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Blackberry Curve 8900

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    81 Reviews
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      05.01.2012 21:33



      would recommend anyone who is good with technology to get a bb, but dont hope it to last for yrs!

      I got my phone contract with 02 in summer of 2009 and have since continued to use it on PAYG just for the infamous blackberry service. When I first purchased this phone, it was during the growth of blackberry's popularity. There are a lot of pros and cons with this phone, related to blackberrys in general but I will go on to explain why I am on the fence.


      - of course the blackberry messenger is a way to keep in contact with people globally at an affordable cost. The messenger service on PAYG is only £5 a month with orange, the only reason I have kept it going for so long!

      - it's small, compact and pretty straightforward to use.

      -it's stylish and sleek and suits everyone (men and women with this curve model)


      - Bluetooth facility is EXTREMELY difficult to use, as you have to be paired (with a password which is often annoying as I tend to forget mine) and can only have a certain amount of pairs

      - roller ball is HIGHLY TEMPERAMENTAL. currently mine does not go down, left or sometimes right! (I had to teach myself alternative short cuts! very annoying. I am aware blackberry have sought to remedy this problem my creating newer models with just a scroll pad or touch screen.)

      - obviously as time went on, the entire phone began to slow down, system being very slow paced and taking ages for anything to load.


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      04.10.2011 22:45



      Fantastic, but some slight drawbacks.

      What a fantastic piece of hardware, nice and easy to use. Will suit both young and old alike. The only downside with this that I can find is the small keys. This did put me off the phone at the start!

      Not saying I have large fingers, they are averaged sized! it's just these buttons are minute. Once you get used to them these are fine though.

      The range of application available to you on the Blackberry AppWorld is astounding, if you need something you can find it on here and it's easy to find anything that you need.

      Most people are buying Blackberrys now purely for the Blackberry Messenger. Not all it's crcked up to be! Several times I have lost all my contacts and you have to chase people around getting their PINs so you can add them again. Just go back to texting! I am sure every Blackberry user here that uses their BBM has experienced this atleast once!


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      03.10.2011 23:07
      Very helpful



      An excellent entry level Blackberry for those that covet a full qwerty keypad

      This was the first Blackberry I owned, a free handset on a 24 month contract with O2 for £35/month. This included 1000 texts, 600 minutes and 500Mb of data, along with free wi-fi use and BBM messenger on top. I now own the Blackberry 9300 (Curve 3G) and have been altogether disappointed at the 'upgrade'.

      The phone came with a small memory card as standard (2Gb) but I upgraded this easily enough by buying a cheap 8Gb memory card off Amazon for £16. Out of the box also came a mains charger and USB cable and, which I've later found to be unusual, this phone came with a Blackberry case free in the box, I still use the one I got with the BB8900 with my new BB!

      I linked up 3 of my email accounts to my BB, which allowed me to always be updated no matter which account the email came in from

      Unfortunately, I didn't religiously use my phonecase and early into my contract I'd left my phone in my bag behind my car seat and chucked over my shoulder a pair of boots. Needless to say I ended up with a cracked screen, BUT, there was only a large crack in the plastic screen, this broke to protect the vulnerable lcd screen underneath; the plastic screen could have been easily and cheaply replaced, but I just lived with the crack!

      I did have a problem with the rollerball, it's an ingenious take on navigation and worked perfectly until the plastic surround holding it in place snapped (I had the habit of playing with the gap around the surround with my thumbnail). I carefully superglued the surround back in place and the phone worked a treat ever since.

      One feature of this phone that I greatly miss is the flash! I'd often click the phone onto video camera just to use it as a torch (the flash remains constantly on when shooting video), and very much regretted it's exclusion in the BB9300 when I tried this trick when I first got it :(.

      I had no intention of changing this phone, the keypad was well spaced and roomy - nice positive feedback from keys as you typed, clear easy to read display and easy to use navigation shortcuts (I particularly like being able to hold the up volume key to skip forwards tracks, had to get used to the top-of-phone media shortcuts on the new one!). The look of the phone was also quite appealing. However, this phone inexplicably died one night - I'd had it about 26 months, instead of spending the money to get it looked at I was already due for an upgrade with O2 and had to get a new Curve instead.

      I'm looking at the new Bold as my next phone, it seems so merge all the best bits of this phone with the touch screen capabilities of the Torch


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      19.06.2011 17:05
      Very helpful



      Overall a great phone

      I am a big fan of Blackberrys, and this is probably one of the best. I have had the Blackberry Curve 8520, but this 8900 is considerably better. I bought it from my friend who got it free on contract for a relatively cheap price, and it has been extremely good to me over the past few months. My old 8520 used to crash and freeze a lot, but this handset is a lot more reliable.

      The handset is extremely good, with a lot of useful features and quirky gadgets on it. The QWERTY keyboard is excellent in writing text messages and emails, and it allows you to do this very quickly. The Blackberry messenger is also excellent in keeping in contact with friends, as well as making new ones (although people broadcasting messages can be rather annoying!). You can download different Apps from the Blackberry App World (many apps are free) and this is excellent for upgrading your phone, and keeping up to date with new games etc.

      The wi-fi feature is also very useful and allows you to recieve emails and access the web browser. You can then access things like facebook and twitter which help you keep up to date with all your friends!

      The handset is also extremely stylish, and will suit anybody. When i got my first Blackberry nobody apart from businessmen seemed to own them, but they are a big fashion accessory for everyone these days! The capabilities of the phone will also suit a wide range of people due to its extensive range of features.

      Overall it is a great phone, the best Blackberry i have owned. The camera isn't the best, but i never find them brilliant on Blackberry's!


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      24.05.2011 21:59



      Affordable, but cool at the same time.

      This is the defining "Crackberry" It has been one of the most popular Blackberry's since its emergence and for a good reason too. I cannot think of anything bad about this phone. I lost my Blackberry Virginity to this & boy was it amazing.

      The best feature, that I obviously needed was BBM. Blackberry Messenger on this, is amazing. It's what makes Blackberrys so unique. I can't express how useful BBM is to cut back on text costs & to be cool.

      Externally awesome:

      I feel that this is like the Nokia 3310 of its time. It looks and feels amazing. It is very easy to text with. My Sausage fingers prevented me from using smaller phones but by the time I finished with this, I was texting blind. The keys are well spaced apart and your fingers can glide over the keys. The scroll-ball is very unique and allows for a smooth delivery when trying to get to places (Don't even get me started on brick breaker) It is also very durable, one of those phones that just doesn't seem to break on collision. It is worthwhile to invest into a case to keep the BB even more so protected.

      Internally cool:

      The BB interface is very easy to use & you'll aclimatise to it rapidly. With the BB store, you can buy What'sApp so you can text for free to BB & iPhone users. You can also download the Facebook App and other various applications; all very good on the BB. BBM is particularly useful.


      The camera is quite bad in comparison to some other phones. There isn't enough clarity on the pictures & the screen is small. With the resolution being so bad, there is no real point in taking any photographs with this. It is also very slow to take photos, I would wait for days for something to finally load up on the screen. This gets even worse if you get a full memory card & progression of scrolling down to see photos gets harder and harder.

      The scroll-ball is also a devil in disguise. There is the possibility that it may fall off and then you need to get a new one. The keypad also tends to weaken, with my E & O key breaking after a year.

      It is also very dated in comparison to the more recent phones, but I would definitely buy it if I were on a lower-end budget.


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      22.03.2011 18:44
      Very helpful



      Blackberry Curve 8900


      Way back in 1973, mobile phones were only just being invented, and very basic they were too, not to mention uncannily large. Who would have thought that nearly forty years later, modern day mobile phones are at the forefront of the technology world. With every year that goes by, mobile phones are becoming massively more advanced, and more and more people are joining the mobile revolution.

      I remember my first mobile phone, I got it about fifteen years ago, and it was big... and basic. When I think back to how we used to use mobile phones, and how exciting we all thought they were, it's hard to imagine, given the complexity and sheer mind numbing choice of functions in today's handsets how we ever used them at all. Every mobile phone I've had since has been progressively more advanced, progressively more beautiful, and progressively more sophisticated.
      The Blackberry Curve 8900 is my latest acquirement. This is my business handset upgrade and it's hardly surprising that this model is much better than my previous one. The Curve 8900 is the perfect business handset, coping with all manner of business functions, as well as looking great in the process. Read on to find out how I've got on with the phone since I got it some six months ago...

      In the Box...

      The box itself is quite basic, however is crammed with an assortment of goodies to make your mobile life just that little bit easier. Obviously the box contains (perhaps most importantly) a manual. This is great with any new phone because as technology advances, so does the phones operating system, layout of menus, complexity of functions etc and it can be a godsend just flicking through the manual to start with just to familiarise yourself with all the new (and old) features. Also in the box is a mains charger, a USB cable for connecting the handset to a computer (this will also charge it from any USB socket), and a CD containing the required drivers and software for the phone to communicate with your computer. You also get a leather case for your new phone.


      I really like the design of this handset. It's not too big, not too small, and the weight is perfect for carrying around without feeling like you have been saddled by a brick:

      Height: 4.29in / 109mm
      Width: 2.36in / 60mm
      Depth: 0.53in / 13.5mm
      Weight: 3.87oz / 109.9g
      The handset is only available in black, but this is fine, especially as the handset was designed with business users in mind. The black design is accentuated with silver flashing around the front and side which looks very respectable. The phone has a lovely big screen (not touch screen) with a 480 x 360px display capability. The only downside on the design of the handset is that the back panel which covers the battery is, in itself fairly flimsy, but this doesn't seem to make a noticeable difference when it is attached to the phone, and I guess is an excellent way of keeping the weight down.

      Main Features


      The email capabilities of the Blackberry Curve 8900 can only be described as phenomenal! It doesn't just manage one email account, the handset has the capability to handle up to ten personal and business email accounts at the same time, and you can send and receive emails directly from the handset very easily. Another plus is that you can even download and view most attachments directly on the handset. I only have the one email account set up on my phone, my work one, but I have found it so simple to use once I had got over the initial confusion as to how it all functioned. Setting up the email is easy as it is managed through our Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) at work. We set up the users on the BES server and then simply enter their password into the handset and the Blackberry will automatically configure the email account.

      Text Messaging

      There's really not a lot I can say about the text/picture messaging function. This has of course become a standard feature of all mobile phones, and its operation on this handset is exactly the same as on others. The one thing I will say is that I particularly like the fact that when you are sending various text messages to the same person, and getting replies from them, these show up on the handset as a conversation so you can see the whole conversation in one place. Picture messaging is much the same, simply take a picture, and send it as a multimedia message.


      The contacts list on the Curve is very easy to use, and also links up tour exchange server at work which means all my work contacts are automatically available in my contacts list. If I add a contact into the handset directly, this is then available in my address book on my Outlook when I get back to the office.


      In a similar way to the contacts list, the calendar synchronises with my Outlook calendar. All the appointments that appear in my calendar at work also appear in the calendar on my Blackberry. In much the same way as Outlook will pop up a reminder when a meeting is due, the Blackberry Curve also does this, which is a really nice touch. Again, like the contacts list, if I add an event into my calendar on my handheld, it automatically synchronises back to my Outlook calendar.


      I've always been sceptical when it comes to mobile browsers, in the past I have always found them a bit hit and miss, not to mention expensive! However, the browser on the Curve 8900 is awesome. I am able to browse the internet with ease, and navigating around a page is made very easy with the use of the scroll wheel and its associated zoom function.


      The camera on the Curve 8900, despite being only 3.2 megapixels produces great quality photos that can easily be forwarded on, either as an email attachment or text, or uploaded onto your computer for editing. Using the camera is very easy, simply select the camera function, choose if you require a still image or a video, and then just point and shoot! Simple. Using the video camera is just as easy, although the quality of videos produced is not very good, although I've found that unlike on previous phones, I am able to shoot a good length of video without it truncating it.


      The media gallery is a great place where all your photos and videos are kept. This makes it very easy to find the photos or videos that you require, as well as quickly skip through them all. In addition, you can use the media gallery to organise your music collection if you want to use the handset to play MP3's and the like, however I do not use this function.


      Blackberry Maps enables you to easily get directions to places and view where you are on screen. You can move the maps around simply by using the scroll wheel. It even has advanced features enabling you to search for particular places of interest near you, for example particular types of restaurant. You can even email the maps to other people to help them find their way to you for example.


      Like some other handsets, you can connect the Blackberry Curve 8900 to wireless networks to save on your internet costs. I don't currently use this as we have an unlimited data package so it seems hardly worth it for me. But for other people who don't have the benefit of an unlimited package, it could prove to be a godsend.


      The Blackberry Curve 8900 comes with five games preinstalled, three of which I play regularly. First of all I got hooked on the game called BrickBreaker, which is basically where you have to knock a ball around with your paddle and destroy all the blocks to move on to the next level. Once I had completed this I moved on to Word Mole, which is basically a word finding game. This got very addictive, but soon I got bored with it as it gets so hard at later levels that I was never able to proceed too far. I am now addicted to Sudoku and play this every day. There are hundreds of levels to complete and I have now completed all the easy and intermediate levels and am now about halfway through the hard levels. After this I will have to try and tackle the expert levels. You can also download many more games for your handset from the Blackberry App Store.

      Ease of Use

      When I first got the handset I wasn't impressed. My initial thoughts were that the menus were unintuitive, clumsy and cluttered. However, now I have been using the phone for six months or so my impressions have changed dramatically. I think, initially, the menu design was so different from anything I had been used to, but now that I have got used to it I wouldn't change it for the world. I now find that I can do anything on the handset, even things I haven't used before with relative ease. I wouldn't recommend it to someone as a first phone, but anyone who's had experience of using various types of handset should be able to use it very easily, even if it does take a little getting used to. Once you've mastered the functions, the ease of carrying out your duties on the phone is great.

      Blackberry App World

      In a similar way to Apple's App Store, Blackberry App World enables you to download a myriad of different applications from your handset of almost any type you can think of. Downloading is easy, simply enter a few search terms and run a search. When you have found the application that you want, you can download it to your handset with just a couple of clicks. There are literally thousands of different applications ranging from office utilities to novelty items and games. There is a large amount of free content on there, but also a lot of applications that you need to pay for.


      The Messenger function is something that I hadn't come across before until I got my Blackberry. It enables you to chat (similar to Windows Messenger) with other Blackberry users. Adding a new user is done simply by entering their Blackberry pin. For business users you can set up various groups of users, for example to broadcast a message to a select group of people. As an engineer, we use this on busy days to log any jobs that need to be done and we can go through the list and mark off the ones that each person will complete. Again, this is free.

      Battery Life

      I was very surprised by the battery life. If the phone is not used it can remain on standby for up to fifteen days which is marvellous. Even when I use the phone to make a few calls, I rarely need to charge the phone more than once every three days.
      Detailed Specifications

      * Camera (3.2 MP)
      * Wi-Fi® Support
      * Built-in GPS
      * Enhanced Media Player
      * Video Recording
      * BlackBerry® Maps
      * Wireless Email
      * Organiser
      * Browser
      * Phone
      * Corporate Data Access
      * SMS/MMS

      Data Input & Navigation

      * 35 key backlit QWERTY keyboard
      * Trackball located on front face of device, ESC key to the right, Menu to the left
      * Dedicated Keys: Send, End, Mute, Lock, VAD (user customisable), 2-stage camera (user customisable), 2x volume/zoom
      * User Interface: Intuitive icons and menus


      * High resolution 480x360 pixel colour display
      * Transmissive TFT LCD
      * Supports over 65,000 colours
      * Screen Size: 2.44 inches (diagonally measured)

      Media Player

      * Video Format Support: XviD (MPEG4 Advance Simple Profile), H.263, WMV3
      * Audio Format Support: .3gp, WAV, MIDI, AMR-NB, G711u/A, GSM610, PCM, MP3, AAC/AAC+/eAAC+, WMA9/10 Standard/Pro

      Voice Input & Output
      * Integrated speaker and microphone, Hands-free headset capable, Bluetooth® headset capable, Integrated Hands-Free SpeakerphoneWi-Fi

      * 802.11 b/g
      * WPA / WPA2 Personal and Enterprise
      * Cisco CCX certified
      * Wi-Fi® access to BlackBerry Enterprise Server
      * Wi-Fi access to BlackBerry Internet Service
      * Support for UMA (carrier-dependent)

      Keyboard security

      * Password protection
      * Keyboard lock
      * Sleep (standby) mode


      In all honesty I would have no problems recommending this phone. It has certainly made my life at work much easier, and makes it easier to keep up to date with what is going on at the office whilst I am on the move. The phone has a lovely design which will complement any business attire, and this combined with the range of features, ease of use and phenomenal battery life make this phone top quality and well worth paying more for.

      More Information


      Also posted on Ciao under my account name TheHairyGodmother


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        07.03.2011 09:08
        Very helpful



        It suits me, take a good look before you decide if it's for you, as with any phone purchase.

        I have had my curve 8900 for a year and a half now, and have pretty much come across all its great things, its not so great things and its downright annoying things!

        So let's take a look in detail shall we:

        *Design / Weight / Style tactileness etc*

        The phone is handleable, which is something I can't say about the iPhone - it has rounded edges and sits in your hand easily enough that you can use it one handed with your thumb - something my little hands can't do with the iPhone. It has an easy to use track ball, tactile buttons that though are close together they can be distinguished under the pads of your fingers, with a strategic tactile dot on the 5 key to show you where you are on the number pad. I have a black one, with silver edging, the customary blackberry sign on the back and shortcut buttons on the side.

        Not so good:
        Whilst the blackberry is quite robust even when used without it's magnetic case, I do find the battery / back housing very flimsy. I have on occasion dropped it and the back has clipped out (there's only one clip at the bottom) and the battery has fallen out meaning that if the phone is on it has to do a reboot when you put the battery back in (known as a cold boot), which takes ages!


        Put the sim card in, which is a bit fiddly, and away you go, I am on O2 and it just, worked! So refreshing! The call and hang up buttons are easy to find, and you soon get used to the symbols on the blackberry screen as to where you look for stuff.

        If this is your first smart phone you may need a quiet space where you can go through the options and read everything about the phone, it is quite, how to say, technical looking. The various menus for everything can be a bit confusing but it can be negotiated and with a bit of work and a bit of research in the blackberry forums it's not that hard. Initial setup is easy, so don't worry about that, it's just the after setup that may be a pain, wifi, alerts, apps etc.

        ** Security **

        This phone does have a GPS so you can setup an app to wipe the blackberry from a distance if you feel it has been stolen - I haven't done this and so cannot pass judgement on it. It has a keyboard lock key at the top left, but it does not lock the phone, you can do this by setting a password and using the left sided key to lock it. This did change when then new software update came in, and the top left key used to be the lock key but not it's not which is very confusing! But it does work, and you can specify how many times you can get the password wrong before you get locked out! If you want to pass it on to somebody it has a security wipe feature to take off all your sensitive data, and if you want to keep txt messages without keeping them on the txt screen there is a saved messages folder too.

        *Alerts, Ringtones, Vibrate etc*

        I love this phone's ability to use any song as a ring tone. I have 'Bad Things' from the True Blood series! There are a million different combinations that you can use to alert you of things, from bleeps and alien noises, to bits of songs and the more traditional ring tones. If you upgrade the blackberry to the latest software instalment you have seven different sound profiles: Loud, Medium, Normal, Vibrate Only, Silent, Phone Calls Only and all Alerts off. It's fab! You can have sounds for different email accounts, text messages, photo messages and phone calls. Worth having a fiddle with until you get it the way you want it, it's addictive! Oh and there is an app to assign different coloured LED flashing lights to contacts, the default is red which I like because it stands out.


        Not so good:
        It's not the best in the world, it can be a bit slow, but it's a phone camera and all I want is to be able to take impromptu snaps when I don't really need a proper camera around, it also takes video, which is pretty good. It is 2048x1536 pixels but you have to hold for a few seconds before it snaps. There is a flash from the LED too. Good enough for fun snaps.

        ** Internet / Data *

        Not so good, in fact, bad! The phone is 2g so what did I expect? It has a browser that is quite difficult to navigate even to an IT lover like myself. But the time it takes to look for stuff is annoying and I wish it were much better.

        You do need a data plan if you have emails pushed to your phone as soon as the arrive, and if you are using things like MSN instant messengers and yahoo messengers.

        *MP3 Player*

        The Great:
        My iPod nano gave up the ghost just after I got my Blackberry, so I decided to give the MP3 player a try, it's fab! The sound quality is very good, the earphone socket takes standard 3.5 jacks so you can use your favourite earphones without the annoying use of an adaptor - and there are side buttons to control the volume, and to be able to skip tracks at will. You can even change the way the music is played, shuffle, repeat and equaliser. I used it in the gym and whilst it might feel bulky for gym wear, actually I didn't notice any different, just strapped it down and went for it! Best of all if you use iTunes or W.M.Player it will sync with your play lists easily through the blackberry manager.

        *Blackberry Manager, Contacts, Calender, Calls, Etc*

        The blackberry can easily be attached to a computer via a micro USB cord that comes with it, it syncs seamlessly with the software, through which you can sync your calender and contacts with outlook programs, download your iTunes play lists and if you have pictures associated with your outlook contacts they will transfer easily to the blackberry. You can also manage your apps with it, taking them on and off at will.

        Not so good:
        The calender is quite rudimentary and I find it a little difficult to negotiate, but it is good enough if you just need to double check what you're up to, and it will alert you to things too. At the moment I have it alerting me to take my tablets every day!

        ** Battery Life **

        Battery life is given as up to 5 hours and a half talk time, and I can well believe this. There are a few savings you can make on it, such as having the back light tone down and off after 30 seconds, and programming it to switch off at bedtime and turn on again in the morning, saving you remembering to turn it off/on again and saving around 8 hours of standby time. Of course if you set the alarm this doesn't affect it! I don't make that many calls, but I do use the MP3 player a lot and the push email facility all the time, and my battery lasts a good couple of days, so it shouldn't be an issue.

        When using the holster it has a magnetic strip in it that puts the phone into hibernation to save battery life, it's great, and it doesn't switch the phone off and it still works, but you can tell it to behave differently in and out of the holster.

        * SIGNAL *

        Hmmm: This was an issue when I first got the phone, however it seems to have ironed itself out with the new software upgrade - and I rarely have a problem with it. It sports wifi, GPRS, and bluetooth, with 2g which isn't the best either.

        ** Space*

        The Good:
        Space is always an issue with smart phones, with photos, contacts, calenders, music and a host of other stuff on the phone - including documents. With a micro SD card slot at the back this is not an issue, I have a 2 gig SD card in at the moment but it is said to take up to 32 gig, how true this is I have not verified - I know there have been issues with technology balking at cards over 16 gig - but I have faith in Blackberry!

        The not so good:
        The SD card slot is tiny, as is the SD card, yes I know that! but! it is fiddly if you have larger hands, or indeed are wearing false nails *flashes her nails, aren't they pretty?* - but once it is in you have no need to take it out. Whether you take it out and plug it directly into your computer, or leave it in and connect the blackberry by the USB cable access to the card is quick and easy, and indeed can be used as a mass storage device for transporting things.

        *Other, Stuff!*

        You have a handy calculator, the ability to view documents such as PDFs and word, excel documents, power point and even a memo pad. You can record voice notes, use the GPS to get yourself un-lost, or lost if you prefer to get away from the family, and a host of other apps that you can add. Ooh and Instant Messaging, MSN, Yahoo etc.


        I don't use these, but I will make a passing comment that the few I have have been okay, it's not the iPhone catalogue, it's much, much smaller, but it does have a catalogue of them that you can pay for, if you want to. If you are into apps, check out the catalogue before you buy, you may prefer another phone!


        I love this phone, it does what I need it to do, and when buying a phone this is what you have to consider. I needed email, to make a few calls and to have a backup MP3 player, it does that well. I think this phone is more suited to a business orientated person, who needs emails, calenders etc, it's not a toy and is not that easy to negotiate until you get used to it, so technophobes may need to have a long hard think before buying this phone.


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        20.02.2011 19:52
        Very helpful



        Great if you're looking for a basic smartphone!

        I used this phone for a while recently after having my iPhone 3GS stolen. I bought it from my auntie for £50 pretty much in new condition as she didn't need it anymore. That probably isn't a real estimate for the price though as I imagine it'll cost you a bit more than that.

        Anyway, I can imagine that upon its release this phone was really innovative as it has a lot of interestig features to explore. However for me, being a an Apple fan I found it difficult to get used to a different type of interface.

        Firstly, the menu is very complex compared to most and the graphics aren't particularly large, making it difficult to use for some. The qwerty keyboard is interesting, however I wouldn't recommend it for those with larger fingers! The exterior of this phone looks very sleek, modern and attractive to the eye which is great.

        The camera isn't great but it certainly does the job. It also has Blackberry messenger which is a great way to save some money or texts as you can text others with a Blackberry for free! The calling quality is good and I never had any trouble with crackling or calls breaking up.

        I'd say this is a good, basic phone but I didn't really get on with it that well as I just kept comparing it to my iPhone (which just for the record really are on another level!). I didn't really appreciate the use of the ball as it often got stuck. Saying that, I did enjoy some features of the phone such as Blackberry messenger and the game Brick breaker which is good entertainment for those who are easily pleased like myself!

        Overall I would recommend this phone, however if you're looking for an innovative smart phone I would say to try a newer Blackberry model or an iPhone as you will get a much better experience that way.


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        09.02.2011 21:33



        Does what it does well, but doesn't set the world alight compared to more modern phones.

        The Blackberry Curve 8900 is a paradoxical phone; two years ago before smart phones really took off, I was bowled over by its sleek design and intuitive interface, something which Blackberry have become synonamous with. However, here is the rub; the 2G connection was almost acceptable then, but it was hardly future proof. Therein lies the problem, despite this phone being excellent to use and representing a very user friendly experience, the lack of fast data is a major issue.
        This is certainly a phone that could be a real contender for someone looking to get involved in the smart phone market, but it gives a very diluted experience. For balance this review should point out that the software is excellent and despite the putiful data rate, it really manages to implement simple apps such as Facebook very well. The roller ball has proved to be troublesome for many of my friends and I must admit, towards the end of its life, it did become troublesome for me to a lesser extent. The qwerty keyboard is a nice addition for the phone, but it will devide opinion and date badly.
        All in all, this is phone that does well at its simple niche, but falls down compared to modern smart phones.


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        09.02.2011 20:03
        Very helpful



        A really good phone, which you can now get for peanuts, but is only 2G!

        I recently upgraded my phone from a Blackberry Curve 8900, which I had for two years and I'll be honest... I miss it!

        The phone was so easy to use and came with so many of the traditional Blackberry features, for example Blackberry chat (for all of your friends with Blackberrys), the QWERTY keyboard and Blackberry menu. I know the new fashion is the touch screen, but really- the QWERTY keyboard is the way forward! You don't have to re-program your head to write using the daft 111 (for a letter 'c') etc...

        E-mails are in an easily readable format and easy to access. Facebook comes as standard, with a cute little facebook 'F' logo, which appears in the corner when you have a notification (which I admit was one of my favourite features)

        My only reservation is the rollerball, which kept getting stuck, but as always, Blackberry are on the ball (no pun intended) and have already replaced this with a shiny button!


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        07.02.2011 22:18
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Greatest modern phone for modern nomads!

        I've had my BlackBerry Curve 8900 for a year and a half now and I'm still loving it! It is the first BlackBerry I've owned, and I'm really wondering why I didn't get one sooner!
        First, the shape: round corners that fit perfectly in your hand, and a simple elegant design that nearly makes it a fashion accessory (add a colourful skin for your Blackberry and remove the 'nearly' in my sentence!)

        It is such a great phone, it's got everything you need and more, and just like its main competitor the iPhone, you can install useful (or futile) applications on it.
        The QWERTY keypad has got keys big enough to enable you to type accurately and quickly (I'm definitely quicker with it than I was with my old Samsung), and the high definition screen makes it perfect to watch videos ( I used to transfer Grey's Anatomy's episodes onto it to watch while commuting on the bus!).
        It is very slim and very light, probably lighter than what you would expect.
        I love the trackball as it allows you to be very quick when you are looking for something in the drop down-menu or simply when you are rummaging through your hundreds of emails or texts!
        It is quite sturdy as well as I dropped it a few times (I'm a clumsy girl!) and it stills works perfectly, didn't bug, battery stayed in place as nothing happened *sigh of relief.

        The main functions already installed on the phone when you get it are:

        - phone - obvious, but hey with everything else it does, you may forget you can actually call and speak to people with it ;) promise
        - Phonebook with people's title, name, address, email address, phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries (other half or grandparent's 50th for instance), company and job title, pager, fax, and special notes (yep, all that for 1 contact!)
        - Calendar: you can set up reminders (one-off or daily occurrences) - and snooze!
        - Alarm + snooze (I can guarantee the snooze option works very well )
        - Emails: Received and sent straight away, you can set up as many email addresses as you like on your phone, if like me you have one for family and friends, and one for business. You can write an email, forward the ones you receive, file them, delete them (on the smartphone only or smartphone + inbox), reply, etc.
        - Browser: you can access Internet wherever you are, given that you have network coverage of course. Great to check on the BBC weather site, national rail services or simply prove your friend wrong by double-checking something on Google! You can save favourites too, so easy access to your usual websites
        - Sat-Nav/Maps: great to guide you through a place you've never been to, or simply to have a map. You can find a location with a specific address and postcode, get directions, zoom in and out etc.
        - Games: not a lot but you can download lots of fun games (some are free, some you have to pay for)
        - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
        - Different profiles : silent, vibrate, loud and personalised ones.
        - Facebook.
        - Media files: Photos, Video and Music as well as ringtones
        - BlackBerry Messenger: If your friends own a Blackberry, it is free to send them messages through the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), wherever they are in the world ( Most of my friends are in France, it's a free way to keep in touch regularly - OK, daily, yes it's addictive!)

        You can make good quality pictures (3.2 Megapixels camera) and videos, record memos and store all this on your phone, or expand the memory with a microSD card that you just need to add under the battery. Just be careful though, if you store too many files or big files like video (episodes of your favourite TV show for instance), it might run slow for some applications, just like a computer.

        I had headphones with it, as well as the charger with adaptors for European and American plugs, so that you can take it everywhere.

        The only thing is that, just like a computer, it can sometimes bug or crash because you overload it or launch too many applications at once, but that's nothing major. Most of the time you just need to wait, or reboot it (remove the battery and put it back) but it takes 3mins to upload all the information again.

        The Internet might not be the quickest but is still quick for such a small device, and I find it perfect for the use I have of it.

        If you are looking for a great piece of technology able to do nearly anything you want, this is a phone for you!


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          30.01.2011 17:18



          Great all in one phone, easy to use and fun.

          I have owned many phones such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Nokia. But I wanted a phone that had everything and I had only heard good things about the Blackberry so I got the curve. All I can say is that its is amazing. Email works great, Wifi internet is really good, the screen size is very good and the media side holds it own. The feature that I love the most is BBM which is there messsager service between blackberrys all over the world. This phone has everything for someone who is busy or even if you just want a phone with all the latest features. The phone battery is amazing (up to 3 days of normal use, though it does go alot faster if you listen to alot of music). The camera I have found works well but the quality isnt as good as other phones but it is still of a good standard and if you really want good photos buy a camara.


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          28.01.2011 17:10
          Very helpful



          The phone for professionals and geeks

          Having recently made the hardest decision of my life I feel as though I need to review the end result of my decision.............this being Blackberry or Iphone?! With both offering differing and highly useful applications this was a decision not to be taken lightly. However after having an Iphone for the day and a Blackberry for a day it was clear the Blackberry was more my style.

          Not caring how people view the Blackberry as being the 'poor persons Iphone' I view the Iphone as being a copycat (booooo hiss from all you Iphone users) The Blackberry 8900 is a sleek and curvy phone which fits into the palm nicely where as you need extended fingers with the Iphone.

          Offering similar applications to the Iphone I base my final review on the business like phone, being a woman of business it is vital I am able to access my emails and text messages in an easier method than any normal phone. It looks professional and offers a certain class (when not wrapped in those silly rubber covers or in diamanté!!!)

          The phone offers media access to youtube, metacafe and also plenty of storage for music, videos and pictures. With applications to monitor how far you walk in a day to easier log into twitter and facebook.

          The final advantage is that I can hold it in my left hand and still have signal ;) *Further information please read upon the Iphone and left hand*


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          11.01.2011 20:36
          Very helpful



          Great for phone for business and personal use.

          I used to hate mobile phones. I didn't get my first until I turned 26 in 2001 and that was under sufferance. Over time they've gone from something I've detested to tolerated to now can't live without. This love of mobile telephony has grown since the company I work for invested in BlackBerries four years ago. I am now the personification of the CrackBerry addict. Mine is with me all my waking hours. And if I put it down and can't find it panic sets in. My eyes grow wide with terror and I start to foam at the mouth like a rabid dog. As such I feel quite well placed to review the current device I have, the BlackBerry Curve 8900.

          This is my 4th BlackBerry after my first broke and numbers 2 and 3 were stolen (not at the same time I hasten to add). This is certainly the best of the devices. The handset maintains the QWERTY keyboard that is one of its key strengths. Now that I'm used to it I can type on the BlackBerry as quickly as I can on a computer keyboard - a good 40 words per minute. The keys themselves are of a good enough size to prevent issues with fat thumbs and the fact that the keyboard is not of the touchscreen variety makes it much easier to manage. Scrolling is via a trackball which is simple to manipulate but is perhaps the handset's Achilles heel - it is often the first thing to fail.

          The screen is full colour and easy on the eye and of a suitable size. The phone also has excellent functionality. A 3.2 megapixel camera is built in along with a reasonable video camera and a dictaphone, all with playback capability. The handset has a standard headphone socket and a good quality mp3 player function - great for commuting.

          The device itself is lightweight - much lighter than previous BlackBerries I've owned and about the same weight as other non-smartphones that I've used.

          There are timer and stopwatch functions and the ability to set the clock to more than one timezone - useful for any travellers amongst you. My device came with a few reasonable games and more can be downloaded free of charge,

          For the social networking enthusiasts, apps exist to help with viewing and posting on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. There are a growing number of apps for the BlackBerry, including a nifty little messenger, but nowhere near as many as for competitors such as the iPhone. The BlackBerry's strengths come elsewhere though.

          The BlackBerry was predominantly designed as a business tool and it is in this area that it comes into his own. The BlackBerry 8900 is incredibly easy to link to a server. All of my emails, contacts, calendar entries and tasks are synchronised between the office and the BlackBerry. Clearly this has huge business benefits as I'm a walking mobile office. (All I really need is a solar powered travel kettle to complete the experience!). It also means that if I lose my phone I don't lose any data. The only real issue is that this mobility does mean time creep into your daily life - something BeautifulPartnerLady has complained about regularly!

          All in all I would highly recommend the BlackBerry 8900 Curve for business use and it holds it own for non-business users as well.


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          27.12.2010 21:33



          A brilliant little smartphone

          I admit that I have been a nokia girl for countless years until I played with a friends 8900 last year. After that I was hooked and determined to get one when my contract expired and I can honestly it is the best phone I have ever had. I love BBM and all the other applications that I can download for free. The phone is exceptionally easy to use, with email accounts easy to set up, meaning all my important emails will come straight through to my phone. For a facebook addict, I love that I can have all my messages and posts sent to keep in contact with everyone at all times. The camera is of a great quality for a phone, I have printed many photos out and they have been of good enough quality. The expandable memory means that I frequently use it at the gym as a media player. This is I feel one of the best smartphone around.


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