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Nokia Lumia 710 - Windows Phone - GSM / UMTS - 3G - 8 GB - 3.7 " - ClearBlack - black, cyan

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    11 Reviews
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      19.04.2013 19:27
      Very helpful



      Overall superb phone, on a budget with everything you should need, beautifully displayed.

      I bought my Nokia Lumia 710 around a year ago, when my old phone had given up on me. I tried out my friends Lumia 710 and adored it, I especially loved the Xbox Live features too.

      It comes in a size appropriate stylish box, with all the accessories you should need, plus an extra cover encase you want a change in look!
      The Lumia has sleek rounded edges, sturdy with a perfectly sized screen, brilliant, clean and clear. It is worth putting a screen protector just like every other phone, to help protect from any scratches and scrapes that may occur.
      You can remove the back cover to change the style and look of your phone, you do get a spare with your phone but you can buy additional ones which are widely available.
      You can customise your home screen, colours, apps, emails, pretty much anything you would like to, to make it your own. It is very easy to up date your social networking statuses and keeping in touch with your friends and family too, even a handy app to see instantly how many club points (store card points) you have. Microsoft word which is extremely useful for those who use it regularly and Xbox live built in.

      Although the Lumia is let down a little by the Windows systems as they do not have as many apps or programmes as other operating systems, but these are being constantly updated and improved on, as the phones become more and more popular.
      It also has 8gb of storage and you cannot add memory cards, which would have been useful.

      The battery life and camera are adiquite, obviously the more you use them the quicker the battery runs down, on average the battery life will last around 1 and a half to 2 days. The built in camera is only 5mp but it does have a flash option and autofocus along with a few other camera features.

      I would definately recommend this phone to anybody, after having mine for a month or so, my partner and family members also purchased one and were also very pleased.


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      13.03.2013 11:29



      Good phone for the price

      I bought this phone as a pay as you go phone for three reasons:One was that my last phone was on its way out, secondly it was also a Nokia so thought it would be easy to use and more importantly it was a good price, around £110.00, which I could afford, it was on sale.The things I like with this phone is its quite thin, but actually quite tough considering its been dropped so many times by me and the kids!The screen is the perfect size, as its not too big or small.The main applications I would use e.g text, phone, facebook, emails etc were all on the front so did not have to go through any other pages. Battery life for me is adequte.Obviously the more your using the internet, as example, the quicker the bactery goes.I liked the fact you could change the back cover but I never have.To be honest, its a good phone.Looks up to date and quite stylish and has all the modern elements to it that you would use.Just thought of the downside, the camera I found was rubbish!All of the Nkia phones I had before had fab quality in regards to the camera.This not


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      15.02.2013 20:23



      Very good and reliable phone.

      My mother bought this phone hesitantly because she had never had a touch screen device before. The phone is extremely easy to use and is easy to navigate through the phone to access the internet, calls and texts. The other useful capabilities the phone has are;

      Nokia Music - this allows you to connect the phone to the computer and move songs onto the phone for easily accessible tunes.

      Pictures - you are able to store photos on this device using a 5 mega pixel camera.

      Microsoft Office - this in my opinion is the best ever quality of this phone, you are able to create word and excel documents and save them onto the phone and email them to any recipients.

      A downside however is the keypad, it takes a while to get used to and it quite annoying at times as mistakes are made easily.

      I would highly recommend this phone to beginners looking for a affordable reliable phone, yet i would not recommend the phone to people with smartphone knowledge and experience as they may be disappointed.


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      30.10.2012 12:09
      Very helpful



      A really good phone with some drawbacks but not ones which bother me too much

      Over the years I have owned a number of Nokia mobile phones but with the competitors offering up more for my money I have not had a new Nokia for a few years now so having decided to give them another chance with there Nokia Lumia 710 offering would I go back to picking them when my contract is up?


      - This is a great looking phone with the ability to have a bright and colourful back to the phone thanks to changeable covers which also enable you to make the phone personalised to suit your individual tastes. The back covers themselves feel very soft and give a good level of grip so that the phone feels comfortable in your hand.

      - The screen is a quality 3.7" bright and vibrant one that enables you to have an immersive experience. The screen size is somewhat smaller than many other phones in the marketplace nowadays but don't let this put you off as the screen size is still of a level where you can do all of the things we now class as normal on our mobile phones (eg social networking, browsing the internet, text messaging, etc). I love the quality of this touchscreen as it is very responsive to all touches which enables you to control and navigate your way around your phone so that you can get the most out of it.

      - The phone uses the Windows Phone 7 operating system (this is upgraded on ocassion by Microsoft but this will soon cease due to the release of Windows Phone 8) which is a very simply to use and clever operating system that uses a tile based home screen on the phone. You choose the colour of your tiles, which ones are to be on the front screen and which order they should be in which enables for you to have a very personalised feel to your phone. The tiles will also give updates (when you receive a text message it will show how many unready messages you have on the tile, news updates will show on news tiles, updates available through marketplace, etc) which means that your front screen is truly a home screen where you can obtain a large amount of information without needing to scroll through all of the apps and screens themselves.

      - The Windows Phone marketplace enables you to purchase games and apps for your phone. The marketplace is well designed and laid out which is broken down into different categories (eg social, entertainment, music + video, lifestyle, etc) so that you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily. I am not a huge fan of paying for apps so I love the marketplace as you can select to only look at the free apps and see reviews, ratings and even screenshots to enable you to see what you are downloading before doing it.

      - I love the simplicity of the button layout of this phone as it enables you to have a large amount of control without a large amount of buttons. There are 3 buttons on the front of the phone (a back button to enable you to navigate to the last screen you were on, a Windows button to take you to the front screen and a search button to enable you to use Bing to search the internet), 3 buttons on the side of the phone (one for the camera operation and two for volume control) and a power button at the top which is also used to lock/unlock the screen of the phone.

      - The internet on the phone is very quick with Internet Explorer inbuilt (although you can download other internet browsers through the marketplace) which allows for quick and easy internet browsing which is very smooth in comparison to other mobile phones I have used recently.

      - A 5MP camera with auto focus and flash in-built allows for you to take photos of an ok quality but for me I rarely use this as I normally have a camera on me. If you do take photos on this phone then you can easily share these with the options coming up when you select to say you will be sharing and offering you the options for social network sharing, messaging, email, SkyDrive, etc and so it is very easy and quick to share your images. You can also use the camera to video things although I have not used this function so can't comment on how good this is.

      - The earphones that come with this mobile phone are brilliant and amongst the most comfortable ones I have ever owned so that you can use your handsfree or listen to your music on the go easily and comfortably.

      - The phone is very clear on calls and has a good volume level available to enable you to have a conversation without needing to keep on asking for the person you are speaking with to repeat themselves.

      - A high quality and quick wi-fi connectivity means that you can easily do updates and browse your internet without using all of your data allowances.


      - The marketplace is good and well laid out but does offer much less choice than is on offer for the iPhone or for Google Android phones so if you are someone who is very much into your apps then Windows Phone is not likely to be for you.

      - The Windows Phone operating system does have some severe limitations with adding of ringtones a lot of work and hassle when compared to other operating systems out there and also the lack of video compatibility being a draw back so these are things to keep in mind if you are considering Windows Phone (this is based on Windows Phone 7 with updates rather than the new Windows Phone 8 operating system).

      Overall I love this phone as the feel and quality of the phone are what I used to have with Nokia phones years back but have missed recently. The changeable rear covers is something I really love and am thankful to see Nokia are wishing to start doing again as this was something I loved with my older mobile phones I owned. A great quality touch screen enables you to have quick and easy text messaging and email so that communicating on the go is quick and easy. I find this to be one of the best phones I have owned in a long time for the voice call quality and the fact the phones has such quick and stable internet all add together to make this a truly great phone and one I can't recommend highly enough.


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      13.10.2012 11:55



      brilliant easy to use smart phone with all the features you need

      I absolutely LOVE my phone. I got this phone about six months ago on contract. I got it from orange for £35 a month. Unlimited texts, unlimited data and 600 minutes. Since getting this phone I would never go back to the iPhone. I know they are all the rage but the Nokia lumia is just as good if not better. With the Nokia lumia you can set up email accounts for more than one account. You can access contacts email and use it via the phone book. It connects you to the people you have on your email account automatically. However the downside is that people without an email address have to be added manually which can take some time. As with all other smartphones you can see the whole conversation between you and your contact when you click on messages. The app marketplace on the Nokia lumia is very extensive and is only getting bigger. Many apps are free including games. However a lot of games range from 99p to 4.99 in price and the price is added onto your contracted phone bill. The camera on the lumia is 5 mega pixels which takes an extremely clear and focussed photo even on zoom. The touch screen is extremely easy to use and doesn't crash. Well I've never experienced it in six months. The phone is great for the young professional as it comes equipped with Nokia maps, Microsoft office, notes. It is an excellent all round smart phone, with all the features of an iPhone without the big name or the big price tag. You can also get free apps such as Facebook and twitter making it easier to keep in touch via social networking. I absolutely love this phone and it has never caused me any problems. I would full recommend this phone if you are looking for a change from your iPhone or just a new phone. Outstanding value for money, it also looks presentable and very sleek and stylish. The casing on the phone is also very hardwaring as I have dropped mine a few times and it only has a couple of minor scratches. This phone also has all the basic features which are included on every phone these days such as a calculator, alarm clock and map settings. I have also downloaded a sat nav app so my Nokia lumia is always there to help me if I get lost when I am driving. Purchase this phone for a great product and a change from your average smart phone.


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      08.09.2012 17:13



      Great phone

      This phone is really easy to use and you can change the icons on the main screen to suit what you access the most, the camera is really easy to use with optional flash.
      You can access emails from any account you may have.
      It took me a little while to get use to the heat registering touch screen and typing text message had some getting use to but now i have i would not swap this phone for any other, i have had Nokias for the last 10 years and would not change (having tryed other phones).
      With the easy to use screens and long battery life i would recommend this phone to anyone who is use to this sort of technology, but if you want a simple, text and call phone then i would go for something more basic, but keep with a nokia for ease of use.


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      14.08.2012 17:27



      A very good phone for the price

      I changed to this phone from my old iPhone 3G and I have to to like this phone more than the iPhone 3G. The display i find is much nicer to look at and is much easier to use. I especially love how it syncs my facebook, hotmail and other accounts together so i can update my facebook, twitter and hotmail status' (tweets) all at the same time. Also being able to make one friend their own tile on the home screen makes it easy to check up on all their recent activity and photos.

      My main downside to this phone is the quality of available apps. While all are quick to download and update they don't compare to Apple's apps. While social networking apps are good games and other fun apps don't compare to Apple's in my opinion.

      Overall, a really good looking phone as well as being easy and fun to use.


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      16.07.2012 13:55
      Very helpful



      Nokia are back in the business

      I was lucky to inherit my husband's Nokia Lumia 710 after he was sent a developer phone by Microsoft. I previously owned a Samsung Galaxy Ace on the Android platform, and the first thing I noticed was simply how much easier this phone is to use that the old Android phone. I had found my Android phone quite annoying in general. The internet interface was slow and disappointing but I had credited this to the network. However, my new phone has opened my eyes to what a smartphone can actually be. An overview of features follows:

      The phone itself is sleek and black with a shiny, black screen. The screen seems large compared to my last phone, and the phone itself is quite curved but kind of angled at the sides which makes it easy to hold. The phone comes with two back covers - one black one and one blue so you can mix and match personalisation.

      On screen you have a main page which includes all the apps that are 'pinned' - this makes the app or function very easily accessible. The apps appear as big square blue buttons on a black background and you scroll down to view all the apps that are pinned. The colour of the buttons can be changed to suit your preferences, and the background can be set to dark or light. The dark setting obviously conserves the battery more.

      At the bottom of the screen is a small tool bar. The left button is the 'back' function and takes you back to the previous page you were using. The middle button is the 'windows' button and this takes you back to the main menu. The right button is the search button. You also have a power button on the top right, a camera button on the bottom right and volume buttons on the top left.

      Oh, where to start. There are the obvious bits: phone, text, e-mail, 5 MP camera, Wifi and GPS. You also have a music player (Nokia music), and internet explorer for your internet access.

      The great thing about this phone is its ability to integrate with your social networking sites. The 'People' app will use your contacts and if you link it to your Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or other social networking site, it keeps a constant running thread of updates from your friends and contacts on their activity on whichever social networking site they use. This means that you don't need to use a separate app to see what's going on. You also receive notifications of comments on any of your statuses and can view them on the phone. This obviously cuts down on your data usage, as you don't need to go to the site itself to access recent updates. You can also post to all your networking sites using the interface.

      The phone also includes mobile versions of Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. Using the skydrive facility you can then access any documents you create on your phone with your desktop or laptop at home or at work. This is a fantastic feature as it means that wherever you are, providing you've uploaded to skydrive, you can access and transfer your work.

      The phone also integrates with any Windows Live accounts including Live Messenger and XBox Live.

      I've also downloaded the Nokia Drive app which gives you driving directions, and the great thing about this is that the maps are free including overseas maps.

      I feel like I've only scratched the surface with this phone's capability. It really is very smooth and easy to use; it feels like a quality product and compared to my Android based phone it's an absolute dream to use. The most recent update allows tethering of devices so that you can share your data connection, and I've used this extensively to communicate via my messenger service on my iPod Touch with friends using Apple iPhones over the past weekend. My Android phone just didn't allow me to do that.

      Be aware that the Nokia phone uses a micro sim. I had to replace mine, which was standard sized, but this was very easily done via the O2 online transfer facility.

      Battery life is pretty good with this phone. It has a function to conserve battery power when you're getting low. I've just come back from a weekend away and apart from a couple of times where I switched the phone off, it's lasted really well. For average use, it should last at least 2 days.

      I was lucky that mine was free! However, if you want to buy you can expect to pay between £170 - £200. The Lumia is available on all major networks.

      As a user experience I think the Windows phone is second to none. I know it's not yet very popular, but I think if people try it out they'd be keen to switch. I know one person who has been an avid iPhone user who, on one demonstration of this Nokia phone, has switched over. And like me, they've not been disappointed.

      My only criticism of the phone so far is around the situation of the camera button. As I'm left handed, its position on the right bottom side of the phone makes it quite difficult for me to use. Otherwise, the camera is great. Apps are also more limited, due to the Windows phone being quite new to the market.

      If you're thinking of replacing your phone, I'd seriously consider moving to a Windows phone. I don't think you'd be disappointed.


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        13.07.2012 23:04
        Very helpful



        Ultra-modern, high-performance phone which I would highly recommend to anyone :)

        I got my Nokia Lumia 710 when it was time to upgrade and change my mobile phone contract. I bought it from Phones4U, it was free with my new contract and this handset was highly recommended by the sales adviser I dealt with. I was able to try out the phone in the store and I was immediately impressed by the slick design, clean interface and the super responsive touch screen. I have had the phone about 4 months now and I have never been happier with a phone in my life. I use my Nokia Lumia 710 a lot, so its great to have a phone that is easy and intuitive to use and which lets me do everything I expect my phone to do.

        The first thing I asked the salesperson about was the camera - as an art student, its important for my mobile phone to have a decent camera so I can take photos wherever I go and as a quick way to upload photos to my blog or Facebook without the added effort of actually going to my pc and transferring files from a camera. The Nokia Lumia 710 has a 5MP camera, with a range of settings options including white balance, exposure and focus mode, letting you adjust it to different conditions. The phone also has a very bright built-in flash, which can double as a handy torch in an emergency, and the photos are very good quality. I have pet rats, and any owner of rats will know that most photos of rats are just blurs of fur and whiskers, but the sports mode of the Nokia Lumia 710 camera has let me take some great photos of some very wriggly animals :D there is the option to edit your photos, upload them to social networking sites, save to your favourites or even open them in other applications.

        The video function also works great, allowing you to experiment with a variety of settings and you can take videos with or without flash, and upload your videos to Youtube.

        The text messaging interface is clean, and it displays messages in threads to make conversations easier to follow. You can select a text by touching it and copy it to the clipboard to paste in another text or application. MMS messages are also displayed in the same thread and images are automatically opened, so its very clear and easy to understand.

        The phone comes preloaded with Internet Explorer and I have been very pleased with how the browser works. Pages load quickly and are easy to navigate, and the sensitive touchscreen means few misclicks. The email functionality is also brilliant, push notifications mean that if you have the Email tile on your home screen you can see at a glance how many unread emails are in your inbox. You can also connect two separate accounts so that the new emails from both will appear on the same screen/tile, making it easy to keep track of multiple email accounts all from your phone. I used to be notoriously bad at reading emails, but since getting my Nokia Lumia 710 I now read and reply to my email multiple times a day.

        The OS on the Nokia Lumia 710 is Windows Phone 7. Previous to this phone, I had no experience with the Windows Phone operating system, but I was immediately impressed by the unique design and fluidity of the Metro interface. I like that it's different from the look of all the other smartphone operating systems out there. Where many other companies have tried to mimic Apple in their designs for touchscreen smartphones, WP7 is immediately recognisable and offers a completely different experience to any other mobile phone OS. I really like how customisable the interface is, the home screen is composed of 'live tiles' which can be added, reorganised or deleted and allow for quick access to all your most commonly used apps

        The WP7 marketplace is impressive, it has a huge variety of apps which are fast and easy to download, and just as fast to uninstall. Purchases are handled via the Zune marketplace, so you will have to register your credit card info there before you can make any purchases from the marketplace, but opening an account with Zune is easy to do via the Marketplace app, and there is a huge quantity of free apps available to download which do not require a Zune account or credit card.

        Overall I'm totally ecstatic about this phone - it offers everything I could want or expect from a phone, and then more. I won't be rushing to upgrade this phone before my contract is up anyway :)

        If you have any questions about the Nokia Lumia 710, feel free to ask in the comments and I will do my best to answer :)


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        01.07.2012 18:48



        A great allround phone

        My wife's contract was due for renewal in August, instead of upgrading I bought this phone. Its got a windows operating system and looked the business. The battery life is very good and seems to last about 3 days, with the average use. Its very easy to navigate through all the menus, as its all icons. Infact if you can use it, it will be excellent when windows comes out to sync to. You can check push email, so it automatically checks your Hotmail and can even send them.

        The internet is very fast and easy to use also. The best feature for me is that the letters that you use are very large, and very easy to use unlike others where you hit other keys in error.

        The only thing that I feel lets it down is the case, its very hard to get off and Im sure will break easy.


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        21.05.2012 19:40
        Very helpful



        a decent priced phone for those who want a simple smartphone

        Aside from my normal stable job which I do part time, I also sometimes do Promo Work and end of February Nokia did a Leap year event in which they required Promo staff to do some work for the launch of this handset and the Lumia 800 which we got paid a nice little price for and got to have the handset for free! Wahey! It was all the way in Scotland (I live in London) but was an opportunity I couldn't turn away!

        I currently own and am a avid lover of my iphone 4s so I feel my opinion in this review may be slightly biased and everything about this phone will always be compared to the specs on an iphone! So here goes...

        - Screen -

        This phone has a touch screen as common with most up market smartphones in the current trend right now. It has clear black display which is a high quality screen which means you don't have to shield your phone when in the light. This also is so there is no sun glare on the screen, or reflecting off into your eyeline making it absolutely easy to use at all angles and in all weather. The screen is 3.7" so big enough to watch videos on YouTube and to view things easily, without being so big it is unnecessary. This phone comes in blue and cyan (a magenta colour) so the backs are interchangeable for ladies and guys - a unisex phone....ooh! Of course it also comes in black lol.

        - Using the Internet -

        It has internet explorer 9 which is the fastest internet application for a mobile phone (or so I am told!) I had this phone on T-mobile so I did find it ran quite quickly but it could be easily fair to say the internet and network provider had fast 3G also.

        - Applications -

        This phone can have all Microsoft Applications; Word, Excel and Outlook which can be used and edited on the phone. Powerpoint can be on the phone also but it can only be viewed, Powerpoint presentations cannot be changed through usage of this phone. This is a big plus as I often like to create documents and having Word on my phone is amazing to do files so easily, and with built in email account it is easy to send and attach files to other email accounts simply from the touch of my handset (note: something I cannot do on my iphone!)

        To download apps, this is an Android phone, apps on here are slightly more expensive that on iTunes e.g Angry birds costs about an extra 79p. Nevertheless the phone has a lot of apps to offer and can be customised on the screen.

        - Weight-

        The handset is a nifty little smartphone, smaller in size and weight (126g) than an iphone (140g) so I found it a lot easier to handle and lighter to carry. Being used to such a bulky phone I have to admit I kept losing it in my handbag! But for those who don't find it appealing to feel like they are carrying a mini tablet around in their bag will find this attractive and enjoy using it.

        - Camera -

        5MP camera comes on this phone which is quite clear and easy to use. I found it easy to email pictures taken on this phone as was easily accessible and can send quickly via SMS also.

        - Features -

        1. Has a GPS and map navigation system (Nokia Drive)
        2. Phone has music player and built in radio; can download up to 200 songs for free every 30 days from specific genre required
        3. Has USB charger similar to other smartphones
        4. Has HD video and LED flash
        - Using the phone -

        To be honest having used an iphone for the best part of 2 years, I found this phone particularly confusing. Nokia have a feature called "People hub" which combines all social networks e.g. twitter, facebook, LinkedIn which I find very annoying. I like having all my applications separate and viewing things individually so in this respect I didn't like it. Nokia also combine chat applications into one tab, which is also annoying as I like having texts and instant messaging applications separate! (Is it too much to ask?)

        Battery life was much longer than my iphone. For example, I charged the phone to full capacity at 8am and by 9pm it had about 30% left. I use my phone A LOT as I am constantly on the internet etc, so I was very happy it lasted so long. To charge the phone to full capacity took about 25 minutes, but I should note I did not receive the phone brand new, so I am not sure how long it takes for the very first time.

        Overall I would recommend this phone, for people who like a delicate handset that has longevity and is a smartphone for those everyday needs. Users of an iphone previously may find it complicated, but within a day I felt I knew the phone inside out and I do really enjoy it. My upgrade is soon though, so I confess I will be getting rid of this phone and upgrading to a HTC (hopefully!) but that's only because this Nokia is not really my style...it's too small!


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    • Product Details

      The start screen is clear and simple, and it's easy to customize it just the way you like. Change the color and change the cover to match. Pin your favorite apps to it. Get live updates. Whatever you do, it only takes one glance to see it all.

      Get out and go places. The ClearBlack AMOLED display minimizes glare even outdoors. You can rely on the long-lasting battery when you're on the go. And the built-in multitasking lets you do several things at the same time.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Nokia Lumia 710 - Windows Phone - GSM / UMTS
      Product Type: Windows Phone - 3G - 8 GB
      Service Provider: Not specified
      Mobile Services: YouTube, Picasa, Gmail, Windows Marketplace, Windows Live, Xbox LIVE, Zune, Yahoo! Mail, MSN Hotmail, Nokia Music, Windows Live SkyDrive (7GB of free online cloud storage)
      Form Factor: Touch
      Protection: Gorilla Glass (scratch resistant glass)
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 62 mm x 13 mm x 119 mm
      Weight: 126 g
      Colour: Black, cyan
      Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
      Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
      Integrated Components: Digital camera, FM radio, digital player, GPS receiver, voice recorder
      Wireless Interface: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
      Display: Colour - 3.7" - ClearBlack
      Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen
      Operating System: Windows Phone OS 7.5 Mango
      Instant Messaging Services: Microsoft Lync
      Supported Social Networks and Blogs: Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn
      Playback Digital Standards: WAV, WMA, AAC, MPEG1 Layer2, Ogg Vorbis, AMR, MP3, FLAC, AAC-LC, LPCM, AAC +, eAAC+, HE-AAC, WMA v9, eAAC, MPEG1 Layer3, WMA Voice 9, WMA Lossless 9, WMA 10 Pro, WMA 9 , AVC, AVI, MPEG-4, WMV, ASF, 3GP, H.264, H.263, WMV9
      Talk Time: Up to 456 minutes
      Standby Time: Up to 400 hours