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The HTC Magic is an inexpensive smart phone, which features a touchscreen display and has a range of different features, including an app store. Battery life and camera quality could be improved however.

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    20 Reviews
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      01.06.2012 14:50



      In conclusion: it can still do a great job, too bad the selection of apps gets smaller every day.

      I've bought my Magic in December 2009 - my first venture into the touch-screen area. Back then, it was top-notch and had very few comparable rivals.

      With its 3.2" display it looked huge and crystal clear - the second part being still true. Of course, as today's smart-phones look like miniature notebooks that can't fit into a pocket, the 'huge' part slowly died away.

      In terms of the operating system, it's running Android 1.5. I haven't been able to update it, as my carrier has blocked OTA updates and my only alternative would be to do a risky firmware update - and I'm not ready to risk 'bricking' it any time soon.

      Because of the outdated operating system, the choice of apps that I can download from the Market (yes, it's still market, as Google Play is available for newer OS versions only) is very limited. Of course the Magic could run any decent app right now, but the authors usually restrict the minimum OS version so that new phones get sold every day.

      In terms of performance, it can easily outpace a huge number of entry-level phones on the market right now, but no 3D games or memory-hungry applications work great on it.

      In conclusion: it can still do a great job, too bad the selection of apps gets smaller every day.


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      01.02.2012 14:45



      A buggy, back up phone at best.

      The HTC magic was one of the earlier Android phones - when they were still being marketed more as Google phones. This phone was part of the second wave of Android phones, the first wave being very prototype.

      Having had this phone about 4 years ago, and digging it out recently to get some images off the phone - I was reminded of why I disliked it. The phone itself looks great, the build is actually pretty good. Its how the tech in the phone itself works with the operating system - the simply don't work in co-ordination with each other. It feels very much as if the phone is not able to cope with the what the operating system wants to do - this results in lots of crashes, have to force close apps a lot. Many times the only option was to remove the battery and restart the phone. Its a phone which struggled to keep up with amazing rate smartphones were being developed, let alone standing up against how smartphones work in 2012.

      However, being a smartphone - when it worked there was a fair amount of functionality with it. Possibly its strongest feature is the Google backbone holding the product together. Its a phone that works best with other Google products such as Gmail - and it map functions were among the strongest at the time.

      It worked well as an MP3 player, its video function was average and calling and text functions worked fine - nothing less than what is expected.

      It has an average battery life, but that is just because you will find yourself not using many of the features new smartphones are heavy on, such as steaming content.

      The one great plus of Android, the system this phone uses is the notification system, and this phone handles them OK, but not brilliantly. Messages, notifications, emails etc will all appear on the same bar as they should, but I had many occasions of them not coming through as they should - such as email struggling to refresh.

      As far as this phone goes in terms of how it stands up in 2012, it simply doesn't -its only selling point is its selling point. If you are looking for a cheap smartphone, maybe as a back up and are willing to put up with lots of bugs, then this is not the worst you could do. Providing you don't hammer its functions and try to multitask too much, you will get basic functions working on it to a decent level - such as web browsing - you want be able to view pages in high quality, or watch videos on websites, but you will be able to use it for referencing or quick searches.


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      27.10.2010 19:11



      The best phone I've owned so far.

      I purchased my HTC Magic last December and it's quite literally been the best phone I've ever hard. I was slightly skeptical about using the Android platform, but with the recent improvements and choice of apps and games I'm so glad I bought this handset. The phone has a 3.2 inch 320x480 pixel touch-screen, which is very responsive and excellent to work with. The only downside in my opinion is the camera, the quality is ok.. 3.2 megapixel but it's so slow to take the picture, I often miss my shot.
      This is a seriously good phone and it keeps me entertained everywhere I am, with games, apps, the internet. I can access my emails any where, check facebook any where, it would make a fantastic business phone. I've found the case to be quite durable and the handset to be quite light.
      With the ever growing range of apps, having an Android phone is a step in the right direction, you won't be dissapointed.


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      08.08.2010 00:37



      What you get is well made and well integrated.

      I got one of these for my wife, but decided to go for a different model (Samsung Jet) myself because I wasn't sure of the white colour for the HTC case - how I wish I'd gone for the HTC Magic now!!

      What do you get? Well it perhaps isn't the most fully featured phone out there, but it does have plenty of the usual apps (camera, messaging etc) to satisfy most demands - unless you are a real techno-phob that really needs that app that tells you how to get stones out of horse's hoofs!!!

      Screen wise, I am totally in awe - much better than my Jet. It is very responsive, very clear and quick. Virtual button sizes are just about right for my large fingers without the need to try and dig my nail into the screen to make a selection. Each selection is also recognised with a click so that you are sure it has been selected.

      SMS also works well with a useful little feature (not sure what it is called exactly) where your messages between you and someone else are all stored like one big long SMS trail. So when you text your friend, all the messages are stored in a long line so that you can read them all in one big scroll.

      What is really impressive is the internet side of the house which uses the Android operating system of the phone, and use of that system opens up a whole world of free software downloads from the internet, undoubtedly on a par with IPhone downloads.

      In summary, this is a great phone that is only enhanced further by the operating system.


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      07.05.2010 12:57



      Great little phone, i couldnt ask it to do anything else if im honest

      Well, i have had the HTC magic phone for almost a year now and to start i have to say it is by far the best phone i have ever had. I decided to get this phone over the iPhone as i didnt want the same phone as everyone else and i wasnt bothered about having the space for lots of music on it as i already have an ipod. I love the style of the phone but i would reccommend getting a screen protector as it does noticably scratch. It has 3 seperate screens which you slide across with you hand and have them set up with whatever 'widgets' you want which you can download from the Android market to make it personal for you. The screen quality is amazing, very clear and very good in bright sunlight as you can still see the screen no problem. What i find really handy, even though its only a small thing is the volume buttons on the side which very quickly turns the phone from silent to vibrate to the loudest it can go. The only negatives i have for this phone is a) the battery life. as the phone is always online it does need charging every night. You can turn the internet off on it though and lower the screen brightness which does extend the battery life alot. and b) the phone can sometimes go very slow, or freeze if you have to much downloaded on it. just make sure you delete the widgets you dont actually use, when this happens you dont have to turn it off though, it gives you the option to 'wait' and see if loads again, or 'force close', just like a computer really. i would highly reccomend this phone to anyone.


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      17.02.2010 23:39



      Get it if you must, otherwise go for something a little cheaper!

      The HTC magic is a wonderful phone, the setup of it was initially very easy. However I did encounter a small problem with the use of the market, however with a quick change of setting, that began to work excellently as well. The phone has many useful applications, some of which are already on the phone, and some of which are easily downloadable. It is very stylish and easy to use.

      I like the customizable "Home" and the fact you can link to any of the applications on your phone, this is very useful for those of us who like to have easy access to many different things at one time.

      However there are some disadvantages, it can seem to be quiet slow when running multiple applications, but the fact it can do this is quite useful.

      All in all it is a great phone, however only buy one if you must have it. Although it is a great phone, I would have preferred to have purchased a cheap one as it was a bit expensive when I initially bought it!


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      11.02.2010 21:32
      Very helpful



      overall a decent phone but it just wasn't for me

      HTC Magic Mobile Phone

      The HTC Magic is overall a great phone but the design of this phone with its slick curves, track ball and the white casing would appeal more to females than males as it has that type of look.
      When I lost my phone on contract, the phone I had was discontinued and I had to select another smart-phone or HTC device. So without thinking I had a quick browse of the available phones and decided on the HTC Magic as I am a fan of touch screen mobile phones mainly due to the size of the display which comes in handy when watching films.

      I noticed with the HTC Magic the signal was much lower and often found myself trying to call a friend only to get there is no signal error message. Now I know this wasn't my sim card or the network as my previous phones on the contract worked perfectly fine.
      So after two weeks I decided I had enough and sent the phone back, I ended up with the HTC Touch pro and what do you know, there were no issues with the signal.

      Over the time I had the Magic I did fine the android OS very good and this was the first time I had used android.
      You get multiple home screens to store numerous applications and games on which can all be downloaded free or for a small fee depending on what you are downloading from the android market place which I also found very handy.

      Overall the phone is ok but I believe it would suit the female market more than the male due to the design. But that might be just me am choosy when it comes to electronics.
      The battery life seemed mediocre lasting around a day with standard use and then had to be charged so I was doing this almost every day since having the phone.
      The feature's are great and come with a decent camera of 3.2MP which in today's standards is around average.

      Personally I would give this phone a rating of 7/10 and that is mainly due to it functionality.


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      08.02.2010 11:00



      Ive owned My HTC Magic for 9months now and I love it.Its stylish Easy to use and is as good to use as the iphone. Unfortuneatly the battery life isnt great, i charge mine every night and is fine throughout the day although if i forget to charge it or dont take my charger with me then its not good although it does tell you how to save your battery life which i find to be very usefull.Other than this the phone is brilliant and i would highly reccomend it


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      03.02.2010 09:55



      not the phone for me

      I may have just been unlucky, but this is the worst phone i have ever had. In a period of 4 months i have 5 replacement phones. Three of the phones stopped charging and wouldnt charge at all, one kept loosing signal and vodaphone service centre said it was likely to be a fault with internal antena. The last one just kept freezing.

      The phone feels very plasticy and not robust enough for todays society. The battery life is very very poor, to the stage i was having to charge it twice a day! The cameras really not up to scratch, no flash etc so cant use it at night unless you are in a well light area.

      When it worked the phone really was good, totally customisable so it was 100% personal to you, thousands of free apps, really is an app for everything, the internet on the phone was very fast aswell.

      Would have been good if you were able to use a stylus with it but as it is respondant to the heat in your fingers its not possible. The other thing it lack for me was a keypad style feature for entering text, its all done in a touch qwerty keyboard and sometimes a little tricky to use.

      File transfer was as easy as pie, really was like a mini hard drive as it all appeared the was it was on your phone and you add folders, move pictures in this way.

      Im sure there are hundereds of people who love their magic, unfortunatly not me.


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      26.11.2009 12:37
      1 Comment



      great phone with lots of great features, stylish and easy to use.

      If you want a phone that has all the following;
      - stylish
      - pocket sized
      - simple to use
      - new technology
      - full of cool applications/games
      - serves all your everyday needs

      then the htc magic is the phone for you!

      the htc magic is a phone from the new 'android' range of phones, it is very styylish and it has lots of added extras and cool gadgets that will put even the iphone to shame!

      it features an application known as the android market. this is a new online sharing app. that is packed full of applications and games to suit your every need! it has many apps. that are best know for being featured on the iphone. it is quick and easy to use and can be easily accessed from the phones homepage. but what makes this phone beeter then the iphone and most others is that, unlike the iphone... you do not have to pay for any of these apps or games!

      that makes this phone perfect for those phone users that want a smart phone that isnt to complicated to use. or those that just want a phone that they can use for pure entertainment!

      -Android market
      -very stylish phone
      -new technology
      -easy to use

      -doesnt have infrared
      -doesnt allow send/recieve using bluetooth (although a application is being created to do so)
      -camera is only 3.2 megapixels
      -battery life isnt fantastic

      this phone is a fantastic phone that i would reccomend to anyone. :)


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        23.11.2009 21:07
        Very helpful



        The magic in the phone appears with a touch of button

        Feel the Magic

        The HTC Magic is my current phone and I love it! It's exclusive to Vodafone and it is the next gen of the T-Mobile's G1.

        ... Overview of HTC Magic ...

        Design: It's sleek and white. It's completely touch unlike the G1 that had a push up keyboard. It had Home key, Menu, Back button, Search key and the normal green and red call buttons. In the middle of the phone at the bottom, you have a roller ball. It's like the ones you might have seen on older Blackberrys (Pearl, Bold or Curve.)

        Features: It's a HDSPA phone (it's faster than 3G as it can pick up 3G+) and built in WiFi. It runs the operating system called Android. Like the I-Phone, it's mainly for the internet, applications and music. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera but it's not the best camera ever.

        ... Touchscreen ...

        The screen is 3.2 inch TFT-LCD. It's touch responsive. Only with heat of your finger, not with a pen or stick. It's easy to use and quite responsive to the touch.

        ... Messaging ...

        It's a touchscreen and messaging is very straightforward on this. You have a QWERTY keyboard and you just tap away. The great thing about the messaging on HTC Magic is, it's saves all your messages that you sent or received by person like a conversation. This is great especially when you're like me and forgot if you already asked someone something. You can change the keyboard to other keyboard by downloading applications for example, Handcent Keyboard or Slidetype Keyboard.

        ... Browser ...

        This is just a standard feature on the phone. This allows you to go onto the internet through the Google Search Engine and gives you the full screen access to the internet. It allows you to zoom in and out to enlarge the text. You can bookmark pages. It's just like your normal internet but on a smaller screen and no wired keyboard. The keyboard is on the screen.

        ... Sounds/Music ...

        The presets for the ringtones and notifications are really boring and you really need to download Ring extended, otherwise you can't put your own music as ringtones or notifications.
        The music player looks like any MP3 player and that I've seen. There's loads of different applications to change things to due with music, ringtones too many to mention.

        ... Calls/Contacts ...

        The calls on the handset are clear. Everyone can hear me and I can hear them. The dialer is easy to use in conjunction with the green and red buttons. The call log is easy to read. You can even put favourite for people that you call a lot.
        Transfer your contacts from your Sim Card is easy but it does seem to put it back to front. I ended up editing quite a few but they are easy to access.

        ... Google Features ...

        You have an automatic Google search bar on your phone. You have Google Maps, Google email, Google Talk and YouTube. It's a Google phone so what did you expect lol.

        ... LED Lights ...

        There are two LED lights at the top of the phones. Left one is for the notifications, flashing to let you know that you have a message, email or the application you were downloaded is on the phone etc. The right one is for the battery. It changes to amber colour when you're low on battery and also lights up when you're charging your phone.

        ... Camera ...

        The camera on this phone is 3.2 megapixel. I don't rate it very high. I've had other phones that have been 3.2 megapixel and they have been a lot better than this. It's not always about the megapixel that the manufacture uses but it's mainly down to the lens that they use on the camera. That's why you get such a big range of difference in-between cameras of the same megapixel.

        The phone doesn't have the usual camera button on the side but can take pictures or videos by using the roller ball or the button on the screen. There isn't much that you can change in the settings. Just the focus mode, picture quality, picture size (2 or 3 megapixel), video quality and video duration. There's no settings to change for the lighting (day or night mode) which makes this camera unused by me as I only take random snaps on a Saturday night.

        ... Battery Life ...

        The battery life on this phone is quite poor for two reasons. Firstly is because it's constantly on the internet updating applications and secondly, because it's a heavy data using phone, it calls upon the 3G network more than a normal handset. 3G seems to zap more life out of the battery than 2G does. This also depends on how good your signal is. At my old house I only use to charge my phone every other day but now I've moved and I have to charge it every day. I've checked my coverage and my 3G signal is a lot lower in my new area than it was in my old. There's a useful option on the phone that shows you what your phone has been doing since its last charge.

        ... Market, Bluetooth and Apps ...

        This is where you can download all these applications that I've been talking about. This is the place where you can get them for free or pay for them. Also here you can manage your installed apps. If you don't like an app just uninstall it.

        The HTC magic does have bluetooth but it was only designed for headsets and inbuilt car systems. I know what you're thinking, not really much point put this on a phone if you can't bluetooth music to your friends, well think again, this is why this phone is brilliant. Everything can be changed by an application. So let's have a look at 5 must have applications for Android phones.

        Bluetooth File Transfer - As I was saying earlier, bluetooth was designed only for audio proposes only but not any more with this application. This lets you send and receive all the things you want to send. This application lets Bluetooth be something more than just standard Bluetooth. It lets you connect completely to the other phones and see everything that on their phone. All their files, songs, pictures etc. not just the item that they want to send you. This could be potentially be dangerous for the other people so don't leave your Bluetooth open on any phone.

        Facebook - Love this. You can put this on your front screen. Instant access to Facebook.

        FunTowers or Solitaire - There are card games. Kills the boredom on public transport or in the car (as a passenger)

        TasKiller - this can close all your applications in one go and saves your battery life.

        Other features

        WiFi - it's faster than your network's internet and if you don't have internet built into your price plan or you're on PAYG, it's cheaper way of gain access to the internet.

        A-GPS - You can use Sat Nav on this phone. There's a free app to download but it still need some tweaking. Also Google Maps uses the network to get your position but it can also use the GPS to get your position.

        ... Cost ...

        Free from £25 - 75mins + 250 mins + Internet
        £30 - 600 mins + Unlimited Texts (fair usage policy of 3000 texts) + Internet
        PAYG - between £230 - £300
        ... Overall opinion ...

        I love this phone. I love the design. It's sleek. It's white. Surprisingly, doesn't get dirty like a black phone does. I can go onto the internet anytime I like. I can discover new apps, games, etc with just a click of a button. I've got used to having to charge my phone every day and I wouldn't pick it if I was more actively using the camera. This phone is for anybody that likes the I-Phone but doesn't like the price attached to it.


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          14.11.2009 18:03
          Very helpful



          Good but needs a few areas looking at :)

          I'm not going to go into a long detailed technical review of the specs of this phone - I think if you have looked up reviews for it then you already know what it does and looks like. What I WILL share with you is my views and experiences as a user of the HTC Magic.

          I got the HTC Magic instead of an iPhone as I found the reviews and prices for the iPhone weren't putting me at ease looking at the cost and tariffs available. The Magic was recommended by nearly all the people I spoke to in the shops and several had them themselves (and were happy to demonstrate their own personal phones to me).

          So I went home with my sparkling new Magic and feeling a little excited about entering a new world of Android OS. Once you get used to the new OS it's actually very easy to use - it does take a while to boot up if you reboot for whatever reason which can be a pain!

          One of the major selling points of the phone is the Market Place - where you can get free applications or buy bigger better versions etc. This is an area I feel DOES need a lot of attention - I love applications but anything interactive like finding resturants etc seems primarily aimed at the US and not UK - so totally useless! Ditto a lot of the barcode scanning softwares - not designed for use in the UK. And there is no way of telling most of the time until you have downloaded an app and installed it before you know this which is HUGELY annoying. Also no online way to search for Android Apps so you are restricted to searching on the phone - I like using my phone and laptop in combination and not being able to look up a tool first is of great irritation - an area Android really ought to address IMO!

          Second problem I have with this is the signal - I don't know if it's my handset or a general fault or just my network but often I am in an area where I KNOW there should be a good reception and I get no signal at all. If I turn on airplane mode and then turn it off again it will often then get 3 to 4 bars... highly annoying! And something I will be discussing with Vodafone this coming week...

          Despite these faults I still like my Magic - yes it has a few flaws but I can forgive them :)


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            12.10.2009 08:42
            Very helpful



            Google Android phones are worthwhile considering

            This review is coming from an Apple Fanboy. For many years I have only ever used an iPhone. Starting with the first iPhone, right through to the latest 3GS version. It was on this 3GS version that two things happened. I grew tired of being stuck within the same Apple world. Plus, the constant distraction from the games, utilities and gizmos I could download really made me less productive in my working day.

            In the search for a phone that just did a few things well, I went for the Magic. Actually, I bought mine from ebay (another story), but although it has the Vodafone logo on it, they all come unlocked. The handset is nice looking, has a nice screen and delivers good audio quality on call.

            The good... battery life is around 2 days maximum, so I charge mine every other day. The screen is nice and colourful. The application store (called Market) has loads of stuff available. It has delivered me an app for my Twitter account, plus one for scanning in barcodes to check prices in the shops. The apps already installed allow me to text and get to my email accounts with ease. The camera is only 3.2 megapixel, but that is more than good enough for me.

            The bad... it is a bit slow. Startup takes for ever and after a few days use it does slow down a lot. You have to remember to back-out of apps, otherwise it ends up with loads of active stuff running and becomes unusable. The screen is also awful in direct sunlight.

            Other than those two things, it is a joy to use. If you don't want the obvious iPhone choice then check out the various Google Android handsets available. There is the HTC Hero, the Samsung Galaxy, T-Mobile Pulse and this wonderful HTC Magic.


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            09.10.2009 14:16
            Very helpful



            A great smartphone with a huge list of features

            Looking at my previous reviews, you will see i reviewed the Nokia N96. Which was a great bit of kit, let down by poorly coded network branded software. I managed to get an upgrade mid contract and chose the HTC Magic from what was available.

            Opening the box, you will find:
            - The phone!
            - Battery
            - Charger
            - Hands Free Kit
            - USB Cable
            - Pouch
            - Instructions Booklet, obviously sized for use by the Borrowers. Its tiny!

            I see with some options, an SD card is supplied with the phone, but this was not included with mine. Luckily i had a spare 1 GB card at home, which is plenty for the amount of photos and other items i would be taking and saving.
            The phone itself is white (on Vodafone - abroad on other networks it is available in black) slim, surprisingly light and it feels sturdy and durable. Its a good size and comfortable to hold.

            The front of the phone has the touchscreen plus 7 buttons:
            Home takes you to the main screen werever you are
            Menu brings up application specific menus depending on which application is open
            Return takes you back one screen or page
            Search opens up a search box - for Google, the Market etc
            The green call button activates calls
            The red call button ends calls, closes programs and puts the phone to sleep/powers it off
            Then theres is the trackball. An alternative to teh touchscreen, it acts almost like a mouse on a computer screen, and it can be clicked down to select. It also lights up when a notification appears!
            There is also a volume button located on the left side of the phone.

            The screen itself is large, bright and very sharp. The touch element is responsive and allows for Apple-esque scrolling and flicking between items.

            On the back of the phone is the camera lens... and not much else!
            The bottom of the phone has HTC's funky shaped mini USB port. Used for charging, connecting to PCs, and connecting headphones/handsfree.

            All in all i was very happy with the size, layout and usability of the phone out of the box. Everything feels sturdy and located well.

            Tech specs you ask?! Well, they follow...
            - 528 MHz Processor
            - 512MB ROM, 288MB RAM
            - Micro SD Slot
            - Connectivity - WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, Mini USB
            - 3.2" Capacative touchscreen
            - 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus
            - GPS
            - Google, Google, Google!
            - Android Operating System

            And as you can see, there is alot of technology crammed into that little space. It runs quick, its responsive and overall a joy to use.

            Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google which is used on the Magic. It comes with a bundle of preinstalled items and software, most of which (understandably!) are Google based, and this isnt a bad thing.
            Once you input your Google account information, you are always connected to it. Your emails are pushed directly to the phone, along with your calendar and Google Talk contacts. Its all very integrated. Very useful as well considering i have my Google calendar synced with my Outlook calendar in the office. Everything appears everywhere!

            The Google Maps application is repsonsive and the Google search bar on the home page does what you think it does!
            As you may have guessed, the phone is always connected to the 3G connection, which makes everything very easy to get to!

            The other items on the phone are the standard smartphone offerings. Calculators, alarms, photo gallery etc etc.

            The camera on the Magic is good, but not spectacular. There is no flash or zoom, but the autofocus is very good and the image quality isnt bad either. Photos you take can easily be uploaded to Facebook/Twitter/Picasa and all the usual places with ease.

            There is no physical keyboard on the Magic, and it is all on the touch screen. At first, ill admit, i was quite worried about this. Ive always been quick at rattling off texts and liked the feel of a physical keyboard.
            In portrait mode, its hard and fiddly to use. Much like the keyboard on my iPod touch which i dislike.
            However, flip the phone into Landscape, the accelerometer realises this and flips the screen and keyboard. Here the buttons are larger, i can get my hands around the phone and use my thumbs to text. I love it. I can type really quickly, and any errors are usually corrected by the phone. Its the first on screen keyboard i have ever been happy with.

            One of the big selling points of the phone is the Android market. Much like the big application store out there for that other phone, it offers many paid and free applications for different purposes. Games, everyday items, finance, music etc etc. Theres a ton of choice and each item is reviewed and has a descriptions, so you know if it is what you are wanting. Got a few things downloaded so far, and its quick and painless.

            Now, there are a few negative points about the phone.
            As already mentioned, the camera doesnt quite match other cameras on phones on the market, and the keyboard in portrait mode is a total pain.
            There is no 3.5mm jack on the phone. The handsfree kit fits in the mini-usb port, but to listen to music you must use these supplied headphones, or buy an adapter to plug in a standard set of phones.
            Newer HTC phones have 3.5mm jacks, this does not.
            Battery life isnt stellar. Now, this can be said for all phones of this type, so it isnt fair for me to single out the Magic. And this does last longer than the iPhone under heavy usage. Keep it charge to 100% for the 1st few days and it does wonders.
            Heavy internet usage, calls and games yesterday and the battery was only at 50%.
            The other downside isnt really the Magics fault either. Data limits. Be careful to what plan you are on, or if your 'unlimited plan' has a fair usage policy. Always being connected and the appeal of having the internet and Facebook right there can let your bandwidth usage climb slowly. But general everyday use shouldnt be a problem.

            Overall im more than happy with this phone. Its better in every department than my old N96 and the whole Google integration makes it a great bit of kit.


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            13.09.2009 11:31
            Very helpful



            An excellent device and in my opinion better than the new hero

            I recived this phone as a replacment for my second Blackberry that broke, I was sceptical at first as email on the move is essential to myself and was not sure if the device would perform aswell as my previous one. Boy was I shocked when I recived it, I decided I would migrate too a googlemail acount to get the most out of the device, features such as the syncronised calanders. I think it is the best move I have made, the emails arrive on the device as quickly as they do on the PC which is fantastic, and I can easily view all my apointments on the handset which Is absaloutley brilliant.

            So beside the syncronised email and calander what else does this device do, well alot. It comes with the google branding so you would expect it's web browsing capabilities to be excellent and they are, the browser is fast and stabble, easy to use and reliable.

            Multimedia play back is handled well by the device but the lack of a standard issue headphone jack is annoying, the device comes with some htc ones which are acceptable but not brilliant.

            What else can the device do? Well the android OS is open source which means alot of the applications out there are free, and this is a beautiful thing, so far I have found if I think of an application I want it exists, to name a few I have the latest news feeds, access to twitter and facebook, access to my wordpress blog and the weather to name a few.

            It also comes with standard range of google things such as maps, google talk etc. Google maps is very handy as it can provide walking (or driving and with the latest update transport in some areas) directions, very usefull in a strange city or just in general.

            The battery life has been steadily improving and I now get about 3 days out of the device with realtivly heavy usage, and all the features on, afterall you get a phone for the features it has why should you have to turn them off.

            This is the best device I have used, period, and I am definatly an 'android' convert. Do not get me wrong it has some flaws but many many more pro's.


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