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HTC 7 Trophy - Smartphone - 3G - WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM - touch - Windows Phone 7

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    4 Reviews
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      02.01.2013 22:08
      Very helpful



      Has lots of good features, but the phone functions could be better!

      ~ Why I Own an HTC Trophy ~

      I thought it was useful from a 'scene setting' perspective to explain briefly why I have an HTC 7 Trophy. Through my work, my employer likes to squeeze as much work out of us as possible, and ensure it can contact people out of hours. I was therefore provided with an old Nokia phone. Sadly, this one broke about the same time that my employer decided it would be much better if staff could also check emails in their own time. So my replacement phone was the HTC 7 Trophy I am currently using. Although I didn't choose or purchase this phone myself, it is the only phone that I use, for both personal and work purposes, and I have had it now for about 18 months.

      I would describe myself as a 'basic' user, in that I doubt whether I am using all of the available features to their fullest extent, but I do make very good use of certain features, so will focus on these in my review.

      ~ Features ~

      There is quite a lot of information on the phone's features in the 'Technical Details' tab above, so I don't want to repeat too much of that information. In summary, it makes and receives telephone calls and text messages, has a 5MP camera with a flash, runs Windows Mobile, has email/Internet access, Microsoft OneNote and readers for Excel, Word and PowerPoint, can play music and videos (which you sync to your PC using Zune), Bing maps (with GPS location), plus you can download a bunch of other apps via the 'Market Place' and the 'HTC Hub'.

      It is black, with a nice sleek screen. The power button is on the top left, volume button is on the top of the left-hand side, camera button is on the bottom of the right-hand side, micro USB port/charging point is on the bottom of the left-hand side, and the camera/flash is on the rear.

      ~ Price ~

      Doing a bit of an Internet search, it seems this phone is around £350 if you buy it SIM-free/no contract but there are some contract deals available, and a second-hand market (around £100 SIM-free on Amazon).

      ~ Set Up ~

      I am no technology whiz but I found this remarkably easy to set up. SIM went in, I charged it for the requisite time, turned it on, followed the instructions to set up Facebook and my various email accounts (hotmail, Yahoo!, and work Outlook account), and that was it. I would say that within about 20 minutes, I had a fully-functioning phone. Lovely.

      One thing I do highly rate on this phone is that the back cover comes off with very little effort to reveal the battery and SIM card, but is cleverly secure enough not to feel loose while it is in place. This is probably because the back cover is made of quite thin plastic, which sounds like it would be a problem in terms of durability, but having dropped the phone on quite a few occasions I can say that it is quite a sturdy piece of thin plastic - not a crack or dent in sight!

      ~ In Use ~

      When I turn the phone on, I have to enter a password (work requirement), which is easily done after sliding up with your finger from the bottom of the screen. This is a touch screen phone, by the way! The main screen is fully customisable by using the 'Pin to Start' function, and I have mine set up so that shortcuts to Outlook, Internet Explorer, messaging, calendar, contacts, and call history are visible. You move from the main screen to the sub-menu (where shortcuts to all the other apps are present) by either flicking the screen left or using the little arrow on the screen in the top right corner. The main menu is laid out as square tabs (like apps on an IPhone), whereas the sub-menu is a list. To open an app you just click on it.

      Once in an app, you close it either by pressing the back arrow located on the bottom left of the phone, or by pressing the home button located in the bottom centre of the screen. I found this really good until I started using an iPad, and since then I seem to default to pinching on the screen!! IPhone users beware!

      Just picking out a few of the features that I love and hate (otherwise this review would become a bit lengthy).

      Making a call is simple if you have recently called someone or they have called you as you just go to call history and click on their name, then click on 'call mobile' or 'call home'. However, if this does not apply then it is a bit of a faff in my view. To get the keypad up, you have to go through the call history. And to go through the contacts menu is also a bit laborious as if someone is not a recent contact or you have stacks of numbers in your contacts, you have to search etc. Perhaps I am showing my age, here, but essentially this is a phone, and for me the phone function should be the easiest thing to use! I also think the sound quality is a bit poor and the volume is never quite loud enough. Again, this is quite poor for a phone!

      The phone has an integrated Facebook capability in the contacts menu, which shows recent status updates, and you can post updates yourself very easily. You can also get a separate Facebook app from the Market Place, which has all the Facebook functions you get using Facebook on the Internet. I actually prefer this version.

      The Outlook app is excellent in my view. There are screens to view all, unread, flagged or urgent emails, you can see all email folders, and you can search all folders using the spy glass button on the bottom right-hand of the phone. This button can actually be used from a range of applications to perform a search, and from the main menu to take you to the Bing search screen.

      The camera is pretty good, not wonderful, but easy enough to use and picture quality is good enough for posting on the Internet. A neat feature is the ability to take photos without turning on the phone just by holding the camera button down, great for quick snaps. Video is dreadful, so I wouldn't bother with that!

      Messaging is easy, and for each person you message the received and sent messages are listed as a conversation, which is really useful if you do not reply immediately (or if, like me, you forget what you sent).

      I also think the Microsoft Office viewers are pretty good given the size of the screen, although I would not want to read a long document or complex spreadsheet on them.

      I like the screen rotate function, as in landscape mode the keypad is bigger, although I have small fingers so for me the keys are ok to use in portrait mode.

      When you are on a call, the screen goes black, which saves battery life and also prevents 'hot ear syndrome'. In this respect, it is a good feature. But to get the screen back on again, you have to hold the phone flat, and it takes a couple of seconds to light up so you can end the call. I find this quite annoying, mainly because it means you are on the call for a few more seconds, giving the phone company a bit more money!

      But the battery. Typically, the battery life is pretty poor, and no where near the advertised hours. I charge mine every day and I do not think I am a heavy user. It has always been this way, so I do not think it is a function of the age of the phone. If anyone has a phone with excellent battery life, I would love to hear about it.

      The other slightly irritating feature is the weight distribution, which means you always seem to pick it up back-to-front and upside down. A minor niggle!

      ~ Summary ~

      I hope this gives a flavour of the phone's good and bad features, but please feel free to comment or ask a question if I have not covered everything that you need.

      For me, this phone has some really good features but is let down by the rather poor 'telephone' functions, which in my view are the most important features of a mobile telephone!! I really want to give this 3.5 out of 5 as it is overall better than a 3 but not as good as a 4. As I'm feeling generous, I'll round it up on this occasion.


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        04.01.2012 09:59
        Very helpful



        HTC Trophy 7

        HTC Trophy 7

        The HTC Trophy 7 has been released in 2011 and runs on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. It has a 5 mega pixel camera, a 3.8 inch touch screen, 8 GB internal memory, great user interface and super-fast Internet. What are mine experiences with this phone?

        The phone works completely on the new Windows Phone 7 system and in combination with the above features makes this a wonderful telephone. With the 3.8 inch touch screen using the menu and features is really easy. The 5 mega pixel produces excellent pictures with the only problem that the shutter button is on the touch screen and not on the phone itself. This makes it a bit more difficult to use. The 1 GHZ processor makes the phone fast and has the ability to play HD 720p movies, to work with all social networks and to work with Microsoft Office documents.

        The phone works on Windows Phone 7 and works great. Windows Phone 7 works with tiles on the screen which gives you access to all important features on the phone as the camera but also to the office programs. With ease you can check your email, texts and missed phone calls. The system uses Swipe to navigate through the menu. This method is something you see with other phone as Samsung and the iPhone. With the tiles it even makes Swipe works easier and better.

        The most well-known problem with this Smartphone is the battery. This is a common problem with most smart phones. With some luck you can last a working day. By turning off the Internet and Wi-fi connection you get one day extra battery life. Business features are all present on the phone as an agenda, sending and receiving email from multiple accounts and the phone has Wi-Fi and HSDPA connection. With the Microsoft office you can easily work with your documents and spread sheets with Word and Excel. With the People Hub feature you can easily work together with colleagues. With the People Hub you can also easily restore or delete sensitive information from a distance in case the telephone got lost or stolen.

        These days there are many smart phones to choose from its hard to say if this is the right phone for you. The makers of the phone certainly did everything they could to make this a powerful and user friendly phone. With Windows Phone 7 this phone works excellent and has great feature as a great camera. Navigating through the menu is very easy and goes fast. The Internet application works without any problem. An excellent HTC phone.


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        31.10.2011 13:49



        Couldn't be happier with my HTC Trophy. Windows 7 is a remarkable OS

        I got the HTC Trophy for my birthday earlier this year, and I think it's brilliant. I am probably not the most tech-savvy person, but this phone combines ease of use and incredible good looks. The microsoft OS is a pleasure to work with, it is quick and very easy to use. The HTC Trophy is a very good looking phone, with a screen that is bigger than the iPhone 4 at 3.8" (vs the iPhones 3.5"). The Trophy is a lot smaller than the HTC HD7 or the HTC Titan, which are more similar in size to the Samsung Galaxy SII, but this means it fits more snuggly into your palm, and into your pocket.

        When I received it, it was running Windows 7, and I had to update it to Windows Mango 7.5 a few months ago. The update proved to be a little frustrating as Zune kept reporting an error half way through the update, but when I used a different PC the update went fine. Some of the updated features are amazing; on maps I can click one button and find out what is local to me wherever I am - from 'eat & Drink' to 'See & Do' and 'shop & highlights'.

        Furthermore, some of the apps are a lot more stylish than the ones offered on the iPhone (IMDB and eBay spring immediately to mind). The weather app gives you the weather for exactly where you are (not the nearest big town) and is pretty good looking with simulations of the weather (fog/rain etc.)

        Windows 7 is the way forward, and I haven't come across a nicer handset to date (although that may change with the Nokia Lumia...


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          15.10.2011 08:21
          Very helpful



          Great handset coupled with a great operating system, is a win!

          Having previously reviewed the HTC desire, I can now say that this model is a step in the right direction. The handset itself is sleek and comfortable. The lack of physical buttons is a delight and really adds to the overall look of handset. There is a silver trim around the main touch screen and touch buttons which gives it a stylish finish. The biggest delight about this handset for me is the physical camera button, giving a distinct feel of a digital camera. The button adds great benefit to taking pictures rather than the touch screen style of taking photos. Although the camera is only a 5 Mega pixel camera, it performs as any would. The LED accompanying the camera is bright and adequate for the job. The sound/speaker set on this phone is a delight; the sound is crisp and definitive and included in the software is a sound enhancer, which has SRS Enhancement which really takes this speaker set to a new level on mobile devices.

          It's hard to not mention the marriage of handset with the operating system, the update to Windows 7, now on Windows Mango 7.5 is an absolute treat, the beautiful metro system leans itself perfectly for this handset. I am not entirely convinced a different OS would work with this handset; it's just a delight from start to finish.

          HTC offer many handsets, OS's onboard and with many different Network providers, but there is a distinct symmetry between the HTC 7 Trophy (Could be 7.5 now?) and the Windows Mango 7.5 OS. The integrated HTC hub with HTC sense allows HTC to continue to offer a portion of there background OS (for want of a better word) and delivers beautiful, smooth weather content and HTC apps on the market.

          Personally, I have tried many different phones and operating systems, but no combination has come close the mobile-agulation the combination of Trophy/Mango 7.5.

          If you ever get a chance to really dive into this phone and explore the functionality, I highly recommend you invest the time to understand its true beauty.


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      • Product Details

        With the vivid screen, HTC 7 Trophy sits comfortably in your hand and performs perfectly in any gaming situation. A performance packed 1GHz snapdragon processor delivers split-second responsiveness. You need that speed when you're zipping and dodging, shooting and flying on your quest to save mankind. Take a break from the game and tune into some ... tunes. The HTC 7 Trophy gives you a high fidelity sound for a richer listening and viewing experience.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: HTC 7 Trophy - Windows Phone - GSM / UMTS
        Product Type: Windows Phone - 3G - 8 GB
        Service Provider: Not specified
        Mobile Services: Windows Marketplace, Windows Live, Bing Search, Xbox LIVE, Zune
        Form Factor: Touch
        Dimensions (WxDxH): 62 mm x 12 mm x 119 mm
        Weight: 140 g
        Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
        Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
        Integrated Components: Digital camera, digital player, GPS receiver, voice recorder
        Wireless Interface: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
        Display: Colour - 3.8"
        Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen (multi-touch)
        Operating System: Microsoft Windows Phone 7
        User Interface: HTC Hub
        Instant Messaging Services: Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger)
        Supported Social Networks and Blogs: Facebook
        Playback Digital Standards: WMA, MP3, M4A , VC-1, MPEG-4, WMV, 3GP, WMV9
        Talk Time: Up to 405 minutes
        Standby Time: Up to 435 hours