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Samsung Galaxy Note

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Samsung / Screen size: 5.3"

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    4 Reviews
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      19.10.2012 23:18



      Great browsing, photos and video - if you can live with the size.

      I wasn't 100% sure about this phone when I got it; I thought it would be too big, but ultimately was tempted in by the high resolution screen which I thought would be good for web browsing on the go.

      I have not been disappointed. Yes, the handset seems HUGE initially, but I soon got used to the size, and being thin and light for it's size, it fits comfortably in my trouser pocket. I honestly don't notice the size now.

      The screen is absolutely gorgeous, and is great for viewing photos, video and the web especially. People with small hands might find it a bit difficult to use one handed, and I myself,have struggled at times but now seem to switch from one handed to two handed use as required without noticing.

      Performance is solid, with only the occasional lag.

      The camera picture quality is excellent, and for me is as good as my point and shoot camera.

      The S-Pen, for me is a bit of a gimmick. I rarely use it. Though I imagine, if you are of the artistic type you could make half decent drawings etc.

      I also use it for reading eBooks in bed, which is nice with white on black text and backlight turned right down. The text is nice and crisp.

      All round a great phone and certainly worth it for the deals available since I got it. There are probably better out there now, but if you want a solid phone with a big screen and you get a good deal, then go for it!


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      20.06.2012 01:07
      Very helpful



      Fantastic phone a must for any Tech person.

      After owning a Iphone 3G and then a Iphone 4 I never thought I would find a phone that would live up to these great machines.

      How I was wrong. I went to the Carphone Warehouse and had a little play with the new toy on the market.

      My first impressions BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE. How would this fit in my pocket?

      I need not of worried, the phone fits nice and snug even in my jeans pocket. So that was it I decided I wanted this machine.

      So I took it home and played with it. I then put my 16gb SD card into the phone with a few HD movies on it and my word the quality on the screen was absolutely fantastic. I was so impressed this really was top quality pictures and sound.

      Then I went onto the internet, I was able to go on certain sites that I could not go on via my old iphone sites that I dreamed about going on but never thought it was possible unless an app was made for the certain site.

      The phone is now on the new android updated Ice Cream version and you obviously have full access to the play store were you can download anything from Angry Birds to office programs.

      You get a stylus with the phone but I have to admit this does seem a bit of a "luxury" and I really haven't used this yet. Maybe in the future this will become more prevelant but for now.

      I would reccomend that you get a all you can eat data plan because if you get this phone then you will need this.

      Al in all a fantastic phone that I am so happy I have moved to this phone.


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      09.04.2012 14:51
      Very helpful



      Best bits of a tablet and a smartphone combined in one package

      Upgrade time has finally arrived in our household with my boyfriend opting for the Galaxy Note and
      me waiting to see what it was like before making my decision (well it's a shame to risk ending up with
      a donkey if you can try someone else's first)

      The first thing that strikes you when you unpack this is the sheer size of it I was shocked to find it
      dwarfs my boyfriends Sony Arc which seemed huge when we got it. The Galaxy Note measures
      146.85 x 82.95 x 9.65 mm and weighs 178g compared to the Sony at 146.85 x 82.95 x 9.65 mm
      andweighs 117g. Although the phone is big it is really slim and it does fit into a jeans or shirt pocket
      easily enough. Like most smartphones the packaging is kept to a minimum and in the box you get a
      user guide, a charger that works along with the USB cable, earphones, battery, S pen and the phone.

      The Galaxy Note seems to lie somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet and probably best
      suited to those who spend more time surfing the net, playing games or watching videos than
      actually making calls. The huge size means it does look a bit silly when you hold it to your ear to
      make a call so unless there's a sudden rise in huge phones on the market you can expect a few
      strange looks when you answer a call in public although at least the sound quality on calls is
      excellent so it's worth the strange looks.

      The overall look of the phone is quite minimal and understated with only one physical home button
      on the front of the phone which has an illuminated touchscreen button on either side of it. The left
      hand side has a volume rocker switch while the right hand side has the power/lock switch. The
      earphone socket is on the top of the phone and the charger/data slot is on the base of the phone
      along with the S pen slot. The Galaxy Note is available in black or white but sadly our provider only
      had the white version which in my opinion doesn't look as sleek as the black one and makes an
      already huge phone look even bigger.

      The Galaxy Note comes with a huge 5.3" Gorilla Glass Super Amoled HD capacitive touchscreen with
      a resolution of 1280 x 800. The screen has to be seen to be believed it's bright,vivid and gives a
      great range of depth and colour and obviously helped by the size it's fantastic for viewing videos,
      pictures playing games or browsing the internet. The touchscreen is responsive, accurate and easy
      to use can be used either with your fingers or with the Samsung S Pen that comes with the Note.

      The Samsung S Pen is basically a stylus optimised for use on the capacitve touchscreen allowing you
      to capture screen shots with a touch of the button or to write notes and draw pictures. The S pen
      is pressure sensitive so the line is lighter or darker depending how hard you press and similar to
      using a Wacom tablet pen it has a range of options for width, type and colour of line you want to
      use. The S pen is fun to play around with and quite handy for editing photos or adding captions to
      pics before embarrassing your mates in Facebook. When not in use the S pen stores in a slot on
      the base of the phone although I'm currently wondering how long the S pen will last before it
      gets lost.

      The camera on the Galaxy Note is pretty good with 8MP and a LED flash for low light shots.
      I've been quite impressed with the shots I've taken with the Note both indoors and outside and
      while it doesn't replace a decent compact camera it's nice to have something on a phone that can
      take a decent shot rather than grainy pics from the rubbish cameras added to some phones to look
      good on the the specs sheet. There's a variety of scene modes and settings to help get the most
      of the camera but unfortunately there's no dedicated camera shutter button on the Note so it is a
      bit awkward to use til you get the hang of it.

      The Galaxy note is capable of video recording in HD at up to 1080p and 30 frames per second which produces pretty good quality sound and video for a phone. There's also a 2MP front facing camera
      for anyone who makes video calls. The one downside of the main camera is the glass covering the
      lens is flush with the casing so I think it will get scratched too easily it would be better if there was a
      lens cover or the lens was recessed slightly.

      For the tech heads there's plenty to keep them happy the Galaxy Note comes with EDGE,GPRS,WIFI,
      HDSPA,has a 1.4GHz dual core processor and is currently running Android 2.3 Gingerbread with an upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich due soon. The Android system is overlaid with Samsungs Touchwiz interface which is easy to navigate and seems pretty fast with no obvious lag . Being
      an Android phone there's thousands of apps available to add to those already installed on the
      phone so you can customize the phone to suit your needs and with 7 home screens and 16GB
      internal memory there's plenty of room for any apps you want to add. The Galaxy Note can also
      be expanded with a memory card of up to 32GB if you do find yourself running out of space.

      The music quality on the Galaxy Note as standard is pretty good and most formats are supported
      and the playback interface is easy to navigate and arrange playlists etc. The sound on video
      playback is pretty good through decent earphones but slightly on the tinny side through the on
      board speaker The earphones that come with the note are good enough quality and the standard
      3.5mm earphone jack means you can use your own if you prefer.

      The Galaxy Note is easy to use for calls and texting and anyone with larger hands will find it a lot
      easier to text or email on the huge touchscreen compared to most smart phones plus you can use
      the S pen for these features as well. The screens are well laid out and even those new to
      smartphones will have no problem finding their way around. The contacts menu allows you to
      arrange contacts,integrate Facebook and Twitter along with the option to add groups for easy
      mass messaging which is handy for organising nights out etc.

      Internet access is fast and the huge screen makes for easy viewing of most sites although you
      do still have to zoom in to most sites you do get a lot more on a page compared to most phones
      I've used. There's a limit to how many pages you can open at once so you can only have 8 open
      at once. We have unlimited internet as part of our package on the Note so we haven't actually
      tried the Wifi connection yet. I've also seen reviews that say the Note makes a decent Ebook
      reader so I'm looking forward to trying it in the hope it does away with my current desire for
      a Kindle.

      The battery on the Galaxy Note is a 2500mAh which is pretty powerful and gives a decent amount
      of juice although obviously with a screen this big you need all the help you can get. So far we've
      been impressed with the battery life it usually lasts a full day at the moment which is good
      considering how much it's been played with but we've only had it for 2 weeks so time will tell but
      so far it does seem to give more play time than other smartphones we've owned.

      Overall I would recommend the Galaxy Note it's a great phone with plenty to keep you amused
      during quiet times at work or long journeys on the train etc and the screen is fantastic for videos
      games and browsing the web. The size does take a bit of getting used to and for me although I
      really like the phone and features I'm still trying to decide whether I could live with it long term to
      have the benefits of the large screen or whether to go with my original choice of the slightly more
      compact Galaxy S2 but my boyfriend loves it.

      The Galaxy Note costs around £500 but is available free on contract from around £21 depending
      on the minutes texts and internet you want included. Our deal with 3 mobile costs £38 per month
      with unlimited internet, 2000 minutes and 5000 texts


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        23.02.2012 23:14



        I think the size is perfect for this phone.

        Samsung galaxy note has been the easiest to use of all my phones. I very much enjoy the large screen and I find the pen touch extremely responsive even though I've set it to suit my left handed-ness. A lot of my friends don't want to get this phone because it is so big. But it fits in my back pocket and I usually keep my phone in my bag anyway. I write a lot on my phone and I find the bigger screen is just easier to use when I'm scrolling back through (and when I forget my glasses). It makes surfing and watching videos extra nice and not to mention the added space to play games which I find unrivaled.

        I don't think how ever I would want a phone any bigger I think it is the right choice. I also like that since it is android, I feel like I can customize more than I could on an apple product. One thing that I really like about this phone is the large screen that I can speed paint on which is something I really like to do on the tram every day, the responsiveness and crystal large screen is really wonderful. If you're looking for entertainment it really is like having a tablet in your pocket that isn't too large. I have had comments that It looks too big when you hold it up to your face to talk into it. But I wear headphones with a microphone so it doesn't bother me at all!

        I think if you were someone who just used a you're phone just mainly as a phone, such as its not a phone I would recommend for my mother, but I think if you are someone who uses apps, surfs and writes alot using your phone I would really would consider this phone. Its definatly the phone that has matched my needs the closest of all I've ever had.


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