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Samsung Galaxy S5 16 GB

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3 Reviews
  • i cloud
  • amazing battery life
  • pretty big
  • some dodgy app pre-installed that you can't take off
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    3 Reviews
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      21.09.2014 09:23
      Very helpful


      • "amazing camera"
      • reliable
      • fast


      • "pretty big"
      • pricey

      a whole lot better than the apple other!

      After having the s4 mini for some time it came time to upgrade and the samsung galaxy s5 was my first choice. Because of the steep price tag i went for it on contract with vodafone as there was no initial cost. I got it in white.
      When it arrived the box was nice and small and inside was the handset, battery, charger, headphones and instructions. Once i put the battery and sim in the back i was surprised at how light it was to say its pretty big as phones go. Its definitely a good looking phone.
      It comes with the latest android software; kitkat already installed. This said the phone will do lots of updates in the first few days. As usual it comes with a fair few apps already installed; all the google ones, facebook, youtube etc. I find it quite frustrating that you can't uninstall some of these that you don't want.
      Setting up the phone is super easy so its quick to get going and if you have a memory card with all your contacts etc your good to go. I love the fact that you can add to the memory with a micro sd card (something you cant do with an iphone) although the 16gb internal memory is not to be sniffed at.

      Great features;
      The camera is absolutely fab, its the best quality image i've seen from a phone and the image editor is good, allowing you to add filters, touch up the image, crop and rotate too.
      The finger print recognition is a pretty nifty little gimmick that allows only you to unlock the phone. That said it cam be pretty difficult to get the hang of swiping it properly and if you get it wrong 5 times it locks for 30 seconds. You must also have a back up password.

      I'm pretty sure this phone does a whole lot more than i will ever actually use it for but what i do use works brilliantly. Thus far i've had no problems with it freezing or crashing (something my s4 mini did frequently) and it runs numerous applications with ease.

      One mega downside is the battery life; it drains crazy fast and i usually have to charge it over night and one other time in the day to top it up, ive had it die on me a few times. In an emergency though it does have a super battery saver mode that literally allows you to call and not much else but its handy if your desperate.

      Overall i love my phone. Yes its a little bulky, but that means the screen is great for watching videos and using the net.
      Yes it drains battery fast but it does alot!

      Really impressed samsung, beats apple everytime for me!


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      05.09.2014 16:56
      Very helpful


      • "a nice size"
      • "plenty of apps to download and install"
      • "lots of features"
      • "zippy opening apps and things"
      • "Easy to use"


      • "A high price tag"
      • "some dodgy app pre-installed that you can't take off"

      A smart phone that is priced just for the rich and famous... me thinks

      I have been using the S2 version, as I find that it does everything I want it to whilst keeping things simple.... but, due to work, I was handed the newest Galaxy range, the S5, which makes my old faithful S2 look like a Nokia 6220 in the hands of a giant.
      This S5 is quite big, having a 5.1 inch crystal clear screen
      The battery last longer than any other I have come across, which is a miracle with mobiles these days.

      The heart rate monitor is ok I guess but I'm old school and prefer to use my finger on pulse method to know my heart's about to explode. So the monitor is not something I use.
      I do however use the access security, which comes in the form of a finger print. You set it up using your chosen finger and every time you want access to your phone you use that fingerprint to do so. This stops me having to hide my screen from others when I am inputting the password. All phones should follow suit with this as it is a brilliant idea.

      It also boasts that it is water resistant, not waterproof, so don't take it deep-sea-diving with you. What it means is that, once all the flaps are closed properly, the phone will be protected from spilt drink on it. Which is another great idea for mobile phones.

      So, after using this for a few months, getting to grips with the built in apps, some of which are as useful as a chocolate teapot, which is annoying as you can't uninstall them. Not with a root anyway, which invalidates the warranty. But most are good apps, plus, I have added many of my own. So now the phone is how I want it.
      It is simple to use, especially if you're used to smart phones to start with. It's fast, with the apps opening almost instantly, zipping from one to another in the blink of an eye, almost. The internet, both wi-fi and 3/4G, open up with the speed of a thousand gazelles, although running through he internet does depend on your browser/position/provider, but it all goes well, you'll be eating through your data allowance before you realise.
      The screen is the best i've seen, which means watching a video or looking at pictures is a pleasure, with no need to squint. The camera is quick, clicking almost as soon as you press the 'take' button.
      The only downside of this phone is the fact that it cost a small fortune to have this in your hands, we're talking about £300 - £400. and even on contract you're talking about £100+ upfront with a good £30 - £40 per month.


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      24.08.2014 16:12
      Very helpful


      • "Fast processor"
      • "Easy port access"
      • "Long battery life"


      • "Quite large"

      A truly exceptional smartphone

      The Samsung galaxies have been setting a very high standard as of late, with each one becoming slightly more advanced than the last, the s5 is no exception and it has amazed me. The most bold feature of the phone is its heart rate application which accurately measures your heart rate when prompted to does. This may come across as a bit of a gimmick however it is very useful when doing sports for example. Another important feature is the phones incredible ultra long battery life, far more longer than previous galaxy s models. This is even more amazing due to the phones slim design. You also get the all new fingerprint scanner which gives you added security and peace of mind as you do not have to worry about forgetting your password. You also don't have to be cautious when unlocking your phone as there is no password for people to see. You also get a large amount of space which is very useful for storing all of your files. Another feature which gives additional peace of mind is the water resistance ability, meaning that you don't have to worry about getting your phone wet. A slight downside of this smartphone is that it is rather large which can leave you with an awkward struggle if you are trying to get it into or out of a small pocket. You do also get an excellent camera which is perfect for taking great shots. When considering all of this I believe that the price is reasonable.


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