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    25 Reviews
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      17.06.2013 09:22
      Very helpful



      Decent, not the best.

      I was bought this phone a few months ago after my last one decided it was going to give up on me. This is the first touch screen phone I have had and I was a little apprehensive at first about using it. My main worry was whether it would be easy enough for me to use without having to keep consulting instructions; I have a new baby so have no time to read manuals that's for sure!

      My husband chose this phone for me and decided it was the best- proably because it wasn't stupidly expensive and I have a habit of dropping phones into the bath. It cost around £100 for the handset which is quite reasonable compared to many.

      When I got this phone out of the box the first hour or so with it was very stressful for me. I had to spend a lot of time 'transferring data' from my old phone onto this one and it seemed as though I had to do this before I could 'play' with it. Then I had to set up various things such as my Twitter and Facebook accounts to link to it and because I hadn't used a touch screen before I found it very fiddly to do and did wonder whether or not opting for this phone had been a good idea or not.

      Once everything was set up I was able to look through the phone and see what I could do with it. My first reaction to the touch screen was that it was awful. I find that when I touch the buttons of the key pad you have to have the point of contact slightly to the right of where you want to press which I now do without thinking but at first it was very annoying and it would take me a long time to send a text!

      There is a market place where you can go to download aps. Many of these are free and it's easy enough to navigate. I like being able to have various aps at my finger tips (literally) and because it's connected to Wifi I can play against friends too.

      What I mainly use this phone for is sending messages, making phone calls, browsing Facebook and taking pictures so I will just focus on these aspects of this phone.

      == Texts == 3/5
      When sending a text message the screen automatically tilts if you have it at an angle so the keypad will suddenly switch from being along the bottom to being along the side. This is fine... but can be annoying as I find once the keypad is along the side I need to use two hands to text and this isn't always possible. If I tilt the phone back so the keypad will move back it takes a few seconds before it does that and again this can be annoying too. I have found that if you have any kind of dampness on the screen the ability to send a text message is virtually none so be careful if texting in the rain! It is easy enough to text and it will try to guess which words you are going to use so if you do hit a letter next to the one you intended it usually does still spell the word out you wanted. The only thing I think this part of the phone misses is also considering letters which are above or below the word you wanted too. Adding a contact into the text is easy and sending it is just one press of the screen.

      When you receive a text message it automatically links onto the previous messages you had with that person so you can follow your entire conversation's history if you need to. This is useful as you can just scroll up and down to find information should you need it.

      I have scored it 3/5 for sending a text as I think it does take me longer than when I had my old phone, the screen tilting can be annoying as well as useful and it's ability to predict words is good but not as good as it could be.

      === Camera === 5/5
      I find that the camera is everything I need it to be. My husband's phone cost more than mine and is 'supposedly' better but doesn't even have a flash on the camera. This one, however, has a flash and it works perfectly fine. When you open up the camera function it immediately goes into ready to shoot mode. It has a face recognition sensor so it will help to focus on faces which is useful. You take the picture by touching the button and this is easy enough to do. There is a decent zoom function that you use by pressing a button on the side of the phone and when you take a picture it displays it on screen for about 5 seconds before going back to camera mode. You can immediately upload a picture if you want to by pressing the share button which then gives you various functions such as upload to facebook, send in email etc. If you want to convert it to video mode it is just the case of a simple press of a button and then you're ready to shoot a video. It's easy to turn flash on and off and also very straight forward to choose other functions such as black and white mode. I am very pleased with the camera, I think it takes about 3 seconds to actually take the picture so if you need a camera which takes immediately this may be annoying but in general for a phone camera it is very good and reliable.

      === Making calls === 2/5
      Long gone are the days of just press a button and it rings somebody! Now it takes me three times as long, even when ringing 999 a few nights ago for my baby it took me a good minute or two to get the phone to cooperate! Because it's a touch screen yuo don't just have a key pad that you could tap in the number and then press call, instead you have to go into phone function first. This is a big button on the screen which then takes you into your 'phone' It comes up with the last numbers you have dialed but then over the top of them is the keypad which covers all of the previous numbers except for two. If you want your third one down you can just about manage to press it if you are careful but usually this doesn't work. So you tap the number you last rang and it rings... or you pull the number pad away so you can reach the previously rang people who are further down...or you type the number in or you have to open up your phone book and scroll through. It is much more a long winded process than necessary. I miss the days of just pressing a letter and people with that name would appear and you could ring them. The phone itself has a good speaker and microphone, I have never had a problem with hearing people but then hanging up on them is a mission in itself! Quite often this phone decides to freeze during phone calls and this means that you can still talk away but when you go to finish the call you can't. I have had to, on many occasions, come out of phone mode, go back to the home screen, open up phone mode again and then press end call. This is a serious flaw with this phone as you can easily leave it still connected without realising as you think you've pressed the button and assumed it's worked... very annoying. So yes, only 2/5 for this.

      === Facebook === 4/5
      I have a short cut to Facebook so I just tap the icon and it takes me straight in to it. The first thing that I notice is that it takes me to my newsfeed but that it's out of date- usually it's still the same from when I last logged on on my phone. It doesn't take long to refresh though and then it's very easy to navigate. I was surprised by how clear and simple it is. Yes everything is scaled down because it's on a tiny screen compared to a lap top but it is actually very easy to work your way around and still see everything perfectly fine. It is quite slow to load but after having a phone that couldn't access Facebook at all I still think it's a good feature.

      === Battery ===
      The battery on this phone is really poor. I have to charge mine on a daily basis. I do not have wifi on constantly but I do use my phone a moderate amount- I will take several pictures a day, upload a few pictures, check my Facebook and perhaps send a few texts and have the odd call but this will use all of my battery up and it takes a long time to charge it to full too- I would estimate about an hour and a half. This is disappointing and when the battery is low it has an annoying little red light that flashes continuously too.

      I don't know the facts and figures wth this phone like how much memory it has and such but I have over 500 photographs, 50 videos and several downloaded aps so I assume that it has plenty of memory, it certainly has enough for me anyway and it does come with a lead so I can move photographs onto my computer when it does get full.

      The actual feel of the phone is fine, it's only small so it fits in your hand nicely and it's light so it's not awkward to hold. I do definitely like how small it is compared to some modern phones.

      In my opinion this phone is very clever, I do like how it can do so much but at the same time it can be very frustrating when it chooses to freeze or when the battery constantly seems to be low. I do think it's great, it's much better than my old one but I can see that it has flaws, if these were rectified then I really would be singing it's praises. If someone asked me what phone I would recommend them I don't actually think I would say this one, it's fine for me but it's definitely not the best. I have had it for three months now and I have got used to how it functions and been able to adapt to the touch screen quite well but I still don't feel as though I can text or make a call anywhere near as quickly as I would like to be able to.

      And now? After having this phone for a year I would say the amount of storage space it has is really poor.


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      13.04.2013 01:12
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great phone, highly recommend to anyone shopping on a budget

      At the time of writing this review i have owned the HTC Sensation for 20 months on contract with orange, so i have had a lot of time to 'test' the phone in depth.

      To start off the phone looks slick, smooth and cool. The phone case is made of metal so it has that sturdy, tough feel that you want when handling an expensive bit of kit, not the flimsy plastic cases that some some mobile phones are made from but at the same time it is quite light, coming in at 148g. The large screen measures 4.3 inches, which is great for surfing the web, watching videos and playing games, but the downside is that it can be a bit uncomfortable in your pocket. The screen is also very bright and the colours are so clear and crisp, this was the first thing i noticed when i turned it on for the first time and to protect all this the glass is made of gorilla glass, this makes it very durable which i have found out myself after dropping the phone more than a few times. The touchscreen itself is very responsive and precise, this helps prevent you pressing the wrong things by mistake and the whole screen is easily accessible for all but child size hands.

      The sensation has a vast range of apps, widgets and features that can be downloaded from the android market but it would take too long to list in a review but the main ones that come with the phone make life so much easier. Thanks to HTC Sense built in, customising your home screen is as easy as drag and drop what you want where you want. You can access simple tasks with just one touch or swipe from your lock screen so no need to even unlock your phone. The 8MP camera quality is excellent, with plenty of setting to play around with and the video recorder records in HD, which i have used plenty of times without being dissapointed, even at night with two bright LEDs next to the lense to light any room.

      The battery life is the only main drawback for this phone, when i first used the phone it was going strong but after a few months it started to deteriorate and wouldn't even last a whole day, there are apps on the market for free that can help improve battery life a little but the best way is to buy a spare battery or buy a battery upgrade. It didnt ruin my experience with the phone, you cant expect much with a powerful phone running so many apps but sometimes my battery would always run out when i needed it and the phone can crash a few times when battery is below 4% and you try and open apps too fast.

      Overall this is a great phone, you can get far superior phones now, but that also means the sensation is now very cheap and if you are looking for a phone that does everything you need superbly and for the fraction of the cost of an iphone then this is very good bet.


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        12.02.2013 18:14
        Very helpful



        excellent smartphone


        In the past, I have owned a number of basic phones that were used just to make phone calls and to send text messages. Having recently bought the Sony Ericsson Xperia x8 smart phone I had started to get used to a reasonably good level of internet services through the Wi-Fi facility. However on the HTC Sensation smart phone, I soon found myself being able to do much more. This HTC sensation does much more and better. It is also well known that HTC and Apple iPhone 4 at the moment are highly rated corporations where brand prestige is very closely matched.
        Installation/Set Up

        There is a pre-set list to choose your phone network service provider. People can configure the internet access and internet applications, such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. There is an auto synchronise data and time setting. Getting started with the phone is a straightforward process. Once the phone is set up to use, the screen/the user interface displays the time at the top of the screen, and has shortcuts to the Google app store market. There is also a tutorial to help you get the most out of your phone.
        First Impressions

        The HTC smart phone is very sleek and has a very appealing design. It is uncomplicated and un fussed. It is user friendly and inviting to be used. Prior to using the phone, I researched the various features and the cost of the phone and had formulated a certain level of expectation.

        The HTC Sensation has quality plastic and a nice rubbery feel to the cover. The cover of the phone has a charcoal and gunmetal grey colour. The phone has a sliver power button and a volume button. At the top of the phone there is a silver colour mesh design speaker cover. The screen size is quite large at 4.3 inches and it makes full use of the size of the phone. The display screen is so big, it makes the phone appear to have slim edges and it has a well designed user interface. To the bottom of the mobile phone, there are 4 touch screen buttons. The first one is the home button which displays the desktop. The second button shows the settings of the phone, the third button is the back button of the system and the final button is the internet search.
        These 4 buttons are fixed to the front of the phone. They are integrated to the front of the fascia. The build quality is very good and it feels like a solid phone. The camera is fixed to the back of the phone. It is easy to handle the HTC Sensation mobile phone due to its size and shape. The design is slim and easy to handle, and would fit comfortably into most peoples hands. It does not feel heavy or bulky, nor does it feel flimsy. In addition I found moving around with the phone to be quite convenient as the product fitted in my pocket, so this allayed my initial fears regarding the size of the product.

        The textured sections of the back of the phone provide a non slip and smooth feel.
        In shape the screen looks like an iPhone4.

        The Buttons

        The buttons on the phone used for making calls are bigger than the HTC legend. This makes it very easy to make phone calls and text. In addition this also makes it easier to correctly input the telephone numbers.
        Battery Life

        The phone has an auto standby feature of about 5 seconds of idle use. There are battery saving options which I found useful. In assessing the battery life, I have found that it varies depending on usage. On days of light usage, the phone lasted a whole day before I needed to charge it up again, but when I used maps and used the Internet apps a lot, then I did need to charge the battery more frequently. I was impressed by the battery life on this phone and my expectations were beaten on this measure.
        Operating System

        The HTC Sensation uses the Android 2.3.4 operating system and I have found it to be quite powerful and after 14 days of usage there are no phases of slowness, and I would definitely say that the system as a whole runs very smoothly indeed. The phone does go on stand by itself after approximately 5 seconds of idle use. The applications are very easy to access the most used and specifically all of the pre-installed features. Another thing I liked regarding the Operating System is that people can multi-task between functions such as listening to the radio and browsing the internet, or checking their e-mails and listening to music. The Operating System and the system as a whole does not get hot which is another really important factor in choosing this phone.
        Furthermore the phone also has a lock screen which is easy to open but I find this a bit unnecessary.
        Phone Call Quality

        I highly rate the call quality due to the good audible volume and with clear reception as well. I made a number of phone calls and was delighted with the phones capabilities. The speaker and audio device is located at the top of the phone and this enables good communication over the telephone. The media volume button is located to the top left and this produces a Hi-Fi media sound. For a mobile phone this is loud. The good thing about the silver volume button on the phone is that it can be adjusted conveniently.
        The Internet

        Regarding the Internet, the browser displays Google within a few seconds and the page results are displayed quickly. I would state that from my experience that using Wi-Fi proved to be faster than using the Vodafone 3G services. The Internet browser displays websites very easily and in a rich format, making it easy to read. The font size when reading the websites is big enough to read without generally needing to zoom in. I would also say that pages load up very easily and fluidly. The speed is fast loading and is easy to navigate. The Internet browsing on the HTC Sensation is almost if not as good as browsing from a good quality desktop machine.

        Quite simply there are around 50 or so pre-installed apps which all adds and enhances the user experience. The apps are displayed alphabetically and all of which are symbolized and easy to access. There were a few apps I downloaded separately in order to obtain quality Internet radio service. Generally the range of apps is quite comprehensive and covers a wide spectrum of media. I shall provide a run down of most of the apps from here in.
        The main apps on the main desktop are 1) Messages 2) Mail 3) Internet 4) Camera 5) Market and 6) Show me app. Also included are the time and weather shortcuts. Simply tap the time displayed and it shows the local time and other times in different cities. Slightly below the time is the weather app which in my view is excellent. It shows the latest weather. Included in the weather app is the real feel of the weather, which is a great feature.

        The message app is of very good quality because people can send messages using a good quality interface. I was able to send short text messages within seconds.
        Regarding the Internet app, I was able to visit my favourite websites and able to access the Internet quickly. It displays WebPages really nicely. When restarting the Internet the browser displays the last page that was browsed. Regarding Google searches, the browser does have a list of probable match of the searches.
        Regarding the Android market it requires the user to sign in with his or her google mail account and after that you can download free or paid for apps with your calling credit. The interface like all other applications is user friendly, fast loading and well presented.

        The Camera app is an important feature. The camera has another app linked to the camera which is the flashlight. People can adjust the flashlight from off to very bright and this can add to the quality of the pictures taken. The camera has a built in automatic focus. In addition I also liked the ability to share pictures easily on social networking sites. People can take normal photographs but what is an added feature is the front camera which allows people to take self portraits. The front camera is very useful as it avoids guesswork of the end result. The quality of the camera is very high due to having 8 Mega pixels and also having a HD screen. Gone are the days of a poor focus or not so good pictures. I was very pleased by the camera and camcorder feature on this phone. Another impressive feature of the camera is the ability to use the zoom feature at the top of the screen.The zoom is also on the Camcorder.
        Camcorder is an app where people can take videos of anything that you can video. The app is fast loading and has a simple red circle button where you can record. The quality of this feature is excellent in my opinion as like the camera the results are stunningly clear.

        Calculator again requires no introduction as to what that is. The phone has a good big display of numbers and key functions in normal mode, but when tilting the phone to the side, it brings up another feature of some scientific calculation buttons such as the square root, co sign, tangent etc. This again would appeal to the wider community of people wanting a reasonably good calculator feature.
        The Call history shows a scrollable list of people who you have phoned and calls that have been received. This makes the accessibility re-contacting a telephone number very easily. I found it very easy to scroll up and down the list of phone calls.

        There are 2 reasonably good games that are installed in the name of Dice and Teeter. I liked the graphics and presentation of the games and Teeter is a good skill game which provided me with some challenging moments.
        People can use the mirror app to have a look at themselves at anytime they use this smart app. Also a very important app is the People app whereby you can view your favourite contacts. The location app is also interesting because on my phone it displayed my location to within 1 house number. This app displays my home address details which I did not have to enter myself. After 1 week of usage my exact location was recorded and displayed. This app is linked to a sat navigation map which is another good quality and well presented feature. Also within the location app I can view businesses and places of interest that are in my local area.

        I also found the presentation and clarity of the e-mail apps to be very good and clear indeed.
        Facebook and Twitter social media networking sites are also included and these too are easily accessible and well presented.

        Friend Stream is another app where I can view my friends that I have added on twitter. This app displays the latest messages from my friends on Twitter.
        People can also use Maps, Navigation and Google Latitude in finding where they are located. These apps show the road they are on and the surrounding areas.

        The Music app also adds to the sound and entertainment experience as there are eight installed tracks. In addition, I found it easy to transfer music files from my computer where I have a small iTunes library of tracks to this phone. This gave me a good feel for the sound quality which was really good.
        There is News and Weather app which is interesting because it displays the latest news. This reduces the need to buy a newspaper in the morning. It would suit a lot of City professionals and people who enjoy keeping up to date with the news. Again the display of the news is first class and pages load fluidly and effectively. The news and weather app displays the headlines of the latest news, top stories, U.K news, sports and entertainment articles.

        I had some fun in transferring some of my Office documents to this mobile phone. I was quickly able to use the Polaris Office software which enabled me to access business programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I was able to use Excel well. The keyboard in Excel, displayed a full range of symbols and keyboard which would definitely suit the business professionals. From my experience I could read and edit Word documents, making this a very smart phone indeed.
        SoundHound is an interesting feature where you can find your music. The software was reasonably accurate. It did require on occasions repeat requests before the correct artist was successfully located. However, with perhaps more practise and better pronunciations this will become refined to improve the success rate. I played some music from my computer and it could not find any close matches to the song I was playing and looking for.

        Separately the weather app on this phone is simply amazing. A key feature of this super phone is the weather app.
        People also have a voice recording app which records conversations and speech. The interface displays the record button along with a play button. and if you have more than one speech file recorded, there is a button also that enables you to find the file that you want to listen back to.

        Another more interesting app for me, is one called Watch. Here people can watch trailers to some films and there are loads of films that can be rented or purchased. I found the prices quite reasonable in searching this facility and having seen a few trailers played on this phone, it is excellent quality.
        On YouTube against my Sony Ericsson X8 the sound on the HTC Sensation appears more trebley and is slightly more balanced on the Sony X8. I did notice that the HTC Sensation has sharper edges and is ever so slightly better quality in terms of viewing. In my view, HTC Sensation definitely scores well as a media player, and that is up against the Sony x8.
        My conclusion of the apps is that the user interface, navigation display and functionality make this phone truly excellent.
        HTC Sensation Test against my sisters iPhone 4

        I shall leave a few test results I noticed against my sister's iPhone. Firstly we both signed in to our Facebook accounts and the iPhone 4 lists friends by surname which my sister told me that she liked the HTC Sensation display which is made by first names. Often my sister does not even know her friends surnames. Secondly, the Facebook app on the HTC is also clearer and this makes it easier to find contacts because of the layout. The bolder and richer display on the HTC is quite important.
        The speed test showed that the iPhone 4 is marginally quicker when accessing apps such as stocks and YouTube. When I say marginally quicker, I am literally talking around a second or two at most. Therefore albeit having found that the iPhone 4 is slightly faster, I would still place a benchmark the HTC Sensation as a fast smart phone.

        Thirdly, the iPhone 4 does not have the app called SoundHound which she said she would like to have.
        Regarding the camera and video capabilities, the iPhone 4 does not fully utilize the functionality of the flash, whereas the HTC sensation does indeed provide better quality and clearer photos. The video camera also is better quality on the HTC Sensation. Finally the media volume on the HTC Sensation is louder than the iPhone. Therefore this makes the task when making a mobile phone call, listening to YouTube, music files or the Internet radio even better.

        The range of features and apps is quite substantial, makes tasks straightforward
        Fast processor combined with a good size memory results in a powerful mobile system
        HD display screen means you view Internet in very good quality and can see your pictures crystal clear
        The display, when using apps is impressive as I was more than impressed by the image display and presentation of apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and viewing my own e-mails.


        The built in Radio installed was disappointing. I could hear approximately 3 radio stations and I had to repeatedly adjust the positioning of my device. However I did download a free app called TuneIn which provided a full list of Internet radio stations and combined with a reliable connection I was able to listen to my chosen radio stations. The quality of the TuneIn app, quickly and easily overcomes the problems of the pre-installed radio.
        Some people might find the screen size too big, although I quite liked the bigger size.

        Main Specifications

        - Model Z710e
        - CPU Speed 1.2 Ghz dual core
        - Platform Android with HTC Sense
        - Memory 1GB Internal Storage
        - RAM 768 mb
        - Size and Weight 126.1 X 65.4 X 11.3 mm, 148 grams
        - Display 4.3 inch touch screen
        - GPS Internal GPS antenna
        - Camera 8 megapixel colour camera with auto focus and dual LED flash
        - 1080p HD video recording
        - Expansion slot microHC card
        Price Information

        Having researched the price of the HTC Sensation, this comes with a price tag at the Carphone Warehouse of £499,99p. Whilst this might seem a bit high, it is not overly expensive and is approximately £100-120 cheaper than the iPhone4. Having seen my sister's reaction to this phone, she was impressed. From an Internet browsing experience the iPhone4 is slightly faster, however from a media perspective the HTC Sensation to a certain extent outclasses the iPhone 4.
        Other information

        Taking the cover of the phone is easy and I saw that the microHC card is 8GB and is tiny. I would have to have a special card reader to use this on my desktop computer. Transferring files to and from the computer is easily done through the cable charger lead supplied. People have to download the HTC Sync software.

        The HTC Sensation is a product that in my opinion people should seriously consider buying. For this product is the real deal. It has all the communication services that anyone would ever need. Its fast Internet processor and good memory result in really fast internet services.
        The sum of the parts, of this excellent Smartphone justifies the costs involved. This takes into account a wide range of features and apps which can be used on this phone. There is the ability to multi-task to a certain extent and as such is highly recommended.

        The HTC Sensation is a feature rich application smart phone that justifies its price tag. I thoroughly enjoyed testing the features on this phone and have come to the conclusion in stating that this is an excellent phone. It is like having a good quality camera, camcorder, media centre and micro computer that fits in the palm of the hand. In my opinion it is superior to the HTC legend and also to my Sony Ericsson X8.
        From my experience of using and testing this phone out, in my opinion it will not totally replace desktop computing but it definitely comes near. I strongly feel that it is definitely moving towards that direction. I did like the appealing and inviting design on this phone, and the build quality is excellent. The phone is simple to use and has a user interface that is easy to navigate. Some might say that the screen is big but it is better, making it more appealing to view and to operate the touch screen buttons. My sister who has the iPhone 4 has confirmed this.


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        16.01.2013 16:30
        Not Helpful



        6/10 Phone good but not fantastic

        Bought this phone last year and used it for about 4 months. Initially I thought the phone was very clever with the the apps that you can access and with its fantastic quality screen that it offers. I soon started to notice that it wasnt fulfilling all my expections as the phone didnt even stay charged for a full day sometimes it would only stay charged for half a day which was not good when you are out and about and arent able to charge your phone. The camera quality is fantastic on the phone and there are some great apps that you can access it has lots of functions that I didnt even use. One day after going out I came back and the volume strip had fallen out of the side of the phone so I had to use the settings function to turn the volume up and down. A new one could of been purchased for £5+. My final straw was when I had an incoming call and the phone screen phyiscally froze and I could not answer the call or turn the phone off. This happened three times and that is when I decided I needed a new phone. 6/10


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        01.09.2012 16:46
        Very helpful



        A phone tht does everything you want it to and more

        I have my mobile on contract through Virgin, I exchanged my old one for the HTC Sensation about 6 months ago due to the fact that I could get an amazing deal by being a Virgin Media customer at home.
        I had the choice of a Blackberry, a Samsung Galaxy or this one with a few pounds per month difference. I chose this one simply for its appearance, but I am impressed with all the additional features of the phone.

        Look and feel

        It's a good looking phone. It has a large display with a large digital time display at the top, and the current weather conditions in the background, making it very distinctive looking. There are many options available to change the background display of the phone, or to have one of your own photographs displayed so you never get bored with the appearance.
        The fact that it is touch screen means there is no bulky feeling letter/digit buttons sticking out - it is slim, sleek and modern looking, if a little large.
        The phone has four touch buttons at the bottom to enable switching to a different function, and the only slightly raised botton is located on the top of the phone for switching on and off.
        Its only downfall in this department is possibly that it is a little too large to fit comfortable in a jeans pocket. However, its size also make it easier to view websites etc

        Staying power

        The standby battery power of this phone is pretty good. Without much use you could probably go a few days without needing to recharge it. However, it's a phone and there main purpose is to be used! The higher the usage the faster the power drains. Playing games and using any additional applications suck the power out like a vacuum cleaner - super fast. I have been known to charge mine twice in a day after the kids have been playing on a game.

        Durability-wise, I'm a bit clumsy to put it mildly, so it's had its fair share of drops and knocks and it's all still working fine and scratch free. I must admit I have left the protective film on the front of the screen to protect it from scratches as I think being a touch-screen makes it particularly susceptible to these.
        It doesn't do water well. I don't expect it to, but even trying to operate it with damp fingers make it stop working, so be sure to protect it from the rain.

        Reception quality

        The reception is an important factor to consider with any mobile phone. There's no point having an all-singing, all-dancing mobile that doesn't work anywhere. No complaints whatsoever on this front.
        I had a few hours where I struggled with the reception when I first set the phone up, though I still don't know why. The technical support I received from Virgin though was fabulous, though it sorted itself out in a couple of hours.

        The phone has a network setting so if you are in an area where the signal is not great, you can go into this setting and change the network supplier to one with a better signal. Likewise, travelling abroad, the phone automatically tells you which network to switch to in order to use the phone. This is a very clever and useful addition.
        I've never been anywhere where I have been unable to get a signal at all, even when other people I am with can't.

        Range of features

        This is where the HTC Sensation really excels. Simple telephoning and texting is only a small part of this phone's capabilities.

        Access to the internet, e-mail, high-quality camera, camcorder, access to facebook/twitter, music, applications store and even stocks details are all available at the touch of a button. Many apps can be downloaded for free as can many ringtones that the phone has built in to it. The quality of the camera is great, the pictures are clear and the camera has a focus option to enable you to focus in or out on a shot. Also, the images already captured can be viewed closely too. By spreading your fingers over the desired area you can focus on an area of an image. Good for looking at photos that were taken at some distance.
        With the range of features available on the phone, little else is needed within the house! (Other than some food maybe!)

        Money, money, money

        To buy the phone outright costs about £350 from a phone store. However, shopping around can get you this handset for free, with a contract payment spread over a couple of years. For example, Virgin provided me with this handset for free, but for just £14.99 per month I receive 300 talk minutes , unlimited texts and 1gb of of internet usage. I have had to sign up to this for a minimum of 2 years but I'm happy to do this as I'm delighted with the deal.

        It's worth the money without a shadow of a doubt.

        All in all, I highly recommend this phone. Just bear in mind it doesn't slip cosily in your back pocket.


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        12.08.2012 13:29
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A top end phone now available at a very reasonable price.

        The build quality is the first thing you notice and it is great with a matte aluminium finish and a full glass front. It has a really good feel to it, although on the downside, there is a slight creak on the bottom left corner when the phone is pressed relatively hard. There is also a possibility of the auto focus lens in the camera displacing itself, and while this will not affect how well the camera works, there is a rattle when you shake the phone.

        Although the phone runs android version 4.0.4, HTC have skinned android with Sense 3.6 (when upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, Sense 3.0 is what you get out of the box), which give you a very different experience to other phones. They have added several features, and one of the first ones you will notice is the 'ring' lock screen. This allows you to dock up to 4 applications on the lock screen and drag them into the ring in order to start them up immediately. This has, in my opinion, lost some functionality in the latest update now that you are forced to have the same apps displayed on the home screen dock bar and the lock screen dock. Another key feature of HTC Sense is the 'widgets' you can place on the home screens. These are large previews of apps, which allow you to use many of their features without opening them, such as the weather widget which constantly displays the weather. These are much improved from the stock android widgets and deliver a much more user friendly experience.

        The phone has a 4.3" S-LCD Gorilla Glass screen with a screen resolution of 540x960 (qHD) giving you 256 pixels per inch. This is great on paper, but the qHD screen is not widely supported by apps yet meaning that many apps won't initially be available, however developers are working on making the process quicker. On the upside, the screen does support 720p HD videos making the movie watching experience pleasurable, even on a (in terms of watching movies) smaller screen. However there are times when individual pixels become visible and if you press hard enough the screen area around your finger will discolour. These flaws are irritating but do not occur often when in general use.

        The phones Qualcomm Scorpion 1.2GHz processor is more than able to handle web browsing, HD videos... or both! It keeps up with all the day to day tasks and more and when paired with the 768mb of RAM available it means you can open several applications at once and still continue to comfortably use the phone. The built in storage is less than exciting coming in at a low 1GB which, although seems a lot at first, is already half filled up with the pre-loaded HTC Sense as well as a boat load of other bundled applications you can't uninstall. You can expand the memory with a micro SD card, and they help you on the way by bundling in an 8GB micro SD at most retailers.

        The camera is 8MP and has dual flash LEDs making it excellent for taking photos at all light levels, and the built in photo effect editor means you can have a bit of fun with the pictures as well. Photography is not my area of expertise, but from an amateur point of view the pictures seem to have life like colours and both light and shadow appear correctly. There are a myriad of options to change and look through ranging from white balance to ISO.

        Now onto what a phone is actually meant to be used for, calls and texts. The call quality is good, but could be improved. At most times the line is very clear, but occasionally you get a warbling tone instead of a clear line, although this is uncommon. Another one of those special features available is predictive calling. There are two ways to use this, as an example say John's phone number is 07912345678; you can either start typing the numbers ie 07912... and it will predict the number, or you can type the numbers corresponding to the letters of the contacts name ie 5 (JKL) 6 (MNO) 4 (GHI) ... and it will predict the contacts name and bring up their phone number. This makes it easy to make a call even if you don't remember the phone number. Texting is great as the keyboard again is very user friendly and the screen is big enough to display all characters easily, but small enough that you don't have to struggle to reach the characters in the middle of the keyboard. The messaging application also contains the predictive functionality to bring up a contacts phone number.

        I bought this phone for £450 a year ago, but the price has now dropped quite a bit and can be bought for under £300. Even at £450 this phone was well worth it but at £300 it is a steal and this makes it a great buy considering it has all the features to match current phones and a price nearing half of many top end phones. Overall it is a great phone and although it is old, it is by no means outdated, even for a tech savvy user like me.


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          31.07.2012 01:45
          Not Helpful




          This is my first smartphone and i am so glad that i picked the HTC sensation to be my new phone. With calling, texting, internet, video, camera, apps and everything you could want with a phone, it's like carrying a mini computer in your pocket. It is a brilliant size, and for the girls, fits in all clutch bags for a night out and also sits nicely in the larger Ted Baker purse which doubles as a bag. The screen is a perfect size as it works with all hand and finger sizes and has exceptional touch recognition. In relation to all my other phones i feel like i am charging it a lot more, however this is reasinable due to the amount of applications i am using each day so it really isnt that big of a deal as all phones are now like this. It can be charged by plugging it into the wall or the computer and you can disconnect the usb cable from the plug and therefore one does not need to be purchased to transfer files to your computer or charging it through your computer. It is most definitely on par with the iphone, would certainly recommend this phone and HTC!


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          23.06.2012 00:33



          the htc sensation is a great phone, but could do with resolving a few issues.

          When I first got my HTC Sensation, I couldn't have been more impressed with a smartphone. The screen size is really good for a.phone at 4.3", the display automatically turns on the screen at the phone turns. The camera is extremely good at 8mp, you can easily take some really good photos.

          I was really impressed that the HTC came with Adobe installed on it as my only way of being in the internet is via my smartphone, I can now view lore content than I ever could on my old blackberry.

          I have found since having my HTC sensation that I don't like how facebook appears on the screen, which has put me off going on the social networking site quite a lot. Also after having my sensation for nearly a year now, I am finding that the operations on the phone have slowed down a lot more than you would expect and the phone does seem to crash quite often.

          In my personal opinion, I am very happy with my HTC sensation and would definitely look a the next model when upgrading my current phone. Although I think the phone in itself is brilliant, I would say that the slowness and constant crashing of Tue device should be looked into by HTC.


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          19.05.2012 16:43



          The HTC Sensation is a fast phone that will do whatever you throw at it.

          When i first heard of android, i loved it. It look so much better than the iPhone system. It looked cleaner, easier and fun to use. The phone has a 8 Megapixel camera which takes amazing photos at a great resolution. The display is bright and crisp. The phone it self is very fast and can run any of the games from the android market well. Less games are compatible with this device compared to the Galaxy S2, but it is still great. In terms of network connectivity, this phone is very good at it. I never loose a signal, the quality is good for phone calls and browsing the internet is fast too, even with one bar. In terms of storage, the phone has a small built in memory that can be expanded with micro SD cards. When i purchased my phone, it came included with a 8 GB card which was more than enough. The phone has Bluetooth problems due to HTC sense and may not work with your device. In all, the HTC Sensation is an amazing phone that will do what you want without asking questions.


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          14.04.2012 16:51



          This phone is great. Surfing the web via home network or mobile internet is great. The screen is bright and large enough to view web pages in fact I very rarely get my laptop out. The phone is packed with loads of features including a memory card of upto 32gb to store music and use as a portable music player. This phone is a good substitute for a iPhone and cost much less than an iPhone. I use my phone as a Sat nav and it is great especially with street maps. All in all you will not be disappointed with this phone. The best phone I have had


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          02.03.2012 16:30



          well done htc

          After taking the leap to finally go on contract ,i couldnt decide which mobile i wanted .After a few weeks i finally decided on the htc sensation.ive never had a htc mobile before but i thought id try it out after reading how good these phones are !

          my phone before wasnt as advanced as this one its the best phone ive had so far .its a perfect size very slim line reminds me of an iphone .after having a play around for a few hours i cant find a fault .greatt display very clear .so many useful apps already installed on the phone .main menu is great as you can scroll side to side and add and personalise the widgets you want (mail messages facebook etc ) .very quick and efficient

          As this is an android phone the android market is great to download movies .books and games and apps ... i finally have everything in one place .i feel so organised !

          Camera is also very clear and takes great pics.

          The only downside is that everyone that phones me cant hear me very well i dont know if that down to me or the phone ?lol

          All in all this a great mobile the best ive had :) ..


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          29.02.2012 15:24
          Very helpful
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          If you are not a fans of iPhone, HTC Sensation XE will be a good choice for smartphone!

          I have been thinking about getting a smart phone for some time and was struggling on whether I should get an iPhone or an Android phone. Since I already own an iPod Touch 4 (which has substantially all functions of iPhone except the phone function), I decided to purchase an Android phone. The HTC Sensation XE Cell Phone immediately caught my attention when I walked into the electronics store.

          The HTC Sensation XE Cell Phone comes with a 4.3 inch screen which is much larger than iPhone 4S. The resolutions of the screen is high and you can see small fonts easily. Although the monitor of the phone is quite large and so does the size of the phone, it can be controlled easily by a female customer. I am an Asian girl and have relatively small hands and I am able to use the phone single-handed without much difficulty.

          The HTC Sensation XE Cell Phone comes with a beats audio earphone which is excellent. If you like to listen to music using your phone, the HTC Sensation XE (4GB) Cell Phone will certainly give you a new experience enjoying high quality music . The earphone comes with a small black leather bag for storing it too! In case if you need a coin purse, the earphone bag can act as one!

          In case if you love listening to radio (like I do!), there is a built-in radio and you do not need to install another application just to listen to the radio.


          There are criticisms that the battery of HTC Sensation XE Cell Phone are not durable and you have to charge again quickly.

          If you are using the phone for checking emails occasionally and maybe browsing a few homepages, then the battery will probably enough to last for a day and you only have to charge once a day. However, if you use the phone frequently and also listening to the music all the time, then you may wish to get an extra battery.

          On a side note, the temperature of the battery will increase upon prolonged use. It may be a bit inconvenient but I do not find it to affect the usage of the phone.


          The HTC Sense system, which is pre-installed in the phone, is a good for new smart phone user. Newbies like me can set up the phone easily and start using the phone right away.

          I have to admit that there are less apps for android phone than for iPhone, but the apps for android phone are catching up quickly. You can basically find everything you need from the android market which is again pre- installed by HTC (and most of the time, free!).

          I have been using the phone for more than 2 months now and am satisfied with it. If a friend approach me now and ask for advice on smart phones, I would not hesitate to recommend HTC Sensation XE to him/her!


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            23.02.2012 17:07
            Very helpful



            A fantastic phone but it has a couple of minor flaws :)

            The Superman of Smart Phones!

            A mobile phone, Wi-Fi hotspot, 8 megapixel camera, HD video recorder, high speed web browser and so much more - It's possible with the HTC sensation!

            - Main features

            The main features of the HTC Sensation are as follows: a 4.3 inch touch screen, 1080p HD video recording with stereo sound, 8 MP camera with auto focus and dual LED flash and a front/back facing camera. 3G, Wi-Fi and GPRS internet connection, Bluetooth, Social networking (Facebook, twitter), GPS, 1.2 GHz dual core processor and lots of great apps.

            - Design, screen and size of the HTC Sensation

            I really love the design of the phone; it is really sleek, simple and sophisticated. It is a phone that you want to take out of your bag at any moment so that people can see your phone! The overall size of the phone is huge; it dwarfs my blackberry curve 8520 and my iPod touch 4th generation. The screen is also huge and it takes up the all of the front of the phone. The size of the phone has some positive points and also some negative points. The positive points concerning the size of the phone includes: the size of the screen means that it is easier to navigate around the phone, as there is more space between the apps so you don't accidentally click on an app you didn't want to click on. Also the large size of the screen makes viewing photographs, webpages and video so much better and easier when compared to smaller screens. Lastly, the screen clarity is fantastic! The screen delivers sharp, crisp, crystal clear images and video that far exceeds any other handheld device I have used. The negative points concerning the phone includes: the phone is a bit too big for me to hold comfortably and the phone is fairly heavy at 148g. Overall, I love the design of the phone and also the large screen but the phone is a bit too big and it only just fits in my jeans pocket.

            - Setting up the phone and the quick start guide

            The quick start guide contains all of the information you need to set up the phone. The quick start guide is fantastic, it explains all of the steps to set up the phone clearly and it is easy to follow. I found that setting up the phone was very quick and easy, although the only difficult step was removing the back cover of the phone to reach the battery - as the cover is not very easy to remove in my opinion. But other than the back cover, setting up the phone was very easy and it did only take about 15 minutes to set up the phone completely. During the setting up process I added my Facebook account, email accounts and I also added my Wi-Fi/router information so that I could connect to my Wi-Fi - I found this process surprisingly very quick and easy. Also if you are not sure on how to do something on the phone you can just click on the 'Show me' icon on the main screen, which will direct you to a list of instruction/tutorial videos. The videos include: how to take photographs/video and upload them to Facebook, how to use the Wi-Fi hotspot app, managing your email accounts and personalizing your home screen. I did not need to use any of these videos as the HTC Sensation is very easy to use in my opinion but I think these videos are a great idea and would be useful.

            - Home screen, menu and ease of navigation

            When you switch on the HTC sensation the screen you come across first is the main home screen. To unlock the main screen you just switch on the phone and pull the ring at the bottom of the screen to the centre - this unlocks the phone. I like this method of unlocking the phone as it is a bit unusual and it also means that the phone cannot unlock itself in your pocket. Once unlocked, you will see the main screen which features the time and various icons including the camera, messages, mail, internet and 'market'. From the main screen you can then access the main menu, settings and the contacts list ('Phone'). You can personalize the main screen background and replace the background image with one from the camera gallery (the photos you have was taken). I really like the main screen design as it is very easy to navigate, the screen clarity is fantastic and you can personalize the phone and add one of your photographs as the wallpaper. The main menu is also easy to navigate as the apps are displayed as colourful, graphic icons and you can view the most frequently used apps and the downloaded apps on separate menus. Also on the main screen you can slide you finger over the screen and some of the apps such as friend stream will appear as their own window - I do not find this very useful as I can already access the apps from the main menu. Overall, in my opinion, the home screen is very easy to navigate as is the main menu. Due to the ease navigation the HTC sensation is fuss free phone and a joy to use.

            - Apps

            There are so many apps on the HTC Sensation including: Soundhound, Flashlight, Teeter, Maps, Watch, News & weather, Friend stream, Dice, Peep, Mirror, Latitude, Reader, Stocks and so much more! There are more than 25 apps already installed on the HTC Sensation with more available to download from the 'Market' icon on the main screen. All of the apps are located on the main menu where they can be organized alphabetically or by the frequency of use. I keep the apps organized by the frequency of which I use the apps, so the most used apps are at the top of the menu. For example, the mains apps I use are as follows: Mail, Camera, Facebook, Internet, weather and maps. The main app I use/like is 'Mail' and one of the reasons for this is because I can add more than one email account to the 'mail' app. This means that I was able to add my two Hotmail email addresses to the app and I can now update, check and read my email very quickly and easily - as I can switch between the two email accounts with one click! This app allows me to view both my email accounts from the HTC Sensation a lot quicker and easier than it is for me to check my email on my blackberry or my computer.

            Living in England I find the 'Weather' app is really useful, the weather app can be accessed by clicking the weather image on the main screen or by the app in the main menu. The weather app already has some cities added such as Rome and Paris but when you switch the phone on it will automatically add your location to the weather app. For example, I live in Manchester so the weather app updated and added 'Manchester' to the list of cities. I like the weather app as it is very easy to use and it has an hourly, daily and five day forecast. The weather app is also animated! So the current weather is displayed using the figures at the side of the screen but there is also an animated version of the weather on the screen for each city. For example, if it was raining in Manchester then the weather app would have animated rain on the screen and animated rain drops sliding down the screen which look very realistic - this is the same for the animated clouds and lightening.

            'Soundhound' is one of the most entertaining and also really useful apps on the HTC Sensation. Soundhound does sound a bit strange but it is a great app. The function of the app is simple: If you hear a song and you want to know the name of the song/artist then all you have to do is let Soundhound listen to the song and it will name the song/artist in less than one minute! This app correctly recognized a song that I played from my iPod Touch and it recognized various songs that I sang. Also this app is supposed to be able to recognize a song if you hum the melody but to my sisters great disappointment the app could not recognize her humming - although it was not a fault with the app as I had no idea what the song was either! From the results page you can listen to a preview of the song and the sound quality is fantastic! The clarity of the sound, through the phones internal speakers and also through my headphones is amazing.

            The 'Market' app is similar to Apple's app store as you can buy and download various apps, some of which are free and others you need to pay for. I was going to buy an app but as I tried to buy the app I found that the only way to pay was via a credit card. I think it would be better to pay for the apps with your phone credit but this is not the case with the HTC Sensation. I did download a few free app's including an app called 'Shopsavvy', this is an app in which you can scan barcodes of various items and the app will recognize the item and present a list of prices. The other free apps I downloaded include: BBC news, EBay and Amazon. Downloading the free apps was incredibly quick and easy and I did not have to enter any details such as credit card information.

            Another 'store' on the HTC Sensation is called 'Watch'. When I opened 'watch' it already had some pre-downloaded film trailers, which when I played them confirmed the fantastic screen and audio clarity. On the watch app you can buy some television episodes and lots of movies, from years ago up to very recent films. The films on the 'watch' app can be purchased or rented (not all of the films can be rented) and with most of the films you can watch the film trailer directly from the app, without having to be re-directed from the app.

            Lastly one of the most impressive apps, in my opinion, is the Wi-Fi hotspot app and the function of the Wi-Fi app is to act basically as a router. I have tried this app and I think it is amazing! Setting up the app so that my netbook can connect to the HTC Sensation is very easy and after the quick set up my netbook can now connect to the internet - when there is no accessible Wi-Fi in the area - using the HTC sensations internet connection!

            - The camera and video recording

            The HTC sensation features a massive eight megapixel camera which in my opinion is fantastic as my previous digital camera had seven megapixels! The camera icon can be located on the main screen so it is really easy to find. The HTC Sensation includes a camera on the back of the phone and also a camera on the front of the phone. The backwards facing camera is 8 megapixels and you can take approximately 4,000 photographs with this camera. One of the main features of the backwards facing camera that I love is that there are 13 different camera modes/effects to choose from such as negative, solarize, sepia, distortion, greyscale, dots and more! I like that you can change the camera effect before taking a picture as I find with some cameras you can add effects once you have taken the photograph but with this camera you can see the effect before you have taken the picture. I love the different camera effects and you can choose from the all 13 effects when using the backwards facing camera. I find this camera so easy to use and one feature of the camera that I find really useful is 'Auto focus', this is where the camera will focus on the objects before it making the objects sharper, clearer and more defined. Although even with the auto focus I sometimes have to tap the screen to focus the camera. I also find that this camera does not focus very well when I am trying to focus on something that is close to the camera - it makes the sound as if it is focusing and it does focus for a second or so but then it goes back to being unfocused.

            The front facing camera is 1.3 megapixels which lessens the image quality but this also means that you can take a lot more photographs - more than 30,000 photographs! Concerning the camera effects, when on the front facing camera mode you have a more limited choice when compared to the front facing camera. For example, on the front facing camera mode you cannot chose the 'Solarize' or the 'Posterize' effect. Also when using the front facing camera there is no auto focus and you cannot manually focus the camera either. Overall the front facing camera is really good but the only situation in which I use it regularly is to check my makeup, which it is really useful for!

            On both the front facing and back facing camera when you turn the phone on its side it will adjust the screen view to landscape, this is due to the phones gyro sensor/accelerometer. I find that it is easier to take all photographs when the phone is horizontal as the button to actually take the photograph is directly over your thumb if the phone is horizontal. There is also a zoom option which is located at the top of the screen in the form of a slider. You can also zoom in/out using the volume control button on the left hand side of the phone -I find this feature really useful and it is easier to use while taking a photograph than the slider on the touch screen.

            Also on both camera modes, once you have taken a photograph, you have the option to directly upload the photograph to Facebook and various other social networking sites. I have used this feature a few times and I find it incredibly easy to upload the photographs I had just taken onto Facebook. Also while on the upload screen you can add a caption to the photo and even tag people in the photo! I have tried similar features on other phones which did not work very well so I was really surprised at how quick and easy it was to caption, tag and upload a photograph to Facebook. Once you have taken a photograph or video it will be automatically stored in the 'Gallery' or 'Connected media' icon which can be found on the main menu. After selecting a photograph to view you can further manipulate your photographs using the 'magic wand' icon at the bottom of the screen - where you have the option to crop, auto enhance or change the hue of the photograph.

            There is an icon when on the camera, to switch to the video recorder which is easy to find and it only takes a second to switch to the video recorder. It is really easy to use the video recorder, it is just like using the camera but the photograph capture button is a red 'record' button. While recording you can zoom in/out to the same extent that you can on the camera and you also have some of the same effects as you have on the camera including: negative, sepia, solarize, Posterize and more! I was a bit surprised and fairly impressed to see that you could actually record videos with the effects on, as I have not seen anything like this on a phone before - where you can record a video with the effect instead of adding the effect after recording. You can also manually focus the video, as with the camera, so that the objects in front of the video recorder will become sharper, clearer and more defined. Any video that you have recorded can also be trimmed straight from the HTC Sensation, it is so quick and easy to edit out parts of the video you don't want.

            Overall I adore the camera as it is so easy to use, it has many image effects, it produces really detailed true to life photographs and the front facing camera can be used as a mirror - what's not to love! The video recorder is equally as good and again has various effects that can be used but I personally would use the camera a lot more than the video recorder. One of the best features of the camera and video recorder in my opinion is that it is so easy to upload photographs/video straight to Facebook (or various other social networking sites such as Flickr/YouTube or as an email attachment).

            - Ease of use and using the phone on a daily basis

            Using the phone to stay connected to friends and family is very easy and the messages icon on the main screen is where all incoming texts are located. As the HTC Sensation features a touch screen, the only navigation tool, the keyboard is also touch screen. Using the phone to text is very simple, although the letters on the keyboard are fairly close together and sometimes it is easy to press another letter instead of the one you want. Also while typing a word at the top edge of the keyboard there will be suggestions on what the phone thinks is the word you are typing, which is quite handy. Overall texting on the phone is really easy and you can also add an attachment to a text such as a picture or video at the touch of a button. The touch screen keyboard is similar to the keyboard on my Apple iPod Touch, so I am used to typing this way but it may take a little bit of getting used to if you have not used a touch screen keyboard before.

            Making a phone call is also really quick and easy, as the 'Phone' tab on the main screen contains your call history at the top of the screen. And as I added my Facebook account to the phone it lists all of my Facebook contacts that have added a phone number to their account too. A loud speaker option is available and the volume control is located on the side of the phone which is really useful.

            I use the internet on the phone on a daily basis and it is so easy to use and you can have multiple webpages open - to view the numerous webpages you just 'zoom out' by 'pinching' the screen. The internet connection speed is super-fast and the HTC Sensation can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, GPRS and 3G - so where ever you are you will probably be able to connect to the internet. Also using the Wi-Fi hotspot app on the phone my netbook can also connect to the internet via the HTC Sensations internet connection!

            - Integration with my lifestyle

            The HTC Sensation fits with my likes, loves and lifestyle effortlessly. For example, the email app makes keeping up to date with the latest news so much more convenient than checking my email on my computer. The ease of use is one of the best features of this phone in my opinion, it is a joy to use and the processor is fast which in turn means that I am not waiting around for a webpage to load or a download to complete. The HTC Sensation fits easily with my university and daily routine as it allows me to research and Google information from lectures easily and it makes checking my email and Facebook so quick and easy. The HTC Sensation also receives looks of amazement from friends and family when I show them the phone and what it can do.

            - Overall positives

            In my opinion the overall positives of the HTC Sensation are as follows: the phone is very easy to set up and it did only take me about 15 minutes to completely set up the phone with my Wi-Fi, email accounts and Facebook account added as well. The phone is very easy to use in terms of navigating around the phone, typing, phoning friends/family, exploring the internet and using the many apps. The HTC Sensation makes keeping in touch with friends/family, checking my email accounts and researching on Google so quick and easy. The apps are also fantastic; some of my favourite apps are as follows: Soundhound, Weather, Mail and Flashlight. There are also lots of other apps to download, some of which are free, and the download time is super-fast. The camera and video recorder are amazing, especially the front facing camera in which the image clarity and detail is fantastic. The HTC Sensation can also be personalized from the wallpaper image and lock screen to the short cuts and ringtone - so you can make the HTC Sensation as unique as you are.

            - Overall negatives

            In my opinion the overall negatives of the HTC Sensation are as follows: the size of the phone means that it is a bit difficult for me to hold the phone comfortably and it only just fits in my jeans pocket. Another negative point is that the camera cannot focus on objects that are close to the phone - it will focus for a second but then it will stay unfocused. Also on the 'Watch' and 'Market' app I think it would be better if you could pay with your phone credit instead of using a credit card. Lastly the battery does run out fairly quickly and I find that I have to charge the phone every couple of days to make sure that the battery is full.

            - Would I recommend this phone?

            I would definitely recommend the HTC sensation to anyone, even if you are a bit of a technophobe, as this phone is incredibly easy to use - I think this is due to the simplicity of the touchscreen design and also the straight forward main screen and menu. The touchscreen keyboard may take a little getting used to if you are not used to a touch screen but it does not take long to become confident using the touch screen/keyboard.

            The synergy of a powerful processor, elegant and crystal clear touchscreen, high resolution camera and the many apps makes the HTC sensation, in my opinion, one of the best smart phones on the market. Overall the HTC sensation is an easy to navigate, super-fast, all in one, computer-in-your-pocket phone...it's the superman of smart phones!

            I am going to give the HTC Sensation a well-deserved rating of: 4/5! It does have some flaws so it is not perfect but it is fairly close in my opinion.

            Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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              20.01.2012 16:11
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              great phone, i definitely recommend

              I have extensively researched all HTC mobile phones and i have personally owned the Desire S, Wildfire S and the Sensation models of the HTC range. For me HTC phones are the best out their. Although mobile phones at the higher end of the price range and the newest models are all brilliant phones and deviate only slightly and the choice all comes down to individual opinions. So i hope my opinion helps anyone reading this deciding on what mobile they want next. HTC's are always very handsome looking phones with slick looking designs with a really nice feeling of size, shape and weight when in your hand. For me this is a direct competitor for the Samsung Galaxy S 2. The size is similar and its one of the biggest phones in the HTC range due to all the great technology HTC have managed to compact into the phone. Saying this i personally think its smaller and lighter than the Galaxy S with a much better feel in the hand as well as a much more pleasing look to the eye as well. So now we have the cosmetics opinions, i will now go on and tell you about the awesome tech this phone has at its disposal. The Sensation has a the must have minimal requirement 1.2 dual core processor inside with the very reliable 2.3 gingerbread android inside. It also has an excellent 8mp camera with an added front view camera too. As all the HTC phones in their range this phone is very easy to use and is excellent for downloading apps, accessing the internet through wireless and its also great for gaming. I have lots of games on my phone from the new PES to need for speed and all the latest 3d hd games that other phones can play. For me the HTC is excellent for watching live streaming TV on the internet. I watch live bbc and itv when out and about. This is made possible by downloading one free app from the market. This phone is also great for connecting to your PC and TV. My phone is a mini laptop, if you use this phone to its full potential and use the ability to add a 32GB Mini SD card you phone can have hours of gaming, hours of music, keep thousands of photographic memories whilst being able to connect to the internet as easy as you could on your laptop at anytime. This phone really takes some beating and i definitely recommend to all!!!


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              18.01.2012 12:29



              I love this phone apart from the Battery life

              This phone has a very large hd screen which is larger than the iphone. The worst part about the phone is the absymal battery which only lasts a day but with prolonged use the battery will not last all day. I have had to buy a car charger for this phone because it is always running out of battery when i am out. The Android Market is a brilliant feature where you can get similar apps to the from the Apple App store eg Angry Birds. The phone is also extremely quick running due to the high end processor thats in the phone. The phone has a headphone Jack which you can plug any set of headphones in this is good for my Bose Headphones. The home page on the phone has 7 screens which you can slide between with ease and these can be changed to suit what you like eg having facebook or the weather or even stocks on a screen and these will keep updating through your 3G


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