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Motorola Moto Q 9h

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    1 Review
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      08.12.2008 04:48
      Very helpful



      Has some terrific benefits, but also has definite problems - research both carefully.

      Not a bad phone, all things considered. I would absolutely recommend the 1GB MicroSD Card (Mine came free with phone). The pictures are superb, extremely suprising for a phone. Crystal Clear, Lighting etc. The video's are amazing, I managed to get dolphins racing Catamaran fins & jumping up, whereas all the other camera's were much too slow to see clearly. The keyboard is very quick to get used to, and going back to a regular numerical txting format is very hard as it seems to take forever!
      A few gripes - The sound quality when talking is rubbish. Not very clear, and quite deep.
      The internet/email service decided to stop working on it's own, however, this may have been a user error, unsure at this point.
      Do not like the OS very much, but it is satisfactory. Not mentioned till you actually get the phone, but you require the latest version of XP/Vista to use PC-Phone connectivity, which was infuriating (mainly because phone was lost with an entire trips photo's/video's and emails/personal data before I could buy new version - Couldn't see through the steam coming out of my ears)
      No GPS of any sort, and as yet have not had a straight answer as to whether you can put it in/on yourself for tracking if it gets lost. Trust me, searching a 30km distance is not an easy feat!
      Also, the 'voice calling' option is completely misleading. You must fit the 'headphone headset' to activate it, cannot be done with the phone alone, as would be PRACTICAL, also the volume is enough to burst the eardrums of those with more sensitive hearing.
      However - I simply emphasise the faults for those who would like to know exactly what they are buying, as it does not seem to be pointed out on any other reviews. The phone is great, battery lasts for a long time, charges quickly, sound quality on speakers for music etc is very good, voice recording is a dream and very easy to use for email.
      One other thing to note, could not find Word/Excel/Adobe etc anywhere in the help section or menu of the phone, despite being a noted feature (you are also supposed to be able to edit docs that come in via email), the apps did not seem to exist.
      This phone is also supposed to have Dual processors to stop the halting/freezing issue on its predecessors with trying to do too much at once. However, I still had slow reaction and freezing issues when running 2+ applications.
      I think that if Motorola were to work on improving the faults, particularly for voice-calling related issues, this phone would be hard to beat.
      Despite it's faults, the ease of use and overall benefits of this phone are enough to make me replace mine with the same model. Hope this review is helpful.


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