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Blackberry Curve 3G 9300

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    8 Reviews
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      11.08.2012 00:02



      Great for practical use, not a glamorous phone

      The Curve 3G 9300 is a practical phone which suits those who need quick access to their e-mails and an easy-to-use keyboard to reply. The keyboard buttons appear small but are very easy to use, and the helpful spellcheck allows you to monitor your outgoing measages. Call sound quality is clear and the scrolling button is simple to use, however it can temporarily stop working if it gets wet. The battery life for the Curve 3G 9300 is long and reliable, even when using apps; however apps are slow to start and run, becoming frustrating at times. Music playback is of an average quality (sounding grainy at times), but can hold a decent amount of music, images and videos on the memory. This phone has no glamorous accessories but does everything that is required as a practical phoning/texting/e-mailing device. I would reccomend this phone for business on it's simplicity, but there are phones of better quality in this price range for those looking for a glamorous smart phone with apps.


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      30.01.2012 19:48



      Good phone overall

      I wanted a new smartphone on pay as you go that was affordable, stylish, up to date, good for social networking and be easy to use. The Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 ticks all of those boxes. I love the QWERTY keypad, it makes texting so much quicker. The metallic rim on the phone makes it look snazzy and the rubber grip on the back is great for handling (and has stopped me dropping it a fair few times!).

      I use BBM, thats good when its working but there have been a few times recently where it has been down which is annoying. Its great for things like facebook, twitter but browsing the net on
      there isnt really practical. The apps arent brilliant but there are some that are okay.

      I like the calendar on this phone, its easy to use and it keeps me organised. The camera isnt good quality but I did know this when I bought the phone and it wasnt a feature I was particularly interested in having.

      Ive still not managed to set up emails on my blackberry not sure whether its a fault on my phone or if it is something I am doing wrong.

      Overall I think you get what you pay for with this phone, Id recommend it though.


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      29.12.2011 14:11
      Not Helpful
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      It has it's flaws, but it is a good phone.

      The Blackberry Curve 9300 3G is the best Blackberry Curve to date. The latest in a line of Curves, it has more features than let's say a Blackberry Curve 8520. First of all, the look is stunning. The metallic rim around the phone gives it a more luxurious look. Also, programmable convenience keys either side of the phone make it easier to open any app or file with the touch of a button. Another new thing on the 9300 is the operating system. With Blackberry OS 6, with improved accessibility and ease to use, it makes the 9300 tower over the other Blackberry Curve smartphones.

      Although this phone is a good, affordable smartphone, it has many flaws. As with all Blackberry Curves, the camera is quite poor at 2 megapixels. Also, the storage that comes with the phone is appalling. Holding only 2GB of phone storage, it is a necessity that you buy a micro sd card for your phone, especially if you want to store all of your music on it.

      Overall, the 9300 is a good phone to play music on if you have good storage. The media keys on the top of the phone make it really easy to change volume, pause/play songs and skip tracks.

      In general, this is a good phone to have.


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        29.11.2011 20:25
        1 Comment




        I decided to buy a smart phone, without spending too much as I only needed the phone for business;
        1. Writing emails
        2. Sms and MMS
        3. BBM
        and Calls Of course.

        The blackberry curve 3g offers fast internet so emails bbms are sent quite fast! The price is not excessive and affordable.
        The qwerty keyboard was another feature that had me interested in the phone straight away as it is easy to type for all those who get annoyed at the touch screens out there.
        1.It is very simple, and contains a great amount of features and downloadable apps from the black berry store.
        2. The phone is very strong, had it for 1 year and, im not going to lie, I dropped it quite alot of times! STILL WORKING PERFECTLY
        So if you are looking for a good cheap and strong blackberry/smartphone The curve 3g is the way forward!


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          09.11.2011 22:43
          Very helpful



          Overall this is a nice phone, but is pretty much just for messaging and calling, not games or films.

          The BlackBerry Curve 9300 is a reasonably compact phone that feels good in the hand. It's built mainly from plastic, and the back has a nice rubbery grip that helps to prevent dropping the phone whilst mashing away at the full Qwerty keyboard.

          I bought my Curve unlocked from Carphone Warehouse and put my old O2 SIM card in, but if you are going to make use of push email, web browsing and BlackBerry Messenger you need to be on a specific BlackBerry plan.

          The keyboard takes some adjusting to if you've previously used phones with larger slide-out keyboards but once you get used to it you can touch-type emails and text messages very fast. I did try a BlackBerry Bold before I bought the Curve and it is worth noting that the Bold has a much larger and comfier keyboard but I decided for me the extra expense was not worth it.

          The camera is very lacklustre, only 2 megapixels and no flash, but is useful for taking quick pictures, but if you're going on holiday this won't replace a digital camera. The low-res screen is useless if you're going to be watching videos but does the job for calls, texts and emails.

          The phone comes with BlackBerry 6 OS software that I personally absolutely love. My favourite feature is the universal search: rather than having to sort through long lists to find what you want you just start typing at the home screen and the phone will search through your entire phone for contacts, messages, documents, applications etc. Another useful feature is the drop down list of any new notifications and the next three appointments in your calendar.

          As a BlackBerry the phone has a 'convenience key' on either side of the phone, these can be programmed to open any application in the phone, from Voice Dialling to Calendar to Messages. It also has a small LED above the screen which will flash red to tell you you have a notification or yellow when the battery is running low.

          One thing I don't like about the phone is the lack of internal memory. The phone will not allow you to save applications to the SD card and there is only 250mb of internal storage. I have only installed a few apps and now have very little space left, and all of my documents and media has to be stored on a microSD card.


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          04.09.2011 16:22



          Good phone, but a lack of 3rd-party software lets it down

          A good little phone that I have had for 9 months now. It is very easy to use and is easy to sync with a computer (Mac or PC). It handles email, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and is a great phone for a small business. The web browser is powerful and renders webpages as they would on a computer. However, the small screen can make them difficult to read.

          The Blackberry App World can be accessed from the phone, but unfortunately, the selection of apps is poor, with only a few big names producing the major apps.

          The built in camera is only 2MP, and has no auto focus. While this may be useful for those who take few photos, anyone who desires a camera phone, this is not for you.

          The phone has great integration with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and has many instant messaging clients such as BBM for the social among us.

          While the phone supports apps such as MSN and Google Talk, Skype has yet to be introduced, so is a downside.

          The system software is easily upgradable from a computer, and only slightly slows down the phone, but improves many features.

          Overall, a great phone for small businesses or individuals, but until the software issue is addressed, not recommended for larger businesses.


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          27.05.2011 09:59
          Very helpful



          A fantastic phone for me and you

          *Why did I want this product?*
          My last Blackberry, which was a trusted 8310 was perfect for me although a little basic and after a few years of having this phone I was getting board and wanting an upgrade. I knew I would be sticking with Blackberry even though there is an array of mobile phones on the market it really is hard to know what is right for you.

          At the time I was looking for my new Blackberry I was underside whether to upgrade to another Curve or go for a Bold 9780, which is what my husband currently has. In the end and due to price I went for Blackberry Curve 3G 9300.

          *What are the main features of 9300?*
          Although I haven't had a major upgrade since my 8310 I am pleased to say this beauty has lots more features including:
          * WI-FI, GPS, 3G
          * 2.0MP camera and video record with playback
          * Audio formats in MP3, AAC-LC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, AMR-NB, Flac, Ogg Vorbis and
          * Video formats in MPEG4, H.263, H.264, WMV9
          * Standby time: Up to 19 days
          * Talk time: Up to 4.5 hours
          * Music playback: Up to 29 hours
          * Integrated hands free speakerphone
          * M3 and T3 rating for hearing aids
          * 256MB flash memory with expandable memory with microSD cards
          * Bluetooth
          * Modem RIM wireless connection and Tethered modem capability

          *What did I get in my box?*
          Opening the sleek black box with Blackberry written on the top the first thing you are to see is you're new device staring back at you in its protective covering, which is situated in a shiny black plastic holder. Removing the plastic holder leaves you with a white cardboard box that houses your Blackberry User Tools CD, 3.5mm port earphones, none UK charger changing adapter, which is perfect to use in other counties that just clips onto your UK charger adapter, also supplied, a Blackberry Curve Safety and Product Information and Start Here booklet, which come wrapped together in a paper Blackberry logo.

          I am surprised to see the earphones actually look really good quality with the same design as the phone, black with chrome ear pieces. The earphones also come with a little button attached that allows you to change tracks with ease without touching your phone.

          The Safety Booklet tells you all you need to know with electrical safety, battery and disposing, safe user guidelines, driving and walking, accessories, antenna care, storing etc. At first I thought this booklet was a waste of time but found it useful to read.

          Start Here booklet I also found useful, especially if you're new to Blackberry. This pull out book tells you all you need to know about your phone, what each button does, inserting your SIM and battery, charging and more importantly how to set up your emails. What each status icon means, how to change ring tones, basically everything you need to know to get you on the move with your new device.

          *What is the design like on 9300?*
          I personally think all Blackberry's are nice sleek mobile phones that mean business. 9300 measures 4.29mm in height, 109mm in width, 60mm in depth and weighs a reasonable 104g, which is lighter than my previous model, which came in at 111g.

          The Blackberry itself is black in colour with lovely chrome finish that breaks the black up that goes all around the edge. I feel this is a nice finishing touch to Curve, which feels high quality. The top sees Blackberry logo in silver with the screen underneath that takes up nearly half of the model.
          To right hand corner sees a little circle that flashes red when you have an SMS, BBM, Email etc.
          The full QWERTY keypad, which feels sturdy, this is below the screen with the exact same buttons as 8310. Above the keypad sees a row of buttons that have been integrated within each other including phone answer button, which is in green, home screen button, trackpad, back button and call end button, which is in red.
          The top of the phone sees 3G's media controls; you can now mute, play the pervious or next track, play and pause with a touch of a button.
          The right hand side sees your micro connection port to charge and transfer data across to your PC and the earphone socket above it. An integrated button below this allows you to lock your Blackberry within seconds.
          Right hand sees two buttons at the top for volume control and the one below it is a direct access to the camera, but this can be changed to suit you.
          The back of the phone sees a matte rubbery finish for easy grip with Blackberry logo in silver. A small hole, which is your camera with Curve written beside it neatly in the rubber.

          *Setting up my Blackberry*
          This was relatively easy due to having a Blackberry before hand but because my last SIM card wasn't 3G compatible I did have to order a new 3G SIM but was able to keep my old phone number and all I had to do is transfer everything over.

          *Setting up my emails*
          Setting up emails is easy once your connected with your service provider, mine is Orange and a provider I am finding to be really good.
          On first set up you can use the Setup Wizard icon, which takes you to two options including: I want to create or add an email address or I want to use a work email. As my Blackberry is for personal use I used the first option. I can use this option for existing email accounts with email address such as Hotmail and Yahoo.

          *Using emails*
          Since this is my second Blackberry Orange have said emails may take up to 24 hours to come through due to setting up, personally I have found this to be a matter of hours and in my first case an hour, which I receive an SMS to say all is complete. As soon as I receive this message I start to receive emails straight away.

          You can set up to ten different email addresses at the same time, which is think is fabulous especially if you're running your own business.

          *Connecting to the Internet for free*
          Who doesn't like to keep in contact with the world while out and about? Depending on your mobile provider and what extras you receive you can use you're built in Wi-Fi connection to view the internet for free. To set up Wi-Fi is very simple; the Home Screen has an icon called Manage Connections. Here you can scan for available networks; if you're in a free Wi-Fi connection or you can manually add a connection to use.
          I have used this feature many of times and find it easy and a joy to use.

          With a great feature of 3G, which can now be seen on many mobile handsets I find internet loading to be quick and painless even when on the move.

          *Other features*
          Blackberry Messenger is a light bulb idea for Blackberry and one I like and use often as I have friends and my husband and friends have a Blackberry so I can message them for free 24/7. All you need is their PIN code and you can message away to one another. All Blackberry users can use this feature to another Blackberry user for free, Blackberry also update their software regularly, which you can download for free with new features attached.

          * SMS I find has dramatically changed since my older model, how I have the ability to view all pervious and sent messages from receiver and me in on easy SMS, I find this is perfect for reminding you of you're conversation without going back and forth between messages.

          * Calendar, I use this feature so much and more so I can download all my activities from Outlook to my Blackberry calendar within seconds via the cable provided.
          You can view your calendar in week, month or year and more importantly, which I think is a fantastic feature you can view all the calendars from your different email addresses in the Select Calendar. I have reminder alerts like all mobiles.
          Adding a new appointment is easy with all the information you could ever need including if this appointment is new or re-occurring so you don't have to input it again. You can mark it as private and add notes for further reference.

          * Address book is basically the same as my old device, upon entering the address book you can see all your contacts in any view you wish, personally I have mine on first and late name but you can have the opposite if you prefer or sort by company. You can filter your contacts to personal and business for easier finding.
          With each contact you have the option to find their address via Google Maps if you have their address stored in your contact list, which I think, is a brilliant and unique feature. You have the ability to add a new contact with all the information you could ever need about them and even download their Facebook profile, which automatically updates a picture of them.

          * Media allows you to view and listen to your downloaded music, watch videos you have recorded yourself, view pictures or downloaded pictures by you, view all available ring tones and how long they play for, voice notes allow you to record voice notes without writing them down when in a rush, your video camera and voice notes viewer.

          * Maps allow you via GPS to view where you are right now and will follow you as you move.
          * Clock allows you to have the time at your finger tips and to allow when charging as a screen saver.
          * Blackberry App World, this is a perfect device that I have found very useful over the time I have had this phone. A world of apps at your finger tips.

          * Applications folder is an interesting folder, here if you have downloaded Facebook or Twitter Application this is where it is sorted, along with your memo pad, tasks, calculator, word and excel to go, slideshow to go, files, which you can see all files sorted on your device, voice dialling, password keeper, saved messages, which can be emails or SMS messages.

          * Games folder is where all games either pre-installed or downloaded can be moved into here but originally all downloaded files get stored into Downloads folder, which can be moved later.

          Then you have your usual setup icons, sounds, password lock and turn phone off.

          *Tell me about the screen and resolution*
          The screen isn't massive, which some people may want but at 2.4-inch it's not the smallest of them all and provides me with all I want to view.
          With a 320x240 pixel colour display, I am pleased to say it is clear, crisp, sharp quality. It is also a magnificent light sensing screen, which cleverly auto adjusts the screens brightness depending on the amount of light on the screen. This is a fantastic battery saving technique and all Blackberry's have.

          Whether I have downloaded or looking at pre-loaded pictures I am amazed at the detail I can see, all colours are true with sharp detail with no blurring.
          If you have taken a picture on your usual camera and downloaded it to Blackberry, although the picture has been automatically resized there is no loss in picture quality and looks just as good when placed as my wallpaper.

          *What is call quality like?*
          Call quality is brilliant, very clear and very precise without having to shout as you can't hear the recipient or they can't hear you. You have an adjustable volume button on the right hand side of the phone to suit to your volume needs. I have used loudspeaker a fair few times and again sound is very clear and sharp unlike other mobile phones I have used in the past while using loudspeaker.

          *Tell me about the camera*
          My Blackberry 9300 has 2MP, which I know it isn't the best camera in the world and there are other phones out there with a much better camera resolution but it is good for a quick snap you don't want to miss. On screen the picture is clear and precise although not the best when printed out but on a phone I can't grumble.
          My only grumble with 9300 is there is no flash, which I miss terribly as I had this feature on 8310.

          The camera does a good job at auto focusing on an object and focuses on the natural light surrounding it at the time. Zoom starts off at 1.0x and can quickly take you up to 50.x, which can then get a little speckle and you can see the outline of the object isn't as sharp.

          Once a picture has been took you have the options to delete, save, set picture as or send the photo via email, SMS or MMS, upload to Facebook or send to someone in your BBM contact list.

          *Tell me about video recording*
          Once in camera mode you have the option to change to video mode with a touch of a button. Video recording is sharp and moves in real time with you with no stuttering in sight. You can zoom in and out the same as camera but again once zoomed all the way in the camera resolution is compromised, and I quickly realised you can't zoom in while recording!

          *How easy is synchronising files from phone to PC and vice versa?*
          Synchronising phone to PC is easy; installing the CD provided onto your computer is quick and painless, which connects via USB. You can copy across your email box(s), calendar and contacts. This doesn't take long to do, a little under or over 30 seconds depending how much you have updated on your computer before hand.

          *What is the price and availability of 9300?*
          I purchased my Blackberry from The Carphone Warehouse for £199.95 when it was released, since then this phone has come down to £149.95 and you have to purchase a £10 top up if using this phone as a Pay As You Go.
          Colour options include silver or pink chrome.

          If you want this phone on contact the cheapest deal is £13.50 per month, but there are other options available to suit your needs.

          *What networks are available for Blackberry 9300?*
          You have a good range of networks to choose from including Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and 3.

          *What is my overall opinion*
          I am so glad this model now uses a trackpad instead of a trackball like my old model. I am finding the trackpad is very easy to use and navigation is a breeze.

          I find the quality of this Blackberry very good and can with hold a lot of knocks, especially when in the hands of my excited daughter. Even though you don't receive a case with it I had one anyway with my previous phone, which fits it perfectly. Once the phone has slipped in t locks automatically when in its holder, which happens via a magnet hidden in the case, if you want this to happen you have to tell the handset to do this.

          Charging the phone is quick and easy, a fully drained phone takes about 45 minutes, which I think is fantastic. A full battery can last me up to 5 days and more until it goes to red, which is one bar.

          I don't like the fact 9300 doesn't come integrated with a camera flash but I have quickly learned to live without this feature.

          With the buttons at the side I have never found myself pressing any of the buttons by accident, which I know has been a problem with some mobile phones.

          A Blackberry is a phone that will be in my life for a long time to come.


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            17.11.2010 20:24
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great way to jump on the Blackberry bandwagon

            I recently went into Phones4U with my broken Samsung Tocco Ultra, which I had received on opening a contract with Vodafone in June 2009. I expected that Phones4U would offer to repair the phone (since all Samsung phones come with a 2 year warranty) but I got a lot more than I bargained for. The sales assistant explained that he would be able to 'buy me out' of my contract, and allow me to start up a new one. I had 7 months left on my original contract, and my tariff was £30 a month for unlimited texts and 600 minutes, hence Phones4U would contribute to this oustanding £210. I was offered £100 cash and a £30 trade in for any phone of my choice (I opted to give them an old LG that I bought for £10 2 years ago). I had to come up with the extra £80 myself, but with the prospect of receiving a new phone on a cheaper tarfiff, I didn't mind.

            I was asked in Phones4U which phone I would like on my new contract, and I didn't hesitate in asking for a Blackberry. I think that the Blackberry brand has become so popular over the few years and so many people now own the handsets that I kind of just wanted to be a part of it. I have to admit, if all of my family and friends didn't have Blackberry phones, I probably wouldn't have opted for one. I was offered a contract with Orange: £25 for 300 anytime any network minutes, unlimited texts (3000 texts), unlimited internet usage (500MB was the limit - but I was advised that it would be almost impossible to exceed this limit), and unlimited email and use of Blackberry Messenger. The handset was offered to me for free, and so I decided to take the deal seeing as at the time the handset retailed at around £250. All in all, I was really pleased with how Phones4U had helped me out, and I was excited to get home and try my new Blackberry - the brand that everyone has been talking about.

            - THE DESIGN

            In my opinion, Blackberry handsets are great looking phones. This particular phone measures approximately 11cm (height) by 6cm (width) by 1cm (depth) and weighs a tiny 104g. The phone is dinky enough to fit into your pocket or into a small clutch bag on a night out, and is really light and easy to handle. The screen occupies around half of the front of the phone, and the QWERTY keypad is below the screen. Above the keypad is the button used to 'scroll' around the screen, a 'Back' button, the 'Menu' button, the 'Make a call' button and an 'End a call' button. The 'Blackberry' name and logo is printed above the screen. To the best of my knowlegde, the 9300 3G only comes in one colour scheme. The front of the phone is mostly black, with the lettering on the buttons a silverish colour. The buttons on the keypad with numbers printed on them are two tone, and I imagine that this is to make them stand out. The 'Blackberry' name and logo is also printed in a silverish colour to match. The edges of the front of the phone are a silver colour. The back of the phone is black and is a little bit rubbery. The word 'Curve' is printed at the top of the back of the phone, and there is a small silver design beneath. All in all, the Blackberry Curve 3G is a very chic phone, and is very attractive. However, I think it would be nice for the handset to be available in more than one colour!

            - THE SCREEN

            The screen is rectangular, more wide than it is high. I feel that the screen is big enough for navigation around the phone and for using the internet. To be honest, the screen couldn't really be much bigger without increasing the size of the phone - this is a good aspect of the design of the handset. The screen has a 320x240 pixel display and has inbuilt light sensors. The display on the screen is very clear. I upload a lot of pictures from the internet onto my phone (for use as my wallpaper, etc) and I think that the resolution of such photos is maintained incredibly well. The screen is also very bright and the colour scheme of the menus is great - very contrasting.

            - USE

            Before I get to the features of the phone, I'd like to give my opinion on how it is to actually use the phone. Initially, I found that the buttons on the keypad were really small, and I did at first find it difficult to operate the phone. However, after around 2 months of using the handset, I am able to use the keypad as easily as I would be able to use a standard mobile phone keypad - I just think it takes a bit of getting used to, as the layout of the keypad is quite unique (similar to that of a computer keyboard). The main button used to scroll around the screen is easy to use, but I find that sometimes it sticks - I think that this is due to dirt and grease becoming trapped. However, I find that if I use either my nail or a toothbrush (an old one, obviously), I am able to scrape away any trapped dirt and the button works well again. In general, I think that the phone is really easy to use, although it does take some getting used to. The Blackberry keypads are different to those on most phones, although the other buttons and what they do are easy to get used to.

            - FEATURES

            This phone has many features, so many that I haven't used all of them yet. A list of the features is given below, and all of these can be accessed via the main menu. A brief description of the features is given, along with my opinion on each of them.

            You can link up your hotmail (or yahoo, etc) email account to your Blackberry, so that all emails you receive are sent directly to your handset. You can choose to delete emails from your handset and keep them on your email account, or you can choose to delete emails entirely. This feature is great if you're away from your computer and on the go, although some emails can't be properly displayed due to the 'mobile layout' that they have. Also, if there is a link in the email, you won't always be able to access it and view it as you normally would on a computer. Another downside of this feature is that the message mailbox on your phone can quickly become clogged up with junk mail.

            MMS & SMS
            There isn't anything special about this feature - it is much like on any other phone. One thing I would say, however, is don't use the MMS service unless you have to. Picture messages are expensive to send, but you can send pictures for FREE using Blackberry Messenger. SMS messages between you and the recipient are displayed in a list so that you can view the entire conversation in one window - this is a feature I really like. One negative of SMS messaging on this phone is that you can't send mass messages to more than ten people. You either have to create a group, and then send the SMS to the group as a whole, or go through the process several times, sending the SMS to only ten people at once.

            CONTACT LIST
            Easy to access, easy to browse through. You can add contact pictures and can call, SMS or MMS your contacts directly from the list.

            Use of the internet is chargeable, and so if you are getting this handset on a Pay Monthly Contract, I would recommend that you get the internet as an add-on as this will work out far cheaper. The internet browser on this phone is very easy to use. The homepage has the Google Toolbar which you can use to search the site you want to view. Below the Google Toolbar is a list of your recent searches, which makes it easy to return to a recently viewed page. When you search using the Google toolbar, a list of results will show, just like they would on a normal computer, and clicking on a particular link will take you directly to the site advertised. There is the facility to 'Zoom in' on the internet, allowing you a closer look at the information displayed. The display is clear, and most websites show exactly the same information that they would on a computer. The one big downside of this internet comes from the problem that arises if you zoom in too much: If there is a large piece of text or a large image spanning the entire width of the webpage, zooming in won't condense this image or piece of text to make it smaller. By zooming in, you get a much clearer view of the information, but this means that not only do you have to scroll up and down, but you also have to scroll side to side. Therefore, reading even a newspaper article is likely to be much more trouble than it is worth. Connection to the internet is not something I usually have a problem with, unless I am in a remote area. Provided that you are in an area with good mobile phone signal, the internet should work no problem, and navigation through the internet should be very quick and easy. I often find that the internet on my Blackberry handset is faster than that on my home laptop computer, but the speed of the internet on your phone will depend entirely on the area that you are in.

            Probably my favourite feature of the phone. If you have used MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger in the past, this feature will be easy for you to use. It is basically an Instant Messenger service that can be used between Blackberry handsets. On receiving your Blackberry, you will be given a 'PIN'. This PIN is unique to your Blackberry, and all new models have them. Using Blackberry Messenger, you can contact with other handsets by adding this 'PIN', and the other handset will subsequently appear on your contact list. This enables you to instant message this other handset quickly and easily, and unlike texting, it is completely free. Not only is it free, but sending pictures via this messenger service is also free, and it is free to use it abroad. Therefore, you could be in Australia, and a friend be in Spain, and you can message each other for no cost at all. Of course, the negative of this feature is that you can only contact other Blackberry handsets. Furthermore, at times, the handset does not allow me to open conversations. Many online forums tell you that this can sometimes be due to a lack of free memory, and that this problem can be rectified by turning your phone on and off again, but this is evidently an inconvenience.

            This calendar allows you to input events, appointments or meetings into a day to day calendar. Although you can assign each event a time, it can't be a half or quarter hour.

            MEDIA (Music, Videos, Pictures, Ringtones, Voice Notes, Video Camera, Microphone)
            You can playback your music, view your vidoes and pictures, select ringtones and use your video camera using this feature. Music playback is clear and the quality is good considering that it is being played from a small mobile phpne handset. Pictures can be scrolled through easily. Unlike with some phones, you can use your own music as ringtones. (Music and pictures can be sent from your computer to your handset using either the Bluetooth feature - if your computer is Bluetooth enabled - or with the USB cable that comes with your handset)

            This feature is very similar to Google Maps. It allows you to search for locations over a world map and get directions from one place to another. There is also inbuilt GPS Navigation, so your phone almost has its own Sat Nav system. Great if you get lost whilst on the move!

            CLOCK (with alarm)
            The time is displayed on the screen in either a 12 hour or 24 hour format (depending on your choice). This clock shows the time on a clock face, and also allows you to set alarms. There is the option for the alarm to be On, Off, or just On on weekdays. The default alarm tone is horrendously annoying, but sure to get you awake and out of bed.

            This is the one major downfall of this phone. The camera is only 2MP, which is poor considering that many handsets now are 12MP, better quality than many digital cameras. The pictures are not terrible quality if taken in VERY well lit areas (ideally in natural light), but pictures taken indoors or at night time are not of good quality at all. There isn't much more to say on this feature other than it is disappointing and I can't understand why the manufacturers didn't elect to install a camera of much better quality.

            This application is a great feature of the phone - it basically gives you answers to FAQs regarding messages, files and attachments, media and browsing the internet, amongst many other things. It's really useful if you're having minor problems with your handset or aren't aware of how to use a certain feature and avoids the hassle of having to call the manufacturer or visit a local phone store.

            This feature is also very useful - it allows you to search for text or a name in your messages, calendar, contacts, MemoPad, Facebook (if you have the application installed), Blackberry Messenger or Tasks. So if you've arranged a meeting but can't remember when or how, you can simply type the word 'Meeting' and search through your entire phone for records of any information regarding a meeting. Very, very useful.

            APPLICATIONS (MemoPad, Tasks, Calculator, WordToGo, SheetToGo, SlideshowToGo, Files, Voice Dialling, Password Keeper, Saved Messages)
            MemoPad allows you to 'scribble down' anything you might need to remember, whilst the Tasks feature allows you to set reminders for yourself for tasks that need to be done. WordToGo, SheetToGo and SlideshowToGo are similar to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint but obviously are much more simplified versions. You have to install these features and there is a Licensing Agreement that you must read beforehand. I personally don't use these features much as I feel it would be too time consuming, and I would much rather use these programs on a computer. The Files feature allows you to access and search through all of your files; pictures, videos and music.

            There are five games already on the handset, including Sudoku and Texas Hold Em Poker. I'm absolutely addicted to Sudoku and this feature keeps me greatly entertained on long train journeys. I feel that there is a good selection of games on the handset since most phones only have one or two to choose from.

            This feature basically enables you to set up WiFi and Bluetooth, and to manage your email settings. This feature allows you to register more email addresses to your handset, which is useful is you have a home email and a work email for example. I have used this feature only once when I first bought the handset, and haven't felt the need to use it again since.

            CONNECTIONS MANAGER (Bluetooth/WiFi etc)
            Using this feature, you can set up WiFi and Bluetooth connections, or you can choose to turn all connections off. You can also manage your connections, for example you can access a wireless router providing that you have the necessary log in information, or you can choose to add other Bluetooth devices.

            This feature allows you to alter the settings of just about every other feature on your phone, from setting the date and time, to altering your SMS options, to setting passwords and changing security options.

            PHONE PROFILES
            Using this feature, you can choose to have your phone on either the Normal, Loud, Medium, Vibrate Only, Silent, Phone Calls Only or All Alerts Off profile. This feature also enables you to set ring tones, alerts, contact alerts and also enables you to edit profiles.

            Not only is call quality on this phone great, but the speakerphone does not at all disappoint. Usually, using the speakerphone affects the quality of the call, but this is not at all the case with this phone. The speakerphone is loud and clear, although as expected, it emphasises background noise which can make it difficult to have a conversation if the person onthe other end of the phone is in a noisy location!

            - MEMORY

            The Blackberry 9300 3G has 256MB inbuilt memory, which I do not feel is enough. Although this is sufficient for quite a number of songs, pictures and videos, it definitely isn't enough for me. Also, as previously explained, my BBM sometimes fails to open conversations, and this is apparently due to a lack of free memory. Indeed, deleting pictures and songs does rectify this problem but this low built in memory is a downfall of the phone. I would expect more, especially given the retail price.

            - ALERTS

            When your phone is on silent mode and you receive a SMS, MMS, email, BBM or Facebook notification (if you have the Facebook app installed), you wouldn't even know apart from a small red flashing light in the top right hand corner of the front of the phone. I don't like this aspect of the phone - I would much prefer for the screen of the phone to light up a little bit or to give a little bit more of an indication of the receipt of a message! Obviously, if your phone profile enables ringtones or vibration, this isn't a problem, but when your profile is silent (and vibrations are disabled), I find that I have to be constantly checking my phone.

            - APPLICATIONS

            Facebook and Twitter both have Blackberry compatible applications, although I can only speak for the Facebook application. You are able to access your Facebook account directly via your Blackberry, and enjoy many of the features from your handset. Updating your status, checking your messages, and viewing friends' recent posts is made easy. Plus, I no longer find myself signing onto Facebook as soon as I switch on my computer, which is great in terms of productivity! The Facebook application is however disappointing in some respects. Although you can view your own profiles and the profiles of others, personal information cannot be seen, and you cannot see the recent activity of other users. All that can be viewed is status updates, and the posts from other people onto the wall of the person whose profile you are currently viewing.

            - BATTERY LIFE

            Aside from the poor quality camera, this is the biggest downfall of the phone. The battery life is poor, and I find that I have to charge it for around 6 hours a day. I admit that I do use my phone a lot in terms of texting and using the internet and BBM, but I would still expect such an expensive and reputable phone to have a battery life of much longer than (approximately) 18 to 20 hours. Also, when your phone battery is low, you cannot send texts or use BBM, nor are any texts received. Making calls is also disabled, unless of course they are emergency calls.

            - VERDICT?

            All in all, I am delighted with this phone. The positives far outweigh the negatives. The internet and BBM feature mean that I can carry my whole life, so to speak, in my pocket and my urge to get home to read my emails has disappeared. It is a very stylish and attractive phone, and I find that I am actually quite proud to carry it around with me. The features on the phone are great, and I couldn't really ask for more on a handset. Of course, the two major problems with this phone are the poor quality of the camera, and the short battery life. However, if you have a digital camera that you can use instead, and you are able to charge your phone whilst you sleep every evening, there is no problem as far as I can see. Obviously, this phone won't be to everyone's tastes as the sheer number of features and applications can be confusing. But if you're big on technology and style, and you enjoy being in contact with your friends and family every second of every day (BBM and email updates mean you don't get a second alone), then this phone is definitely for you.

            I hope that this review has been of some use to you. There is so much to write about with a phone like this that it is very likely that I might have missed out some important information. If this is the case, and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate in contacting me, and if you can think of any way in which I can improve this review, please let me know.


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