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LG Optimus 2X P990

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    5 Reviews
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      17.03.2012 23:59



      Would not recommend

      After getting a bit bored of my old Blackberry 8520 and doing a bit of research into new smartphones I decided to get the LG Optimus 2x as it seemed like a bit of a bargain for what it had compared to other smartphones at the time.

      Firstly the good points;

      The user interface is really easy to use and follow with the touch screen display (when it's in a good mood!)

      It is very easy and simple to use and navigate

      Loads of apps available for Android

      Fast processor

      Very clear screen and a decent camera!

      Now the negatives;

      The touch screen isn't as responsive as other touch screen phones i've tried and texting on it takes real effort and concentration!

      I waited months and months just for the upgrade to 2.3 Gingerbread to be available when other phones were already 2 os's infront! It seems like Android have forgotten about the 2x!

      I don't know if I was just unlucky with the phone I got but it turned itself off on it's own so many times so I'd miss my alarm in the morning etc. Not reliable atall!

      The battery life was absolutely terrible, I know Smartphones are known for this but with this I'd charge it all night then hardly use it during the day while I'm at work then by 7pm the battery would be dead!

      Overall I wouldn't recommend this phone because it was so unreliable with me!


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        13.10.2011 13:27



        The perfect all rounder phone and the first to bring the highest spec tech out into the mobile world

        I purchased a LG Optimus 2x last month and was i suprised or what..Snappy Android interface, Premium feel, Good weight, amazing camera, the first 1080p mobile camera on the market, with this model LG has exceeded expectations, the snappy dual core processor, the Nvidia Tegra graphics chip. All mould together to bring crisp images, perfect browsing and full flash compatability :) meaning you can view websites in all their glory, including my personal favourite being able to watch and stream movies/catch up tv programmes online. LG has also been great to speedily make uodates available on their website to add tweaaks and make the phone work even better. The camera quality was on of the highlights on the phone itself taking great clear shots, and the FULL HD video recording worked amazingly well on my holiday, i was able to view the images via the HDMI port direct to my Plasma in great detail and sound quality. I cannot wait to upgrade to the LG Optimus 3D, if this phone is anything to go by, then the 3D version will be more amazing... oh and Co-Pilot sat nav works superbly on this handset.


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        23.08.2011 14:21



        a really good entry point into the world of smartphones!

        I recently upgraded my phone and joined the smartphone revolution. Tempted by a fantastic call package by my current mobile phone service provider, I went for the LG Optimus.

        This is a really good phone. The user interface is really easy to use and follow with the touch screen display quite adictive. I must admit that it took me a while to get used to it, i.e. finding the applications and working out how to navigate the menus etc. However, once I was familiar with my new phone, I begun to like it. So much so, I don't know what I would do without it.

        The only negative point is that I couldn't (and still can't) work out to clear the sim card's memory, especially to clear out my ever growing archive of text messages. If anyone know's how to, please drop me a line!!

        Other than that this is a really good entry point into the world of smartphones!


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        18.08.2011 19:42
        Very helpful



        Move out of the way Iphone 4!!!

        There I was again! My Toshiba TG01 was becoming a little old and was beginning to shows its age. So after about 1 year of use I thought I would upgrade this time to a contract phone - I wanted one for £25.00 a month on a 24-month contract. At first I looked at Apple Iphone- because I am very satisfied with my new MacBook Pro. However I got told the IPhone 5 would be out soon and so would soon become outdated- I then looked at the BlackBerry Torch and found the keyboard to small The next phone I looked at before the LG was the Samsung Galaxy s2- but I really don't like Samsung's- I used one as a courtesy phone at one point and hated it! It then came between the HTC Desire s HD and the LG Optimus 2x I choose the LG as it was newer- and I am so glad that I did!

        So what is so special about the LG; well the dual core processor came as quite a shock to all the phone geeks. Who would of though LG would have been the first to use in it in a phone? The LG has the equivalent of 2GHz of speed- now that's fast... As quick as a laptop. On many tests it browses the Internet much faster than the Iphone 4!!! It also has a High Definition camera and recorder and at 8 mega pixels the camera is something to write home about which beats the Iphone's 5 MP camera. There is so much to say but I will leave it until I get to the "Range of Features" sector.
        Look and Feel: I adore the look f the LG Optimus 2x- it is a big step up from the cheaper LG models. It is the glass touchscreen that really shines- with the smart LG badge on the top of the glass screen with a camera so you can video talk. It is so smart! I love the home screen options! You can have a background with a city with a snow setting were it snows on your home screen. There is also another one with a city skyline with a firework display when you press on the touchscreen- it is the little things on this phone that makes you feel special. I also love the soft touch plastic with the strip of brushed steel, which makes it look even better! I also love the home buttons that illuminate and vibrate when touched- In my opinion it is the best phone -I have come across for quality!!!! I also like the look of the box-which is made of high quality materials and stimulates the steel chroming like it does on the phone. On the front of the box it also looks because if you move it around you notice the 2x stripes that make it feel of high quality.

        Durability and Robustness- I bought the phone brand new on contract. LG has put some plastic strips on the glass screen and the back of the phone-which makes it very durable- but does not ruin the look at all. I would advise insuring the phone and buying a case, as you certainly would not want to hurt it would you????
        Battery Standby Time; I am highly impressed with the phone- my Toshiba was a literal nightmare- it really only lasted for 5 hours and needed to be charged constantly. However as the LG has a very big battery you can push around 2 days out of the device- even if you use the speedy Internet browser.

        Vale For Money; On Pay as you go you will pay as much as you would for an Iphone 4 around £500. However because LG is new for the market for luxurious Smartphones so I got a great deal. I got it for £25.00 a month on a 24-month contract, with that I received 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of Internet. Not only that I got 11 months half price on Orange-which is great value! I imagine you would have to really consider it over the IPhone but that would only
        Features; I love the nice touches as mentioned above. Another highlight to mention is the "With Google" feature. This allows you to press the far left button and then speak to the phone and command it. I tried it and it worked perfectly. I also love the fact it is on an Android operating system, which really compliments the LG. It runs Android 2.2 Froyo, which will be updated, to Android Gingerbread soon. What I like about Android is that the operating systems are constantly updated. The market in-built in the phone offers some useful applications such as Google Earth and a barcode scanner- so you can see if you got the cheapest deal. It also comes with built in You Tube. Another feature that I liked was a few free applications that would appeal to a some- Spiderman and Shreck. But the best thing they offered was two free movie downloads of movies- which I thought was a very nice touch. As mentioned I love the camera and the home screen buttons. LG has also inserted Facebook and Twitter on the phone two. I also love the fact that you can charge the phone while in its case and when you plug the charger into the phone you cannot scratch the phone because of the protective thin plastic around the charger point.

        Ease Of Use; I instantly found the LG a nice device to use. The keyboard is a bit like the Iphones- so it is very easy to get used to. I know Apple will hate me for saying this (I do own a MacBook so I will be honest here you cant beat a MacBook laptop because of the way it does not get viruses etc.) However I believe LG has taken a great Idea and made it better with the help of Google. It is very easy to get the hang of, and if you do get into trouble and get lost in the phone there is a very useful return key.
        Reception Quality; When speaking to my mother on the phone she mentioned how clear it was and I could also hear her very easily to. I also like the fact that the music player that- unlike the my old Toshiba- no one can hear the music you play and again unlike my old Toshiba TG01 you can play music while you charge the device.

        Battery Talktime; Again I am highly impressed with the phones usage compared to my old phones. Heavy usage will result in a re charge every day- but that really does not matter to me!

        Verdict; Please I urge you- TRY the LG Optimus 2x before you look at alternatives- it really makes sense against the Iphone 4- although it is the same price as the IPhone- it has better features such as a better camera and zoom and the Android system is GREAT!!!

        I really hope someone from LG sees this review- it is a massive step forward for LG!!!! Thank You so much South Korea and LG!!!!!

        This review is also on Ciao under jjcross


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        02.08.2011 16:11
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A supercharged phone that'll make you want to throw away your computer!

        ** Specs **
        LG Optimus 2x / LG P990
        Android OS v2.2 (Froyo), upgradable to v2.3
        Released 2011, February
        Video formats DivX/Xvid/MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV player
        Audio formats MP3/WAV/WMA/eAAC+ player
        Dimensions 14:04 02/08/2011123.9 x 63.2 x 10.9 mm
        Weight 139 g
        Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, ULP GeForce GPU, Tegra 2 AP20H chipset
        LCD capacitive touchscreen - 4.0 inches Gorilla Glass display
        Bluetooth & Wifi b/g/n
        HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps
        8GB Internal Storage + Micro SD slot for upto 32GB
        8 MP Camera
        1080p Video
        Stereo FM radio
        HDMI port
        Digital compass
        Adobe Flash 10.1 support
        Standard battery, Li-Ion 1500 mAh

        ** Summary **
        I've had the Optimus 2x for nearly 2 weeks now and so far really like it. I've tried out most of the features with the exception of the FM radio and the HDMI output although I've read the mirroring via HDMI is cracking! All in all the phone is absolutely jam packed with features, there's little it can't do, however, it struggles making me a sandwiches, am I really asking too much?

        ** Design ** (8/10)
        The LG is the perfect size for me and doesn't feel like it's going to fall out of my hand every time I use it. The speakers are located at the bottom of the phone along with the usb/charging socket, the top of the phone sports the HDMI output, the power switch and the headphone jack. Along the side of the phone you'll find the volume switch but one thing you wont find is a man eating hedgehog or more importantly a dedicated photo button, for this you'll need to push an onscreen shutter button to take your photos.

        One thing I'd like to mention (which is important to me) is that the Micro SD memory card is easy to access once you take the back off of the phone. It is found just next to the battery rather than underneath the battery which is the case in many new phones. I often take the memory out and use it in external adapters to put files onto it rather than connecting the phone to the computer so am chuffed to bits that it's easy to find and take out.

        ** Battery ** (8/10)
        Unlike my previous smartphone (Dell Streak) the LG Optimus 2x appears to have a longer lasting battery and has not gone flat on me when I've been out of the house. It lasts me a full day of texting, watching a few short videos, frequent browsing and a lot of music playing but by the end of the day the phone will have around 5% battery left so requires charging every night. That's pretty good I think, however, when I finally get around to installing Android 2.3 the battery life should be extended a little more as one of the features with Android 2.3 is better power management. Yay for 24 hr browsing! It wont be long before the internet goes intravenous!

        ** Screen ** (10/10)
        The screen is bright and very clear. I don't see any pixelation thanks to the 480 x 800 resolution, it might not be as sharp as the iPhones retina display (640×960) but it's barely noticeable. The screen is made of gorilla glass which is toughened scratch resistent glass. There are loads of you tube videos of people trying to break the glass, it's not indestructable but then I'm glad it's not as something sold as indestructable would prompt me to be careless.

        ** Video/photo ** (6/10)
        The first thing I noticed about this phone was the lack of a dedicated camera button on the side of the phone and instead you must put an onscreen shutter button. I often take photos without looking at the screen on my camera and other phones I've used, I can pull faces at my neices and nephews and take their photos when they laugh but without a side camera button I have to hold the phone up to my face to take their photo which makes for less interaction with the subject. It's not a massive problem and I can see why they might not have included a dedicated button, perhaps one day the phones will recognise when someone says "cheese" and the camera automatically takes a photo! What an idea! I'm a damn genius! :D

        Photo quality is good, above average, it's never going to compete with an actual camera but compared to other phones I've used this is really good. Lots of room for improvement don't get me wrong but for most casual use it's not bad at all.

        The flash is really bright, maybe too bright even. I usually have it turned off unless it's absolutely needed.

        The video mode however is brilliant. The phone can record in full HD 1080p so the picture is really clear especially on the phones screen. The built in microphone picks up sound very well, you can hear people speaking quite clearly and there's not much background noise at all either.

        ** Messaging/Calling ** (9/10)
        The speaker on the LG is great, it's clear and loud. The volume buttons are easy to find when talking so if you need to adjust the volume of a call then it's quite easy to do, handy when mother is shouting down the phone at me!

        For text messages the phone performs well, I quite like the built in SMS program and the built in keyboard is more than acceptable. Thanks to Android being the open source platform that it is I have since downloaded a T9 (talk about old school) keyboard and as I prefer to text one handed. It's a pity that it doesn't come with a few keyboards already preinstalled, I quite like using the Swype keyboard that was on my Dell Streak but that isn't a big problem at all.

        Reception seems to be good, it's not cut off mid way through conversation and I get decent amount of bars. I usually think this is dependent on your network (I'm with Three) but out of the 4 phones I've used in this house this one has the best reception, however, that could be because this my newest phone and my network has recently been upgraded.

        ** Android ** (9/10 - wish it came with 2.3 installed)
        Mine came preinstalled with Android version 2.22 but 2.3 (Gingerbread) is available which can be downloaded over the air (OTA) if you're on T-Mobile or via the LG website http://wwwstg.lg.com/us/mobile-phones/G2X-Driver/index.jsp

        Android 2.22 has too many features to mention but the ones I like the most are: Wi-Fi tethering (Which it does extremely well and at good distance) and Flash video support.

        It doesn't feel right calling modern handsets "phones" because they are so much more than that and with the advent of 1GHZ dual core processors the processing power of these "phones" are quickly catching up to that of Netbook computers.

        In my opinion it's one of the best phones available and sits alongside the Samsung Galaxy 2, Iphone 4, Motorola Atrix and the HTC Sensation.

        I really like this phone, I like it a lot. I'd easily recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful, sub £300 smartphone.



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