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Nokia 6700 slide

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Nokia 6700 slide - Smartphone - WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM - slider - raw aluminum

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    6 Reviews
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      11.07.2012 15:12
      Very helpful



      Knock a few pounds off the price and it would be a good phone, but cheaper better phones out there a

      NOKIA 6700 SLIDE

      ~~ Reason for the Review? ~~

      Phones to me are items that I use to do the sort of things that in today's modern world seem very necessary and without it you will find yourself been left floating on the Iceberg of stagnation - namely Text and Calling on the 'Go'
      Having the power to access web sites on a screen which measures the same size as my finger is not what I would deem 'progress' , listening to music on something that sounds worse than a 1970 cassette mono player is not taking the human race forward and the ability to hold the phone at a Live concert and annoy the hell out of everybody who is there to appreciate the music, is a step back in Mankind's eventually change into Homo Superior but simply used as the marvel that is text and the ability to have a conversation on the move mobiles cannot be beaten. Which is why I was happy to choose the Nokia 6700 Slide, from a few reviews I read, it seemed that text capability and the phone calling side of things wasn't too bad so armed with that knowledge I got myself one.

      ~~ So are you happy with it? ~~

      Well yes to be honest, it's turned out to be a great little phone , looks wise it's a very nice silver and with a lovely black trim around the screen which measures two inches high by one and a half inches wide. The camera is on the back and it's a Carl Zeiss 5MP camera and to activate it there is a button on the right side, I have taken a few photo's with it (to test it out that's all) when me and the lads went to Wembley for the American Football and the ones I took were not too bad, but to me it's the age old story again, if I had taken the photo's with a 5MP digital camera I would have expected them to be better than 'They're all right I suppose' but I can't complain as I have one of the photo's as my wallpaper on the phone and I'm happy with it.
      You can set up the screen as you like it as well, with me I have 'Contacts' on the left and 'Messaging' on the right , at the top you can also choose how it looks with Time and Date display so it's very customisable . When you want to use the phone and you have slid the slider up to show the keyboard etc you will notice that the keys are in white on a black background which makes it very easy to see what you are doing, the keys are very flat as well so it can be easy to press the wrong button if not too careful.
      It's a simple job of taking the back plate off if you need to change the battery or insert memory cards for e.g.
      Charging it is as simple as sticking the charger in the wall socket and attaching the other end to a hole on the top of the phone, you can also charge it using the USB connector but this is one area I found the phone to be a letdown, it's so difficult to get the small plastic cover off which guards the USB entrance that I sometimes wonder if it's just mine and it's faulty because it surely cannot be the same for everyone else's?

      ~~ So what other features am I getting for my bucks? ~~

      Ok, on the front we have two buttons which stand out from the rest , the 'Home' button has a picture of a house and you use it to access all the phones Menu's , so you find you can get to the Calendar , your Contacts , your previous calls that either you've made or been received , It's here you access the Web as well , Messaging details , Gallery for choosing themes and wallpapers and ringtones , it comes with the OVI store but I have not used it yet so can't tell you much about that sorry , also all the main phone settings are here for getting to all the more technical parts for setting your phone up as well as Applications like Music player , games , email , recorder , calculator , converter and loads of others.
      The other button by the way is the 'Cancel' button, which is used to cancel out anything you have mistakenly arrived at, also when texting it deletes the previous letters in your text so it's quite a useful and well used button that one.

      As far as packaging was concerned, it arrived in a nice blue Nokia box with a decent manual which thankfully was all in English so it wasn't 10 inches thick with the first two pages relevant only.

      ~~ Crunch time - Would you recommend it? ~~

      Believe it or not I am going to say - NO - BUT only if you are thinking of buying a brand new one.
      I honestly think it's a good phone, but at the price it is you can get cheaper phones for calling and texting only if that's all you really want and these cheaper phones will allow you to customize as well, and if you are after the sort of phone which is what I believe young whippersnappers call 'Smart Phone' these day's then it simply isn't that great for a Smartphone but you are paying big bucks for it to be a decent alternative when it really isn't.
      I would suggest that for Texting and Calling, cheaper phones will do the job just as if not better, and if you're interested in accessing the Internet on your phone it isn't good enough but is still an expensive phone in my opinion but if you got hold of a used one a bit cheaper then yes it's perfectly decent.

      I hope my ever so slightly tongue in cheek review doesn't make it out that I look like William Hartnell's Grandfather (Google image him) but I do hope you enjoyed reading my review and hopefully you found it useful.

      I have no doubt that I will be amending it a number of times in the future when I remember stuff I haven't put in.

      ------- --------- --------- ---------- ---------- --------- ------- -------- -------- --------- --------- --------


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        27.06.2011 14:57



        Would recommend this product due to its good looks and practicality.

        The Nokia 6700 slide is my forth and current mobile phone. Its sleak design is easy on the eye and better than other sliding phones on the market. As it is a Nokia, it is highlt customisable so if you like settings or backgrounds or themes a certain way, many websites offer these for this particular phone. If however, you are looking for a corporate phone this is not for you, this is strictly a phone for arranging social activities and showing off. While easy to use, its buttons are quite small so if you are the chunky fingered type; look elsewhere. In terms of practicality, this Nokia is very practical in terms of its price. overall, I would deem this phone to be very good and I would recommend it, its looks and smooth sliding make it a pleasure to hold and the fact that it is a Nokia, it is also easy to use. With its external memory card slot it can pretty much hold any sized file.
        As for battery life, it lasts around 2 weeks for me and I use it every day, the charger is actually one highlight of the phone becuase it flips out in quite a cool way and is very compact. Reception is always good but this would depend on your chosen network's coverage.
        The camera is amazing, it boasts a 5 mega pixel Carl Zeiss camera on the back and even a smaller 1-2 mega pixel camera on the front for video calls (or use it as a mirror as I do sometimes). The main camera is easy to use, just hold the phone sideways and point and shoot with fast shutter speed, the flash is powerful and there are some filters which can be added to make shots more artistic.
        As for internet, I have never connected to the web becuase I am on PAYG and it would cost a forturne.


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        18.02.2011 00:10
        Very helpful



        Why did Alex cross the road? To go and return his slide.

        When one thinks of possibly the most annoying, unreliable, poorly developed and yet unfortunately essential assets to life these days, one probably thinks of the mobile phone. Whatever your brand and model of preference is, like your local football team, they'll bring out a new strip every season, and within a few months of buying you'll be utterly out of date with your neighbour, who of course, happens to have just purchased the upgrade to yours. Best keep that cover on at all times then. But who says you should conform to the ways of the world and go 'smart' or 'shiny with a strong scent of Apple' - nay, may I bring your attention back to a 'standard' phone. I introduce to you, the Nokia 6700 Slide.

        It may surprise you to hear that smart phones just aren't for me. For someone who seems slightly obsessed with computers and all things technological, phones just baffle me. It's not that I don't understand what they do, it's that I don't understand why they do what they do. Stay with me. Take the name, 'phone'. If you phone someone, you are making a phone call. Alongside this, you should be able to send texts. That is all I require. "Are you 'aving a laugh mate, they don't even make them sort any more!". Oh yes they do...

        After inheriting my brother's old Nokia 6500 Slide, I fell in love. We were made for each other (I mean the phone, sorry, just to clarify! Gosh). After my old Samsung SGH-700 tragically (alright, pathetically) died in my arms (hands), I was left homeless. Sorry, phoneless, but it felt pretty bad. The Nokia was a breath of fresh air. Everything was kept simple, but with a professional sense of superiority and experience that the Nokia brand seemed to bring. Being second hand, it didn't last long, but it had done enough to win me over; both the brand and the model. I snapped up the 6700 Slide for about £100 from very.co.uk, deciding that a sim-only option would be better value for me.

        It arrived, and to be honest, I was disappointed. It didn't seem to have the elegance of the 6500 - the slick aluminium style finish seemed to have been replaced with a cheap plastic alternative, whilst below-screen buttons seemed to have also been treated to a nice bit of TLP (tender loving plastic). It gets much better in terms of the shape, which loses the cuboid effect that haunted the younger brother, and gets the right measure of curves and soft edges. It's by no means horrible to look at, but the casing budget for this phone seems to have been sliced in half.

        The keypad isn't bad, split into four horizontal splits, which get rather annoying when first texting as keys merge together under one's finger tips, but I seem to have got used to it somewhat. Once I get in the swing I can text at supersonic speeds, but when I'm tired and using one hand it can get very tiresome indeed, as keys get in each other's way. The screen is surprisingly good; no 3D LED by any means, but I don't recall squinting in the sunlight to read texts, though that's not really an issue in England these days. All of the inputs are positioned efficiently at the top, keeping things organised and simple, just the way I like it.

        When you pick the phone up, it just feels far too light. Again, comparing it to the previous model, it seems to have gone on a serious diet, but is light necessarily a good thing? Nope. When you're holding it, you barely realise. When lying in bed, I sometimes like to text whilst lying on my back (what a weird thing so say!). However, the weight in the phone is distributed ridiculously northwards, leaving me to misjudge the weight of the thing overall, relax my hands somewhat, and see the thing topple out my hands, onto my head. Ow! A phone that attacks you cannot be a good investment! The cheek! The weight issue also arises when you have the thing in your pocket. You don't notice if it's there or not. I wouldn't have been too disappointed if it wasn't after that viscous attack, but it's not great. It's not big, it weighs nothing - so what are you buying? Let's hope what you get inside makes up for things.

        When you load the phone up you're greeted with the pleasant shaking of Nokia hands, which makes you feel all warm and welcome, and then you're rushed through a wizard which is refreshingly quick - very nice. However, why are you still doing this when I turn you on from dead many months on? It's not the whole wizard, but would I like to set up email? Still no, as I still don't use Internet. Anyway, after the annoying questionnaire, you're taken to the home screen, which, much like the Yahoo! home page, has everything thrown on to it that can (reasonably) fit. Whichever way you click the keypad arrow, something pops out from the appropriate side, and annoyingly, these can't be customised. So even though I'm never going to touch the Internet tab, I still have to look it should left click. Where's the freedom of choice?

        Effective phones are the ones that give you the core, and let you mould yourself around it. This one just won't let you. Not even if you give it a hug. Now I'm not going to lie, there are an endless amount of settings on this phone - so how can I complain about the home page not being customisable? Simply because it is not! There is an option to change the bottom arrow clicker, but only to one other thing. It's one or the other! It's utterly ridiculous. I can't even access contacts from the home screen. I have to navigate to it through the menu screen. This is a one of the real let downs about this phone, and something they've certainly let slip from its predecessor.

        If Nokia are going to restrict the ways in which users can personalise the phone to suit them then they have to get it right in the way *they* put it together - but they just don't. There are no quick texts - one has to arrow up, then navigate down to create, and then you're in. It may sound lazy, but functions such as texting and calling really do need to be one click. The point of technology is that everything is getting faster for us. This phone has gone backwards and slowed me down! Predictive is also far from intelligent, picking up on one-off capital lettering and assuming forever more that you wish to text in capitals, not to mention that failure to put commonly used words to the top of the list. I must say however, calling, once you've navigated through to who you wish to call, is a pleasure, and I appreciate being able to navigate around the phone whilst still in a conversation - useful for those, 'have you got so-and-so's number?' calls.

        One area you do seem to be able to customise is a section called 'shortcuts', which is under the rather formally titled 'my stuff' tab, accessible from the home screen. It's still fiddly to get into, but is a welcome bit of responsibility awarded to me, the user. One function aside from calls and texts that I do rely on my phone for is an alarm, which is actually one of the more successful areas to the 6700. The set up for the alarm is clear and sleek, and one can easily check alarms which have been set (perfect for me, the slightly OCD), and set up new ones. You're even told how long you have between setting and your alarm going off - not great for those late night, early rise mornings. "Sorry, two hours? There must be some sort of mistake, Nokia..."

        As well as an alarm clock you're given an abundance of online compatible apps (not for me), as well as the basics. All that's missing is a stopwatch - I genuinely think they must have just forgotten. The camera included isn't actually *that* bad, and decent enough to capture the quick shot of, say, a pig that's running riot in the town centre. However, a flying pig - no good.

        Finally, one must consider performance. Battery life is difficult to accurately measure with a phone, as it really depends on usage, and quoting manufacturers is generally pointless. I tend to text more than call, but I usually top up the power every three to four days, through which I'd have probably sent 40-50 texts, and called/received about 60 minutes worth. Charging is very quick indeed, so much so that I tend to do so in the day instead of night as it will have finished within 30 minutes and be wasting energy if left plugged in all night.

        The positives come to an abrupt end there. Temporary screen freezes are seen all too often, and if you go from one thing to another too quickly, they become an inevitability. Basic applications such as the calender occasionally crash completely, which requires a restart, a nightmare in itself. Turning the phone off gives mixed results, with shut down lag common, and an incredibly loud and scary vibration attacking you upon switching off and on (not useful when you're on the quiet coach of the train writing this review). Considering how light it is, it's difficult not to drop it when it does this, so it's best to perform this manoeuvre on a table/floor.

        Overall, it's a real disappointment. OK, so I still use it day to day, and it serves me quite well, but let's be fair, I'm not asking much of it am I?! It lacks a sense of class that the 6500 had. With smart phones taking the spotlight, basic phones need to step up a gear in terms of finish, design, and customisation, but the 6700 takes a step back. There really is very little to pick out that makes this phone stand out from the rest. It's not an expensive phone, but it doesn't make good value. It's not an ugly phone, but it doesn't stand out from the rest. It's not even a failure of the phone; but it's far from a success, and Nokia really did shoot themselves in the foot with this one.


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          16.02.2011 15:34
          Very helpful



          Nokia 6700 Slide - Good, but not perfect


          January is the month when I am eligible for an upgrade on my phone and this year I wanted to make sure I chose my new phone carefully. Last year I made the mistake of selecting the touch-screen Nokia 5800 which I absolutely hated and ended up swapping handsets with my wife a couple of months later for her rather basic-in-comparison, no frills phone. With this in mind I looked at the choices which were available for me to continue on a 12 month contract without an increase in my monthly bills and settled for this, the Nokia 6700 slide.


          The picture supplied here shows the phone to be silver, mine is in actual fact very deep purple in colour, either colour choice was available at the time of my upgrade (and other colours are available from other retailers) but as there was a delay in the silver handset coming back into stock I settled for the one which had an immediate availability. The colour is unisex though and whilst purple may not have necessarily been my first choice as far as colours go I do like this one and it isn't as 'girly' as I first feared. The body of the handset is constructed from quite weighty aluminium, it actually weighs in at 116 grams and has coolness to the touch, Nokia describe this handset as "chic" and "sleek" and I would pretty much agree with that description. The screen on the handset measures 2.2 inches in length and slightly shorter in width and whilst this is not the largest display available on a phone handset it is perfectly adequate for what I use my phone for. Being a slide phone the keypad is hidden inside the body of the phone and is revealed when the screen is pushed upwards, the keypad itself sits flush and appears to be made from some kind of rubberised material which is soft and springy to the touch, I'll cover how it feels when texting and inputting numbers later in my review. As far as the phones appearance goes the 6700 looks well made, has rounded edges and a responsive and easy to use slide action, I like the weightiness and the purple colour of mine and on its arrival looked forward to getting to know the phone and what it was capable of.

          So what does it offer?

          I'll be honest here and admit that I only use a mobile phone for making/receiving calls and for sending texts. My biggest problem with my old phone - the Nokia 5800 - was that it offered too much for me, I like simplicity when it comes to a handset and whilst I appreciate that technology has made it possible for mobile phones to incorporate browsing the internet it just doesn't appeal to me. I have a computer and a Netbook for that purpose and whilst I will try and mention what this phone is capable of in this review I can't actually comment on what it is like to explore the internet on it or how it holds its connection, my review will focus on the more mundane aspects of how it feels when texting and how clear I can hear someone when I'm talking to them on it.


          The slide activation on the phone acts as the 'unlock' function and once raised you are able to navigate round the handset's menu. Typically for Nokia these are presented with easy to understand graphics depicting each area of the phone they represent and it's just a case of selecting what you want and pressing a button to allow you access. I won't go into every function of the phone as these are pretty much standard for every phone nowadays, the settings, messaging, phonebook etc are all accessible from the menu and once in you have various options which enable you to do what you want to do. There is a square directional button situated below the screen on the handset which allows you to go up, down, left and right around the menu and this is responsive to the touch. Nokia's always have easy to follow menus I find and the 6700 is a fine example of simplicity and user-friendliness which shouldn't confuse anyone with a basic knowledge of mobile phone handsets.


          I briefly mentioned that the keypad on the 6700 sits flush and has a soft feel to it, when it comes to texting a message the keypad is a joy to navigate around the letters and numbers. The buttons themselves are large enough to allow your thumbs to instinctively know where they are and it took no time at all for me to become accustomed to how they felt, being able to physically text again rather than having to faff around with a stylus on a touch-screen was such a relief and I know I made the right decision in ditching my 5800 when I did. I would say that the keypad is no better or worse than any other Nokia keypads I have used in the past and even though I thought I might struggle (my older handsets had buttons which were slightly raised) I soon became used to the flatness of this particular keypad.

          **Making and Receiving calls**

          As well as being the unlock mechanism to allow you access to the phone's menu when you receive a call the slide also connects you to your caller. There are no buttons to press to accept a call although you can reject one if you want to by pressing the cancel button, once connected though you are met with a very clear clarity of voice and again, typically for Nokia this is a very positive aspect of this handset. You can if you chose put your caller on loudspeaker and their voice can be heard through the handset itself rather than holding the phone to your ear and by adjusting the volume on the handset enables you to hear clearly what is being said to you. There are no criticisms of this aspect of the handset as far as I'm concerned, I've always been able to hear my callers and they have never commented on any audible distortions or crackles from my end either, obviously there are a number of factors to take into consideration including where you are when you are on your phone and your network provider but for me this is hasn't been an area where I have had any concerns.

          Making calls is just as easy, either by selecting who you want to call from your contacts list or just by inputting their number via the keypad. It is a phone after all so this shouldn't really be anything too complicated to achieve, the primary function of a mobile phone is to enable you to be contacted and allow you to contact other people and there are no issues on the functionality as far as this handset is concerned.


          The 5mp camera on the handset is sufficient for my requirements and is used to take pictures of the items I review on other websites, I always get decent results and the autofocus function seems to work fine for me. Clearly this isn't as highly specified as some other mobile phones so anyone who wants really professional looking photographs may be put off by the 6700's obvious limitations, this isn't an area which particularly interests me either way and wasn't a consideration when I chose this handset but I thought it a point worth mentioning for those who do want more from their inbuilt cameras.


          An area which does raise concerns is the inbuilt memory of the phone. At only 170MB the internal memory doesn't allow you to store much in terms of photographs or MP3 tracks, this was a disappointment for me as I was used to having a lot more memory than the 6700 actually provides and whilst I know I can buy and add an external memory card if I wanted to I do feel that Nokia have skimped on this area of the phone. For a relatively new handset (it was launched in March 2010) I did expect more I have to admit and am restricted to what I can actually add to my phone, photographs of review items have to be deleted to free up space which I find annoying and I can't add as many songs onto my phone as I would like. If there were any major criticism from me about this handset it would be the memory and had I actually bought this handset on Pay as You Go I would have been gutted to have then had to fork out money for a memory card, whether additional memory is included in PAYG deals I can't say - for mine on a contract deal with Vodafone I didn't receive any extra.


          The handset features polyphonic ringtones and can be set to play MP3 tracks as either the incoming call tone or message alert which I quite like. The internal phonebook can store up to 1000 names in its contact list which should give plenty of room for even the most popular of people, it is Bluetooth enabled which should be pretty much standard nowadays and has a MP3 player and radio built in. The battery life of the handset is good at 300 hours on standby and around 5 hours of continuous talk time, I find that I only need to fully recharge the battery a couple of times a week and tend to leave my phone on all the time, there is an audible 'beep' when the battery is low which does get annoying but I can understand how useful this could be really. The handset is internet enabled should you want to connect to any online content, the screen is perhaps a little too small to display much in terms of web pages and I wouldn't really recommend this handset to those who do want to be online frequently, there are far better choices available if you want your phone to be one that gets you online and it wasn't the reason I settled for this in the first place. Saying that though should you want to get online with this phone then its display is clear and bright with a really good colour saturation, images, texts and the alpha-numerical displays are vividly shown and it really is quite impressive and easy on the eye.


          For a rather basic but functional handset the 6700 slide is fine for me, it isn't an all singing, all-dancing phone but I didn't want one that was, it allows me to text and make and receive calls and that's all I wanted from it. I am disappointed with the memory of the phone and do think that Nokia have underestimated what people use their phones for these days and in retrospect I should have looked further into this aspect before deciding to take this one on. However for those who simply want a phone to speak to people then there is little to grumble about, the build quality is fantastic, it sits nicely in your hand and has a reassuring weight to it. The menu is easy to navigate around and the battery life is good. However, at around £190.00 to buy without a sim card the handset is still quite expensive for what it actually is, there are Pay as you go deals which will give you the phone for around £100.00 depending on the network you chose to go with or, if like me you are on contract you should find that the handset will be free.

          I'm happy to put up with the limitations the phone has for now although in all honesty it isn't really a 'keeper' and after 12 months I think I will be ready to move onto something new. Overall the handset does get a cautious recommendation from me despite the negative aspects I have discussed in this review but I would strongly suggest that anyone considering this should do their research before buying it as there could be better options available. 3 out of 5 stars seems fair all-in-all, thanks for reading my review.

          Please be aware that this review may also appear on ciao under my username.


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            23.01.2011 15:13
            Very helpful



            overall I am very pleased with this phone, once i had worked out how to use it, it is very easy.

            This phone was an early upgrade on my contract, at a small cost of £40, I wouldnt not have paid the £130-150 it is currently selling for. I have had many nokia phones over the years all of which have been very easy to use and set up and not needed instructions, this 1 was not as easy and I did need the instructions.

            There are menus inside menus and then further folders inside these. so not easy to navigate like most nokias. I have had to ring my husband a few times at home to go through the instruction book to tell me where to find something. BUT now I have worked it out it is easy to use.

            The phone itself is a nice size and weight, and I love the fact it was available in purple. The 5mpg camera is great and means i dont have to take my camera out with me. It has a wide range of volumes from quiet to very loud, which is great for me as i have 3 noisy children and couldnt always hear my old phone when they playing/shouting/fighting etc. It also has the option of vibrate.

            The MP3 player is good as is the radio, the only thing i have found is it doesnt always remember the radio station (but that could be me not saving it etc).

            I dont like the fact the keyboard unlocks when the slide is opened and have managed to call people when it has been caught in my pocket and opened. the main buttons to ulock the keyboard are good as not the usual ones used on phones and the children cant unlock it.


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            14.09.2010 19:19
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great slider phone with the added bonus of a 5mp camera

            This is my latest one after my Sony Ericsson phone died on me. Although I had never used a Nokia phone before, I knew for sure that I was going to be purchasing a Nokia phone just for the coded keypad lock.

            It took me a while to decide which one I wanted. I was torn between the Nokia X3 and the Nokia 6700 slide. Even after reading a ridiculous amount of negative reviews about the Nokia 6700 slide, I went ahead and purchased it anyway because I liked its sleek design and it felt more feminine than the X3.

            Setting up the phone was not the easiest thing in the world. With most phones, I tend not to even bother with the instruction manual. With this phone, even after reading the instruction manual, I still struggled to open up the phone to insert the battery, and then struggled again to put the sim in. On the bright side, it makes it harder for someone to try and dismantle the contents of your phone.

            One of the irritating things about this one is that when you switch it on, it vibrates extremely rapidly. I figured that if my phone was on silent and off vibrate then this would not happen. Clearly I was wrong.

            After having switched on the phone, my first activity was to start texting my friends. The font was default and was therefore on size 'normal'. I was apalled at how small the text was. I ended up having to set it to 'large'. I have to say that you can probably get used to 'normal' size now because I changed it back to that not long ago and I have no trouble with that now. It's just that I used to use a Sony Ericsson where the the display is always crystal clear. On my Nokia 6700 slide, sending text messages is relatively straightforward as with most phones. However, when it sends mms, it tends to take a lot longer than other phones that I have used before. And there is no delivery message. On my old phone there was a delivery message which would tell you when the other person had opened the message.

            The menu on the phone can be a little difficult to navigate at times. There seems to be a menu within a menu within a menu and so forth. It can get frustrating having to find things.

            The wallpapers are limited. I think there's only about 4, and they're extremely difficult to find. Ringtones aren't bad. Message tones tend to go on for a little too long for my liking.

            Now onto my favourite part, the keypad lock. I absolutely hate leaving my phone lying around even for a minute in case someone takes a peek. With this phone, I don't have that worry because I can set a code for the keypad lock. I believe that most Nokia phones have this feature. For me, this is one of the best features a phone can have because it means it's safe and secure. I normally have a pin for my phone anyway but it's annoying having to switch my phone off just to leave it for a minute. So a coded keypad lock is perfect. This is the only reason why I considered purchasing a Nokia phone.

            This phone has a 5mp camera. I have uploaded photos onto my laptop easily using the mini cable provided. Image quality is good. Taking pictures can sometimes get a bit irritating with the flash. It gets a little too bright at times. And even when I switch off flash, it still seems to come on sometimes. But I like the fact that I can carry a phone around with a decent quality camera which means that I don't need to carry a digital camera with me. 5mp is good enough.

            The quality of phone calls is excellent. Previously, I hated making phonecalls on mobiles because the sound would be quite bad and it would break every now and then. But with this, sound quality is clear and I absolutely love phoning people.

            Overall, this is a fairly decent phone. For £130, it might be a little pricey but then again it does come with a 5mp camera. And slider phones are always nice and they look sleek.


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          • Product Details

            The colorful and compact Nokia 6700 slide is designed for you to capture and share life's special moments, and to enjoy your choice of messaging and social networking services.