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LG Optimus 7 E900

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2012 11:46
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      A great phone for anybody with a fun easy to use interface and stylish design

      I've owned this phone for a couple of years now and I think it is great and still stands up against some of the newer phones, despite not really being sold in the phone shops anymore as far as I know.

      The phone is fairly slim and surprisingly ergonomic, with a large screen providing crystal clear picture and video quality, the HD camera and video lenses are visible on the back which has a sturdy looking/feeling metallic hard casing. The phone is also a good weight, it feels heavy and expensive but not so heavy that it feels like carrying a brick around.
      The left side features a large solitary volume button which is easy to use mid conversation, while the right side has a small port where the charger goes, the wire of which can also be used to connect the phone to a computer. The camera button is also located on the right hand side near the bottom so as to be conveniently located for when the phone is turned on its side to take a picture. The only feature of the bottom of the phone is what appears to be a small microphone, the top has the Power/Sleep button and another port, this time for headphones, which works great if the phone is in your pocket.
      Just beneath the screen are three buttons, on the left is a small arrow which goes back to the last thing you had open, on the right is a search icon which goes straight to the Bing search engine and in the middle is a windows logo button which if held down for a few seconds allows you to make voice commands to the phone e.g. 'Call Bob' or 'Play Music'

      'Inside' the phone is equally as slick as the outside, all the usual features such as battery life, signal, wifi and time are displayed at the top of the phone but slide away after a few seconds and can be returned with a tap of a finger. near the top of the screen. When the phone has gone to sleep you must press the power button once to wake it then slide the screen saver (which shows date/time, calendar events and missed calls/new texts) away with your finger again. Then you are in to the phone and you are greeted with the wonderful 'Windows Phone' interface, firstly there a two main screens to flick between using the touchscreen technology. The first is a 'home' page where you can 'pin' any applications/programmes or even documents you want, for example mine has a couple of email accounts, music and my contact list as well as Microsoft office and a note called 'Things to do' which I made myself. The second page shows all the applications you have on your phone and there is also the Windows Marketplace where you can download more, the phone also supports android applications.
      There are many many different little features of this phone which make it unique and to go through all of them would not only take me all day it would also ruin the experience of exploring them all for the first time so I am only going to go through a few of the most interesting ones.
      Firstly I am a PS3 man myself but if you owned an Xbox 360 then the phone come pre loaded with an Xbox live app which I assume allows you to gain achievements and play certain games online with your friends through the phone. However even if you don't own an Xbox 360 there are still a few games to play such as minesweeper and paperboy and they are good fun.
      The second feature which isn't massively unusual but I was quite impressed with was the HD camera and video camera, in my opinion the phone can take some really good photos depending on what the conditions are like and there is a great app which assists you in taking panoramic photos. I have also regularly used the video camera and the sound quality and picture quality are very good even after being uploaded to youtube, like with the camera you do need good lighting though, but hey it's a phone, I didn't buy it to be a camera.
      Another thing which I love about the phone being a songwriter is OneNote I guess it is a bit like Evernote, but I love the fact I can write lyrics and then make a decent quality recording using my guitar so I don't forget the melody all in one handy note, it might not be for everyone but I found it really useful.
      A few of the more unusual features are things like 'Skydrive' and 'Sharepoint' where you can sync documents between your computer and your phone and share documents between other people easily. 'Play To' which allows you to play videos to a compatible TV, I've never used it personally but may be good for some and 'ScanSearch' with which you can hold the phone up as if taking a picture and it will find local amenities.

      I can only think of three real negative points about the phone and they are;
      1. Zune which is the music software you also have to use to update your phone, just because I don't like the software but it is possible to get music on your phone quite easily other ways.
      2. My phone occasionally freezes, usually in bad signal areas.
      3. Because of the touchscreen my face sometimes touches the screen while talking and I hang up on people, however there is a feature which usually blacks out the screen when it is near your face to prevent this. Maybe I just have a big face!

      Overall this is a great looking stylish phone packed with features, which mostly work well and I would be quite happy to keep it for another couple of years and it wouldn't feel out dated.


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