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110 Reviews
  • great call quality
  • not complicated
  • not up to date so not good for teenagers
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    110 Reviews
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      28.07.2015 00:15
      Very helpful


      • "great call quality"
      • "not complicated"
      • "nice phone"


      • "not up to date so not good for teenagers"

      HTC desire you to try this one out... you may love it.

      This is an old phone compared to the ones that are on the market these days but when it first came out it was up there with the best of them.

      It is a good size, being about 14cm high, 7cm wide and less than a cm thick.

      On the front there is a cracking 4.7inch screen

      it houses a Qualcomm snapdragon 1.2GHz quad-core CPU.

      It is an Android OS with what HTC say is HTC sense? What ever that is. It gives you 2G, 3G and even 4G, depending on the modal.

      It has the standard qualities inside, such as proximity sensor, which turns off the screen when you have the phone near your ear, then brings the screen back to life when you take the phone away from your ear.

      There's also an internal GPS system.

      Then there's the connection methods, such as Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Wi-Fi, (802.11 b/g/n)

      It has a nice 8GB of internal memory, with the possibility of another 128GB if you get an micro SD card slipped in. it has 1GB of RAM, which is pretty good for what it offers.

      It can only take a nano sim so make sure you have the right sim card as many phones have a normal size sim.

      It lets you play music on it, using the earphones or the built in speaker to listen to it. Then there's the video options, which let you watch of even record video and play it back later.

      There are two cameras on this, a front facing one that is 1.3MP, and the rear one which is 8MP. Both camera offer good quality shots, be that still of video. It can play most formats too, which save a lot of messing about trying to convert files to something that can be played on the phone.

      It claims to be able to reach up to 16 hours of talk time and up to 650 hours of standby time.

      The call quality was great, although this depends where I was when making a call.

      The built in speaker is not too bad as it plays the music well enough. But the best quality comes in when you use the earphones.

      This HTC sells for less than £80 these days so if you're after a good price phone that does everything you need then this could be worth looking into .


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      16.10.2013 21:29
      Very helpful



      Just ok!

      I have had this phone for just over a year now. It was my partner's old mobile and when his contract was up and he renewed I got this phone.

      ~ Appearance ~
      The phone itself is mainly black, with a dark grey colour around the screen and the volume buttons on the side of the mobile phone are also grey.
      It is quite large at 6cm wide by just under 12cm in length. It is about 1cm thick, which isn't bad.
      The back of the phone has a removable cover, which hides the battery, the SIM card and a micro SD card can be slotted in as well to add extra storage space to your phone for music, photos etc.
      The back cover has the HTC logo in silver and at the bottom of the phone the words 'WITH HTC SENSE'. The phone also has a camera on the back of it, as you'd expect.
      The screen takes up most of the front of the phone - it is a 3.7 inch screen. Also on the front are 5 buttons at the bottom of the phone - home, menu, select, back and search.
      There is a button on the top of the phone to turn it on or off and there is also a headphone socket. The charger socket is on the bottom of the phone.

      ~ Price ~
      This mobile phone is available from Amazon.co.uk for £149.95 reduced from the recommended retail price of £439.36! Haha!

      ~ In use ~

      ~ Features and internet ~
      Like most mobile phones these days, this phone can be used as a calculator, flashlight (which is also on the back of the phone), camera, camcorder, clock, calendar, alarm clock, voice recorder or radio.
      It also connects to the internet via wifi or 3G. There are apps to have facebook, twitter and youtube on your mobile or you can get a reliable sat nav or browse the internet.
      It also has normal mobile phone features such as making telephone calls and sending text messages.
      You can connect your email account to your phone so you can also access your emails wherever you are as long as you have access to wifi or a 3G signal.
      I find that the internet connects quickly and browsing isn't too slow. It is really handy having the internet on hand wherever you go.

      ~ Durability ~
      The phone is quite tough compared with other phones and I tend to carry mine loose in my huge handbag so it has taken a bit of a beating. It has small scratches on the back and edges.
      The screen has a screen protector sticker on (which I'd thoroughly recommend to everyone for whichever phone you buy - check ebay). The sticker takes all of the scratches so my screen has none on when I peel it off and replace it.
      I have dropped my phone the odd time without a problem, but it looks as though it would be a lot tougher than the Samsung Galaxy III my partner has, which is thinner and quite a good looking gadget.
      I don't think this HTC Desire tries to be particularly good looking. It is just average, nothing special.
      I prefer my phones to be tough than pretty. I'm not really a mobile phone person, hence being happy with my partner's castoffs.

      ~ Touch screen ~
      The mobile phone has a touch screen so you have to touch the screen to scroll through menus and a keyboard pops up if you have something to type.
      The touch screen is generally good, but it often decides to be unresponsive, which is irritating and it can be time consuming to do what you want to do on it. Sometimes the touch screen refuses to work and you are forced to switch the phone off and then back on again. I always find when I do this it becomes responsive again and goes back to normal.
      Typing isn't too much trouble because it has predictive text so it tends to guess what you are trying to type, but the keyboard is pretty small on the screen so it is pretty difficult to type accurately on it.

      ~ Camera ~
      The camera on the phone is quite good. It has 5 megapixels and has the ability to take some great photographs, but in dim light the photos it takes are quite poor. They are grainy and often blurred.
      The camera does have a flash, which it uses automatically when it detects a dark subject.
      The photographs are held on a micro SD card, which has to go in the back of the phone. There is not enough storage space on the phone to hold photos.
      When I am out and about and I want to take a photo, instead of using this phone, I regularly request my other half's Samsung Galaxy SIII as the camera on his phone is fantastic!

      ~ SMS ~
      Text messages show up in conversation format as on many phones these days, so you can see what you sent the person before they responded.
      To delete text messages you can delete single messages within the conversation or the whole conversation.
      ~ Phone calls ~
      Making phone calls is easy. You can either type in a number and press call or access your phone book and call through that.
      A record of your call history is kept so you can check exactly what time you rang the pizza shop as they said your order would be 30 minutes.

      ~ Battery ~
      Battery life is alright. My battery tends to last just over 24 hours with a small amount of calling and/ or texting during the day, which seems to be the norm for smart phones so I charge my phone up every night.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      This phone is alright. It makes and receives calls and texts easily and having the internet connection on hand is really handy and it is not what I'd call fast, but it is quick enough.
      The camera is alright, but I have used much more impressive cameras on mobile phones. The photo quality is below average and you often end up with blurry or grainy photos unless the natural light around you is perfect.
      The touch screen works well a lot of the time, but often decides to become unresponsive, which is annoying, but I think most touch screens have similar problems from time to time.
      The battery life is average. The phone lasts for around 24 hours without being recharged. I have noticed no deterioration in the battery life over the year I have been using it and my partner noticed no deterioration in the battery life in the 24 months prior to that, when he owned this mobile phone.
      I am happy enough with this mobile phone, but I wouldn't recommend it.
      For me, the camera isn't good enough and the fact that the touch screen has been unresponsive at times, winds me up.
      I personally think these phones are expensive to buy and I'd be devastated if I had to pay £150.00 for this


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        17.07.2013 21:19
        Very helpful



        Its ok, for a first phone maybe.

        I bought this phone second had for £60 last year. It was almost brand new, only a week old and still boxed.

        It came in a white box not too much bigger than the phone itself. It was very well packaged with the phone lying in a cardboard 'shelf' with the little extra's [battery, charger, ear phones etc] in the bottom underneath.

        The phone itself looks good. It has a large screen but the phone itself is not TOO big, it fits perfectly in my hand. I would say it is just a bit smaller than an iphone.

        It is touch screen but also has a few buttons on the button. The button to the left takes you to your home screen, the next is the menu key. The button in the middle is a scroller/select button which i very rarely use as i am so used to the touch screen, then to the right are another two buttons - one is a 'back' button and the other takes you to your internet.

        The screen is quite high tech and the menu has a lot of features such as facebook, Youtube, Google Play, Email, Messages, Camera etc.

        This is an Android phone so there are many apps you can download providing you have enough space.

        There are a few things about this phone i have found to be very annoying and i am considering buying a new phone.

        During a phonecall, the other person sounds so quiet. I rarely make phonecalls due to this.
        If i have too many text messages from one person, it takes FOREVER to open their messages.
        The speaker crackles if music is too loud.
        My internet page closes every now and then so i have to reopen again and again and again..
        My mobile internet does not work unless i readjust my settings every time it disconnects.

        There are good things though such as the camera. It takes good quality photo's. Another good thing is.. well that's about it actually.

        I like this phone but i also despise it. I will not be keeping it for much longer and i would not recommend it to anyone. Maybe as a 'make do' phone yeah, but not if youre looking to find a good phone, this certainly is not one.


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        30.06.2013 23:27
        1 Comment



        Great phone, still as great functioning now as the day that I purchased it!

        I am writing this review because after having a new phone for all of 3 months and it breaking repeatedly, I have realised how good my trusty HTC Desire was and have now awakened it from the drawer to be used once again!!

        I got this phone on an 18month contract over two years ago, at the time it was on offer for £15 a month with a great call/text/internet package. I am unsure about current pricing, but I would recommend anyone to buy this phone all over again for £15per month! Bargain, I would pay £30.

        I never used a phone cover, but the screen and casing remained unscratched, even after being thrown around in the bag of a person who likes to carry everything with them. It has survived nights out, being thrown on the floor, soaked with alcohol and rain. Never once has it stopped working..

        The touchscreen is easy to use and the text of a suitable size to read. Apps are readily available to purchase and a wide variety of them are free. The ones that I have paid for are easy to remove and store on the online marketplace, meaning that if they were to be downloaded again they are linked to the devices' account and don't need to be paid for a second time!!

        The camera is off good quality, even when printing the photographs out, it is not obvious that they are from a phone.

        There is a built in radio on the phone that tunes itself in and space for some music (depending on the memory card size).


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          20.02.2013 19:55
          Very helpful



          Great phone as an upgrade from an old one

          HTC (High tech computer) are a corporation that focus on technology. The HTC desire is one of their releases and focuses on a user-friendly interface with a slick touchscreen.

          Having never purchased this brand new (I received it off my Dad when he got a new one) I can't really comment on the price at release. A quick google brings up an average price of £150 so it's not breaking the bank for a phone of this stature.

          The phone itself is about 4 1/2 inches long and quite slim, these days phones just seem to be getting bigger when a couple of years ago the emphasis was on how small they were...

          The phone is quite big but I think I'm just saying that as it's my first 'smart' phone. For people who have already owned this type of phone, I think you'll find the adjustment to this phone rather easy.

          I've found the phone itself to be easy to use and having gone from something similar to an early cameraphone, I made the leap quite easily! The touchscreen is extremely responsive and never seem's to lock. The menu is easy to work around and even if it isn't you can re-order it. What I like about this phone is the customization that it offers, the majority of the menus and lists can easily be reformatted and rearranged to better suit YOU.

          The camera on the phone is very sharp although it must be said that I take about 5 photos with the phone before I get one of decent quality. It is very hard to get a sharp picture first time, they always seem to come out blurry.

          The internet is easily accessible and you can download shortcut keys off of the internet to make it even quicker. The most useful ones I find are Google and Facebook. I just drag and drop the icons onto the main screen and then I'm on that site just by touching the icon, ah technology...

          Just a quick word of the internet and its glory...

          My computer has no internet (well it does, but it literally takes 10 minutes to load a page) and I discovered I could use my phone as a router and save a bit of money that way. This phone is much more useful than I initially realised.

          Concerning the rest of the features of this phone, the sound is what you'd expect from a phone, it is not groundbreaking but you can clearly discern that it is your phone that's ringing. Games can be played on this phone and I haven't found any that run slow or jittery, although I'm sure the time will come. Text messaging and phoning is quite quick although I think I'll always prefer real keys for most things. And of course, there are multiple modes to the phone which are always handy at work or in meetings (Silent, Vibrate etc...)

          As far as phones go, I think it's a safe bet to go with this phone. I'm not really a phone snob so perhaps I'm not the best person to sell you on its ability to store more than 100 songs or its ability to light a fire from pressing a button or even its ability to timetravel but if all you need is an up to date phone that has a few more things than your antiquated phone, I can see no reason to not go with this phone. Much cheaper than any iPhone!


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          29.12.2012 22:38
          Very helpful



          It's small but it offers big things

          Mobile phones? Most people have owned at least one of these small communication devices during their life times, with some people owning quite a few, even going as far as to be those that sit waiting outside carphone warehouse at midnight in order to be the first to get their hands on the very latest piece of communication technology, (other mobile phone shops are available).
          Anyway, my point being that a mobile phone is now part of every day life with most areas in the world being capable of receiving some from of signal in order for the little technological crammed pieces of plastic to be able to do what they are designed to do.

          I myself have owned a few phones over time, although I'm not one to be found waiting outside a shops doorway at midnight. I tend to wait until a phone's been out for a while before I think about departing with my hard earned cash.
          It is one particular phone that I bought a while back, one which I still use on and off but, to be honest, these days, is not my 'everyday' phone. But when I looked at this the other day I realised that I had not actually wrote anything about it, even though I thought I had, but I had not, although thinking I had... so I thought I would as it is one of those phones that is a very nice introduction to the world of the smart phone.

          Anyway, the phone I am talking about is in fact from a well known company called HTC, who make many many phones, with this phone being the HTC desire, (which is not to be confused with the other Desire phones).

          * Firstly, I want to get a few of the more basic specs out of the way as I find that this will help when it comes to deciding if this may be the phone for you.

          The screen is a full 3.7inch touch screen with a 480 x 800 pixel and is made of what they call 'gorilla glass'
          It gives you several options to connect to the mobile internet, such as 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi. (note: 2G and 3G will need mobile service providers data package and will cost extra. Wi-Fi can be used in wireless hotspots, with some places giving free service, such as a well known burger house that sounds like a farmers name and a coffee shop that can costa fortune).
          You can also connect to certain other devices using the Bluetooth technology, which is free but is, A, very slow and B, not very secure at all.

          It has a 1 Ghz CPU which runs quite nicely indeed, especially for a phone, making browsing the internet a rather pleasant experience indeed.
          The camera is a 5MP offering 2592 x 1944 pixels, and has auto focus, LED flash and more.
          The camera can take both stills and video footage, with the video coping nicely with MP4 and WMV for video
          It also has an inbuilt music system which can deal easily with It can cope with MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA.
          It also has a few sensors, which help out in such things as apps, message writing and other things. These sensors are an Accelerometer, a compass and proximity
          As with all mobile phones these days you can send messages, SMS, MMS, E-mail and instant message
          The browser has Adobe Flash and Java so that it doesn't struggle on certain web pages.
          There is also a built in FM radio which you do have to plug in the ear phones which act as an aerial, (or antenna, depending on where you live)
          It did come with a rather old Android OS, that being the 2.1 éclair, but it was easily upgraded to the Android 2.2 Froyo OS, which offered more or less the same, give or take, but made the phone run a lot smoother

          The built in rechargeable battery gives up to 340 hours of stand by time, depending on what apps you have switched on and whether you're running 2G or 3G.
          It can also give up to 6 and a half hours of talk time, again, depending on what is running.

          * Now, the phone itself, and whether it looks the part if you have to answer it when you're out with you 'with-it' mates?
          It's not the smallest on the market, but it's not massive either. It is actually 120mm long by 60mm wide and a mere 12mm thick, weighing in at no more that 140 grams.
          It has a few buttons along the bottom on the front, these being the search buttons, on the far right, with the tiny optical trackball in the centre, the menu button to the left slightly and then the home button on the far left.
          The screen the covers the main part of the front, with two holes acting as the ear piece above the screen in the centre.
          On the top itself there is the power button and a 3.5mm jack for the headphones, then down the left side, as you look at the screen, there is the volume button.
          On the bottom of the phone there is a small hole which is the microphone, then there's a USB connector to connect this to your PC and also to charge the battery up, which is done via a PC connection or a plug using the USB lead that comes with the phone.
          On the back there is the camera and the single speaker next to it

          Speaking of coming with the phone, you also get a 4GB micro SD card, a USB cable with a detachable plug......

          * Is it easy to get going..?
          If you've used a smart phone before then yes, it is easy to get going. If you've never used one then it can get tricky but it's nothing that you'll pull your hair out about.
          Setting it up is a simple as setting most smart phones up. In fact, it's as simple as setting most phones up. But for those that don't know, or have never set a phone up, it simply a matter of flicking off the back cover, which is done using just your nail. Then remove battery, insert SIM card, using the image to show you which way to slide it in. and, if you want to boost up the micro SD card storage, as this comes with a 4GB one already in place, you simply slide the 4GB one out and slide your larger storage one in.
          Then it's a matter of simply replacing the battery and clicking the rear cover back into place.
          Job done. All you have to do now is slot the USB cable into place and charge the battery up until it has full power.

          * Do I need special glasses to see what's on the screen..?
          Not at all really, it is easy to read, in a phone reading sort of way, with everything showing nice and clearly on the good sized screen.
          All the apps, information, pictures and everything else all show up nice and clear, with enough speed so that you're not standing around for too long in the rain, although it will get wet in the rain and is then difficult to see what is on the screen.

          * My opinion...

          This is not a bad little phone at all really, which feels nice in my hand and doesn't really look out of place when I'm out and about.
          The most important thing on a phone is obviously the call quality, which on this one is not that bad at all... I've had worse. I can clearly hear who ever I'm talking too and they can here me without too much trouble, which is what you want with a phone.
          The internal memory isn't that good to be honest, being a measly 512MB, but you can add a micro SD card, up to a 32GB version, and as a 4GB version comes with this phone your really getting 4 and a ½ GB of memory built in... sort of, if you think about it.

          As for the other things that mobile phones offer these days.
          The camera may be a 5MP but it is a bit of a let down when it comes to actually taking a clear picture. In fact, it's that bad that when I tried using a barcode scanner on it it couldn't even read the barcodes of the things I tried to scan, not one of them, so I soon gave up on that idea. The video function is another little let down, but not bad enough to warrant getting that upset about videoing someone falling
          Don't get me wrong, the pictures it does take are visible and you know what is on the
          screen, but if you're after a crystal clear camera on your phone then you won't get one here.

          You can use the settings to personalise the phone to the way that you want it, even adding security settings so that your mates can't get into your face book account and send silly messages to your other friends, causing no end of trouble.
          Adding apps is a breeze, although you do have to sign up to google play in order to download and install the apps you want, but once you've signed up you can go ahead and get the apps, free or paid for, they're all there to get, there's just so many of them offering lots of different things.
          For example, there's calendars, list takers, barcode scanners, audio/video apps, kindle, anti-virus, timers, stopwatch... the list is endless, but each app downloads and installs simply and quickly, (an internet connection is required, either 2G,3G or Wi-Fi).

          You can add your own songs onto this and use any of them as ring tones, or, if you want to be a bit quiet, you can use the vibration to tell you that you have a message or an incoming call, although the vibration is a little loud to be honest.

          Listening to music is quite a pleasant experience with the speaker managing to give out a good sounding track, although it can crackle a bit when the volumes turned up to the max, as they say, but then again, this is more down to the music on your phone to start with.

          It does claim to give over 300 hours on stand-by, or 6 and a half housr talk time, but unless you don't use any apps and keep the internet connection off all the time then you'll get no way near these times. But if you're not going to use apps or the internet then why get a smart phone?
          Personally, I found that it does need charging up more or less everyday, so I do recommend taking a charger with you to boost up the power when ever you can. But most smart phones do drain batteries in no time at all. Luckily, the battery indicator is simple to understand, green for good, amber for not bad but can last a bit longer, and red being not so good so it's time to find your charger.

          * So what more can I say about this lovely little communication device?
          In a nut shell. If you're after a bargain of a smart phone, maybe for a youngster who is starting off in the smartphone world, or a grannie who likes to look like they can keep up with their grand kids, then this is well worth looking at, or maybe even buying.

          It does come in a few colours, those being black, silver, brown and this one, which is white, but all the colours look quite nice indeed.

          * So what about the price for this well known phone..?
          This phone sells for about £90.00 these days, which is not bad at all for what you get in such a small case. But, the other day when I was in carphone warehouse, they are having a few good deals on at the moment concerning upgrades. When I asked about this phone, out of curiosity, they offered it to me for £69.99, which was a great price indeed. The only thing I would have had to do was tell them the phone number of the sim card that I was going to use in this phone. So, as I was only asking, I gave them an old phone number of a nokia phone that I have knocking about the house, which is still active. The chap then clicked the number into his computer, smiled, then said that the number was alright for the upgrade, so I could have had the phone for the £69.99 on orange, (other networks cost different prices). His smile soon dropped when I shook my head and said "you're alright mate, I've already got one".
          My point being that you can get a bargain on this phone by simply shopping around.

          ©Blissman70 2012


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            09.10.2012 20:53
            Not Helpful



            An excellent choice for mid to lower range android users

            This was my first ever smartphone which I purchased two years ago (Oct 2010) and it has served me really really well over this time. I have truly found android to have improved my life and I have greatly enjoyed using my phone. I am glad that I chose this phone to have with me for the past two years too, especially given what else was available at the time, I think this phone has stood the test of time the best.

            Firstly, it fits nicely in your hand and has the power and headphones at the top of the phone (not on the side, I find this annoying on some phones). The 4 buttons at the bottom I much prefer to the more touch-screen style on modern phones, they give very satisfying feedback. It is also very robust and mine has survived many drops. I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a decent android platform, but don't want to invest in any of the more modern phones.


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            09.09.2012 01:21



            A very good phone overall

            I have owned this phone for 18 months now and so far nothing has gone wrong with it. It certainly seems to be more durable than the Iphone, as almost everybody I know who owns an Iphone has broken the screen at some point and had to have it replaced. But this HTC can take a bit more of a beating, which is always nice.
            Let's start with usability. The phone sits comfortably in the palm and the screen is responsive, although the small buttons at the bottom of the phone are a bit awkwardly positioned. The android platform is fairly intuative and after an hour or so of playing around even the biggest technaphobe could navigate it easily.
            The Desire has a high spec with a 1Ghz processor and 500MB RAM, making it quick. Although one thing to note is that when your text message inbox gets full it can slow the phone down considerably, but deleting messages regularly will stop this problem. The mobile network is fast too, depending on connection of course, but for the most part you won't be waiting hours for web pages to load.
            One of the major criticisms of smart phones such as this one is batterly life, and the Desire suffers in this department. Without any battery saving apps you are unlikely to get more than two days of batterly life even for the most conservative of users. However there are many good free battery saving apps which can give you 3-5 days of batterly life with normal use.
            The major down side to this phone is the camera which, although has 5 megapixels, is not good. Some decent pictures can be taken in good lighting, but with the flash on it is completely hopeless.
            Overall the Desire is a very good and well priced phone and I would give it 8/10.


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            03.09.2012 13:44
            Not Helpful



            Great phone!

            As of the time writing this review I have owned my HTC Desire in white for just over a year. And if I'm gonna be honest it hasnt changed one bit since then, all hardware on the phone works fine, and runs at the speed that it had when I first bought it.

            Now i'm quite a clumsy electronics user and I will say this phone is probably one of the toughest phones i've had, which is quite surprising considering its a smart phone. I have never dropped this handset screen first, which would probably kill the poor little thing, but I have dropped it an innumerable amount of times on its side and back with little to no scratches appearing.

            My only quarrels I have had with this phone are when the memory runs low on this phone it becomes literally useless, flash doesnt work, camera doesnt work, gallery doesnt work, internet doesnt work. With a quick clean up of apps it works fast and quickly but it does clog itself up with apps overlapping etc.


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            29.08.2012 19:51



            Decent phone, would recommend

            I have had this phone for around 1 year no and so far have no complaints. It's very user friendly
            ( although it does take a while to get used to touch screen if you haven't used one before!) . It's easy to connect to the internet and to link in an email account. If you're into aps there are loads of Android ones to buy which are compatible with the phone. There's a free weather app installed which I love! The phone itself is a decent size, large enough so that your eyes don't hurt reading the screen but compact enough to fit in your pocket! In terms of reliability so far so good, I've dropped it a few times and it still works perfectly! As with most smart phones its power hungry and I have to charge evry day.The camera is excellent during day time but I do have to caveat this by saying the night settings are poor. I I have had problems with the flash being too bright , there is an option to dull it down but then you end up not being able to see anything ! That's the only downside in my opinion.


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            28.07.2012 03:12



            Good all-rounder and a must have

            I originally bought this phone last year, but dropped it and smashed the screen. After going onto a blackberry for 10 months I was literally begging to get it back. I know there are lots of newer more powerful versions, but I loved this phone and so bought another one.

            Frustratingly, despite it being the same model, I found it lacked the power and space for my needs. There is next to no internal memory space for new applications and if you are smart enough to add a memory card (microSD) then although transferring the application over to it is simple; it still leaves a little footprint on your internal memory - and this builds up quickly. The desire also seems to have a lot of unnecessary apps that you cannot delete.

            I am a hardcore phone user with calls, texts, emails, social networking and they are a huge drain on the battery life. I found the battery life to be a nightmare. I am currently carrying around my charger to make sure the battery does not go flat. I have even bought a new battery for it but still have the same problems.

            That being said , there are so many things about this phone that I love. The huge crystal clear screen, the hundreds of widgets. I also really like the customizable profile screens which you can change. Its like having 6 different phones in one (although I never change mine?!?).

            My only wish is a larger onboard memory and a better battery life.

            Still one happy customer


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            12.07.2012 19:22
            Very helpful



            good when looking at prices but doesnt have the edge

            This phone i have to say does well to keep up with its competitors on the phone market.


            When using this phone i have had no signal problems out of the ordinary and i have been relatively happy, wish i could say this about all phones. My bars always keps to at least 3 and that was in low signal areas.

            Navigation and lay out's

            The navigation on this phones is relatively good and easy however i have known simpler as i find the iphones way the most easy but at the same time you pay for that. It is quite customizable which makes it god and as you do so you find navigation gets easier. I like the way you can have certain gadgets on the home screen such as the weather and clock. There is the home button and the whole phone itself isnt touch screen so its not always heavily reliant on this.


            I dont think this phone is the nicest looking phone out there however it also isnt the ugliest, I think the buttons at the bottom of the phone could have been dealt with in a better way and made to look neater and more stylish. when looking at the screen it isnt outstanding but it is good enough for me to work with and i think if anyone if HD mad then this may bother you slightly but for the average user the screen in my opinion would be classed as good.


            The app store is quite impressive again as everyone has to say it isnt quite as big as the apple store however again you pay a lot of money to become an apple user and the price difference in the phones is quite substantial.

            Media and internet

            Media shows up quite well on this phone and has a good viewing experience, and has good sound as far as phones go. I was not disappointed with the camera and i did use it when i had this phone but i wouldn't say it was the highlight of the phone same with the video recording. It has radio on it which is handy if you are out and about and you enjoy listening to your favorite stations. The internet isnt great but it also isnt disappointing with good signal it is quite fast and i downloaded another browser from the app store which i preferred so i recommend this if you chose to get this phone

            Batter Life

            The battery life for me was impressive and lasted long enough for me as i charge my phones every night and this never got dead and i used the internet and media players along with games throughout the days.


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            12.07.2012 18:19



            Good phone but I wouldn't have it on a two year contract again.

            I had this phone for almost two years and just replaced it with a Samsung Galaxy Ace. Overall I did like it and initially I was very impressed, however towards the end of the two years, I did notice it was becoming slower and less reliable which is why I decided to change. When two year contracts are standard, I feel a phone should be able to keep up!
            Initially I loved the phone. The screen is one of the best things in my opinion. It's very bright and very clear, and also responsive as a touch screen. From pictures to text, I think the screen, particularly at the time I bought it, is such good quality. The glass is also very tough. I dropped my phone so much but it never cracked or broke, and only towards the end did it get scratched. Comparing this with the newer HTC Sensation (which my boyfriend has) and some other HTC models I've seen off friends, this is better on the Desire, as many of my friends screens have cracked.
            The phone also has a nice build quality, and although some people find it a bit heavy, I liked this as it feels well built. That said, the case is easily scratched and this shows quite quickly. I also found that after about a year, where your hand holds the phone, the paint was coming off... literally just from holding the phone in my hand when texting. Not good!
            The software is decent, and if you keep updated works well. Although after a while I noticed it became slower... I could have done a factory reset or something but I don't like to fuss with my phone too much and so this was a problem. I also found the internal memory was too small. I had a memory card in there and when I could I moved apps, pictures etc onto it but for some reason, the apps that were on the device's internal memory, such as facebook and messages took up so much room that I also had 'insufficient memory'.
            Overall, I would recommend this phone because it is the first phone I've put up with for more than a year so it must be good, however, I wouldn't sign up for a two year contract with it again for the reasons above.


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            01.07.2012 19:56
            1 Comment



            Great for a first smartphone, but would go for a newer version.

            This was my first ever smartphone and have now had it for almost 2 years, and as of yet have not had any problems. It's fast, reliable and does everything I want and need it to. The screen if very bright and produces good visuals. The camera on the phone is far better than I expected when considering the price I paid for the phone so I was happy with that.

            The only thing that can annoy me sometimes is the slow start up time when I want to switch it on after switching it off, but I guess this is to be expected. Another thing about the phone that annoys me is the fact that to switch the phone on you press the same button that you would to unlock it, and it is very easy to accidentally press the button and switch the phone on. So when you want to conserve battery, you can accidentally switch it on, which can drive you mad at times.

            But for the time I've had it, it has served me well. It meets all intended purposes and I haven't had any real problems worth noting. Although I would say that you would definitely have to purchase a case with the phone as I feel it would break fairly easily.


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              26.06.2012 10:10



              Thoroughly decent alternative to the iPhone

              The HTC Desire is my first venture into the world of smartphones and it mostly achieves everything I could ask of it. Compared to the iPhone it may not have quite the ease of use that offers, the iPhone offers an extremely intuitive user interface with all apps in one place. The Desire by contrast is slightly trickier to navigate.

              The display is of a high quality and more than adequate for playing the many games available on the android store and using the many apps available. The sound quality from the speaker is fairly decent, although my phone has recently developed a fault where I can only hear the person I'm calling/calling me on speakerphone.

              The biggest negative I've found with this phone is that the battery life is rather short, the Desire does need to be charged daily if used a fair amount. Also I have had mine crash a few times in the 18 months I've owned it, a simple reset was required to resolve this.

              Overall I would recommend this phone as a good, more reasonably priced alternative to Apple's iPhone.


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