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HTC One S - Android Phone - GSM / UMTS - 3G - 16 GB - 4.3 " - grey

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    7 Reviews
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      28.02.2014 11:10



      This phone is great for people who want to have a smart phone who don't require the highest spec.

      This was my first HTC phone, and I loved it. I know that there were issues with the previous model and this seems to have all been resolved with the release of the HTC One series. I had this phone for 2 years and it lasted well, even after two years and the phone suffering usual drop when drunk, getting wet & general wear and tear, the phone still works really well.

      The pros of this phone:
      I love the look and feel of the phone in my hand. I know that it is a bit larger than other phones out there but as the phone is quite narrow it doesn't have a 'brick' feel. I love the large screen area, HTC really fill the space so you can make the most out of the display. The phone is quick & responsive. The display is really clear & the colours on the phone are bright. The battery life lasts a day, depending on usage obviously.

      The cons of this phone:
      The internal camera on this phone is quite grainy and not clear. The external camera is just OK, it works but it isn't as clear and often does have a yellow tinge if using under artificial light, like night time. The main con is that after a while, the screen loses sensitivity however this is probably a common issue with touch screen phones. The volume of the phone isn't as loud as it could be.


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      06.07.2013 18:34
      Very helpful



      Great smartphone, offers high resolution camera imaging. Will recommend to anyone.

      HTC S one review:

      Gasping the amazement of holding this smartphone it is "quietly brilliant!" Having my previous phone the Blackberry Curve 8520 I wanted to upgrade to a touch screen smartphone. Having seen a couple of good reviews on the net of the HTC S One, I decided to purchase this phone. So off I went to see what was available at the Three shop, there were two choices Pay as you go or Contract, I opted for the contract as I roam the Internet quite a lot.

      The device runs smoothly on the Android 4.0 (Ice scream sandwich) though upgradable to the Android 4.1 (Jelly bean)

      The camera specs on this smartphone are amazing, with 8 MP, 540 x 960 pixel resolution
      - with flash the images that this bewildering phone produces a crisped in image, accompanied by Simultaneous 1080p HD video and Image recording; you won't need your standard digital camera. There is an rapid fire mode where the device continuously taking shots upon holding the "shot" button; you won't miss a picture again as you can capture snapshots while recording in HD with Videopic.

      HTC One S incorporated with Beats By Dre in the speaker section gives a great high quality, clear-cut sound to any genre that suits you. You have a option to turn off beats audio and on.

      The long 4.3 inches display is highly pixelated, every pixel is clear, easy to see it is immaculate in every detail finished off with an glossy shine to the glass, the surface on the screen makes it easy to slide your finger across the Super AMOLED screen - protecting it is Gorilla glass - a strong robust glass.

      The phone carry's a capacity off 16GB and 1GB off ram; If you want to have more space on the phone you can access Drop box a online memory service (integrated on the device) free to use generously giving HTC S One users 25GB extra storage, But if you want the extra memory directly from your phone you can't! The down side of having an S one is there is no memory card slot, which is a bummer.

      The entire body material consists of anodized aluminium, which makes the device solid and robust - easy to slide in your pocket. But the downside to covering the whole body, is you can not replace the battery neither a camera key - which is only available on-screen.

      Phone's Internet

      This phone runs on 3G, with the Three you will get one of the fastest networks in the UK. There is an option to connect to your phones network on other Wi-Fi enabled devices using the phones Hotspot application. This is called tethering. I find this feature quite useful as when I am out and about with my Laptop, I can just pop my phone out and connect to my phones network - Hassel free. If you want a more reliable connection on your mobile you can connect to your home broadband via Wi-Fi on system preferences.

      What's in the box?
      Packaged in a recycled box you get a pair of headphones, USB cable with charger, usual manuals warranty information ECT

      Other specifications:

      - Front facing camera
      - 3.5 mm jack
      - High quality slow motion video capture and playback

      Conclusion: I will recommend this phone to anyone looking to purchase a decent touchscreen. This phone offers loads of great features, excellent selection of widgets and fast mobile Internet; this is an ideal smartphone for any phone - hollic.


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      15.05.2013 10:14
      1 Comment



      All round great phone

      My good lady & I both own one of these and have done for about 8 months, so we have had chance to fully road test them. If you are upgrading you will notice an immediate improvement in response time from the touch screen which for me was great - I had a touch screen phone before and the delay in responding to touches meant I often touched it again and ended up with 2 or three actions which was very frustrating.

      Screen - beautiful - really lovely colours. This has full HD which really shines through when using the....
      Camera - arguably as good as the I phone's. Has lots of nice functions built in including a great panorama feature. Personally I like the fact that you can link Dropbox to your phone and have all your photos automatically uploaded - therefore if you lose or damage your phone, nothing is lost.
      Call quality - consistently good - very few dropped calls
      Battery life - initially this was poor, however with the recent Android update there came a battery saver which works in the background and has made a significant difference. I am a fairly heavy user and my charge can last 2 days which in smart phone terms is quite something - my wife's will last for 3 days plus.
      Music - This one comes with Beats Audio and the excellent Beats Audio Headphones which give great sound range and good bass.
      SAT NAV - I got rid of my sat nav in the car as this is so good - uses Google maps - allows you to download maps in case you are going into an area of poor 3g service - shouldn't be a problem when 4g is running.
      I am so impressed, I am thinking of keeping this instead of upgrading when my 2 year contract expires.


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        22.12.2012 19:58
        Not Helpful



        Perfect for those after a decent phone without the price tag.

        This is the cheaper model of the one series for the more budget concious. The specifications reflect this. For the majority of users, the 1.5Ghz Dual-Core processor will do just fine with the majority of tasks. However when compared to the top-end of the series, the HTC One X, this phone will be greatly outperformed due to the HTC One S having roughly half the processing power.

        The only people to really notice the difference between these two models however are power users however and therefore the standard user will probably be perfect fine with this model. When multitasking with a couple of more intensive applications I noticed a small drop in frame rate in video and also the responsiveness of my gestures generally decreased a little. The decrease in responsiveness was not enough to prevent me using the phone however it could get a little irritating as I had to occasionally press keys twice to get any input or, if typing, I may have to press backspace a few more times when the phone chose the wrong letter due to the stress it was under.

        The build quality of this phone is decent, I have seen better but the Gorilla Glass protection this phone offers means that you can drop it, smash it and throw things at it as much as you like with little chance of breaking its display in my experience. This is not the same for the outer casing however as I have found it scratches pretty easily and does gain quite considerable cosmetic damage after a few month of usage even fro the most careful of handlers - admittedly, it did fall out of the car twice but the damage was still rather great from this.

        the screen on this phone is quite excellent actually. For the price paid, the sharpness of the display and the quality of the colours is excellent. I enjoy watching YouTube videos using the phone and this therefore really impressed me. The audio quality is similar with everything sounding crisp. This means that it really does make a great media phone


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        23.11.2012 00:29



        Better than an iPhone!

        I got this phone on contract about 9 months ago, and can honestly say I love it! As most people are aware of the divide between Android and Apple, I can honestly say, since buying my first HTC Android phone well over two years ago, I am 110% an Androider! The software on this phone is simple, the app market is easy to navigate and some of the Android features really make this phone a great buy. At the time of buying my phone, it was running on the latest android software, whilst I'm not exactly a tech fanatic, I am impressed by the phone and all that comes with it. Battery life is good, and even better when you put to use the widgets available, this means you can easily control you're screen brightness, sync on/off, Bluetooth, GPS, Internet and more all with one touch of the button. The App Store is brilliant and even better, unlike apple it doesn't make you enter a password and take you back to the main screen every time you hit download. The only problem I have had with the phone is when the dreaded software updates roll in and of course, you get bugs, usually this means the phone will randomly turn itself off or freeze, this has only happened a few times, and has been easily sorted by resetting the phone. As with all phones, it calls, messages, emails, facebooks, tweets, shares etc etc, but the best part is the usability, I find it a lot more user friendly than iPhones, better set out menu and a more sturdy design. The phone itself is sleek, has a quality feel to it, and packing an 8 megapixel camera is the icing on the cake. I would recommend this phone to anyone, it's great for personal use, business use or as an all rounder!!


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        30.09.2012 02:39
        1 Comment



        The best smart phone in the market. Fully recommended for all fun lovers and quietly brilliant!

        I am such a person that loves to stick to one particular type mobile phone. It was as if there is no other phone in the market except the one I am used to until I decided to upgrade my contract. The advent of more sophistication with the range of latest smart phone had taken over the better part of me because my old mobile phone could no longer compete with the latest ones in the market.

        I did my background research and concluded that my next mobile phone would the one under android platform. After I was introduced to various android phones, I decided to go for HTC 1. The phone is very easy to use, has attractive screen, great picture quality (good for multiple motion pictures) and enough space to download music and videos. In fact, it is a great companion.
        Its predictive texts means I don't have to type every word whenever I am composing text messages, updating Facebook or replying e-mails.

        The play store boasts of millions of free and paid applications. You can set the weather to your present location and can see similar forecasts in other major cities of the world. The search field under the menu screen enables you to do a quick application search where there many of them have already been downloaded.

        On the other hand, it may not open when the battery is too low hence making answering calls to be difficult. I has small in-built keyboard hence making typing difficult sometimes, battery may run down quickly listening to music and watching video.

        In conclusion, HTC One is best smart phone I have ever come across in the market and I fully recommended for all fun lovers. Above all, it is quietly brilliant!


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          28.05.2012 22:04



          If you like fast phones with a nice look this is the phone for you

          I'll start by saying that I don't really know anything about all the processors or anything like that so I can't really say if the phones lives up to what the description says but I can say that it's a brilliant phone.

          The touch screen is super responsive. It can be a little sensitive at times but I love that its quick to start and stop.
          The screen is bright and the colours are vibrant. The live wallpapers are beautiful and the different coloured themes are beautiful.
          The screen is just the right size, not that much bigger or smaller than an iPhone or Galaxy. My mother has a Galazxy S II and the screens are the same time. The size of the phone as a whole is slightly smaller. The HTC is slimer and feels nicer in the hand when your texting and calling people.
          The android system it runs on is better than pprevious systems I've used. The app market is great and there are a good choice of apps very similar to those on itunes. I have used both android and Blackberry phones in the past and this is by far the best android systems I have tried and it's sooo much better than Blackberry systems if you don't use the phone as a business phone. I only really loved my Blackberry because of the calander feature and the emails. This phone has a brilliant agenda feature and the email system is good and sends emails through regularly. The apps are amazing. They are better quality than anything on Blackberrys and there are many free ones.
          The camera is amazing. I used to have a Blackberry and the camera on those is shockingly awful so having an 8 megapixel camera is a brilliant upgrade. It take beautiful true to life pictures and is great at foucusing on the right things and the smile detection is brilliant. I love how high quality the the video recorder is and how well the photos and videos play back.
          I love the camera on the front which is great for skype or the mirror feature.
          I love the look of the phone. It's lightweight but it doens't feel cheap or like plastic. The two tone back makes it look just that much better and it's super slim which is brilliant. Overall, I love it and I would recommend it to anyone. I have the grey one, so I don't know what the white one is like but the grey one is two tonal on the back and has blue tones in it.
          Overall I think this phone is super high quality and a brilliant choice if you are looking into phones like the Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note and the iPhone. It's definatly good for anyone as you can adapt it into being a good phone for socialising and younger people or for people who are looking into using it for business. It's simply enough for any age and a reasonable price for people who are looking into phones with the specifications this one has.


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      • Product Details

        Capture stunning photos with a stunning phone. This true digital camera gives you realistic colors and dependable performance with features such as auto smile detection, face focus and continuous shooting. With this phone in your hands you can capture every special moment, wherever you go, in pictures as stunning as its own great looks.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: HTC One S - Android Phone - GSM / UMTS
        Product Type: Android Phone - 3G - 16 GB
        Service Provider: Not specified
        Form Factor: Touch
        Resistance: Gorilla Glass (scratch resistant glass)
        Dimensions (WxDxH): 65 mm x 8 mm x 131 mm
        Weight: 120 g
        Colour: Grey
        Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
        Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
        Integrated Components: Digital camera, 2nd camera, digital player, GPS receiver, voice recorder
        Wireless Interface: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
        Display: Colour - 4.3"
        Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen (multi-touch)
        Operating System: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
        User Interface: HTC Sense 4
        Instant Messaging Services: Yes
        Supported Social Networks and Blogs: Facebook
        Playback Digital Standards: WAV, WMA, AAC, AMR, MP3, OGG, MIDI, M4A, WMA 9 , AVI, MPEG-4, WMV, 3GP, WMV9