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Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800

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    3 Reviews
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      22.02.2012 22:49
      Very helpful



      Keeping up with the smartphone technology on a smaller budget.

      This phone is my husband's phone, but I often use it on his behalf, so I thought I would share my experiences of it. It is a budget smartphone. He spotted it at a bargain price of about £70 at the Carphone Warehouse, and as his old phone was really struggling with battery life, it was a purchase he was keen to make. Although his phone gets used a lot, we don't have an expensive contract, and we didn't want to spend more on the contract to get a new phone handset.

      Initially getting the handset, we were really pleased with the look of it. It is black and glossy looking, and in spite of it not being in a case and my husband using this a lot, it doesn't look tatty after 6 months use. It is not scuffed or scratched at all. It has a colour touchscreen with 240x400 pixels, and it is always looks smart.

      We had to upgrade the SIM card as his old SIM did not fit into the phone, but when we had done this, we had no problems with it. The vodafone staff just transferred the old phone number onto the new SIM card so we didn't have to mess round changing all the contact details. This would have been a pain as we have a large family, and my husband has a lot of professional contacts as well as he mostly uses his phone in the line of work.

      The phone came with some basic applications on it: Google maps, google mail, calculator, calendar, clock, radio, internet browser, and my husband has added some other applications himself from the android market.

      My husband does now use his phone a lot, even when at home to do some of the things like checking his email. He connects the phone to our home wireless network so that he can check it all without using his data allowance on his contract. We fell a bit foul of the data allowance when we were away over the summer. The phone can be used as an internet dongle, so I persuaded him to let me log on to check a few things, which was unlimited usage at approximately £1 for that day. When we got his next bill, something had altered in the phone settings and we got billed as though we had been doing that every day that month. That bill was a bit shocking when we realised, so we are more careful nowadays to make sure we don't do this again.

      Making phonecalls is fairly easy. You are given a list of recent contacts or you can browse through your phonebook. It can be slow if you decide to change from one search method to the other. There is a bit of a lag that is longer than you want for it to switch. My husband says this happens when using the applications too. Like the processor is lacking a bit of oomph. It gets there eventually. It would be no good for me as I lack patience. It can sometimes crash too and need turning on and off again to reboot. Call connectivity is good. It doesn't drop in and out. My husband gets some signal even at home, whereas my cheaper basic samsung handset on orange really gets no signal at all at home due to us living nowhere near any masts.

      When texting, you see a qwerty keyboard on the screen. This can be oriented in portrait or landscape, though landscape is a lot easier to text quickly. There is autocomplete which helps my husband when it comes to spelling.

      The phone has a camera with 3.15 megapixels, which has face and smile detection, so it is great to always have a camera with us to capture silly moments when out an about with the kids and we have forgot our digital camera. You never know when these moments will arrive.

      Storage is a 1GB micro SD card which came with the phone, or you can add up to 32GB of storage. 1GB has been adequate for us.

      The battery life is ok, standby is supposed to be 510 hours. With light use, it can last 3-4 days. When you are on the phone a lot though, it has 7 hours of talk time, but really this is a bit of an overestimate. This phone is fine for light use, but if out and about and using it heavily, then it will be flat within the working day. We do charge this most nights, and this takes about 4 hours to do a full battery recharge from flat to full charge. My budget handset is closer to 2 hours.

      Overall, it is a basic smartphone at a budget price. It is more than adequate for my husband to use in a business capacity, and for me to borrow in a personal use capacity. Yet we haven't paid a fortune for the privelige of having a big brand smart phone. My husband spotted an absolute bargain at £70 when it can retail at £125. My husband likes most of all the fact that it is google powered, and he uses google calendar and mail, so he is connected all the time between his laptop and his phone. If he gets a phonecall and has to deal with something away from the office, he can do so quickly as everything is there at the touch of the screen.

      I've read a lot of phone reviews, and a lot of these smart phones are laggy and suffer from crashing, and I don't think this phone is particularly bad.

      The only disappointment has been the PC synchronisation software, the Samsung Kies. It is in one word, rubbish. We have never got it to work and when it was downloaded and attempting to use it, it just caused the laptop to crash. We just gave up in the end and synchronised via google.

      Another little niggle was we thought with us both having Samsung handsets we could share a phone charger when we go away for the weekend and take less stuff with us. This is not the case though as the connector into the phone is smaller for this model than my handset. This is minor though as the charger is pretty compact to some we have had in the past.


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      23.12.2011 12:21



      A great phone about a year ago, but it is worth it's value nowadays!

      Hello people! (:
      I got this phone in October 2010 & recently changed it for the new iPhone.
      When i first got this phone, it was really good, one of the best that existed (around where i live) & it was really powerful! Know, let me say (i have kept it), it has worn out, the quality seems pathetic when i compare it to any other friends phone, or to my iPhone!

      So in 2010, it could run nearly all the apps of the android market without lagging, it was a great phone. But know, loads of apps lag on it, even angry birds lags...
      Officially, there is support for android 2.2, it can't run android 2.3, but it is quite easy to flash (=update) it to a later version of android to get a faster working phone, but you loose your guaranty!

      About a year ago, I'd have really recommended this phone to anyone! Today, I don't recommend it if you want a modern, decent smartphone!

      Just read these characteristics and see what you think:

      Dimensions 113.5 x 55 x 12.9 mm
      Weight 109 g [1]
      Operating system Android 2.1 (Eclair) Upgradeable To Android 2.2 (Froyo)
      CPU Samsung S5P6422 667 MHz
      Memory 256 MB
      Storage 512 MB
      Removable storage MicroSD support for up to 32 GB
      Battery Li-Ion 1500mAh
      Data inputs Touch Screen (capacitive)
      Display WQVGA TFT LCD, 3.2 in (82 mm) diagonal. 240 x 400 px, 16M colors
      Rear camera 3.2 Megapixels
      Connectivity USB 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi b/g/n, GPS

      There you are, my quick (& disappointing) review of the Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800


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      10.01.2011 14:48
      Very helpful



      Excellent value and functionality for the price!

      Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800, also known as Samsung Galaxy 3 Apollo, is the little brother of the more than twice as expensive Samsung Galaxy S and the big brother of the Samsung Galaxy 5. This is a smartphone based on the Android operating System. It was released July 2010.

      Basically the Galaxy 3 sets out to cut down on the most expensive hardware features of the top models while providing an engaging user experience. The dimensions of the phone are 113.5 x 55 x 12.9 mm and it weights 109 grams. Compared to an iPhone, the screen is a bit smaller and the phone weights decidedly less than an iPhone. The phone is touch screen operated, and only has 3 actual buttons you can push. Touch screen responsiveness is good when writing text messages and dialing numbers. The more action filled games can be quite difficult to play with touch screen technology. This is not the phone's fault, though. You face the same challenges you would on any touch screen based game. The phone automatically detecs when you tilt it on the side, and will then tilt the interface to the side as well. This functionality is taken advantage of in some fun games you can get from the Android App Market. There is also a proximity sensor on the phone, so the screen turns itself off when you hold it close to your ear, and when you are done with a phone call and remove the phone from your ear, the screen automatically turns back on. This is very cool functionality and helps save battery life. It always appears to take one more second for the functionality to respond than what I had hoped for, though. The phone has Wi-fi functionality. It scans for access points fast and efficiently, and it's very easy to access wireless internet. The phone comes with an internet browser that works very well and also several applications you can use to check your e-mails and read news, get weather details and such. This is also endlessly expandable through the Android App Market. The phone features 512mb internal storage, support for microSD expansion cards of up to 32gb in size, 256mb RAM memory and there is a 667 MHz processor. There is also a GPS, Bluetooth, and support for divx video playback, among other things.

      The phone is beautiful! It's black and shiny, the screen is bright with clear colours. Navigating the touch screen menus, exploring the included applications, connection to the Android App Market and downloading further applications and games... it's a lot of fun, and usually that type of fun can not be had this cheap. A thing with Android phones when comparing to something like the iPhone is that iPhones are only made by Apple, so they all have the same hardware. The Android operating system is open to everyone, so any phone manufacturer can make an Android based phone. This leads to the market place having a wide variety of Android phones on offer, randing from expensive ones with top end hardware to low budget ones with slower hardware. Personally I think this is a great thing, although to the end user it does mean if you get a demanding game, while it probably will run on a low budget Android phone, it won't run as fast and as smoothly as on the more expensive ones. I wouldn't spend what you have to spend to get a top end phone, though, and while at first I was disappointed I couldn't get good performance out of the greatest games, it didn't take me long to accept that fact and enjoy myself with all the applications that actually run well. A few months down the line, I am a happy Android phone user. Obviously, the spell of amazement that was over me my first couple of weeks with my phone has worn off, as it does with all material things, but I do believe that on a whole it has made me a little bit happier to know that wherever I may be, I can check my e-mails, write a Microsoft Office document, surf the internet or play an entertaining game!

      Just like there is a market with applications for the iPhone, there is one for Android as well. However, while only about 30% of the iphone app market is free, the number is closer to 65% for the Android Market. Apps are programs, games and utilities you can download on your phone to give it new functionality. For instance, I've downloaded a widget which I have displayed at the front page of my phone that estimates how many hours and minutes of battery life I have left. Obviously, there is a battery life indicator on the phone already, but I like to have access to more in depth information. I've downloaded countless free games, ranging from simple card games to more advanced racing games. I've bough a few music making applications, so the last time I got on a flight, I was able to compose chord progressions and drum beats and arrange it all together before exporting to a final .wav file, all on my phone. The applications I have paid for typically cost £1-3 per application, so it's nothing you have to think about for too long. The Android Market allows you to test out any applications you buy for 24 hours, and if within that time you change your mind, you can get a refund. This gives a lot of security and freedom to the buyer. Installing apps is fast, easy and efficient. It can all be done from within the phone's interface. You don't need any cables, and you don't need anything like Apple's dreaded iTunes to authorise everything. Simply tap the "Android Market" icon. Browse what is there, tap a game or app you like, tap "install", and that's it.

      It can be a bit of a challenge to estimate the battery life, as this depends so much on how you use the phone. If you only use it for the occasional phone call and sms, it would probably last about a full week or so. However, if you spend all day surfing the web and playing games with the volume all the way up, it might be more like two or maximum three days. I find myself charging the phone 1-2 times a week, and I go online with the phone every day. Compared to my previous phones, it's the best battery life I have encountered.

      I love the phone! I'm a Gmail user, and Gmail integration is very smooth, so wherever I have an internet connection I can read and send e-mails just as fast as if I was sitting by my computer. I love that the phone is endlessly expandable with apps, and I love that so many apps are available for free. I love that the phone is so customizable. It makes me feel free and in control. For the cons, the main one at the moment is that Samsung as of yet still hasn't made available the update from Android 2.1 to 2.2. I would like to update my phone as there are minor improvements in the later version of Android, including the ability to save apps to an SD card and not just the internal memory. This should be happening eventually, though, but has been slower than what I expected. I do have the freedom to install a generic update by myself, but I would rather wait for the official one for my specific phone.

      If you want a smart phone and you don't need a phone with a HD screen that can run the most demanding games, the Samsung Galaxy 3 might be worth your consideration. I paid about £170-180 for mine, brand new and sim free. The phone has a GPS and Wi-fi and can out of the box read and write Microsoft Word documents. While it won't perform quite as well as phones 2-3 times the cost, this is great value for money and will cover most users' needs.


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