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Samsung Galaxy Ace Lafleur

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3 Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Ace Lafleur

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    3 Reviews
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      16.09.2013 10:34
      Very helpful



      Ok if you are new to smartphone technology but you will soon get bored

      I bought myself a Samsung Ace as I was new to smartphone technology and didn't want anything too high tech and that is exactly what I got.

      The ace uses basic Android technology and because of this you cannot get all apps on your phone. I wish someone had told me this before I had bought it as one of the things i wanted to download was Candy crush and unfortunately the phone is not compatible with it.

      The processing can be quite slow, if you want a quick phone this is not it. It often takes a while to open apps and is no good if you need to access things very quickly.
      It plays both audio and video. Although I very rarely use it for this.
      The Ace has a 3.5" touch LCD screen which is clear and easy to use. The touch sensitivity of the screen can sometimes be a bit laggy.

      It has a 5MP camera which can also be used as a video camera. The picture quality is what you would expect from a camera phone.

      The phone is a neat size and fits well into your palm, the design is quite pretty also, with a floral pattern on white background, although it is very girly and I doubt my husband would be caught dead using it!

      The main problem I found with this phone was that the phone memory filled very quickly even with a large SD card inserted. Also the smallest bit of dust in the charging port caused the phone to act crazy. Showing a charging icon even when not plugged in!

      It is a good starter smartphone and is a budget one too so won't cost the earth. I soon found that I was ready to move onto bigger and better things


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      21.03.2013 00:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Lovely phone, lworks well, lots of options for apps, lightweight.

      Right after my last phone decided it would no longer allow me to use the number 3 button and also due to network issue on going for several months I took myself off to the car phone warehouse on a mission. I wanted a new phone that day. Usually I hate being pounced on in stores when have just started looking but on this day I was in need of help. My other phone was getting ancient and i didn't like touch screens but at same time felt old and out of touch for not having one when the majority of people around me had them nowadays. There was a blackberry phone but I felt the keypad for too small and this Samsung phones was one of the options I was left to decide on. I finally decided to pull myself together and get with the times and get this Samsung Galaxy ace la fleur which is a touch screen but like anything new I would have to get used to it.

      The phone is in white and the front of this phone has the screen an activate button and a small flower in the top left hand corner. The reverse has silver flowers elegantly covering some of it. The flowers were the reason I choose this model rather then black as it is more a feminine phone but that not to say that men can't have it too. In case you had not realized by now La fleur translate as flower.

      One of the first things I done with this phone was put a pincode lock onto it so the kids didn't do random things with it and I also brought in poundland a carry case to protect it as I don't think this would survive what my old phone did. Of course starting the phone up and activating sim card was priority too. The back cover completely comes off but you need a finger nail or small sharp edge to prise it open, the battery and sim card are easy to fit into place. To switch the phone on the button on the side should be pressed and held down.

      I didn't use the phone to much to begin with to be honest as I was scared of it, I would touch it so delicately looking for what I wanted but now I'm so proud that I flick through pages and apps fast and it doesn't scare me anymore, I even have Apps on it which is amazing. Even though I've had it a while now I'm still finding new things on it and some things I can't work out how to do. But the important things I have sussed are messages, calls and facebook. Now my friends will verify I have sussed how to message as it usually ends with me swearing as this phone has the dreaded autocorrect on it which I've heard many things about. When sending a message it will change a word to what it thinks you want to send and if you don't double check your words before sending then it will cause laughs trouble or confusion.

      Apart from the on/off button, volume and home button there are no other button on the phone as everything else is touch screen.

      The camera on this phone I find is very good quality 5 MegaPixel with auto focus and a duel led flash. So far all the pictures I've taken are inside and have come out really well.

      There are lots of useful services already programmed onto the phone, here are some of them-
      GPS & maps
      play store for apps
      Voice recorder
      Think free office and plenty more. Some I have no use for and others use regularly. One I use every day is the alarm clock, It allows me to set different alarms for different times, days and sounds. So one day I have a certain time and tune and when it goes off it also displays the note I have put on for example school, as I'm sure we have all woken to an alarm and not been sure what day it is lol. Saturday football alarm is my favourite as its a loud cockerel which I don't even allow to go on snooze mode as it's funny but annoying and hearing it once is more then enough to get me out of bed.

      There are options for different ringtones and text alerts also.

      Something I do struggle with on this phone is the contacts list are backwards and even the guy in the shop told me about it. For example you have the name John Smith on your phone you'd expect to find the number under J for John but it is in fact under S for Smith, these does confuse me as I still search for first names and can't find a way around it either.

      The screen buttons are easy to press and the numbers and letters can be seen clearly when making calls or texting. Mine is connected to my home wifi but when out of the home it connects to vodafone network and seeing as they are giving me a 3 month free trial I'm happy to try wifi out of the home too.

      This is an android powered phone which has a symbol of a little green man, No honestly it does. From what I understand this phone is a cheaper version then an iphone and the difference being it holds and provides less data.
      It isn't a heavy phone but is large, I carry it in a carry case rather then in my pocket.
      This phone provides me with all I need and more, I'm really happy with it and now have a phone belonging to the right century lol. I got it on a contract but believe to purchase it alone would be about £119.
      The carry case I have is felt which comes in handy to wipe over the phone with as it does show up fingerprints on the screen after using.

      So it works well, charges easily and also shows you how much battery time is curently left on it as well as where the battery is being used i.e being on standby, wifi etc. The screen is clear and easy to read, the sound is good quality as are any pictures.

      Here's some further info about the phone which may be of interest to some.
      5 Mp camera with auto-focus, flash and geo-tagging
      800Mhz processor
      3.5 inch capacitive touch screen
      Android 2.2 Froyo OS
      MP3 Player and FM radio
      MicroSD card slot (up to 32Gb)
      3.5 mm audio jack
      Swype Access to Google
      Great battery life
      Weight: 113 g
      Dimensions: 60 x 112.5 x 11.5 mm
      Includes 2GB memory card

      A basic instruction booklet came with the phone but I tend to find my way around it once I have the basics sorted.


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        20.01.2013 17:46
        Very helpful



        One for ladies of all ages. A great value for money phone

        After managing to break my top of the range contract smartphone and having limited cash I needed a reasonably priced replacement!
        I trawled the phone shops with my unwilling husband all morning before I settled on the very feminine Samsung Galaxy Ace La Fleur model. Having previously owning two Samsung smart phones and being highly satisfied with them swayed me towards this brand.
        Inside the compact packaging is the phone, (which is pure white with a silver floral design in the top left corner and La Fleur in the bottom left corner, the reverse of the phone is largely covered by a silver floral design) a mains power cable (charger,) battery, quick start guide, a USB cable, 2GB Micro SD memory card, an SD card adapter and a pair of hands free black headphones.
        Finding my way around this phone was easy and I particularly like the qwerty keyboard for texting.

        It is both impressive to look at and to use. Appearance is very similar to the Iphone 4.It has everything you could want in a smartphone, including an Android operating system, GPS / Geo tagging, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, touch screen, Bluetooth and 3G / Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n capabilities.
        Powered by an 832 MHz CPU processor, this Samsung Galaxy smartphone delivers a smooth and efficient performance.
        There is a Social Hub which incorporates social networking, email and instant messaging.
        As for media, it plays both audio and video perfectly. There is also a built in FM tuner.
        The 3.5" TFT LCD screen is clear, touch sensitive and easy to use in all lighting.
        The 5MP camera takes clear, crisp and sharp, quality pictures, which can be uploaded to your computer or laptop using the USB cable. You can also change the setting from camera to video mode.

        The battery lasts a day and my phone is constantly on and more often than not in use. I charge it each night.

        This phone comes preinstalled with all the usual apps; Youtube, Maps etc and there are also Samsung apps and Playstore from where you can choose from thousand of apps which are either free or to buy.
        Like most phones the pre installed ringtones are not up to much but it is easy to upload music from your computer to the phones music player and set a song of your choice as the ringtone.
        If you are something of a deep sleeper then set the alarm to the Rooster ringtone, it wakes me with a start every morning!

        One nice feature is that to unlock the phone you simply swipe the screen, there is an automatic lock feature or you simply press a button on the right hand side of the phone to manually lock it.
        The notifications panel at the top of the screen is another great feature as when you have a new email, missed call, text etc it appears here and you simply drag the notification panel down and touch the message to be taken straight to the correct app.

        With its compact design and tons of powerful features, Galaxy Ace La Fleur is sure to appeal to app lovers, internet and social networking addicts and fashionista's of all ages.


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