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Huawei Vision U8850

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    1 Review
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      17.12.2013 19:44
      Very helpful



      When it works, it's brilliant!

      Before my new Nokia, I had a Huawei Vision which I picked up on pay as you go for £60 with £10 topup which I also didn't want but had to buy to get it for that price. I thought that this seemed very cheap for the specs that were given and I had a quick play in the store and was impressed enough to buy it so I did.

      It comes packaged in a nice little white box and assembly is easy enough as the battery is internal so you just flip down the bottom hatch and pop in your sim card and micro SD if you have bought one (doesn't come in box). Then, you charge it up for a few hours till it gets to 100% and away you go.

      I'm not sure how I'm going to structure this review and I don't like being fastened down to specifics so I am going to ramble a little bit which if you don't want to read then skip to the end review score.

      As a touchscreen one of the most important features is the touchscreen itself and how responsive it is. I was very pleased with this touchscreen as it was sharp and responsive being powered by a Quadcore Snapdragon processor. The only issue I had with speed was that it couldn't run the more high action intense games like Temple Run but could easily handle the likes of Angry Birds which comes on the phone as default. So on this front, I will give it 5/5 for a cheap smartphone which it is.

      Next, on to apps which are normally seen as important for phones. It is running Android's latest operating system so has access to the Android store and all of its apps which are available which are a lot. Again, 5/5.

      Now, the actual purpose of a phone is to text and call so how does it perform in those departments? Well, calling is very easy on this phone and the quality of sound is fairly decent but not exceptional. Sometimes, I would press call however after putting a number in and it would just go back to the home screen so a couple of bugs in the software there. With regards to texting, I'm not a fan of texting on touchscreens but it does have a pretty good predictive text already and if you download some of the paid predictive text apps then it is superb. You can also turn it on its side for bigger keys and there is plenty of customization how you want your keyboard. Again, sometimes it just wouldn't recognise any button presses and would just not input text. So for this, I am going to give it 3/5 as when it worked it was good but when it didn't, I was left stranded.

      As I just mentioned this phone seemed to crash every now and then and not respond to touches. At one point in its use, it just completely froze and I had to wait two days for it to run out of battery before charging back up which is just plain terrible.

      The camera on this phone is meant to be 5mp which is fairly decent and it has a strong flash on it which can also be used as a torch on dark nights. However, the photos that come out are never too good and often appear very average. I would give them a 3/5 as it is a phone after all and there are plenty of options including HD video even though it doesn't look HD.

      The battery life of this phone is pretty similar to other smartphones out there lasting around a day meaning that you have to charge it every night as you go to bed. This is expected but is still a pain. It can be extended to around two days if you turn the brightness all the way down and use it sparingly but the screen on this phone is quite beautiful and one of the best features thus you often want it on high brightness. 3/5

      In terms of reliability, I bought this phone in March and used it until October so it lasted about 5/6 months which most people would say is terrible but I put some of the blame on myself. I dropped it whilst out once and its screen smashed and from then on, I didn't treat it very well and it eventually broke completely after losing the casing on the bottom and top. Still, it was buggy and I would only give it 2/5 as it scratched easily in your pocket.

      Screen - 5/5
      Touch responsiveness - 5/5
      Processor - 4/5
      Apps - 5/5
      Calling and Texting - 3/5
      Battery Life - 3/5
      Reliability - 2/5

      Would I recommend this phone? Maybe but only if you look after your phone and don't often need it in emergencies as it has a tendency to stop working just when you need it. It is close to being fantastic and if they had increased the price just a little and put the extra money into truly perfecting the phone then it could have been a wonder at the £100 mark.


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