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    5 Reviews
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      20.05.2012 18:43



      Treat it nicely, and it'll treat you nicely!

      I had the Nokia 5800 before this, and I was quite happy with it so I decided to play it safe and go for another Nokia, the C7.

      -Aesthetics and Buttons-
      It looks simple but effective, and fits my hand(s) nicely. The charger goes in on the left side of the phone, which is different to most phones. There are three buttons at the bottom: a green one (for calling people), a white one (for opening the menu or going to the home screen, hold it to show which apps are open. It also wildly flashes for a long time if you have an unread text or missed call) and a red button (for ending calls or closing apps). On the right hand side is the keylock switch in the middle, which you pull down to lock or unlock the phone. Below it is a camera button which you use for opening the camera, starting and stopping videos or taking photos. Above both of these are volume up and down buttons, with a voice commands button in the middle. There's a power button, 3.5mm slot and mini USB slot on the very top.

      As the phone is touch screen, you'll spend much more time using it than the buttons. The 3.5inch AMOLED screen has a resolution of 640x360, which is plenty for a phone. The colours are vivid enough and everything can be seen clearly. When touched, it's accurate and responsive. I'd recommend a cover to protect your screen though.

      There are two cameras: an ordinary, main one on the back, and another (much lower quality one) one on the front for video calls and vain people. The 8MP back camera photos are good in strong light, but the quality drops a lot as the light does, unless you use the flash. There's face detection, a self-timer, the ability to change things like contrast and exposure, a multitude of possible scenes, and also options such as sepia and black and white. The zoom is digital, but acceptable in most cases. If you go for the full 8MP the pictures will be in 4:3 aspect ratio, which doesn't fit the phone screen. However, if you will only keep them on the phone, it may be best to settle for 6MP, which is in 16:9 like the screen. Video quality is brilliant, with the option of recording in up to 720p (HD), although this does use memory ridiculously quickly. Speaking of which:

      There is 8GB of memory built-in, and I use a 16GB micro-SD card also. However, this can suddenly fill up if you record lots of high-quality video or have a large music library (as I do). It will accept a 32GB card if the combined 24GB doesn't suffice.

      -Homescreens, Widgets and the Interface-
      Since the latest update, called Belle, to the Symbian 3 operating system, there are now 6 customisable homescreens. You can swap between them by sliding your finger across the screen, choose a different wallpaper for each and arrange widgets (e-mail, shortcuts, a clock, weather, etc.). This is one of the few things that many smartphones don't do and this does. As a whole, it's intuitive to navigate through the phone and all the menus look good.

      -NFC and FM Transmission-
      The C7 boasts NFC (Near Field Communications), which can be used for things such as contactless payment and multiplayer gaming with friends nearby. Unfortunately, I don't know anybody else with NFC, so it's untested as of yet. On the other hand, I've had plenty of experience using the FM transmitter. This sends your music as a radio signal for a short distance, another feature which most phones lack. It can take a while to find a good clean frequency sometimes, but I use it often to listen to music in the car which I don't have on CD.

      Unlike on the fussy iPhone or Nokia Lumia 800, the C7 will happily connect to almost any Bluetooth device in order to transfer files or use a headset. When it does so, the speed is phenomenal.

      How long the battery lasts depends very much on how much you use it. I spend a lot of time using it, so I have to charge it every night. However, if you mostly leave it alone it will last for a few more days.

      With the Belle update, the internet browser became much faster, and is now a joy to use. If you have a good connection (whether WiFi or 3G) then websites such as YouTube will work perfectly. However, Soundcloud refuses to work. There is a Nokia app called Social designed specifically for social networking, but I find the browser based versions of Facebook and Twitter easier to use and quicker.

      -Music Player-
      Visually the music player is very nice, scrolling through all your album covers to find the one you want. It is however disappointing that there isn't the ability to browse by artist. Every friend that has ever used my music player has looked for this function, and been as surprised as I was to learn that it simply isn't there. While it looks like there are two speakers on the back, there is in fact only one, and the other 'speaker' is just for symmetry. It's hard to hear near a busy road, for example, and the sound quality is not good. This can of course be solved by plugging into external speakers or headphones.

      Reliability is by no means its strong point. In the year and 3 months I've had it, it's been sent away for repair twice, and fixed for free by Nokia both times. It occasionally refuses to send and recieve text messages despite having full signal, and often doesn't work well after being in moist conditions. Just a few days ago, the keylock switch stopped working, but the phone can still be locked and unlocked without. I would suggest getting a hard case and screen protectors.

      My deal is £10.21 per month with £100 initial costs for unlimited texts and 100 minutes. I am still very happy with this, and there are plenty of phones that are no better for twice and thrice the price.

      Shop around, try out different phones and read plenty of reviews on them all if you can. The C7 may not be perfect, but I would still recommend it to you.


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        03.01.2012 01:48
        Very helpful



        a good phone for people on a buget

        I got this phone on contract from orange after my last nokia had major problems and had to repeatedly send back. The operater told me that this phone was a contender to the iphone but to be honest i had my doubts and even though i took the phone out with them i have noticed that the phone does lack some essential elements.
        Although i do love my phone i have found that the phone has a very flimsy touch screen, something thats not good in my job profession and i have had to have the screen repaired once already, although since the screen has been repaired it seems alot stronger. After having the phone for about 3 weeks the screen itself was coming away from the casing, i phoned orange and they sent for it to be repaired yet again. After i got it back i havent had a problem in the actual structure of the phone but i was unhappy to have to pay for somethings that should be looked at before the phone had even been able to sell.

        Secondly i have found that if i dont update my phone as soon as the updates appear on my screen, my touch screen stops working all together and i have to send it off to be repaired once that has happened. I have asked orange about this and all they tell me is that its a fault with the phone and they have alot of nokias coming in with the same problems. I feel that nokia need to sort themselves out and make sure the phones work perfectly before letting them go for sale.

        Other than the things i have mensioned above, everything about the phone is great.
        The camera is one of the best ive seen on a phone, apart from the iphones and htc's. My pictures are very clear and even when i have printed them out they still look very clear.
        To send a message can be a little tricky when you first get the phone, i took me a good 20 minutes to figure it out before i got the hand of things but once i had i havent had a problem.
        The apps i have been able to download to my phone is great, pretty much everything you can get on the iphone you can get on here and my kids love that they can play games like angry birds and colouring games on my phone although i do hav to be carefl because you can easily go onto the internet on the games which charges me.
        The one thing on my phone that i have relied on a hell of alot is the satnav. Its great that i dont have to carry around a satnav anymore and that when i got the phone i also got a holder for inside the car although whilst the phone is on the satnav it really drains the battery so be prepared and take you car charger with you.
        Memory on the phone is huge, i have been downloading practically everything i can find and still havent been able to fill it. Im not sure exactly how much memory i do have on the phone but i have put a full length film onto the phone to watch whilst i have been at work in the evenings and the phone didnt slow down because of it and there was still plenty of memory for the rest of my songs and pictures amongst other things on there too.

        I have got this phone in silver but i have noticed that it is very easily scratched so buying a cover for it wouldnt be a waste of money. As it stand i have had this phone for nearly a year now and apart from the times it has had to go in for repair that i have stated above its a pretty good phone. All you have to remember is to update as soon as the message tells you too and have a look at the screen when you first recieve it as it may be a little flimsy and if so try and get the company you got it from to repair it.

        I would recommend this phone to people who havent go the money for an iphone or htc and still want a phone that is pretty close to them, i have really enjoyed having this phone but like i say be prepared to have to get it repaired because it will only be a matter of time.


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        23.09.2011 19:39
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great all-round phone

        Nokia is apparently having a lot of problems these days. Their current phone line-up is regarded as poor and unable to compete with the likes of Apple and HTC. As a result they are dumping their Symbian OS soon and using Microsoft's Windows Phone. What I don't understand is that Nokia phones still have every advantage they have always had - Great features, great battery life, and they never ever break.

        I recently purchased a Nokia C7 for less than £200 (for reference, an iPhone 4 costs more than double that). It is nearly a year old, but has nearly everything current smartphones have. It has a 3.5 inch AMOLED display, 8MP camera with 720p video recording, GPS, NFC, 8GB of storage, microSD, FM transmitter, WiFi, front-facing camera etc etc etc. The specs are easy to look up so there is no need to detail them here, but they are more than up to date.

        Well, except for one. The phone has an ancient processor by todays standards, but this brings me to the phones main advantage. The one that most overlooked. Symbian OS is brilliant.

        Symbian was created years and years ago which means, unlike Android, it doesn't need huge amounts of processor power to run smoothly. This in turn means that the battery life is far better than any Android phone. Many of these phones need charging every day. Not the C7 - it lasts forever.

        Symbian's main flaw is it's user interface. Personally I like it, but it's not as slick as Android or iOS. However the upcoming Symbian Belle update will make this point moot, as it includes a brand new interface. If you look it up you will find it's incredibly smooth and nice to use, with a new toolbar, drop-down menu and widget system.

        Aside from this, the C7 can do everything. Email, social networking and internet browsing (with Opera Mobile) all work perfectly. The App Store is actually very popular, and has many very useful apps. One I use a lot is Joikuspot which turns the C7 into a wireless modem, allowing me to connect my laptop to the internet while out of the house. The store also contains a lot of games such as Need for Speed, Asphalt and Angry Birds.

        The inbuilt apps are very strong. The music app is at least as capable as an iPod and has a coverflow-style interface. The maps app gives free navigation anywhere in the world with voice directions, traffic information and everything else you would expect. Quickoffice and Adobe Reader are included, and next year Microsoft Office will be available for free! There are also photo and video editors which I have not used much but seem very capable. The phone can also watch iPlayer videos.

        Every throughout the phone are little touches that make it better. For example, when the phone is sleeping it displays a clock on the screen. The AMOLED screen means this does not drain the battery. If you hold down the lock slider a torch will activate - no app required. When you receive a phone call, turning the phone over will mute the ringtone (HTC has since claimed this innovation). The same action will also cause alarms to go into snooze mode. I'm still discovering what this phone can do - just yesterday I found out it can read out my texts to me!

        The phone itself is rock solid. The camera takes good pictures, the speakers are loud and the call quality is excellent. Like every Nokia phone I have ever used it feels like I could throw it at a wall and it would be fine.

        Nokia may be down, but they are most certainly not out.


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          08.06.2011 20:09
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          The Nokia C7-00 has everything you need on it!

          When you say the word 'nokia' to me an image of a brick-like old blue phone pops into my head, but this phone is quite the opposite. So after a lot of pursuading from the shop assistant I invested in the Nokia C7 in silver. I have a contract deal which is reasonably priced to suit my needs. You can buy the phone for about £220+ on pay as you go from various stores, or, like me, you can pay monthly, from rates between £10-35 depending on how many texts, minutes or MB you want per month. My contract states I must keep my phone for around 18months before swapping my mobile, which is a pain as phones can grow easily out of fashion and 1 and a half years is a long time!

          The phone's apperance is not too bad, but I am not a fan two shades of silver on the back. You can purchase the phone in silver or champagne (as in the picture above). The screen is quite large, and fills most of the frontside of the phone, except the three buttons on the bottom (call, menu and end call buttons) . Around the edge of the phone there is numerous buttons for many different things, they are mostly they are excessive and unnecessary though. There is a USB connector at the top, along with the on/off button; to the left hand side there is just the charger hole; on the right hand side, from top to bottom, there is two volume buttons and inbetween them there is a speech commands button; further down there is a screen lock switch and then a camera button. The screen lock button can often get difficult to slide, but you are able to alternativaly lock/unlock the screen and buttons by using the menu or on/off button.

          When you remove the back of the phone there is a sim card slot, battery slot and and micro SD memory card hole (but you do have to remove the battery to get to this). I would recommend you use an SD card because the phones memory is okay, but if you want to store photos, music, videos or applications you will need one. Also on the back of the phone are the speakers, and the back camera and flash light. The speakers are of good quality and can go up to a high volume if necessary. The camera is 8 mega pixels, which can take clear photos easily. The camera can also record videos, and the flash can also be used as a source of light (torch) (application must be downloaded).

          The phone is generally easy to use, but if you do have any difficulties then there is a guide option on the phone, which clearly explains everything, for when you don't understand what to do. Also on the phone there is options for the web store OVI, so that you can download games and applications.

          Nokia C7-00 is durable to being dropped (- I would know!), so if you are particularly clumsy, like myself, the phone is strongand can take the force of you dropping it repeatedly! The battery life is long lasting and can be put on 'energy saving mode', but when using internet browser the battery life it can rapidly decrease.

          From this phone you can access the internet and your social networks, you can also watch videos, navigate your way around (OVI Maps), listen to music and the radio and store pictures and other applications. From this phone you are able to edit photos slightly, for example, cropping them, adding text and cartoon pictures, and add effects ect.

          My experience with this phone so far has been mainly positive and I find that this phone is easy to use and has everything I need, but, there has been a few occasions where the screen has frozen, which then caused me inconvenience and hassle to switch it off and then back on again. But, aside from that, I think that this phone is priced well and is a great purchase!


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            14.01.2011 13:04
            Very helpful



            Fab alternative to the iphone which is great fun to use.

            I have just last week upgraded to this Nokia phone, a recently released touchscreen aimed at people who do not need the memory capacity or business capability of the N8 (although I would say that it is perfectly adequate on most counts).

            I chose this phone because I had absolutely loved my previous Nokia touchscreen (the 5230) which was my first foray into the world of iphone-eqsue touchscreen smartphones (well - aside from my work phone which is a HTC touch and which I absolutely abhor).

            Having now used it for over a week I love this phone even more because it is slicker, faster and even more responsive than the 5230 was. It feels like this really is a suitable, efficient upgrade on things which the 5230 did well anyway, this one is just lovely to use.

            It is heavier than the 5230 and where that was encased in plastic this has a metal backplate and rim around the screen, mine is the silver and chrome version available on 3 and you can also get it in black and a reddish colour (as shown in the picture above). It feels more substantial in your hand and the screen is slightly bigger and unfortunately still attracts fingerprints like craxy - I find myself frequently buffing the screen, one of my only irks with this beauty.

            There are some new features to the software on this phone which address issues that, after months of using, I had spotted on the 5230. There is a new feature to immediately show you which apps are open and you can then quickly scroll through closing them down as you go. Previously you had to go through each folder checking which ones were open, this makes much more sense.

            I quite like the OS, which is Symbian 3 although I know it has come in for some stick against the likes of Android and Google. Personally I find it reliable, easy to use and pretty quick. If you have always liked Nokia phones and are completely used to how they structure files and folders within menus then you will like this. I find these days I never even need to read the user manuals with nokias because I can literally just figure them out very quickly. Complicated they are not.

            Calling on this phone is easy and I have had no problems so far with cutting out, volume or any other function related fails. The battery life is as impressive as the 5230, despite using it all the time and frequently having a couple of apps open at once, I do not need to charge this phone every day. This is one of my favourite things about it.

            Memory on this phone is good with 8GB built in and a slot for a Mini SD card too. For me this is plenty although if you wanted to use this phone as your MP3 player aswell you might need to utilise the memory card slot (which I have not needed to do yet despite having about 80 photos and 50 odd songs on it).

            Ovi maps are built in again, as they were with the 5230 and although I have a sat nav in the car anyway I find this very useful when walking somewhere and trying to find locations, also when I can't be bothered to hook up the tom tom in the car, this is often quicker and more up to date too.

            The touchscreen is very responsive without being overly so, it generally seems almost intuitive in the way you can go through the menus and search the internet. The keyboard for the texting function is slightly different from the 5230 version and this threw me for the first day or so because I kept hitting the capital button instead of the delete. You quickly adapt though and I am now just as quick as on the old phone.

            The screen switches between landscape and portrait depending on which way you are holding it quickly and accurately and there is a nifty new way of zooming in on photos by pushing the corners of each shot out towards the corners of the screen. I am evidently easily impressed!

            The main camera is much, much better than on the 5230 which had a 2MP basic point and shoot. On the C7 it is a much more impressive 8MP and it has more features (including face detect, ISO settings and a self timer function) and a twin flash. This is actually now a better camera than my actual digital camera! There is also a front facing camera at the top above the screen which means video calling and skype are now much easier.

            The video camera function on this phone is now HD quality at 720p resolution. I am slightly puzzled why there is a need for such quality from a phone but it is nice to have. You can also hook up this phone to your HD TV for playback which does mean it would be quite good if you were on holiday for instance and wanted to catch something quickly and simply.

            The camera/video function is quickly accessible thanks to a shortcut button on the side of the screen which, when you turn the phone on its side is where it would be on a camera. Simple and very clever.

            OVI app store is beginning to expand and has plenty to keep you entertained. I find social networking very easy on this phone and there is a built in social network app which can link all your accounts too.

            Personally, as someone who refuses to shell out hundreds of pounds on that most stealable of devices (the iphone) I think this Nokia is a very comparable competitor. You can buy it pay as you go for around £370 so it is by no means cheap - but it is more widely available and on much lower priced packages for free with 3 amongst other providers.

            Nice to look at, easy to use and a joy to play with - I think this phone is ideal if you want everything at your fingertips and a camera which is fantastic as a bonus.


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