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Samsung Galaxy S5 16 GB

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10 Reviews
  • lightweight
  • Fast processor
  • Price
  • takes a while to get used to new navigation button
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    10 Reviews
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      29.06.2015 15:57
      Not Helpful


      • lightweight
      • "stylish "


      • price

      and they called it smartphone looooooveeeee

      I was once a dedicated IPhone lover and vowed to never part with it...queue the S5. for those who are looking for a phone/laptop/games console/everything squished into one, then it is head and shoulders above anything Apple has on the market. The operating system is better, the android market is far better than the Apple store. The camera does its job nicely. It is lightweight and waterproof (great if you're clumsly like me). The only real downside is the price if you were to buy it outright but I got mine on a contract so that was never really an issue.


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      28.03.2015 09:58
      Very helpful


      • Sensors
      • Speed
      • Camera
      • Colours
      • Performance
      • Sleek
      • Slim
      • Features
      • Design
      • Display


      • Price

      The Galaxy S5 is latest and the most powerful member of the Galaxy S series

      The Korean Company announced this beast smartphone in February 2014 in an event at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Spain and it succeeded to get the user's attention due to its fancy features, fast capturing camera, more durability, even more improved display than the previous Galaxy s4 which was released last year.
      The Galaxy S5 is latest and the most powerful member of the Galaxy S series with best Amoled screen out now which gives better viewing angle and good contrast in direct sunlight. It is just 8.1mm this and weighs 145g.
      It is Powered by Snapdragon 801 2.5Ghz processor and 2 Gigabyte of ram, 5.1 inch Full HD Amoled Display at 1080p, 16mp camera, 2800mAh extended battery, Fingerprint scanner at home button which is Paypal certified and heart rate Monitor at the back, and boots Android 4.4 Kitkat out of the box. When we talk about durability and protection, the Samsung Galaxy s5 is IP67 certified dust and water resistant upto 1 minute and 30 minutes. It is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 also. In terms of connectivity, this phones has USB 3 connectivity also which is backward compatible to USB2.0.


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      18.03.2015 17:45
      Very helpful



      Great amazing fast phone!

      I've had peers using Galaxy phones around me for years. I've always scoffed at the shoddy build quality and boasted that there were better phones out there. Yet, here I am. I own one now. I've used numerous Android phones, but I've only ever own Nexus devices up to this point. My previous phone, the Nexus 5, left me wanting something more. It was a great phone but I was still hungry, and when I saw nearly everybody around me embracing the phone and purchasing their own, it immediately lost it's charm. Yes, it was shallow of me, but it ended up pushing me towards the Galaxy S5 and I am not even tempted to look back. The phone handles well, even with the cheap build. TouchWiz is clean and can be really snappy. But at times is lags and struggles to let the 2.5Ghz processor do it's job. In fact, the S5's biggest enemy is it's own maker. Samsung has a weird perspective and feels that they have to revolutionize to stand out. Scrolling through the settings can take forever as you are overloaded with way too many utterly useless "features." The fingerprint sensor leaves a lot to be desired. It works about 70% of the time and you have to develop a certain muscle memory to find consistent success. You can only save 3 finger prints, as opposed to Touch ID's 5, but you get used to it. You can rely on it, but I chose not to. The real star of the updated TouchWiz is S Health. It came as a shock to me. I thought it would be an app that I would think nothing of, but the more I use it, the more it surprises me. Every aspect of the app feels thought of and not some child with daddy issues. The Heartbeat Sensor is nifty, but really only useful for health nuts. The pedometer has had me wanting to walk more, and I have even found myself shaking my leg to rack up more steps. Samsung got a lot right with the S5, and what it got wrong doesn't result in a deal breaker. They refined the most used aspects of the phone but all of their extra effort seems to drag the phone down. Until Samsung realizes that they should be striving for perfection, and not radical innovation, and until they stop force feeding gesture control down your throat, just so they can put a huge list of features on the box we will keep getting phones like the Galaxy S5, and the huddled masses will continue to buy up what they put out.


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      15.03.2015 20:08
      Very helpful


      • "good features/specs"
      • "fantastic camera"
      • " big screen"
      • "light - weight"
      • "easy to use "


      • "camera doesn't always focus"
      • "few problems with battery & camera"

      Great Phone with some minor issues

      About the Phone

      I got this phone around 3-4 months ago now, as it was time for an upgrade and I had been pleased with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and this was the phone that I really wanted. The phone comes in a range of different colours including Blue, Gold, White and a Red colour but I decided to go for the Blue colour as I thought it looked lovely being a nice metallic blue colour. I was going to actually purchase a protective cover for it anyway so I probably wouldn't really see much of the colour of the phone. I liked the look of the phone s it's a nice size but at the same time it's quite thin and also rather light-weight as well which appealed to me. As my previous phone was a Samsung I was also used to using Google Play Store and a few other features and the general layout of the phone so I thought if I purchase the S5, I would be able to pick it up a lot quicker than I would if I had purchased something such as a Nokia or iPhone. I got this phone free as part of my phone upgrade but you can purchase this phone for just under £300. Please note that prices may vary though. I have listed some of what I think are the most important specifications below:

      Dimensions (mm) 142.0 x 72.5 x 8.1
      Operating System - Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2
      Touch screen
      Internal Memory 16GB
      Touch screen
      Screen Size (inches) 5.1
      SIM type: MicroSIM
      Weight (g) - 145
      Screen Type: Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080 at 432 ppi)
      Keypad: Virtual QWERTY
      (Please note that the specifications have been taken from a source on the internet)

      Overall Opinion:
      Before I was due my upgrade I had already decided a few weeks before that I wanted this phone after reading various reviews about the phone and after having a play with it in my local Vodafone store. My boyfriend has the Nokia Lumia and I don't really like this phone and I don't like the iPhones either. I had previously had a Samsung which is another reason for choosing the S5 as my upgrade. I love the overall look of the phone and the screen resolution is fantastic. I found the phone easy to use right from the very start and I found it easy to play around with some of the settings and other things on the phone. I think the camera of the phone is fantastic and it really does take brilliant photos and even short clips which I sometimes take when feeding the reptiles. I have found the general quality of the phone to be good. As soon as I purchased my phone I got a case and screen protector for it which keeps it looking new and it doesn't have a single scratch on it thankfully and hopefully never will.


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    • More +
      06.03.2015 21:30
      Very helpful


      • waterproof
      • chipset
      • camera
      • "finger scanner"


      • "nothing :)"

      Best Android on world :D

      Samsung Galaxy S5 is currently one of the best and fastest devices on the market, I conclude my review / review. At the same time, this is one of the most complete phone market as it now offers water resistance, strong camera, big screen so that combines the functions of a large number of devices. Or functions that are with Samsung were deployed in several different devices. First he lifted the bar on the processor speed of 2.5 GHz clock speed, but unfortunately did not offer 3 GB of RAM and a stronger battery. If all of this was located inside the case, it would be certainly the most powerful phone on the market. By construction can not compete with the HTC-One (M8), which is making virtually brought to perfection, but Samsung still uses high-quality plastic which is nothing to complain about.
      Galaxy brand will continue to win millions of new users, and is likely to owners of older models need to ask you to change your phone new. Since few users who every year change their new smart phone, will certainly in the new S5 finger point the owners of the S3 or other brands who decide to switch to Samsung. With the new phone can not go wrong, the only question is where it combined buy - sold is really expensive, while the combination of 24-month contract with a service provider requires a lot of research and combining to arrive at the most favorable price in the end.


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    • More +
      08.02.2015 18:04
      Very helpful


      • "User Friendly"
      • Weight
      • "Screen size"
      • "Battery life"


      • "Finger Print tech not great"
      • "Voice command not as "fun" as Siri"
      • Price

      I never thought I'd be a happy member of the Android club!

      Samsung Galaxy S5
      I have been a member of the iPhone club for many a year now, but last year 6 months until the end of my contract my iPhone 4s packed in; the WIFI would not connect, then the speaker went, and eventually the home and power button broke. I couldn’t afford to go out and spend £500 on a new phone, and so I got a cheap Android phone (an Alcatel) to pass by the next 6 months. The phone was pretty shocking, it had 1GB storage and the rest had to come from a memory card which deleted your apps whenever you switched the phone off, it was pretty shoddy in that department, but I found the OS was so much more user friendly than the iOS which I had previously used with my iPhone. The Android system was so much more my cup of tea, it was easy to use, but not only that, I could customise my phone in ways I had only dreamt of with Apple- I could include widgets and extra pages rather than just small App icons in set lines on the screen as I had had previously.

      After the 6 months had passed, my contract came up for renewal, and all along I had had my mind set on getting the iPhone 6, which was released the week of my upgrade, I was willing to pay an upfront fee and have a high priced contract, this had been my plan all along to wait for the new iPhone release and upgrade when it was available, but having had 6 months of Android use, I was starting to change my mind. There wasn’t a scratch on my Android device, unlike my previous iPhone which within the first 6 months had 1 smashed screen, a broken power button and at least 5 new chargers bought for it…my Android phone hadn’t needed anything buying for it, and it hadn’t even been in a case. I was impressed! But I hated the memory situation, so knew I had to upgrade.

      I did some researching, and found that the Samsung Galaxy was going to be my best option! I am a bit of a snob when it comes to phones, and always want the newest phone out- and in the Samsung case this was the Alpha, but upon looking up the specs of each phone, I decided on the S5, mainly due to its waterproof claims! And so, I ordered my new phone, and when it arrived I was impressed!

      I did not buy my phone outright; I got it on a £41.99 per month contract with service provider EE, with no upfront cost other than my £5.99 next day special delivery cost. These days, most people get their phones this way, so shop around for the best deal for you, you may want to pay less per month and pay a £50 upfront cost, or pay more per month and pay nothing, but that is something which you can shop around with different companies and try and haggle your way down.

      The RRP of the Samsung Galaxy s5 is just below £500, but Argos are currently selling the phone (Feb 2015) at £379.95. In my opinion this is a lot of money to pay out upfront, but the phone does come with a 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty, which is a year more than you get with iPhone. The cost is all a matter of opinion, some people are happy to spend up to £800 on a brand new phone, whilst others would rather pay monthly, or buy Pre Owned, this is all down to the individual, and it is entirely up to you how you go about buying your Samsung s5.


      This is where we are about to get technical, here is all the bits you “need” to know about the Samsung s5 (gathered from Argos.co.uk)

      Display and camera information:

      5.1 inch screen.
      1920 x 1080 pixels.
      Super AMOLED display.
      Full HD screen.
      16 megapixel camera.
      Video capture and playback.

      Network and connectivity:

      4G network capability.
      Micro SIM card.
      Wi-Fi connectivity.

      Memory information:

      2048MB/16GB of internal memory.
      64 GB of expandable memory (memory card not included).
      Type of memory card required: microSD.

      General information:

      Up to 21 hours standby time.
      Up to 1260 mins talk time.
      Size H142, W72.5, D8.1mm.
      Weight 145g.

      Pro’s and Con’s

      What I absolutely love about this phone is the size of the screen- when I compare it to my old iPhone 4s, the screen is huge, this makes playing games and watching tv programmes or movies fantastic! Everything is just so much bigger, it does make fitting the phone in your pocket a slight problem though! I am a girl who often stores things in her bra, this is just not possible with the s5 as it is clearly visible and uncomfortable unlike smaller phones.

      Another aspect I think is fantastic is the waterproofing the phone has. I thought this was some kind of elaborate joke at first when I heard the claims, but having gone on YouTube and various other websites, I have seen hundreds of experiments done showing the phone placed in water, and coming out working fine- I personally still would not test the theory, but it does put my mind at ease considering at least 5 of my previous phones has met their demise by having various drinks spilled on them, being dropped in toilets and even one fell into the sea in Corfu, which was just a fantastic end to poor Bob the brick back in the day. The phone has seals around the battery casing which supposedly protect the battery from water damage, there is a cover over the charging dock, which shows up a warning when not closed properly informing the user that the phone is at risk of water damage (same with the back cover when it is not in place properly), other than these two factors, I have no idea what magical mystery makes the phone water proof, and as I say I would not recommend testing your s5’s waterproof-ness!

      The phones user interface is excellent, I can customise my screens much more than I could with any iPhone or other Apple device, with various widgets for my clock, emails, Facebook etc, which make getting around my phone much faster and make it more appealing to look at.

      I absolutely love the battery life of the s5, going from an iPhone with its 3 hour battery, to a phone which I only have to charge once a day instead of 5 is fantastic! Now the phone is not on a Nokia 3310 level where it would last 5 weeks before running out of battery, but once you turn off the unnecessary (Location, NFC, Bluetooth), the battery life is actually pretty good! And if you do find yourself on super low battery with a few hours until you are going to be home to charge, the phone allows you to put the phone into Power Saving and Ultra Power Saving modes, which restricts certain apps etc to make the battery last longer. Ultra power saving makes the phone black and white, and you can use basic functions such as calling and texting, but when you have 3% battery and need your phone to call for a Taxi or just need to have it on in case of Emergency for an extra hour, then the mode is excellent, I have used it twice since getting my phone when I had 1% battery left, I popped it into Ultra Power Saving, and the phone lasted another hour and a half until I got home and popped it on charge!

      The phone also uses finger print technology; you can use this to log into certain apps (PayPal being one) and to unlock your phone- in my personal opinion, I do not like this feature and do not use it, I have never found that it works particularly well, you have to make sure your finger is in the exact same position as when you set up the finger print scan, and I find it takes a good few attempts before the phone realises that you are the verified user, I have almost always had to revert to entering my passcode instead, so I now use the “pattern” unlock code.

      Another bad point about the device, and Android in general, is the Voice Search- this is like Siri on Apple- only not as fun. I know that Siri is not designed to be fun and a game, and Siri has its bad points (hearing the words you say completely wrong!), but Android’s version is just sort of lacking personality. It does what it says it does, I can tell my phone to “text Sean and tell him I will be late home for dinner”, and it will do this for me, which is great, but ask it “Who Let the Dogs Out” and sadly unlike Siri, the response is not “Who Who Who Who”, it is a minor thing, and it is something which does not affect its usefulness, but I always found that the small jokes that were put into Siri were brilliant, and showed a little bit of sense of humour!

      All in all the Pro’s and Con’s of the Samsung Galaxy s5:


      Screen Size
      Battery life and Power Saving Modes
      Operating System more user friendly than iOS
      Waterproof and Durability
      Memory and added use of external memory card if needs be


      Voice search just not as “fun” as Siri
      The battery case is a very flimsy piece of plastic which looks like it would break easily- to be fair to the phone, this hasn’t happened but it doesn’t look very sturdy.
      Finger Print technology isn’t great.


      I never thought I would go to an Android device after being in the iPhone club for a good number of years, but now that I have tried and tested both operating systems, I would choose Android every time. And the Samsung s5 is a fantastic phone! My husband has the Samsung Galaxy Alpha which in my personal opinion isn’t as good as the s5; it isn’t waterproof for starters. I am very happy with my s5, there isn’t much that I don’t like about the phone! I would and do recommend the phone to all of my family and friends!


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      22.10.2014 11:17
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "similar to past samsung phones"
      • lightweight
      • "easy to use"


      • "takes a while to get used to new navigation button"
      • "poor battery life if you use it a lot"

      I finally got a new phone!

      So I have finally taken the plunge to get a new phone! Being loyal I, decided to stick with #TeamSamsung.

      It costs around £390 for handset with 16 GB Memory. With 02 I will pay the value of £320 for the phone. Being quite savvy it’s advisable to shop around.

      In essence it's a smartphone like many others, and with this S5 Mini I get a decent 4.5" screen. It has really good screen clarity and quality for watching videos and navigating around the phone is easy as one swish of the finger across the screen will introduce you to all the different applications and functions.

      Running on Android, the apps are vast and popular. With this phone it has this cool bobble where messages can linger in the corner, so no need to exit an app to reply to messages. The only downside is this doesn't work with WhatsApp.

      I find it easy to locate to music on my phone as it is all stored in one music player list.
      Connecting to Wi-Fi is easy to do and with my 4g Internet it is quite fast, but of course this will depend on the network provider for the phone. There is no difference in the 8 Mega Pixel camera aswell which is good.

      Making calls and texts is easy enough to do. Same to any phone, just type it in, or use the personal assistant to tell the phone who to call or text! Sound quality is also perfect, I have not had any issues with hearing the other person, nor have they had issues with hearing me!

      My biggest disappointment is the change in navigation with this galaxy model. In the bottom left hand corner, when pressed there was a highlighted button which would act like a “menu button” or if you were in an app it would prompt you to log out. Now, they have changed it to some weird “recent button” where instead it just brings up a whole list on the screen of the recent apps you have been in and now you can close them or re-enter them at a quick touch.

      My next concern is the dodgy battery life. In the box it came with a charger and by the time I got home it was at 36%. I charged it for ONE HOUR and it did not go up past 36%! I was livid, however, I then used my old S III charger and it works like a charm. Takes about an hour to charge to full capacity which is a big shame as Id hoped it would improve.

      I got my phone in white but it also comes in black. It is a pretty decent smart phone, and I recommend it. If you are already a Samsung user you will find it easy to navigate and not much difference. If you are new to the team, welcome to #TeamSamsung!


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      • More +
        21.09.2014 09:23
        Very helpful


        • "amazing camera"
        • reliable
        • fast


        • "pretty big"
        • pricey

        a whole lot better than the apple other!

        After having the s4 mini for some time it came time to upgrade and the samsung galaxy s5 was my first choice. Because of the steep price tag i went for it on contract with vodafone as there was no initial cost. I got it in white.
        When it arrived the box was nice and small and inside was the handset, battery, charger, headphones and instructions. Once i put the battery and sim in the back i was surprised at how light it was to say its pretty big as phones go. Its definitely a good looking phone.
        It comes with the latest android software; kitkat already installed. This said the phone will do lots of updates in the first few days. As usual it comes with a fair few apps already installed; all the google ones, facebook, youtube etc. I find it quite frustrating that you can't uninstall some of these that you don't want.
        Setting up the phone is super easy so its quick to get going and if you have a memory card with all your contacts etc your good to go. I love the fact that you can add to the memory with a micro sd card (something you cant do with an iphone) although the 16gb internal memory is not to be sniffed at.

        Great features;
        The camera is absolutely fab, its the best quality image i've seen from a phone and the image editor is good, allowing you to add filters, touch up the image, crop and rotate too.
        The finger print recognition is a pretty nifty little gimmick that allows only you to unlock the phone. That said it cam be pretty difficult to get the hang of swiping it properly and if you get it wrong 5 times it locks for 30 seconds. You must also have a back up password.

        I'm pretty sure this phone does a whole lot more than i will ever actually use it for but what i do use works brilliantly. Thus far i've had no problems with it freezing or crashing (something my s4 mini did frequently) and it runs numerous applications with ease.

        One mega downside is the battery life; it drains crazy fast and i usually have to charge it over night and one other time in the day to top it up, ive had it die on me a few times. In an emergency though it does have a super battery saver mode that literally allows you to call and not much else but its handy if your desperate.

        Overall i love my phone. Yes its a little bulky, but that means the screen is great for watching videos and using the net.
        Yes it drains battery fast but it does alot!

        Really impressed samsung, beats apple everytime for me!


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      • More +
        05.09.2014 16:56
        Very helpful


        • "a nice size"
        • "plenty of apps to download and install"
        • "lots of features"
        • "zippy opening apps and things"
        • "Easy to use"


        • "A high price tag"
        • "some dodgy app pre-installed that you can't take off"

        A smart phone that is priced just for the rich and famous... me thinks

        I have been using the S2 version, as I find that it does everything I want it to whilst keeping things simple.... but, due to work, I was handed the newest Galaxy range, the S5, which makes my old faithful S2 look like a Nokia 6220 in the hands of a giant.
        This S5 is quite big, having a 5.1 inch crystal clear screen
        The battery last longer than any other I have come across, which is a miracle with mobiles these days.

        The heart rate monitor is ok I guess but I'm old school and prefer to use my finger on pulse method to know my heart's about to explode. So the monitor is not something I use.
        I do however use the access security, which comes in the form of a finger print. You set it up using your chosen finger and every time you want access to your phone you use that fingerprint to do so. This stops me having to hide my screen from others when I am inputting the password. All phones should follow suit with this as it is a brilliant idea.

        It also boasts that it is water resistant, not waterproof, so don't take it deep-sea-diving with you. What it means is that, once all the flaps are closed properly, the phone will be protected from spilt drink on it. Which is another great idea for mobile phones.

        So, after using this for a few months, getting to grips with the built in apps, some of which are as useful as a chocolate teapot, which is annoying as you can't uninstall them. Not with a root anyway, which invalidates the warranty. But most are good apps, plus, I have added many of my own. So now the phone is how I want it.
        It is simple to use, especially if you're used to smart phones to start with. It's fast, with the apps opening almost instantly, zipping from one to another in the blink of an eye, almost. The internet, both wi-fi and 3/4G, open up with the speed of a thousand gazelles, although running through he internet does depend on your browser/position/provider, but it all goes well, you'll be eating through your data allowance before you realise.
        The screen is the best i've seen, which means watching a video or looking at pictures is a pleasure, with no need to squint. The camera is quick, clicking almost as soon as you press the 'take' button.
        The only downside of this phone is the fact that it cost a small fortune to have this in your hands, we're talking about £300 - £400. and even on contract you're talking about £100+ upfront with a good £30 - £40 per month.


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      • More +
        24.08.2014 16:12
        Very helpful


        • "Fast processor"
        • "Easy port access"
        • "Long battery life"


        • "Quite large"

        A truly exceptional smartphone

        The Samsung galaxies have been setting a very high standard as of late, with each one becoming slightly more advanced than the last, the s5 is no exception and it has amazed me. The most bold feature of the phone is its heart rate application which accurately measures your heart rate when prompted to does. This may come across as a bit of a gimmick however it is very useful when doing sports for example. Another important feature is the phones incredible ultra long battery life, far more longer than previous galaxy s models. This is even more amazing due to the phones slim design. You also get the all new fingerprint scanner which gives you added security and peace of mind as you do not have to worry about forgetting your password. You also don't have to be cautious when unlocking your phone as there is no password for people to see. You also get a large amount of space which is very useful for storing all of your files. Another feature which gives additional peace of mind is the water resistance ability, meaning that you don't have to worry about getting your phone wet. A slight downside of this smartphone is that it is rather large which can leave you with an awkward struggle if you are trying to get it into or out of a small pocket. You do also get an excellent camera which is perfect for taking great shots. When considering all of this I believe that the price is reasonable.


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