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    5 Reviews
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      19.09.2014 14:50
      Very helpful


      • "Good Resolution"
      • "Not very expensive "
      • "Great Sustain"
      • "Android Software"


      • Battery

      Great Phone That Worth Its Money

      I have been using this phone for almost 3 years. I think it is a great choice for everyone and I recommend it for sure.
      It is running a decent android software and it has a good processor so you can use almost every app that is out there without having any problems. Also the screen resolution is great and its camera is good for a phone. Also the camera has a flashlight. I could described it as an all-around phone. It doesn't have the specs of the latest phones but for its price it is really worth it.
      Another still I want to mention is that I am very sloppy and my phone had some serious drops. I am very surprised that it is still alive. You can find anywhere cheap phone cases around 8-10 euros that can protect the phone. Also, the battery can last for 14 hours on maximum usage and around 4 days without using it at all.
      One disadvantage I want to mention is the fact that if you are trying to run more that 4-5 apps, lags are starting to show up and the phone starts to slow but i guess that is expected.
      If you are looking for an android phone in that range of money I am pretty sure this is the phone you are looking for. You will not be disappointed at all. HTC is a well recognized professional brand with reliability and always produces great products. This phone is one of them.


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      27.08.2013 11:22



      A fashionable brand with great features.

      This is my current phone. I have had 2 HTC phones before so was pretty sure I knew what I was getting. HTC is a great brand as you get all the same sorts of features and functions as the iPhone but a bit cheaper. SMS and calls, internet access with email alerts, a wide range of apps - all you would expect from a smartphone. The size is a little awkward for someone with smaller hands - my thumb doesn't reach to the other side of the screen but I think it would be fine for someone with 'normal' hands.

      The one real negative is the battery - my phone seems to require charging nightly however I do play lots of games, music and video so this is likely to be why it wears down so easily. The majority of the time I actually use my phone as a music player - they came with Beats audio inner ear headphones which were comfortable and you could add additional bass. The sound quality without headphones is quite good too.

      I think I am being very critical - the negatives I have described are very very minor and I will be buying similar design s from HTC again in the future.


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      29.04.2013 15:18
      Very helpful



      Great mid range Android phone with plenty on board.

      Well, nowadays most mobiles are several gadgets in one and with the rise of apps and social media, mobile phones need to perform well and keep up with the latest technology available.

      I had previously owned an HTC Wildfire S on PAYG and I was severely disappointed with the battery performance so made sure to research when I was looking for my next phone. Having been used to PAYG for years, I always limited myself by choosing sub-£100 handsets as I didn't want to spend anything over that.

      I was in the O2 store browsing and the advisor showed me the PAYG available and some of them looked a little clunky and had older Android versions so I was considering leaving my search until a new raft of phones came out that I could choose from. Having never been on a Pay Monthly deal, I enquired about it and realising I could probably save money on my calls, I decided to have a look at what was on offer. Initially unsure of the HTC models because of my bad experience before, I considered some of the Samsung models. Eventually after some research and a demonstration, I decided to go for the HTC Desire X. Here's why:

      In your hand it is a decent size and weight, I avoid mobiles that are too 'thick' as I think they are too easy to drop, I can't explain that further, it just seems that they don't sit well in my palm! The back cover of the Desire X has a nice smooth rubbery feel which also enhances the grip as you hold it.

      The power button at the top switches the phone on and off and on the reverse side you see a camera with flash at the top, a speaker at the bottom, volume control on the right side and a charging port on the left.

      The Android version inside is 4.0 with updates coming to the model to ensure lastability. It's 4inch super LCD display is clear and responsive, there are settings to control the brightness or to automatically adjust to the environment.

      The camera is a 5mp with lots of features for editing adding effects and all images are easily uploaded to social media sites, I've found it to be fairly quick in doing tasks such as these.

      As a Spotify user, one of the things I was keen to try out is the Beats Audio facility as I refuse to spend £200 on headphones so wanted to see how this lived up to its name. There is the option to have Beats off and when you do, there is a noticable drop in quality. Even with the earphones that are included, the sound is nice and clear and loud with good bass. I tend to use my phone as an mp3 player so I am really impressed with the performance here.

      The processor inside the Desire X is a dual core at 1Ghz and hosts a 4gb storage with option to add your own MMC for extra space. The Wildfire S I owned before had a terrible storage capability so I am so far very pleased at not having to delete anything and still having a very fast and responsive phone.

      In the box there's a USB charger and plug, quick start guide, all the usual stuff you'd expect in a mobile phone.

      What I have noticed is that I'm using the calculator, calendar, even text message function a lot more than I would in other phones. I put this down to the ease of use and appeal of the phone. The ring is nice and clear and loud, will ring louder when it's in your pocket or bag, which is always useful.

      I'm glad I got this phone and can see me making the most of it until I'm due for a new one. HTC phoned are quite easy to learn to work so I would recommend it if you've has other brands in the past.

      Oh I forgot to add, it has a really good GPS function. So I'd literally be lost without it.

      Thanks for reading!


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        23.04.2013 18:45
        Very helpful



        Great phone worth every single penny.


        The HTC Desire X is a smartphone, with the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, it is very similar to HTC 1X but smaller in size with a 4 inch screen.


        It is quiet sleek (118.5 x 62.3 x 9.3 mm), has curved sides which give it quiet an elegant look. It has a metallic black front look and feels metallic too in weight and touch, however the back case/cover is soft and made of some kind of durable material which is more like plastic, rubber, it does not sound pleasant, but it actually looks fine and other major brand such as the Samsung S3 has the same type.
        It has the words HTC on the back side and on the bottom of the back it also states "beats audio" which advertises the fact they are lucky enough to be embedded with beats audio. The camera is very different in look, if we compare to a typical circle camera it has a rectangle (with curved sides) border, which gives it this fantastic stylish effect. The screen is 4 inches which is average on the market today and suits with the mobile. The font has HTC in white small letters at the top and three touch button highlighted on the bottom front. There are the typical volume buttons on the side and a power off button on the top. This phone overall is very stylish and very sleek, so if your interested in looks, I would give this 5 out of 5.

        Hardware/Specifications Quick Bulletpoints:

        *5 Megapixel camera with autofocus
        *25Gb dropbox
        *Beats Audio sound
        *Android 4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich)
        *4 inch touch screen (480 x 800)
        *3G, WiFi and Bluetooth
        *GPS with A-GPS support
        *MP3 player and FM radio
        *4Gb internal storage - expandable to 32Gb via MicroSD card
        *Weight: 114g
        *Dimensions: 118.5 x 62.3 x 9.3 mm
        *HTC Desire X on O2 - Black

        Hardware/Specifications Detailed:
        -The phone has a GHz dual-core processor. 300MB RAM and 1GB of memory which can actually be upgraded further via memory card, in normal English this phone is pretty good for the specs you a receiving at such a good price.
        -Camera is 5 Mega Pixels which may not sound like a lot but it is actually fantastic on this mobile, I have no idea what they do or how they do it, but it is good, you also get a great effects button on the side when the camera app is up and you can easily select a choice of whatever funky mess you would like to make with you picture and take it. It has face detection which is helpful really and the video quality is as good.
        -Sound is "good" not the best quality for music, even though they have beats, I felt it could have been better, the only thing the beats audio seem to do is make the music louder, with added bass so I have actually turned the setting off and no longer use it, however if you were really fanatical about beats and music and sound then maybe this would suit you more.
        -Screen is fantastic and smooth to control, no issues at all you can calibrate easily by going to settings -placing on table and letting it do its thing.


        Android, it comes with ANDROID!!! And if you are an android fan then, you'll know what that means, you receive access to the fantastic Google market, where you can download all sorts of nonsense from games to clocks to imitation weapons. Android is one of the best and leading operating systems in the word right now so, they are useful to have around.


        I have had this mobile for 8 months now, it has actually fallen down the stairs (hard wooden stairs and survived with the smallest scratch, I have no idea how, but it has, which why I think reliability wise it is awesome and it's never let me down... apart from that one time I accident rest it to factory settings, I was quiet traumatised :-o so be careful always put lock on.

        Negative Aspect

        -The mobile as a very odd turn screen off issue, when I am making a call or am trying to accept a call depending on how I am holding the mobile it keeps blanking and then coming back, this really leads to a lot of unnecessary frustration, I have no idea why it happens an cannot resolve it, it does not happen always but when it does, it seems to be the most important call that gets disrupted and frankly this is the only negative aspect I can give sadly, I wish I could have give the 5 stars but this is by far the extremely annoying.

        -Charging socket is really oddly stiff, when I first put my charger in I felt as though I would be breaking the mobile, I was petrified, however I did eventually see this as just me worrying and it will be fine, but still it is abnormal how much pressure you have to apply!

        -This mobile if left on charge without the screen being turned of in a space of 4-5 minutes turns really hot :-(


        -I received 25GB Dropbox free with this phone, which was of fantastic use, please see my review of Dropbox if you are interested.

        -It comes in White with a blue camera layer.

        I have bought mobiles which are twice the price yet this mobile has bought me the same amount of joy, it is great, respect to HTC for finally getting somewhere in the the market for touch screen androids.


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          19.11.2012 20:35
          Very helpful



          A great middle-range option.

          I know the grass is always greener and all that, but I can't help casting envious looks across the fence at my partner's HTC. That fence being a metaphorical divide of handset ownership - not an actual fence in our house. That would be weird. Nonetheless, I'm on the Samsung side, she's Team HTC, and I'm a little green. Still, she lets me play with it now and then.

          I've gone a bit hyperbolic with the title - this isn't going to compete with the SIIIs and iPhone 5s of this world, but I'm sure it's modest enough that it doesn't expect to. In its field, though - as a middle-market phone that offers a solid range of smartphone functionality and stands clear of the bargain-basement models - it's a winner.

          First things first, I love the feel of this phone, front and back. The rubberised rear plate gives the phone a nice solid grip, and offers a tactile edge that stands out from the usual plastic-and-chrome affairs. The touchscreen too is a joy - neither too sluggish nor too hyperactive, it responds impeccably well to your touch, and makes it so easy to tap, flick and swipe your way through the phone's intuitive menus. Everything's been well thought-out here, from the materials used to the placement of buttons and the size of the phone in your hand - with a 4" screen that's perfectly adequate for basic web use, it's not oversized but still offers a good clear picture and sharp display.

          The Android operating system is a pleasure to use, as well. Everything feels natural and logical, the design's bright and clear, and everything runs together like clockwork. You get the feeling that this has been well-tested, and hours upon hours of development have gone into creating a product that really does meet its users' needs. Generally, it boasts a simple, uncluttered layout that's easy to customise, with 5 screens waiting to be filled up with widgets as you see fit.

          In keeping with its position in the market, the camera isn't anything special compared to the top of the range models, but from the layman's perspective it's hard to tell. The pixel-count is high enough to take some pretty sharp, high-quality pictures, and for the kind of everyday needs I've got, it's more than enough.

          Texting is nicely designed, with an auto-complete system that's for the most part fairly helpful, although it does have a tendency to offer up the most obscure words at the expense of the everyday alternative you're most likely looking for. Still, it's quick and intuitive to use, and lets you rattle off messages pretty quickly. Call quality's generally excellent, and this too uses a predictive system to bring up your contact numbers.

          All in all, I wouldn't recommend this ahead of the big-hitters of the phone world - but then you're not paying big-hitting money for it, are you? For those of us who want a range of up-to-date features, with a phone that can handle the demands of a myriad of apps and social networking functions, and looks and feels pretty good to boot, this is a great choice. If you don't absolutely have to have the latest and greatest offering that's out there, this is a solid, reliable, seriously well-designed piece of kit that'll keep you happy for years.


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        • Product Details

          Pick up the phone that sounds every bit as good as it looks. Built-in Beats Audio delivers uncompromised, studio-quality sound for your music, videos and gameplay. It's a powerful all-round performer too, with dual-core power, a brilliant four-inch, crisp display and a class-leading camera that gets great results every time.

          Technical Data

          Product Description: HTC Desire X - Android Phone - GSM / UMTS
          Product Type: Android Phone - 3G - 4 GB
          Service Provider: Not specified
          Form Factor: Touch
          Dimensions (WxDxH): 62 mm x 9 mm x 119 mm
          Weight: 114 g
          Colour: White
          Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
          Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
          Integrated Components: Digital camera, digital player, GPS receiver
          Wireless Interface: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
          Display: LCD display - colour - 4" - Super LCD
          Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen
          Operating System: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
          User Interface: HTC Sense 4.0A
          Instant Messaging Services: Yes
          Supported Social Networks and Blogs: Yes
          Playback Digital Standards: WAV, AAC, AMR, MP3, OGG, MIDI, M4A, WMA 9 , AVI, MPEG-4, 3GP, WMV9
          Supported Memory Card: microSDHC
          Talk Time: Up to 1200 minutes
          Standby Time: Up to 833 hours