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    13 Reviews
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      14.12.2008 10:39



      good for normal use

      Nokia 7610 has an unique outlook design, for example the integration of black color, white color and red color and the round profileof the phones. I bought my handphone two years ago and at that time, this model was very
      popular. I often saw people talking via this phone, not only gentlemen, but also ladies. At that time the price was quite high but now it is very cheap. For the quality and reliability, I have nothing to complain.In current technogical view, the hardware configuration is not high but is suitable for general users. It has 1 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom. 8 Mb user memory is enough for daily use and it can be expanded by using MMC card.Like other Nokia handphones, it is very easy to use. The phone can standby up to 4-5 days for me so it is quite good when I travel.
      For cons, it has no wifi, low mega camera, and not 3G.
      *this review is also on ciao*


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      24.10.2008 22:29



      All in all a good looking phone with a good features

      I have this phone. Nokia 7610. It really looks cool, I have the light white colors, it comes in two different color variations, the black-red and the one that I have the light white. For me the light white color looks better than the black-red variation. Its very convenient to hold. The switch of this phone is a small button on top which really requires a nail to press it. Compared to other Nokia phones, I love Nokia 7610 because of its very elegant design.

      Though its a bit slow when changing to other applications, its still cool for me.It has a good quality camera but of course not the best especially when its dark, but the Night-mode really helps when you are in a dark area. It has no flash. But still gives a good quality picture.

      Its durability is also superb its not as sensitive as other Nokia phones. I can't even remember how many times I saw my phone hit the ground! and its still alive and kicking!


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      29.10.2007 08:52
      Very helpful



      Forerunner of N-series mobile phones, has all application, good shape


      NOKIA 7610
      The face of this mobile is very attractive, the shape reminds of heart, with red and
      silver colours on the face there is no mobile set with so much of attraction at face value.

      This mobile is a front runner for all mobile which came in Nokia N-Series, it is called the
      imaging phone. This is the reason the mobile has Camera, Video recorder, Messaging, Email,
      Wallet, Clock, Calculator and Calendar. The phone comes with a wrist strap.

      Indicators for message receipt, sms, voice message, keypad lock are all standard icons, there
      are indicators for Bluetooth, data call, diverts, line 1 or line 2 in use etc.,The menu has
      standard functions, which can be accessed by SCROLL button in the middle, see the picture with
      this review. the commands are standard like open, list, grid view, move, new folder, application
      download, memory details, edit etc.,

      Like in all N-Series phone, you can press and hold menu key left corner of the mobile
      screen gives listing of all open application at the time, it is always better for your battery
      to keep only the required application open, as more applications open will use more charge of
      your battery. While you are attending a call you press scroll left or right to increase or
      decrease the volume of your speaker phone. The left hand dash button on top of keypad
      is the select left and right. The "C" button is the delete button for any file you have under
      gallery or other applications. You can assign speed dial number to people in your contact list,
      just press 1,2,3,4,etc., and the whole number is dialed automatically by your cell phone.

      There is conference call facility in this unit, you will have to see the process in your Guide.
      You can even transfer a caller to the other caller already on hold by the command transfer, this
      command disconnects you and make both the callers connected with each other.

      Most of these miscellaneous services are actually depends on your service provider. When you
      press the show button, you get a list of missed calls, dialed numbers. 20 numbers in each list.
      Just select any caller number and press "C" the item gets erased from the list.

      This phone now will cost a buyer, Rs.5,500=00 previously it was more costly. I got a 215mb card
      with it, different markets get different cards, Nokia as a rule is well established company in
      turkey, middle east, Pakistan, Bangladesh and far east, most visitors to Saudi Arabia from these
      countries seems to be carrying a Nokia mobile, I know it as I am living in the city of Medina
      we have over 4 Million visitors every year to this holy city, All the visitors come to the holy
      masjid and My office is near the place. So I know what I am talking about.

      The General features of this mobile are as follows :-
      Nokia 7610, model2004, with internal antenna, it weighs 118 gms, size : 108 x 53 x 18.7 cm.
      the display is 1.2 mega pixel, video has 4 zoom options, video screen size : 128x96 battery
      is Li-Ion, talk time capacity 3 hours, resolution 176x208 pixel, colours 65k, supports poly
      phonic tunes, it has standard mp3 player, you can use it to play your songs. But you must have
      a bigger memory card as sound files take up lot of memory., it supports GPRS, it has MMS
      and sms facility, it supports wap protocol 2.o and it can have browser of html, xhtml, wml
      it has support of Java 2.0, Bluetooth is a tool comes handy in connecting friends and exchanging
      files between phones.

      Go to connections menu and change Bluetooth to :ON and do the same with your friends phone
      and do search for Bluetooth devices, you will get a message one device found, select any media
      file and choose send command, it gives you choice of send to which device, where your friends
      name or his mobile name is present choose it and click ok, your file starts transferring and
      your friend must give ok to start receiving this message file, once this file is received in
      the INBOX under messaging, he can open the file , after opening it, he must choose options and
      save the file, once the file is saved either in MEMORY CARD or PHONE MEMORY, it can be played
      anytime on that mobile, otherwise it stays as a message file only.

      You have voice tags (voice commands) in this phone, you have HANDS FREE option, the operating
      system is version 60 (symbian), you can also record voice or music thru VOICE RECORDER you can
      find this application under your application menu, this phone has 8mb RAM memory, the only
      drawback is memory card is placed under the battery, so every time you want to use the card you
      will have to open the back cover and take out the memory card. My set came with 250 MB card.
      This is reasonable amount of memory for a normal busy person.

      Hope I have covered all features, usability and general information, to give you an idea about
      this set, enjoy imaging, I can write more but, its your time I am respectful off.

      Yo! off you go imaging the world around you, Butterflies make beautiful pics !!!


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        13.08.2006 14:18



        all in all a good value for money

        a good out of the way design from the nokia designers.
        the design on the positive side looks very stylish and sporty but at the same time makes the phone a bit uneasy for handling.
        the screen resolution is good.
        the camers resolution u is also good as compared to the 6600.
        the mp3 plays really cool on the phone as it has a good headphone jack.
        the themes do not work that good on the phone and can be considered as a major disadvantage for the phone.
        provides with godd bluetoothand also infrared support.
        a slightly advanced version of the 6600.


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        10.02.2006 00:17
        Not Helpful



        Big and chunky but the graphics!

        This phone is really good in many ways. The camera quality is brilliant and I've gotten lots of decent spur of the moment photos. The graphics and the size of the screen make playing games a pleasure and easy. It stores loads of messages which means less deleting. It is very easy to use. However I find myself sometimes using my old phone, mainly cause of the size. As phones go these days it is very chunky. It doesn't fit comfortably into your pocket. Also I find it has a tendency to crash on me, especially when I am trying to open the photo gallery. This doesn't happen often every few weeks at most but it is annoying. The thing is whenever I get annoyed with it, the annoyance passes as soon as I switch it on again cause the graphics are that good.


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          20.11.2005 19:42
          Very helpful



          Easy to use, Nokia's are the best

          Nokia 7610
          For the past 3 years I have always had the latest Samsung phone, but before this I always had a Nokia and swore I would never have anything else but a Nokia but Samsung seemed to be beating them in latest technology. My partner has a Nokia 7610 I thought it looked really smart and wanted to copy him, so for my birthday in July he bought the Nokia 7610. I’ve now had the phone nearly 5 months and from my experience from the phone I am going to tell you a little bit about it and my thoughts.

          #Colour Screen
          #Customisable Cover
          #Email / Web
          #Downloadable Java games
          #MP3 Player
          #Polyphonic ringtones
          #Streaming video
          #1.3 Megapixel Camera
          #Video camera
          #64mb memory card
          #Speaker phone
          #Real one player
          #4x digital Zoom camera
          #Tri -band technology covering of up to 5 continents GSM 900/1800/1900 or GSM 850/1800/1900
          Weight= 118g

          ~~~Battery life~~~
          Talk time 3hours
          Standby 10 days
          Although this is the estimated time I seem to be charging my phone everyday and I don’t think I use it that much. It is always best to turn off your blue tooth as this can waste your battery life.

          The phone is quite large in size (Dimensions: 108.6 mm x 53 mm x 18.7 mm)
          but the great thing about this phone is the screen unlike these little screens you are able to get, you can at least see the screen without squinting. It gives out 65,536 colours with 176 x 208 pixel resolution. The buttons are a little close together and if you have long nails like myself they can be a little difficult to use. It also has a little mirror on the back of the phone.

          The phone comes with 6 different background themes which you can select in the Themes menu. You can then choose what picture you would like in the centre of your screen either by selecting a picture that comes with your phone or putting a photo that you have taken from the camera on the phone.
          You can choose whether you want to display a clock of either digital or analogue clock of 24 or a 12 hour clock. The date is also displayed on the front of the mobile.
          You have on the top left hand corner displaying how strong your reception is and on the right hand side your battery length.

          ~~~Camera & Videoing~~~
          The camera is one of the best features with this phone, with super fine quality. Although I haven’t had any of my photos printed out but this I will be doing in the next few days to see how well this is and I will edit this review and let you know. You can change the camera to night mode although the pictures will not be at there best, it could do with a light as most phones with cameras these days have.
          There is a timer which you can set to 10secs, 20 secs or 30 secs. This is great if you want to take a picture of yourself without getting your arm in the way. If you want to stand your phone up a toilet roll is great to hold it in. lol
          The video recorder will record up to 10 minutes with 4x digital zoom and you also put mute on this along with the night node if needed.
          With the video’s that you have recorded you can edit them with movie director that comes with your phone or even recordings that have been sent to you via blue tooth.

          This is your blue tooth, you can name your phone so when somebody is searching your phone to send you either a video clip or photo they can find it on your phone. You don’t have to keep that name once it is set you can change it as much as you like.
          USB- When purchasing this phone you will get a USB lead that you can plug into your phone that then connects into your PC. This also comes with Nokia PC suite software which is easy to load up.
          So if you want to put your photos or you video recordings onto your PC you use the USB lead. You can also use this if you have songs on your PC that you want as your ring tone.

          ~~~Call Management~~~
          #Contacts: Advanced contacts database with support for multiple phone and email details per entry, also supports thumbnail picture and groups
          #Speed dialling
          #Logs: Keeps lists of your dialled, received, and missed calls
          #Automatic redial
          #Automatic answer (works with compatible headset or car kit only)
          #Supports Fixed Dialling Number, which allows calls only to predefined numbers

          #Voice recorder
          #Wallet- This is really useful, if you want to keep something private from those that are always looking through your phone as you need a password to log into it. You can use this to put in any notes you may need, your card details or any tickets you have booked.

          ~~~My verdict~~~
          If you are used to Nokia’s you won’t find this very difficult to use and you shouldn’t need the user’s guide. If you are not used to Nokia’s which like myself felt like a Nokia virgin (after not using them for a few years) you won’t find they are difficult to use. Like all phones you have to experiment what everything does first to find your way around the phone but you will soon pick it up.
          I don’t think the battery life lasts as long as it states it should which is the phones downside.
          This Is a smart looking phone despite the size of it. I would recommend it to others although it does depend on what you are looking for your mobile to do. It has been very reliable so far but I have only had it 5months but not in a hurry to get rid of it just yet. It does exactly what I want from a phone. Is this the phone for you though?

          Thanx for reading Hayley


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            17.10.2005 21:50
            Very helpful



            A solid, reliable phone with good featues and a good camera

            The nokia 7610 is a really solid phone, to hold, to look at it has a certain impact. Big, sleek, but not bulky.

            Looks: The most imposing thing about this phone is the screen, it dominates with 65,536 colours and a resolution of 176 x 208 pixels. The buttons are functional, and continue the style of the phone. Also the is a small mirror on the rear.

            Features: The 7610 has a 1 mega-pixel digiatal camera built in, ehich is ideal for taking good quality definition pictures on the go. These are stores on a 64 MB reduced size MMC flash memory card which on maximum resolution can hold approximately 200 photos. It also allows video capute of upto 10 mins, saying this the quality is limited and the phone has problems with playback when using the maximum resolution.

            The phone runs on a lithium battery which will wait on standby for about 10 days, providing that bluetooth is not enabled as this will sap your battery, to abou 3 days standby, also talktime is about 3-4 hours.

            The 7610 also has web capabilities with an XHTML viewer, which from personnal experience is very good for, finding out news and sports results, anything more than text is virtually impossible due to the time that it takes. Along with the internet comes email, aswell as MMS messaging.

            Extras: The phone comes with the following:
            -64 MB Reduced Size MultiMediaCard (MMC)
            -USB Connect cable
            -Wrist strap
            -User's Guide

            On the whole a good phone that I have been using for a year know with no major issues other than the case is a bit tatty, nothing a fiver wouldn't fix. Has good features alothoug it is unfairly compared to the O2 XDA (PDA), of which it is not in the same bracket, that fact that it is free on most contracts justifies this, whereas an XDA maybe £££ on top of your contract.


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              15.09.2005 21:30



              Best phone for a long time

              First of all the Nokia 7610 IS an excellent phone.

              It is tempting to compare the useability with a PC or a PDA, but this is not really fair.
              This phone uses the latest generation of symbian operating system and does so to the full. There may be the odd crash or inconsistency in accessibility or functionality, but it does a good job of most things. Remember how long it has taken Microsoft to get Windows to the level it is now with XP? This is a phone and therefore has no mouse and therefore no 'arrow' cursor. It can't be an easy task to replicate the kind of useability you get with a PC, but it does a damn good job in my book!

              Bluetooth connects fast and is totally reliable.
              It loads Apps very quickly compared to its rivals.
              Applications like the Kodak/Life Blog are inspired.
              The PC connectivity via the Nokia PC suite is extremely versatile and fast.
              Phone calls, clarity and in-call functions are all top class - like I said; a great phone!

              Bad points are that the light keeps going out and cannot be set to extended timeout periods. However, this is easily fixed via an application download. That's the beauty of this phone - if you want it, you can sort it. There are more applications available all the time!

              Niggles like not being able to access wallpaper files not initially saved to a folder are a pain, but it's not really a problem. How many phones out there have had you nearly in tears with their totally closed systems?!

              The only other dodgy thing is the video function on night vision - basically a waste of time. Yes the screen gets brighter but the frame rate is worse than a Harold Lloyd film. In normal mode though it is credible and good fun. The camera quality on screen is good and printed on photo paper is perfectly acceptable for a home album.

              All in all it is a fine piece of kit. No worries with wishing I had bought a different one. Lots more to get to grips with that I have not tried yet. As a phone it is typical Nokia quality and the texting/messaging side of things is improved even more over older models. It always pays to remember that with Nokias!


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              27.07.2005 17:15



              a great phone

              I have this phone and I love it to bits I ve had a lot of phones in my time Nokia, Samsung Seimens, Sony Ericsson and a lot more. But the one I prefer over all the rest is the Nokia. My recent purchase is the fantastic Nokia 7610 this phone is great and has all the things I would want a phone like this to have 10 minutes of video. Edit and shape your vision with the Movie Director application, mp3, blue tooth, USB, camera, 64mb memory card, text messaging, multimedia messaging and email. I love this phone also in the welcome pack you get a welcome demo to help you out with any problems you might be having also. You get a leather strap as well to attach to your phone if you wish the network I am with is o2, and I personal think they are amazing I`m on contract with them.

              Key Features
              Integrated 1 mega pixel ) camera with 4x digital video recorder
              Standard and night camera modes
              Movie Director - combine video clips, add music, or change styles
              Created and downloaded digital content (images, sounds, videos) with Gallery storage
              Welcome demo
              Blue tooth wireless technology and USB connectivity
              MMS, email, and instant messaging
              Personalized user interface themes

              Display and User Interface
              65,536 colours
              176 x 208 pixel resolution

              Integrated Digital 1 mega pixel Camera
              4x digital zoom
              Picture modes: standard, night
              Self timer
              Video Recorder
              Time: Up to 10 minutes
              4x digital zoom
              Memory Functions
              8 MB memory for contacts, text messages, multimedia messages, ring tones, images, video clips etc
              64 MB memory card reduced size
              Real One Player
              Download and play multimedia files (video + music)
              Multimedia messaging: Combine image, video, text and voice clip and send as MMS to compatible phone or PC
              Email: Access email accounts whether work or personal; supports
              Text messaging, multimedia messaging and email
              Blue tooth wireless technology
              Send and receive images, video clips, graphics and business cards
              Call Management
              Contacts: Advanced contacts database with support for multiple phone and email details per entry
              Speed dialling
              Logs: Keeps lists of your dialled, received, and missed calls
              Automatic redial
              Supports Fixed Dialling Number
              Java™ Applications
              Downloadable Java games
              Voice Features
              Voice dialling
              Voice commands
              Voice recorder
              Digital Services
              Symbian applications available from Nokia Software Market
              Graphics, icons, animations, logos
              Games: Possibility to download new games
              Ringing tones: True Tones, polyphonic tones
              Themes: Possibility to download new themes
              thnx for reading my review hope you enjoyed it.


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                14.06.2005 17:38
                Very helpful



                After some hard negotiating with the good people at Orange, I got this phone as a free upgrade as part of my contract. (Incidentally, all you have to do is threaten to leave the network and their putty in your hands!!)

                I have to say I'm very impressed with it. I have had it for a couple of months now and have still not taken advantage of all the features! Being a bit of a novice when it comes to phones, all I wanted to be able to was text and phone people, and maybe take a few snaps when I forgot my digital camera. I did not imagine that one phone could turn me into a phonaholic, but I must confess, this is what I have become.

                Last month I went on a 'study' tour to Turkey. I was so impressed with the camera on the phone that I did not even bother to take my camera. I took over 150 good quality photos annd when I got home just transferred them to my computer. I wont pretend that the quality is as good as a the camera (only 1 mega pixel), but it certainly made me feel more at ease that I wasnt carrying so many valubles abroad.

                I also love using my loud speaker, as if nothing else, it always winds up the person on the other end, tremendous fun!!!

                The wap service, while very slow at times, can be very useful and I have downloaded two songs for free to put on it. Now when I forget my ipod I have some backup! Again, the quality of the speaker isnt perfect, but it certainly does the trick in emergencies.

                I should point out that the keys are very difficult to type with at first. As a serial texter, I found this very difficult at first and I am still making a few mistakes, especially with the 'd,e,f) button. However, within a few weeks you will get used it and be texting away with no proplems.

                Having said this, the phone is clearly the biggest step towards having a phone, camera and portable music player all in one. You could wait a year to see what develops, or you could strut anout with one of these babies until then!!


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                  05.01.2005 19:53
                  Very helpful



                  There's so many mobiles out there that it's often difficult to choose what to go for if you're upgrading, having a change or getting your first mobile. Since my first ever mobile I was always a Nokia girl, having had a 5510, 3310 and 7210... then I turned my back on Nokia in favour of the Sharp GX-30. This phone was impressive - it was the first to have a 1 mega-pixel digital camera built into it, as well as having digital video recording facility and an SD card. But it just wasn't a Nokia... It did everything I wanted, but there was something about the usability (is that a word?!) of Nokia phones that I missed. I got used to Sharp's way of texting for example, but it just wasn't 100% as good as I remembered Nokia's texting to be. It wasn't too long before I started my search for my next phone, and, having found the digital camera impressive and suprsingly useful on my Sharp I wanted a fairly decent camera on my new phone. The Sharp was a flip phone (the first time I'd had a flip phone too), but the finish on it scuffed slightly and it soon looked older than its 6 months - I wanted a phone that looked durable and would withstand occasionally being in my bag with other things or the odd accidental drop. My search lead me to...

                  The Nokia 7610
                  The Looks:

                  Slightly wider than many phones, the 7610 has a sleek rectangular shape where the top left and bottom right corners are curved. The reason for the wider shape is that the screen takes priority on this phone. The keypad also follows a curved theme, which although looks as though it would be hard to use it's suprisingly easy and if you're one of those people who text without looking you won't have a problem hitting the right keys after just a couple of practices!
                  The phone comes in two colour combinations - a mainly silver/white combination and a black/red combination. Other X-Press On covers are available though, which can transform the look of your phone, give it that personal feel, or just tidy it up if you've dropped it one too many times! Whilst I'm on the subject, I've found all the Nokia phones I've had withstand a knock or two very well, and although the covers may scratch slightly they're hardly visible - unlike with my Sharp phone, that although seemed great at the start, soon started to become scuffed around the edges.


                  Nokia's menu systems always seem easy to get around in my opinion. With this phone, there's a dedicated button on the keypad that brings up the menu options - unlike most Nokias where you scroll through the menu options, in this phone they're displayed on the screen as small icons and you select the icon for the area you want to go to. This looks nice on the colour screen and is easy to use and to see what you need. The four-directional button lets you quickly shift to whatever icon you want and pressing the relevant option button on the phone or pressing the middle of the directional button takes you into the menu.


                  As per usual with Nokia phones texting is easy. Having a larger colour display means that plenty of characters can be displayed on the screen at once, and unlike some of the simpler Nokias the texting screen is displayed like a lined notepad. It's clearly displayed how many characters there are left in your text which is also very useful.


                  Perhaps the first thing that drew me to the phone was the fact that it had a built in 1 mega pixel digital camera. Whilst this is nothing compared to the digital cameras on the market, it's pretty good for a mobile. I have a digital camera, but don't you always find that when you're out and see something that catches your eye you end up thinking 'if only I had my camera'? Well, to me, the built in camera is the next best thing to having my proper digital camera with me. One of my previous Nokia phones had a camera, but it wasn't that impressive - pictures were grainy and it was hard to tell what they were, but at 1 mega pixel they're not too bad, and if you really want to improve them they're not too hard to make improvements to on your PC with the relevant software. The only real downside is no flash - this obviously affects your picture taking in poor light.

                  The digital camcorder is also a bonus. I've never been one for wanting a camcorder of any kind, but my old Sharp phone had one and I soon found myself recording mini clips to share with people, for example when I got my pup and took him to the park for the first time etc. The video recording facility on the 7610 is superior to the Sharp phone in that it can record up to 10 minutes of footage (the Sharp could only handle about 2 minutes). Again, you can't expect the same quality you'd get from a gadget specifially built for video recording, but for a phone it's impressive and sound quality really isn't bad.


                  Having a camera and video recorder, Nokia have kindly thrown in an Integrated Movie Director application which can be used to edit your mini movies. I've not had much of a play with this myself yet, but its a nice touch to the phone.

                  The phone has an ample 8 MB internal dynamic memory with 64 MB Reduced Size MultiMediaCard (MMC). To give an idea of what this can give you, the phone will let you store 200 photos as well as a few video clips and the likes.

                  The phone has a built in 'Notes' feature, calculator, converter (converts things like cm to inches, pounds to kilos etc), a voice recorder, clock/alarm, 'wallet' feature (a password protected area that allows you to record your card numbers including loyalty cards and the likes), calendar, to-do list, chat feature, web access, RealPlayer and much more!

                  The Verdict
                  There's so much you can write about a mobile phone, but without realising you can find yourself regurgitating the spec as per the manufacturer's website and reading like an instruction manual. I've tried to avoid that in this review and give more of an overview of the phone and it's uses. It's much more than just something to chat on and I'm certainly impressed with the quality and ease of use of the phone.

                  Its plus points other than it functioning well as a mobile phone (i.e. for making phone calls on) have to be the camera features and the ease of texting (to pick out just a couple).
                  The niggles? There's hardly any... though it does sometimes frustrate me that it remembers where you were within a menu and next time you go to that menu it takes you back to that place - to explain: imagine you searched through your contact list to find a certain person's phone number, then, rather than exiting through the address book to the menu then closing the menu etc you just clicked the 'red phone' button which basically cancels what you're doing and takes you back to the blank screen - next time you access the contacts the first thing it'll display is that last number you looked up. It's not a big deal, and it's obviously designed to be useful, but it's taken a bit of getting used to.

                  As you can see, the niggle I have isn't really worth even worrying about!

                  Overall I'm very impressed with this phone and will definitely be keeping it for some time! It's convinced me not to leave Nokia again the next time I look to upgrade my phone and it's certainly a phone I'd recommend! (I have not included prices as they vary so often and depend on factors such as trade-ins and contracts etc - prices can easily be found by looking at service providers websites such as www.orange.co.uk, www.vodafone.co.uk, www.o2.co.uk etc).

                  Worthy of 5 stars * * * * *


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                    03.11.2004 15:11
                    Very helpful



                    I took me a while to decided on the nokia 7610 as there’s so many phones out their with very similar specifications, but my list was pretty clear. I wanted something not too big, with bluetooth and a half decent camera. I also wanted a phone with a simbian os if possible as I had quite a few useful apps id found off the internet that I wanted to start using.

                    The thing that put me off about the 7610 initially was its size, it is quite a big block when you look at it but when you start to use it you realise its really not all that much bigger than most the clamshell phones as it has an internal aerial.

                    There’s not too much on the phone when you first get it, just a few apps and boring video clips to show off the real player, but once you start to personalise it and get more software and games etc it a lot more fun. One of the first things I did was connected it via USB to my computer, which worked first time and was very simple. The software that comes with it has all you could possibly need to manage your 7610 and transfer files to and from it. I started off by putting a few games on it, a couple of themes and episode or two of the Simpson’s! The phone comes with a 64 mb media card that’s extremely useful for storing pictures of videos copied from the pc or recorded on the phone itself using its 1 mega pixel camera. If your like me and like to have the odd movie carried around with you then you can buy a bigger card (I believe some places sell up to 1gb!!).

                    Talking of the camera I have been very impressed by the quality of the photos it produces, obviously they’re not amazing in all conditions but for the purpose of MMS it captures colours and shades very well. This is all helped by the amazing quality of the screen. There are phones out at the moment with 262k colour screens (this being only 65K) but the quality of the screen on the 7610 is so high I wouldn’t say it makes a difference at the moment.

                    There is nothing I don’t love about this phone now, everything about the nokia interface design is perfect. I’ve had a couple of phones in the past few years by Samsung and sagem and theres always been problems about the interface, text message storage and phonebooks that have always grated on me but the 7610 gets them all right.

                    The phonebook can store just about any information about each entry as you like thanks to the shared memory of the phone the only limit is the 8 meg of onboard memory. For example, picture, voice tag, mobiles, land lines, business numbers, birthdays or address’s.

                    The text messaging is so much better than anything I have ever used before. Again the amount of texts stored is dependant on the shared memory. At my current rate I should be able to store another 2000 texts !!! The dictionary is usually right and you can always add words to it as you find missing ones. There is also a very useful counter that tells you how many characters you have left and in brackets how many messages are need to send the whole thing, so you can run over the character limit and not worry about it. Lots of folders and the ability to send and receive emails also make this section very powerful.

                    My only disappointment with the phone so far is the bluetooth, it seems to be a bit temperamental but I’m inclined to think it’s the headset as it keeps crashing and seeing as the rest of the phone is so perfect it seems unlikely that they would have tripped up on such a major feature. To end on a high the range of the bluetooth is very good and with line of sight I would say it easily reachs the quoted 10m’s. Through walls the range drops but you could still put the phone in the boot of your car and still make phone calls from the drivers seat.

                    All in all I’m still finding new programs and games to make this phone even better, but this is one of the best phones I have used or seen in action in a long time.


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                      27.09.2004 11:09
                      Very helpful



                      The Nokia 7610 sure looks good. Sexy styling is all well and good but I tend to like a few brains to back up mere looks....

                      When upgrading my handset a few weeks ago I came up with a long list of requirements and the new 7610 seemed like the only (Nokia) handset to meet them all. My list went something like this....Funky looks, tri-band, good quality digital camera and video capture facilities, multi-media messaging & Mp3 ring tones.

                      I’m not going to bore you with the technical details of what it can and can’t do or how much it weighs - you can visit the Nokia website or pretty much any mobile phone retailer’s site for all that sort of information, I just want to tell you about it from a users perspective.

                      The first thing I noticed upon arrival of my new handset was that it did not have an input for my existing wired Nokia handsfree set, meaning that I had to immediately buy a blue tooth handsfree set. Not too bad, any excuse to buy new gadgets is alright with me, but it still meant an additional expenditure that I had not factored in (a basic Bluetooth head set can be brought for around £30). The only other thing I have really noticed is there are no games on the phone. Not even the most basic ‘snakes’ is included which I thought was a bit tight, meaning again, you have to fork out more money to download games yourself.

                      The 7610 handset comes complete with a CD-rom, a leather carry strap, charger and an additional USB cable. I hooked up the cable to my PC and my phone and set about installing the software required to achieve my first objective – to get an Mp3 off my computer onto my phone and set it up as my ringtone. Although I am computer literate and actually work IT my first few attempts to get my phone to talk to the computer were unsuccessful and I had to remove and then re-install before it would finally work and even now it remains temperamental – though I concede this could be something to do with my PC rather than the software.

                      So with 3 Mp3’s finally transferred to my phone I set about listening to them and all the other ringtones on the handset. All the midi ringtones sound loud and clear but with .amr and Mp3 ringtones they are either very quiet or loud but with a high amount of noise distortion, i’ve basically deleted all the .amr ringtones as they are useless. After taking a few movie clips and playing them back I found that this lack of aural clarity on playback affected this application too.

                      The volume of Mp3 ringtones is so low that even inside the house, with no external noises you can barely hear the phone ring! The same is true of the alarm clock function which for some really odd reason is very quiet and would definitely not wake up a heavy sleeper! I have tried for 3 days to find a way of changing the alarm to make it louder but there is no volume control for the alarm specifically and thus far I have failed.

                      This brings me to the only real gripe I have about this phone. The sound quality is appalling. The speaker volume and sound clarity during telephone conversations is great, crystal clear, but the sound quality for Video playback, ringtones (other than standard and midi tones) & Mp3’s is really is dreadful and really does let this great little phone down.

                      On the up side, the best thing about this phone has to be the 1 mpx integrated camera which is fantastic. For a phone, the pictures are really excellent quality and there is a fairly decent night time mode allowing you to take pretty clear pictures at night indoors. There is some fun video editing software on there and you can apply styles to movies you create which is certainly fun.

                      If I had known the sound quality would be this poor I definitely would NOT have chosen this handset, which is a shame because once again Nokia have come up with something that is not only intelligent and intuitive to use but looks pretty sexy too. If Mp3 or real tone ringtones are not for you then I would urge you to go for this phone, however, if you like many thousands are keen to have the latest chart ringtones or hope to show your individuality with your funky or obscure choice of Mp3 ringtone then stay away as this phone’s audio/ringtone quality will only disappoint.


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