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Samsung GALAXY Xcover

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2012 01:14
      Very helpful



      A good all-rounder for someone not that careful with their phone!

      I have a habit of breaking phones. Not on purpose, it is just that I can be a bit clumsy when transferring them from my civiles into my working clothes and have been known to drop a couple of them. Hard. Breaking them totally beyond repair or otherwise rendering them not that pretty to look at any more. So you can understand my reluctance to fork out on an I-Phone/ Smart-Phone any time soon.....

      Until now.....because Samsung Galaxy now offer a phone much tougher and more robust than any of its competitors and there is every chance that this time around, I may just have found myself a phone that is almost entirely Sparky-proof!!!

      First up, this is not a pretty phone. It is not designed to look all sparkly and girly; in point of fact this is the All-Terrain Vehicle of Smart-Phones. It looks like a tough phone, it looks like it is built to last and it certainly looks as though it could take some punishment and send other Smart-Phones off crying for their Daddy! But that's not to say it doesn't ooze just that little bit of cool. It just looks like what it is; a phone that can handle itself and is not afraid to get a little roughed up!

      Though not paticulary heavy, the Galaxy Xcover's chassis is a bit bigger than others of its type and certain things stand out straight away that show Samsung's latest Android is determined not to be the latest casualty of this reviewers clumsiness. The on/off switch for example is recessed and a handy USB Port on the phones bottom is totally water-resistant apparently (according to the bumpf that comes with the phone ~ I hasten to add I haven't put this to the test knowing my luck with phones!) provided the plastic cover is properly attached and secure.

      The Xcover itself is scratch-resistant, appearing, to my unprofessional eye, to be very hardy indeed and the glass on the screen is toughened meaning there is a lot less chance of it fracturing or cracking after a sudden impact such as dropping it on a floor...ahem! Nedless to say though that this is something else I won't be rushing to put to the test!

      It comes as standard with Android 2.3 which means very little to me but may mean more to you techies out there and although a little limited in memory and storage space, as I am assured by my very-techie brother-in-law, there is more than enough here for me who just wants to be able to access his Twitter and Facebook accounts every so often a little quicker and smoother than on my old not-quite-so-smart-phone! If you're looking for something with more oomph, this probably isn't for you then. But if, like me, you remember when a phome was primarily used for phone-calls and just want something a bit more up-to-spec, then this is certainly a strong option! In more ways than one.

      Likewise the camera on this phone isn't that brilliant compared to some I have used in the past and, quite understandably, the camera on products like the I-Phone pretty much defecates all over this, but if, again, taking photos with your PHONE (can you see the word that stands out here?) is of secondary importance then this is something else that you won't worry over or lose sleep over unnnessecarily! Apparently the camera consists of 3.2 Megapixels which is a bit backward by todays standards but then taking photos with my phone has always been the least of my worries personally....

      I have been told that there ARE others on the market that do better and more for around the same price as this phone ( mine cost me a little under £200 which is a bargain in my eyes considering the number of phones I have gotten through in the last few years) but Ihave always had a soft spot for Samsungs and found them very reliable in the past. One of this phones main rivals is the Motorola Defy for example but I have never really liked Motorola phones and much of what influences your descision in buying this phone will be personal taste.

      For me, Samsung have never done me wrong and certainly, from first appearances, this looks and uses like a phone I could learn to, if not love, then certainly respect! I kind of understand that this phone is not designed to be the highest ranking in technology around at the minute but more of a basic traditionalists phone with a few extra features thrown in and a tough, rugged outer shell that will protect it to a certain extent from idiot users like me!

      Like I say, there are no doubt much better phones out there than this one but this is one reviewer who is very happy with his purchase!


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