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HTC Sensation XE

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6 Reviews

Manufacturer: HTC / Type: Smartphone

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    6 Reviews
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      03.07.2014 14:23
      Very helpful



      If HTC fix the battery life problem, could be an awesome phone!

      I have been an avid fan of HTC for many years. I would say for the last 6/7 years they have been my preferred phone. The phones seemed popular and well bought that is what attracted me to them in the first place, plus they are attractive phones to look at. About 12 months ago I had a Htc Desire HD at first it worked perfectly fine, it was reliable and did what I wanted it to do. Over time though I started noticing that the battery life went down and down and on occasions would just turn off, I got it sent off to be fixed but after a few weeks of it being back it was doing the same thing again. I changed my phone to a HTC sensation xe and again initially I was very happy with it. The phone came with beats audio and many more features which were great at first. over time again the same problem occurred, the battery life started deteriorating and whenever i tried to used beats or any other application it would just use up the battery life in a matter of seconds and turn off my phone. I basically had to use my phone while it was on charge just to make sure it did not turn off on me. I am sure if HTC can look at this problem then their phones would be very very competitive. With the experiences I have had recently I would not recommend this phone until HTC have looked into why their battery life is so rubbish!


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      23.09.2013 03:30
      Very helpful



      A really good looking phone definatly recommed

      I purchased this HTC back in march 2012 as i liked the design of the phone and the fact it had beats software and came with UR Beats headphones, upon arrival i was quite taken by this phone it was well built felt sturdy in the hand and looked really good but after a few days of use i started to notice the battery would get really hot making it almost unbearable so i messaged the company i purchased it from and got it replaced 1 week later.

      Attempt 2 with the phone and this time round although the phone did heat up as with use of any electronic it did not heat up as much as my previous one. The phones UI (user interface) which HTC's own sense UI version 3.6 was actually quite good i thought it was excellent really fast no sign of slow down neither was there any sign of freezing but having said that after over a year of usage i have noticed the phone has gone considerably slow but that could be due to a number of reasons like the amount of apps installed and running in the background, i especially liked the look of the 3D type weather widget by accuweather which really dis make the home screen stand out as instead of just giving a bunch of numbers you got a little animation e.g. wipers on your screen when it was raining.

      I did find sense to be a bit if a battery kill so if anyone is a power user be sure to keep a charger or an extra battery handy as the battery will die out after a few hours of hardcore usage but the battery is removable so it gives it an edge over the likes of the iphone and such but with moderate use and considering your running android ICS 4.0.3 it should not be an issue but with android gingerbread battery was quite poor.

      In terms of camera quality it gives out some really great snaps and unless your a professional photographer you wont really notice the difference between this and any other major camera on the market, one major thing to mention is HD (720p) slow motion recording which can be really fun to use when out and about with friends. The HD 540 x 960 screen may not be as boastful and eye popping as others but as far as screens are concerned it is pretty good and colors are vibrant and natural.

      Beats audio is the phones main selling point as it comes with UR beats headphones. With such a big marketing ploy focusing on the phones Beats software it should have some pretty amazing sound quality but upon testing with beats audio the sound was awful compared to when beats audio was on but consumers must realize beats audio is just a preset equalizer which is designed to give out a certain type of sound like really high highs and really low lows to put into simple words beats audio off is made to sound a little more crummy to emphasize beats audio making it seem a whole lot better i have heard better quality sound from my blackberry's and my Nokia N series. There was an issue with the speaker as i though it was not quite loud enough sometimes the phone is in your pocket and the speaker grill can be covered suppressing the sound coming out of the phone which could result in missing those important calls especially when your in the club and your mums ringing you to get home we have all been there.


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      11.03.2013 16:11



      Overall, when it works, it is a sound good quality phone. But it has some manufacturing issues.

      I was extremely pleased with this mobile phone when i purchased it.
      It looks nice, feels nice sounds nice and does everything you could want from a smart phone.
      After 7 / 8 months however i started to have issues with the battery running out very quickly.
      The battery indicator would say there was still half a battery left and then the handset would turn off - sometimes in the middle of a call.
      Upon managing to get the phone back on it becomes apparent that actually the battery is almost dead.
      With average use of say a few calls a day and a few texts plus a bit of email checking and using an app or two the battery lasts around half a day.

      I thought there was maybe a fault with the handset but my girlfriend also has the same issue on her same model phone.

      Other than all this though,

      The phone is very nice to look at and use. The design is very good. Very easy to operate with only one hand.

      Calls are good on it and texts are good.

      I am giving only 3 out of 5. If it were not for the battery issue i would 5 out of 5.
      The battery issue really does complicate things!

      I have been using the phone now for just over a year


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      17.11.2012 20:05



      Good phone for the average mobile user

      I got his phone for my last contract after a had an horrific blackberry which needed replacing so many times! The phone is really slick looking and from the moment i turned it on it was easy to use. The size of the phone is not to big either snd can easily fit in your pocket. Applications for the phone are quick to download and work with the phone brilliantly. I find the seperate screens views really handy on my home screen i have my most used and other screens have games, important apps such as banking so i always know which screen to use. The beats sudio headphones are amazing they really block out background noise and have lasted for ages! I go through headphones so easy. In addition the new Android software can go on the HTC so it feels like a new phone each time a new update comes out.

      Using the phone itself is easy to follow they touch screen keypad has nice sized buttons as with some touch screen phones I fibd the keypad buttons to small and continually press the wrong one. Navigating around the phone is eith ease ss all your apps are in one place in alphabetical order. If you use ond more regularly you can move it to the main scree.

      When I first received the phone I thought the camera was amazing however as newer phones and digital cameras are released you can see the difference however if you are not an avid photographer the camera is suitabl.

      When listening to music or watching videos the phones sound is really goid you can hear it clearly without a tinny noise often heard on phone's. I am able to watch video's on you tube snd not find the screen size or sound impares my ability to watch.

      One aspect I have noticed with this phone is that it is durable many times I have dropped the phone including in the bath and it still works it may have a few marks and scuffs but the screen has never smashed as it hss Gorilla glass which is a stronger glass. . The only downside with this phone is the battery life isnt very good i do have to charge it more then once a day if i am using a lot such as facebook and calling. Overall a good phone


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      28.08.2012 00:07
      Not Helpful



      A brilliant phone, couldn't live without it

      This phone has changed my life. I upgraded to this phone from a very low end smartphone in which I struggled to do anything of use with. Now, I can't help but plan my every move with this device - it has changed the way I run myself!

      The first thing that struck me when I opened the phone's box was the size of the mighty screen. As I powered it up for the first time the vivid colours jumped out at me. The initial set up was well thought out, syncing all my existing accounts and services together in one place.

      In the last few months I developed a small problem with the screen, a group of grey pixels became obvious in the center of the screen. HTC were pleased to repair this free of charge for me, and the phone was sent away by post and back to me within 3 days - very impressive.

      The range of apps available on google play is awe inspiring - i has of yet not thought of a single thing that I might want my phone to do, for which an app is not available for!

      Overall a brilliant phone - something I could not live without!


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      10.04.2012 16:02
      Very helpful



      Beautifully Constructed piece of mobile kit!

      Well 18 months on it was that time again! Its UPGRADE time!!! It was finally time to say goodbye to my beloved HTC Desire which I now use as a backup.

      With new phones coming out every week I had to do extensive research as to what I wanted. Although the Blackberry phones where looking good I still was not convinced as numerous friends of mine were still having problems with them. So Blackberry again was out of the running.

      The next choice for me was the iPhone. With the deal I had from T-Mobile I wanted something similar and also stay at 18 months. It being an iPhone is was just too expensive and not value for money in my eyes.

      A surprise choice I had considered was the Samsung Galaxy S2. My friend has one and was raving on about the quality of the phone, its functions and also its camera capabilities. The magazines were also impressed by it and I too wanted a closer look. I saw and immediately said no to myself. The reason, it's just too big.

      So I was back to my HTC phones and there were only 2 choices: The Sensation XE or the Sensation XL. The winner is...................... The XE due to its size and overall better specification on the XL.

      Just so you guys know I am writing the review after the most recent software update on the phone. So some things may not be the same if you haven't updated it.

      First Glance
      At first glance I loved the phone. All black apart from the Beats Audio logo on the back. This was a full touchscreen phone unlike my Desire which had the three buttons on the bottom. It has 4 touchscreen buttons at the bottom. From left to right, The Home page, and options button, the back button and also a search button. Like the Desire the volume control on the top left hand side of the handset which allows you to adjust the ring volume, loudspeaker and speaker volume when on the phone and media volume when playing games, listening to music or watching videos. Again this phone felt like it was very well made and when I opened to place my sim card in the actual main part of the phone seemed to slot into the casing. Very different compared to my previous one.

      The power button this time is located on the top right of the phone which again gives me the options of switching the phone off, airplane mode and also a restart mode which closes all the apps on the phone and then restarts like some sort of laptop.

      The back on the phone has a full length case which like I said above seems as a slip on but a very sturdy one. Inside this is the new 8MP camera with flash, the battery, sim and memory card.

      Again making calls on this phone is a piece of cake. This can be done 2 ways. If your phone is on key lock there will be 4 options. I have Phone, Mail, Messages and Camera. To make the call simply drag the phone icon down into what looks like a magnifier and it will send you straight to the keypad. If your phone is not key lock on the main page of the phone I have the same options which I simply press and again be directed to the keypad. Like the desire you can either type in your friends name and it all automatically find him/her or type the number and press the big green call button.

      When in a phone call the sound is very clear and loud depending on your volume settings which you can adjust whilst talking. Whilst in phone call mode the screen automatically shuts down as soon as it's on your ear so you are not disturbing your phone call. As you remove it off your ear the screen will light up and gives you the option to put it on loudspeaker or mute or end the call. You can of course access the phone if needed whilst on call.

      The texting function has not changed from the Desire and it's just as responsive as ever. Texting can be done vertically or horizontally which makes the buttons easier to use as the buttons are bigger. It has a predictive text spellchecker on it as well which in a way makes texting quicker for some who use full words. If you use a word which is not in its dictionary the word will be highlighted in orange and all you do is touch it and it will be saved, so next time when typing that word it will pop up as a word option. The text messages are in a chat format with your messages in white and the ones you receive in blue. It also lists the people you have text, the most recent at the top. To compose a message simply press the compose button on the top right, find who you want and get texting.

      This is the one of the things I love about HTC. The capability to personalise the phone the way you want it. Again it gives you the option of having 7 personalised pages.

      The homepage presents you with time, location and sometimes the weather forecast for that location. Mine has default programmes of messages, mail, internet and camera. If you don't like what is there, simple hold on to it and drag into the delete box at the top left hand corner. It also gives you and edit option on the other side but I have not really used this, sorry guys.

      Like stated above it also has another 6 for you. You get three when you scroll left and 3 when you scroll right. Here you can add what you like and also it you believe you don't need all 7 panels as HTC call them, simply delete it. To delete simply press the home button and it will show you all 7 panels and simply hold and drag to delete. You can also change the arrangement of the panel simply by holding and dragging the panel to where ever you want. I currently only use 4 panels for now.

      The Inside
      Calculator, calendar, call history, camera, clock, internet, messages, photos, settings and setup are all defaults in all phones and are no different here. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are also defaults in this phone too. With the current software update and it being an Android, you get the added extras of Google+, Dropbox (which is their version of iCloud and call it their magic box), Facebook Chat and Google+ messenger.

      Maps are still here and are exactly the same. Enter the location you want to go and it will find and direct you there.

      Market is now replaced by the Play Shop. You can download apps, books, games and even movies either for free or at a price. Due to the Android market becoming more and more popular there are now more iPhone games available too, although you may have to wait a while for it to be available here. I recommend at the moment Draw Something!
      Teeter is still here and still a great little game too.

      The Internet
      The HTC internet on this phone is absolutely great. This phone has a 1.5GHZ dual core processor which is very quick and gets those web pages loaded real quick and also loading apps very quickly too. Watching videos on this phone is fantastic especially with its 4.3 inch QHD resolution screen. Web pages will automatically load a mobile version if there is one but you can change that if you want in the options. You can use the phone horizontally and vertically and zooming in and out is exactly like the iPhone. Pinch both fingers and move apart to zoom in. You can also zoom in by double tapping the screen which zooms in automatically to an extent. This phone allows you to open up 6 windows in one go and due to the processing power it doesn't look like it will slow you down if all 6 are up and loaded.

      Due to my software update it now allows me to go Incognito which allows me to search around and not leave a trace on the phone such as search history or cookies although any downloads or bookmarks will be saved.

      The Play Shop
      As stated above the Market has now been replaced by the Play Shop just by name. I don't know why. As stated you can download Apps, Books, Movies and Games. Some are free some you need to pay for. I will give you a few apps that I often use and find fun and useful and also FREE.

      Advanced Task Killer: I had this on my Desire and this was the first app I downloaded. As this smartphone is in a sense a Pc with the way it is run it will have a how load of app's running in the background. This will give you a list of all the apps currently running in the background and you can choose which to shut down or keep on.

      Draw Something: I have downloaded the free version which has ads in them. For an add free version it is 59p I believe. Endless fun, add your friends, draw the word and they guess. The more you guess right the higher the level you go up. Pass and you'll start from the beginning again.

      Viber: Have any family abroad and want to talk to them? Then this is the app to use. It is like Skype without the video calling and all you need is the person's number. If it is in your phonebook it will automatically find it and place in it your Viber phonebook. You can also text. For calling I recommend being connected to Wi-Fi to ensure good signal.

      Sky Sports Score Centre: For all football fans this is a must if you want to keep up to date on your teams or your rival teams scores!

      The Desire had 5MP but this baby has 8MP and all I can say is it is fantastic, very clear pictures. If you feel you don't need 8MP then you can simply lower it in the settings. With this phone it also has a front camera but the quality is only of VGA and no flash. The video recording is at Full HD standard (1920x1080) and you can zoon in and out, with flash or no flash whilst you are recording too. Again you can adjust the recording quality. A note of advice if you are recording at HD quality make sure you have a big enough SD card as a 4 minute recording is around 200MB in size.

      Beats Audio
      Now this is a really fancy addition to the phone and I'm guessing it's going to be a regular addition to the other HTC phones to come. Upon purchase of this phone you also get a pair of Beat by Dre headphones (no the big over the ear headphones unfortunately). The phone has a special chip inside which recognises when these headphones have been inserted and in turn will activate beats audio giving you the crisp clear music sound you hear from the bigger headphones. Although this is a very nice edition it only works when you insert those specific headphones. Also the headphones are not as crisp when plugged in to a normal mp3 player but the sound is still very good.

      With all this power they still haven't or won't give us a better and more powerful battery. At most I can get is maybe 2 days but sometimes I have to charge it every day. It is currently on charge as I write this review

      The Glare
      This is something I had a problem with and unfortunately it is still here!! I would have hoped they would have figured this out but on a bright day you will a hard time seeing the screen even if you have it at the highest brightness. Please sort this out. So guys I recommend purchasing an anti-glare screen protector or only bring the phone out at night. Your choice!

      Final Thoughts
      Despite the same problems I love this phone. I can personalise it the way I want it, it does everything so quick and precisely. Despite there possibly being loads of the same phone out there, I still feel unique with mine as it is done my way. The addition of the Beats audio is a very good marketing trick to entice these youngsters who love the brand. All in all I would highly recommend this phone to anyone

      Thanks for reading and hope you found this useful. If there is anything else that you would like to know that I have not added please let me know and I will update it.

      Can also be found on Ciao under the same name.


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