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Huawei Ascend Y300

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4 Reviews
  • practical and simple
  • Cheap
  • Fragile
  • Not for people who want something beyond basics!
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    4 Reviews
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      11.01.2015 11:28
      Very helpful


      • "Replaceable battery "
      • "Expandable storage via MicroSD"
      • "Has all the functionality required for most people"
      • Inexpensive


      • "Somewhat 'cheap' feel"
      • Fragile
      • Slow

      Good for somebody who needs basic smartphone capabilities.

      The Huawei Ascend Y300 is an inexpensive smartphone with a relatively large screen (4 inches). It has a relatively low screen resolution, so users seeking an HD interface or a phone on which to watch good-quality videos will be disappointed. On a related note, the camera films at only 480p and takes 5MP photos, making it inadequate for people wanting to use it in place of a handheld camera or who take lots of selfies and photos, yet still delivers reasonably good quality photos for people who do not need very high-resolution photos, especially considering the low price of the phone. The processor is only 1GHz and it is evident when trying to run multiple applications simultaneously, with the phone freezing if apps are left open for too long or when trying to switch between apps frequently and taking a long time to open apps. Although sturdily made, if dropped the screen WILL crack and the back case of the phone does not feel solidly attached to the body of the phone. It is lightweight and fits comfortable in the palm of one's hand, fitting into even women's pockets with ease. It's very inexpensive which makes it an excellent phone for somebody who needs a phone with all the basic smartphone features (calls, texts, internet surfing, social media, basic camera etc) without whizbangs that would result in a much higher price. Perfect for students on a budget or people who do not want to "waste money" on a more pricey phone.


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      07.03.2014 00:34
      Very helpful



      It's only smart. Not fast.

      A little less than a year ago, I desperately needed a phone. My old HTC was just too old to face my growing needs, and battery was also showing serious signs of old age. Because I am a Scrooge, and rarely go for the expensive options, I wanted to opt for something cheap but good enough. The Huawei Y300 turned out to be the winner for 2 reasons: it was on offer at the Carphone Warehouse and my colleague bought one for his wee girlfriend and seemed to be happy with the purchase. Therefore, I rushed to the website, and ordered one for myself as well for a mere £70. (hotukdeals is where I usually get my great bargains from)

      This time I am barely going to mention packaging, which is nothing fancy but still very much on par with many other brands. One thing worth mentioning though is the fact that you do get a charger and a hand-free headset in the box. The rest is user manuals, warranty booklet, and the phone itself. The list of full specs you can find here: http://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_ascend_y300-5386.php, another thing which I am not going to waste your time with, because this phone is not about its specs. After 9 months of use I believe the specs tell almost nothing so in order to make you decide easily whether this phone is for you or not here's my 5 cents.

      It's a relatively sturdy phone. Block design with slightly curved back with a rubberised feel to it. Design-wise I would say it's not a bad phone. Not too big, not too small, but slightly bigger and heavier than most other 4" screen phones are out there. The screen is NOT Gorilla Glass, but it is toughened enough so that after 9 months I had no scratches on it, while having sometimes even keys next to it in my pocket. The battery is removable, but does not cover the slots for the micro SD card and the regular sized SIM.

      Image and screen quality on its own is not bad either, but compared to the Motorola Moto G for example, it is disappointing. It certainly does the job and more but only if you are not a pixel-hunter. The photos it produces are sub-par. The front-facing camera is absolutely horrible, while the rear one is worse than the old HTC Wildfire's camera after 3 years of use. Definitely not a good phone for photos, regardless of how well you are going to focus, the quality will just not be what it should. Light balance is a disaster, and that's enough to ruin everything else.

      When it comes to processing, here's what the biggest problem of this phone is: not enough RAM. With just 512, the Jelly Bean Android barely survives. It's a shame they cut corners where it mattered the most. The 1 GHz dual-core processor would do just fine for most tasks (except gaming), but the lack of RAM will slow everything down. Lag? Yes, there is. Lots of it. You will sometimes literally see the phone's home-screen refresh itself because it has to dump certain things from memory to allow the icons to show. The keyboard will sometimes forget to work, and you'll end up tapping the screen like crazy for a number of minutes, until things revive themselves again. All this, if you have more than just 10 apps. This is a "the less apps the better" kind of phone. That being said, if you are patient enough, you will be able to do pretty much everything with it, including but not limited to browsing, online banking, angry birds, listening to music and other everyday tasks.

      GSM signal is generally OK. No WiFi or 3G issues can I report. Does a good job at tethering internet. All in all, rarely did I have to restart the phone for some glitch to resolve itself. You might also want to know that the Android you get is, not going to be upgraded in any way. Same goes for the firmware. No updates in 9 months.

      Here's how I would define this phone: great for basic needs, as the battery lasts easily a day without too intensive usage, but good only for occasional "smart" needs. It's a smartphone but be patient with its smart features. It's only smart. Not fast.


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      20.02.2014 22:41
      Very helpful



      Its "Way" cheaper than an Iphone

      I have a shiny blackberry that I use for work, with all its functionality however my own mobile, I have quite literally had years. An old PAYG phone which did exactly what I wanted it to do, I made calls and I texted. I decided to look into getting a phone on contract when I was topping up between £5-£10 a month for what felt like very little useage and I suspected I would be better off with a contract.
      So why did I choose the Huawei (pronounced Way Way)? To be honest I wasn't that bothered what I had (I am of a certain age...) but am used to using a smart phone and whilst researching a phone for my middle daughter, who desperately wanted an iphone, the salesman suggested this, stating it was like an iphone but cheaper. Anyone with teenagers will instantly realise that if I turned up with this instead of an Iphone, there would be one unhappy daughter and the level of unhappiness would be at catastrophic levels. However for me, yeah why not.

      So research continued, the best deal I found (just before christmas) was with Car Phone Warehouse, I did it online via TCB and got an extra £36 back. It was £7.50 a month on a 2 year deal with a free "experience" voucher included. I am sure similar deals with varying minutes / texts / internet are around.

      So my shiny new phone arrived, I quite like the look of it, not dissimilar to an iphone (my daughters would disagree). It was quite easy to pick up cheap covers to fit at the usual sites (amazon / ebay). It came with everything you have now come to expect (ear phones, charger...)

      I must immediately apologise as I am not technologically minded, but argos states

      4 inch screen.
      800 x 480 pixels.
      TFT LCD display.
      5 megapixel camera .
      Video capture and playback.
      Network and connectivity:

      3G network capability.
      Standard SIM card.
      Wi-Fi connectivity.
      Memory information:

      4096MB/4GB of internal memory.
      Type of memory card required: microSD.
      General information:

      Up to 320 hours standby time.
      Up to 300 mins talk time.
      Size H124, W63.8, D11.2mm.
      Weight 130g.
      Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.
      EAN: 6920702767459.

      What do I think.
      The phone is touch screen, which has been very challenging as I appear to have frustratingly fat fingers, causing difficulty when texting. I had a little widget on my old phone but this one hasn't got one so I may need to invest.

      It took me at least a month to work out exactly how to answer the phone. I expect this says more about me than the phone, although my friends mum has said the same.

      The other biggest downfall is the sound. Excuse me if I am clearly thick, but it appears the only way to adjust the volume is to go into settings. You are then very limited as games / music are together, as is ringtone and notifications. This means that I can turn the sound off and not hear it ring or hear its perpetual pinging all night as emails etc come in. In the gym, I can put the sound on, but to turn it up or down is a complete faff. The sound quality is good / above my expectations.

      The camera appears to be of a good quality.

      The variety of apps available very varied, with lots of free ones.

      Overall I am pleased with the price and the quality of my phone. Although the sound issue is a pain. So I'm scoring a 3 star based on that.


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      10.11.2013 18:25
      Very helpful


      • " practical and simple"
      • Cheap


      • "Not for people who want something beyond basics!"

      Simple, cheap and cheerful. Perfect for those who need something practical.

      When my Galaxy S2 died in August, I was left 120 miles from home, in desperate need of a replacement phone immediately and with not very much to spend on one.

      After browsing and comparing I realised that the Huawei (pronounced Wah-Way) Ascend Y300 was probably my best bet, it being a relatively unknown brand meant that its specs were on par with phones reaching £200 by more influential brands. I bought it sim-free from Argos for £110 and got a £10 gift card, slightly more than if I picked it up PAYG but unfortunately, it was a matter of urgency and I was stuck in a nearly-derelict ex-resort seaside town on the Essex coast, so Argos was going to be my best bet!

      It's an attractive smart phone, similar in look to the Galaxy and slightly smaller. Fits in the pocket well, it's hard wearing and has been dropped and trod on many times by myself and the kids I look after. Nice size for holding and using with one hand, assuming you have a dextrous thumb of course!

      It has a lower rung processor but runs on Jellybean, the main advantage of Jellybean for me was being able to use Google Keep, which is a brilliant alternative to Evernote for quick note taking.

      As soon as I bought it I knew that I'd have to revamp its software. The Huawei installed content is attractive but clunky, and getting to it's own services is so slow that it felt reminiscent of a dial-up connection to get onto my text messages direct from the screen saver.

      However, once you remove the rubbish cluttering your home screen and replace the Huawei stock apps it's a brilliant little device.

      I installed GoLauncher and Go SMS Pro (the latter for a small cost) and for some reason accessing messages was much smoother and quicker than using the stock messaging app. Swiftkey was a nice purchase for me too as I was an avid swiper on the Galaxy S2. Helpful for those of you who may find it difficult to type on a phone like I do.

      It doesn't have the greatest memory or processor, I haven't downloaded much onto it for testing and the games I play are the simple kind, such as 100 Floors, Alchemy and Coin Dozer, ones that don't need great graphics, so it's fine for me. Though it did not like the CBBC Playtime app and struggled to load it or play it so that was uninstalled quickly and I'd assume that faster paced games and high graphic games would struggle too.

      The camera is good enough for daily photos, 5MP I believe, don't expect anything amazing out of it though! Good for quick snaps of the kids or something amusing, not so good for moving targets! The video camera doesn't play back sound loudly on the device but when transferred to a computer the sound is fine.

      Practically, the battery life is fantastic, lasts forever. If you are a constant recharger it may start going slowly every now and then (about once a week for me, I use my phone often) so you'll need to just restart it, that's always fixed things for me. It's a great little phone for those who don't need all the frills. If you just need something practical, where it's main uses are checking emails, browsing forums, phone calls and taking quick notes, this is perfect. If you're after something involving regular, high-tech game-play I would advise you look elsewhere.

      UPDATE: It's been a while but I have just upgraded my phone 2 years after getting this one. For the last nine months of its life it really only ever let me text, call and use chrome. Apps stopped working on it (though I didn't use them often anyway), swiftkey gave up and I couldn't get games to load any more. I would still recommend it as a second phone if you need one for work or emergencies, but don't expect it to last forever.

      I am still impressed by its ability to not break though. Over the 2 years I was using it daily it was dropped regularly, the battery life was still pretty good by the end, the screen stayed undamaged and perfectly useable. We're keeping it as a spare phone.


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  • Product Details

    Display Size: 10,2cm (4,0) / Display-Resolution: 800×480 / Processor: 1,0-Gigahertz-Dual-Core-Processor / Style: Bar / Digital Camera: Aw Hell Yeah, 2x / Camera Resolution: 5 Megapixel (Front: 0,3 MP VGA) / Hard Drive: 512MB / 4GB Internal Hard Drive (erweiterbar Pro microSD to 32GB) / Battery Power Up: 1950mAh / Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

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