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3 Reviews
  • Versatile
  • Easy to Use
  • Slow processing time on occasion
  • Can be a bit flaky with apps
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    3 Reviews
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      23.05.2014 15:02
      Very helpful


      • "Good Features"
      • Versatile
      • "Easy to Use"


      • "Slow processing time on occasion"
      • "Can be a bit flaky with apps"

      Great phone with great features and good quality

      I have owned a Motorola Razr i for approximately 12 months and still enjoy using it. it is a good weight and size (for the style of phone) and has lots of good features that are easy to use.

      The desktop itself is pretty standard, although highly customisable, and it allows any downloaded app widgets to be used on any number of pages, setting them out as you choose, or providing templates to get you started.

      The standard widgets of time, weather and battery life are good, and I use a calendar widget tied into my Google account to keep myself updated, which along with contacts are synced easily and automatically. Email is easy to set up and I have numerous accounts set up which provide the versatility and flexibility I need whilst away from the laptop. I''m on a monthly contract so have internet access and find this again very useful and easy to use (generally using Google Chrome).

      The hardware of the phone is good, easy system settings to manipulate but on occasion downloaded apps don''t work probably and I have had to uninstall; in general though the majority of apps have been great with updates notified to you. I bought an additional cheap but practical skin case which I''ve found invaluable, the odd time I have managed to drop it - the Razr i suffered no damage at all and seems very sturdy and solid.

      I would definitely choose Motorola again, a great phone with great features with a good quality casing and screen.


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      11.01.2014 17:13



      A great phone - I am so glad I chose this

      I have now had this phone for 6 months, so feel qualified to pass judgment now!

      I spent a long time looking at phones and deals, but kept being drawn back to this one - I am really glad i went for it!

      Look and feel - it has a large screen, and toughened Gorilla Glass face (not sure what that is, but it has survived a number of drops onto hard surfaces, and a ribbed casing for easy grip - again robust enough in my case to survive drops. The screen and display is clear and the colours true.

      Camera - 5 MP - good middle range camera and video - I have had no problems, taking clear, printable photos. Only slight quibble is the sound from video recording is quite low.

      Call quality - no problems - clear and sufficient volume in both directions.

      Operation - easy to use one handed for most operations. It is not a small phone if you have small hands you may have more issues than I do!

      Operating system - The Razr I is powered with an Intel chip - I have found it to be be very fast on almost everything I use it for (Calling, text, internet, apps), and whilst the phone can heat up in extensive use, it is nowhere near as hot as some other phones. As this is not widely used it can cause some compatibility issues with a very few Apps

      Battery life - very good - I get a full 24 hours out of moderate use; if you do need to charge, takes about 60 minutes to fully charge from near empty.


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      28.08.2013 14:56
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A fantastic phone especially considering the cost

      When shopping for smartphones, everyone seems to look for the same phones; iPhones, Samsung Galaxy SIIIs and the like. Poor Motorola have only a very small foothold in the constantly growing world of the smartphone. But with this smartphone Motorola have shown that they are up there with today's big label smartphones , albeit with a much smaller price tag. So, before diving straight at the more popular smartphones like the majority of today's generation, check out the Motorola RAZR I; a pretty high-spec phone with a pretty low price tag.


      Motorola's creation is available in both black and white, however I personally opted for black as it further contributes to the modern look of the phone. The RAZR I has a sleek and slender design, a smart look that's not hard to imagine in the hands of James Bond. It has a large 4.3 inch screen which stretches right out to the edges of the phone. The contemporary look doesn't stop at the front though, the back showcases a black-and-grey rubbery weave sporting the Motorola and Intel logos which dominates the back of the phone. The rubbery material makes for a good feel in your hand, along with the perfect size and light weight (126 grams) which make this phone a joy to carry. It's not huge, so should slip into most pockets easily so long as they are not too shallow. It really feels like a high- quality piece of equipment, and feels in your hand like a phone way above the price you pay for this. The camera and speaker do little to interfere with the look of the phone, however the fact that 'HD VIDEO' is written above the camera slightly detracts from the flawless styling. On the sides of the phone, there are three screws per side which give the phone a more industrial look, which I didn't like to begin with; I thought it didn't fit in with the phone's cutting-edge appearance; however, having owned the phone for some time now I feel that the screws are actually quite stylish. The only unsightly thing on the phone is the exposed charger input; a cover for the charger like most smartphones these days have would add further to the look of the phone. Finally, the phone includes a microSD slot (unlike the pricier iPhone) so you can upgrade from the 8 gigabyte internal storage to any microSD card up to 64 gigabytes. The only problem with the design is the little rim which is around the edge of the phone. The problem with it is that things like little clumps of dust can get stuck in it, and they are near impossible to get out.


      The RAZR I's screen is crafted from Corning Gorilla Glass, so you won't need to worry about scratches or cracks in the screen. I have dropped my phone onto a hard floor and it has come out unscathed. Also, the RAZR I is splash-proof, so using your phone in the rain or by the pool is no problem at all- however, it is not fully waterproof, so don't go dropping it in the sink or the toilet!


      The Motorola RAZR I has a breathtakingly colourful and immersive Super AMOLED screen, which blows many higher-end phone screens out of the water, from a colour perspective. The blacks on the phone are unbelievably deep, even on the highest brightness, and the rainbow of other colours can become deeper than anything in reality. The phone is the perfect platform for viewing photos, its beautiful display taking you away from your dull world and transporting you to a bright, exciting new one. However, although the screen looks fantastic in general, the resolution is a minor down-point. Although at first glance it looks flawless, looking closely at screen reveals some rough edges, a prime example being the icon for the pre-installed Google Chrome app. However, it doesn't interfere with anything and even with the slightly low pixel density the screen is astonishingly good; especially when you consider the price of the phone. The screen can easily defeat the screens of other phones in its price range, and even smartphones way above the premium you pay for the RAZR I, like the Sony Xperia Z and the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The pre-installed backgrounds are a bonus too, they perfectly showcase the fantastic capabilities of the screen.


      The RAZR I comes packed with easy-to-use Android 4.1 Jellybean, so naturally you have the Google Play store on the phone to get music, films, books, apps and games (see Applications) to showcase the phones capabilities. Also, this means that you can download things onto your phone with ease from another device, unlike iOS where this is prevented.


      The Motorola RAZR I has a simple yet effective interface, with easy access to your apps and all the information you could need. You can build up your home screen with all your favourite apps, an analogue or digital clock, the weather, time, a search bar, bookmarks from the internet, a photo frame or slideshow to display your favourite photo(s) from your gallery and even your Facebook news feed or Gmail inbox. This all means that you can access your favourite websites and applications at the press of one icon. You can have unlimited pages of apps (provided you have the storage) and can create a personal feel to your phone to make it completely unique; almost anything you could want is available for your home screen within loads of pages of widgets. This creates a phone experience which can differ greatly between person to person, my RAZR I could be a source of information; I could use a bookmark widget to put Wikipedia on my home page, for example, and someone else could have a very fun and playful home screen, full of their favourite games and pictures of their family and friends pulling funny faces. With a RAZR I, the phone is centred entirely around what you want.

      ==The Basics==

      _Calling and Texting_

      The calling on the RAZR I is as good as you can get. The sound from the front speaker is crisp and clear when the signal is good. Also, it is so easy to make calls with clearly marked icons and buttons which make calling a piece of cake, unlike many other phones which over-complicate the process.
      Texting on the phone is simple and easy. With the phone's innovative built-in keyboard; Swype; which means you can swipe your finger from letter to letter and also, it inserts spaces for you, writing a long paragraph on the RAZR I would probably be quicker than writing a couple of sentences on a normal phone keypad. Also, thanks to the large screen, it is difficult to miss a letter, meaning you can text with minimal mistakes, creating a fun and quick texting experience which is unmatched by many of the smartphones of today. The quick texting means that you can get back to what you were doing faster, and you wont leave the person you are messaging waiting. It also makes for a less stressful time texting; I know how tedious and annoying texting can be on some phones!


      The RAZR I has a rather outdated Bluetooth (Version 2.1) but sending files via Bluetooth is still quick and simple and the RAZR I boasts NFC and Android Beam, meaning you can make quick payments via your phone, and you can beam your files to your friends by touching your smartphones together and touching the file you want to send on he screen, respectively. This is technology that even Apple's iPhone 5 lacks! Having these features is very handy as it makes it simpler to send things to your friends, and also, it just feels so cool to be able to touch your phones together and send something almost instantly. It gives a weird kind of futuristic feel about the phone.

      _Surfing the Web_

      The RAZR I is well equipped for internet use, its large screen good for reading internet articles and its responsive touch screen perfect for following different links. Thanks to the RAZR I's fast processor, browsing with multiple tabs open is no problem for the phone, and thanks to the large screen web pages aren't very fiddly and are very easy to navigate, provided the font on the website isn't tiny. Also, the RAZR I's long battery life makes internet browsing chargerless/on the go less of a worry, so you can browse for longer, which is a godsend for me as my with my old phone I was constantly worrying about the battery running down.


      The I boasts an 8 megapixel camera, with 1080p HD recording. The camera is absolutely stunning, I always want a good camera from a phone and this didn't let me down one bit. As soon as I took the phone out of the box I was anxious to see the camera in action, and I was amazed at the sharpness and the colour from the photos. The camera has three different colour effects: Black and White, Negative and Sepia. These three can all add stylish artistic effect to some situations and don't detract from the quality of the picture. It also contains three different scene modes: Portrait, Landscape and Night Portrait. In addition, there are five shot modes: Single Shot, Panorama, Multi-Shot, Timer and HDR (High Dynamic Range) which boosts the contrast between lighter and darker areas of a photo. Finally, there is an exposure slider so you can create the perfect looking photo. Of course, all of this sounds a little complicated, but it is really simple to use. To allow for a comfortable hold of the phone when taking a picture, there is a dedicated camera button on the right side of the phone, because we all know how annoying it is to hold a phone awkwardly when taking a photograph to be able to press the on-screen button. Also included is a front-facing 0.3 megapixel camera, however this is of little use to me.


      The RAZR I contains a single core, 2 gigahertz Intel Atom processor, and. 1.024 gigabyte RAM. Although this means little to me, I know that the phone can do most things without breaking a sweat. Internet browsing and mobile gaming are usually easily done by the phone, and I personally use emulators of older consoles on my phone and the processor can run them with little effort, however if I were to try an emulator of a newer console on the phone I know it would most likely have its work cut out. However, most people's use of the phone would probably not be too much for the phone; things like internet browsing and playing games like Temple Run and Angry Birds should work without any problems. Sometimes there is a split second of lag when leaving the internet browser; but altogether the processor is much better than I expected considering the price tag.


      The Google Play Store available on the phone hosts a huge range of apps, and my top 10 (not in order) recommended apps are as follows:

      1. Amazon- A faster way of shopping on the internet (free)

      2. Facebook- Faster than running it in your browser (free)

      3. Ocarina- A virtual ocarina with a vast range of song guides (free)

      4. Plague Inc.- An addictive game where you must try to spread a virus over the globe and wipe out humanity (sounds depressing, I know) (free)

      5. NQ Mobile Security- Shields your phone from viruses and optimises your phone; closing unused processes and applications to get the maximum out of your phone (free)

      6. Mupen64- Allows you to play classic Nintendo 64 games on your phone (free)

      7. BBC iPlayer- Catch up on the BBC shows you missed (free)

      8. Netflix- Choose from a huge range of films and TV shows (free app but requires monthly payment of around £5.00)

      9. Google Earth- Explore our planet in the palm of your hand (free)

      10. True or False- A fun little quiz game where you answer many true or false questions (free)

      So, in conclusion, the Motorola RAZR I is an unbelievably good smartphone, with an unbelievable amount of bang for your buck. It has a brilliant look, it runs well, it has a great camera and a simple interface, it truly is a brilliant smartphone which can be counted as one of the greatest smartphones out there today, at half the price of the majority of them! So, if you are considering a new phone, look no further; you get just as much as an iPhone for a lot less; the RAZR I is the unsung hero of today's smartphone market, and really needs to be noticed as a brilliant smartphone. Motorola have built a masterpiece; the likes of Samsung and Apple really should be worried.

      This review is also posted on my Ciao account TheEndOfTheLine


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