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  • Large screen
  • Great features
  • Short battery life
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    11 Reviews
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      30.07.2014 19:38
      Very helpful


      • "Large screen"
      • "Great features"
      • "Brilliant camera"


      • "Short battery life"

      Excellent design, beautiful phone, an absolute dream!

      I have owned this phone for over a year now and it has been by far the greatest phone. The specification of the phone speaks for itself and the product certainly doesn't disappoint.

      When I first opened the box and held the phone I couldn't help but notice the size difference to my previous Blackberry. I was anxious that the HTC One felt too big in my hand and that I wouldn't like it. However after a few days of playing around with it I had forgotten all about my old phone and couldn't understand how I had coped with something so small! The screen is of excellent quality making it brilliant for surfing the web or watching short videos, whilst not affecting the everyday tasks such as texting or calling. The touch screen is on point and even after a year I have barely had to calibrate the screen. It is very responsive and accurate and far more advanced than many other touch screens out there.

      Having had the phone for a year it has had to withstand its fair amount of use. This has included being dropped and put in a bag with other items. My phone has very few scratches on it to this day and not once has my screen cracked or been damaged. It is incredibly durable, and whilst I don't recommend being careless, it certainly won't be a detriment to anyone who is more prone to clumsiness!

      The only problem I have had is that now it is over a year old the battery has become increasingly worse. I have to charge it once a day at least on minimal use and more for heavy use. For me this hasn't caused too many problems but if you are busy and don't have access to a charger during the day it could be a problem.

      The best feature of this phone for me is the camera. It is excellent quality and I now prefer using my phone to my actual camera. People always comment on how good my photos are and with the phone having a 32GB built in storage you can store hundreds of photos.

      I cannot recommend this phone highly enough, and whilst it can be pricey it certainly is worth the money. I would definitely buy another HTC in the future and if they continue to make products in the way that have made the HTC One then I will be one satisfied customer!


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      10.03.2014 14:02
      Very helpful



      The best smartphone ever. This is not even up for debate

      I've owned the HTC One smartphone for three months now. I wanted to put all of the features of the phone to the test and make sure I wasn't writing a review of an amazing piece of technology after just a couple of days which wouldn't have helped anyone.


      The HTC One Android smartphone was released to the UK market in March 2013. As a successor to the HTC One X and One X+, HTC hoped that the One would revive the company's flagging sales figures. Although the One X ranges was acknowledged as being an excellent smartphone, HTC still struggled to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung in terms of market share.

      The look and feel of the HTC One

      The first thing you notice about the HTC One is its aluminium case. This is a major improvement over almost all other smartphones on the market which continue to use plastic style casing. Although initially the aluminium case will feel cold when you first pick up the phone, you will soon realise that it feels far more sturdy than similar high end handsets. In fact, everything about this phone oozes quality.

      The HTC One is one of the thinner handsets on the market. This is mainly down to HTC's decision to ship the phone with a built in battery as opposed to one that can be swapped. This could pose a few issues if you find your battery is running low and you are not in the vicinity of a charger. More on the battery life later.

      The micro USB connector on the One has been moved to a more sensible location than that on the One X. This is now on the bottom edge of the phone whereas the One X connector was curiously placed on the left hand edge. The headphone jack and power button have also swapped sides so if you are upgrading to this phone from a previous HTC handset, prepare yourself for a couple of weeks of pressing the headphone jack by mistake to turn your phone on.

      The HTC One comes with 32Gb of onboard storage and another 25Gb of Google Drive storage if you decide to pair your handset with this Google service. There is no provision for an external SD card which may disappoint some but it really isn't needed.

      Turning on for the first time

      The HTC One is a beast of a phone in terms of processing power. Running on the Snapdragon 600 quad core processor, there is very little waiting around between launching an app and having it on the screen, ready for action. Boot time on the One is significantly quicker than any other smartphone I have used.

      The screen is absolutely amazing, displaying full 1080p HD images in vibrant colours. It is easily the best screen on any mobile device, end of! People go on about the iPad's retina display but that is a distant second when compared with the screen of the HTC One. With a pixel density of 468 pixels per inch, zooming in on images and text is going to give you such amazing results that need to be seen to be believed.

      Once you have got over the sheer beauty of the display, setting up for first time use is very simple. If you have used an Android device previously, just sign in with your Google account and all of your contacts and other cloud based settings will be restored. If you are upgrading from a previous HTC handset, you can even restore all of your bookmarks, app settings and wifi connections which I thought was an impressive feature.

      In total, it probably took me 15 minutes from turning on to being in a position where I could make a phone call, download my email and run an app that was on my previous handset. Now all the mundane stuff is out of the way, you can explore this little beauty.

      The HTC One and your music collection

      When the HTC One was announced, HTC were keen to market their double front facing speakers which they entitled Boomsound. The thinking behind this was that you usually listen to music while facing your handset and certainly, if you are watching a YouTube video, all of the sound should be projected towards you.

      Even though I had heard about Boomsound prior to purchasing the phone, nothing prepared me for the experience I got when I heard it for the first time. Simply put, the sound is amazing. There is no way you should expect such a pure sound from a smartphone but the speakers on the HTC One are just amazing. You get full stereo and with the built in Beats Audio software amplification, you can reproduce sounds that wouldn't be amiss on a full sized stereo system, it really is that good.

      Snap cats or Snapchat

      As with all current smartphones, the HTC One comes with two cameras, an Ultrapixel main camera and a 2.1 megapixel front facing camera.

      Ultrapixel is HTC's own proprietary imaging standard. Although the camera is officially only 4 megapixels, the pixels are packed far more densely than any other smartphone camera, allowing for more vivid images, particularly in low light. These images are of an excellent quality however, if you zoom into them a long way, they do tend to pixelate a far bit due to the lack of megapixels.

      If you are taking images of your pets, fast moving action or even macro shots of small items, you will not fail to be impressed by the results delivered by the HTC One.
      The HTC One camera also allows you to record three seconds of video footage with each photo should you wish to. This is known as a HTC Zoe (based on the word Zoetope) which is an old form of photography. HTC believe that this will enable you to capture better memories than just a still image. Although I tend not to use this feature too often, I can see its merits if you were at a special event. The video editing suite that ships with the HTC One will automatically bind together any Zoe's you have on your phone, put them to music and allow you to share them with any of the popular social networks.

      The front facing camera provides one of the highest resolutions of any of the current batch of handsets. This is perfect for trivial matters such as taking selfies or Snapchatting your friends. It is also perfect for more serious functions such as having a Google Hangout with your work colleagues.

      Switching between the cameras is a simple operation of bringing up the camera interface and toggling between the 2.

      Video recording on the HTC One is done via the same camera app as still image. You can record at any resolution right up to 1080p HD and can even take video and still images at the same time. This normally works very well but on the odd occasion, I have had a spoilt image due to the frame refreshing mid way through my image.

      Battery life

      Battery life on smartphones has always been notoriously bad but the HTC One seriously challenges that statement. With a 2300 mAh battery, you would certainly expect it to pack a punch. With moderate use, the phone will easily last for up to 36 hours between charges and with heavy use, going a full day will not be a problem. Out of habit, I always charge mine up each night so that I start a new day with a full quota of juice.

      HTC quote that you should be able to watch 6, 90 minute football matches, back to back before you need a recharge. While I haven't tested out this claim, my own experiences show that they are not too far wide of the mark.

      Other cool features

      One thing I wasn't aware of until I started using the phone was that it also doubles up as a remote control unit. The power button on the top of the phone is also an infrared sensor which can be paired up to your TV, cable or satellite TV box. You can then change the channel as well as adjusting the volume, etc from your phone. The phone also comes with a full TV guide for your region, giving you a full multimedia experience.

      This is something I seldomly use but it serves as a great backup should you ever misplace the TV remote.

      HTC Blinkfeed is a combination of all your information sources in one place. Think of it as a stream of your main Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds combined with tailored news stories from some of the world's top media giants all in one long list. This is intended to give you a quick overview of things if you only have a limited time to check your phone. If you want more information on a story, you tap on it and are instantly taken to it. Blinkfeed uses up an entire home screen should you decide to use it.

      Personally, I put Blinkfeed on one of the outer screens as it is a nice to have feature but it does get in the way of everyday use.

      My verdict

      The HTC One has won many "Phone of the year 2013" awards and it is easy to see why. It is quite simply the best handset I have ever owned and some would go as far as saying it is the best handset ever. In my opinion it gives the best display of any smartphone, it gives the best sound of any smartphone and it looks far more sexy than any other smartphone. If I am being really picky, the camera hasn't really made the same progress as the other features but that is not to say that it still doesn't give exceptional outputs.

      HTC may not have the marketing budget of Apple and Samsung but they certainly know how to make a smartphone. This device is better than anything Apple and Samsung have ever produced, you have my word for it.

      This review also appears on Ciao UK


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        28.02.2014 21:41
        Not Helpful



        Good solid smartphone performance

        Might as well get this out of the way, this is not a iphone. Many people start from the position of wanting or even needing! an iphone, but see the cost and work downwards from there until they find something they can afford.
        In fact, this is a pretty sensible way to do things, so it's not a criticism, just the way things go.
        From that point of view, I can't say this is the best phone in the world in every regard, but it is a really good phone.
        It does all the smartphone stuff you need, and its the only phone I've had where the screen hasn't broken, so this is a massive plus for me.
        Surprisingly the sound is really good, so if you listen to music on your phone then this is a great feature, as you can get streaming music, or mp3 files, or the radio.

        Great phone, there is nothing I would complain about. I'd happily have another in the future.


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          18.02.2014 16:08
          Very helpful



          Great phone at a great price, would truly recommend

          Looking back to the previous HTCs, for example the HTC Desire, I really wasn't impressed with them but the HTC One has come on leaps and bounds and truly is a competitor for the latest Apple and Samsung products - at a significantly lower price. I won't go on for ages listing the technical specification of this phone - you can view this by visiting the 'Technical Details' tab, but instead I'll talk about my personal experiences.

          It is a pretty big phone, similar in size to the S4 although, in my opinion, less stylish. Don't get me wrong, it still looks great, I just prefer the more curvy Samsungs. There are some brilliant speakers on the front above and below the screen which is excellent for watching videos/listening to music. Why more phones don't have forward facing speakers is beyond me, well done HTC! In addition, due to the fairly large screen, you are offered a fairly large keyboard, making for a an easy time when texting/whatsapping/internet surfing etc.

          In my opinion, one slight negative is that the home and back buttons are in slightly different places to most mobile phones and, being a Samsung user, I found this annoying. Now I'm used to it, it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

          The operating system android, but HTC have made some minor changes to make it seem more like their own. The fact it is on android means you have access to the vast Play Store which is full of apps of all different shapes and sizes. The apps really enhance your mobile experience and, of the ones I have tried, they all work brilliantly. Another great feature is the capability of the processor - very powerful, great for playing detail heavy games.

          The battery life is pretty similar to any other top of the range smart phones these days. It started off brilliantly, the battery would be charged every 2-3 days but as you'd expect 15 months later, the performance has dropped. Nowadays, you'll comfortably get through the day without requiring the charger but don't think about getting too far through the 2nd day without charging!

          The camera is pretty good, definitely up there with my Samsung Note 2. Although it's only advertised as a 4 Mega Pixel camera, it has an abundance of extra features to help create a crisper photo, UltraPixel and various light sensors being the main advocates for success here. There is also a feature called 'HTC Zoe' which effectively takes a 3 second video and you can stitch the best bits together to create a picture. I rarely use this feature but I know a lot of girls probably would in order to get the perfect picture! The camera is able to record HD video which is simply brilliant. Overall, the camera rivals any I've seen on an iPhone or my Samsung.

          The phone also came with a little device that lets you wirelessly transfer a video from your phone onto your TV - perfect for looking through pictures you've taken, watching YouTube videos or catching up on an iplayer episode. Using this does deplete your battery rather quickly though!

          In conclusion, this is a great smart phone full of features at a wonderful price. If you are after a new phone, I would truly consider this phone up there with the latest iPhones and Samsungs. Before you rush in and purchase an iPhone; think about exactly what you want your phone to have and I guarantee this will have it at a fraction of the cost.


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          27.01.2014 20:17



          Top top phone - HTC so close to dominating the market with this phone

          The HTC One is very, very nearly the best phone currently on the market. It's beautifully designed and made and only the iPhone comes close to it in design quality. It really is beautiful to hold and to use - all aluminum, no gaps, with two perfectly placed speakers on the front that produce sound quality that is, frankly, amazing in a smartphone.

          The screen quality is top-notch, it's fast, and the Blinkfeed home screen is actually quite useful and not as 'gimmicky' as some of Samsung's more recent 'features.' The camera is only actually 4MP, but don't let that put you off - HTC have introduced what they call 'UltraPixels,' which results in photos that are at least equal in quality to those produced by the iPhone or S4 - and, in low light, even better. The battery life's about what you'd expect from a high-end smartphone, but probably not quite as good as the S4 - I'll get a day's life out of mine, but that's it - I pretty much need to charge it every night.

          The only negative about this phone is the lack of an SD card slot - and this, to me personally, is a big negative, since I like to use my phone not just as a phone but as an MP3 player - and 16GB is not enough for me. (You can also get a 32GB version, but even that's not good enough when you take into account apps, photos, videos etc).

          But apart from that this phone is beautiful - as well-designed and manufactured as the iPhone, with specs and features that beat Samsung's latest. It's reasonably priced, too - I'm currently paying £29 a month for it (the phone was free) on contact. If you're considering buying it, though, I'd wait a couple of the months - the HTC One 2 is supposed to be released shortly and, when it is realised, it's likely the price of this will go down a bit.


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          15.11.2013 11:19



          great phone over all

          I purchased the HTC one after having a IPhone 4 for two years. It took an hour to get use to the HTC one but it was well worth it. The HTC one is a reliable phone with a great battery life. The phone using the easy set up system with a step to step guide to help you set up the phone.

          The phone easy app download from the play store. So quick and simply to navigate through the play store to find an app and then download within seconds. The only downfall being on an android some apps take longer to be released onto the play store.

          The phone dual front speakers are amazing. They give off the perfect sound when playing music through the phone. The beats audio have made a great impression on me when using the HTC one the speakers they give off a fantastic sound for any type of genre of music being played.

          The headphones that come with the phone, are easy to use and are great when using them for music and they are even better when using to make calls and talk.

          Overall the HTC one is a great phone, easy to use and just simple but yet looking great. I would advise my friends and family to buy an HTC one and enjoy it.


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          08.11.2013 04:46
          Very helpful



          Excellent, intuitive, user-friendly phone but not for those who want something small

          In June 2012 I finally joined the twenty-first century and decided to get a smartphone. The HTC One was newly out, and knowing nothing about the various brands, I had a closer look. I knew I wanted an Android phone as I have never been an Apple person, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy to use and intuitive the One was for someone who had never used a smartphone before.

          The screen is nice and big, which might be a disadvantage if you want something that will fit sleekly into a pocket, but because it's also quite slim it fits beautifully into the side pocket of a bag. My mother has recently switched to this phone as well, from an iPhone, purely because the size is easier on her ageing eyes. It's not just the size of the screen, but its clarity that made it really stand out for me.

          Although it is only 4 megapixels, the camera is of excellent quality and easy to use, as is the video function. Apps are available from Google Play and I have found them very easy to search for and quick to download on this phone - the range is comparable to the Apple store. The home screen can be customised to add 'tiles' by dragging and dropping, which means that you can arrange your most-accessed apps very easily to be up front and centre. I really appreciated this feature.

          It is extremely quick to connect to the internet and allows me to run several open tabs at the same time. I often use it to browse instead of my laptop, just to save me time booting the laptop up, because it is so easy and the screen is so big. I turned into a serious internet user as soon as I bought this phone!

          It also has excellent battery life; I would use my phone for 2-3 hours a day but I only need to charge it every 2-3 days on average, with Bluetooth always on and WiFi enabled.

          Lastly, please learn from my mistake. My review was almost a eulogy: a month ago I dropped my phone and it landed screen down. The screen shattered immediately, despite it being only a very short fall. The one major disadvantage, I then discovered, of an HTC phone is that the screens are very expensive to replace; I was quoted $AU185, which is 2-3 times what an iPhone screen costs. This is to do with its extremely high quality, which is a real key feature, but has its downside! I really vacillated about paying that price, but in the end the HTC One is such a great phone that I did so and bought a protective cover and screen protector for it. This renders it far more durable, as road-tested by my toddler. I should have bought the cover the first time around, and I would urge anyone buying an HTC to make that investment at the same time.


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          22.10.2013 17:34



          A great phone with all the features you could want in a smartphone

          First Impressions

          First of all, it looks nice, that of course is what initially gets your attention. It has a lovely big screen, but not so big that it looks like a tablet. Unfortunately being a girl, we don't have the biggest pockets to fit these phones in! This one fits into most of my jeans but usually pokes out of the pocket slightly, and I have to take it out to sit down, as it is uncomfortable. It is quite lightweight, but sometimes I find it a little wide to hold in my hand. As with all these sort of phones it is best to get a cover and screen protector, I have dropped mine a number of times which has not resulted in any damage, which maybe due to these important accessories.

          User friendly?

          As with every new phone, especially if you have not had a smartphone, it can take some getting used to. Most of it I found was easy to work out as you went along. These are Android phones, which means your apps are available from the "play store." There a great variety of apps available to download, and with 32GB of data you are not short of space to download what you want. The touch screen is responsive, and has given me no problems so far. It has some nice features, such as the news feed on the front screen, where you can select what subjects you are interested in, such as design or TV, and it will keep you updated with the latest articles. The camera works well although not as fast as when I first bought it.

          Would you recommend to a friend?

          Yes. HTC are one of the best on the market currently. I personally am an Android girl, and try to stay away from Apple as I think you are mostly paying for the brand, and they seem to overcharge a lot on apps compared to Android.


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            09.09.2013 15:43
            1 Comment



            An amazing phone that is superior to the Apple iPhone.

            Without a doubt, this is the best phone I have ever owned. There is literally no bad aspect to the phone.

            I decided to purchase this phone after comparing the Apple iPhone and some of the other android phones on the market. I'm probably slightly biased in that I've only personally owned an Android device, however compared to the Apple iPhone, this phone feels better when holding, looks better aesthetically and is a much better weight for carrying around.

            By far my favourite feature of the phone is the camera, and in particular the Zoe aspect of the camera. Rather than taking just a still picture, it creates a Harry Potter moment where the pictures move. With the click of a button, you can add all these moving pictures together into a slideshow with music. We used this feature during a recent holiday, and rather than tell each of our family members the same travel tales, we were able to send them a video showing the highlights of the trip without the need to mess around with numerous software packages. Very user friendly and very refreshing!

            Another bonus of the camera is how good it is. I have a DSLR and the like for like comparison of the pictures is astounding. The camera is of an equal quality to my DSLR and takes up a fifth (if that!) of the size of the DSLR.

            The one frustration I have with the phone is the location of the home and back buttons. This is probably a purely personal choice, but having used Android phones for over 5 years, I find the switching position of the home and back buttons (literally one button over than on other Android devices) to be annoying. Whilst I adapted to the change fairly quickly, the initial few weeks saw me constantly hitting the wrong button! That is the only negative I have about the phone, which says a lot about the quality of the product.

            If you were ever in doubt over whether to get an Android HTC One or an Apple iPhone, you really can't go wrong with the HTC One.


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              05.06.2013 00:38
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              HTC's best phone by far to date. 4/5 (as there's always room for improvement)

              I had high hopes for the HTC One, being a regular user of HTC phones and after having used it for a few months I can confirm that this is one of if not the best phone on the market today. I bought it mainly because of its build quality, processing power and camera quality and all 3 factors have exceeded expectations.

              Design - Probably the best thing about the phone. The design is stylish with its aluminium body, feeling a lot more luxurious than the plastic feel of iphones/Samsungs. The 4.7" screen feels like the perfect size for me, not feeling too cumbersome to hold and yet big enough for reading and watching videos comfortably.

              Power - With its quad core processor, everything runs perfectly on this phone. Everything feels a lot smoother in terms of navigation, Internet is fast, graphics on games are crisp and everything loads extremely swiftly.

              Camera - The camera is a significant improvement on past HTC phones. Its 'ultrapixel' technology allows excellent picture quality even under dark conditions (although can get quite grainy if too dark), whereas the colours and sharpness on brighter photos are excellent. HTC Zoe is a new feature installed that allows you to take a 3 second photograph, allowing you to eliminate blinking, unwanted objects and frowns, which I find particularly useful when taking group shots.

              Sound - The main selling point of this phone on adverts is the BoomSound. I don't usually play music on my phone speakers, but I have to admit the quality on the HTC One is impressive for a phone. The sound sounds a lot more crisp although the bass is still lacking too much for my liking.

              HTC Sense 5 - Not a feature I found at all useful. Blinkfeed is a new feature where all your feeds appear on the homepage and can be navigated by just scrolling down. I understand some people would find this a lot more convenient, but for me it's too much information on one screen. I like to keep my facebook, twitter, flickr and news feeds all separate as I like to know where to information easily and quickly.

              Summary - I do love this phone, it really doesn't have any weaknesses and does everything I need with ease. The battery life is good compared to other phones but probably still requires daily charging with regular use. I would highly recommend this phone for anyone deliberating between iphone5/S4/nokia 920, although not saying that it blows the competition away, it's definitely up there with the best.


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                01.06.2013 11:27
                Very helpful



                A superb offering from HTC

                I have recently changed my phone from an iPhone 5 to the HTC One. I've owned iPhones for the last 3 years and was a bit disappointed with Apple's latest version - not with it's functionality as it was fabulous but it's general look as to me it very similar to it's predecessors and I fancied a complete change. Phones 4 U gave me £60 and bought my iPhone 5 which paid off my old contract and then I signed up for an upgrade on £41 per month (that's with 1GB data, unlimited calls and texts with EE). It is also available to buy separately for a whopping £490 (I say whopping but that is around the right price compared to other smartphones available). I picked the black version of the phone but it's also available in silver. There was an offer at the time of purchasing in Phones 4 U for free Beats Audio headphones too but that offer has finished now. That's because the phone has 'Beats Audio' branding.

                The phone measures 13.7cm x 6.8cm x 0.9cm and runs on Android. This was a complete change for me although I do own a Samsung tablet so I had used Android generally before. Each manufacturer puts their own spin on Android, HTC have added HTC Sense to it making the look and feel of it slightly different. It has taken a little bit to get used to it's functionality as I've found the operating system a big change from using Apple's iOS software but I now use it to full capacity. The size of the phone also took a bit of getting used to, it's a lot bigger than any of my previous phones but this seems to be the way that smartphones are going, there are even bigger 'phablets' available (a cross between a phone and a tablet!). My phone is the 32GB version but it is apparently also available as a 64GB version (I haven't seen this in the stores though). The SIM card is a microSIM. There isn't any memory card but this wasn't an issue for me as there's none on the iPhone either! The phone has a sleek design even though it's on the large side, for example the phone is curved around the back. The whole phone operates via touchscreen - there are also two touch sensitive buttons below the screen at the bottom.

                Calling and Texting
                This is obviously what I bought it for (although I know some people think this is secondary - my husband is just interested in the 'gadget' features!). It is fantastic for both. It is very easy to send a text, I find that the on screen keyboard is very easy to use, although I have got dainty fingers so it may be a little harder with bigger fingers. Because of the screen size, the keyboard is bigger compared to smaller phones which helps. It's similar to the iPhone whereby texts of mine show in one colour and texts sent to me show in another colour to differentiate between the two - the colours can be changed in the settings too. Calls are always very clear and calls are very easy to make and finish. There is a phone button on the front screen and that takes you to the phonebook to the dial pad and the last call that was made is shown. This is ideal for me as it's mostly my husband that I phone. If you swipe to the right, the history of the calls shows up. Swiping to the left shows the favourite contacts.

                The layout on the screen reminds me a little of Windows 8 (but to clarify - it's nothing to do with Windows 8). The main homescreen shows a 'tiled' sort of layout that can be customised to a certain degree, for example I have a newsfeed from the Guardian and another for twitter - it's limited though as to which ones you can show, for the news I'd have liked a BBC or Sky news option but they're not available - hopefully more will be available as the phone gets more popular. There is much more freedom in using Android than using Apple's iOS, you can make it much more personal. The screen quality is amazing, it's exceptionally clear and due to the size of the phone, the screen is large and therefore great for surfing the internet and watching videos off YouTube.

                This is the another feature that is important to me as I use it as my main camera for taking pictures of my daughter. The camera quality is good - it's only 4 megapixels. This sounds rubbish on the surface but HTC have said this is done on purpose because of light sensors and the other features they've built into it that make it as good as a 13 megapixel one. It is a HTC Ultrapixel camera which didn't mean much to me at the time although HTCs comments reassured me that it would be great. Now I've used it I tend to agree -the pictures take instantaneously and are of fantastic quality, they are definitely much better than what I used to get on a 4 megapixel camera a few years ago and they are very similar quality to those I got on the iPhone 5.

                A lot of it's detailed specifications don't really mean much to me, eg apparently it has a five flash setting that looks at the distance of the object before shooting but this isn't something that I've ever noticed, but I suppose the majority of the time my photos are taken from a similar distance. What did attract me to it's camera was the 1080p HD recording on the video. We take videos of my daughter a lot (her first steps!) and we've captured some superb quality videos from this so far.

                Another important feature for me is Bluetooth. I connect it to the car to listen to music and it always connects to the car straight away once the engine is switched on. It has also been easy to connect it to our WiFi at home (to save on using my data allowance) and it automatically uses our WiFi when it can pick the signal from our router up. It also has a setting to wirelessly connect media to the computer or TV but for this you need a compatible device - this isn't something I've investigated into using yet though.

                This is another important feature. My iPhone battery ran down fairly quickly although it was never as bad as my husband's Samsung Galaxy phone. This beats them both hands down. Considering the battery is used for all the apps I have, the calls and texts I make, listening to that music in the car and always have bluetooth and WiFi switched on, the battery lasts a very long time. I'd say I'm only charging it once every 3 days whereas it was once every couple of days with my last phone. I'm probably using this phone more too. HTC claim you can get 27 hours of talktime on GSM but I don't think that is ever possible with Bluetooth on constantly. The battery is not removable - the back of the phone doesn't come off, similar to the iPhone.

                Google Play store is the App store and has pretty much what the Apple app store has. This was something that I was a bit concerned about because I thought it might be limited but I had no need to worry. Some are free and some are costly, it's entirely up to you which of the 1000's of apps you want.

                Other Things
                A set of Beats Audio earphones are in the box for use with it, they're not something I've used too much just because I tend to listen to music out loud but they do seem good quality. They are plug type ones that felt a bit weird at first because they are so different to the Apple ones I was used to but they drown out all the noise around when they're in!

                I love the HTC One, it is definitely a front runner to compete with the iphone 5 and all of Samsung's offerings. I would go so far to say that it has surpassed those with some of the features it has, particularly the battery life. It has a sleek design, is very easy to use with super features and functionality. I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone looking for a new smartphone - I feel it's reasonable for my £40 per month contract and think it's definitely worthy of a 5 star rating.


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              • Product Details

                Capturing a moment takes more than one image. That's why the HTC One includes the HTC UltraPixel Camera. Press the shutter and the HTC One automatically captures up to 20 photos and a 3-second video - a picture that's alive. So your entire photo album becomes a living, breathing gallery.

                Technical Data

                Product Description: HTC One - Android Phone - GSM / UMTS
                Product Type: Android Phone - 4G - 32 GB
                Service Provider: Not specified
                Mobile Services: HTC Get Started
                Form Factor: Touch
                Protection: Scratch resistant glass
                Dimensions (WxDxH): 68 mm x 9 mm x 137 mm
                Weight: 143 g
                Colour: Silver
                Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
                Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
                Integrated Components: Digital camera, 2nd camera, digital player, GPS receiver, GLONASS receiver, voice recorder
                Wireless Interface: NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
                Display: Colour - 4.7"
                Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen (multi-touch)
                Operating System: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
                User Interface: HTC Sense
                Instant Messaging Services: Yes
                Supported Social Networks and Blogs: Yes
                Playback Digital Standards: WAV, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, AMR, MP3, FLAC, OGG, MIDI, M4A, WMA 9, apt-X , AVI, MPEG-4, 3GP, WMV9