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Samsung Galaxy S III 16 GB

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Samsung Galaxy S III 16 GB

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    3 Reviews
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      01.09.2013 01:44



      The phone is 5 stars. This model is not.

      I recently wrote a review on the S3 and how much of a fantastic phone it is so I will not revisit those basic opinions in this review. For this review I want to focus on the upgrade offered to the standard handset which is a boost from 8gb of hard drive space to a total of 16gb storage space.

      I find it perplexing that Samsung release this upgraded phone when consumers have the option of connecting a micro SD card in the original base model phone. For a basic Samsung S3 it comes with an in built hard drive of 8Gb, half of this upgraded model. But with an additional 32GB memory card which can be purchased from a host of online retailers for as little as £10-15 it quickly becomes 40Gb of storage space- ample for most phones. This is very inexpensive in relation to the extra £40 you would pay to get the upgraded 16Gb model- then if you went and got the same micro SD card you will have a total of 48Gb. Only 8Gb more and for so much extra money!
      You do not need to be a maths genius to work out which is the better deal.

      In my honest opinion, the only reason you should every buy the larger hard drive on devices such as this or tablets is if they do not have an option to increase the devices internal storage space via additional memory cards. (Like the iPhone- Cheeky dig at Apple there).

      That all said the Samsung S3 has had a some technical difficulties in regard to the Micro SD not booting properly and wiping data. So, if the extra money does not bother you then a safer more reliable option to store important or personal data may be to get the larger 16Gb option.


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      26.08.2013 02:01
      Very helpful
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      Samsung Galaxy SIII - The Phone for Me!


      I brought the Samsung Galaxy SIII in September 2012 to use at work. I have been very please about buying this phone and it is one of the best phones I have ever owned in my life.

      Protecting the phone from wear and tear

      The first thing I did when I brought the Samsung Galaxy SIII was to purchase a screen protector and phone cover to protect the phone from scratches and damage.
      The screen protector and phone cover costs me roughly about £30.

      Look and feel

      The look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy SIII is excellent, very lightweight and
      so smooth to carry around. The phone just looks fantastic!

      Durability and Robustness

      The durability of the Samsung Galaxy SIII is excellent and the speed of the
      phone is the same as when I brought it. I was slightly dissapointed when I dropped the phone on the floor, one day after I brought it and there was a slight scratch on the right hand corner of the phone. This is what encouraged me to buy a screen protector!

      Battery standby time

      The battery standby time is very good and I can talk on the phone for hours/days before the battery drains! I always choose the power saving mode and this enables the phone battery to last much longer!

      Value for money and range of features

      I currently have an Orange mobile contract for this phone. It is expensive, however it is definitely worth it, as the Samsung Galaxy SIII has many uses (alarm clock, calendar, calculator - several gadgets rolled into one!). I use the alarm clock on a daily basis to wake up as I cannot wake up on time without it! There are options to set-up multiple alarms on various days! There is also an option for a stopwatch and timer! There are widgets available for assisted light, weather, Yahoo news, youtube etc. I have also downloaded several apps on the phone such as facebook, viber, skype, tango etc.

      Camera Quality

      The camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy SIII is so good, that I didn't feel the need to purchase a professional camera. The camera has several shooting modes such as single shot, best shot, share shot, buddy photo share, beauty and smile shot. The camera has an effects option as well. The options offered include negative, cartoonify, washed out, red-yellow point,blue point, green point, solarise, posterise,
      warm vintage,cold vintage, sepia and black and white. The best side effect that I like is blue point. There is also an option for self portrait (I use this option often to take
      pictures of myself - Yes I am vain!).


      I would definitely recommend that you buy the Samsung Galaxy SIII as it a trendy and very useful for everyday use!


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        08.05.2013 12:43



        An powerful yet easy-to-use smartphone, suitable for everyone.

        I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S III (Titanium) as part of my monthly contract and I have to say that I really love it.

        My favourite feature has to be the large super-clear screen. The display is beautiful, whether you're looking at photographs, games or even just the web browser. I took it to a concert recently and despite being sat near the back of the arena, the powerful zoom allowed me to take pictures with excellent clarity. The video function is also great - with my previous phone the volume levels at concerts overwhelmed any video I tried to make, but the Galaxy somehow manages to remove background 'fizz' and play the music back just as it sounded at the time. I'm incredibly pleased with this and just wish I'd had it for all the concerts I've been to in the past!

        The Android system is as you would expect, no surprises here. There are a number of pre-installed apps, some of which are Samsung-specific - I haven't really done anything with these as they are essentially the same as other apps I already have accounts with (Amazon MP3, Google Play Store etc). I was pleased to see that after downloading everything I wanted, there is still a vast amount of storage space left - this had been a problem on my older HTC so the large capacity of the Galaxy is a real plus.

        The internal processor is fast - skipping from screen to screen, or in and out of apps is smooth and speedy, as is the web browser (though obviously this depends on your signal/connection).

        Overall I would rate this phone highly. It was incredibly easy to set up and get to grips with and the range of features is first class.


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