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HTC Tattoo - Smartphone - WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM - silver

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    9 Reviews
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      12.02.2012 10:38
      Very helpful



      If you are looking for a cheap, reliable basic smartphone, this is fine.

      First Opinions

      I have had this phone since June 2010, I got it on a Vodafone contract and it was my first smartphone. It was rather a good deal, I pay £15 per month and this is for a package that includes 100 anytime, any phone minutes, 500 texts and 500mb data. That is fine for my use. Vodafone were also offering £130 cash back through topcashback if I took it for 2 years. I was very pleased with this and the cashback was paid with no problems. 18 months later, it is still working well and has not let me down. For my first smartphone I found this phone easy to get to grips with. It has the google android operating system which I have found to be very user friendly. The multi page desktop can be fully customised to your own requirements with many widgets pre loaded and many more available for free on the android market. The touch screen is one of the earlier types and is not as responsive as more modern models but it is still far better than some of the Nokia's I've used.

      The Camera

      The camera is not its best asset, It produces good quality pictures but it is slow to boot up and there is an infuriating delay from pressing the shutter to the picture being taken. I'd say almost a second, which for photographing the family dog or any moving object is just a waste of time, by the time the image is captured, the moment has gone and all you get is a blur on the screen. Also this camera is very poor in low light situations and just produces dark orangey images as there is no flash.


      The phone does have good connectivity. It has WiFi, Bluetooth as well as standard GPRS and 3G. It has a mini USB port in the base which is used for charging and connecting to your PC. The charger has a detachable USB lead so you can use this for connecting. In the top, there is a standard headphone jack so you can connect any headphones or speakers for listening to music.

      Music and Video

      For music and video, the music player is just the same as any standard MP3 player. Video capability is very limited, I have not had any success watching youtube videos or BBC iplayer videos as the phone is not apparently supported when you try to view them. I think this is a symptom of the phone being an early model.

      Normal phone use

      As for general phone calls and messaging, I have found the Tattoo to be perfectly usable. Text messages are easy to type with qwerty keyboard an option and you can easily link to your email account to receive emails as you would texts. The phone book is not very user friendly as you have to scroll down the alphabetical list of contacts to find who you want to call. Also the loud speakerphone works well in itself but is not very quick and easy to find, also, it can only be enabled once the call is in progress. The battery lasts a day, that's it. If you leave the phone on standby, you might get a day and a half, but if you use it a lot, it'll be dead by bedtime.

      In Conclusion

      Overall, if you are looking for a cheap, reliable basic smartphone, this is fine. If you want something flashy, don't bother. (I downloaded google skymap to look at the stars and it is really jumpy and slow.)
      Review summary
      for the review "Basic Smartphone, good for the money but its no iphone.."
      Overall, if you are looking for a cheap, reliable basic smartphone, this is fine. If you want something flashy, don't bother.


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      10.04.2011 22:56



      Good in its day but technology waits for no man (or phone)

      I upgraded to this phone in June 2010 as it was available on a low tariff and has the increasingly popular HTC branding. As with all new things, I immediately downloaded as many apps as possible, played all of the free games and bored my friends to tears with the wonders of my new toy!

      The phone itself is however sorely outdated already; Android 1.6 combined with a low resolution, smaller screen means that the apps available are slightly limited or do not run properly on the phone. The processor inside the phone lacks the punch of phones such as the HTC Desire, but then its in a totally different price bracket so this is to be expected.

      Within its own price bracket however, there are many less fashionable brands that will offer better performance, and thanks to the universal nature of Android, phones such as the LG Swift offer a newer interface, faster processor and much better battery life (my tattoo needs charging pretty much every day and i'm not a heavy user at all).

      To sum up:

      Pro's: Cheap, HTC quality and after sales service, Android OS, HTC Sense interface makes it easy to use

      Con's: Poor camera, Poor battery life, Better options available


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      08.04.2011 22:03
      Very helpful



      If cost is your main concern then I would recommend this as a good but fairly cheap smart phone

      Firstly I am not a the sort of persons who understands/knows much about the technical side of things and most of the stuff about amount of memory and camera size etc can be found in a phone shop guide so I will be focusing on my experiences with my HTC Tattoo-the good and the bad.

      *The Good*
      It is easy to use, with a touch screen and some buttons such as home screen/call/end call etc
      It is possible to customise the phone with covers although I have not done this to mine.
      You can adjust he home screen to have wat ever applications you choose on it, giving easy access to those things you do most.
      When texting turning the phone horizontal gives you a qwerty keyboard, although holding the phone the normal way also gives the normal phone key pad- all on the touch screen.
      It is small and much lighter than many smart phones making it easier to carry with you discretely on a night out/in public. For me this is a distinct bonus as having a large, obvious smart phone such as an iphone makes you more of a target for potential crime.
      The camera is good enough to take some nice pictures and the video isnt bad either, although neither are any where near the standard of a digital camera.
      The android app store or market as it is called is full of some fantastic apps many of which are free. Some of my favorite apps that I currently have are Facebook, GoogleMaps and the weather.
      I learnt how to use this phone very quickly and it was my first touch screen phone. It is possible to get it on a fairly good value/low cost contract which was a big bonus for me.

      *the Bad*
      My main complaint would be the battery life. If I am using my phone a lot during the day especially if that use is on the internet I have to charge the battery every night- this does seem to be common with most smart phones though.
      When texting, my phone can sometimes be slow to respond as I am typing and all text messages are stored under each persons name so for those I have over 1000 messages with it does take a long time for messages to load.
      I have had some occasions when applications have stopped whilst opening and they have had to be 'force closed'- re-starting them has always worked though.
      When turning on the HTC Tattoo makes a lot of noise and I have not yet worked out how to turn this off. As you just have to press one button to turn it on, accidentally turning it on during a concert/lecture is rather too easily done and several minutes of noise results in a lot of embarassment! (if anyone does no how to stop this sound please do leave a comment)


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      05.04.2011 19:38



      Good entry level smartphone

      This is a decent budget smartphone, but do not expect it to perform like an iPhone or some of the other smartphones on the market, as it just won't.

      It has two major problems - the processor is just not quick enough and the battery does not last longer than a day (or even less if you pound it like me). My girlfriend has a Samsung wave. Alright, it doesn't have the benefit of Android market (which I'll come onto in a minute) but it's SO fast on the mobile internet vs my Tattoo (it has a 1 ghz processor vs the 0.5 ghz processor the Tattoo has - definitely look into the processor when choosing a phone to use for the internet). And to top it off my friends that have an iPhone 4 just laugh at my Tattoo because it's just nowhere near as good.

      Android market is a fantastic source of some great (and a lot of them free) apps. Having said that, the free games do not even compare to the quality of those you can get for the iPhone or iPod touch. The best app I've found is for free goal updates for the football!

      I'm due an upgrade in May and I'm not yet sure what I'm going to get. The iPhone 4 is the front runner if I can get a contract cheap enough!


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      04.04.2011 17:50
      Very helpful



      A great starter phone, but once you've had it a while you'll want something with more power!

      So you're thinking of getting a smart phone and wanting to save a few pennies in the process? Not so easy these days but if you're looking at the HTC Tattoo you're in the right place.

      This review won't cover the specifications of the phone, they're out there on the internet and really, what you want to know is how easy is it to use and what are it's good points.

      I got a HTC Tattoo as a replacement halfway through my contract period. As I was only halfway through I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money but wanted something that would allow me to do more with my phone. The HTC Tattoo is a great starter phone for anyone who wants to do more on the go, giving you great access to fancy programs and apps the Android operating system is capable of running.

      This phone runs Android system version 1.6, which is a bit dated now (recently version 2.3 was released), and it doesn't look as though the phone's system will be updated (not since HTC are bringing out a whole new range of 'budget' smart-phones along with their premium selection). This phone still provides plenty, giving you access to apps you'll wonder how you lived without!

      Having access to simple things like your Google calendar, emails and contacts is wonderful. If you are anything like me and would have three or four different calendars on the go at once, never being able to find your 'main' calendar when you needed it, this phone will solve all your problems. Update once and then it's there whenever you check back, log in online or share it with anyone else. Having access to emails (multiple accounts including lots of web-based such as hotmail or yahoo) is great.

      The Marketplace (Android's own 'app store') provides a range of apps for you to use. As the operating system is dated, not all apps are available and will work on this phone, but there are plenty out there that do.

      The phone itself is small, which means it's less noticeable when you put it in your pocket. Getting a screen protector is essential for any touch screen phone, and protectors are quite cheap (check out ebay and other sites). The phone has 7 different buttons on the front, 4 on 2 rocker buttons, a call button, a power button and a central 'select/ok' button with a multi directional circle button around it. These buttons are easy to use and clearly marked, making the transition from button phone to touch screen easy for those who still prefer something physical to click.

      The phone screen is a resistive touch screen, meaning it's not as sensitive as some of the other phones out there. However, through use I haven't had too many problems or felt it's affected the experience in any way.

      The camera on this phone really lets it down. No flash, the colour is too dark (and it doesn't help to adjust the settings) and the auto focus isn't great. I thought I could live with it, but after a while it grates on you when you want to pull out your phone for taking that great spontaneous picture.

      The phone itself can be slow, taking a few seconds to load up a screen (such as your text message inbox) or respond to your taps when writing a text message. As neat and tidy as the phone looks in it's small size, the screen can be annoying for typing on. It took me a while to get used to clicking the buttons whilst typing, and I had to try lots of different typing options (predictive, non-predictive, QWERTY or regular phone style) before I settled on one I was happy with.

      The phone has a 3.5mm headphone socket, which is good. Unfortunately its positioned on the rounded top, which means the jack sticks out a little, which is bad. Not a major point but annoying sometimes when it catches on your hand.

      The case, unlike many smart phones, is interchangeable. This is unusual and a great feature, allowing you to customise your phone with designs or pictures you want. Covers are available to buy but what's better is you can submit your own designs and photographs to have printed on to cases. This was only done through the HTC site, I'm not sure if it's possible to get them done elsewhere yet.


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      30.06.2010 17:18



      Worth it for the money

      This is a very nice early entry Android level phone to start off with.
      The camera is not the best at only 3mp and no auto focus which means you lose out on a lot of pretty cool apps like google goggles which lets you take pictures of logos, barcodes, landmarks etc and then automatically gives you prices/details.

      The battery life is ok compared to most smart phones these days, although this is with wifi/bluetooth turned off.

      The feature of replacing the whole casing anre designing your own for 15 euros is pretty cool.

      Only downside I have had with this phone is that the screen sometimes plays up where as icons are getting selecting with me not even holding the phone, im not sure if this is a hardware or software fault.

      Overall, if you want a nice small, functional entry level android, then this is the phone for you.


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      25.02.2010 14:57
      Very helpful



      Sensibly priced phone for the "normal" user!

      This review is from a non-technical user's point of view. By that I mean that I will not address issues that a technofreak would be interested in, but rather what a girl with no knowledge of what really goes on behind the screen thinks of her phone!

      My phone is white, which is nice. Nevertheless, you can buy various covers on amazon, or even design one yourself. I think this is about 5-10 GBP.

      When you buy a touch screen it can either be resistive or capacitive. The tattoo has the cheaper option, and hence is not as responsive as for example the HTC Hero (which has a similar touch screen to IPhone). You don't need a stylus/stylo/pen though, your finger works just fine. You can flip the phone over to the side and get a keyboard instead of the regular SMS-writing system. I think this applies to all who have chubby fingers. Actually, they don't even need to be chubby...! I have small hands and have no problem hitting the right letters, but I would't recommend this phone to my dad to put it that way.

      The radio is awesome, and doesn't require much of the battery capacity either. Browsing the internet does on the other hand.

      I have downloaded different apps, all of which I am very happy for. I have the Cardio Trainer (cool GPS track of where you've been, shown on a Google map), Mobisles notes amongst others. All of these were free of charge. I have also downloaded ISilo because I need it related to work (medicine). It works well on the phone, and I can zoom as much as I want.

      I saw in the other review that the alarm clock isn't loud enough. Oh yes it is! However, you have to adjust the volume (on the side of the phone) while you're setting the alarm! It is not related to the other volume settings on the phone.
      I agree with the previous writer that the camera is no good. It does suffice for MMS though. A side note: the camera on the HTC hero is not much better (as my husband has this phone).

      I haven't found a free pdf reader software yet. The other HTC phones have Adobe reader as they are Window platforms. However, the androids are google-based, and hence do not have this feature.

      If you use Gmail and Google calendar, you'll love this phone! Everything is updated everytime you use wi-fi, you don't have to do anything.

      A great phone for the regular user. If you're a technofreak I don't think the specs will be good enough.
      For the price? Excellent!


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      21.01.2010 21:13
      Very helpful



      Great entry level and value for money smart phone

      The HTC Tattoo is an entry level Android Smart Phone, which definitely shows in its price tag, features and overall feel.
      The Tattoo is a very nice looking phone - it has a nice feel to it, it is compact and light and has great build quality.
      I found it very easy to use. It's easy to navigate, there's no lagging between screens/applications and the touch screen (especially for a resistive) is very responsive.
      The features are quite simple and basic in comparison to something like the Xperia, but the Tattoo offers the essentials (email, camera, media player).
      The camera is disappointing however, it has several features, but the image quality is generally quite poor.
      The battery life is another disadvantage. I find that it needs charging after just a day and a half or so of little to moderate use.
      Overall, the HTC Tattoo is very good value for money, offering several great features and a nice, compact feel to it. If you are looking for an entry level smart phone, I would definitely recommend it. If you have a bit more experience with smart phones and/or are looking for a good camera, it's probably not for you.


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      11.01.2010 22:54
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Very good, but has some flaws

      I'm not going to give a full list of specifications in this review because this can be found on the HTC website, which if you are considering buying this phone I am sure you will visit anyway. What I will use this review to do is give my personal experience of the phone.

      I have to admit that I chose the HTC Tattoo for two main reasons: firstly, it was nice looking and smaller than most touch screen smart phones, and secondly, it was one of the best value or cheapest. However there are many, many more plus points to the phone than I anticipated.

      The phone is simple to set up and you can customise your home screen so that it contains the icons you use most often (mine has text messages, alarms, contacts list and settings). You can then scroll to four other home pages which you can also set up to your liking (mine have links to all my favourite websites so that I can access them instantly, such as hotmail, youtube and of course amazon!)

      Internet browsing is excellent on this phone - the screen is large and bright, I can pick up a signal almost anywhere and the internet speed is really impressive. The phone quickly loads up even large files such as youtube videos (and the quality of watching these is excellent as well).

      Texting takes a while to get used to if you've not had a touch screen before, but it's not impossible. You can choose between having the screen portrait or landscape and you can also have either a normal phone keypad or a QWERTY keypad on the screen.

      The connectivity with social networking sites is great as well. You can link your contacts in your phone book to your facebook friends, so that their status and facebook profile pic appear next to them. The phone gets constant updates from facebook too, which you can access via a small bar at the top of the home screen.

      A few things could however be improved upon:

      - The back is very difficult to get off in order to put in the SIM card or change the covers. It takes me a long time and a lot of strength to remove it, and sometimes I have even had to resort to using a knife!

      -The battery life is quite poor if you are surfing the net, and you will need to charge it every night, if not more often, if you're doing a lot of internet activity.

      -The camera is not great, but if you're looking for an excellent camera you won't be looking at this phone anyway.

      - There are no different sound profiles to choose from, so unfortunately you can't customise when you want different levels of volume or, for example, create a profile where you can hear the calls but not the text messages.

      -Most annoyingly, the alarm is MUCH too quiet. Even on its loudest setting and with vibrate, it's not loud enough to wake me, and you also can't put your own music on to wake up to. This is why the phone has lost a star.

      Aside from the alarm though, this is a fab little phone which I highly recommend. It is available either on PAYG for around £250 or on contract from as little as £15 a month.

      (updated from my review on Amazon.co.uk)


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    • Product Details

      HTC Tattoo is all about you. It's the first phone that can be customized inside and out. Decide how your phone looks, then decide what you want to look at. Texts? Twitter? Your photos? When you're done customizing HTC Tattoo, you'll have a phone that speaks loudly about who you are and what you're into.

      Your phone is by your side 24/7 and looks do matter. With HTC Tattoo, you don't just pick the look, and you make the look, by designing your own personal skin for the phone. Next, you decide what really matters to you on your phone. So if you're into chatting, texting, and tweeting, you'll put all your communication widgets and apps right on your front screen. If you're into games, you'll visit Android Market and download all the games you want. Put them right on the surface - ready to kill boredom whenever it tries to come out.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: HTC Tattoo - Android Phone - GSM / UMTS
      Product Type: Android Phone - 3G
      Service Provider: Not specified
      Form Factor: Touch
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 55 mm x 14 mm x 106 mm
      Weight: 113 g
      Colour: Silver
      Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
      Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
      Integrated Components: Digital camera, FM radio, digital player, GPS receiver, voice recorder
      Wireless Interface: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
      Display: LCD display - colour - 2.8" - TFT
      Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen
      Operating System: Google Android
      Playback Digital Standards: WAV, WMA, AAC, AMR, MP3, AAC +, MIDI , MPEG-4, WMV, H.264, H.263
      Supported Memory Card: microSD
      Talk Time: Up to 390 minutes
      Standby Time: Up to 520 hours