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Nokia's progression into the smartphone market, the Lumia 610 is cheaper than alternatives, easy to use and great for social media access. However, apps are lacking and camera quality could be much crisper.

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    13 Reviews
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      08.02.2014 19:08



      great first or cheap smartphone, but not great for the serial web browser or app user

      The main reasons I picked this particular phone were budget, size, brand and colour. After having stuck with the same old brick of a feature phone for 3 years I decided it was time to try a smartphone, but didn't want to pay the extortionate prices these can be associated with. I mainly only use my phone for calls and texts, but thought it might be handy to have some apps on it too, for example facebook, gmail etc. I chose Nokia because it had always been a reliable make for me in the past.

      So, as I said the main reasons I picked this phone were that it only cost around £100, it was fairly small so easy to fit in my pocket, and it came in a lovely blue colour which really caught my attention. Performance wise, it can be quite slow when using the internet etc and some apps, including the pre-installed Nokia ones can be unreliable and crash a lot. Having said this, the range of Nokia Apps is really good, eg Nokia Maps, Nokia Music and Nokia Reader being my favourites, however Windows phones still have a lot of catching up to do with regards to apps.

      The live tiles are great, and it has a very attractive and customisable UI, the 5mp camera isn't too bad either, and comes with lots of customisable settings for exposure etc. It is also very easy to sync with a PC via bluetooth or wifi.

      Overall, it can be a bit slow and unreliable at times, but for £100 it is a very smart little phone which suits me just fine for now.


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      23.10.2013 19:47



      You can go for it, but keep in mind it is slow.

      I own Nokia Lumia 610 for quite sometime now.
      I admit that the phone is painfully slow, but it has definitely changed the way i use my phone.
      Earlier i used my phone only for calls, texts, and pictures, but with this lovely lumia i use it for a lot of things like internet browsing, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, emails etc. i must say i don't use PC as much now as i used it earlier.

      Linked inbox: This feature will enable you to link the inboxes of your different emails into one. I loved this feature. My linked inbox contains my yahoo, gmail and live id.
      Linked contacts: You can link a person's phone number with his Facebook id and/or his different number.
      Tiles: I liked the tile layout provided Microsoft, you can personalize it according to your taste. You can even pin your favorite contact to the screen.

      What i liked:
      Its design, i liked the metallic rim provided along the screen. It gives my phone a bold look.
      The inbuilt Nokia apps work like breeze, no problem there.
      Camera: 5 MP, takes clear pics. I think camera is too good, we even have flash.
      Nokia music: Awesome.
      Nokia drive: Works very good on 3G and WiFi, slow on 2G.
      Skydrive: We can download skydive and get 7 GB memory to store our stuff.
      Memory: 8 GB of internal memory! however that's the only memory space we have.
      Tough phone: i dropped it so many times.
      Screen: Absolute joy! very smooth, very easy to use. It is a TFT screen(gorilla glass i guess).

      What i disliked:
      Internet is slow. We are provided with IE 9 whereas win 8 users have IE 10.
      Third party apps are very slow. Tango works pathetic. No Skype.
      No temple run. All the games are paid, very few are free.
      No SD card support.

      Opinion: If you use 3G and have WiFi at home or office, go for it. It works smooth on 2G as well, but on 3G its very fast. Its quality at low price.


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        28.09.2013 14:16



        Will keep it for a long time

        Well i did want this phone in pink or blue but they wernt in stock so i made due with the black. Nothing a cheap coloured cover cannot fix. I purchased this phone last december from the o2 shop for £99.99. I use it on pay as you go.

        I must start of by saying that im not big into technology. The main things i use my phone for are texts, calls, emails, the camera and music.

        The text feature is great as it gathers your texts into conversations which makes them easier to read and flick back to. The keypad is a little small but not a big problem.

        Calls are easy to use. You select your contact's profile and can select either call or text. When in call like all phones you have an option for speaker, mute, hold and add call. There is also the option to connect to a bluetooth device. The keypad has a standard keypad tone.

        As long as you are connected to wifi, emails come through automatically and your account is always logged in which is handy if youre waiting on something important. They are displayed and have the options that your standard email account should.

        The camera is quite good but my only downside is that the albums do not record date and time that the picture was taken. You can divide your pictures into albums which is useful. The camera is 5 megapixels which means nothing to me. As long as it takes photos and videos then i am happy.

        To have music saved to your phone you have to pay for it. Instead of this i downloaded a free music app from the app store and store music on there. It is easy to use and you can also listen to it when not connected to the internet. For ringtones i also downloaded a free ringtone app.

        The phone itself is of a good size and weight and fits great into your hand and is comfy to hold. The back comes off easily to access the simcard.

        The buttons on the phone are easy to press and with ease which is useless if your in a call.

        My last nokia phone before this one was a complete letdown. I could not be happier with this one that i have now. I can safely say that i will not be upgrading and will keep this one for a long time.


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        08.08.2013 00:27



        Really surprised with Windows Phone 8. Got to try it to believe it!

        I previously owned a LG Optimus P500 and it was really great. I didn't intend to get a new phone but after my phone broke I needed one fast so settled for a cheap option. I did my research but was drawn to the windows phone layout instantly. I was drawn to this model in particular because it balances basics to ensure a bargain price with the essentials and some top end features.
        I love the tile home screen and since I only really use my phone for text, facebook, twitter and email I can have all of these right on my home screen. I also have the "me" tile that makes me aware of any social notifications and allows me to update quickly, "social" tile so I can catch up quicker than checking all social networks, contacts (for obvious reasons), "games" "music" "maps" and "settings" but this are smaller tiles and take up a quarter of the space of the other tiles. Although this may seem like a lot for a home screen, it all fits onto the 3.7" display nicely without my needing to scroll. The only problem is that when you need to access other apps the list that appears when flipping to the right can become quite extensive and difficult to find the right app. The app store is good but not as big as the apple store and google play store. I think this is better since it has all the essentials and they are much easier to find.
        The camera is great. Its very sharp and works well in low light without the need of the flash. From the current advertising for the Nokia 925, it seems the whole Lumia range handles well in low light. The lenses make it easy to swap what you wish to use your camera for whether that be photography, panoramics in particular, searching the internet with bing vision or smart shoot (a smart, multiple picture taking app that allows user to pic out best shot).
        The whole range has a search button which loads the bing app from any page, this app shows a new picture everyday with new facts which I find a wholesome touch. From this page you can also search using the microphone and the camera or open scout which allows user to search the local area for points of interest.
        The display is clear and outweighs all similar priced phones completely. It is very sensitive and can be used with gloves on. My only issue is that I cannot customise the brightness level and this is done automatically.
        The real seller for this phone is that you can import facebook and twitter contacts as well as linking the phone to all email accounts. All these contacts are automatically linked together so that when messaging you can flick between Facebook and texts and when viewing the profile of the contact, all of their recent news is displayed from all sources. It doesn't sound like a lot or very special but it is displayed so well and feels so helpful.
        If the immediate appearance of window phone 8 looks great to you then the Lumia range is right for you. There really isn't anything wrong with this phone.


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        08.07.2013 16:34
        Not Helpful



        would not choose this phone again

        I like the menu and the fact you can click and drag the shortcuts so the ones you use regularly can be near the top to save scrolling through. I find the phone very slow to open the applications and spend a lot of time waiting for thee phone to load what I have asked it to. The battery life is good. The size is also good and it is nice and thin. A big negative is how many applications are not available on this windows phone. There have been many occasions I have been in the market store and can't buy what I want as it is not compatible with this phone. Then windows phone has not been as good as I had hoped (or told it would be by the phone sales man) and I wish I had gone for an android phone as most applications are available.


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        22.05.2013 19:50



        Good value and great, welcoming layout.

        The Nokia Lumia runs on Windows 8 which is why i actually bought this phone. I am surprised at the capabilities and customization of Windows 8 which really plays to the phone's advantage as it is easy to navigate through and easy to make it your own device, just how you want it. It allows you to organise all of your applications from the Nokia Marketplace in order of size and in position; this is very practical as i can easily access all that i need to quickly: emails, texts, Facebook, websites and much more.

        The only thing that i would say lets it down is the Marketplace itself. The Nokia Marketplace is very limited and in my case, extremely slow. It seems to take a very long time to download just one app and with limited variety, this makes it not such a good experience. When i first purchased the phone, i had many troubles with it and had to get in contact with Microsoft many times to help resolve the problem. Luckily, they were very helpful and the problem was sorted but still, just a little bit too slow.

        Great phone, great price

        Some little things just let it down.


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        07.05.2013 01:04



        This phone is very good value it has mp3 player built in, good camera to take nice pictures, very good looking,very light weight what else could you ask for it has a Hugh range of applications for this phone i would rate this phone a 8 out of 10.


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        30.04.2013 23:11
        Very helpful



        good phone

        Brought this phone new, due to the fact I fancied a change and I had seen many adverts on it.


        The touch screen is brilliant, it really is pretty much the same as any of the apple products.

        Product feels strong in your hand and its very durable, with my dropping it many times and it now bashing at all.

        Price is relatively cheap compared to the other smart phones, yet it does pretty much the same things as all of them.

        5MP camera is very good, and when you upload the pictures onto the computer laptop they look really professional and high quality.

        There is a huge amount of internal memory (8 gig) so it's very unlikely you need to spend money buying memory cards.

        Battery life is very long lasting, but suffers a lot if your browsing on 3G or downloading apps


        My friend brought the Nokia 710 for exactly the same prices, admittedly he did shop about a bit but for the same price id certainly go for the Nokia 710, as it's the upgraded version and is certainly better.

        The fact that the apps seem to be constantly needed to be updated, and the phone software which certainly does eat away at your internet horrifically fast, so my advice is to only do it in a WIFI area!

        The metal looking bits on the side of the phone are not metal, they're plastic and its quite obvious that theyre not metal even from a distance.

        No micro-SD memory card slot!


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        06.04.2013 01:38
        Very helpful



        A must buy for any future handset buyer with a strict budget,

        So I will start off by saying that I purchased this device as I wanted the new Lumia 920, but finances wouldn't allow that, so I settled for NOKIA's entry level Windows device, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I received in the mail a few days later...

        So I'll start this review with the first details I noticed when I tore of the postage packaging, the handset comes in a very alluring box, albeit being made of card the printing was crisp and not too overwhelming, and it was sturdy enough for something that, will most likely, only be opened once and thrown into a drawer. Upon opening the box and picking up the handset I immediately opened it up and threw my new SIM and battery in, slotted the back into place and admired how sturdy the device felt, it is all made from a very sturdy, yet thin plastic and scratch resistant glass , disappointingly enough though as the 'metal' around the screen, is, in fact plastic, but all in all the device is very sturdy, and has lived through my rather reckless lifestyle (frequent skateboarding, which tends to do me more bad than good) with only a few battle wounds, but so far, after 5 months of abuse, no cracked screens or scratches.

        The next thing, as you would imagine any owner of a brand new, shiny, NOKIA Lumia would do, I turned it on, using the rather weirdly placed lock button (which feels a hell of a lot more natural to use than the standard lock used on iPhone's and many other devices) and it sprung to life rather quickly, boasting it's crisp resolution, which is showed of very nicely by the Windows Phone OS, then after setting it up (date, time etc.) I instantly adjusted my start screen (basically the home screen) to suit my preferences, I then checked out some features within the phone (videos, camera, internet, apps etc.) and I can say I was most certainly impressed.

        Now, this phone isn't perfect, waiting nearly a minute for Facebook to load is less than desirable and that's with WiFi connection, using 3g I've only had the patience to wait for it to load a few times, and opening bigger games or apps doesn't fair well either, after paying for Mirrors Edge I rarely play it due to the 3 minute loading screens, and browsing the marketplace you learn many of the more desirable apps have a nice little message telling your phone isn't good enough for them (stuck up if you ask me) in place of the "Download" button, also in my 5 months of owning this handset I have only taken 1 picture with it's camera which looks nice, and I really do try, I promise.

        The screen on this phone as I mentioned earlier produces genuinely beautiful images, watching YouTube videos is a treat with it's crisp visuals, the sound on the 610 is also surprisingly good, and I like my music loud, and in all honestly the screen and speakers on this phone are a right treat for the price you pay for the handset, there is better, but for the price you really can't fault it can you?

        The biggest flaw isn't in the handset itself, it lies within the operating system, since Apple iOS and Android have been at all out conflict for a good few years, WPOS is that squeaky voice in the corner begging to be noticed, in turn there is less apps and games for the 610, this is further limited by it's excuse of a processor, the Lumia's biggest downfall is it's lack of services and features.

        In conclusion the NOKIA Lumia 610, for it's price, is most probably one of the most reliable, solid and beautiful smart phones on today's market, although there are phones of a similar price that run a large sum faster, but I have no regrets in buying it whatsoever, and I'm totally in love with the Windows Phone Operating System, it's simplicity and cleanliness wins me over trying to look all fancy and losing the user every 5 minutes in the process.


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        04.04.2013 23:01
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        For the entry level Lumia, it's pretty decent, a couple of annoying deficiencies though.

        The end of my two year contract came around very quickly - my old full-touchscreen Nokia 5230 had served me well, so I was in two minds as to whether to step up to a better phone with my contract or not. I wanted to stay with Nokia as I'd been very happy with the battery life and reliability of my old Nokia, but I wasn't overly keen on having a Windows phone. The whole business of these brightly coloured square tiles with various apps behind them all over the screen didn't appeal. However, the idea of Wi-fi did, as did potentially improving the camera. I finally decided to change in December, having gone through all the options. I stayed on the tariff that I was on with Orange, and started on my journey with my new Nokia 610 Windows phone after a quick tour of it in the shop.

        In the box - the usual stuff: clever charger which doubles up as a USB lead, battery, sim, ear buds (three different sizes), NO memory card as it has an unexpandable 8GB integral memory, and various different leaflets whose relevance depends on how far along in the setup process you are when you're handed your phone. The lady in the shop set up the sim and battery for me, and organised the switching over of my old number to the new phone. According to my ruler, the phone measures 63mm at its widest point, 119mm at its longest, and is 12mm deep. Its sides are slightly rounded, and it has a soft rubber-type back. This is the baby of the Lumia family, at the bottom of the current range.

        The phone - was a lot easier to navigate and to get used to than I expected. It came with a set pattern of tiles, eight were immediately visible on the full touchscreen, with more available as you learn how to bookmark and pin things - more on this later. The touchscreen itself is a lot more sensitive than my old one, BUT one drawback is that instead of being operable by anything including biro tips, it now requires bare skin to operate it, and it also seems to require soft skin at that. Some of my fingertips are quite tough and the phone won't recognise them as human! I've learnt to get around this but it's not been much fun having to take my gloves off to answer the phone outdoors during this freezing weather. I'll have to look out for some of those gloves that were built to work with iPhones.

        One downside to the sensitivity of the screen that I've discovered is that it's very easy to accidentally put someone on hold. It's possible that the proximity detector, which is supposed to disable the screen when you're making a call, is just in the wrong place for me on this phone. Several time now I've touched the screen to my face during a call and found that it's silenced the person at the other end. Needless to say this is extremely annoying and has also been very embarrassing.

        The 'desktop' is the second screen that you come to. It locks itself after a set time (which you can alter, mine's set to lock after a minute of idling), so to unlock you just press the centre button on the right side of the phone as it faces you, and you have a 'welcome screen' that you can customise with your own photo if you wish. You slide this image up on the touchscreen to reveal the Windows desktop. I've moved the tiles around on mine a fair bit. You do this by pressing them for a second until they all move a bit, then you can take that one and relocate it with your finger. After a recent software update, you can also customise the size of the tiles too.

        There's a phone icon which shows you your call history if you tap it, you can also access your voicemail from the bottom of the screen here, as well as your phonebook. There's a 'speech bubble' icon for text messages, an email 'envelope' which you can use to synch your email accounts if you wish. I don't know if there's a limit to the accounts that you can add as I've only connected my Hotmail account to it. There are also icons for Marketplace, Internet Explorer, Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, and social media. Your pictures and calendar appear as horizontal rectangles across the screen part way down, these can also be moved up and down according to where you'd prefer them for convenience. I've found that this works a lot better than I had expected, which was a relief, and I've unpinned several icons that I wasn't going to use to make room for some other apps and website book marks that are more useful.

        The other thing you need to know for navigation is what the little arrow at the top right hand side of the screen takes you to. Pressing this slides the whole desktop to the left to reveal another long vertical list of apps, and here you'll find Alarms, Calculator, Help, Office, Settings and all sorts of other things, including any apps that you may have downloaded to the phone. The front desktop functions are duplicated here, and anything from this list can be pinned to the front page if you wish for easier access. These things all work well, and it's one of those occasions when I thought it would all be to horribly complicated but in fact it's actually pretty useful. It's also worth knowing that if you accidentally delete something from your front desktop, it will still be on this other list, as the other are effectively just bookmarks.

        Contacts and Facebook - there is a 'contacts transfer' which you can do when you initially set it up. It worked ok for me as I was transferring from another Nokia phone, but I don't know if it works if you're changing brand. If you integrate your Facebook account with the phone (and I have a feeling the same's true of email accounts) all of your contacts from there are automatically added to your address book too. This caught me out when it happened, since I was expecting just to find my normal, old address book under the tab. It took a bit of editing to sort out the duplicates, as quite a lot of my 'domestic' friends are also on Facebook, but it's now all under control and works fine. Thankfully it has a search bar so that you don't have to scroll through everyone.

        Battery life - I have to charge it on average every 36 - 48 hours, which is about twice as often as my previous phone, but now that I have a phone with wi-fi, of course, when I'm within range of a connection I'm using this phone far more heavily than I ever did my previous one, particularly checking Facebook, Twitter and my emails. I have also discovered the joys of YouTube on the phone, which is the first time I've ever really used a screen this small to watch anything. It's surprisingly clear, and still very much a novelty. I also use it to play music, although the phone sound is typically tinny without headphones. I sit it with the speaker muffled a bit by a phone sock which takes away some of the white noise, but all of this activity inevitable drains the battery and I usually have to charge it once a day. It hasn't yet died on me, but I've only had it for four months so there's still plenty of time.... Games are also a big drain, though it's worth noting that many of the higher-spec games won't work on here. I've clicked on several of the common games on the app store only to find that they're either not available or not compatible with this model. I've got Doodle-jump, Flowerz and Fruit Ninja installed at the moment, and all three experience some delay during use.

        It's worth noting that it is possible to remove the battery from this model. I believe that the higher-end Lumias have integrated batteries that can't be removed, which has resulted in a few returned phones when the phone's locked up. I'm very glad (although I've only had to do it once so far) that it's still possible to take the battery out and re-insert in an emergency re-booting situation!

        Camera - it's 5MP, it has a flash (of sorts), and no webcam so just the conventional picture-taking out of the back with the image on screen. You can either tap on the screen on the subject that you want to focus on, or press the camera button on the side of the phone (bottom right) to take a picture. It doesn't always work, and I'm not sure if this is lack of sensitivity, or blindness to the subject on the phone's part. I often have to press it several times to capture an image. I usually take landscape photos, and rarely use it when a flash is required, but when I have used it it's been a very localised illumination and quite a poor result, so it's not the best as an after dark camera. In good light it's ok, but even then, as an upgrade from my old 2MP phone camera, I'm struggling sometimes to see the improvement. It also takes videos, which are ok - the sound capture's not too bad either, it's probably what you'd expect with a phone of this type. Nice as a memento of an occasion but it won't win any prizes.

        Media - as I've already suggested, the screen is fine for watching videos on, and is to my eyes very sharp, allowing great detail to be seen, particularly when watching professionally shot things on YouTube like music videos. As far as the music player's concerned, you're best using your own choice of earphones/plugs/buds. I can't use the supplied ear buds as they cause my ears to feel and sound as though they're full of water, so I've pinched my old Sony Discman ear plugs which still work perfectly, and the sound reproduction is good. Media is played and updated via the Zune application, which needs to be installed onto your home PC / laptop when you first connect your phone to it, so that you can synch your pictures, music etc. This annoyed me as I already had Nokia's own Ovi installed for the previous phone, and I had expected this one to use the same application, but no. Nor will it work straight from Windows Media Player, which funnily enough the 5230 did. When it's all installed and it's all connected up though, it does synch everything pretty fast, and it accesses your music and picture files very quickly so that you can drag and drop anything you like into the phone. So I've learnt to tolerate it.

        Office - this phone comes with mobile versions of the Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel and OneNote. These are of some usefulness if you have remembered to install and set up SkyDrive (which is part of the whole Hotmail/Outlook package these days) and then upload any documents to it that you might want to work on while you're away from your main computer. It's also handy for making notes that you can upload from your phone and then pick up later on the computer, and also for opening documents that you've been sent via email - up to a point. Its limitations become evident with Excel, however. This may be partly due to the screen just being too small to open a table properly, but I have found that trying to read timetables sent via email just doesn't work. It opens all of the details in the wrong places and can be massively misleading, as I discovered when I checked my daughter's race times and saw her name in a completely different category to the one she should have been in! One quick check on the PC screen and her name is back where it should be. So the excel app could definitely do with some work, or be left out of the package altogether in my opinion. I have downloaded Adobe reader which works just fine for PDFs.

        On the whole I'm pretty happy with it, but I don't think I'll be overly sad to upgrade from this in a couple of years' time. There's just something not quite as comfortable about the use of this as there was with my old Symbian Nokia (yes, I really do mean that!).


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          14.01.2013 21:47
          Very helpful




          As my mobile phone contract was up for renewal I was interested in what upgrade I could get for my hand set. Now as I don't use my mobile very much my options were limited and so I was offered the Nokia Lumia 610 on the windows operating system as the best they were prepared to let me have with my new contract which comes to £13 pcm. Well I have used clam shell and slide phones in the past and was always slightly reluctant to use a touch screen one but still nothing ventured nothing gained as they say. The phone is available in a variety of colours for the back plate. Although I was not offered a choice I am happy with the white one I have received, admittedly I would have preferred black but you can't have everything. Whilst this may not have all the bells and whistles of the top of the range smart phones it is good enough for my daily needs.

          Getting it ready

          On receiving the phone It is the case of setting it up changing the SIM from my old phone - oh no wait. My old phone took a regular sized SIM card, this phone takes a micro SIM card. So a quick call to my service provider and the transfer of my number from one to the other was done. Fortunately this only took a 5 min phone call and then about 20 min for the new card to be active. PLEASE NOTE this does mean your old SIM card will be shut off. Inserting the SIM card into the phone is perhaps one of the easier card inserts I have done. Although with the card being quite small those with arthritis may find this a bit more difficult. After inserting the battery and putting the back plate back on I set about charging it up.


          The charger has two parts the actual plug and a micro-USB lead. The USB lead can also be used to connect your phone to your computer and is easy to connect and disconnect from the plug bit. The plug part of the charger has one interesting feature and that is a slide up and down earth jack. Whilst this makes for easier storage I feel that this is perhaps a little flimsy and may break quite easily. I tend not to let my phone's battery run down completely so I can not say how long a full charge will take. You can get an estimation of how much battery life you have left of the settings menu under 'battery saver'. As a rough estimate I would say that a full charge will last about 8 days in standby. Naturally the more you use your phone the shorter this will be and things like playing music through it and using the camera etc will use up more battery power.

          The design

          The phone is quite thin and only 130g but is not as flimsy as it may first look. The three buttons on the right side control volume (top) the on/off button (middle) and the camera shutter (bottom). Now I have quite big hands and so using all three is fairly easy without having to use both hands but I do think that having perhaps the on/off button on the other side may be an improvement as there will be less possibility of accidentally pressing this. The touch screen is fairly large and not overly sensitive but works less well if you have cold hands. The camera lens is flush to the back cover. Now I know this is common on phones but this can lead to a higher risk of the lens becoming scratched and covered in fingerprints. Although now I have bought a separate case for it this is less of a problem.

          Using the phone

          As there are many apps on the phone I'm going to stick to the general use ones such as calls and texts.

          The phone does not come with a pre-set SIM lock and I would advise you set one up as soon as you can. This locks your SIM so your phone can not be as easily used should it be stolen. This can be done via the settings tab.

          The first thing I did was transfer all my contacts from my old phone to the new one. This is quickly done via the contacts transfer app and is done via blue tooth. Once I had this set-up it took a matter of a couple of minutes for my numbers to be transferred.

          Making calls is easy thanks to the large numbers on the touch screen for a direct dial or simply touch the 'people' app and then find the name of the person to call. Within the people app you can set up several sub groups as well. Calls I have made using the phone are nice and clear on the ear phone and the microphone is a good distance so can pick up your voice without it becoming obscured.

          Text messages are also easy to do as you are given a qwerty keyboard on the touch screen. I find it easier to turn the phone through 90 degrees to get a slightly larger keyboard. The screen also displays the full text thread between you and the other person which saves you going through all text messages on the phone one by one to find that all important thing they told you three weeks ago.

          You can also hook up you email account to the phone to read and send them from the phone as well as your twitter and facebook accounts. I personally feel the screen is a bit too small to effectively read emails so I have not used this facility very often.

          You can connect to the network to use the email system or the Internet on your phone via wi-fi or your mobile network. However, you will need to check your contract to see which way is the cheapest for you. There is a setting which will automatically switch your mobile network off if you go into a 'roaming area' so you don't receive a shock bill, however, I would still check this just to be on the safe side. Also if you are going to another country in Europe I advise you make sure if they are an EU country. If they are the roaming charges are cheaper than those (eg Norway) who are not.

          There are two 'off modes' for the phone. Well stand by and off to be exact. You can pre set a time for the phone to go into standby and then ask for the pin code to a selection of times (I use a 5 min wait). This can be activated more quickly by pressing but not holding the on/off button. If you do hold the button down a caption appears asking you to 'slide down to switch off'. A simple down stroke on the screen will then turn the phone off fully. Whereas an upwards stroke over rules it and the phone stays on.

          Using the phone for other things.

          As with most smart phones it can be used as an MP3 player and as a radio. To use as a radio you need to plug the headphones in via the standard 3.5 mm jack on the top of the phone.

          The camera, well as far as phone cameras go, it isn't too bad. It is a 5mp camera but as with all phone cameras it has rather limited functionality but better than some compact digital cameras on the market. I have used it to take a few quick snaps which has produced some good results but it will in no way replace my DSLR camera.

          The calculator only has the basic functions but it is good enough for working out just how special those special deals are in supermarkets.

          One drawback is that there is no timer or stop clock on the phone as it is but I'm sure applications can be found for this.


          Windows phone version 7.5

          Screen size 9.5 cm (diagonal)

          Total storage 6.09 GB

          RAM 256 MB

          Whilst the 6 GB storage is plenty for my needs as I use a separate MP3 player, don't store my photos on my phone for too long and I don't use my phone for games the fairly low RAM will probably mean that some applications may not run properly on the phone.

          For the memory a memory card slot would perhaps help to expand this but on this phone it is sadly lacking a slot for one.

          My Moans:

          My big problem is the fact that if the screen becomes damaged you can't use your phone. Whilst buying a separate case for it has reduced this risk it is still a problem with this kind of phone. Also the screen gets a bit smudged etc as the use of your fingers to operate it with leave marks. Whilst I know you can buy covers for the screen this leads to the problem of these covers getting mucky then having to replace them. A soft micro fibre cloth to clean the screen has been my solution to this.

          Also I found the manual provided with the phone to be a little light on detail. Thankfully a better one can be found Nokia website.


          I do actually quite like this phone, despite my reservations about touch screens. It has a good sized on screen key pad for making calls and the sound quality of the calls is also good. This is a good entry level smart phone especially for those who don't want or need an expensive contract you need for a better known smart phone.

          I would give this 4.5 if half stars were allowed but this is closer to a 5 than a 4. I have reduced the processing quality score as I feel the 256 MB RAM is a little low. Also the lack of a timer/stop watch is why I have taken a bit off the features bit.


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            25.11.2012 00:01



            Budget phone that feels and performs much above its price point.

            I bought one of these so I could have a look at using the windows phone operating system. I was pleased with the result but I don't know if I could use it as my primary phone.


            Its built solidly and has decent specs for a budgetish phone. The back of it feels smooth and it sits well in the hand. I would like the screen to be a tiny bigger just to make things a bit clear but the screen size is still decent. It has 3 touchscreen buttons along the bottom which look very nice. Overall a well made phone.


            It comes with good bundled apps like maps and email and there is an app store which has many more. However when comparing to android or ios the app marketplace is pretty poor but it will improve over time. The messaging app is great and its easy to use but the keyboard lets it down. It has quite variable accuracy when typing and I find myself really having to concentrate when using the keyboard. Its also a little to thin and this hinders the keyboard performance further. The camera is a good feature on the phone it can take decent images and can also translate foreign text if you take a picture of it.

            Overall Impression

            I am very impressed with this phone when you take into consideration the price. It has some flaws but if you are looking for a first phone or if you are wanting to experience the windows phone OS I would say that this is a definite buy. However personally I wouldn't switch from android but windows phone is catching up to the market leaders in leaps and bounds.


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            05.11.2012 09:22
            Very helpful



            Awesome phone but can be a bit fiddly sometimes

            A lot of people have been talking about Nokia Lumia and I've seen the adverts a lot of times. I loved the idea of a windows phone because I could use it to get on hotmail and microsoft office work and skydrive. Nokia Lumia looks and acts like a typical smartphone but what makes it stand out from the rest like iPhones, androids and blackberries is it's low price.

            I currently have this phone on contract for £15.50 a month on Orange. There are other places where it's cheaper but it's got everything I need. Should warn ya that because they're updating apps and emails all the time that it can eat up data very quickly.
            When I run out of MBs, what I do is go onto settings and turn my data connection off. I can still text and ring people with the data connection on but I can only use wifi. On it's own the price for the phone can be about £170.

            Nokia Lumia is very easy to use, set up and customize. The contact list is a mixture twitter, facebook, MSN and linkedin profiles if you connect them to your phone. You can link profiles together as well to avoid duplicate people, but this won't always work if the person has more than one msn.
            The phone has a very good design. It's thin, but not too thin. Maybe to most modern phones out there it is a lot thicker, but it looks about the same size an ipod touch. The screen and menu is handily designed and creative as well. Apps have been an issue and have a tendency to lag, but other than that it's all good as far as I'm concerned.

            The camera quality is good, but nothing outstanding. It's five megapixels which is good but can really blur out with an unsteady hand. The flash features don't always work the way you want to either. But the video is okay. The phone itself has 8GB and an online 25GB. There is no micro SD slot and I don't think you would need it anyway.
            For messages they are very reliable. It's also impressive how it's all laid out and easy it is to use. It may take a while to navigate around first, but once you get the hang of it. it is very good. It's amazing to text on and talking on msn and facebook makes you feel like you're actually texting them.

            Ringing them is also easy too. When you go on a person's profile it will show their name, numbers and facebook and linked in name. You also have the option to switch a way of contacts at any time. Phoning, I've had no issues because the quality has always been clear. However I had hung up or put my boyfriend on hold because it's touchscreen and I pressed it by mistake. So do be careful with the phone.
            I love it's picture apps. You can look at your own album, saved pictures, as well as what other people are putting on facebook/twitter/linkedin. There are also a variety of ways use the phone and it can be a very useful device. It's map feature is also really good and it can also give you directions to places and lets you know if you are going the wrong way.

            I honestly think that this is one of the best phones I had ever had. For what it is, I think it's cheap, got great battery life and amazing options to make the phone truly your own. They probably have better and stronger models of the phone out there, but this is good if you want an amazing smartphone and you are on a budget. I would recommend the phone because it can do everything I need to do.


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        • Product Details

          It's sleek and comes in delicious colors, and it does everything you need in style. Personalize the color of the live tiles to match your mood, download loads of apps and games, stay in touch any way you want, or add colorful accessories like covers and headphones to really make it yours.

          Technical Data

          Product Description: Nokia Lumia 610 - Windows Phone - GSM / UMTS
          Product Type: Windows Phone - 3G - 8 GB
          Service Provider: Not specified
          Mobile Services: Gmail, Windows Marketplace, Windows Live, Xbox LIVE, Zune, Yahoo! Mail, MSN Hotmail, Nokia Music, Nokia Mail, Windows Live SkyDrive (7GB of free online cloud storage)
          Form Factor: Touch
          Dimensions (WxDxH): 62 mm x 12 mm x 119 mm
          Weight: 132 g
          Colour: Black
          Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
          Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
          Integrated Components: Digital camera, FM radio, digital player, GPS receiver
          Wireless Interface: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
          Display: LCD display - colour - 3.7" - TFT
          Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen
          Operating System: Windows Phone OS 7.5 Mango
          Instant Messaging Services: Microsoft Lync
          Supported Social Networks and Blogs: Facebook
          Playback Digital Standards: AAC, MP3, AAC +, eAAC+, eAAC, WMA 10 Pro, WMA 9 Pro , AVC, AVI, MPEG-4, WMV, ASF, 3GP, H.264, H.263, WMV9
          Talk Time: Up to 630 minutes
          Standby Time: Up to 720 hours