extremely clear, there is a clear difference between this screen and those of cheaper Blackberrys. There is a chrome bezel around the edges of the device which give a little definition.

      There is an excellent qwerty keyboard, but the keys are spaced close together so if you have large fingers you will have to check out all the possible options first before just buying this phone. Inside there is a 1GHz processor which is perfect for Blackberry 7. Anything less than this and the performance issues really start to become more obvious.

      Calls and texts
      The volume is perfectly loud enough and the speaker phone is able to cancel out a lot of the ambient noise in order to maximise your own voice. Texting is a delight on this phone, the keys are soft and make very little noise.

      The web browser is perfectly adequate for occasional browsing and the touch screen really helps to improve this experience. However since the screen is relatively small compared to its competitors it may not be sufficient for everyone.

      Blackberry app world
      Blackberry app world is the main let down for this phone. There are few really good apps and in general developers don't bother making apps for Blackberry because there is more money to be made with IOS and Android. The best apps include whatsapp, bbm, facebook, twitter, tube map, foursquare, poynt and ebay.

      BBM is blackberry messenger, a free messaging service for blackberry devices. VOIP was recently added, which is known as blackberry voice. I have tried this and it works really well (only works on Wi-Fi). It was recently announced that BBM will be available for android and IOS as well so it will allow free cross-platform communication, which if it catches on could be a problem for whatsapp.

      Its an excellent phone, with a few good apps but not really that much selection as is present in the google play store or the apple app store. I would suggest getting this on a pay monthly contract because it is way too expensive if you buy it sim free or pay as you go.


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      17.05.2013 12:02
      Very helpful



      A decent phone

      The Blackberry Bold has been part of the Blackberry range for many years. There are many different model numbers as the Bold has been upgraded over time but this review is based around the Blackberry Bold 9790 which I have owned for around 7 or 8 months now I believe. I upgraded to this phone from a Blackberry Curve 8520.

      ==Why did I choose the Bold?==
      I had owned my Curve for a couple of years and on the whole I had been pleased with its performance. My Curve really was on its last legs so when I got the opportunity to get the Bold on a £20 per month contract from Talk Talk I jumped at the chance. I didn't really look at other phones. Although I know Blackberry receive their fair amount of criticism I am very fond of Blackberry's and I like the way they look and the way they function so I was quite sure a new Blackberry was what I wanted. I liked this model in particular because aswell as the traditional Blackberry keypad, it was a touchscreen phone too.

      ==Availability and price==
      The Bold 9790 is still readily available and can be easily found online. Of course shops and networks determine price but it seems that one can be picked up between around £249 and £289. It can also be received free with a contract from around £20 a month.

      The Bold has the distinct Blackberry look about it but it is a bit more square than the Curve. It is approximately 11 centimetres tall, 6 centimetres wide and around a centimetre deep. It weighs 107g. Mine is black in colour but you can also buy this phone in white. The phone is encased with a mirrored edge and this is also extended to the back of the phone where the top is mirrored. Each row of buttons is also sort of underlined by this mirrored effect. I like this mirrored effect as it is really stylish. Initially I was worried it might become very scratched and damaged quickly but this is not the case. I use my phone as it is, without a case and although there are extremely light surface scratches and one small deeper scratch it still looks very good. The keypad follows the usual Blackberry trend with the trackpad in the middle and the call and call end buttons supported by the blackberry and return buttons. The back of the phone is smoother and the plastic is softer. It is a dark grey in colour and the notorious Blackberry logo is depicted in metallic grey. The Bold logo is positioned in the middle of the camera and the flash.

      ==Setting up the phone==
      When my phone arrived I was keen to get started! I used to hate it when I was younger and I had to wait for my new phone to charge before I could use it. Although the Bold did not come full of charge it was over half full which meant that whilst I plugged it in I could also go about setting it up. Turning the phone on I was asked to confirm the date and time etc and I was ready to go within a couple of minutes. I transferred my memory card from my Curve to my Bold so I was really pleased to have all my photos and music already on the device. It was simple to set up my emails and MMS settings and I was sent an automatic text message to confirm these.

      ==Using the phone==
      The phone runs on the Blackberry 7 software which is the most recent software available on the Bold range.

      Making a call - To make a call you can either access the number from your contact list, your last dialled list or you can type it in. The call quality is very good and I never have a problem hearing anyone. Whilst on the call you can also put people on hold and mute yourself etc. This is a useful function. You can also access your messages and other areas of the phone which I have found useful on a number of occasions.

      Email - The email function is one of the reasons why Blackberry shot to fame. To set up the email is easy, you simply go to the settings area of the phone and put in your emails details including your password. The device will then sign you in and from then on transfer your inbox to your messages folder on the phone. Emails tend to be displayed as text only but you can click on each email to retrieve the images if required. I find emails easy to read and it is easy to compose an email too. You can either reply to emails or begin a completely new email. It is easy to type an email and attach files such as documents or pictures. When sent the email will appear in your messages folder with a tick alongside it. You can also save drafts.

      Text messaging - The text message function looks quite similar to the emails. Your texts are displayed in a list and you will have one line for each contact. For example, if I had sent three text messages to my Mum and received three in return 'Mum' would just appear once in the list rather than six times. The beginning of the message will also be shown. This is useful for shorter messages as you can quickly glance at the message without needing to open it or you can make the decision whether to open it now or later. Composing a text message is easy and a lot of the functions are similar to the email.

      BBM - This is Blackberry's very own messenger service. Instant messages similar to text messages can be sent directly between yourself and your friends who also have a Blackberry providing you have their pin to add them to your contact list. The service is great because you can also use it to send media files for free.

      Camera - The camera really pulls the Bold away from my old Curve and it is so much better. The camera is 5MP which although doesn't sound brilliant compared to my Curve it is amazing! It also has a flash, continuous auto-focusing, 2x digital zoom and image stabilisation. I find it very simple to take pictures with this phone and my pictures almost always come out crisp and clear.

      Internet browser - I find the phone easy to use to access various webpages. You can either type in the full address or use the search function which automatically uses Google to perform your search. The pages displayed are often too small for the normal sighted person to see but it is easy to zoom in and out again. I only ever use the internet on here to quickly look at something, otherwise I much prefer to use my laptop or tablet because it makes it much easier.

      Blackberry World - This is where I access all the downloadable content for Blackberry. Here you can download various apps and games both free and paid for. The selection here is ok but there is nowhere near as much as you can find on other similar stores such as the app store. I feel that Blackberry world really is quite substandard and it does let the phone down.

      GPS - The phone has built in GPS which I have used a few times now. It isn't as easy as a Tom Tom to use but it is fairly simple to get directions and these are easy to follow. However, you need to read the directions they are not read to you so if you are driving the GPS cannot be used unless you have a passenger! The GPS isn't the best but if you need to find an address and you don't know the way it really is invaluable.

      Music/video player - The phone plays both music and video. These are played well and the sound and video quality is both very good.

      Apps - I have a number of different apps on my phone and I use a lot of them on a daily basis. My most used app at the moment is probably Whatsapp messenger which is a free instant messaging app. The app for this is functional and works well and I am happy with using it on my Blackberry. I also use the Facebook and Twitter app's on a daily basis. I like both of these and find it easy to navigate my way around them. Other app's I use daily include a weather app, sky news, new magazine and ebay.

      I find the phone easy to use. It is easy to navigate around the menu and it is simple to get to where you want to be. The menu is displayed in a grid like fashion with pictures depicting each app or area of the phone making it simple to select what you need quickly and with ease. The trackball is brilliant and is similar to the pad used on a laptop. It allows you to move around the phone easily and by simply pressing the trackball you can select what you want. I use the trackball a lot more than the touchscreen simply because I find it easier to when I am using the keypad aswell. However, I do use the touchscreen and I find this easy to use and it is a good sensitivity.

      My main gripe with my Curve was that it kept freezing. I would then need to take the battery out and reboot the whole phone before it would work again. I have experienced the Bold freezing but not on the scale it did on my Curve. My Bold will have the occasional day where it keeps freezing but 9 times out of 10 it sorts itself out and I don't need to remove the battery.

      The phone is provided with some headphones and a wall charger which doubles up as a USB cable. The headphones I have never used so cannot comment. The USB cable works quickly and well and the charger works well but the cable (as it is the USB cable) is quite short (about a metre long). This is very annoying at times because if you want to use your phone you need to be right next to the socket! The phone takes around an hour and a half to charge fully from being completely flat which is quite a reasonable time. Currently I am using my phone a lot and I am often using apps and messaging people. Therefore currently I am usually needing to charge my phone around 8 or 9 hours after I have began my day. Of course the phone isn't used constantly but quite often I can be using it for an hour at a time and then it is rarely left alone for half an hour. I am disappointed with the battery life. I do use my phone more than most and a lot of the time I am sending and receiving messages but the battery life falls short in my opinion. The specification promises a talk time of 5 hours which I think probably could be achieved. It promises a standby time of 17 or 18 days which personally I don't think could be achieved but I have never left my phone alone for 17 or 18 hours let alone days! The display on the phone is very good and I find that images are crisp and clear. The colours are good and I find that pictures look very good on the phone. The phone has 8GB memory. I have never had any problems with this and I have hundreds of photos and messages stored on the device.

      For a full specification please see http://www.gsmarena.com/blackberry_bold_9790-4332.php

      ==Overall Opinion==
      I like this phone and I would recommend it. It is much better than my old Curve and it does everything I want it to do. It isn't a perfect phone - the app store lets down Blackberry as a whole and it does freeze every so often. However, it is a decent smartphone and I like the Blackberry brand. I would buy another Blackberry as I like this one and I like the Blackberry brand as a whole.


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        07.05.2013 14:33



        great phone, doubt i'll change for a long time!

        General spec:
        Dimensions: 110 x 60 x 11.4 mm
        Weight: 107g
        Keyboard: QWERTY
        Size: 2.45 inches
        Card slot: microSD, up to 32 GB
        Internal: 8 GB storage, 768 MB RAM
        GPRS: Yes
        WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band
        Bluetooth: Yes, v2.1 with A2DP, EDR
        Camera: 5 MP
        Video: Yes, VGA
        OS: BlackBerry OS 7.0
        Messaging: SMS(threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Email, IM
        Browser: HTML
        Radio: No
        GPS: Yes, with A-GPS support
        Java: No
        Battery: Up to 408 h (3G)

        I had a Nokia touchscreen phone a few years ago which put me off touchscreen phones until I caved in and bought this, and I'm so glad I did! I upgraded to this after a contract with a Blackberry Curve 8250, because I wanted something a bit more modern and with more features. I would say that the price for what you get is the best thing about this phone since it is a new touchscreen model with 3G and a decent 5mp camera, and much less expensive than other models.

        It is a less expensive version of the Blackberry Bold 9900, which has a similar spec but looks more impressive: however, I find the sleekness and design of this phone to be more preferable to the bulky design of the 9900. The material of the back of this phone is a big plus for me since I rarely use a case: i've had the phone for about half a year and it's shown no scratches and still looks brand new!

        The touchscreen is easy to use and not too sensitive, a problem that drove me mad on my old Nokia phone, and the interface is simple and without fault. The battery life tends to last about 24 hours of decent usage and doesn't need charging everyday. The only drawbacks to this phone are the lock button, which doesn't seem to work (but that can be solved by using a password lock if you're worried) and the fact that sometimes it does freeze if overwhelmed, but that can be solved by resetting it. All in all, I'd say that this phone is well worth the money and holds its own against the more upmarket and higher range smartphones on the market.


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