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12 Reviews

Nokia N80 - Smartphone - WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM

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    12 Reviews
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      17.08.2010 22:39
      Very helpful



      not too bad

      This phone was pretty hit and miss for me sometimes I loved it, sometimes I hated it and other times it was the most annoying mobile I have ever used!
      When it came out I could not wait to buy it as it was packed with features and looked brilliant with the brushed metal front rather than just metal look.
      the slide action was really smooth and it had a quality fell about it.

      But whilst on paper it sounded great it always seem to let me down, it just seemed to not be able to handle all the features it had and crashed and froze at every opportunity but when it was running smoothly it was great.

      The best features of this phone where the camera as it had good picture quality and the video camera was also brilliant on it for a mobile, the MP3 player was good and the sound quality on the headphones that came with it where really very good and the memory card slot and loud speaker. Also the screen quality looked good but as the phone was a slide I would recommend a screen protector as it did get quite a deep scratch within a month.

      The major problems with this phone where the software crashing and the awful battery life. It would barley last the day most days if you wanted to take a few pics and maybe listen to a few MP3's. Which was very annoying as I had to carry my charger around with me.

      The phone has been pretty durable otherwise and lasted a good 4 years as I passed it on to a friend to use for a couple of years when I got my next phone. In its final months the speaker went then the screen broke and went black. But it did last longer than i expected considering it did not start off that great.


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      11.02.2010 23:58
      Very helpful



      Stick with the Sony Erricson!

      The Nokia N80 was the flagship model about 3 years ago - they still seem to hold there value well, perhaps I should put mine on ebay!

      I chose this phone at a contract renewal - it replaced my Sony Erricson K600i. I was initially impressed with the vast array of features - 3mp camera, bluetooth, wi-fi, internet and email capabilities and a nifty user interface. It was a great novelty item! However, I soon got frustrated with the bulkiness of the phone - I often left it at home because it was huge and heavy in my pocket, which defeated the object of a mobile! battery life was poor, and I soon started having issues with my phone. My younger brother, who bought the same phone around the same time, had similar issues. The screen would become garbled and occasionally freeze which required a reset of the phone. This became worse as time went on; my brother got a replacement which then suffered the same fate months later. I went back to my old Sony Erricson K600i and never regretted it.


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      20.09.2008 07:31



      I can't say it a failure, but nowhere as successful as N73

      This surfaced around the same time as the lower-budge smartphone, N73. N80 was the flagship, and it indeed had everything. It had wi-fi which N73 was missing, though the camera was not as great. The screen resolution was someting to talk about.

      I only had this for few weeks, for for those few weeks, I was amzed by the quality of the screen, which was absolutely flawless. Down to little detail, it was like a computer screen! The Symbian is smart of course, but not as responsive as N73. The build quality was poor too, and the fame quickly died down. It was more expensive at first, but did not hold the price and now N73 is more expensive than N80. Other than that, lets not forget this was the flagship, and it has almost every feature imaginable. A huge down point is the weight and the size, which is extremely thick and builky.


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      19.04.2008 15:04
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended. Brilliant phone for doing just about anything.

      I'm a bit weird - when it comes to upgrading phones that is! I've never had a contract because I can't say I really spend that long on the phone, and when I do need to contact someone, usually one or two quick, short texts seems to suffice. I've lived with my Nokia 6630 for a good two years now, and I liked it so much that when I came to browse the market (or eBay, as is so often the case), I really found myself only looking at Nokia phones.

      I go through this process about once every other month, but always stop at the last minute when I ask myself: Do I really need ANOTHER phone? The answer has always been no, until last month that is, when I finally decided to see £80 disappear from my bank balance and a new phone arrive at my door. My old phone has since been relegated to a shelf somewhere!
      Looking at the phone, you wouldn't think it would fit comfortably into your hand, but it does! From a distance it looks quite chunky, but in reality, it's only a couple of mm thicker than my old Nokia 6630 and it's shorter. The N80 has a reasonably sized screen, just over 2 inches diagonally, and has a good resolution for a screen of that size: 352x416. The TFT screen is capable of displaying over 260,000 colours meaning that images can be represented fairly accurately. Most applications can take full advantage of the screen size and ratio, by allowing the phone to be rotated 90 degrees and having the application display sideways.

      Like most slide phones, the N80 has a few keys exposed. Namely the left and right select buttons, menu buttons, text mode button, clear button, start call, end call and navigation. In fact, the only keys not exposed are the number (and letter) keys, which you have to slide the phone open to reveal. The phone doesn't spring open and closed like other phones, but it doesn't take much effort to open and can easily be done with one hand. I suppose an advantage of this is that if you have tight pockets, the phone isn't going to accidently open (which in turn would unlock the keypad lock!)
      The keys are easy to press and aren't too small for my hands, but I've got relatively small fingertips. They are obviously quite small to keep the overall size of the phone down and I can't see it being too much of a problem for most people. I've never had the keys stick, and they are very responsive.

      On the side of the phone is a camera button which immediately activates the camera function when pressed, but I'll go into more detail on this later.

      Included Accessories

      When originally sold, the N80 came with:

      * Official Nokia Charger
      * Stereo Headset
      * Connectivity Cable (to connect to a computer)
      * Wrist Strap
      * 128MB Memory Card (miniSD)
      * Nokia Audio Adapter (to allow you to plug traditional 3.5mm headphones into the phone).

      It's actually a lot more common to find 2GB miniSD cards to be bundled with the phone now, since this is the maximum capacity and the cards are incredibly cheap to purchase. In comparison to other phones, Nokia have been very generous with the included accessories with a lot of the phones on the market not coming with headsets or connectivity cables.

      WiFi (Wireless Connection)

      One of the features that really drew me in to the Nokia N80 was the WiFi functionality. It was one of the cheapest phones I could find with WiFi built in, and I'd heard that it was of good quality for a mobile device. The phone supports 802.11b and 802.11g giving theoretical speeds of up to 54mbit, but in reality, you're not even going to get close to this for multiple reasons including signal degradation, interference etc.
      Setting up a WiFi connection is really easy - and even easier with the newest firmware and WLAN Wizard - and within 2 minutes of exploring the phone, I had it connected to my secured wireless network and was browsing full web pages on my phone!

      There are two browsers on the phone, distinguishable by their name (one 'Services' the other 'Web'). The former is designed for browsing web pages designed for mobile phones, the other for normal web pages - like you would see on your PC. This is a real advantage over other phones, seeing as though a lot of phones can only view content designed for mobiles. The phone can even parse most JavaScript and CSS meaning that pages show exactly how they would on a PC!
      Even if you are in an area without WiFi connectivity, the browsers are compatible with traditional GPRS and 3G connections supplied by your Network Provider (Vodafone, Orange, etc..) allowing you to browse the internet anywhere!

      Bluetooth and IRDA

      Bluetooth is something we come to expect from every modern phone, and naturally, the N80 has full BT 1.2 support built in.
      If you're not aware, Bluetooth is a standard for wireless communication which allows two mobile devices to communicate with each other without a minimal amount of configuration. This means it's been the preferred method for mobile phones to transfer data, superseding infrared - which the phone actually has too!

      Nokia couldn't have made the Bluetooth feature any easier to use. You select the file you want to send, press the send option and select the phone you want to send it to. The phone to receive the file accepts, and away it goes!
      If you've still got devices that use Infrared, due to popular demand Nokia have included an Infrared Port into the top of the device. I've nothing that still uses infrared, so I haven't tested it, but I've seen software that lets you use it as a remote control - which is quite cool!

      Headset and Expansion

      The phone has a classic Nokia 'Pop-Port' at the bottom, which is the connection that Nokia has chosen to be the standard for most of its phones which allows you to keep your accessories from phone to phone. This is really useful seeing as though I could keep my old headset and cable from my Nokia 6630, leaving me with a spare!
      The headset is good quality and is stereo, which really doesn't bother me, since I usually only have one earphone in anyway. Having two in always seems to alienate me from the real world, which isn't really any good when you're waiting for your stop on the train!

      As well as headsets and connectivity cables, the Pop-Port also allows for the connection of a converter to 3.5mm headphones so that you can use your current earphones or headphones with the phone rather than confining yourself to Nokia's. This is really useful if you want to use higher quality headphones and something I missed greatly with my old phone - I didn't even know they existed until I got my N80!


      The phone has two cameras - one on the front for video calls, and higher quality one on the back which is the primary camera for taking photos. On the back is a 3 megapixel camera accompanied by an LED flash, which gives a very good quality picture regardless of the conditions - well, for a phone anyway!

      When taking photos, you can choose various different image sizes and quality to make it easier to send them to other people and upload them on the internet. The camera software provides you with a good scaled guide which gives you a good idea of what mode you should take the photo in for whatever purpose you need. I've found that if you have a 2GB memory card in the phone, then it's probably worth just taking the photos in the highest mode and resizing at a later date - but it's nice to know the feature's there!
      The N80 has different presets and modes depending on where and when the photo is being taken to ensure that you get the best photo possible at any time. I've found that you can often get a much better photo if you manually tweak with the settings rather than let the phone automatically determine them, but if you're after a quick shot, you can pretty much always be sure that you'll get a decent photo.

      Video quality isn't as good as photos, but that seems to be true for all phones.

      Connection to PC

      By using the bundled cable (or by using infrared or Bluetooth) and the Nokia PC Suite software, you can synchronise and transfer data between your PC and the phone. It comes with a few tools for converting video and audio into a format suitable (and optimal) for the phone too, which is really useful if you want to cram as much onto the phone as possible. By using the Nokia PC Suite, you can also use the Nokia N80 to send text messages and act as a modem to the internet. If you're in an area with limited internet connectivity and you're on a data plan from your service provider, having the option to connect through the phone can be a life saver!

      Symbian Operating System and Software

      Symbian is the name of the operating system used on the Nokia N80 - much like what Windows is to a Desktop PC. It allows for the virtually limitless expansion of the phones functionality with the addition of applications, themes, pictures, sounds and videos. By downloading .sis or .jar files, you can install your own applications - like download Torrents or connect to MSN or Skype. This is something that's really important to me, as I like to see my phone more as a multimedia platform and an organiser than just a phone, so having the option to expand the functionality to do some of the things previously confined to a PC is brilliant.
      The software preinstalled on the phone is enough to do everything you'd expect from a phone however. It comes with a Media Player, Calendar, Photo/Video Gallery, Web Browser, Video Editor, Realplayer, FM Radio, Voice recorder, Notepad, Calculator, Office Viewer and PDF reader as well as a few games (including the classic Snake - revamped in 3D!)

      Internet Edition (N80IE)

      Along with the normal version of the N80, Nokia released an internet version which was originally black in colour and came with various different applications including a WLAN Wizard and a VOIP client. After someone discovered that the original N80 could be "flashed" with the software from the N80IE to introduce the extra functionality, Nokia released official instructions on how to do it and released all the additional software for free. At the end of the, there's no difference between the N80 and the N80IE anymore.


      So far so good, but unfortunately, there are a few things stopping me giving this phone 5 star:

      Every now and again the phone will suddenly restart, seemingly randomly. I've updated the phone's software and firmware, and this seems to have made this problem less frequent (about once a week now). It's never during calls, but usually whilst transferring music from the PC to the phone.
      The battery life on the phone isn't impressive at all. Whilst on standby, you can probably get through 5 days, if you've got WiFi enabled and active, the chances are you'll only get about 5-7 hours of battery life out of it. According to Nokia, there's 3 hours talk time in a full charge - I'd say this is pretty accurate. I've noticed that sometimes the battery indicator jumps, sometimes quite dramatically. It could be on 5 bars of battery for about 2 days, and then suddenly jump to 2 or 3 bars within an hour.

      Whilst the phone does support 2GB memory cards, and this is probably more than adequate for anyone, there's a lot of debate about whether it supports 4GB cards. Some people can confirm that there's some cards that respond perfectly - others that don't, so if you're after a 4GB card, it's a bit of a guessing game as to whether it'll work. Probably safe to stick with 2GB cards.

      Compared to other phones?

      Compared to the other phones on the market, I can't believe how much of a good deal the N80 is. Particularly with the N95 coming out (which is vaguely the same with upgraded software, 8GB memory, camera and built in GPS), the N80 is available new on eBay for a relatively cheap price - around £75 to £90. Considering it came out mid 2006 for a whopping $500, this is very reasonable. Given the expansibility, this could probably even replace a small MP3 player and camera making it a very good deal.

      In conclusion, I wouldn't have a second thought about recommending this phone to anyone!


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        15.01.2007 17:46



        Don't get yourself lumbered for 18 months with this one! Try harder, Nokia

        I've been a big fan of Nokia - I decided long ago I wouldn't try any other manufacturer! BUT the N80 is a disaster zone. It freezes after sending texts - up to a couple of minutes! - it's slow, the battery life is woefully short -- just a couple of days, even without using the advanced features. It's counter-intuitive and way too complex. too many buttons just to send a text. I work with maybe half a dozen people, each of whom have the N80 and agree that this phone should be avoided. I'm still a fan of Nokia but I don't know what they were thinking when they brought this one out. was it rushed? I dunno. Guess we're all waiting on the iphone, which should send Nokia scrabbling back to the drawing board. Poor, poor phone!


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        17.11.2006 21:42



        Overall, grand phone, and a wealth of features.

        I bought this phone a few months ago, after a lot of deliberation on whether I should spend so much on a phone

        I was glad I did. It is a great phone with too many features to list. The WLAN feature is great though for around the house. The fact that it's Series 60 means there's a wealth of software available, though few are free!

        The battery only lasts about 2 days at best, which for some is not great. But when you consider the large screen and the wealth of functions, the phone is bound to drain a battery quicker.

        On the downside, the phone has restarted itself a few times, though never when I was making a call. I have replaced the memory card supplied and have 2GB card now, so it will hold loads of mp3 and apps whenever I can get a few free!

        Overall, grand phone, and a wealth of features.


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        10.11.2006 18:09
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A brilliant phone

        I got this phone from the Carphone warehouse on the 06/06/06 of all days start a new contract lol. I got a really great deal though it had just came out on that day. They had 1 left in stock, I didn't plan on getting it that day I was just going in to have a look at it as I already had a contract at the time. But because I had this other contract they let me have the n80 for free. You were supposed to pay around £50 for the handset then because it was new. They also gave me £50 cash back to help pay off 1 month's bill on my old contract so quite a good deal.


        I have the model which has a stainless steel front which I think looks better than the black front. On the front of the phone it has a nice big screen and under this it has 9 buttons which are: -
        - Answer and end call buttons
        - C button for clearing and going back
        - Menu button
        - Services button
        - Selection button
        - Shortcut button which takes you to radio, music player and to the gallery for photos and videos, you can change these to be whatever shortcuts you wish them to be.
        - Then Another button which has a pencil on it which I never use I think this is for when your composing texts and things involving writing.
        - The last button is in the middle of the other buttons which has 4 arrows ( up, down, left, right) for moving around the menus.

        It then slides open to reveal the keypad with the numbers on but the slider does not spring open automatically you have to do that all manually.
        Above the screen to the right it has a little camera for video calling, which you can also use for taking pictures of yourself if you wanted to.
        On the top of the phone is the on switch, On the right hand side of the phone is the camera shutter button for taking pictures and videos, then on the left hand side is where the memory card slots into, finally on the back is the main camera with flash, the camera has a little switch below it to change the picture mode settings, which I don't use.
        It doesn't have anything to protect the camera like what Sony Ericcsson's have which I miss.


        The pictures come out nice and clear, good quality, when taking pictures and videos you have to hold the phone sideways and press the shutter on the top, well it's on the top when your holding it sideways anyway.
        The video mode is good they are quite good quality the best iv had on a phone. The videos can sometimes be a little grainy depending on the light, you can pause a video when recording and then hit record again to carry on from where you was.
        You can edit all your photos and videos on the photo and video editing programs on the phone, you can take off any red eye which is good.
        The front camera which i have used only a handful of times for the video calling is quite good the pictures not as clear as the main one but that's because you have no light at the front whereas you have a flash on the main one.


        I really enjoy using this phone I like to use the n80 as a modem for my internet which you can do from the Nokia pc suite, this is expensive to do though.
        It has a really good mp3 player, which you can create play lists with and you can minimize it so that it plays in the background so you can do other things at the same time it has really good sound from the built in speakers. It also has a radio built in.
        It is quite a heavy phone. The phone has frozen on me several times, and on one of these occasions I had to send it off to get repaired as it would not turn back on, it was something to do with the software. I also like using it for gaming as it has a nice big screen.
        The battery life not so good, it will last for around a day sometimes not even that long depending on how much you use it. The phone uses real player to play the videos.
        It is 3G, and has Bluetooth.
        The texting is simple to do I also like the layout when you're composing a txt it's on a big screen and looks more like an email. Making calls is easy and you can silence any incoming calls that you don't want to answer, you can hear nice and clearly from the speakers when speaking.

        All in all a great phone and would recommend it.


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          19.08.2006 13:13



          A great phone, definately worth buying.

          I have had the Nokia N80 for around 3 months now and havent had any problems with it, or any regrets in buying it. It is still, in my eyes, one of the best looking phone out at the moment and with cheap contract offers availiable on it, dont see any reason in not getting one. Ill go through the main features of the phone which I use on a more or less day to day basis:

          -Menu/ Contact list - The phone is generally easy to navigate and I do not think you would have any problems doing so.
          -Camera/ Video - The phone has an unbelievable 3 mega-pixel camera (more MP than the digital camera I use on eBay!) so the picture and video quality is like nothing you have seen on a phone before. Theres also smart features which you can do to change pictures and videos using a photoshop like application and real player, which are already included on the phone.
          -Calling/ Messaging - Easy to use, same as any other Nokia phone.
          -Games - Included on the phone is Snakes, which is a 3D version of Snake, and is highly addictive. Also included are a load of card games, but I havent used any of these yet.
          -Internet - My contract came with free internet so I am always surfing the web on my phone. It looks exactly the same as my computer complete with cursor, is easier to use than you'd think. It isnt as fast as broadband, but I wouldnt call it slow either.
          -MP3 player - The sound quality is fantastic and the phone comes with a 128MB memory card so it has the capability of holding a load of songs aswell. It is easy to transfer them from your computer using the data cable provided also.


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          17.08.2006 15:53
          1 Comment



          all in all a good phone.

          got to use my friends n80 for a few days.
          these are the observations i had to make.
          i personally own a 6600 and thats why any phone in the n-series is like a great thing for me.
          but using this phone really did not satisfy me.
          -In the first place the slider (which makes the phone look very different) is very hard and not easy to use.
          -also the signal reception was a bit weak.my house does not have good reception but still i never faced call drops on my 6600, but did face those on the n-series phone.
          -the battery is good.i talk almost around 6-7 hours or more on the phone daily and along with this even after using the mp3 and the camers the battery almost lasted for a day.
          that was quite satisfactory.a phone like the n80 is supposed to consume a lot of battery.
          -the camera resolution is awesome.
          also after transferring the photos on the pc they are perfect,no distortion,etc.(as i heard that other n-series phones distort the pics when transferred to the pc).
          -i have also heard of some phones hanging while use.but fortunately i did not face any such problem.
          -the sound quality is excellent.thats what these phones are made for.


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            07.08.2006 12:09
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A taste of the future in an incredibly small package - though this comes at a price.

            I remember a few years ago reviewing the first batch of 3G mobile phones as they came to market. they were big, they ate batteries, and the overall quality was questionable.

            How things have changed!

            It's almost as if those guys at Nokia got together over a beer to debate just how much they could get into a standard sized mobile phone and just kept going until they ran out of possibilities.

            What they ended up with was the Nokia N80. A device that has everything you could imagine frome a mobile phone, and then some.

            Just a little before those first 3G handsets hit the shelves Nokia came out with the 7650. The first Series 60 sliding handset which eventually became the prototype for the N80.

            BUILD QUALITY
            The design of the handset is solid and well thought out. It's polished metal front gives it a feel of quality, though this has the side effect of attracting sticky fingerprints. The phone itself sits comfortably in the palm though those used to a slim pocket friendly piece may find this a little on the large side. In real terms the handset is slightly smaller than the 6680 though just a little thicker.

            The slider is smooth and of the non-click type; not to everyones liking though this still feels solid.
            A negative side effect of this arrangement however is that the positioning of the power on button at the top of the phone tends to result in the unintentional opening of the slider when pressed. (This is required to lock the keypad when in the closed position).

            Using the phone is as easy as with all previous Seris 60 devices, and those used to the standard nokia menu will have few problems.
            Those more used to non Nokia models may find this a little complex as the increased functionality of the series 60 software makes for a more complex menu system made up of icons and folders.
            Thankfully the basic functions such as address book and call handling features are given priority and are easily accessible with a single click.
            Later versions of the series 60 platform include a handy shortcut menu on the main screen which is customisable to allow access to 6 applications of your choice without the need to plod through the menu system. The other hot keys too are customiseable allowing for easier access to your favourite features.
            A noticeable addition to the N80 is the multimedia key which is essentially a shortcut to a sub-menu of shortcut keys for use with the joypad.
            All in all this leads to a high degree of customisation though with so many options it can be a struggle to remember just where everything is.

            One area where Nokia could perhaps spend a little more time is in the settings and configuration layout of the menu system. Even for an experienced series 60 user such as myself this area seemed overly complex in certain areas and configuring a specific area of the phone could become frustrating if you can't find the option relevant to the feature you wish to edit.

            The big difference with the N80 is the screen quality which is nothing short of amazing. Watching movies or viewing images is very satisfying on such a magnificent screen.

            Taking photos with the 3.2mp camera once again blurs the gap between phone and camera as the phone is used in a horizontal position for this purpose with the shutter button just where you would expect it if it were a dedicated camera. The resulting images are of excellent quality, though a little annoying is the

            sound of the shutter a full second or so before the shot is actually taken. Another annoyance is the abundance of blurred images where the subject has moved mid shot. More worthy of mention though is the options menu which allow for colour, contrast and sharpness adjustments prior to taking the shot as well as chosing the shot type such as portrait, landscape, night shot etc. The front of the phone has a handy - if somewhat fragile - macro switch for close up shots

            and of course a built in flash with red-eye reduction.
            With an inbuilt photo editing option your snaps can be edited, framed, or reworked right on the phone. Additionally the video feature too has it's own dedicated editor built-in, allowing for full video editing on the device - though the MP4 capture is not the best quality.
            Overall the camera is of excellent quality though a little pixcelated in darker shots.
            The included slide show feature allows for easy access to images and movies in panoramic mode and is smooth and easy to operate.

            Viewing of movies - either filmed with the camera or converted from dvd - is again a doddle with the bundled real player software which allows for normal or full screen view in normal or panoramic mode.

            Using the N80 as an MP3 player is far more rewarding than you may imagine, with access to tracks and playlists organised by artist, albumn, genre or composer. And a good interface to bring these together. The bundled software allows for easy conversion into Nokias own music format though MP3 or WMA are
            just as acceptable. The supplied headphones with volume control are more than adequate, as too is the built in speaker which won't give full base sound but is remarkably acceptable nevertheless.

            Like many Nokai phones the N80 comes with a built in radio, which in this case has the visual radio service bundled also. You do need the headphones attached in order to obtain reception but the clarity is superb and the speaker can be activated if you want to share your music with your friends.
            Strangely however despite several attempts I have yet to see the visual radio service in action.

            More of interest to me however is the use of the device for web radio. Using WiFi and the Real player I was able to connecte happilly to the likes of BBC radio.

            A striking feature of the N80 is it's new safari based web browser which makes full use of the exceptional screen quality by allowing for full screen web pages which are easily readable and a wonderful change from other mobile browsers. Additionally the RSS feed application is simple and effective and a great way to read snippets on the move.

            Of course using the browser requires an internet connection, and it's here that the N80 excels. In addition to standard GPRS connection the N80 sports 3G connectivity, bluetooth, infrared and of course the famed 802.11g wifi connection.
            Use of all of these is really quite a doddle. 3G takes over when on the move and when available, this of course turns to GPRS when not. Standard bluetooth connectivity is a breeze and connecting to a PC or headset is so easy it's hardly worth a mention.
            Wifi connections though can take a little more time to master. Un-encrypted connections are simple enough though those with WEP require you to enter this on every connection unless you have preconfigured this in the settings menu - which in itself is a little unintuitive and may require some patience. Once connected though the possibilities are endless and I was able to easilly stream BBC radio to the phone and browse the web at warp-like speeds.
            A downside however of having so many radios in one device is the limited spaace to put them, which in turn results in a reduced range. WiFi only seems stable within 15 metres or so of a hotspot which is a shame as this can be somewhat limiting.

            As a series 60 device the possibilities are endless. Already the number of applications available defies belief; from dictionaries and translators to stock marked analysis and pretty much everything in between.
            The N80 goes one step further, relying on the series 60 3rd edition software with increased functionality.
            Bundled with the phone then are a host of ready to use applications to give you a taster of the possibilites.
            Standard now on all series 60 devices is the PIM application set that allows for synchronisation with MS outlook or other mail products to track your address book, calendar, tasks and emails. Add to this the new PUSH mail system and the device can now synchronise seamlessly with a corporate mail system running MS exchange server. Additionally Imap and Pop mail is also supported and set up of my own gmail account, though a little testing was finally achieved.
            Other apps tried and tested are the lifeblog - excellent for tracking all of your activity, the converter and calculator apps, and finally the remarkable quick office.
            One app that certainly singles out series 60 phones from the rest is the GPS option as provided by TomTom or Route 66. Add a bluethooth receiver, install the software onto a micro SD card and away you go. Unfortunately however the 3rd edition platform is not currently supported by TomTom, rendering my rather expensive purchase useless, however a new release is expected soon which should resolve this issue. Thankfully and somewhat strangely the version 7 of route 66 released some time ago is fully compatible.

            THE PHONE
            Of course all of this builds only on the fact that this is really first and foremost a telephone.
            Useability in this area is typically Nokia; easy and straight to the point.
            With both voice and video the making, receiving, and overall handling of calls is simple and straight forward.
            My one gripe in this area is the occasional loss of signal strength; though I should point out that this was rare.
            Of more concern though was the battery life, which in normal operation is more than adequate. you should expect several days out of a single charge if you only wish to make and receive calls and occasionally use the features. Begin to use the wifi, bluetooth and other features though and you can almost see the battery charge indicator falling. For this reason the device is shipped with an extra battery - though this is of little consolation if you find yourself cut short.

            This is a pioneering device which will no doubt lead the market in terms of features and quality for a while at least.
            The array of features and possibilities is endless though this does come at a price; the short battery life is a shame, as too is the decission by Nokia to use a non standard charger - rendering my spaghetti mountain of Nokia chargers useless.
            Throughout all of the tests above the phone performed admirably, though on occasion the device did suffer from bugs and unprompted reboots. Which I would hope Nokia will resolve in future software releases. The menu system, though good could be a little more intuitive, especially in the settings area where you risk losing yourself in maze of features.

            Ultimately if you are a person on the move who likes to stay connected in every way possible then this phone is for you. The array of applications available

            and incredible flexibility make this a first choice business phone. If however you merely wish to make calls and take the occasional snap, then perhaps this

            has more than you need. The only remaining question has to be 'what next?' Where can Nokia go from here? I guess we'll have to wait and see.


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              06.08.2006 09:43
              Very helpful



              Hefty black brick Nokia induces love and affection from SonyEricsson fanboy.

              Mainly got this as I couldn't put up with SonyEricsson's delays to the P990i.

              Several things to note... the screen is an absurdly high resolution, 352x416 pixels, whilst being physically small, 2.1 inches. Not a really a problem, but I think it's a bit wasteful. Also, Nokia's inexperience with slider phones really shows.

              As for the keys...

              a) The keypad is too short, making it hard to hold;

              b) Said keypad is also too smooth, and hard, making texting more difficult than it might have been. (What it it with Nokia and strange keypads? This one looks normal but FEELS weird!)

              c) the other controls are, to my mind, badly designed as well... I keep hitting the bif red one, exiting any application I might have been using by mistake frequently, usually the web browser, which is a chore to get back to where you were before.... they managed to make the successful N70 d-pad with its separate select button... and put what they learned with the 6230 to 6230i lesson in reverse, removing the central selector.

              d) Nokia had yet to discover the joys of placing side buttons on this one, which they did when they designed the N91, probably in another room round the corner or something. This is a startling ommission in this day and age, on sonyericssons, it makes volume control/skipping tracks/chaging stations something you can do with the phone in your pocket. The overloading of the main d-pad, causing the select action-and then hit the centre button to work it method, rendering this handset cumbersome as an iPod replacement.

              e) There's no way to highlight a specific word, or groups of words, with Series60. This isn't having a go at the keys themselves, but at the edit key being too limited, and that there's no real alternative to a proper touchscreen.

              Apart from those issues.... this is the best phone on the market today.
              It's the same size as the Samsung D800, except it's almost twice as thick... has the best mobile browser out there, which has a mini-map and animated history pages. It also manages to be more W3C compliant than IE 7! If you get a 2GB card like me, you can load it full of movies and applications. The built in speaker is pretty loud too.

              3G means you can do data about 5 times faster than GPRS, and lets you do video calls as well, if you're into that. The other reviewer also gushed about bluetooth... which I do find is pretty vital for my personal use of this phone, transferring files from my Mac. I think it's also a much faster flavour of Bluetooth than my old SE S700i's.

              The camera is maybe a little disappointing, the colours are washed out generally, and it's poor in low light, compared to the S700i's 1.3MP CCD. Otherwise, it totally blows the K800i out of the water feature-wise. The excellent video mode, CIF resolution (352x288) at 15fps is pretty impressive compared to SE's QCIF.

              It uses MiniSD, which I hope ends Nokia's obsession with RS-MMC. It also came with Word/Excel/PowerPoint viewers, with the editors available in September/On the Nokia E61.

              Watching films on it is also a pleasure, owing to the high-res screen. Radio is good as well. You can use your own earphones with it, as it's supplied with an adaptor.

              I might have ranted about its design, but I think that Symbian is far more phone-centric than Windows Mobile, which is more focussed on the "other stuff"... getting in the way of the basic telephony features.

              And yes, I do admit to being a bit of a SonyEricsson fanboy. But I love my Nokia N80.


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                20.06.2006 10:35
                Not Helpful



                A phone that everyone would be checking to get.

                The all new N80 from Nokia is here.A phone for all age group and all professinals.With 3G technology coming,it would be amongst the best phones avilable in the market.Bluetooth connectivity adds a reson to buy this phone.Amongst other featuresv the best part is that it`s Wi-fi.It also comes with a MP3 music player so enjoy music anywhere and the sound quality is awesome.So what are u waiting, go get the new Nokia N80.


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              • Product Details

                The Nokia N80 empowers you to pursue your personal and professional goals with equal fervor. Boasting a three-megapixel digital camera, email, MP3 player, personal organizer, game console, and WLAN connectivity, its Nokia's most advanced all-in-one yet. All this in a single compact device that keeps you connected virtually anywhere you roam!

                Immortalize your inspiration on the go with the Nokia N80's three-megapixel camera featuring integrated flash and up to 20x digital zoom. The close-up ensures that even the smallest things can become great pictures. Print from your office, online or on the go with Nokia's XpressPrint Solutions. What's more, with Nokia XpressShare you can share your masterpieces quickly and easily via MMS, email and Lifeblog. Host private screenings of your images with slideshows on your TV thanks to Wireless LAN and UpnP technology.

                Groove on the go with the Nokia N80's integrated digital music player. There's plenty of room for your favorite tracks, plus with Nokia XpressMusic you've got playlist support, stunning audio quality, and your favorite songs as ring tones. What's more, with broadband speed web browsing and a high definition display, you're ready to enjoy the latest downloadable games and streaming video and audio. You can even listen to your device's music on your home stereo.

                Stay on top of your workload even when you're out of the office. The Nokia N80 comes equipped with calendar, contacts, task list, email and PIM too. And thanks to its crisp, high definition display, viewing your documents is a breeze. You can even conduct video conference calls or share files during your conversation. What's more, your Nokia N80 comes equipped with PC Suite so you can keep your device and your PC in perfect harmony.