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2 Reviews
  • cool design
  • Easy to share photos with friends
  • Photo quality average
  • BB App World limited
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    2 Reviews
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      17.08.2015 11:16
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to share photos with friends"
      • "Sound quality good"
      • "Easy to use generally"
      • "Part keyboard & part touch screen"


      • "BB App World limited"
      • "Photo quality average"

      Nice uncomplicated phone for those who are new to touch screen!

      I'd better start by saying I am not a tech-wizard so this isn't going to be an in-depth review comparing mega bites and data storage and whatever else a phone has. I don't understand a lot of that and I mainly just use my phone for instant messaging, taking photos and Face-booking!

      The best feature of the Q5, in my opinion, is that it incorporates both a keyboard and a touch-screen. I used to have one of those older Blackberry(ie?)s with a teeny querty keyboard & track pad key. When my contract ended I wasn't quite ready to commit to an all-out touch screen phone... so when I saw the Q5 in the shop I decided almost straight away to get it.

      If you're one of the few reluctant dinosaurs like I was who still hasn't used a touch screen phone, this is a good one to use to get used to it. I found all the swiping and tapping a bit daunting at first but I very quickly picked it up. (I remember the first phone call I received took a good minute or so to answer as I frustratingly prodded and swiped in all directions trying to work out how to pick up the call while annoying everyone in the local vicinity with continuous ringing noises).

      The photo quality varies - I find some images I take look really good and others come out a bit fuzzy, though this may be something to do with the lighting and maybe I haven't worked out how to change the settings to my best advantage. The sound quality is excellent and you can watch You Tube vids etc at a high volume.

      It's easy to send photos and files to your friends through instant messaging or uploading to Facebook.

      Being a Blackberry, you are limited regarding apps. This has only recently bothered me as I never really used them before.

      I haven't really had any major problems with it, however after about a year and a half it has started having small technical 'blips' (freezing now and again etc). This may just be mine in particular though and it doesn't cause too much aggro - if I turn it off and on again that usually resolves things (!)


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      14.03.2015 09:34



      Ok but needs work

      No trackpad. No hardware keys for menu, and to take or disconnect calls. These are the biggest mistakes; and makes usability a tiny nightmare.
      But the size is perfect for business, and software receptive. The battery life is great!
      This phone will neither attract the iOS users, or Android. And it will not attract Blackberry users, simply because it does not have the Blackberry essentials- trackpad and hardware keys!


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  • Product Details

    Display 7,9cm (3,1) with 720 x 720 Pixeln / Qwertz Keyboard and Touchscreen / 1,5GHz Dual Core Processor / 2GB RAM / 8GB Internal Hard Drive / Camera 5MP / Front Camera with 2MP For Video Calls / Bluetooth 4.0 / NFC / microSD / 120 g / BlackBerry / 10 OS

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